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In 1984, our firm took over publication of the Florida Administrative Law Reports (FALR) from Mr. Neil Young and Mr. Alvin Stauber, who also published and continue to publish Florida Law Weekly (FLW). In 1988, our firm began the FALR Environmental & Land Use Administrative Law Reporter (ER FALR), FALR State Tax Report (Tax FALR), and Certificate of Need (CON) Daily Publications. In 1988 during a ten (10) year review of the APA (ξ120), I recommended chronological numbering, and permanent archiving of all agency final orders. The legislature adopted these changes to ξ119 and ξ120. In 1996, our firm took over the Florida Career Service Reporter (FCSR). During this time, we have furnished vast amounts of content to LexisNexis and Westlaw. Read More...

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FALR Services

Our firm has never published a single Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH) “Recommended Order” without the appurtenant Agency “Final Order.”

Moreover, we vigorously search for and publish all DOAH Final Orders regarding Proposed, Adopted, or Unpromulgated Rules, Attorney’s Fee Awards, the Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan, etc., as well as any Appellate Court Opinion pertaining to Administrative Law.

We also have always and continue to publish agency Final Orders that do not go through DOAH such as Rule Variances or Waivers, Declaratory Statements, precedential orders after informal hearings or cases in which the agency itself conducts the hearing or disposes of the case without a hearing.

Finally, we maintain both archives and directories of unpublished agency Final Orders back to 1988 and beyond. These materials can be researched or converted into searchable databases upon request.

Editor’s Note

DOAH has a policy of treating any Administrative Order that utilizes initials in identifying the name of a party in the style of a case as completely confidential.

This policy is not followed by the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Therefore, numerous DCF and other Final Orders are only available in the FALR books and database, but not the DOAH database or other databases derived therefrom.

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