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We can accommodate any research need in the area of Florida State Governmental Regulation. Numerous firms have utilized our services to obtain expedited answers to subsantive questions at an economical cost. The extensive range of published Florida Administrative Orders available is a small fraction of our total archive.

Most FALR "Official Reporter" agencies submit for our editing all Final Orders, including informal dispositions pursuant to 120.57(2)&(3), Florida Statutes. This formidable and unrivaled archive is complimented by our own complete Administrative Law Library, in-house databases, extensive local Library Resources and in-depth understanding of the Administrative process and key personnel.

Our services therefore go beyond what is normally attainable to include:

Our firm is uniquely aware of resources which can ascertain whether a Florida-licensed professional has been previously subject to discipline; whether physician or dentist has suffered a a civil medical malpractice claim in Florida, as well as to provide immediate notification when a disciplinary proceeding is brought against a particular licensee.

Private in-house records and our unique understanding of state agency records can ensure comprehensive and accurate searches. PLW has been utilized by both hospitals wishing to monitor physicians on their staff, and plaintiff's attorney's investigating the backgrounds of both defendants and expert witnesses.

As editors of an extensive line of Administrative Law publications, Indexes and SUPERCUMULATIVE INDEXES, we are uniquely qualified to search for pertinent substantive caselaw. Our service is prompt, thorough and detailed. We have provided these services for prominent attorneys in the areas of Utility Regulation, State Taxation, Environmental & Health Care Regulation and Professional License Discipline. References are gladly provided upon request.
Beyond locating pertinent published and unpublished Orders and Databases, we are available to analyze the cases found as required or to develop research strategies. Our consulting services are prompt and thourough.
Any Order or information in our possession can be transmitted instantly by e-mail or facsimile for a reasonable fee.
While the Public Record in Florida is available to all, accessing it is often a tedious and time-consuming process. Our long and extensive publishing endeavors have provided us with an equivalent working knowledge of the Public Record in Florida.

We can promptly and accurately obtain Orders not in our possession, Internal Agency Procedure Manuals, State Databases and a vast body of related information. Our services are tailored specifically to your needs as required.

The penalty phase of an Administrative hearing or settlement negotiation is crucial. We are available to promptly and accurately search both published and unpublished orders for analogous factual situations and the appurtenant dispositions. Our experience is that both Hearing Officers and Agency Attorneys readily welcome such guidance but often do not receive it.
Subscribers $40.00/hour
Nonsubscribers $60.00/hour
The Online Database includes the following publications, from January 1996 to date:
  • Florida Administrative Law Reports (FALR)
  • Environmental and Land Use Administrative Law Reporter (ER FALR)
The FALR Online grants access to full text Administrative Orders and Judicial Decisions.
The foundation of our Database is made up of FALR “Official Reporter” Agency Final Orders issued since January 1996 and published in the Florida Administrative Law Reports (FALR). These include Final and Recommended Orders rendered after Formal Hearings, Declaratory Statements, Attorney’s Fees and Rule Challenge Final Orders from the Division of Administrative Hearings (D.O.A.H.), and Supreme and Appellate Court cases pertinent to all aspects of Administrative Law. Also included in this Database are Orders which were not published in the Florida Administrative Law Reports, but which do appear in the weekly slip-sheet Environmental and Land Use Administrative Law Reporter (ER FALR).

Not only is the ER FALR a comprehensive publication covering formal hearings of FALR Official Reporter agencies who are responsible for Environmental and Land Use Regulation in Florida, but it also covers other agencies who do not choose to report in the FALR. Examples are the Florida Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission, the Administration Commission and certain Water Management Districts, as well as informal hearings and settlement agreements of precedential value (i.e., Orders of Water Shortage Warning and Consent Orders in Petroleum Product Spill Cleanup Reimbursement Applications).