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Welcome to the FALR Supercumulative Index (1997-2017) Online,
where you can find the FALR case law you need... fast.

The Subject Matter Index (IAS) penetrates the text of published Administrative Orders to reach all legal interpretations of the pertinent Statutes, Rules and Appellate Court Decisions, as well as explication of agency Nonrule Policies. The Table of Administrative Orders (TAO) and Table of Judicial Decisions (TJD) alphabetically list the names of all parties to the published cases.

The fee for e-mailing cases you locate will be $25.00, for a maximum of 3 cases. If more than 3 cases are needed, we will determine the costs on a per request basis. Payment may be made by credit card or invoice.

At the end of each index entry, there will be a code, e.g., (IAS_II-029-001). This code will allow our staff to locate the cases you are interested in.

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You may also use the search engine below. Simply type in the subject matter, party, or keyword you are looking for and wait for the results.

Please feel free to contact us at (352) 375-8036 or falr@falr.com if you have any questions.

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