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  1. Supercumulative Indexes (Free)
    The full text of the cases referenced in the indexes can be requested and furnished promptly by email. The charges for that service are detailed in fees.html

  2. FALR Online Database
    Subscription to the online database allows you to perform full text search of all the FALR cases, as well as our summaries to Judicial Decisions, and Administrative Orders. A variety of search methods enables you to quickly find the cases you need along with their FALR citations. The summaries are incorporated with each case as a part of the text. We possess as much as possible from all of the important agencies in Florida, in full text and exhaustively complete. The Online Database includes all cases published since January 1996 (Volume 18), and Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH) Recomemended Orders are always accompanied wth the pertinent Final Order. Our Online Database is updated biweekly.

    Access can be purchased on an:
    • Annual
    • Monthly
    • Daily or
    • As-needed basis (Single use, until logging out).
    • We offer both single and multi-site licenses.

    To arrange for access, please contact Jim at (352)-871-4747.

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