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This Online catalog defines our complete line of publications and ancillary services for superior access to Florida's Administrative Caselaw.

The vast substantive scope of State Administrative Regulation is difficult to overstate:
  FALR Florida Administrative Law Reporter
  ER FALR Environmental and Land Use Reporter
  FPSC Florida Public Service Commission Reporter
  TAX FALR Floida Department of Revenue Reporter
  FCSR Florida Career Service Reporter

Our publications are designed to afford wide latitude in fashioning our services to your needs. Accordingly, Specialty Reporters, Back Issues and/or Supercumulative Indexes with support services are available as you require. Our indexing is carefully designed to afford efficient and precise reference to governmental regulation for both attorneys and lay persons. You merely need to call for assistance to order exactly what you need or for guidance on all available sources of information. Administrative Caselaw is of acute interest to a growing and specialized professional community. Any informational need in this area either is or can be accommodated on a specialized basis.

The 1974 FLORIDA ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES ACT (APA) continues to generate fast moving, high stakes litigation which substantially impacts all citizens while affording liberal third party intervention. A rapid evolution continues primarily through the adjudicatory process and rulemaking. Our publications are a primary source for charting this evolution via caselaw.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The FALR addresses a wide substantive range of caselaw regarding state governmental regulations for a diverse and growing community of subscribers. This reflects the nature of Administrative Law. By continually responding to the expressed needs of our subscribers, our indexes accordingly provide sophisticated yet easy-to-use reference to the precedential cases and underlying legal principles explored. Courteous, prompt telephone assistance is gladly provided as you require.

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