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Emergency Suspension --
Failure to Utilize Universal Precautions In the Treatment of AIDS Patients, IAS_V-0001-001.
License --
Emergency Suspension (Adulteration or Misbranding of Drugs/Practicing Medicine Without License), IAS_V-0002-002.

Application For Exemption From §120 --
Exemption From "Any" APA Provision Can Be Granted, IAS_V-0003-002.
Local School Board Assoc. On Behalf of All Fla. School Boards -- Granted, IAS_V-0004-001.
State Board of Community Colleges On Behalf of All Fla. Community Colleges -- Granted, IAS_V-0005-001.
Challenge to Miami-Dade County Homestead Air Force Base Reuse Plan --
Reuse Plan Approved With Conditions, IAS_V-0006-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- Local (See Also COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of) --
Collier County --
Dept. of Comm. Aff. Challenge to Evaluation & Appraisal Report Amendments -- Remedial Amendments Ordered, IAS_V-0007-001.
Monroe County --
Severe Problems That Need to Be Immediately Faced Noted, IAS_V-0008-001.
Town of Jupiter --
Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0009-001.
Dade County -- Former Homestead Air Force Base Reuse Plan --
Admin. Comm. Affirmance of County Approval of Plan Reversed As Lacking Statutory Prerequisite, IAS_V-0010-001.
Uniform Rules of APA Procedure --
Children & Families Granted Exceptions, IAS_V-0011-001.
DEP Granted Exceptions, IAS_V-0012-001.
N.W. Fla. Water Management Dist. Granted Exceptions, IAS_V-0013-001.
South Fla. Water Management Dist. Granted Exceptions, IAS_V-0014-001.

Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan --
Birth-Related Injury --
Autism Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-0015-002.
Birth-Related Injury Found Involved -- Certified Question to the Supreme Court, IAS_V-0016-001.
Brain or Spinal Cord Injury Found, IAS_V-0017-001.
Congenital Abnormality Found, IAS_V-0018-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0019-030.
Found Involved, IAS_V-0020-001.
Found Lacking, IAS_V-0021-033.
Mental & Physical Impairment -- Conjunctive Nature of This Requirement, IAS_V-0022-001.
Permanent & Substantial Mental or Physical Injury Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0023-003.
Burden of Proof --
Petitioner, IAS_V-0024-039.
Claim For Television, Furniture & Screened Porch Denied, IAS_V-0025-001.
DOAH Has Exclusive Jurisdiction --
Circuit Court Recovery Found Not to Bar NICA Claim Per Se, IAS_V-0026-001.
DOAH ALJ Is to Determine All Matters Relative to a Claim, IAS_V-0027-001.
DOAH Determination of Whether Notice of Participation In Plan Was Given, IAS_V-0028-001.
DOAH Intrusion On Circuit Court Jurisdiction Carefully Surveyed, IAS_V-0029-001.
Distinction Between "Delivery" of Obstetrical Services At Birth and "Supervision" of Delivery, IAS_V-0030-001.
Exclusivity of This Administrative Remedy Noted, IAS_V-0031-002.
Failure of Petitioner to Appear At Hearing, IAS_V-0032-001.
Failure of the "Panel" to File a Requisite Report, IAS_V-0033-001.
Lack of Notice of Participation In the Plan Examined, IAS_V-0034-001.
Mechanics of Plan Examined, IAS_V-0035-044.
Medically Necessary & Reasonable Services Defined, IAS_V-0036-001.
Notice of Participation In the Plan As a Requisite to Recovery, IAS_V-0037-001.
Notification of NICA Limitation On Liability --
Condition Precedent to NICA Exclusivity, IAS_V-0038-003.
Participating Physician -- Status of Certified Nurse Midwife As, IAS_V-0039-001.
Participating Physician Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0040-003.
Physician Found Not to Be a "Participating Physician", IAS_V-0041-003.
Physician Found to Be a "Participating Physician", IAS_V-0042-012.
Purpose of Plan Examined, IAS_V-0043-045.
Purpose of the Plan Exhaustively Explained, IAS_V-0044-001.
Statutory Substitutes For Common Law Rights Are to Be Strictly Construed, IAS_V-0045-001.
Workers' Compensation Plan --
Caselaw Thereunder Found Analogous, IAS_V-0046-001.
Consistency of Land Development Regulation (LDR) With Local Comprehensive Plan (See Also COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of) --
Jefferson County -- LDR Determined to Be Consistent, IAS_V-0047-001.
Petitioner's Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-0048-002.
Walton County -- LDR Determined to Be Consistent, IAS_V-0049-001.
Health Maintenance Organization --
Medical Necessity Determination (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For)
Public Entity Crime -- Fla. Convicted Vendor List (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests)) --
Criminal Plea, IAS_V-0050-001.
Exclusion From List --
Granted, IAS_V-0051-004.
Mitigating Factors, IAS_V-0052-001.
Inclusion On List Cancelled By Stipulation, IAS_V-0053-005.
Procedures Regarding Examined, IAS_V-0054-001.

Citrus (Dept. of) --
Discretionary Authority of Dept. Regarding Licensure of Agents Examined, IAS_V-0055-001.
Immediate Final Order --
Citrus Canker -- Order to Destroy Trees Upheld, IAS_V-0056-001.

§212.055(2) Infrastructure Surtax --
Change In Permitted Use of Amounts to a Change In the Tax, IAS_V-0057-001.
Statutory Expansion of to Include Operation & Maintenance of Parks Affirmed As Unconstitutional, IAS_V-0058-001.
Clean Air Ordinance Citizens' Initiative Petition --
Challenge to Facial Constitutionality of This Ordinance Rejected, IAS_V-0059-001.
Motion to Stay Judgment Leaving Initiative On Nov. 3 Ballot Denied, IAS_V-0060-001.
Petition to Remove This Ordinance From the Ballot Denied, IAS_V-0061-001.
Privilege Fee --
Supreme Court Upholds Circuit Court Finding of An Unauthorized Tax, IAS_V-0062-001.
Special Use Permit --
Cement Kiln -- Clarification -- Emission Limits -- Quashed, IAS_V-0063-001.

APA Is Fully Applicable to, IAS_V-0064-001.
Application For --
Mere Applicant Has At Best the Hope of Qualifying, IAS_V-0065-001.
Coin-Operated Gambling Devices --
Circuit Court Injunction Prohibiting Seizure of Affirmed, IAS_V-0066-001.
County Government --
Authority to Regulate Sales On Indian Reservation, IAS_V-0067-001.
Declaratory Statement (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Notice to Show Cause --
Controlled Substances -- Possession & Delivery On Premises, IAS_V-0068-001.
Distributor Sales to Delinquent Vendors, IAS_V-0069-001.
Sale of Alcoholic Beverages to Underaged Person --
Isolated Infraction Found Not to Warrant Suspension In Case At Bar, IAS_V-0070-001.
Sale to Underaged Persons, IAS_V-0071-001.
Temporary License --
Application For New License -- Summary Revocation Without An Emergency Hearing Reversed, IAS_V-0072-001.
Application For Transfer -- Summary Revocation Without An Emergency Hearing Reversed, IAS_V-0073-001.
Worthless Check Issued to Dept. For a Second Time --
Failure to Prove 1st Violation -- Remand, IAS_V-0074-001.
Strict Regulation of --
Order On Motion For Stay Pending Review: Silver Show, Inc. v. DBPR, IAS_V-0075-001.
Tax On Alcohol Produced From Non-Florida Grown Products --
Circuit Court Refusal to Enforce Refund Order Reversed, IAS_V-0076-001.

Adversely Affected Party --
Prerequisite For Review --
Legal Entity or Person Found Lacking For Requisite In Rem Proceeding, IAS_V-0077-001.
Advisory Opinion --
Court Finds No Authority For, IAS_V-0078-001.
Agency Discretion --
Court Will Not Substitute Its Judgment, IAS_V-0079-001.
Appellate Court --
Direct Review of Agency Action Which Is Not "Quasi-Judicial" Is Not Available, IAS_V-0080-001.
Direct Review of Final Agency Action Discussed, IAS_V-0081-001.
Direct Review of Quasi-Judicial Agency Action Discussed, IAS_V-0082-001.
Must Separately Address Issues of Agency Procedure, Interpretations of Law and Determinations of Fact, IAS_V-0083-001.
Not Bound By Conclusions of Law Below, IAS_V-0084-001.
Petition For Review Dismissed As Premature, IAS_V-0085-001.
Review of Decision Largely Though Not Completely Favorable, IAS_V-0086-001.
Simultaneous DOAH Proceeding Regarding Underlying Matter Eschewed, IAS_V-0087-001.
Bond --
Requirement For Waived, IAS_V-0088-001.
Certiorari (See Also Circuit Court) --
Order of Lower Tribunal Is Presumed Correct, IAS_V-0089-001.
Review of Circuit Court Certiorari Appeal Discussed, IAS_V-0090-001.
Review of Circuit Court Review -- Circuit Court Presumed Correct, IAS_V-0091-001.
Scope of Review Examined, IAS_V-0092-003.
Circuit Court (See Also Certiorari, Scope of Review) --
Binding Nature of Appellate Court Mandates --
Mandate Cannot Be Altered or Evaded Without Express Permission, IAS_V-0093-001.
Refusal to Enforce Reversed, IAS_V-0094-001.
Certiorari (See Also Certiorari) --
Available For Review of Administrative Orders As a Matter of Right, IAS_V-0095-001.
Denied, IAS_V-0096-001.
Distinction Between Certiorari & De Novo Review Examined, IAS_V-0097-001.
Fact Findings -- Appellate Review of Is Extremely Limited, IAS_V-0098-001.
Governmental Entity Who Is a Nonparty to a Parallel Criminal Proceeding, IAS_V-0099-001.
Limited Scope of Review Examined, IAS_V-0100-026.
Citizen Suit On Behalf of the State of Fla. -- Former Governor C. Kirk v. Sugar Industry, IAS_V-0101-001.
Civil Contempt -- Standard Governing, IAS_V-0102-001.
Constitutional Issues (See Also Constitutional Challenges; CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.)) --
Federal Constitutional Questions Reached As a "Secondary Basis" For the Judgment, IAS_V-0103-001.
Will Not Be Reached If Unnecessary to Disposition of Case, IAS_V-0104-001.
Declaratory Judgment (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS) --
Appropriate Vehicle For Constitutional Challenges, IAS_V-0105-001.
Circuit Ct. Dismissal Entitled to Deference, IAS_V-0106-001.
Court Should Refrain From Except In Most Extraordinary Cases, IAS_V-0107-001.
Fact Findings (See PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH, Recommended Order)
For Development of a Complete Record After a Declaratory Statement Proceeding, IAS_V-0108-001.
Not Intended For Bypass of Usual Administrative Channels, IAS_V-0109-004.
Only Available In the Most Extraordinary Cases, IAS_V-0110-001.
Statute Regarding to Be Liberally Construed, IAS_V-0111-001.
Test For Sufficiency of Petition For, IAS_V-0112-001.
Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies (See Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies)
Injunction --
Against An Agency -- Enforcement of Constitutional Amendment -- Vacation of Automatic Stay Reversed, IAS_V-0113-001.
Against An Agency -- Failure to Exhaust Administrative Remedies, IAS_V-0114-002.
Against An Agency -- Reversed, IAS_V-0115-001.
Applicability to Third & Non-Parties, IAS_V-0116-001.
Irreparable Harm -- Violation of Zoning Ordinance -- Adult Establishment, IAS_V-0117-001.
Irreparable Harm Must Be Shown, IAS_V-0118-002.
Motions to Dissolve, IAS_V-0119-001.
Preliminary -- Granted -- Affirmed, IAS_V-0120-001.
Standing of Third Parties to Challenge Examined, IAS_V-0121-001.
Temporary -- Denial Affirmed, IAS_V-0122-001.
Temporary -- Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_V-0123-001.
Temporary -- Granted, IAS_V-0124-001.
Temporary -- Reversed, IAS_V-0125-003.
Temporary -- Reversed -- CON Applicant Has Standing to Challenge Injunction Directed At AHCA, IAS_V-0126-001.
Jurisdiction (See Also Jurisdiction) --
Review of Ministerial Acts of An Agency Which Are Neither Final Nor Quasi-Judicial, IAS_V-0127-002.
Mandamus (See Mandamus)
Motion to Dismiss --
De Novo Review, IAS_V-0128-001.
Motion to Disqualify An Attorney Due to a Conflict of Interest, IAS_V-0129-001.
Nonfinal Order (See Also Nonfinal Order) --
Appellate Review Denied, IAS_V-0130-001.
Appellate Review Found Improper, IAS_V-0131-001.
Appellate Review Found Proper, IAS_V-0132-004.
Reversed, IAS_V-0133-003.
Order -- Inadequate Findings Constitute Reversible Error, IAS_V-0134-001.
Presumption of Correctness Accorded Judgments On Appeal, IAS_V-0135-001.
Prohibition --
Petition For Granted, IAS_V-0136-001.
Petition For Granted In Part, IAS_V-0137-001.
Rehearing -- Denied, IAS_V-0138-001.
Severing of Claims --
Broad Judicial Discretion Noted, IAS_V-0139-001.
Stay (See Stay)
Summary Judgment --
Appellate Review of Is De Novo, IAS_V-0140-001.
Construction of a Written Instrument Is the Only Issue, IAS_V-0141-001.
Improper If There Are Disputed Issues of Material Fact, IAS_V-0142-003.
Venue --
Sword-Wielder Doctrine Discussed & Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-0143-001.
Confession of Error --
Accepted, IAS_V-0144-004.
Constitutional Challenges (See Also Circuit Court; CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.)) --
Will Not Be Reached If Unnecessary to Disposition of a Case, IAS_V-0145-001.
County Court --
Certification of Question of Great Public Importance, IAS_V-0146-001.
Direct Review By District Court of Appeal Discussed, IAS_V-0147-001.
Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies, IAS_V-0148-001.
Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies --
A Matter of Judicial Policy Not Power or Jurisdiction, IAS_V-0149-001.
A Policy of Judicial Deference, IAS_V-0150-001.
Adequacy of Remedy, IAS_V-0151-001.
Adequacy of Remedy --
Five (5) Part Test For, IAS_V-0152-001.
Administrative Proceeding Stayed Pending Outcome of Circuit Court Constitutional Challenge, IAS_V-0153-001.
Agency Cannot Transfer Its Primary Jurisdiction to a Circuit Court, IAS_V-0154-001.
Constitutional Challenge to Facial Validity of Rule & Statute, IAS_V-0155-001.
Discussed, IAS_V-0156-001.
Doctrine Found Applicable, IAS_V-0157-006.
Doctrine Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-0158-001.
Doctrine of Primary Jurisdiction Examined, IAS_V-0159-004.
Explored, IAS_V-0160-001.
Failure to -- Circuit Court Dismissal Based On Reversed, IAS_V-0161-001.
Not Required If An Agency Acts With Colorable Statutory Authority or In Excess Thereof, IAS_V-0162-001.
Not Required If the Administrative Remedy Is Inadequate or Unavailable, IAS_V-0163-003.
Primary Jurisdiction -- Doctrine of Examined, IAS_V-0164-001.
Statutorily-Provided Judicial Remedy Found to Supplant This Doctrine, IAS_V-0165-001.
Fact Findings (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH, Recommended Order) --
Agency Special Expertise -- Requisite Deference, IAS_V-0166-001.
Cannot Be Disturbed If Supported By "Some" Competent, Substantial Evidence, IAS_V-0167-002.
Competent Substantial Evidence Found Lacking, IAS_V-0168-001.
Complex Scientific & Technical Issues, IAS_V-0169-001.
Conundrum Noted In Deferring to Agency Fact Findings While Ascertaining Requisite Deference to DOAH Fact Findings, IAS_V-0170-001.
Court Must Review the Entire Record, IAS_V-0171-001.
Court Will Not Review Stipulated Facts, IAS_V-0172-001.
Court Will Not Reweigh the Evidence, IAS_V-0173-005.
Court Will Not Substitute Its Judgment, IAS_V-0174-002.
DOAH Failure to Make Such Findings Found to Be Reversible Error, IAS_V-0175-001.
Final Order (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
An Agency Cannot Seek Review of Its Own Final Order, IAS_V-0176-001.
DOAH Final Order Found Inadequate For, IAS_V-0177-001.
Jurisdiction (See Also Circuit Court) --
Can Be Challenged At Any Time, IAS_V-0178-001.
Primary Consideration, IAS_V-0179-001.
Mandamus --
Appellate Court Grant of, IAS_V-0180-001.
Circuit Court Denial of Affirmed, IAS_V-0181-001.
Circuit Court Denial of Reversed, IAS_V-0182-001.
Denied On Basis of Adequate Remedies Under §120.68(1), IAS_V-0183-001.
Improper to Compel Performance of Futile or Impossible Act, IAS_V-0184-001.
Issuance of Affirmed, IAS_V-0185-001.
Issued to Compel Action On Petition For Writ of Mandamus, IAS_V-0186-001.
Issues Only to Require a Ministerial Duty Imposed By Law On a Public Official, IAS_V-0187-001.
New Rights May Not Be Established In Such a Proceeding, IAS_V-0188-001.
Not Available For Constitutional Challenges Unless An Immediate Determination Is Necessary, IAS_V-0189-001.
Not Available If Alternate Statutory Remedies Exist, IAS_V-0190-001.
Petition For Instead Treated As One For Review of Nonfinal Agency Action, IAS_V-0191-001.
When Appropriate -- Mechanics of Examined, IAS_V-0192-002.
Nonfinal Order (See Also Circuit Court) --
Appellate Review Found Proper, IAS_V-0193-007.
Available Only If Review of the Final Order Would Be Inadequate, IAS_V-0194-001.
Lack of An Otherwise Adequate Remedy Discussed, IAS_V-0195-001.
Order Regarding Discovery Request of An Agency, IAS_V-0196-001.
Notice of Appeal --
Errors In Labeling or Nomenclature May Not Affect Statutory Rights, IAS_V-0197-001.
Filing of Divests Circuit Court of Jurisdiction, IAS_V-0198-001.
Time Limit For Filing Found Tolled By Proper Motion For Reconsideration, IAS_V-0199-001.
Time Limit For Filing Not Tolled By Motion For Rehearing, IAS_V-0200-002.
Time Limit Found Violated, IAS_V-0201-001.
Untimely Petition Cannot Be Considered, IAS_V-0202-001.
Penalty (See Also CONSTITUTION (U.S.), Excessive Fines; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH, Recommended Order) --
Appellate Remand For Inadequate Explanation, IAS_V-0203-001.
Appellate Review of Agency Rejection of DOAH Recommendation, IAS_V-0204-001.
Scope of Review Is Limited, IAS_V-0205-001.
Preservation of Error For Appeal --
Discussed, IAS_V-0206-001.
Issues Not Raised & Ruled On Below Cannot Be Reached, IAS_V-0207-006.
Necessity For a Contemporaneous Objection At Hearing Examined, IAS_V-0208-001.
Quo Warranto --
Standing of Members of the Public, IAS_V-0209-001.
Record --
Appellate Court Cannot Review An Inadequate Record, IAS_V-0210-003.
Remedies --
Postjudgment Interest, IAS_V-0211-001.
Prejudgment Interest, IAS_V-0212-001.
Reversible Error --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0213-001.
Rules of Appellate Procedure --
Take Precedence Over Conflicting Statutes, IAS_V-0214-002.
Scope of Review (See Also Circuit Court, Certiorari, Limited Scope of Review Examined) --
Bond Valuation -- Supreme Court Direct Review -- Is Limited, IAS_V-0215-001.
Final Conclusion or Judgment Reviewed - Not Reasons Therefor, IAS_V-0216-002.
Is Limited, IAS_V-0217-003.
Limited Scope of Review Can Preclude a Remedy For Unfair Results, IAS_V-0218-001.
Quasi-Judicial Tribunals -- Limited Scope of, IAS_V-0219-001.
Statutes (See Also STATUTES) --
Agency Construction Need Merely Be Within Permissible Range, IAS_V-0220-002.
Constitutional Challenges to Should Be Brought By a Declaratory Judgment Action In Circuit Court, IAS_V-0221-001.
Courts Do Not Rule On the Wisdom or Efficacy of Laws, IAS_V-0222-001.
Presumed to Be Constitutional Until Contrary Final Appellate Decision, IAS_V-0223-001.
Stay --
Automatic -- Circuit Court Vacation of -- Reversed, IAS_V-0224-001.
Automatic -- Policy Basis For Examined, IAS_V-0225-003.
Automatic -- Vacated, IAS_V-0226-002.
Automatic -- Vacation of Examined, IAS_V-0227-002.
Circuit Court -- Stay of An Administrative Order, IAS_V-0228-001.
Circuit Court Grant of Reversed, IAS_V-0229-002.
Denied, IAS_V-0230-005.
Granted, IAS_V-0231-003.
Granted Pending Supreme Court Certified Question, IAS_V-0232-001.
Interim Restrictions Imposed, IAS_V-0233-001.
Legislative Prerogative Regarding Examined, IAS_V-0234-001.
Procedural Rather Than Substantive Matter, IAS_V-0235-001.
Supreme Court --
Certified Question Jurisdiction --
Motion For, IAS_V-0236-001.
Conflict Review --
Accorded, IAS_V-0237-001.
Direct Review --
Accorded, IAS_V-0238-001.
Original Jurisdiction Over Challenges to the Constitutionality of Statutes, IAS_V-0239-001.

Big Cypress Swamp --
Local Governments Are Not Required to Submit Land Development Regulations to the State For Review, IAS_V-0240-002.
Florida Keys' Designation As Examined, IAS_V-0241-002.

Alachua County Attorney --
Records of Outside Attorney Fee Bill Found Not Exempt From Public Records Act, IAS_V-0242-001.
Alachua County School Bd. Superintendent --
Ability of Members to Participate By Electronic Means, IAS_V-0243-001.
Bonita Springs Fire & Rescue Dist. --
Status of a Lee County Fire Commissioner's Forum As a Public Meeting, IAS_V-0244-001.
Broward County Attorney --
Public Records -- Special Service Charges For Protection of, IAS_V-0245-001.
Children & Families --
Authority of Dept. to Pay Attorney's Fees In a Dependency (§39) Case Absent a Court Order Awarding the Same, IAS_V-0246-001.
Dependent Children -- Medical Records -- Sexually Transmitted Disease -- Confidentiality, IAS_V-0247-001.
Meetings of Family Service Coalition Found Subject to the Sunshine Law, IAS_V-0248-001.
Status of the Local WAGES Coalition As a State Agency, IAS_V-0249-001.
Termination of Parental Rights -- Adoption -- Confidentiality of Adoption File, IAS_V-0250-001.
Cocoa Beach City Attorney --
Authority to Enter Into Agreements For the Use of the Municipal Seal For Other Than Official Use, IAS_V-0251-001.
DEP (Environmental Protection, Dept. of) --
Requirement For the Dept. to Obtain a Permit From the St. Johns River Water Management Dist. Prior to Altering Schedules of Locks In Cross-Fla. Barge Canal, IAS_V-0252-001.
Time Frame For Agency Action On Wetlands Resource Permit In N.W. Fla., IAS_V-0253-001.
Education General Counsel --
A School Dist. Is Under No Statutory Obligation to Provide Copies of Public Records Free of Charge to a School Advisory Council, IAS_V-0254-001.
Escambia County School Bd. --
Authority to Enter Into Risk Management Programs, IAS_V-0255-001.
Glades County Attorney --
County Ordinance Regulating Alcohol Sales Found Enforceable On Indian Reservations, IAS_V-0256-001.
Health General Counsel --
Question As to Whether a Presuit Notice In a Medical Malpractice Case Is a Confidential & Exempt Public Record, IAS_V-0257-001.
Leon County School Bd. Attorney --
Authority of Unlicensed Personnel to Administer Emergency Injectable Medications (Insect Stings), IAS_V-0258-001.
Lottery General Counsel --
Authority of the Dept. to Contract With Cruise Ship Lines As Retailers, IAS_V-0259-001.
Management Services General Counsel --
Authority of the Auditor General to Audit Case Files of the Fla. Comm. On Human Relations, IAS_V-0260-001.
Osceola Planning Comm. --
Applicability of Prohibition On Dual Officeholding By a Comm. Member Who Also Serves On the Board of the So. Fla. Water Management Dist., IAS_V-0261-001.
Palm Beach County School Bd. --
Propriety of a School Bd. Member Serving As Charter Member of a Nonprofit Corp. In Which the School Bd. Has No Ownership Interest, IAS_V-0262-001.
Purchasing Procedures -- Propriety of Ex Parte Communications With School Bd. Members, IAS_V-0263-001.
Secretary of State --
Misuse & Authorization to Obtain Trademarks On Behalf of the State, IAS_V-0264-001.
Secretary of State -- Div. of Elections --
Only the Actual Costs of Duplication Can Be Charged For Copies of Voter Registration Records, IAS_V-0265-001.
State Bd. of Building Codes & Standards --
Authority of Local Government to Approve Local Standard For Wind Resistance In One & Two Family Buildings, IAS_V-0266-001.
State House Representative, District 114 --
Requirement For Safety Restraints On Various Vehicles Used to Transport Students, IAS_V-0267-001.
Sunny Isles Beach City Attorney --
DOT Employee Found Authorized to Serve On City Commission, IAS_V-0268-001.

Authority to Audit Case Files of the Fla. Comm. On Human Relations, IAS_V-0269-001.
Confidentiality Concerns, IAS_V-0270-001.

Bd. of Funeral & Cemetery Services --
Cemetery -- Licensure --
Community -- Statutory Definition of Examined, IAS_V-0271-001.
Found to Be a Highly Regulated Industry, IAS_V-0272-001.
Quasi-Fiduciary Duty to Customers Examined, IAS_V-0273-001.
Div. of Banking --
Application to Acquire Control of a Bank, IAS_V-0274-001.
Estate Planning Seminars Hosted By Banks --
Applicability of Other Regulatory Areas Noted, IAS_V-0275-001.
Special Disclosure Not Required, IAS_V-0276-001.
Div. of Securities --
Associated Person Registration --
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-0277-001.
Security -- Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0278-001.
Vicarious Liability of Corporate Officer Personally For Illegal Offering, IAS_V-0279-001.
Increased Penalty Over DOAH Recommendation Reversed, IAS_V-0280-001.
Securities Guarantee Fund --
Multiple Claims Which Arise Out of Same Transaction Found Limited to $10,000 Per Claimant, IAS_V-0281-001.

Denial of Palm Beach County School Bd. Exemption From Zoning Requirements Regarding An Antennae Reversed, IAS_V-0282-001.

Application For --
Allowing Minors to Consume Alcohol At Residence -- Sex Between Minors, IAS_V-0283-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-0284-005.
Conditional Certificate Only Granted -- Adult Ed. -- Prison, IAS_V-0285-001.
Criminal Conviction --
Assault & Battery, IAS_V-0286-001.
Assault With a Deadly Weapon, IAS_V-0287-001.
DUI/Manslaughter, IAS_V-0288-001.
Juvenile Offenses, IAS_V-0289-001.
Out-of-State, IAS_V-0290-001.
Pertinent Statutes Authorize But Do Not Require Denial Based On, IAS_V-0291-001.
Criminal Plea, IAS_V-0292-001.
Criminal Plea --
Domestic Violence, IAS_V-0293-001.
Indecent Exposure, IAS_V-0294-001.
Solicitation of Prostitution, IAS_V-0295-001.
False Statements On Employment Application, IAS_V-0296-002.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-0297-004.
Gross Immorality, IAS_V-0298-003.
Heterosexual Misconduct With Student, IAS_V-0299-001.
Misconduct Reducing Effectiveness, IAS_V-0300-001.
Moral Turpitude, IAS_V-0301-003.
Moral Turpitude -- Defined, IAS_V-0302-001.
Restriction On As An Alternative to Outright Lengthy Denial, IAS_V-0303-001.
Controlled Substances --
Possession of Marijuana --
Constitutes Gross Immorality As a Matter of Law, IAS_V-0304-001.
Constructive Possession At Joint Residence, IAS_V-0305-001.
Identity of Drug Need Only Be Established By Lay Testimony, IAS_V-0306-001.
Criminal Conviction --
Appeal of Does Not Preclude Discipline Based On, IAS_V-0307-001.
Bank Fraud, IAS_V-0308-001.
Battery, IAS_V-0309-001.
Criminal Plea --
Armed Kidnapping, IAS_V-0310-001.
Dealing In Stolen Property, IAS_V-0311-001.
Domestic Violence -- Child Abuse, IAS_V-0312-002.
Domestic Violence On Wife & Child, IAS_V-0313-001.
Lewd & Lascivious Public Behavior -- Undercover Cop, IAS_V-0314-001.
Petit Theft, IAS_V-0315-001.
Trespassing After Warning, IAS_V-0316-001.
Excessive & Unreasonable Corporal Punishment, IAS_V-0317-002.
Exploitation of Professional Relationship For Personal Gain, IAS_V-0318-002.
Failing to Maintain Honesty In Professional Dealings, IAS_V-0319-002.
Failure to Comply With Terms of Probation, IAS_V-0320-001.
Failure to Supervise Students, IAS_V-0321-001.
Final Order On Appellate Remand: Bush, IAS_V-0322-001.
Final Order Upon Appellate Remand: Carter, IAS_V-0323-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-0324-001.
Gross Immorality, IAS_V-0325-013.
Gross Immorality --
Criminal Charges Not Requisite to Discipline Based On, IAS_V-0326-001.
Defined, IAS_V-0327-005.
Gross Insubordination --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0328-001.
Immorality --
Defined, IAS_V-0329-003.
Incompetence, IAS_V-0330-002.
Misconduct Reducing Effectiveness, IAS_V-0331-013.
Moral Turpitude, IAS_V-0332-010.
Moral Turpitude --
Criminal Charges Not Requisite to Discipline Based On, IAS_V-0333-001.
Defined, IAS_V-0334-007.
Out-of-State Revocation, IAS_V-0335-001.
Probation -- Failure to Comply With Terms of, IAS_V-0336-001.
Racially Disparaging Comments In Class, IAS_V-0337-003.
Sexual Misconduct --
Constitutes Grounds For Revocation, IAS_V-0338-001.
Constitutes Immorality or Moral Turpitude, IAS_V-0339-001.
Heterosexual Comments to Staff, IAS_V-0340-001.
Heterosexual Comments to Students, IAS_V-0341-001.
Heterosexual Contact Between Students, IAS_V-0342-002.
Heterosexual Contact With Students, IAS_V-0343-006.
Homosexual Contact With Student, IAS_V-0344-001.
Homosexual Contact With Students, IAS_V-0345-001.
Testimony of Minor (Student) Alone Found to Constitute Inadequate Proof, IAS_V-0346-001.
Teachers Are Held to a High Moral Standard, IAS_V-0347-001.
Unprofessional Conduct, IAS_V-0348-001.
Use of Institutional Privileges For Personal Gain, IAS_V-0349-002.
Verbal Abuse of Students, IAS_V-0350-001.
Verbal Abuse of Students -- Profanity, IAS_V-0351-001.
Verbal Abuse of Students -- Racial Slurs, IAS_V-0352-001.
Violation of Board Rules & Statutes, IAS_V-0353-007.
Violation of Board Rules & Statutes --
Violation of Standardized Testing Procedures, IAS_V-0354-001.
Violation of Restraining Order, IAS_V-0355-001.

Amendment of Application (See Also Application) --
Change In Plans For Delivery of Utility Services Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-0356-001.
Permissible Changes to Distinguished From, IAS_V-0357-001.
Prohibition On Examined, IAS_V-0358-001.
Redesign of Floor Plan Found to Constitute, IAS_V-0359-001.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-0360-022.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof --
By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-0361-002.
Application (See Also Amendment of Application) --
Colocation On Campus Including a Wide Range of Medical Services Found Desirable, IAS_V-0362-001.
Failure to Certify Commitment to License & Operate the Subject Facility, IAS_V-0363-001.
Financial Inability Is Outcome Determinative, IAS_V-0364-001.
Incomplete -- 1997 Statutory Amendment Examined, IAS_V-0365-001.
Incomplete -- Failure to Reveal Aggregate Total Capital Commitments --
Capital Expenditure -- Must Be Listed Even If Not CON Reviewable, IAS_V-0366-001.
Capital Expenditure Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0367-001.
Exact Compliance With Pertinent Rules Is Required, IAS_V-0368-001.
Failure to Reveal Aggregate Total Capital Commitments At Time of Application -- Application Dismissed, IAS_V-0369-001.
Importance of Complete Listing Emphasized, IAS_V-0370-001.
Importance of This Information Exhaustively Explored, IAS_V-0371-001.
Incomplete -- Financial Statement -- Failure to Submit, IAS_V-0372-001.
Incomplete -- Insufficient Detail, IAS_V-0373-001.
Incomplete -- Omission of 59% of Capital Projects Is Not "De Minimus", IAS_V-0374-001.
Operating Presence In Immediate Service Area Found Desirable, IAS_V-0375-001.
Withdrawal of After Unfavorable DOAH Recommended Order -- Intervenor -- Denied After Appellate Court Reversal, IAS_V-0376-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
Denied, IAS_V-0377-002.
CON -- Defined, IAS_V-0378-001.
Comparative Review (See Also Home Health Agency; Nursing Home) --
Accorded, IAS_V-0379-006.
Comparative Review Not Accorded When Need Is Large Enough For All Applicants, IAS_V-0380-001.
Improper For Dissimilar Services, IAS_V-0381-001.
Exemption From CON Review --
Hospice -- Denied, IAS_V-0382-001.
Expiration of CON Distinguished From Revocation, IAS_V-0383-001.
Failure to Timely Commence Construction, IAS_V-0384-001.
Financial Feasibility --
Failure to Establish, IAS_V-0385-001.
Importance of This Consideration Emphasized, IAS_V-0386-002.
Must Be Established For Both the Short & Long Term, IAS_V-0387-001.
Gulf Court Decision Discussed, IAS_V-0388-002.
Home Health Agency --
Applicability of CON Review Examined, IAS_V-0389-001.
Comparative Review, IAS_V-0390-004.
Expiration of -- Failure to Timely Commence Construction, IAS_V-0391-001.
Incomplete Application, IAS_V-0392-001.
Need (See Also Need) --
Applicants Devise Their Own Free Form Methodologies, IAS_V-0393-001.
Lack of Rule Need Methodology Examined, IAS_V-0394-001.
Rule Methodology Lacking -- Proof of Need Examined, IAS_V-0395-001.
Hospice --
Addition to Hospital, IAS_V-0396-002.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0397-001.
Exemption From CON Review Denied, IAS_V-0398-001.
Improper Utilization of Nonprofit Corporate Status By Hospital/Parent Discussed, IAS_V-0399-001.
Intervenor Protest, IAS_V-0400-002.
Need Methodology Examined, IAS_V-0401-001.
Rural Hospital Exemption Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-0402-001.
Hospital --
Addition --
Acute Care, IAS_V-0403-001.
Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Beds, IAS_V-0404-001.
Hospice, IAS_V-0405-002.
Kidney Transplant, IAS_V-0406-001.
Kidney Transplant Program, IAS_V-0407-001.
Open Heart Surgical Unit, IAS_V-0408-003.
Skilled Nursing Beds, IAS_V-0409-001.
Adult Pancreas and Islet Cell Transplant Program, IAS_V-0410-001.
Comparative Review (See Comparative Review)
Consolidated License (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA), License, Hospital).
Conversion of Acute Care to Adult Psychiatric Beds, IAS_V-0411-001.
Conversion of Acute Care to Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation, IAS_V-0412-001.
Conversion of Acute Care to Neonatal Intensive Care Beds, IAS_V-0413-001.
Conversion of Acute Care to Skilled Nursing Beds, IAS_V-0414-003.
Hospice Program, IAS_V-0415-002.
Long-Term Care Has Been Rejected As a Separate & Distinct Category, IAS_V-0416-001.
Need (See Also Need) --
District Boundaries Are Not An "Iron Curtain" When Reviewing Tertiary Services, IAS_V-0417-001.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit -- Class III -- 15-Bed Minimum Waived, IAS_V-0418-001.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit -- Minimum Size Rule Discussed, IAS_V-0419-001.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit -- Need For Hierarchial Classification of Services Discussed, IAS_V-0420-001.
Obstetrical Services --
Exemption From CON Review Examined, IAS_V-0421-001.
Replacement Facility -- Intervenor Protest Dismissed, IAS_V-0422-001.
Satellite Facility, IAS_V-0423-002.
Intervenors (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) --
Input of Existing Providers Is Both Relevant & Important, IAS_V-0424-001.
Standing --
Economic Injury -- Insolvency Need Not Be Proven, IAS_V-0425-001.
Economic Injury Must Be Shown, IAS_V-0426-001.
Found Lacking, IAS_V-0427-003.
Nursing Home Lacks Standing to Challenge Addition to Acute Care Beds to Hospital, IAS_V-0428-001.
Skilled Facility At a Hospital Found to Lack Standing to Challenge a Community Nursing Home, IAS_V-0429-001.
To Be Liberally Construed, IAS_V-0430-001.
Letter of Intent --
Untimely -- Excused -- No Prejudice -- Fault of Overnight Delivery Service, IAS_V-0431-001.
Need (See Also Home Health Agency, Hospital) --
Balanced Consideration of All Statutory & Rule Criteria, IAS_V-0432-021.
Fixed Need Pool --
Does Not Require Formal Agency Approval, IAS_V-0433-001.
Geographic Accessibility --
Boundaries of a Health Planning Area Are Not An Iron Curtain, IAS_V-0434-001.
Planning Horizon -- Request For Extension of Found to Involve An "Unwarranted Priority", IAS_V-0435-001.
Rule Methodology --
§120.542 Rule Waiver Procedure Found Inapposite to Already Complex Balancing Procedures, IAS_V-0436-001.
Absence of -- Home Health Agencies, IAS_V-0437-001.
Not Normal Exception -- Applicant's Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-0438-001.
Not Normal Exception -- Tertiary Program -- AHCA May Look Beyond the Service Area, IAS_V-0439-001.
Not Normal Exception Involves a Conclusion of Law, IAS_V-0440-004.
Numeric Need Alone Is Not Dispositive, IAS_V-0441-002.
Numeric Need Lacking -- Creates Rebuttable Presumption of No Need, IAS_V-0442-002.
Special Circumstances Found to Justify Deviation From Lack of Numeric Need, IAS_V-0443-001.
Special Circumstances Found, IAS_V-0444-001.
Weight to Be Accorded Various Criteria Varies On a Case-By-Case Basis, IAS_V-0445-011.
Nursing Home --
Alzheimer's Patients -- There Is No Policy Favoring Dedicated Units, IAS_V-0446-001.
Colocation On Campus Including a Wide Range of Medical Services Found Desirable, IAS_V-0447-001.
Community, IAS_V-0448-003.
Community --
Additional Beds, IAS_V-0449-002.
Replacement, IAS_V-0450-001.
Comparative Review, IAS_V-0451-006.
Comparative Review --
Location Found to Be the Determinative Issue, IAS_V-0452-001.
Intervenor Protest, IAS_V-0453-003.
Operating Presence In Immediate Service Area Found Desirable, IAS_V-0454-001.
Purpose of CON Review --
Conflicting Goals & Objectives Discussed, IAS_V-0455-001.
Cost Containment -- Not the Only Goal, IAS_V-0456-002.

Overpayment Ordered Reimbursed, IAS_V-0457-001.
Adoption (See Also HRS, Dept. of) --
Application For Denied, IAS_V-0458-002.
Authority of DOAH to Conduct De Novo Hearing, IAS_V-0459-002.
Circuit Court Jurisdiction Under §39 & §63 Examined, IAS_V-0460-001.
Confidentiality of Medical Records Regarding Sexually Transmitted Disease, IAS_V-0461-001.
Confidentiality of the Adoption File, IAS_V-0462-001.
Foster Parent --
Challenge to Denial of Application to Be Adoptive Parents Rejected, IAS_V-0463-002.
Single-Parent Vis Interracial Adoptions, IAS_V-0464-001.
Central Abuse Registry (See Also HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency for (AHCA); HEALTH, Dept. of; HRS, Dept. of; JUVENILE JUSTICE, Dept. of) --
§415 Is Intended to Protect the Vulnerable & Encourage Removal If Necessary, IAS_V-0465-001.
§415 Is Not a Penal Statute, IAS_V-0466-001.
Abuse or Neglect --
Abuse & Neglect Distinguished, IAS_V-0467-001.
Abuse Defined, IAS_V-0468-013.
Abuse Report of Dept. Constitutes Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_V-0469-002.
Confinement In Utility Room For 4-5 Hours, IAS_V-0470-001.
Emotional Abuse, IAS_V-0471-001.
Excessive Corporal Punishment, IAS_V-0472-001.
Excessive Corporal Punishment -- Inappropriate Tool, IAS_V-0473-001.
Exploitation -- Defined, IAS_V-0474-006.
Exploitation -- Financial, IAS_V-0475-042.
Exploitation -- Financial -- §415.102 Found Not to Be Unconstitutionally Vague Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation, IAS_V-0476-001.
Exploitation -- Financial -- Check Kiting Scheme Found Not to Constitute, IAS_V-0477-001.
Exploitation -- Financial -- Claim That Money Was Used to Pay For Caregivers Rejected, IAS_V-0478-001.
Exploitation -- Financial -- Defined, IAS_V-0479-007.
Exploitation -- Financial -- Fiduciary Duty Not Required Per Se, IAS_V-0480-001.
Exploitation -- Financial -- Inability to Consent, IAS_V-0481-001.
Exploitation -- Financial -- Intent Is a Requisite Element of, IAS_V-0482-001.
Exploitation -- Financial -- Nursing Home Bill Not Paid, IAS_V-0483-001.
Exploitation -- Financial -- Unlawful Use of a Power of Attorney, IAS_V-0484-002.
Likelihood of Perpetrator Seeking Actual Employment Is Irrelevant, IAS_V-0485-001.
Must Be Established According to An Objective Standard, IAS_V-0486-002.
Neglect, IAS_V-0487-042.
Neglect -- Administrator's Concealment of Patient Abuse From Dept. Investigator, IAS_V-0488-001.
Neglect -- Carelessness -- Negligence Not Required, IAS_V-0489-001.
Neglect -- Defined, IAS_V-0490-034.
Neglect -- Failure to Administer Medications, IAS_V-0491-003.
Neglect -- Failure to Seek Medical Intervention, IAS_V-0492-001.
Neglect -- Failure to Supervise Expressly Included In Statutory Definition of Harm, IAS_V-0493-001.
Neglect -- Inadequate Supervision, IAS_V-0494-018.
Neglect -- Inadequate Supervision -- Inability to Perform Requisite Lifting, IAS_V-0495-001.
Neglect -- Intent Need Not Be Established, IAS_V-0496-001.
Neglect -- Intent Need Not Be Proven, IAS_V-0497-001.
Neglect -- Intoxication, IAS_V-0498-001.
Neglect -- Involuntary Confinement, IAS_V-0499-001.
Neglect -- Leaving Disabled Person In Direct Sunlight, IAS_V-0500-001.
Neglect -- Leaving Disabled Person Unattended For 3 1/2 Hours, IAS_V-0501-001.
Neglect -- Leaving Incapacitated Person Home Alone For An Extended Time, IAS_V-0502-001.
Neglect -- Medical, IAS_V-0503-009.
Neglect -- Medical -- Capacity to Consent or Not Consent, IAS_V-0504-001.
Neglect -- Must Be Measured Against An Objective Standard, IAS_V-0505-007.
Neglect -- Negative Result Alone Is Insufficient, IAS_V-0506-001.
Neglect -- Personal Liability For Corporate Management Deficiencies Examined, IAS_V-0507-001.
Neglect -- Question of Fact, IAS_V-0508-001.
Neglect -- Relocation of a Resident to a Substandard Facility, IAS_V-0509-001.
Neglect -- Repeated Acts or Omissions By Various Caregivers, IAS_V-0510-001.
Neglect -- Single Act or Omission Can Be Sufficient, IAS_V-0511-001.
Neglect -- Vicarious Liability Under the Doctrine of Respondeat Superior, IAS_V-0512-001.
Neglect -- Vicarious Liability of Supervisory Employee, IAS_V-0513-002.
Physical Abuse, IAS_V-0514-032.
Physical Abuse -- Actual Injury Not Required, IAS_V-0515-003.
Physical Abuse -- Actual or Threatened Harm Is Required, IAS_V-0516-001.
Physical Abuse -- Attempted Murder, IAS_V-0517-001.
Physical Abuse -- Confinement/Bizarre Punishment, IAS_V-0518-001.
Physical Abuse -- Criminal Plea Alone Is Insufficient Proof, IAS_V-0519-001.
Physical Abuse -- Slapping In Retaliation, IAS_V-0520-001.
Physical Abuse -- Use of Excessive Force In Restraining a Client, IAS_V-0521-001.
Physical Abuse -- Use of Lighter to Burn Away Gauze Bandage, IAS_V-0522-001.
Physical Abuse -- Use of Restraints, IAS_V-0523-003.
Psychological Abuse, IAS_V-0524-004.
Sexual Abuse, IAS_V-0525-003.
Sexual Abuse -- Defined, IAS_V-0526-003.
Sexual Abuse -- Fondling Breasts, IAS_V-0527-001.
Standard of Care -- Reasonably Prudent Caregiver, IAS_V-0528-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-0529-001.
Aged Adult Care Worker --
Aged Adult Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0530-006.
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0531-050.
Amendment or Expunction Denied -- Reversed, IAS_V-0532-002.
Amendment or Expunction Denied In Part, IAS_V-0533-004.
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0534-042.
Amendment or Expunction Granted & Denied In Part, IAS_V-0535-001.
Friend Found to Be a "Caregiver", IAS_V-0536-001.
Report Closed Without Classification, IAS_V-0537-003.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
DOAH Award of Against Dept. Rejected, IAS_V-0538-001.
Denied, IAS_V-0539-001.
Caregiver Actions Must Be Measured Against An Objective Standard, IAS_V-0540-002.
Caregiver Defined, IAS_V-0541-011.
Child Care Worker --
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0542-003.
Amendment or Expunction Found Beyond Dept. Jurisdiction, IAS_V-0543-001.
Child/Caretaker of Elderly Parent --
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0544-011.
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0545-009.
Amendment or Expunction Granted & Denied In Part, IAS_V-0546-002.
Friend Found to Be a "Caregiver", IAS_V-0547-001.
Report Closed Without Classification, IAS_V-0548-002.
Closed Report Without Classification --
Discussed, IAS_V-0549-002.
Confirmed Report --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0550-004.
Records Retained For Fifty (50) Years, IAS_V-0551-001.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-0552-020.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof -- Direct Evidence Is Not Required, IAS_V-0553-001.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-0554-083.
Dept. Is the Respondent Despite Contrary DOAH Styling of the Case, IAS_V-0555-001.
Dept. Report Constitutes Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_V-0556-001.
Disabled Adult Care Worker --
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0557-029.
Amendment or Expunction Denied -- Reversed, IAS_V-0558-001.
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0559-022.
Amendment or Expunction Granted & Denied In Part, IAS_V-0560-003.
Disabled Adult Defined, IAS_V-0561-002.
Duty to Safely & Appropriately Manage Aggressive Behavior, IAS_V-0562-001.
Petition For Hearing Denied As Defective, IAS_V-0563-001.
Report Closed Without Classification, IAS_V-0564-003.
Exemption From Disqualification (See Also HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA)) --
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_V-0565-032.
Cannot Be Granted With Conditions, IAS_V-0566-002.
Criminal Conviction, IAS_V-0567-002.
Criminal Conviction -- Aggravated Assault, IAS_V-0568-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Armed Robbery, IAS_V-0569-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Battery, IAS_V-0570-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Controlled Substances, IAS_V-0571-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Forgery, IAS_V-0572-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Grand Theft, IAS_V-0573-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Grand Theft -- Auto, IAS_V-0574-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Lewd & Lascivious Conduct, IAS_V-0575-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Possession of Cocaine, IAS_V-0576-006.
Criminal Conviction -- Possession of Marijuana, IAS_V-0577-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Prostitution, IAS_V-0578-002.
Criminal Conviction -- Sale of Cocaine, IAS_V-0579-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Sale of Controlled Substances, IAS_V-0580-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Trespassing, IAS_V-0581-001.
Criminal Plea, IAS_V-0582-001.
Criminal Plea -- Aggravated Battery, IAS_V-0583-001.
Criminal Plea -- Armed Robbery, IAS_V-0584-003.
Criminal Plea -- Battery, IAS_V-0585-001.
Criminal Plea -- Battery & Domestic Violence, IAS_V-0586-006.
Criminal Plea -- Child Abuse, IAS_V-0587-003.
Criminal Plea -- Cocaine -- Possession of, IAS_V-0588-006.
Criminal Plea -- Concealed Firearm, IAS_V-0589-001.
Criminal Plea -- Crack Cocaine Possession, IAS_V-0590-001.
Criminal Plea -- Domestic Violence, IAS_V-0591-004.
Criminal Plea -- Forgery, IAS_V-0592-001.
Criminal Plea -- Grand Theft, IAS_V-0593-007.
Criminal Plea -- Grand Theft -- Found to Be a Disqualifying Offense Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation, IAS_V-0594-002.
Criminal Plea -- Homosexual Assault On Minor, IAS_V-0595-001.
Criminal Plea -- Indecent Exposure, IAS_V-0596-001.
Criminal Plea -- Multiple Violations, IAS_V-0597-001.
Criminal Plea -- Obstructing An Officer Without Violence, IAS_V-0598-001.
Criminal Plea -- Out-of-State, IAS_V-0599-002.
Criminal Plea -- Petit Theft, IAS_V-0600-001.
Criminal Plea -- Prostitution, IAS_V-0601-001.
Criminal Plea -- Solicitation of Prostitution, IAS_V-0602-001.
Criminal Plea -- Solicitation to Commit a Crime of Violence, IAS_V-0603-001.
Criminal Plea -- Theft & Trafficking In Stolen Property, IAS_V-0604-001.
Criminal Plea -- Worthless Checks, IAS_V-0605-001.
Denial Does Not Preclude Future Reapplication, IAS_V-0606-001.
Denied, IAS_V-0607-044.
Dept. Has Absolute Discretion to Deny, IAS_V-0608-002.
Domestic Violence, IAS_V-0609-005.
Domestic Violence -- Misdemeanor, IAS_V-0610-001.
Domestic Violence -- Violation of Probation, IAS_V-0611-001.
Exemption Granted By Another Agency Is Immaterial, IAS_V-0612-001.
Failure to Take Responsibility For One's Actions, IAS_V-0613-001.
False Imprisonment, IAS_V-0614-001.
Filing a False Report, IAS_V-0615-001.
Foster Parents, IAS_V-0616-002.
Granted, IAS_V-0617-029.
Lewd & Lascivious Public Behavior, IAS_V-0618-001.
Rehabilitation -- Acknowledgement of Misconduct, IAS_V-0619-001.
Rehabilitation -- Balancing Test, IAS_V-0620-002.
Rehabilitation -- Continuous Employment, IAS_V-0621-001.
Rehabilitation -- DOAH Conclusion of Law Regarding Rejected, IAS_V-0622-001.
Rehabilitation -- DOAH Recommendation That a Date For Reapplication Be Established Rejected, IAS_V-0623-001.
Rehabilitation -- Drug Rehab, IAS_V-0624-004.
Rehabilitation -- Failure to Disclose Entire Criminal History On Employment Application, IAS_V-0625-001.
Rehabilitation -- False Affidavit Six (6) Months Ago, IAS_V-0626-001.
Rehabilitation -- Insubordination Toward Employer, IAS_V-0627-001.
Rehabilitation -- Lack of Remorse, IAS_V-0628-001.
Rehabilitation -- Missionary, IAS_V-0629-001.
Rehabilitation -- No Repetition During Many Years, IAS_V-0630-001.
Rehabilitation -- Proof of, IAS_V-0631-027.
Rehabilitation -- Proof of -- Four (4) Months Too Short a Timeframe, IAS_V-0632-002.
Rehabilitation -- Proof of -- Nine (9) Years Lapsed Since Offense, IAS_V-0633-001.
Rehabilitation -- Spiritual Awakening, IAS_V-0634-001.
Rehabilitation -- Testimonial Letters, IAS_V-0635-001.
Requisite Stability, IAS_V-0636-001.
Statutory Amendment -- 1994 -- Applicability of, IAS_V-0637-002.
Statutory Amendment -- 1994 -- Examined, IAS_V-0638-002.
Statutory Amendment -- 1995 -- Construed & Found Not Retroactive, IAS_V-0639-001.
Statutory List of Disqualifying Offenses -- Actual Physical Injury Is Not Prerequisite, IAS_V-0640-001.
Statutory List of Disqualifying Offenses -- Domestic Battery, IAS_V-0641-001.
Statutory List of Disqualifying Offenses -- Noted & Found Not Triggered, IAS_V-0642-001.
There Is No Minimum Waiting Period, IAS_V-0643-001.
Exemption From Disqualification Denied, IAS_V-0644-003.
Failure of Respondent to Appear At Hearing, IAS_V-0645-002.
Family Friend --
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0646-006.
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0647-001.
Financial Advisor --
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0648-001.
Grandchild/Caretaker of Elderly Parent --
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0649-001.
Nephew --
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0650-001.
Petitioner Is the Person Asking For a Hearing, IAS_V-0651-003.
Proposed Confirmed Report --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0652-029.
Sibling --
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0653-001.
Spouse --
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0654-001.
Amendment or Expunction Denied In Part, IAS_V-0655-001.
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0656-002.
Time Limit For Contesting Report --
Calculation of Discussed, IAS_V-0657-001.
Extended -- Equitable Tolling, IAS_V-0658-001.
Untimely Request For Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0659-004.
Unfounded Report --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0660-002.
Child -- Dependent --
Confidentiality of Medical Records Regarding Sexually Transmitted Disease, IAS_V-0661-001.
Child Custody (See Also HRS, Dept. of) --
Dept. Recoupment of Support Payments to Aunt -- Lack of Full-Time Residence -- Remand, IAS_V-0662-001.
Parental Rights --
Right to An Attorney, IAS_V-0663-001.
Child Support (See REVENUE, Dept. of)
Circuit Court Nonfinal Order Requiring Placement of a Mentally Retarded Defendant --
Reversed -- Court Cannot Order Movement of Dept. Funds, IAS_V-0664-001.
Circuit Court Order Requiring Dept. to Continue to Hold Criminal Defendant Cleared As Competent --
Circuit Court Order Quashed, IAS_V-0665-001.
Circuit Court Order Requiring Production of Child Resource Records & Prohibiting Temporary Housing of Children --
Affirmed & Reversed In Part, IAS_V-0666-001.
Contract (See CONTRACTS; CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Dept. Has Burden of Proof, IAS_V-0667-005.
Developmental Services --
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_V-0668-001.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-0669-001.
Applicant Lacks Standing to Challenge Source of Funding, IAS_V-0670-001.
Autism -- Denied, IAS_V-0671-001.
Autism -- Granted, IAS_V-0672-001.
Certification -- Independent Support Coordinator --
Inadequate Performance In Previous Employment, IAS_V-0673-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-0674-001.
Circuit Court Denial of Approval of Surgical Procedure For Person In Dept. Custody Reversed, IAS_V-0675-001.
Developmental Services Are Not Segregated According to the Particular Developmental Disability, IAS_V-0676-001.
Developmental Services Defined, IAS_V-0677-001.
IQ Assailed By Dept. As Too High, IAS_V-0678-001.
Mechanics of Program Examined, IAS_V-0679-001.
Retardation Defined, IAS_V-0680-001.
Retarded Adult -- Defined, IAS_V-0681-001.
Retarded Adult -- Denied, IAS_V-0682-003.
Retarded Adult -- Granted, IAS_V-0683-001.
Significantly Subaverage Intellectual Functioning Defined, IAS_V-0684-002.
Employee (See Also PUBLIC EMPLOYEES) --
Challenge to Adverse Internal Grievance Proceeding -- On-Call Salary Issues -- Dismissed, IAS_V-0685-001.
Circuit Ct. Dismissal of Dept. Employee Suit Assailing Constitutionality of §435 As Applied Reversed In Part, IAS_V-0686-001.
Dismissal Following Death By Abuse of a Child Affirmed, IAS_V-0687-001.
Grievance Concerning Rate of Pay -- Request For Hearing Dismissed, IAS_V-0688-001.
Final Order On Appellate Remand: S.A. v. Children & Families, IAS_V-0689-001.
Final Order On Remand: L.G.H. v. Children & Families, IAS_V-0690-001.
Food Stamps (See Also HEALTH, Dept. of) --
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
Federal Provisions Are Inapplicable to Dept., IAS_V-0691-001.
Denial Reversed Due to Dept. Failure to Properly Request Additional Information, IAS_V-0692-001.
Denial of Reversed -- Notice of Eligibility Found Deficient, IAS_V-0693-001.
Dept. Duty to Provide Assistance to Cure Incomplete Verification, IAS_V-0694-001.
Monthly Allotment of $10.00 Based On Incomplete Verification -- Reversed, IAS_V-0695-001.
Overpayment Ordered Reimbursed, IAS_V-0696-001.
Overpayment Ordered Reimbursed -- Withdrawal of Funds From Checking Account Prior to Application --
Denial of Benefits Affirmed & Reversed In Part, IAS_V-0697-001.
Suspension For Ninety (90) Days Found Not to Be "Harmless Error", IAS_V-0698-001.
License (See Also LICENSING) --
Adoption Agency --
Renewal -- Lack of Fitness & Trustworthiness, IAS_V-0699-001.
Child Care Facility (See Also Licensure; HRS, Dept. of) --
Amended Final Order On Appellate Remand: Dept. v. Pillsbury -- Revocation Reimposed, IAS_V-0700-001.
Appeal of County Administrative Disciplinary Action to Dept., IAS_V-0701-001.
Central Abuse Registry Report -- Physical Abuse, IAS_V-0702-001.
Concurrent County Regulatory Jurisdiction -- Mechanics of Examined, IAS_V-0703-001.
Employment of Disqualified Personnel, IAS_V-0704-001.
Failure to Conduct Tuberculosis (TB) Testing of Personnel, IAS_V-0705-001.
Failure to Correct Deficiencies, IAS_V-0706-001.
Failure to Disclose An Individual Residing In the Home For Whom Background Screening Was Required, IAS_V-0707-001.
Failure to Keep Son With History of Disqualifying Offenses Away From Facility, IAS_V-0708-001.
Failure to Notify Parents of An Injury, IAS_V-0709-001.
Failure to Properly Supervise Children, IAS_V-0710-001.
Failure to Properly Train Employees -- DOAH Dismissal of Charge On Basis of Deficiencies In the Complaint Reversed, IAS_V-0711-001.
Failure to Report Allegations of Employee Abuse, IAS_V-0712-001.
Failure to Screen Staff, IAS_V-0713-001.
Failure to Verify Immunization of Enrolled Children, IAS_V-0714-001.
False Sworn Statements, IAS_V-0715-001.
Health Code Violations -- Large Number of, IAS_V-0716-001.
Improper Corporal Punishment, IAS_V-0717-001.
Inadequate Staffing Ratios, IAS_V-0718-002.
Local Regulation -- Preemption of State Regulation Noted, IAS_V-0719-001.
Modification -- Increase In Licensed Capacity -- Inadequate Septic System, IAS_V-0720-001.
Numerous Recurring Technical & Substantive Violations & Serious Deficiencies, IAS_V-0721-001.
Past Violations Are Relevant to Current Disciplinary Action, IAS_V-0722-001.
Physical Injury to Child, IAS_V-0723-001.
Renewal -- Agency Burden of Proof When Considering, IAS_V-0724-001.
Renewal -- Applicable Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-0725-001.
Renewal -- Applicant Has Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_V-0726-001.
Renewal -- Denial -- Injury to Child -- Affirmed, IAS_V-0727-001.
Renewal -- Denied, IAS_V-0728-001.
Renewal -- Imposition of Inappropriate Discipline, IAS_V-0729-001.
Renewal -- Not a Mere Ministerial Act, IAS_V-0730-001.
Renewal -- Repeated Failure to Comply With Minimum Standards, IAS_V-0731-001.
Foster Parent (See Also HRS, Dept. of) --
Challenge to Denial of Application to Be Adoptive Parents Rejected, IAS_V-0732-001.
Circuit Court Imposes Civil Contempt of Court For Failure of Dept. to Follow Court Orders, IAS_V-0733-001.
Confirmed Report of Abuse, IAS_V-0734-001.
Corporal Punishment -- Dept. Policy Prohibiting Use of Examined, IAS_V-0735-001.
Corporal Punishment -- Improper Use of, IAS_V-0736-005.
Dangerous Conditions At Home, IAS_V-0737-001.
Dept. Has Particularly Broad Discretion -- Not An Occupational License, IAS_V-0738-001.
Dept. Issuance of a Privilege -- Not a Right, IAS_V-0739-001.
Dept. Need Not Provide Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_V-0740-001.
Direct Supervision Discussed, IAS_V-0741-001.
Failure to Appear At Hearing, IAS_V-0742-001.
Failure to Cooperate With the Dept., IAS_V-0743-001.
Failure to Immediately Notify Dept. of Illness or Accident, IAS_V-0744-001.
Failure to Meet Minimum Standards, IAS_V-0745-002.
Foster Parent License Is Not a "Professional License" Subject to Strict Procedural Safeguards, IAS_V-0746-006.
Foster Parent License Is Not a Professional License, IAS_V-0747-002.
Legislative Prerogative Regarding Qualifications Examined, IAS_V-0748-001.
Medical Designation or Endorsement, IAS_V-0749-001.
Neglect, IAS_V-0750-001.
Neglect -- Inadequate Supervision, IAS_V-0751-001.
Neglect -- Medical, IAS_V-0752-001.
Negligent Administration of Asthma Medication, IAS_V-0753-001.
Physical Abuse -- Bruises & Other Injuries, IAS_V-0754-001.
Physical Abuse -- Corporal Punishment -- Taped Mouths, IAS_V-0755-001.
Providing Alcohol to Children, IAS_V-0756-001.
Provisional License -- May Not Be Renewed, IAS_V-0757-001.
Punishment For Toilet Training Errors, IAS_V-0758-001.
Renewal -- Agency Burden of Proof When Considering, IAS_V-0759-001.
Renewal -- Applicable Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-0760-001.
Renewal -- Corporal Punishment -- Denied, IAS_V-0761-001.
Renewal -- Sexual Abuse, IAS_V-0762-001.
Request For Hearing Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_V-0763-002.
Request For Hearing Dismissed For Lack of Jurisdiction, IAS_V-0764-001.
Returning Children to Dept. Without Requisite Notice Absent An Emergency, IAS_V-0765-001.
Sexual Abuse, IAS_V-0766-001.
Sleeping In Same Bed As Children, IAS_V-0767-001.
Transporting Children In Vehicle After Consuming Alcohol, IAS_V-0768-001.
Unauthorized Out-of-State Trip, IAS_V-0769-001.
Unlicensed Caregiver, IAS_V-0770-001.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, IAS_V-0771-001.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Facilities, IAS_V-0772-001.
Foster Parent -- Renewal --
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-0773-001.
Boarding of Child Not In Dept. Custody, IAS_V-0774-001.
Broad Discretion of the Dept. Noted, IAS_V-0775-001.
Chaotic Home Environment, IAS_V-0776-001.
Denial -- Request For Hearing to Challenge Denied As Untimely, IAS_V-0777-001.
Disparaging Remarks to Children, IAS_V-0778-001.
Fact That Conduct Does Not Offend §415 Is Immaterial, Failure to Meet Dietary Needs, IAS_V-0779-001.
Failure to Meet Minimum Standards, IAS_V-0780-001.
Foster Parent License Is Not a "Professional License" Subject to Strict Procedural Safeguards, IAS_V-0781-002.
Inadequate Supervision, IAS_V-0782-003.
Inappropriate Behavior By Visitors to the Home, IAS_V-0783-001.
Inappropriate Corporal Punishment, IAS_V-0784-003.
Inappropriate Discipline, IAS_V-0785-002.
Inappropriate Discipline (Confinement), IAS_V-0786-001.
Insufficient Income to Assure Family Stability, IAS_V-0787-001.
Neglect -- A Single Act or Omission Alone Can Form a Sufficient Basis For Nonrenewal, IAS_V-0788-001.
Separation From Husband -- Domestic Violence, IAS_V-0789-001.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, IAS_V-0790-001.
Violation of Substitute Core Agreement With Dept., IAS_V-0791-001.
Licensure (See Also Licensing; LICENSURE; HRS, Dept. of) --
Child Care Facility (See Also LICENSING) --
Criminal Plea (Sexual Misconduct With Children), IAS_V-0792-001.
Employment With the Dept. Is Not Per Se a Bar to, IAS_V-0793-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-0794-003.
Inadequate Supervision, IAS_V-0795-001.
Lack of Requisite Fitness & Trustworthiness, IAS_V-0796-001.
Operating Without Proper Registration, IAS_V-0797-001.
Previous Denial of Licensure Is Not Probative, IAS_V-0798-001.
Violation of Prohibition Against Corporal Punishment As a Foster Parent, IAS_V-0799-001.
Foster Parent (See Also HRS, Dept. of) --
Applicant's Burden of Proof, IAS_V-0800-001.
Criminal Charges (Numerous Nondisqualifying Offenses), IAS_V-0801-001.
Criminal Plea (Assault to Commit Rape), IAS_V-0802-001.
Failure to Accept Supervision By Dept. Staff, IAS_V-0803-001.
Failure to Meet Minimum Standards, IAS_V-0804-001.
Failure to Present a Positive Image of the Biological Family, IAS_V-0805-001.
Foster Parent License Is a Public Trust Not a Professional License, IAS_V-0806-002.
Homosexuality, IAS_V-0807-001.
Inadequate Experience, IAS_V-0808-001.
Inappropriate Corporal Punishment, IAS_V-0809-002.
Lack of Requisite Fitness, IAS_V-0810-001.
Lack of Self Control, IAS_V-0811-001.
Sexual Abuse of Adoptive Child, IAS_V-0812-001.
Violation of Rules, IAS_V-0813-001.
Medicaid (See MEDICAID)
Medical Assistance Funds (See MEDICAID)
Public Assistance Appeals Hearings --
Nursing Home Patient Voluntarily Leaves -- Denial Reversed & Remanded, IAS_V-0814-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver --
Baker Act Receiving Facilities -- Eligibility Criteria -- Granted, IAS_V-0815-002.
Crisis Stabilization Unit -- Minimum Construction Standards -- Granted, IAS_V-0816-001.
Emergency -- Ownership of Facility In Litigation -- Denied, IAS_V-0817-001.
Foster Care Privatization Demonstration Project -- Granted, IAS_V-0818-001.
Residential Treatment -- Licensure -- Treatment of Eating Disorder -- Granted, IAS_V-0819-001.
Work & Gain Economic Self-Sufficiency (WAGES) Benefits --
Termination of Benefits For Failure to Comply With Work Requirements -- Affirmed, IAS_V-0820-001.

License (See LICENSING) --
Emergency Suspension --
Criminal Charges -- Possession of Cocaine & Cannabis, IAS_V-0821-001.
Paying Kickbacks, IAS_V-0822-001.
Soliciting Patients, IAS_V-0823-001.
Licensure --
Exam --
Challenge to Grading -- Untimely -- Denied, IAS_V-0824-001.
Physical Diagnosis, IAS_V-0825-002.
Technique Part, IAS_V-0826-001.
X-Ray Interpretation, IAS_V-0827-002.
Exam -- Physical Diagnosis Portion --
Challenge to Grading, IAS_V-0828-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver --
Licensure By Exam --
Bd. Grants Sua Sponte In §120.57(1) Proceeding, IAS_V-0829-001.
Retakes -- Passing Score On 2 of 3 Sections of Practical -- Granted, IAS_V-0830-001.

Annexation -- Voluntary --
Quashed Due to Failure of Commissioner With a Beneficial Interest to Recuse, IAS_V-0831-001.
Charter Amendment --
Charter Provisions Regarding Are Exclusive, IAS_V-0832-001.
City Commissioner Motives Are Irrelevant, IAS_V-0833-001.
Single Subject Amendment Found to Be Inapplicable, IAS_V-0834-001.
Development Order Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0835-001.
Municipal Seal --
Authority to License For Other Than Official Use, IAS_V-0836-001.
Permit -- Building --
Authority to Approve a Local Standard For Wind Resistance, IAS_V-0837-001.
Permit -- Development --
Moratorium On -- Appropriateness Examined, IAS_V-0838-001.
Public Official --
Attorney's Fees & Costs --
Recall Petition -- Unsuccessful Defense of, IAS_V-0839-001.

License --
Continuing Education Requirement -- Failure to Supply Proof of Compliance, IAS_V-0840-001.
Failure to Follow Requisite Procedures, IAS_V-0841-001.
Licensure --
Requisite Educational Requirements Lacking -- Bd. Denial Reversed, IAS_V-0842-001.
Statutory History Governing Examined, IAS_V-0843-001.
Licensure -- Supervisor --
Lack of Requisite Educational Requirements, IAS_V-0844-001.
Licensure -- Technician --
Exam -- Challenge to Grading, IAS_V-0845-001.
Lack of Requisite Educational Requirements, IAS_V-0846-001.
Lack of Requisite Laboratory-Based Training, IAS_V-0847-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver --
Clinical Lab Technologist -- Requisite Educational Requirements -- Denied, IAS_V-0848-001.
Licensure -- Requisite Educational & Work Experience, IAS_V-0849-001.
Medical Technologist -- Renewal -- Requisite Examination, IAS_V-0850-001.

Amended Final Order: Brown v. Walton County, IAS_V-0851-001.
Area of Critical State Concern (See Consistency of Local Ordinance With Local Comprehensive Plan; AREA OF CRITICAL STATE CONCERN)
Binding Letter (See Also Index to Administrative Orders by Agency (IAA) For Index By County) --
Failure to Obtain Requisite Binding Letter of Interpretation, IAS_V-0852-001.
Interpretation of Vested Rights Status --
Aggregation Rule Found to Be Inapplicable, IAS_V-0853-004.
Extension of Granted, IAS_V-0854-001.
Housing -- Affordable -- Impact On Considered, IAS_V-0855-012.
Hurricane Shelter Space -- Impact On, IAS_V-0856-002.
Marina & Park -- Municipal, IAS_V-0857-002.
Marina -- Private, IAS_V-0858-001.
Multi-Use Development, IAS_V-0859-002.
Potable Water & Wastewater Facilities -- Impacts On Considered, IAS_V-0860-001.
Regionally Significant Resources, IAS_V-0861-002.
Regionally Significant Resources -- Archeological, IAS_V-0862-001.
Regionally Significant Resources -- Vegetation & Wildlife, IAS_V-0863-006.
Removal of Facility Constructed Prior to July 1, IAS_V-0864-002.
Substantial Changes Found, IAS_V-0865-001.
Transportation -- Regionally Significant Roadways Identified, IAS_V-0866-017.
Transportation -- Substantial Impacts Defined, IAS_V-0867-001.
Modification to DRI With Vested Rights --
Clearance Letter Granted, IAS_V-0868-001.
Clearance Letter Granted & Declined, IAS_V-0869-001.
Natural Resources -- Impacts On Considered, IAS_V-0870-002.
Open Space -- Impacts On Considered, IAS_V-0871-001.
Regionally Significant Resources -- Endangered & Threatened Species, IAS_V-0872-003.
Solid Waste -- Impact of Considered, IAS_V-0873-001.
Solid Waste Facilities -- Impacts On Considered, IAS_V-0874-002.
Substantial Changes Found, IAS_V-0875-004.
Substantial Changes Not Found, IAS_V-0876-008.
Transportation -- Regionally Significant Roadways Identified, IAS_V-0877-008.
Building Codes & Standards (See ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OPINIONS)
Building Energy Rating System --
License -- Qualified Rater --
Third Party Complaint Dismissed For Lack of Dept. Jurisdiction, IAS_V-0878-001.
Circuit Court Suit Seeking Temporary Injunction Against Marion County Moratorium On Mobile Homes --
Circuit Court Denial of Temporary Injunction Affirmed, IAS_V-0879-001.
Community Development Block Grant --
Challenge to Scoring of Application, IAS_V-0880-003.
Competitive Grant Application Process Discussed, IAS_V-0881-001.
Costs Found Not Reimbursable Due to Deficient Documentation, IAS_V-0882-001.
Due to Competition For Grants a Score In the Fundable Range Does Not Assure Funding, IAS_V-0883-001.
Recoupment of Funds Spent For Ineligible Purposes -- Polk County, IAS_V-0884-001.
Rule Variance (See Rule Variance or Waiver)
Complaint Assailing Alleged Violations of Pasco County Zoning Ordinances --
Dismissed For Lack of Jurisdiction, IAS_V-0885-001.
Comprehensive Plan (See Also ADMINISTRATION Comm.; COUNTY GOVERNMENT) --
§163 --
Purpose of Examined, IAS_V-0886-001.
Amendments to --
Considerable Discretion of Local Government Noted, IAS_V-0887-001.
Consistency Can Be Determined Even Though the Plan As a Whole Is In Litigation, IAS_V-0888-001.
Effective Date Is When Any Compliance Challenge Is Finalized, IAS_V-0889-001.
In Compliance Determination Is Applicable, IAS_V-0890-003.
Moratorium On New Development In the Interim, IAS_V-0891-001.
Must Be Reviewed With Respect to Impact On Overall Plan, IAS_V-0892-001.
Not a Land Development Regulation or Residential Zoning Application, IAS_V-0893-001.
Small Scale Plan Amendments, IAS_V-0894-001.
Coastal Management Element --
Examined, IAS_V-0895-001.
Commence Development --
Obtaining Permits Alone Without More Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-0896-001.
Concurrency Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0897-001.
Consistency --
Internal Consistency Discussed, IAS_V-0898-001.
With State or Regional Plan -- Local Plan, IAS_V-0899-001.
DOAH Formal Hearing Is De Novo, IAS_V-0900-001.
Development Order --
Current Regulations Must Be Consistent With - Not Vice Versa, IAS_V-0901-001.
Current Regulations Regarding Are Irrelevant to a Compliance Determination, IAS_V-0902-001.
Future Land Use Element --
Examined, IAS_V-0903-001.
Future Land Use Map --
Purpose of Examined, IAS_V-0904-001.
Historic Resource Issues --
State Plan Requirements Are Not Rigorous, IAS_V-0905-001.
In Compliance --
Defined, IAS_V-0906-010.
Plan In Entirety & Amendments Considered, IAS_V-0907-002.
Intergovernmental Coordination --
Dept. Requires By Rule But Does Not Enforce the Requirement, IAS_V-0908-001.
Intervenors (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) --
Affected Persons -- Defined, IAS_V-0909-005.
Burden of Proof -- Not Even Fairly Debatable Standard, IAS_V-0910-014.
Burden of Proof -- Not Even Fairly Debatable Standard -- Is a Heavy One, IAS_V-0911-004.
Burden of Proof When Dept. & Local Government Reaches a Stipulated Settlement, IAS_V-0912-003.
Public Participation Requirement Examined, IAS_V-0913-001.
Requirement For Submission of Objections to the Local Government, IAS_V-0914-001.
Standing -- Citizens, IAS_V-0915-001.
Less Populated Area of the State --
Dept. May Provide Technical Assistance So Long As Challengers Are Not Prejudiced, IAS_V-0916-001.
Natural Resource Issues --
Fla. Right to Farm Act Construed, IAS_V-0917-001.
Outright Prohibitions On Development Are Not Required, IAS_V-0918-001.
Site-By-Site Approach Found Proper, IAS_V-0919-001.
State & Federal Regulatory Programs Do Not Allow Local Government to Ignore, IAS_V-0920-001.
Recreation --
Private Clubs As Recreational Facilities, IAS_V-0921-001.
Requisite Data, Studies, etc. --
In Support of, IAS_V-0922-005.
Motives Do Not Constitute, IAS_V-0923-001.
New Data Can Be Considered At Formal Hearing, IAS_V-0924-001.
Rules Allegedly Excusing Provision of Specific Standards For Density Found Invalid, IAS_V-0925-001.
Sewer Main Extensions, IAS_V-0926-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- Charlotte County -- Intervenor Challenge to Evaluation & Appraisal Report, IAS_V-0927-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- City of Cocoa Beach -- Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0928-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- City of Miami Beach -- Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0929-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- City of Stuart -- County Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0930-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- City of Tarpon Springs -- Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0931-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- Highlands County -- Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0932-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- Hillsborough County -- Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0933-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- Jefferson County -- Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0934-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- Lee County -- Intervenor Challenge to Amendments, IAS_V-0935-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- Palm Beach County -- Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0936-002.
Comprehensive Plan -- Sarasota County -- Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0937-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- Sumter County -- Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0938-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- Sumter County -- Intervenor Challenge to Amendment --
Dept. Denial of Challenge Reversed, IAS_V-0939-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- Suwannee County -- Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0940-001.
Comprehensive Plan -- Village of Royal Palm Beach -- Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0941-001.
Consistency of Local Ordinance With Local Comprehensive Plan (See Also ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of; AREA OF CRITICAL STATE CONCERN) --
§380.0552(7) Delegation of Authority to Dept. Upheld As Constitutional, IAS_V-0942-001.
Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-0943-001.
Dept. Must Review All Ordinances Within Sixty (60) Days, IAS_V-0944-002.
Escambia County -- Petition Dismissed For Petitioner's Failure to Comply With Discovery, IAS_V-0945-001.
Islamorada -- Moratorium On Commercial Development -- Approved, IAS_V-0946-001.
Islamorada -- Moratorium On the Acceptance of Residential Rate of Growth Ordinance Allocation Applications, IAS_V-0947-001.
Islamorada -- Prohibition On the Issuance of Development Permits, IAS_V-0948-001.
Key Colony -- Beach Land Development Regulations Approved, IAS_V-0949-001.
Key West -- Authorization of City Planner to Issue Written Interpretations of LDR's Etc. -- Approved, IAS_V-0950-001.
Key West -- Definition of Transient Living Accommodations & Transient Use Permit, IAS_V-0951-001.
Key West -- Modification of Ordinances Previously Rejected, IAS_V-0952-001.
Key West -- Naval Military Base Reuse Plan, IAS_V-0953-001.
Monroe County -- Moratorium On the Approval of Applications For New Free-Standing Wireless Communications Towers, IAS_V-0954-001.
Monroe County -- Protection of Sea Turtles From Lighting & Development, IAS_V-0955-001.
Monroe County -- Rezoning From Sparsely Settled to Park & Refuge, IAS_V-0956-001.
Monroe County -- Rezoning From Suburban Residential to Park & Refuge, IAS_V-0957-001.
Monroe County -- Vacation Rental Ordinance, IAS_V-0958-003.
Monroe County Land Development Regulations --
Land Development Regulation Defined, IAS_V-0959-001.
Rezoning of Certain Parcels From Suburban Residential to Suburban Commercial Rejected, IAS_V-0960-001.
Polk County -- Lake Lowery Region Special Flood Hazard Area, IAS_V-0961-001.
Wakulla County -- Modification of Assailed Regulations Found to Render Plan Moot, IAS_V-0962-001.
Walton County -- Petition Dismissed For Failure to Establish Standing, IAS_V-0963-001.
Contracts (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Emergency Management Preparedness & Assistance Trust Fund --
Challenge to Scoring of Application Denied, IAS_V-0964-001.
City of Cape Canaveral --
Dept. Termination of Funding Agreement Affirmed, IAS_V-0965-001.
City of Gainesville --
Challenge to Scoring of Application Denied, IAS_V-0966-002.
Fla. Hazardous Materials/Emergency Response/Community Right-to-Know Act --
1996 Conditional Statutory Waiver of Past Due Fees Examined, IAS_V-0967-001.
Challenge to Late Fee For Untimely Filing Rejected, IAS_V-0968-002.
Failure to Submit Annual Registration Forms & Fees, IAS_V-0969-004.
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program --
Petition Challenging Denial Dismissed As Moot After Application Was Reopened, IAS_V-0970-001.
Immediate Final Order --
Moratorium On Development Orders & Permits By City of Islamorada, IAS_V-0971-001.
Jurisdiction --
Enforcement of Local Development Orders Discussed, IAS_V-0972-001.
Extension of Time to File An Amended Petition Granted, IAS_V-0973-001.
Notice of Violation --
Monkey Feeding Stations In Fla. Keys, IAS_V-0974-001.
Privately-Owned Marina Assailed For Providing Docking For a Cruise Ship, IAS_V-0975-001.
Order Denying Motion For Stay: Rathkamp v. Dept. of Comm. Aff. & Monroe County, IAS_V-0976-001.
Order Vacating & Re-Entering Final Order: Hillman, Durando & Silver v. Dept. of Comm. Aff. & Siemens, IAS_V-0977-001.
Petition to Initiate Rulemaking --
Hazardous Liquid Pipelines -- Damage Prevention -- Land Use -- Emergency Preparedness -- Denied, IAS_V-0978-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver --
Alachua Soil & Water Conservation District --
Waiver of Annual Special Dist. Reporting Fees Granted, IAS_V-0979-002.
Brevard Soil & Water Conservation District --
Rule Variance Denied/Annual Fees Not Waived, IAS_V-0980-001.
Buckhorn Estates Special Dist. --
Waiver of Annual Special Dist. Reporting Fees Granted, IAS_V-0981-001.
Clay Soil & Water Conservation Dist. --
Waiver of Annual Special Dist. Reporting Fees Granted, IAS_V-0982-001.
Community Development Block Grant -- 1996 Amendments to §120 Are Not Retroactive, IAS_V-0983-001.
Community Development Block Grant -- Denied, IAS_V-0984-002.
Community Development Block Grant -- Failure to Document Open Membership or Election Provisions -- Oral Request For Not Reached, IAS_V-0985-001.
Community Development Block Grant -- Granted, IAS_V-0986-001.
Community Development Block Grant -- Lack of Statement of Acceptance of Gubernatorial Appointment to Board -- Variance Denied, IAS_V-0987-001.
Community Development Block Grant -- Preapplication -- Denied, IAS_V-0988-001.
Community Development Block Grant -- Scoring of Application -- Granted, IAS_V-0989-001.
Community Development Block Grant -- Untimely Application For -- Denied, IAS_V-0990-001.
Community Development Block Grant -- Untimely Petition For, IAS_V-0991-002.
Dixie Soil & Water Conservation Dist. --
Waiver of Annual Special Dist. Reporting Fees Granted, IAS_V-0992-001.
Fla. Communities Trust Grant --
Application Deadline -- Denied, IAS_V-0993-001.
Emergency -- Preacquired Site -- Granted, IAS_V-0994-002.
Preacquired Property -- Denied, IAS_V-0995-001.
Preacquired Property -- Granted, IAS_V-0996-006.
Waiver of Application Deadline -- Denied, IAS_V-0997-001.
Franklin Soil & Water Conservation District --
Waiver of Annual Special Dist. Reporting Fees Granted, IAS_V-0998-001.
Hardee Soil & Water Conservation Dist. --
Waiver of Annual Special Dist. Reporting Fees -- Granted, IAS_V-0999-001.
Indian River Soil & Water Conservation Dist. --
Waiver of Annual Special Dist. Reporting Fees Granted, IAS_V-1000-001.
Lafayette Soil & Water Conservation Dist. --
Waiver of Annual Special Dist. Reporting Fees Granted, IAS_V-1001-001.
Leon County Health Facilities Authority --
Waiver of Annual Special Dist. Reporting Fees Granted, IAS_V-1002-001.
Request For Proposals --
Time Limit to Respond -- Denied, IAS_V-1003-002.
St. Lucie Soil & Water Conservation Dist. --
Waiver of Annual Special Dist. Reporting Fees Granted, IAS_V-1004-001.
Special Districts --
Classification of --
Dependent Special Districts Discussed, IAS_V-1005-002.
Distinction Between Dependent & Independent Special Districts Examined, IAS_V-1006-001.

Agency Cannot Adjudicate (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Constitutional Issues) --
PERC Refusal to Hear City Employee Drug Test Challenge On Basis of Constitutional Issue Reversed, IAS_V-1007-001.
Amendment By Voter Initiative (See Also COUNTY GOVERNMENT, Referendum) --
Adequate Public Education Funding, IAS_V-1008-001.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) --
Advisory Opinions Are Not Strictly Binding Precedent But Are Seldom Revisited, IAS_V-1009-001.
Judicial Deference Even Greater Than For Statutes, IAS_V-1010-002.
Appellate Review -- Supreme Court --
Constitutional Initiative Provisions Are Not Per Se Subject to a Different Standard Than Statutes, IAS_V-1011-001.
Limited Scope of Review, IAS_V-1012-003.
Multiple Functions of Government -- Effect On, IAS_V-1013-001.
Rational Basis Vis Strict Scrutiny Standard, IAS_V-1014-001.
Scope of Examined, IAS_V-1015-001.
Strict Scrutiny Test -- Applicability of, IAS_V-1016-001.
Strict Scrutiny Test -- Commercial Fisherman Not a Suspect Class, IAS_V-1017-001.
Supreme Court Is Without Authority to Rule On the Merits of the Proposal, IAS_V-1018-007.
Without Authority to Redraft Ballot Language, IAS_V-1019-001.
Without Authority to Rule On the Merits of the Proposal, IAS_V-1020-005.
Ballot Title & Summary -- Use of a Question Found Misleading, IAS_V-1021-001.
Ballot Title & Summary Are to Be Read Together, IAS_V-1022-001.
Ballot Title & Summary Cannot Be Challenged After-the-Fact, IAS_V-1023-001.
Ballot Title & Summary Found Adequate, IAS_V-1024-001.
Ballot Title & Summary Found Inadequate, IAS_V-1025-001.
Ballot Title & Summary Found Misleading -- With Analysis, IAS_V-1026-003.
Ballot Title & Summary Must Afford Fair Notice, IAS_V-1027-001.
Compensation to Private Property Owners For Restriction On Use of Real Property, IAS_V-1028-001.
Criminal Provisions --
Problems With "Direct Plebiscite" Examined, IAS_V-1029-001.
Everglades Sugar Fee/Everglades Trust Fund/Responsibility For Paying Costs, IAS_V-1030-001.
Everglades Sugar Fee/Everglades Trust Fund/Responsibility For Paying Costs --
Found Not to Be Self-Executing -- Implementing Legislation Found Required, IAS_V-1031-001.
Primarily Responsible -- Interpretation of This Term Examined, IAS_V-1032-001.
Fish & Wildlife Conservation Comm. (Unifying Marine Fisheries & Game & Fresh Water Fish Comm.) --
Establishment of, IAS_V-1033-001.
Schedule For Filing of Briefs Established, IAS_V-1034-001.
High Speed Monorail, Fixed Guideway or Magnetic Levitation --
Found Valid, IAS_V-1035-001.
Initiative Can Amend Any Portion of the Constitution In Any Way Subject to Single-Subject Rule, IAS_V-1036-001.
Local Vote For Circuit & County Court Judges -- Replacement With Appointment System --
Found Valid, IAS_V-1037-001.
Marine Net Ban Initiative --
Circuit Court Vacation of Automatic Stay During Appeal Reversed -- Injunction Prohibiting Enforcement, IAS_V-1038-001.
Found Valid, IAS_V-1039-001.
Threats of Violence Found Not Worthy of Any Kind of Reward, IAS_V-1040-001.
Necessity of Implementing Legislation Examined, IAS_V-1041-001.
Private Property Rights, IAS_V-1042-001.
Public Funding of Political Candidates' Campaigns, IAS_V-1043-002.
Right of Citizens to Choose Health Care Providers, IAS_V-1044-001.
Severability of Defective Provisions -- Single Subject Compliance, IAS_V-1045-001.
Single-Subject Test --
Affect On Multiple Branches of Government, IAS_V-1046-003.
Amendment of By Ballot Initiative, IAS_V-1047-001.
Applies Only to Amendment By Voter Initiative, IAS_V-1048-002.
Discussed & Found Satisfied, IAS_V-1049-003.
Discussed & Found Violated, IAS_V-1050-003.
Purpose of Discussed, IAS_V-1051-005.
Revenue Raising Provision Exception, IAS_V-1052-001.
Standards Governing Validity Analogous to Those Applicable to Statutes (See Also Statutes), IAS_V-1053-001.
Term Limits -- Upheld As Constitutional Except For Federal Offices, IAS_V-1054-001.
Term Limits Pledge -- Ballot Summary Found Defective, IAS_V-1055-001.
Test For Whether an Initiative Is Self-Executing Examined, IAS_V-1056-001.
Voter Approval of New Taxes, IAS_V-1057-001.
Amendment of --
Four (4) Avenues For Examined, IAS_V-1058-001.
Citizen Suit On Behalf of State of Fla. --
Special Injury Need Not Be Alleged, IAS_V-1059-001.
Construction (See Also STATUTES) --
A Provision Cannot Be Construed In a Manner Which Would Render Another Provision Superfluous, Meaningless, or Inoperative, IAS_V-1060-001.
Direction As to How a Thing Is to Be Done Is In Effect a Prohibition to Its Being Done In Any Other Way, IAS_V-1061-001.
Intent of the Voters Is the Polestar For Initiatives, IAS_V-1062-001.
Need For Implementing Legislation Vis Self Executing -- Test For, IAS_V-1063-001.
Plain Meaning of Ordinary Words Is the First Consideration, IAS_V-1064-001.
Related Provisions Construed In Para Materia, IAS_V-1065-001.
Dual Officeholding --
Member of County Advisory Only Planning Comm. Can Also Serve On So. Fla. Water Management Dist., IAS_V-1066-001.
Citizen Suit Challenging Violation of Local Ordinance -- Requirement For Special Damages, IAS_V-1067-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-1068-001.
Due Process Is Flexible & Calls For Such Procedural Protections As the Particular Situation Demands, IAS_V-1069-001.
Fact That An Agency Head Exercises Executive & Quasi-Judicial Functions Simultaneously Is Irrelevant, IAS_V-1070-001.
Patient's Right to Terminate Own Life With the Assistance of the Physician, IAS_V-1071-001.
Procedural Due Process Protections Examined, IAS_V-1072-001.
Procedural Due Process Protections of Licensee Examined, IAS_V-1073-001.
Substantive, IAS_V-1074-001.
Executive Branch Officers --
Charged With Upholding the Constitution, IAS_V-1075-001.
Executive Branch of Government --
Cannot Shift the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-1076-001.
Free Public Schools --
Constitutional Requirement For Free Public Schools Does Not Contemplate Public Programs That Pay For Private Schools, IAS_V-1077-001.
Paramount Duty of the State -- Provision For Must Be Adequate, IAS_V-1078-001.
Postsecondary Education & Pre-Kindergarten Programs Are Outside This Mandate, IAS_V-1079-001.
Tax Dollars May Not Be Used to Send Fla. Students to Private Schools, IAS_V-1080-001.
Governor (See GOVERNOR)
Home Rule Power --
Examined, IAS_V-1081-002.
Judicial Branch of Government --
Cannot Arrogate Power to Make Social Policy That Belongs Only to the Legislature, IAS_V-1082-001.
Legislature --
Appropriations --
Collective Bargaining Rights of Public Employees Vis the Appropriations Power, IAS_V-1083-001.
Constitutional Challenge to Funding of Public Schools As Inadequate Rejected, IAS_V-1084-001.
Discretion to Make Value Choices Examined, IAS_V-1085-001.
Circuit Court Action By Citizen Against Senator Assailing Allegedly Inappropriate Fee --
Circuit Court Dismissal Affirmed For Lack of Standing, IAS_V-1086-001.
Circuit Court Action By Citizen Against Senator Assailing Allegedly Inappropriate Fee -- Circuit Court Dismissal Affirmed For Lack of Standing -- Supreme Court Approves, IAS_V-1087-001.
Standing of Members As Citizens & Taxpayers to Challenge Actions of the Executive Branch, IAS_V-1088-001.
The Sole Brake On Lawmaking Power Is the Constitution & Discretion Reasonably Exercised, IAS_V-1089-001.
Vetoed Bills Not Taken Up By the Legislature Need Not Be Filed With the Dept. of State, IAS_V-1090-001.
Nondelegation of Legislative Power --
Statute Found Not to Offend This Provision, IAS_V-1091-001.
Police Power -- State of Fla.
Examined, IAS_V-1092-001.
Presumptions --
Irrebuttable --
Three (3) Part Test For Constitutionality of, IAS_V-1093-001.
Unconstitutional, IAS_V-1094-002.
Rebuttable --
Discussed, IAS_V-1095-001.
Rule Found Not to Establish, IAS_V-1096-001.
Right to Privacy --
Agency Investigative Subpoena For Patient Medical Records -- Medicaid, IAS_V-1097-001.
Condominium Unit Owner Financial Information, IAS_V-1098-001.
Medicaid --
Abortion -- Exclusion From Coverage -- Upheld, IAS_V-1099-001.
Privacy Amendment --
Bd. of Psychology Rule Prohibition On Intimate Relationships In Perpetuity Reversed, IAS_V-1100-001.
Refusal of Medical Treatment & Physician-Assisted Suicide --
§782.08 Found Constitutional Over Contrary Circuit Court Holding, IAS_V-1101-001.
§782.08 Found Unconstitutional, IAS_V-1102-001.
Individual's Right to Control the Time & Manner of Death Examined, IAS_V-1103-002.
Right to Refuse Medical Treatment & Right to Physician-Assisted Suicide Distinguished, IAS_V-1104-001.
Right to a Jury Trial --
Exists As to Those Issues Triable Before a Jury At Common Law Regardless of Current Form of Proceeding, IAS_V-1105-001.
Not to Be Narrowly Construed, IAS_V-1106-001.
School Board (See Also SCHOOL BOARDS) --
Does Not Constitute An Executive Branch of State Government, IAS_V-1107-001.
Free Public Schools (See Free Public Schools)
Status As a Constitutional Entity, IAS_V-1108-001.
Separation of Powers --
As a Brake On Judicial Power Examined, IAS_V-1109-001.
Challenge Alleging Rejected, IAS_V-1110-001.
Circuit Court Cannot Order Funds Moved Within An Agency's Budget, IAS_V-1111-001.
Discussed, IAS_V-1112-001.
Judicial Review of Challenges to the Validity of Actions Taken By Another Branch of Government, IAS_V-1113-001.
Standing of Legislative Members As Citizens & Taxpayers to Challenge Actions of the Executive Branch, IAS_V-1114-001.
Statutes (See Also STATUTES, Constitutionality) --
Appellate Review of Circuit Court Decision Is De Novo, IAS_V-1115-001.
As Applied Vis Facial Constitutionality, IAS_V-1116-002.
Facial Validity -- Procedure For Evaluating, IAS_V-1117-001.
General Vis Special Laws, IAS_V-1118-001.
Overbroad, IAS_V-1119-001.
Presumed to Be Constitutional, IAS_V-1120-001.
Standards Governing Applicable to Constitutional Initiatives, IAS_V-1121-001.
Vagueness (See STATUTES) --
Difficulties In Construction Alone Are Insufficient, IAS_V-1122-002.
Test For Examined, IAS_V-1123-002.
Sunshine Amendment (Art. II, Sec. 8) (See Also SUNSHINE LAW (§286, Fla. Stat.)( --
Found Not Self Executing, IAS_V-1124-001.
State Government Only - Not Private Citizens - Has Standing to Enforce, IAS_V-1125-001.
Taxpayer Constitutional Challenge --
Standing Found Lacking, IAS_V-1126-001.
Territorial Waters of the State --
Examined, IAS_V-1127-001.
Operating An Unregistered Vessel Within, IAS_V-1128-001.

Commerce Clause --
Additional $4.00 Fee For Registration of Boat Previously Titled Out-of-State Upheld, IAS_V-1129-001.
Local Ordinance Regarding C & D Debris Found Not to Violate, IAS_V-1130-001.
Motor Fuel Tax On Fuel to Be Sold Out-of-State Found Not to Violate, IAS_V-1131-001.
Double Jeopardy --
Discussed, IAS_V-1132-001.
Discussed, IAS_V-1133-001.
Patient's Right to Terminate Own Life With the Assistance of a Physician, IAS_V-1134-001.
Equal Protection Clause --
Challenge Based On Must Demonstrate Arbitrary & Unreasonable Action, IAS_V-1135-001.
Challenge Based On Must Demonstrate Arbitrary & Unreasonable Action -- Challenger's Stringent Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-1136-001.
Challenge to Marine Net Ban Initiative Based On Rejected, IAS_V-1137-001.
Challenge to Zoning Restriction of Adult Establishments, IAS_V-1138-001.
Discussed, IAS_V-1139-002.
Exclusive Intertrack Pari-Mutuel Horse Wagering License, IAS_V-1140-001.
Failure to Prosecute All Offenders Alone Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-1141-001.
Homosexuals Are Not a Protected or Suspect Class, IAS_V-1142-001.
Ineffectiveness of Law With Regard to the Stated Purpose Is Immaterial, IAS_V-1143-001.
Not a License For Courts to Second Guess Legislative Choices, IAS_V-1144-001.
Rational Basis Test Discussed & Applied, IAS_V-1145-001.
Ex Post Facto Law --
Prohibition On Applies to Penal But Not Ex Post Facto Laws, IAS_V-1146-001.
Excessive Fines --
Discussed, IAS_V-1147-001.
First Amendment --
Adult Establishments, IAS_V-1148-001.
Commercial Speech --
Test For Measuring Restrictions On, IAS_V-1149-001.
Fourteenth Amendment Liberty Interests Subject to Protection --
Injury to Reputation -- Public Employee -- Name-Clearing Hearing, IAS_V-1150-001.
Fourth Amendment --
Investigations & Inspections of Drug Manufacturing Firms By the Dept. of Health, IAS_V-1151-001.
Full Faith & Credit Clause --
Does Not Automatically Compel a State to Subordinate Its Own Policy, IAS_V-1152-001.
Impairment of Contract --
Balancing Against Legitimate Public Purpose, IAS_V-1153-001.
Privilege Against Self-Incrimination --
Cannot Be Asserted By Merely Failing to Comply With Discovery, IAS_V-1154-001.
Request For Admissions, IAS_V-1155-001.
Public Financing of State Political Campaigns --
1990 Constitutional Amendment Abolishing Trust Funds Examined, IAS_V-1156-001.
Supremacy Clause --
Federal Statutes & Regulations Preempt Conflicting Fla. Provisions, IAS_V-1157-002.

License --
Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_V-1158-001.
Bd. Fine & Order For Restitution For Failure to Satisfy Judgment Against Wholly Owned Corporation Reversed, IAS_V-1159-001.
Bd. Requirement For Restitution Payment to Subcontractor Reversed, IAS_V-1160-001.
Bd. Revocation Based Solely On Criminal Plea Reversed, IAS_V-1161-001.
DOAH Denial of Continuance of Hearing Reversed, IAS_V-1162-001.
Suspension Affirmed -- Failure to Satisfy a Judgment, IAS_V-1163-001.
Order On Motion For Clarification: Jonas v. DBPR -- Substitute Opinion Entered, IAS_V-1164-001.

Agencies Are Without Jurisdiction to Adjudicate Claims Regarding, IAS_V-1165-003.
Agencies Are Without Jurisdiction to Adjudicate Their Own Liability to Outside Parties, IAS_V-1166-001.
Agency Bound By Terms of After the Legislature Provides Funding, IAS_V-1167-001.
Breach of Contract Claims --
Neither An Agency Nor DOAH Has Jurisdiction Under §120, IAS_V-1168-001.
Children & Families --
Assisted Living Facility --
Dispute Over Oral Contract For Emergency Services Not Cognizable Under §120, IAS_V-1169-001.
Community-Based Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services --
Petition For Hearing Dismissed For Lack of Jurisdiction, IAS_V-1170-001.
Operation of Emergency Shelter --
Allegations Regarding Alleged Dept. Breach of Contract Found Not Ripe For Hearing, IAS_V-1171-001.
Privatization of South Florida State Hospital --
Third Party Challenge -- Dept. Denial of On Basis of Lack of Standing Affirmed, IAS_V-1172-001.
Community Affairs --
Community Development Corp. Grants & Aid, IAS_V-1173-001.
Protest --
Time Limits --
Strictly Construed, IAS_V-1174-001.
Subject to Availability of Funds Appropriated By the Legislature, IAS_V-1175-001.

§120 --
1996 Amendments Specify That a Bid Protest Proceeding Is De Novo, IAS_V-1176-001.
§287 --
Part I Is Inapplicable to State Government, IAS_V-1177-001.
Procedures Distinguished From Those Governing Local Government Contracts, IAS_V-1178-001.
Agencies Are Without Jurisdiction to Adjudicate Claims Regarding, IAS_V-1179-001.
Agency Has Wide Discretion In Awarding Competitive Bids, IAS_V-1180-008.
Agency Is Responsible For Insuring That the Integrity of the Competitive Bidding Process Is Maintained, IAS_V-1181-001.
Arbitrary Agency Action (See Also PROTEST), IAS_V-1182-001.
Arbitrary Agency Action Defined, IAS_V-1183-002.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
Denied, IAS_V-1184-001.
Bids (See Also Material Irregularities) --
Alleged Nonresponsiveness, IAS_V-1185-001.
Alleged Nonresponsiveness -- No Right to DOAH Hearing Regarding, IAS_V-1186-001.
Alleged Nonresponsiveness -- Standard Governing Determination of, IAS_V-1187-001.
Alleged Nonresponsiveness Is Not the Prerogative of DOAH, IAS_V-1188-001.
Bids Cannot Be Changed After Opening Except to Cure Minor Irregularities, IAS_V-1189-001.
Bids Found Nonresponsive, IAS_V-1190-001.
Responsiveness --
Determined Based On Information Available At Bid Opening - Not Subsequent Change In Circumstances, IAS_V-1191-001.
Broward County School Bd. --
Provision of Group Vision Care For Bd. Employees -- Bid Protest, IAS_V-1192-001.
Children & Families --
Armed Security Guard Services For Food Stamp Offices, IAS_V-1193-001.
Automated Fingerprint Identification System, IAS_V-1194-002.
Family Counseling Services, IAS_V-1195-001.
Fire Sprinkler System At Fla. State Hospital, IAS_V-1196-001.
Home Health Services For Disabled Adults, IAS_V-1197-001.
Lease of Office Space, IAS_V-1198-002.
Physical Plant Operations For Landmark Learning Center & South Florida Evaluation & Treatment Center, IAS_V-1199-001.
South Florida State Hospital -- Privatization -- Third Party Protest, IAS_V-1200-001.
Community Affairs --
Key West -- Local Projects to Promote the Protection & Effective Management of Fla. Coastal Resources, IAS_V-1201-001.
Request For Proposals Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_V-1202-001.
Construction --
Parole Evidence Rule Bars Resort to Extrinsic Evidence If Clear & Unambiguous Language Is Used, IAS_V-1203-001.
Plain Meaning of Ordinary Words Is the First Consideration, IAS_V-1204-001.
Education --
Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) --
All Bids Rejected, IAS_V-1205-001.
Environmental Protection (DEP) --
Management of Citrus Groves At Lake Louisa State Park, IAS_V-1206-001.
HRS (See Also HRS, Dept. of) --
Children's Medical Services Clinic -- Rejection of All Bids, IAS_V-1207-001.
Distributed Computer Server System, IAS_V-1208-001.
Health --
Rehabilitation of Historic Structure In Key West, IAS_V-1209-001.
Health Care Administration, Agency For (AHCA) --
Medicaid --
Contract -- Provider -- Invalidated In Part As An Unpromulgated Rule, IAS_V-1210-001.
Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles --
Material Irregularities --
Defined, IAS_V-1211-001.
Photographic Supplies & Film, IAS_V-1212-001.
Juvenile Justice --
Lease of Office Space, IAS_V-1213-001.
Lease/Purchase of Office Space, IAS_V-1214-001.
Request For Proposals --
Halfway House Program, IAS_V-1215-002.
Residential Halfway House For Females, IAS_V-1216-001.
Roof Repairs, IAS_V-1217-001.
Youth Custody & Treatment Facility, IAS_V-1218-001.
Lottery --
Provision of Computerized Gaming Systems & Related Services, IAS_V-1219-001.
Material Irregularities --
Defined, IAS_V-1220-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-1221-001.
Failure to Supply Specific Documentation Requested, IAS_V-1222-002.
Found, IAS_V-1223-001.
Minor Irregularities --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-1224-001.
Minor Vis Material Irregularities --
Distinction & Definitions Examined, IAS_V-1225-003.
Service of Proposal By Facsimile, IAS_V-1226-001.
Minority Business Enterprise --
Purpose of This Program Discussed & Found "Subverted", IAS_V-1227-001.
Nonresponsive Bid --
DOT Finding of Affirmed, IAS_V-1228-001.
Orange County --
Water Pipes, Valves & Fittings, IAS_V-1229-001.
Palm Beach County School Bd. --
Ex Parte Communications With Bd. Member, IAS_V-1230-001.
Protest --
§120 Amendments In 1996 Specify As De Novo, IAS_V-1231-001.
APA (§120) Governs All Protests, IAS_V-1232-002.
Agency Cannot Exceed Its Budget, IAS_V-1233-001.
Arbitrary Agency Action Discussed, IAS_V-1234-002.
Bid Solicitation Process Stops, IAS_V-1235-001.
Burden of Proof, IAS_V-1236-001.
Burden of Proof --
Clearly Erroneous, IAS_V-1237-001.
Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-1238-002.
Challenge to Minority/Women Business Certification of a Competitor Is Improper, IAS_V-1239-001.
Failure to Post Requisite Bond Found Fatal To, IAS_V-1240-002.
Groves-Watkins Found Applicable to, IAS_V-1241-001.
Notice of Bid Decision --
Time Limit For Posting, IAS_V-1242-001.
Referral Back to Same Selection Committee Whose Original Decision Was Assailed, IAS_V-1243-001.
Standard of Appellate Review --
Solely to Ascertain Fraudulent, Arbitrary, Illegal or Dishonest Agency Action, IAS_V-1244-001.
Standard of DOAH Review --
Agency Rejection of DOAH Recommended Disposition Affirmed, IAS_V-1245-001.
DOAH Fact Findings Carry the Usual Weight, IAS_V-1246-001.
DOAH Finding of Fraud Etc. Rejected By Dept. of Children & Families, IAS_V-1247-001.
DOAH Must Conduct a De Novo Hearing On a Protest, IAS_V-1248-002.
DOAH Recommendation of a Rebid Rejected, IAS_V-1249-001.
Solely to Ascertain Fraudulent, Arbitrary, Illegal or Dishonest Agency Action, IAS_V-1250-013.
Standing (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) --
Nonbidders Lack Per Se, IAS_V-1251-001.
Only Those Who Can Successfully Bid Competitively Have It, IAS_V-1252-001.
Second Lowest Bidder Always Has It, IAS_V-1253-001.
Third Party -- Advocacy Center For Persons With Disabilities -- Privatization of State Hospital, IAS_V-1254-001.
Third Party Supplier Found to Lack, IAS_V-1255-001.
Two (2) Prong Test, IAS_V-1256-003.
Time Limits --
Protest Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_V-1257-001.
Strictly Construed, IAS_V-1258-003.
Untimely Protest Cannot Be Considered, IAS_V-1259-001.
Public Entity Crime -- Fla. Convicted Vendors List (See ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of)
Purpose Behind Competitive Private Bids Discussed, IAS_V-1260-004.
Rejection of All Bids, IAS_V-1261-002.
Rejection of All Bids --
Affirmed, IAS_V-1262-001.
Protestant's Burden of Proof, IAS_V-1263-001.
Revenue --
Contract to Perform Audits For DOR, IAS_V-1264-001.
South Florida Water Management Dist. --
Construction of Stormwater Treatment Areas, IAS_V-1265-001.
Interconnected Microwave Site, IAS_V-1266-001.
Protest Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_V-1267-001.
Transportation (DOT) --
Reflective Sheeting -- DOT Finding That Bid Was Nonresponsive Affirmed, IAS_V-1268-001.

Circuit Court Action Seeks Mandamus to Compel Enforcement of Building Code --
Circuit Court Dismissal Affirmed, IAS_V-1269-001.

Prisoner --
Circuit Court Order Permitting Inmate to Keep Their Beard On Basis of Religion Reversed, IAS_V-1270-001.
Denial of Petition Challenging a Rule As Applied Affirmed, IAS_V-1271-002.
Denial of Petition Seeking Expungement of Disciplinary Order, IAS_V-1272-001.
Petition to Initiate Rulemaking -- Appeal of DOC Denial Dismissed As Moot, IAS_V-1273-001.
Rule Challenge --
Disposition of Abandoned Property -- Circuit Court Temporary Injunction Granted, IAS_V-1274-001.
Statutory Abolition of Inmate Rule Challenges, IAS_V-1275-002.

§120 (APA) --
Applicability of Discussed, IAS_V-1276-001.
§212.055(2) Infrastructure Surtax --
Change In Permitted Use of Amounts to a Change In the Tax, IAS_V-1277-001.
Statutory Expansion of to Include Operation & Maintenance of Parks Affirmed As Unconstitutional, IAS_V-1278-001.
Air Pollution --
Citizen Initiative to Impose Regulations More Stringent Than Federal or State Standards --
Facial Constitutionality Upheld -- Petition to Remove From Ballot Denied, IAS_V-1279-001.
Alcoholic Beverages --
Authority to Regulate Sales On Indian Reservation, IAS_V-1280-001.
Animal Control Bd. --
Dogs Declared to Be Dangerous, IAS_V-1281-001.
No Right to Jury Trial On Citation Found, IAS_V-1282-001.
Charter Counties --
Powers of Examined, IAS_V-1283-001.
Comprehensive Plan (See Local Comprehensive Plan; COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of)
Consistency of Land Development Regulation (LDR) With Local Comprehensive Plan (See ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of; COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of)
County Internal Auditor --
Status of Report of As Exempt Public Record, IAS_V-1284-001.
Development Order --
Defined, IAS_V-1285-001.
Moratorium On the Issuance of, IAS_V-1286-001.
Underground Gas Pipeline --
Consistency Review In Context of Local Comprehensive Plan Found Lacking, IAS_V-1287-001.
Vested Rights Determination As, IAS_V-1288-001.
Distinction Between Quasi-Judicial & Quasi-Legislative Governmental Action Exhaustively Explored, IAS_V-1289-001.
Div. of Pari-Mutuel Wagering Cannot Compel County to Act Through Ordinance, IAS_V-1290-001.
Dry Cleaning Solvents Cleanup --
Eligibility For DEP Reimbursement As Bar to County Enforcement Efforts Examined, IAS_V-1291-001.
Elections Supervisor --
Construction of Florida Elections Statutes --
Florida Secretary of State/Div. of Elections -- Fla. Assoc. of Election Supervisors, IAS_V-1292-001.
Enforcement Action --
State Preemption Found, IAS_V-1293-001.
Hearing Officer -- Administrative (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH) --
There Is No Legal Requirement That a County Hearing Officer Be An Attorney or Even a Person With Legal Training, IAS_V-1294-001.
Home Rule Power (See CONSTITUTION (Fla.))
Impact Fees (See Also REVENUE, Dept. of) --
Distinction Between Taxes & Fees Examined, IAS_V-1295-001.
Dual Rational Nexus Test For Validity, IAS_V-1296-001.
For Public Schools -- Found Unconstitutional As Applied to Adult-Only Manufactured Home Community, IAS_V-1297-001.
Power to Tax Is Narrowly Construed, IAS_V-1298-001.
Landfill --
Requirement That C & D Debris Must Be Separated From Municipal Solid Waste, IAS_V-1299-001.
Local Comprehensive Plan (See Also COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of) --
Amendment -- Denial -- Planned Unit Development --
Quasi-Legislative Decision Subject to Fairly Debatable Standard of Review, IAS_V-1300-001.
Challenge to Development Order As Inconsistent With --
§163.3215 Found to Compel De Novo Circuit Court Review, IAS_V-1301-001.
Challenge to Grant of Special Exception to --
Group Working Toward Public Acquisition of Sensitive Lands, IAS_V-1302-001.
Liberalized Requirements of §163.3215 Examined, IAS_V-1303-001.
Meetings --
By Communications Media Technology -- Quorum Must Be Physically Present, IAS_V-1304-001.
Military Base Reuse Plan -- Homestead Air Force Base -- Dade --
Admin. Comm. Approval of County Reuse Plan Reversed As Lacking Statutory Prerequisite, IAS_V-1305-001.
Ordinance --
Challenge to Facial Constitutionality of, IAS_V-1306-001.
State Agency (Dept. of Health) Is Without Jurisdiction to Interpret, IAS_V-1307-001.
Permit (See Also PERMITS) --
Building --
Authority to Approve a Local Energy Code, IAS_V-1308-001.
Authority to Approve a Local Standard For Wind Resistance, IAS_V-1309-001.
Personnel Appeals (See Also PUBLIC EMPLOYEES) --
Personal Liability For Discharge of a Subordinate Found Not Barred By Qualified Immunity --
No Protection Against Violation of First Amendment Right of Free Speech, IAS_V-1310-001.
Public Employees Do Not Relinquish Their First Amendment Right of Free Speech Regarding Matters of Public Concern, IAS_V-1311-001.
Public Hospitals --
Applicability of Public Records Act & Sunshine Law, IAS_V-1312-001.
History Behind Creation of Examined, IAS_V-1313-001.
Public Records Act (See PUBLIC RECORDS ACT (§119, Fla. Stat.))
Quasi-Judicial Action --
Defined, IAS_V-1314-001.
Test For, IAS_V-1315-001.
Test For Established In the Snyder Decision -- Discussed, IAS_V-1316-001.
Referendum (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.), Amendment By Voter Initiative) --
Circuit Court -- Costs of Erroneously Staying Placement On Ballot Noted, IAS_V-1317-001.
Courts Are Reluctant to Interfere With the Electorate's Right to Vote On Certain Issues, IAS_V-1318-001.
Motives of Those Organizing the Petition Drive Are Irrelevant, IAS_V-1319-001.
Taxation (See Also TAXATION) --
Art. VII, §(1)(a) Examined, IAS_V-1320-001.
Division of Revenues Between State & Local Government, IAS_V-1321-001.
Power to Tax Should Not Be Broadened By Semantics, IAS_V-1322-001.
Privilege Fee --
Utilities -- Right of Way -- Unauthorized Tax, IAS_V-1323-001.
State Constitution Preempts All Forms of Taxation Except Ad Valorem & General Law, IAS_V-1324-001.
Water Management District Consumptive Use Permitting --
Counties Have a Substantial Interest In Water Resource Allocation, IAS_V-1325-001.

Appellate Review --
Notice of Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_V-1326-001.
Certification --
Revocation -- Positive Drug & Alcohol Test -- Challenge to Test Results -- Reversed & Remanded, IAS_V-1327-001.

Circuit Court Reverses County Commission Denial of Special Exemption --
Reversed On Appeal, IAS_V-1328-001.
County Denial of Unusual Use Permit --
Abandoned Golf Course -- Residential Development -- Circuit Court Reversal of County Denial Reversed On Appeal, IAS_V-1329-001.
Enforcement Action --
Dry Cleaning Solvent Spill -- State Preemption Found, IAS_V-1330-001.
Ethics Comm. --
Circuit Court Denial of Certiorari Review of Order Affirmed, IAS_V-1331-001.
Local Comprehensive Plan --
Amendment Found Invalid On Its Face For Failure to Provide Specific Standards For Density, IAS_V-1332-001.
On Motion For Rehearing: Metropolitan Dade County v. Bannister, IAS_V-1333-001.
Unsafe Structures Bd. --
Determination Reversed For Lack of Notice -- Attorney's Fees Denied, IAS_V-1334-001.

Alcoholic Beverage License (See ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE LICENSE)
Association --
Liability of Developer For Assessments On Unsold Units, IAS_V-1335-001.
Time Limit For Filing An Action Found to Be Jurisdictional, IAS_V-1336-001.
Unit -- Definition of Examined, IAS_V-1337-001.
Unit Owner Financial Information -- No Constitutional Protection From Disclosure, IAS_V-1338-001.
Commercial --
Declaratory Judgment Suit Seeking to Challenge Div. Restriction of Arbitration to Residential Condos Dismissed, IAS_V-1339-001.
Dept. Has Jurisdiction to Interpret a Condominium Contract For Regulatory Purposes, IAS_V-1340-001.
Developer --
Div. Penalty Against Corporate Trustees & Limited Partners Personally Reversed, IAS_V-1341-001.
Hotels & Restaurants --
Failure to Have Approved Smoke Detector For the Hearing Impaired -- Fine -- Reversed, IAS_V-1342-001.
Land Sales --
Prior Registration Orders Involving Parcels of Land -- Revocation Reversed, IAS_V-1343-001.
Mobile Home Parks --
Prospectus -- Purpose of Examined, IAS_V-1344-001.
Unique Relationship Between Mobile Home and Park Owners Examined, IAS_V-1345-001.
Pari-Mutuel Wagering (See PARI-MUTUEL WAGERING, Div. of)
Yacht Brokers --
License --
Commingling of Personal Funds With Trust Funds -- Purchase Contract Requisite to This Charge Found Lacking -- Affirmed & Reversed In Part, IAS_V-1346-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Moral Turpitude -- Reversed, IAS_V-1347-001.
Income Tax Evasion -- Stay of Revocation Pending Appellate Review -- Failure to Notify Bd. of Conclusion of Appeal Process, IAS_V-1348-001.

§86 Declaratory Judgment Statute & Pertinent Caselaw Is Analogous, IAS_V-1349-003.
10/96 Amendments to §120 --
Petition No Longer Needs to Raise a "Unique" Issue, IAS_V-1350-001.
Administration Comm. --
Hillsborough County School Bd. Denial of Permission to Act As a Qualified Law Representative -- Petition Dismissed, IAS_V-1351-001.
An Agency Cannot Dictate That a Petitioner Instead Petition For Rulemaking, IAS_V-1352-001.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) --
Constitutional Issues Not Raised Below, IAS_V-1353-001.
Court Vacates After Agency Confession of Error, IAS_V-1354-001.
Declaratory Statement Affirmed, IAS_V-1355-002.
Declaratory Statement Reversed, IAS_V-1356-001.
Declaratory Statement Set Aside, IAS_V-1357-001.
Scope of, IAS_V-1358-001.
Banking & Finance -- Div. of Banking --
Estate Planning Seminars Hosted By Banks, IAS_V-1359-001.
Children & Families --
Propriety of Certain Medicaid Qualifying Trusts Questioned, IAS_V-1360-001.
Requirement That a State University Substance Abuse Program Be Licensed As Such, IAS_V-1361-001.
Whether Florida Statutes Permit Petitioner to Deny Substance Abuse Services to a Client Due to Fraud, IAS_V-1362-001.
Community Affairs --
Building Comm. --
Allowable Building Height & Area Standards -- Assisted Living Facility With Sprinkler System, IAS_V-1363-001.
Authority of Owner/Building of Residential Family Dwelling to Certify Wind Load Compliance Without Architect or Engineer, IAS_V-1364-001.
Automatic Sprinkler System Requirement -- Parking Garage, IAS_V-1365-001.
Certificate of Occupancy Requirement For Business Occupancy/Group B/Office, Professional or Service, IAS_V-1366-001.
Clarification Regarding Whether a Contractor May Manufacture & Install a Roofing System Without Testing & Certification, IAS_V-1367-001.
Commercial Hood System -- Requirement For Seal of An Engineer, IAS_V-1368-001.
Gas Distribution Contract -- Undersized Lines, IAS_V-1369-001.
Question As to Whether Computer Generated Drawings That Depict How a Standard, Manufactured Truss Is to Be Assembled Require a Seal of An Engineer, IAS_V-1370-001.
Status of An Area As a Mezzanine, IAS_V-1371-001.
Truss Drawings -- Requirement to Have Signed & Sealed By Registered Engineer, IAS_V-1372-001.
Wind Design -- Software -- Approved As Substitute For Manual Calculations, IAS_V-1373-001.
Calculation of R-Value of Lightweight Concrete Insulating Systems, IAS_V-1374-001.
Challenge to Processing By City of Winter Park of Upland Development Orders Allegedly Inconsistent With Its Comprehensive Plan, IAS_V-1375-001.
Comprehensive Plan --
Extension of Sewer Mains -- Inclusion In Plan -- Public Participation, IAS_V-1376-001.
East Lake Fire & Rescue -- Final Order Rescinding, IAS_V-1377-001.
Order On Motion For Clarification: 1000 Friends of Fla., et al. v. Dept. of Community Affairs, et al., IAS_V-1378-001.
Pinellas County Unified Personnel System -- Final Order Rescinding, IAS_V-1379-001.
Status of the Almarante Fire District As a Dependent or Independent District, IAS_V-1380-001.
Status of the Baker Fire District As Either a Dependent or Independent District, IAS_V-1381-001.
Status of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority As a Dependent or Independent District, IAS_V-1382-001.
Status of the North Okaloosa Fire District As a Dependent or Independent Special District, IAS_V-1383-001.
Status of the Pinellas County Unified Personnel System As An Independent Special District, IAS_V-1384-001.
DBPR (Business & Professional Regulation, Dept. of) -- Condominiums --
Dept. Finds It Lacks Authority to Interpret Ambiguous Contracts, IAS_V-1385-001.
DBPR (See Also Pari-Mutuel Wagering)
DEP (Dept. of Environmental Protection) --
Applicability to 1996 Statutory Amendment Abolishing General Permits For Construction & Demolition Debris Landfills to An Existing Facility, IAS_V-1386-001.
Construction of a Hydroelectric Facility On the Withlacoochee River, IAS_V-1387-001.
Landfill -- Municipal -- Exemption From State & Federal Requirements, IAS_V-1388-001.
Status of Discharges of Fresh Water Through a Water Control Structure Into a Brackish River As a Contaminant, IAS_V-1389-001.
Status of Freshwater Discharged From Water Control Structures Into a River As a "Contaminant", IAS_V-1390-001.
Status of Hat Island As An Undeveloped Coastal Island, IAS_V-1391-001.
Declaratory Statements (See Also Requirements For) --
Agency Unequivocal Statement That It Will No Longer Rely On a Duly Promulgated Rule Found to Constitute, IAS_V-1392-001.
Cannot Be Assailed As Unpromulgated Rules Per Se, IAS_V-1393-001.
Res Judicata Effect of Examined, IAS_V-1394-001.
Dentistry --
Propriety of Nonprofit Hospital Employing a Doctor (M.D.) As a Dentist, IAS_V-1395-001.
Education --
Special Programs & Procedures Documents -- Statement Not Granted, IAS_V-1396-001.
Health --
Authority of Physician to Assist a Married Couple Conceive Via In Vitro Fertilization -- Statement Denied, IAS_V-1397-001.
Septic Tank -- Commercial/Industrial -- Interpretation of County Ordinance Denied, IAS_V-1398-001.
Status of a Non-Profit Residential Cooperative As a Mobile Home Park, IAS_V-1399-001.
Voluntary Health Care Provider -- Effect On Sovereign Immunity of Outside Referral, IAS_V-1400-001.
Health Care Administration (AHCA) --
Nursing Home --
Ability to Impose Certain Requirements On "Private Duty Staff", IAS_V-1401-001.
Hearing Aid Specialists --
Electronic Shooters Protection Device -- Dispensing By a Physician (M.D.), IAS_V-1402-001.
Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (HSMV) --
Applicability of Statutory Violation to Criminal Prosecution Involving a Highway Patrol Citation --
Denied, IAS_V-1403-001.
Driver's License --
Claim of Exemption From Driver's License Requirement Rejected, IAS_V-1404-002.
Motor Vehicle Dealer --
Propriety of Manufacturer Ownership Interest In a Dealership, IAS_V-1405-001.
Motor Vehicle Registration --
Is Not "Voluntary", IAS_V-1406-001.
Motor Vehicle Defined, IAS_V-1407-001.
Motorist Cannot Revoke, IAS_V-1408-001.
Insurance --
Service Contracts -- Dept. Characterization of As Insurance Reversed, IAS_V-1409-001.
Status of Home Health Care Plan As "Insurance" --
Dept. Declaratory Statement Finding the Plan to Constitute "Insurance" Reversed, IAS_V-1410-001.
Massage Therapy --
Propriety of Hiring Independent Contractors & Collecting a Percentage of Their Fees, IAS_V-1411-001.
Medicine --
Affirmed Per Curiam, IAS_V-1412-001.
Authority of Physician Assistant or Advanced Nurse Practitioners to Obtain Informed Consent From Patient, IAS_V-1413-001.
Diagnostic Imaging Services Defined -- Group Practice Associated With Local Radiology Group, IAS_V-1414-001.
Physician -- Psychiatrist -- Treatment of Another Fla. Physician -- Duty to Report Known Violations, IAS_V-1415-001.
Physician Group Offering Magnetic Resonance Imaging For Nongroup Patients --
Bd. of Medicine Approval Reversed In Appeal Initiated By AHCA, IAS_V-1416-001.
Propriety of Agreement Whereby Pharmaceutical Distributor Offers Medications By Mail Order From Computer On "Prime" Rental Counter Space At Physician's Office, IAS_V-1417-001.
Propriety of Agreement With Management Company Whereby a Percentage Fee Is Paid, IAS_V-1418-002.
Propriety of Pathologist Group Referral of Patients to Dermatologists Who In Turn Submit Specimens Back For Analysis, IAS_V-1419-001.
Propriety of Physician Owning & Operating a Clinical Lab For Performance of Tests On His Own Patients As Well As On Patients From Other Physicians, IAS_V-1420-001.
Propriety of Referral of Patients to Physician's Own Clinical Laboratory With "Global Billings" of Both "Technical" & "Professional" Components, IAS_V-1421-001.
Propriety of Shared Responsibility Treatment Model For Sexual Offenders Whereby a Psychiatrist Shares Responsibility With Others Without a M.D., IAS_V-1422-001.
Nursing --
RN Questions Authority to Administer Topical Anesthetic to Patient's Throat Without Physician Supervision, IAS_V-1423-001.
Opticianry --
Requisite Supervision of Non-Licensed Supportive Personnel, IAS_V-1424-001.
Pari-Mutuel Wagering, Div. of (See PARI-MUTUEL WAGERING, Div. of) --
Interpretation of Statutes Regarding Intertrack Wagering On Simulcast Rebroadcast of Horse Races Set Aside On Appeal, IAS_V-1425-001.
Interpretation of Statutes Regarding Intertrack Wagering On Simulcast Rebroadcasts of Horse Races -- Review Upon Remand From Supreme Court, IAS_V-1426-001.
Pharmacy --
Question Regarding Lack of Probable Cause Finding After a Complaint Was Filed Against An Employer -- Denied, IAS_V-1427-001.
Psychological Examiners --
Ambit of Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_V-1428-001.
Authority of a Psychologist to Recommend Prescription Medications to Clients, IAS_V-1429-001.
Duty When Father In a Divorce Proceeding Objects to Treatment of Child, IAS_V-1430-001.
Intern -- Requisite Supervision At Private Nonprofit Clinic, IAS_V-1431-001.
Licensure -- Educational Requirements -- Equivalency of Post-Doctoral Residency In the Cayman Islands, IAS_V-1432-001.
Propriety of Biofeedback Training, IAS_V-1433-001.
Propriety of Internet-Based Service Delivery, IAS_V-1434-001.
Requirements For (See Also Declaratory Statements) --
10/96 Amendments to §120 --
Petition No Longer Needs to Raise a "Unique" Issue, IAS_V-1435-001.
Actual Controversy, IAS_V-1436-004.
Agency Has Discretion As to Whether to Conduct a Hearing On, IAS_V-1437-001.
Agency Statement Adverse to the Petitioner Must Contain Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_V-1438-001.
Can Be Utilized Even Though Applicable to Others, IAS_V-1439-001.
Cannot Be Utilized to Announce a Rule Outside of Proper Rulemaking Procedures, IAS_V-1440-001.
Cannot Be Utilized to Determine Applicability of a Criminal Provision, IAS_V-1441-001.
Cannot Be Utilized to Elicit a Policy Statement of General Applicability, IAS_V-1442-012.
DOAH Hearing Is Not Contemplated, IAS_V-1443-001.
Fact Findings -- Must Have Record Support, IAS_V-1444-001.
Must Be Based On Narrowly Drawn & Unique Set of Facts, IAS_V-1445-001.
Not Available When Issue Is Pending In §120.57 Proceeding, IAS_V-1446-001.
Not Available When Issue Is Pending In Judicial Proceeding, IAS_V-1447-003.
Purpose of Examined, IAS_V-1448-002.
Question Cannot Be Moot, IAS_V-1449-001.
Question Cannot Be Speculative, IAS_V-1450-003.
Question Cannot Be Vague, IAS_V-1451-003.
Scope of Found Expanded In Recent Caselaw, IAS_V-1452-001.
Specific Facts & Circumstances Must Be Set Forth, IAS_V-1453-005.
Standing Is Limited to Petitioner In Their Particular Set of Circumstances Only, IAS_V-1454-001.
Revenue --
Amended Declaratory Statement After Appellate Remand: Warning Safety Lights of Georgia, Inc., IAS_V-1455-001.
Applicability to Others Does Not Prohibit Issuance of, IAS_V-1456-001.
Distribution of Funds For New Professional Sports Franchise -- Discussed, IAS_V-1457-001.
Documentary Stamp Tax --
Nonrecourse Purchase Agreement For Real Property, IAS_V-1458-001.
Sales Tax --
Abandoned Property Locator -- Status As Private Investigative Service, IAS_V-1459-001.
Alcoholic Beverages -- Sale By Veteran Organizations -- No Exemption, IAS_V-1460-001.
Motor Vehicle Removed From Inventory & Titled In Owner's Name, IAS_V-1461-001.
Motor Vehicle Rented From a Third Party & Loaned to a Customer As a Replacement During Repairs, IAS_V-1462-002.
Municipal Electric Utilities -- Materials For Repair or Maintenance -- Exemption Denied, IAS_V-1463-001.
Standing (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) --
Any Substantially Affected Person, IAS_V-1464-001.
Found Lacking, IAS_V-1465-002.
Petitioner Must Have Substantive Interests, IAS_V-1466-001.
Standing Is Limited to Petitioner In Their Particular Set of Circumstances Only, IAS_V-1467-002.
Substantive Interest Test, IAS_V-1468-001.
State --
Div. of Elections --
Declaratory Statement Regarding Public Funding of State Political Campaigns After Abolition of Trust Funds Reversed, IAS_V-1469-001.
Transportation (DOT) --
Confession of Error Accepted, IAS_V-1470-001.

Amended Final Order: Health v. Worster, D.D.S., IAS_V-1471-001.
Authority of the Board to Regulate Delegable Tasks, IAS_V-1472-001.
Bd. Discipline Based On Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records & Unacceptable Level of Care Affirmed, IAS_V-1473-001.
Declaratory Statement (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
License (See Also LICENSING) --
Controlled Substances --
Administration Other Than In Course of Professional Practice, IAS_V-1474-001.
Self-Prescription, IAS_V-1475-001.
Emergency Suspension --
Criminal Plea (Attempted Trafficking In Hydrocodone), IAS_V-1476-001.
Criminal Plea (Possession of Cocaine & Paraphernalia/Resisting Arrest Without Violence), IAS_V-1477-001.
Criminal Plea (Possession of Cocaine With Intent to Distribute), IAS_V-1478-001.
Criminal Plea (Sexual Battery of Female Patient), IAS_V-1479-001.
Criminal Plea (Unlawfully Delivering a Controlled Substance -- Hydrocone), IAS_V-1480-001.
Employment By a Corporation Not Composed of Dentists, IAS_V-1481-001.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_V-1482-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-1483-001.
Improper Advertising of Free Services, IAS_V-1484-001.
Medicaid Fraud, IAS_V-1485-001.
Emergency Suspension Stayed By Appellate Court -- Interim Restrictions Imposed, IAS_V-1486-001.
Failure to Keep Adequate Records, IAS_V-1487-001.
Incompetence, IAS_V-1488-001.
Negligence, IAS_V-1489-001.
Sexual Misconduct -- Nitrous Oxide -- Assistant, IAS_V-1490-001.
License -- Hygienist (See LICENSURE) --
Emergency Suspension --
Opiate Abuse & Depression, IAS_V-1491-001.
Licensure (See LICENSURE) --
Application --
Criminal Plea (Practicing Without a License), IAS_V-1492-001.
On Motion For Rehearing: Albert v. Bd. of Dentistry, IAS_V-1493-001.

Actual Harm to Public Not Prerequisite to Discipline, IAS_V-1494-003.
Administrative Settlement Is Not Necessarily An Admission of Wrongdoing, IAS_V-1495-001.
Complaint (See Also Jurisdiction) --
Charges Outside of Cannot Be Prosecuted, IAS_V-1496-040.
Charges Outside of Cannot Be Prosecuted --
DOAH Dismissal of Charge Due to Allegedly Inadequate Complaint Reversed, IAS_V-1497-001.
Charges Outside of Cannot Be the Basis of An Increased Penalty, IAS_V-1498-001.
Deficiencies In Found Regrettable But Not to Constitute Reversible Error, IAS_V-1499-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-1500-001.
Exacerbating Factors Need Not Be Specifically Plead (See Also Exacerbating Factors), IAS_V-1501-001.
Failure to Appropriately Reference Correct Statutory Basis Found to Offend Due Process, IAS_V-1502-001.
Failure to Cite to Correct Statute --
Harmless Error, IAS_V-1503-001.
Failure to File Motion to Dismiss Waives Any Defect, IAS_V-1504-001.
Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) Boards --
Award of Costs of Investigation & Prosecution Examined, IAS_V-1505-001.
Must Charge Misconduct Personal to the Licensee, IAS_V-1506-001.
Must Give Notice of the Penalties Being Sought, IAS_V-1507-001.
Requisite Specificity, IAS_V-1508-004.
Settlement of a Parallel Civil Lawsuit Is Not Conclusive, IAS_V-1509-001.
Criminal Charges --
Moral Turpitude --
Difficulty In Delineating Noted, IAS_V-1510-001.
Not Every Crime Involves, IAS_V-1511-001.
Criminal Conviction --
Cannot Be "Relitigated" In An Administrative Tribunal, IAS_V-1512-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-1513-001.
Disciplinary Proceeding Held In Abeyance Pending An Appeal, IAS_V-1514-001.
Relationship to Profession, IAS_V-1515-003.
Vehicular Homicide, IAS_V-1516-001.
Criminal Plea --
Appellate Court Review of Does Not Preclude Administrative Discipline Based On, IAS_V-1517-001.
Does Not Constitute An Admission of Guilt or Direct Evidence of Guilt, IAS_V-1518-001.
Driving Under the Influence (DUI), IAS_V-1519-001.
Moral Turpitude --
Armed Robbery, IAS_V-1520-001.
Defined, IAS_V-1521-002.
Delivery Vis Possession of Controlled Substances, IAS_V-1522-001.
Disorderly Conduct -- Political Protest -- Found Not to Constitute, IAS_V-1523-001.
Misdemeanor Offense Found to Lack Requisite Baseness or Depravity, IAS_V-1524-001.
Opportunity to Explain Circumstances Surrounding the Plea Must Be Accorded, IAS_V-1525-001.
Out-of-State, IAS_V-1526-001.
Out-of-State Restoration of Civil Rights Found Not Operative In Florida, IAS_V-1527-001.
Relationship to Profession Construed, IAS_V-1528-002.
Restoration of Civil Rights In Another State In Full Found to Preclude Revocation Based On Earlier Misconduct, IAS_V-1529-001.
Withholding of Adjudication of Guilt Is Immaterial, IAS_V-1530-001.
Worthless Check, IAS_V-1531-001.
Emergency Restriction of License --
Board Order Regarding Modified On Appeal, IAS_V-1532-001.
Emergency Suspension of License, IAS_V-1533-019.
Emergency Suspension of License (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Emergency Procedures) --
Appellate Court Stay of -- Interim Restrictions Imposed, IAS_V-1534-001.
Due Process Rights of Licensee Examined, IAS_V-1535-001.
Every Element Necessary to the Order's Vitality Must Appear On Its Face, IAS_V-1536-001.
Found to Be Nonfinal Per Se, IAS_V-1537-001.
General Conclusory Prediction of Harm Alone Is Insufficient, IAS_V-1538-001.
Requisite Grounds For Examined, IAS_V-1539-001.
Reversed, IAS_V-1540-001.
Sexual Misconduct -- Physician Ultimately Exonerated, IAS_V-1541-001.
Ethical Standards --
Need Not Be Promulgated As Rules, IAS_V-1542-001.
Violation of Forms a Basis For Discipline, IAS_V-1543-001.
Exacerbating Factors (See Also Mitigating Factors) --
Actual Knowledge of Violation, IAS_V-1544-001.
Dishonesty, IAS_V-1545-001.
Egregious Misconduct, IAS_V-1546-002.
Failure to --
Complete Previously-Imposed Probation, IAS_V-1547-001.
Correct Deficiencies, IAS_V-1548-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-1549-002.
Good Moral Character, IAS_V-1550-001.
Harm to Public, IAS_V-1551-003.
Intentional Misconduct, IAS_V-1552-002.
Lack of Candor, IAS_V-1553-001.
Lack of Remorse, IAS_V-1554-001.
Negligent Conduct, IAS_V-1555-001.
Numerous Counts Found Established, IAS_V-1556-001.
Previous Discipline, IAS_V-1557-002.
Refusal of Therapy, IAS_V-1558-001.
Repetitious Misconduct, IAS_V-1559-009.
Fraud --
Specific Intent Is An Essential Element, IAS_V-1560-003.
Intent --
Normally a Fact Question, IAS_V-1561-001.
Seldom Susceptible of Direct Proof -- Usually Shown By Circumstantial Evidence, IAS_V-1562-002.
Conduct Outside or Beyond Scope of License Can Be Reached, IAS_V-1563-001.
Conduct Prior to Licensure, IAS_V-1564-001.
Expiration of License Found to Divest Jurisdiction -- Bd. of Employee Leasing Companies, IAS_V-1565-001.
Expiration of License Precludes Renewal, IAS_V-1566-002.
None to Award Monetary Damages, IAS_V-1567-001.
Revocation of License Does Not Divest Agency of Jurisdiction (To Impose Additional Penalties), IAS_V-1568-001.
Single Act Alone Can Be Sufficient For, IAS_V-1569-001.
Licensee Presumed to Know the Law, IAS_V-1570-001.
Mitigating Factors (See Also Exacerbating Factors) --
Absence of --
Actual Harm to Public, IAS_V-1571-005.
Pecuniary Benefit, IAS_V-1572-002.
Previous Discipline, IAS_V-1573-008.
Previous Discipline After Many Years of Service, IAS_V-1574-001.
Agency Failure to Prove Various Charges, IAS_V-1575-001.
Assumption of Responsibilities of Marriage & Fatherhood, IAS_V-1576-001.
Character Witnesses Who Are Persuasive, IAS_V-1577-001.
Cooperation With Dept. Is a Mitigating Factor, IAS_V-1578-001.
Existence of An Emergency, IAS_V-1579-001.
Failure to Prove All Allegations In a Complaint, IAS_V-1580-001.
Inadvertent Violation, IAS_V-1581-001.
Isolated Incident In Long Career, IAS_V-1582-001.
Isolated Incident a Long Time Ago, IAS_V-1583-001.
Isolated Infraction, IAS_V-1584-002.
Multiple Violations Arising Out of a Single Transaction, IAS_V-1585-001.
Passage of Time, IAS_V-1586-001.
Poor Judgment, IAS_V-1587-001.
Preventative Measures, IAS_V-1588-001.
Prompt Corrective Action, IAS_V-1589-005.
Psychological Counseling, IAS_V-1590-001.
Remorse, IAS_V-1591-001.
Self-Help, IAS_V-1592-001.
Technical Violation Only, IAS_V-1593-001.
Moral Character --
Good Moral Character Discussed, IAS_V-1594-001.
Previous Discipline Does Not Create a Presumption of, IAS_V-1595-001.
Penalty (See Also CONSTITUTION (U.S.), Excessive Fines; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH, Recommended Order) --
An Agency Has No Inherent Power to Impose -- Must Be Expressly Authorized By Statute, IAS_V-1596-001.
Complaint Must Give Notice of What Penalties Are Being Sought, IAS_V-1597-002.
Fine --
Inability to Pay Is Not a Defense, IAS_V-1598-001.
Fine -- Cannot Exceed Amount Specified In the Complaint, IAS_V-1599-001.
Increased Penalty Based On Matters Outside the Complaint Reversed, IAS_V-1600-001.
Previous Discipline, IAS_V-1601-001.
Restitution Order Reversed As Unauthorized, IAS_V-1602-001.
Reversed After Some Charges Were Overturned, IAS_V-1603-001.
Reversed For Failure to Follow Precedents, IAS_V-1604-001.
Stay Pending Appeal Granted, IAS_V-1605-001.
Suspension --
Cannot Be For An Indefinite Period, IAS_V-1606-001.
Cannot Be Made Contingent On Payment of a Fine, IAS_V-1607-001.
Purpose of Is to Protect the Public Not to Collect Fines, IAS_V-1608-001.
Reversed As Inappropriate Under Facts At Bar, IAS_V-1609-001.
Wisdom - Not Arbitrariness - Should Be Used For Prevention - Not Retribution, IAS_V-1610-001.
Reinstatement After Revocation --
Rule Regarding Challenged, IAS_V-1611-001.
Repeat Offense -- Charge of --
Settlement of An Earlier Charge Without Admission of Liability Does Not Render a Subsequent Charge "Repeat", IAS_V-1612-001.
Reprimand --
Minor Offense -- Mitigation, IAS_V-1613-001.
Revocation (See also Reinstatement After Revocation) --
A Drastic Penalty Reserved For the Most Grievous Violations, IAS_V-1614-003.
Abuse of Discretion Found -- Retroactive Revocation -- EPC -- Sexual Misconduct, IAS_V-1615-001.
Affirmed, IAS_V-1616-001.
Normally Requires Actual Harm, IAS_V-1617-001.
Past Violations Are Relevant to Determination of Whether This Penalty Is Warranted, IAS_V-1618-001.
Permanent Revocation Found to Be Too Harsh, IAS_V-1619-001.
Reinstatement of License Pending Appellate Review -- Failure to Notify Bd. of Conclusion of Appellate Process, IAS_V-1620-001.
Requires Grievous Misconduct, IAS_V-1621-001.
Retroactive to Starting Date When Conduct Was Occurring, IAS_V-1622-001.
Risk of Must Be Noticed In the Complaint, IAS_V-1623-001.
Sexual Contact With Minor -- Education Practices Comm. (EPC) Final Order Set As Arbitrary, IAS_V-1624-001.
When Appropriate Examined, IAS_V-1625-001.
Temporary License --
Intent to Terminate Distinguished From Final, Actual Termination, IAS_V-1626-001.
Request For Formal Hearing Tolls Nonemergency Agency Action, IAS_V-1627-001.
Validity of Is Not Vitiated Without a Hearing Absent Emergency Proceedings, IAS_V-1628-002.
Unacceptable Level of Care --
Basis For Evaluation of, IAS_V-1629-001.
Vicarious Liability --
Corporate Officer -- Illegal Security Offering, IAS_V-1630-001.
Corporate Trustees & Limited Partners Personally, IAS_V-1631-001.
Statutory Basis For Found Prerequisite, IAS_V-1632-001.
Statutory Basis For Is Required, IAS_V-1633-001.

DOE Appeal of EPC Retroactive Revocation For Sexual Contact With Minor --
Revocation For Sexual Contact With Minor --
EPC Final Order Set Aside, IAS_V-1634-001.
EPC Denial of Certificate --
Extensive Criminal History -- Affirmed, IAS_V-1635-001.
Incorrect Citation to Rule Violation Corrected -- Order Otherwise Affirmed, IAS_V-1636-001.
Sexual Misconduct --
Marriage to 16-Year-Old Student --
Domestic Violence, IAS_V-1637-001.
Stay Granted Pending Appeal, IAS_V-1638-001.

Auditor General --
Charlotte County School Dist. -- Improper Reporting of Full-Time Equivalent Students --
Report Confirmed/Repayment of Funds Waived, IAS_V-1639-001.
Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Declaratory Statement --
Special Programs & Procedures Documents -- Statement Not Granted, IAS_V-1640-001.
Disabilities Education Act (See SCHOOL BOARDS)
Public Financing of Political Campaigns --
Commissioner Brogan Overturns Div. of Elections Declaratory Statement Regarding On Appeal, IAS_V-1641-001.
School Vouchers -- Challenge to Facial Constitutionality of --
Constitutional Requirement For Free Public Schools Does Not Contemplate Public Programs That Pay For Private Schools, IAS_V-1642-001.
Tax Dollars May Not Be Used to Send Fla. Students to Private Schools, IAS_V-1643-001.
Student Financial Assistance Appeals Committee --
Bright Future Scholarship -- No Medical Emergency Exemption From Qualification Requirements, IAS_V-1644-001.
Repayment Obligation Canceled After Participation In a Federally Funded Job Training Program, IAS_V-1645-001.
Student Financial Assistance Default --
Forfeiture of Lottery Prize --
Bankruptcy -- Claim of Discharge Rejected, IAS_V-1646-001.
Current Wage Garnishment Program Found Immaterial, IAS_V-1647-001.
Found Authorized, IAS_V-1648-001.

Fine --
Failure to Report In-Kind Contribution -- Free Copies of Free Newsletter -- Editorial Endorsement, IAS_V-1649-001.

Discipline Against Former Licensee Found Barred By Statute, IAS_V-1650-001.

Licensure --
By Endorsement --
Equivalency Between Testing Regimes Found Not Established, IAS_V-1651-001.
Out-of-State -- Grading -- Veteran's Preference, IAS_V-1652-001.

§1983 Action Against Secretary & Other Administrators Personally --
Circuit Court Denial of Motion to Dismiss Reversed, IAS_V-1653-001.
§403 --
Relationship to a Private Individual's Public Nuisance Action Under Chapter 823, IAS_V-1654-001.
Relationship to the Right to Farm Act, IAS_V-1655-001.
1998-99 Priority Lists For Wastewater & Stormwater Treatment, IAS_V-1656-001.
2000 Revolving Loan Priority List, IAS_V-1657-001.
2000 Revolving Loan Priority List -- Wastewater Projects, IAS_V-1658-001.
2000-2001 Regional Mitigation Plan --
DOT Transportation Projects -- Amendment -- N.W. Fla. Water Management Projects, IAS_V-1659-002.
DOT Transportation Projects -- S.W. Fla. Water Management Dist., IAS_V-1660-002.
DOT Transportation Projects -- St. Johns River Water Management Dist., IAS_V-1661-001.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) --
Stay Pending -- Contract -- Bid Protest -- Denied, IAS_V-1662-001.
Worldwide Investment Group, Inc. v. DEP Affirmed Per Curiam, IAS_V-1663-001.
Assessment For Cleanup Costs & Damages to Natural Resources --
Abandoned Drum -- DEP Emergency Response, IAS_V-1664-001.
Abandoned Drums -- Hazardous Waste -- DEP Emergency Response, IAS_V-1665-004.
Airplane Crash In Coastal Waters Off Ft. Lauderdale, IAS_V-1666-001.
Contamination of Former Battery Processing Operation Site -- Water Quality Assurance Act --
Circuit Court Summary Judgment Against DEP Reversed, IAS_V-1667-001.
DEP Need Not Prove Negligence, IAS_V-1668-001.
Diesel Fuel & Hydraulic Oil Spilled At Truck Accident, IAS_V-1669-001.
Landlord Found Not Vicariously Liable For Actions of Tenant, IAS_V-1670-001.
Ownership of a Property Alone Is Not a Basis For Liability, IAS_V-1671-002.
Petroleum Derivatives Are Considered Pollutants, IAS_V-1672-001.
Shrimp Trawler Runs Aground & Spills Diesel -- Assessment Upheld, IAS_V-1673-001.
Third Defense Found Not Established, IAS_V-1674-001.
Use of Monies From Water Quality Assurance Trust Fund, IAS_V-1675-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
Circuit Court Award Pursuant to §73 -- DEP Access to Property to Investigate & Remediate Petroleum Contamination -- Neither Eminent Domain Action Nor Taking Found to Be Involved -- Reversed, IAS_V-1676-001.
Prior Order Dismissing Motion For Vacated -- Remand to DOAH, IAS_V-1677-001.
Challenge to 1995 Report Delineating Ground & Surface Water Impact From Industrial Discharge Into the Fenholoway River, IAS_V-1678-001.
Circuit Court Civil Complaint --
Nonfinal Order Finding DEP Denial of Dredge & Fill Permit Constituted a Taking Reversed, IAS_V-1679-001.
Circuit Court Complaint (See Enforcement)
Circuit Court Criminal Complaint --
Dredge & Fill -- Failure to Comply With Permit Conditions --
Criminal Liability Requires Proof of a "Willful" Violation, IAS_V-1680-001.
Employee of Permit Holder -- Defendant's Motion to Dismiss Denied, IAS_V-1681-001.
Dredge & Fill Without Requisite Permit --
Circuit Court Finding That §403 Provision For Criminal Sanctions Is Unconstitutional Reversed, IAS_V-1682-001.
Circuit Court Suit Alleging DEP Denial of Dredge & Fill Permit Constituted a "Taking" --
Circuit Court Finds a Compensable "Taking", IAS_V-1683-001.
Circuit Court Suit On Behalf of State of Fla. Alleging That the Sugar Industry Maintains a Public Nuisance --
Appellate Court Order On Motion For Rehearing En Banc, and Certification --
Earlier Opinion Published At 20 FALR 1219 Withdrawn -- Substitute Opinion Entered With Same Result, IAS_V-1684-001.
Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Costs of DEP Cleanup --
Abandoned Drums -- DEP Emergency Response, IAS_V-1685-001.
Airplane Crash In Coastal Waters Off Ft. Lauderdale, IAS_V-1686-001.
Contamination of Former Battery Processing Operation Site -- Water Quality Assurance Act --
Circuit Court Summary Judgment Against DEP Reversed, IAS_V-1687-001.
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Delegation of Permitting Authority to Water Management Districts --
DEP Is Not Per Se Subject to Resultant Regulatory Authority of a District, IAS_V-1688-001.
Dry Cleaning Solvents Cleanup Program --
1995 Statutory Revisions to This Program Examined, IAS_V-1689-001.
Applicant Has the Ultimate Burden of Proof, IAS_V-1690-002.
County Challenge to DEP Reimbursement Rejected, IAS_V-1691-004.
Deadlines Cannot Be Waived On the Basis of Equitable Estoppel, IAS_V-1692-001.
Decision to Apply For State-Administered Remediation In Lieu of Self-Help Found Not to Constitute "Gross Negligence", IAS_V-1693-001.
Eligibility For DEP Reimbursement As Bar to County Enforcement Efforts Examined, IAS_V-1694-001.
Establishment & Effect of a Prima Facie Case of Entitlement, IAS_V-1695-001.
Excusable Neglect Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-1696-001.
Failure to Timely Assess & Remediate a Site, IAS_V-1697-002.
Gross Negligence -- Failure to Comply With County Directives Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-1698-001.
Grossly Negligent Operation, IAS_V-1699-001.
History Behind This Program Examined, IAS_V-1700-001.
Preemption of Local Regulation Examined, IAS_V-1701-001.
Secondary Containment Structures Discussed, IAS_V-1702-001.
State Program Found to Preempt County Action, IAS_V-1703-001.
Statute Governing Found Applicable Retroactively, IAS_V-1704-001.
Statutory Provisions Are Remedial & Applicable Retroactively, IAS_V-1705-001.
Untimely Petition For Denied, IAS_V-1706-001.
Willful Defined, IAS_V-1707-002.
Willful Discharge of Solvents, IAS_V-1708-001.
Written Notice of Statutory Deadlines Need Not Be Given By the Dept., IAS_V-1709-001.
Emergency Final Order (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
Authorization For Disposal of Debris From Storm Events In Monroe & Dade Counties, IAS_V-1710-001.
Authorization For Operation of Inlet Air Foggers At Power Plant, IAS_V-1711-001.
Authorization For Repairs Made Necessary By Hurricane Earl, IAS_V-1712-001.
Authorization For Temporary Pumping Necessary to Extinguish Muck Fires, IAS_V-1713-002.
Authorization to Construct An Emergency Outfall -- Sewer Main Rupture -- Cooper City/Davie, IAS_V-1714-001.
Authorization to Discharge From Private Martin County Wastewater Utility, IAS_V-1715-001.
Authorization to Lower Water Levels of Lakes Apopka & Dora, IAS_V-1716-001.
Authorization to Operate Pump Station to Alleviate Hydrological Conditions In Vicinity of Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow, IAS_V-1717-001.
Authorization to Repair Rupture In a Sewage Line In Biscayne Bay, IAS_V-1718-001.
Controlled Discharge From Fort Myers Sewer Treatment Plant -- Extreme Flooding -- Caloosahatchee River, IAS_V-1719-001.
Discharge of Reuse & Stormwater Into the Caloosahatchee River, IAS_V-1720-001.
Extension -- Authorization For Repairs, Replacement, Restoration and Certain Other Measures Made Necessary By Hurricane Georges (Other Than Monroe County), IAS_V-1721-001.
Hurricane Floyd, IAS_V-1722-001.
Hurricane Irene, IAS_V-1723-003.
Incineration of Bird Carcasses At Farm, IAS_V-1724-001.
Rupture of Private Dam At Lake Apopka, IAS_V-1725-001.
Second -- Authorization for Removal of Beached Vessels -- Hurricane Earl, IAS_V-1726-001.
Employee --
Recoupment of Salary Overpayment Ordered, IAS_V-1727-001.
Enforcement --
Circuit Court Civil Complaint--
Discharge of Hazardous Substances Into Groundwater -- Circuit Court Summary Judgment Finding DEP Action Barred By Statute of Limitations Reversed, IAS_V-1728-001.
Statute of Limitations -- Does Not Begin to Run Until Discharge Ceases, IAS_V-1729-001.
Circuit Court Dismissal of Action Against Corporate Officers --
Private Wastewater Utility -- Reversed, IAS_V-1730-001.
Circuit Court Dismissal of Action Against Multiple Trucking Companies Involved In Spill of Hazardous Substances --
Burden/Shifting Between Multiple Defendants Examined, IAS_V-1731-001.
Joint & Severable Liability Examined, IAS_V-1732-001.
Circuit Court Enforcement Action --
Manufacturer of Hazardous or Toxic Chemicals Found Not Liable For Spill Caused By Shipper During Unloading, IAS_V-1733-001.
Circuit Court Suit On Behalf of State of Fla. Alleging That the Sugar Industry Maintains a Public Nuisance --
Circuit Court Dismissal After a Hearing Reversed, IAS_V-1734-001.
DEP Claim For Cleanup & Removal Costs -- Drum -- Gasoline -- Dismissed, IAS_V-1735-001.
Failure to Pay Civil Penalties -- Consent Order -- Dispute Over Late Charges, IAS_V-1736-001.
Personal Liability of Corporate Officers --
Plain Statutory Language Found to Create, IAS_V-1737-001.
Everglades Protection Area --
DEP Duty to Maximize Returns From Public & Private Expenditures Examined, IAS_V-1738-001.
DEP Has No Mandate to Establish Numeric Standards For Phosphorous, IAS_V-1739-001.
Final Order Upon Appellate Remand --
DEP v. Belleau, IAS_V-1740-001.
Florida Right to Farm Act --
As a Defense to Citizen Public Nuisance Claims On Behalf of the State Examined, IAS_V-1741-001.
Jurisdiction --
§403 to Be Liberally Construed In Favor of Public Interest, IAS_V-1742-002.
Balancing of Policy Interests, IAS_V-1743-001.
None to Consider Aesthetics, IAS_V-1744-001.
None to Consider Compliance With Federal Regulations, IAS_V-1745-002.
None to Consider Impact On Property Values On Traffic Congestion, IAS_V-1746-001.
None to Require Local Approval As a Prerequisite to DEP Approval, IAS_V-1747-001.
None to Resolve Property Disputes or Ownership Rights, IAS_V-1748-007.
To Consider a Permit Applicant's Past Misconduct, IAS_V-1749-001.
Wetlands -- Delineation of, IAS_V-1750-001.
Withdrawal of Permit Application Divests DEP Jurisdiction, IAS_V-1751-001.
License --
Saltwater Products --
Fishing a Banned Net -- Suspension Reversed For Lack of Statutorily-Required "Criminal Conviction", IAS_V-1752-001.
Live Sand -- Collection of, IAS_V-1753-001.
Untagged Crawfish Traps, IAS_V-1754-001.
Violation of Constitutional Net Ban -- Discipline of License Requires Circuit Court Conviction, IAS_V-1755-001.
Shellfish Processing Plant Certification --
Objectionable Conditions & Practices, IAS_V-1756-001.
Licensure --
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator --
Exam -- Challenge to Grading, IAS_V-1757-001.
Marine Patrol --
Citation For Operating An Unregistered Vessel In State Waters, IAS_V-1758-001.
Constitutional Net Limitation --
Carriage of Proscribed Nets Across State Waters -- County Court Declaration That §370.092 Is Unconstitutional As Vague Reversed, IAS_V-1759-001.
Circuit Court Vacation of Automatic Stay During Appeal Reversed -- Injunction Prohibiting Enforcement, IAS_V-1760-001.
Discipline of License Based On Violation of -- Circuit Court Conviction Is a Prerequisite, IAS_V-1761-001.
Rule -- Proposed Amendment -- Definition of Other Entangling Nets -- DOAH Validation Affirmed, IAS_V-1762-001.
Operation of Vessel In Territorial Waters Without Proper Registration, IAS_V-1763-001.
Notice of Violation/Order For Corrective Action --
Dry Cleaning Solvents In Monitoring Well --
Order For Corrective Action Reversed On Basis of Improper Rejection of DOAH Findings & Inadequacies In Complaint, IAS_V-1764-001.
Investigatory Costs -- DEP --
Found Not Recoverable Due to Failure to Properly Plead In the Complaint, IAS_V-1765-001.
Petroleum Storage Facility, IAS_V-1766-001.
Time Limit For Corrective Action --
Reasonable Time Limit Implied Absent Express Time Limit, IAS_V-1767-001.
Oral Argument Before the Secretary Denied, IAS_V-1768-001.
Order On Motions For Rehearing, Clarification or Certification: Coastal Petroleum Co. v. Fla. Wildlife Federation, et al., IAS_V-1769-001.
Permit (See Also PERMITS) --
Applicant -- Sufficient "Title Interest" Found Over Contrary Initial DEP Finding, IAS_V-1770-001.
Construction (See Also PERMITS) --
Non-Everglades -- Denial of Miccosukee Indian Tribe Challenge Affirmed, IAS_V-1771-001.
South Florida Water Management Dist. Permit For Everglades Restoration Project, IAS_V-1772-001.
Dredge & Fill (See Also PERMITS) --
Bridge -- Road Project - DOT, IAS_V-1773-001.
Dead-Head Logging No Longer Permitted, IAS_V-1774-001.
Dock -- Homeowner's Association In Residential Subdivision, IAS_V-1775-001.
Drilling -- Offshore -- Oil & Gas --
Challenge to DEP Request For Additional Information Dismissed, IAS_V-1776-001.
DEP Denial In Deviation From Past Practice Affirmed, IAS_V-1777-001.
Request From So. Fla. Water Management Dist. For Authorization to Operate & Maintain Water Control Structures Discharging Into Everglades Protection Area, IAS_V-1778-001.
Petroleum Product Cleanup (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS) --
Abandoned Tank Restoration Program --
Automotive Transmission Shop, IAS_V-1779-001.
DEP Distinction Between "Used Oil" & "Waste Oil" Found to Offend Legislative Intent, IAS_V-1780-001.
History Behind This Program Examined, IAS_V-1781-001.
Legislative Intent Behind This Program Examined, IAS_V-1782-001.
Petition For Hearing Denied On Basis of Res Judicata, IAS_V-1783-001.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-1784-001.
Early Detection Incentive (EDI) Program --
1996 Statutory Amendments Found Not to Be Retroactive, IAS_V-1785-001.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-1786-001.
Failure to Timely File Report, IAS_V-1787-001.
Purpose of EDI Program Examined, IAS_V-1788-001.
Fla. Coastal Protection Trust Fund --
Commercial Divers -- Fuel Discharge -- Failure to Obtain Prior DEP Approval -- Reimbursement Denied, IAS_V-1789-001.
Good Samaritan Statute --
Denial of Request For Hearing As Premature Remanded, IAS_V-1790-001.
Inland Protection Financing Corporation --
Purpose of Examined, IAS_V-1791-001.
Restoration of Contaminated Lands & Water For Protection & Conservation Is a Capital Project, IAS_V-1792-001.
Status As a Public Benefits Corporation Examined, IAS_V-1793-001.
Supreme Court Affirms Circuit Court Validation of Revenue Bonds, IAS_V-1794-001.
Inland Protection Trust Fund --
Challenge to Denial of Certain Cleanup Costs Rejected, IAS_V-1795-002.
Challenge to Denial of Reimbursement of Certain Cleanup Costs Accepted & Rejected In Part, IAS_V-1796-001.
Contractor Challenge to Amount of Reimbursement After Negotiating Check Denied, IAS_V-1797-001.
Factoring Discussed & Found Not to Be Reimbursable, IAS_V-1798-001.
Factoring of Invoices, IAS_V-1799-001.
History & Mechanics of This Program Examined, IAS_V-1800-003.
Legislature Has Directed Payment of the Present Value of Allowed But Unpaid Claims, IAS_V-1801-001.
Mechanics of Fund Examined, IAS_V-1802-001.
Purpose of Fund Examined, IAS_V-1803-004.
Reimbursement -- Mechanics of Examined, IAS_V-1804-001.
Reimbursement Denied -- Untimely Filing, IAS_V-1805-001.
Untimely Request For -- Denied, IAS_V-1806-001.
Willful Defined, IAS_V-1807-001.
Petroleum Cleanup Participation Program (PCPP) --
Markups (First Tier) Denied, IAS_V-1808-001.
Mechanics of Plan Examined, IAS_V-1809-001.
Pre-Approval of Cleanup Expenses Is a Prerequisite to Reimbursement, IAS_V-1810-001.
Purpose of PCPP Examined, IAS_V-1811-001.
Untimely Request For -- After-the-Fact Request For Extension of Time Denied, IAS_V-1812-001.
Untimely Request For -- Denied, IAS_V-1813-002.
Petroleum Product Spill Cleanup Reimbursement -- Reimbursement Partially Denied, IAS_V-1814-001.
Priority List For Rural Hardship Community Grant --
Priority List Approved, IAS_V-1815-001.
Request For Hearing --
Dismissed As Deficient, IAS_V-1816-002.
Dismissed As Deficient & Untimely, IAS_V-1817-001.
Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_V-1818-003.
Request For Rulemaking --
Amendment of Mixing Zone Requirement For Chief Operator's Physical Presence Daily -- Granted, IAS_V-1819-001.
Intrastate Hazardous Liquid Pipelines -- Safety Standards, IAS_V-1820-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver (See Also RULES & RULEMAKING) --
Bd. of Trustees -- Limits On Construction of Docks On Undeveloped Coastal Islands -- Dismissed, IAS_V-1821-001.
Biological Waste Incinerator -- Dead Animals -- Particulate Matter Standards, IAS_V-1822-001.
City of Ocala -- Delegation From St. Johns River Water Management Dist. -- Stormwater Environmental Resource Permit -- Karst Sensitive Areas -- Granted, IAS_V-1823-001.
Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) -- Rebuilding of Damaged Structure Below Wave Crest of 100-Year Storm Above Nonconforming Foundation -- Granted, IAS_V-1824-001.
Coastal Construction Control Line -- Second Story Without Meeting Current Structural Standards -- Granted, IAS_V-1825-001.
Construction of Bulkhead to Protect Existing Swimming Pool, IAS_V-1826-001.
Dock -- Replacement Structure -- Commercial, IAS_V-1827-001.
Dredge & Fill -- Banana Creek -- Shellfish Harvesting Area -- Granted, IAS_V-1828-001.
Dredge & Fill -- Channel -- Creek -- Duval County -- Denied, IAS_V-1829-001.
Dredge & Fill -- Mixing Zone, IAS_V-1830-001.
Dredge & Fill -- Mixing Zones -- Limits -- Granted, IAS_V-1831-001.
Dredge & Fill -- Shellfish Harvesting Area -- Granted, IAS_V-1832-001.
Dredge & Fill -- Temporary Mixing Zone -- Beach Renourishment Project -- Granted, IAS_V-1833-001.
Emergency -- Correction of Bacteria Exceedance As Precondition For Inclusion On State Drinking Water Priority List, IAS_V-1834-001.
Emergency -- Prohibition On Placement of An Above Ground Storage Tank Within a Wellhead Protection Area -- Granted, IAS_V-1835-001.
Environmental Resource -- Time Frame For Correcting An Incomplete Application, IAS_V-1836-001.
Extension of Residential Dock Into Aquatic Preserve -- Denied, IAS_V-1837-001.
Injection Wells -- Maximum Contaminant Level For Color, IAS_V-1838-001.
Injection Wells -- Secondary Drinking Water Standard for pH, IAS_V-1839-001.
Landfill -- Solid Waste Facility -- Application -- Requirement For a Geotechnical Investigation -- Granted, IAS_V-1840-001.
Mine Reclamation -- Completion Deadline -- Granted, IAS_V-1841-001.
Municipal Waste Combustion -- Removal of Mercury From Waste Stream -- Emission Testing -- Granted, IAS_V-1842-001.
Petroleum Storage Tanks -- Aboveground -- Upgrade Requirements -- Granted, IAS_V-1843-001.
Prohibition On Issuance of a Permit to Dredge & Fill In Class II Waters Approved For Shellfish Harvesting Area -- Granted, IAS_V-1844-001.
Prohibition On Discharge Into Groundwater Causing Water Quality Violations -- Denied, IAS_V-1845-001.
Prohibition On Placement of An Underground Storage Tank Within Wellhead Protection Area -- Granted, IAS_V-1846-002.
Prohibition On Storage or Disposal of Solid Waste Within 200 Ft. of a Waterbody or 500 Ft. of a Well, IAS_V-1847-001.
Prohibition On Zone of Discharge Through Wells -- Remedial Technology -- Emergency Variance Denied -- Review Granted, IAS_V-1848-002.
Prohibition On a Zone of Discharge Through Injection Wells -- Granted, IAS_V-1849-023.
Public Water Systems -- Location of Pumping Station Above 100 Yr. Flood Elevation -- Granted, IAS_V-1850-002.
Rapid Infiltration Basin -- Setback From Property Line -- Denied, IAS_V-1851-001.
Requirement That Raw Water For a Public Water System Shall Be Obtained From Wells No Closer Than 100 Feet From Other Sanitary Hazards -- Granted & Denied In Part, IAS_V-1852-001.
Revolving Loan Priority List -- Bacteria Exceedance -- Granted, IAS_V-1853-003.
Solid Waste Recycling Within 200 Feet of Water Body -- Granted, IAS_V-1854-001.
Specific Conductance Requirements For the Receiving Waters of Piney Point Phosphates - Denied, IAS_V-1855-001.
Sulfur Storage & Handling Facility -- Postconstruction Air Quality & Disposition Monitoring -- Granted, IAS_V-1856-001.
Surface Water Management -- City Seeks For Delegation From Water Management Dist. --
Ocala -- Karst Area Basin -- Granted, IAS_V-1857-001.
Wastewater Residuals -- Labelling Requirements -- Denied, IAS_V-1858-001.
Wastewater Treatment Plant -- Requirement For Lead/Chief Operator -- Granted & Denied In Part, IAS_V-1859-001.
Wastewater Treatment Plant -- Staff Requirements -- Granted, IAS_V-1860-003.
Water Quality Exemption -- West Palm Beach Wellfield -- Color Units, IAS_V-1861-001.
Water Quality Exemption For Discharge Into Class G-II Groundwater -- Broward County -- Granted, IAS_V-1862-001.
Water Treatment Plant -- Requirement For Chief Operator's Physical Presence Daily -- Granted, IAS_V-1863-001.
Water Pollution --
Status of Freshwater Discharged From Water Control Structures Into a River As a "Contaminant", IAS_V-1864-001.
Statute of Limitations --
Does Not Begin to Run Until Harm Is Abated, IAS_V-1865-001.

§112 --
Constitutional Challenge to §112.313(4) As Vague Rejected, IAS_V-1866-001.
Private Citizens Lack Standing to Enforce Provisions of, IAS_V-1867-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
§112.317(8) Petition For Attorney's Fees --
Appellate Review -- Granted, IAS_V-1868-001.
Denied, IAS_V-1869-001.
Eight (8) Part Test For Determining Examined, IAS_V-1870-001.
Failure to Prove Up At DOAH Hearing Found Fatal, IAS_V-1871-001.
Fee Agreement Between the Parties Is Not Dispositive, IAS_V-1872-001.
Methodology For Determining Discussed, IAS_V-1873-001.
Burden of Proof --
Malicious Intent -- Defined, IAS_V-1874-001.
Petitioner, IAS_V-1875-002.
Burden of Proof -- Commission --
Clear & Convincing Evidence Found Required In Landmark Appellate Court Case, IAS_V-1876-001.
Clear & Convincing Evidence Is Required, IAS_V-1877-015.
Penal Nature of Commission Censure Examined, IAS_V-1878-001.
Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-1879-002.
Conflict of Interest --
Defined, IAS_V-1880-001.
Planning Bd. Member -- Failure to Disclose Conflict With Respect to Rezoning, IAS_V-1881-001.
Planning Bd. Member -- Representation of Client With Respect to Bar/Restaurant, IAS_V-1882-001.
Conflicting Contractual Relationship --
City Commissioner -- Business Owner, IAS_V-1883-002.
Health Dept. Employee Moonlighting As Water Operator & Technician -- Conflict Found -- Affirmed, IAS_V-1884-001.
Improperly Obtaining a Personal Benefit In the Sale of Real Property, IAS_V-1885-001.
Test For Examined, IAS_V-1886-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-1887-002.
With a Contractor Doing Business With the City, IAS_V-1888-001.
Final Order On Appellate Mandate After DOAH Remand: In Re: Gary Latham --
Reduced Penalty Over DOAH Recommendation Reimposed, IAS_V-1889-001.
Final Order On Appellate Mandate: In Re: James Barker --
Complaint Dismissed, IAS_V-1890-001.
Financial Disclosure --
Failure to Sign & Date -- Oversight Found, IAS_V-1891-001.
Florida Bar --
Lacks Jurisdiction to Discipline or Even Investigate Constitutional Officers While They Are In Office, IAS_V-1892-001.
Lobbyist --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-1893-001.
Misuse of Public Position, IAS_V-1894-001.
Misuse of Public Position --
Allowing Staff Attorneys to Represent a Former Private Client In a Private Action, IAS_V-1895-001.
Allowing Use of Town Accounts to Avoid Sales Tax, IAS_V-1896-001.
Corrupt Intent -- Establishment of, IAS_V-1897-001.
Corruptly Defined, IAS_V-1898-003.
Corruptly Defined & Found to Require Specific Intent, IAS_V-1899-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-1900-001.
Failure to Report a Gift -- Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_V-1901-005.
Gift -- Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-1902-001.
Improper Acceptance of a Gift, IAS_V-1903-001.
Improper Benefit to a Particular Physician, IAS_V-1904-001.
Improper Inclusion of Campaign Resumes In Governmental Mailing, IAS_V-1905-001.
Improper Personal Use of County Cellular Telephone Service, IAS_V-1906-001.
Improperly Obtaining a Personal Benefit In the Sale of Real Property, IAS_V-1907-001.
Improperly Pressuring Upgrade of Wife's Performance Evaluation, IAS_V-1908-001.
Manipulating City Fiscal Practices In Order to Obtain a Tax Benefit, IAS_V-1909-001.
Recommending a Relative For Public Employment, IAS_V-1910-001.
Sexual Harassment -- Defined, IAS_V-1911-001.
Sexual Harassment -- Is a Serious Offense, IAS_V-1912-004.
Sexual Harassment of Subordinate Employee, IAS_V-1913-001.
Soliciting Dismissal of a Traffic Citation Against Son, IAS_V-1914-001.
Soliciting Gifts, IAS_V-1915-001.
Soliciting Improper Action -- There Is No Distinction Between a Solicitation & "Attempted Solicitation", IAS_V-1916-001.
Soliciting Tickets to a Professional Basketball Game, IAS_V-1917-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-1918-003.
Use of Government Credit Card For Personal Purchases, IAS_V-1919-001.
Use of Government Resources to Repair a Subordinate's Car, IAS_V-1920-002.
Use of Government Resources to Tamper With Voter Registration, IAS_V-1921-001.
Use of Public Resources For a Private Purpose Is Not a Violation Per Se, IAS_V-1922-001.
Use of Public Resources In Furtherance of One's Business, IAS_V-1923-001.
Wrongful Intent Is An Essential Element, IAS_V-1924-001.
Mitigating Factors --
Absence of Advice From Counsel, IAS_V-1925-001.
State Attorney's Decision Not to Prosecute Is Not One, IAS_V-1926-001.
Penalty (See Also DISCIPLINE; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH, Recommended Order) --
De Minimis Violation, IAS_V-1927-001.
Inability to Pay Is Irrelevant, IAS_V-1928-001.
Inability to Pay Is Not a Defense, IAS_V-1929-001.
Isolated Violation, IAS_V-1930-001.
Mechanics of Examined, IAS_V-1931-001.
Previous Discipline -- Consideration of, IAS_V-1932-002.
Restitution Penalty Payable to State Not Another Governmental Entity, IAS_V-1933-001.
Restitution Penalty Payable to State Not Improper Donor, IAS_V-1934-001.
Restitution Penalty Payable to State Not Local Municipality, IAS_V-1935-001.
Small Unsophisticated Community -- No Excuse, IAS_V-1936-001.
Statutorily Authorized Penalties Examined, IAS_V-1937-001.
Recommending Relative For Public Employment, IAS_V-1938-001.
Unauthorized Compensation, IAS_V-1939-001.
Unauthorized Compensation --
Charges Vacated By Appellate Court, IAS_V-1940-001.
Seeking Payment Without Entitlement to, IAS_V-1941-001.

Inmates Generally Must Complete Their Sentences Before They Are Eligible For a Hearing, IAS_V-1942-001.

Rulemaking Requirements --
Educational Units Are Exempt "From All or Most" §120 Requirements, IAS_V-1943-001.
Student --
§120.57 Is Not Available To, IAS_V-1944-001.
Challenge to Discipline Affirmed & Reversed In Part, IAS_V-1945-001.

Acceptance of Unconditional Resignation of Employee Affirmed, IAS_V-1946-001.

Appeal From Free Form Agency Action Dismissed, IAS_V-1947-001.

Competing Bookstore Requests Book Selection Lists From University-Approved Vendor Under Public Records Act (§119) --
Circuit Court Denial of §119 Action Reversed, IAS_V-1948-001.

Employee -- Challenge to Dismissal --
Authority Rejection of As Untimely Reversed Due to Defective Final Order, IAS_V-1949-001.

Student -- Discipline --
Exclusion of Polygraph & Similar Evidence Affirmed, IAS_V-1950-001.

Public Records Request --
Motion to Compel Production Denied By Circuit Court, IAS_V-1951-001.

Employee Suit Before Public Employees Relations Comm. (PERC) --
PERC Dismissal of Complaint On Basis of Constitutional Issues Reversed --
Drug Testing of City Employees, IAS_V-1952-001.

Constitutional Amendment (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.)) --
Ballot Initiative Stricken -- Fish & Wildlife Conservation Comm., IAS_V-1953-001.
Comm. Bound By Own Rule, IAS_V-1954-001.
Comm. Finds No Authority For a Rule Variance, IAS_V-1955-001.
Rules or Allegedly Unpromulgated Rules Pursuant to Constitutional Authority --
Not Subject to DOAH Challenge, IAS_V-1956-001.
Statutes Considered In Aid of Construction of Commission Rules, IAS_V-1957-001.
License --
Possession of Captive Wildlife --
Lack of Fitness or Trustworthiness, IAS_V-1958-001.
Licensure --
Hunting Preserve --
Adjacent to Wildlife Management Area, IAS_V-1959-001.
Permit (See Also PERMITS) --
Gopher Tortoise Incidental Take --
Mitigation Fee -- Procedure For Determination of, IAS_V-1960-001.
Third Party Protest, IAS_V-1961-001.
Monkey Breeding Facility --
Imposition of Special Permit Conditions, IAS_V-1962-001.
Possession of Captive Wildlife --
Criminal Plea, IAS_V-1963-001.
False Statements On Permit Application, IAS_V-1964-001.
Lack of Requisite Experience, IAS_V-1965-002.
Lack of Requisite Work Experience, IAS_V-1966-001.
Monkey Breeding Facility In Fla. Keys -- Renewal Granted, IAS_V-1967-001.
Possession of Wildlife and Venomous Reptiles, IAS_V-1968-001.
Shooting of White Ibis At Homestead Air Reserve --
Request For Permit Withdrawn, IAS_V-1969-001.
To Carry a Firearm In a Wildlife Management Area During Closed Hunting Season
Denied, IAS_V-1970-001.
Rules --
Commission Rules Are Not Subject to DOAH Challenges Regarding Validity Due to Constitutional Genesis, IAS_V-1971-001.

Challenge to Governor's Partial Veto of Appropriation For Extended School Year --
Governor Found to Have Improperly "Restructured" the Appropriation, IAS_V-1972-001.
Specific Appropriation Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-1973-001.
Challenge to Legislative Override of Veto --
Legislative Veto Need Not Occur At Next Special Session -- It Can Occur During the Next Regular Session, IAS_V-1974-001.

Central Abuse Registry (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of; HRS, Dept. of; JUVENILE JUSTICE, Dept. of) --
Exemption From Disqualification --
Criminal Plea -- Leaving Scene of An Accident, IAS_V-1975-001.
Criminal Plea -- Possession of Crack Cocaine, IAS_V-1976-001.
Denied, IAS_V-1977-006.
Proof of Rehabilitation, IAS_V-1978-003.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) --
Attorney's Fees & Costs Awarded to Appellee, IAS_V-1979-001.
Nonfinal Order -- Denied, IAS_V-1980-001.
Application --
Discovery -- DOAH Hearing Officer Denial of Protective Order Reversed, IAS_V-1981-001.
Voluntary Withdrawal -- After DOAH Hearing But Before AHCA Final Order -- Dismissal Reversed, IAS_V-1982-001.
Comparative Review (See Also Nursing Home) --
Appropriate Only When Applications Are Mutually Exclusive, IAS_V-1983-001.
Burdensome Nature of This Process Examined, IAS_V-1984-001.
Consolidation of Two Previously Issued CON's Into a Single Facility -- Does Not Constitute a "Replacement Facility", IAS_V-1985-001.
Hospice --
Circuit Court Temporary Injunction Prohibiting AHCA From Issuing a License Reversed -- Applicant Has Standing, IAS_V-1986-001.
Hospital --
Acute Care -- Nonfinal Order -- Appellate Review Denied, IAS_V-1987-001.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Under 15 Beds, IAS_V-1988-001.
Intervenor (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
Standing -- Must Be Located In Same District -- No Exception For Tertiary Facility, IAS_V-1989-001.
Letter of Intent --
Late Filed -- AHCA Excusal of Reversed, IAS_V-1990-001.
Late Filed -- AHCA Rule Precludes Case-By-Case Handling of, IAS_V-1991-001.
Nursing Home --
Comparative Review, IAS_V-1992-001.
Comparative Review (See Also Comparative Review) -- Hospital Based Skilled Beds/Freestanding Community Nursing Home Beds, IAS_V-1993-001.
DOAH Exclusion of Irrelevant Evidence, IAS_V-1994-001.
Denial of Application Affirmed Over Procedural Challenge, IAS_V-1995-001.
Denial of Sub-Acute Skilled Beds Affirmed, IAS_V-1996-001.
Employee --
Recoupment of Salary Overpayment Denied, IAS_V-1997-001.
Health Maintenance Organization --
Medical Necessity of Speech & Occupational Therapy -- Coverage Ordered Reinstated, IAS_V-1998-001.
Thoroscopic Disc Removal Procedure -- Petition Dismissed As Moot, IAS_V-1999-001.
License (See Also Licensure; LICENSING) --
Abortion Clinic --
Challenge to Late Filing Fee -- Renewal of License, IAS_V-2000-001.
Assisted Living Facility (ALF) (Formerly Known As Adult Congregate Living Facility) --
AHCA Has the Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_V-2001-001.
AHCA Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-2002-001.
Allowing Patients to Continue to Reside Though No Longer Meeting Applicable Criteria, IAS_V-2003-001.
Approval of Change In Ownership Denied -- Unprobated Will, IAS_V-2004-001.
Challenge to Conditional Rating, IAS_V-2005-002.
Change In Ownership -- Numerous Deficiencies -- Denied, IAS_V-2006-001.
Classification of Deficiencies, IAS_V-2007-001.
Confirmed Abuse Report, IAS_V-2008-001.
Exceeding Licensed Capacity, IAS_V-2009-002.
Failure to Correct Deficiencies, IAS_V-2010-005.
Failure to Execute Requisite Contracts With Residents, IAS_V-2011-002.
Failure to Have Current Radon Test, IAS_V-2012-001.
Failure to Have Emergency Management Plan, IAS_V-2013-001.
Failure to Have Employee Obtain TB Test, IAS_V-2014-001.
Failure to Have Resident Contracts On File, IAS_V-2015-001.
Failure to Include Correct Information In the Facility Contract, IAS_V-2016-001.
Failure to Maintain Emergency Water Supply, IAS_V-2017-001.
Failure to Maintain Requisite Written Records, IAS_V-2018-003.
Failure to Perform Requisite Health Assessments, IAS_V-2019-002.
Failure to Properly Display License, IAS_V-2020-001.
Failure to Properly Train Staff, IAS_V-2021-001.
Failure to Provide Access to Dept. Inspectors, IAS_V-2022-001.
Failure to Provide Adequate Menus, IAS_V-2023-001.
Failure to Provide Required Accountings, IAS_V-2024-001.
Failure to Provide Requisite Health Care, IAS_V-2025-001.
Failure to Provide Requisite Services, IAS_V-2026-001.
Failure to Provide Requisite Staffing, IAS_V-2027-002.
Failure to Provide Timely Prorated Refund, IAS_V-2028-001.
Failure to Submit Timely Change of Ownership Notice, IAS_V-2029-001.
Improper Use of Physical Restraints, IAS_V-2030-002.
Inadequate Staff, IAS_V-2031-001.
Lapse In Corporate Status, IAS_V-2032-001.
Medications -- Requisite Supervision of, IAS_V-2033-002.
Mission of An Assisted Living Facility Examined, IAS_V-2034-002.
Moratorium On New Admissions, IAS_V-2035-004.
Moratorium On New Admissions -- Violation of, IAS_V-2036-003.
Multiple & Repeat Violations, IAS_V-2037-001.
No Potable Water, IAS_V-2038-001.
Operating Beyond Scope of License, IAS_V-2039-001.
Operating In Excess of Licensed Capacity, IAS_V-2040-001.
Operating Without, IAS_V-2041-001.
Overcrowding, IAS_V-2042-001.
Rating -- Agency Has Burden of Proof Regarding By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-2043-002.
Rating System Regarding Examined, IAS_V-2044-001.
Renewal -- Authority to Provide Extended Care, IAS_V-2045-002.
Renewal -- Confirmed Neglect Report, IAS_V-2046-001.
Renewal -- Failure to Correct Deficiencies, IAS_V-2047-001.
Renewal -- Failure to Document Passing of Fire Safety Inspection, IAS_V-2048-001.
Renewal -- Failure to Meet Minimum Standards, IAS_V-2049-001.
Renewal -- Failure to Pay Fine -- Repeat Violation -- Moratorium, IAS_V-2050-001.
Renewal -- Failure to Post Moratorium On Admissions, IAS_V-2051-001.
Renewal -- Failure to Provide Financial Documentation, IAS_V-2052-001.
Renewal -- Failure to Secure Controlled Substances, IAS_V-2053-001.
Renewal -- Inappropriate Placement of Residents, IAS_V-2054-001.
Repeat Deficiencies While Operating With a Conditional License, IAS_V-2055-001.
Standard Rating Assigned, IAS_V-2056-001.
Unclassified Deficiencies, IAS_V-2057-001.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, IAS_V-2058-004.
Home Health Agency --
Failure to Apply For Renewal of License, IAS_V-2059-001.
Failure to Certify Employees As Free of Communicable Disease, IAS_V-2060-001.
Failure to Notify AHCA of An Address Change, IAS_V-2061-001.
Failure to Provide Requisite Patient Records Upon Request, IAS_V-2062-001.
Failure to Timely Renew, IAS_V-2063-001.
Failure to Timely Renew -- Late Fee, IAS_V-2064-001.
Referrals Exclusively From Another Agency, IAS_V-2065-001.
Untimely Application For -- Reduction In Late Fees, IAS_V-2066-001.
Hospital --
AHCA Dismissal of Challenge to Denial of a Consolidated License Reversed, IAS_V-2067-001.
Challenge to AHCA Decision to Inform Federal Agency of Its Inspection of Emergency Access Rejected, IAS_V-2068-001.
Consolidated -- Acute Care & Inpatient Psychiatric -- Denied, IAS_V-2069-001.
Consolidated -- Statutory Authority For Examined, IAS_V-2070-001.
Consolidated License Bifurcated -- General & Psychiatric Facilities On Separate Premises, IAS_V-2071-001.
Emergency Access Standards -- AHCA Authority to Investigate, IAS_V-2072-001.
Failure to Provide Requisite Emergency Services, IAS_V-2073-002.
Failure to Provide Requisite Emergency Services -- Absence of Statutory Standards Noted, IAS_V-2074-001.
Failure to Provide Requisite Emergency Services -- Purpose of Statutory Prohibition On Examined, IAS_V-2075-001.
Nursing Home --
Abandonment -- Petition For Hearing Dismissed As Moot, IAS_V-2076-001.
Challenge to Termination of & Issuance to a Competitor Rejected, IAS_V-2077-001.
Class I Deficiencies -- Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2078-002.
Class I, II & III Deficiencies Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2079-001.
Class II Deficiencies -- Isolated Incident of Deficient Care Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-2080-001.
Class II Deficiency Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2081-001.
Class III Deficiencies, IAS_V-2082-001.
Class III Deficiencies -- Errors In Keeping & Administration of Medications, IAS_V-2083-001.
Class III Deficiency Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2084-001.
Classification of Violation Is a Policy Function of AHCA, IAS_V-2085-004.
Conditional License -- Basis For -- Implications of -- Purpose of, IAS_V-2086-002.
Conditional Rating (See Also Rating System) -- AHCA Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-2087-013.
Conditional Rating -- AHCA Upheld On Appellate Review, IAS_V-2088-001.
Conditional Rating -- Affects Substantial Interest Even If For a Limited Time Which Has Passed, IAS_V-2089-001.
Conditional Rating -- Applicability of Both State of Federal Law Analyzed, IAS_V-2090-001.
Conditional Rating -- Challenge to, IAS_V-2091-024.
Conditional Rating -- Challenge to -- Affirmed, IAS_V-2092-001.
Conditional Rating -- Challenge to -- Petition For Hearing Denied On the Basis of Standing, IAS_V-2093-001.
Conditional Rating -- Federal System Is Not Binding, IAS_V-2094-001.
Conditional Rating -- Follow-Up Inspection -- Purpose of, IAS_V-2095-001.
Conditional Rating -- Rating of a Nursing Home Is Not "Penal", IAS_V-2096-002.
Conditional Rating -- Threat of More Than Minimal Harm to Residents Need Not Be Demonstrated, IAS_V-2097-001.
Conditional Rating -- Upgraded to Standard Midstream In Proceeding, IAS_V-2098-001.
Deficiencies -- Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case, IAS_V-2099-001.
Deficiencies Can Be Based On Either Federal or State Standards, IAS_V-2100-001.
Discharging Patients For An Improper Purpose, IAS_V-2101-001.
Emergency Rule Governing Superior Rating Quashed, IAS_V-2102-001.
Failure to Correct Cited Deficiencies, IAS_V-2103-002.
Failure to Provide Adequate Nutrition, IAS_V-2104-001.
Failure to Provide For the Highest Practicable Level of Well-Being, IAS_V-2105-001.
Failure to Timely Respond to Request, IAS_V-2106-001.
Federal Severity Rating Cannot Be Challenged, IAS_V-2107-001.
Inadequate Supervision, IAS_V-2108-001.
Inadequate Ventilation Air Flow In Facility, IAS_V-2109-001.
Increased Fine Found Improperly Based On Matters Outside the Complaint -- Reversed, IAS_V-2110-001.
License Is Valid For Licensed Premises Only -- Loss of Possessory Interest Vitiates, IAS_V-2111-001.
Medically Related Social Service Discussed, IAS_V-2112-001.
Moratorium -- Immediate -- Upheld, IAS_V-2113-001.
Moratorium On New Admissions, IAS_V-2114-001.
Moratorium Rescinded, IAS_V-2115-001.
Neglect, IAS_V-2116-001.
Neglect -- A Question of Law, IAS_V-2117-001.
Neglect -- Defined, IAS_V-2118-001.
Obligation to Identify & Prevent Pressure Sores, IAS_V-2119-004.
Obligation to Identify & Prevent or Properly Treat Pressure Sores, IAS_V-2120-003.
Obligation to Prevent Falls Examined, IAS_V-2121-002.
Persistent Understaffing of Certified Nurse Assistants, IAS_V-2122-001.
Pressure Sores As Prima Facie Evidence of Neglect, IAS_V-2123-001.
Rating System (See Also Conditional Rating) -- Conditional Rating Discussed, IAS_V-2124-001.
Rating System -- Criteria Utilized Discussed, IAS_V-2125-002.
Rating System -- Purpose of Examined, IAS_V-2126-003.
Rating System -- Standard Rating Discussed, IAS_V-2127-001.
Rating System -- Standards Governing Conditional Rating Examined, IAS_V-2128-003.
Rating System -- Superior Rating Discussed, IAS_V-2129-001.
Rating System For Nursing Homes Discussed, IAS_V-2130-001.
Regulatory Not Penal, IAS_V-2131-001.
Replacement of An Electrical Generator Without Prior Agency Approval, IAS_V-2132-001.
Rifle Shot Approach to Regulatory Violations Is Not Required, IAS_V-2133-001.
Licensure (See Also License; LICENSURE) --
Adult Family Care Home (AFCH) --
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-2134-001.
License Is a Public Trust - Not Entitlement, IAS_V-2135-001.
Advisory Council On Medical Physicists --
Variance From Proposed Rule Regarding Work Experience Granted, IAS_V-2136-001.
Assisted Living Facility (Formerly Known As Adult Congregate Living Facility) --
Criminal Conviction (Aggravated Assault), IAS_V-2137-001.
Criminal Plea (Operating Without a License), IAS_V-2138-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-2139-001.
Provisional License Granted After Cease & Desist Order, IAS_V-2140-001.
Revocation of Previous License Within Five (5) Years, IAS_V-2141-001.
Scope of An Assisted Living Facility License Examined, IAS_V-2142-001.
Assisted Living Facility -- Limited Nursing Services Specialty License --
Renewal -- Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-2143-001.
Home Health Agency --
Application For Change In Ownership, IAS_V-2144-001.
Failure to Timely Renew License, IAS_V-2145-001.
Medicaid (See MEDICAID)
Medical Authorization -- Workers' Compensation --
Osteochondral Autograft Transplant Surgery -- Denied, IAS_V-2146-001.
Medicine, Bd. of --
Appeal of Bd. Declaratory Statement Approving Physician Group's Offer of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Nongroup Physicians, IAS_V-2147-001.
Order On Motion For Rehearing: Bayfront Medical Center, Inc. v. AHCA, IAS_V-2148-001.
Public Medical Assistance Trust Fund --
Indigent Care Assessment --
Circuit Court Certification of Class Action Health Care Provider Challenge to Affirmed, IAS_V-2149-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver --
Advisory Council On Medical Physicists -- Supervised Work Experience -- Granted, IAS_V-2150-001.
Certificate of Need (CON) -- Hospital -- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, IAS_V-2151-001.

Central Abuse Registry (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of; HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For; HRS, Dept. of) --
Exemption From Disqualification --
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_V-2152-002.
Grand Theft & Uttering a Forged Instrument -- Granted, IAS_V-2153-001.
Grand Theft, Prostitution, Dealing In Stolen Property & Armed Robbery -- Denied, IAS_V-2154-001.
Possession of Cocaine -- Granted, IAS_V-2155-001.
Rehabilitation -- Proof of, IAS_V-2156-002.
Certification --
Safe Drinking Water Testing Laboratory --
Failure to Correct Significant Deficiencies, IAS_V-2157-001.
Filing a False Report, IAS_V-2158-001.
Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Food Stamps (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of) --
Retailer -- Failure to Meet Minimum Inventory Requirements --
Authorization As a Provider Denied, IAS_V-2159-001.
Immunization -- School Child -- Exemption -- Religious Objection By Parents --
Circuit Court Grant of Exemption Affirmed, IAS_V-2160-001.
License (See Also LICENSING) --
Dental Lab --
Operating Without, IAS_V-2161-002.
Emergency Medical Technician --
Inactive License Cannot Be Recertified After 180 Days, IAS_V-2162-001.
Renewal -- Late-Filed Application -- Denied, IAS_V-2163-001.
Failure to Maintain Written Policy & Procedure Document On Sanitation, IAS_V-2164-001.
Paramedic --
Unprofessional Conduct, IAS_V-2165-001.
Radon Certification --
Renewal -- Challenge to Preliminary Agency Action Dismissed As Premature, IAS_V-2166-001.
Septic Tank Contractor --
Failure to Call For Requisite Inspection, IAS_V-2167-001.
Failure to Disclose Criminal Convictions, IAS_V-2168-001.
Failure to Have Fictitious Name Authorized, IAS_V-2169-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-2170-001.
Incompetence, IAS_V-2171-001.
Lack of Good Moral Character, IAS_V-2172-001.
Negligence, IAS_V-2173-004.
Operating Without Requisite License, IAS_V-2174-002.
Operating Without Requisite Permit, IAS_V-2175-006.
Qualifying Agent -- Status As a "Responsible Individual", IAS_V-2176-001.
Removal of Outlet Filters, IAS_V-2177-002.
Sanitary Nuisance, IAS_V-2178-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-2179-001.
Using Contaminated Spoil to Cover a New Drainfield, IAS_V-2180-001.
X-Ray Technician (See LICENSING)
Licensure (See Also LICENSURE) --
Septic Tank Contractor --
Criminal Conviction, IAS_V-2181-001.
Previous Revocation of License, IAS_V-2182-001.
Status As An Officer In a Corporation Subject to Previous Discipline, IAS_V-2183-001.
Therapeutic Radiological Physicist --
Requisite Educational and/or Work Experience Lacking, IAS_V-2184-001.
Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) Boards --
Award of Costs of Investigation & Prosecution Against Licensee Examined, IAS_V-2185-001.
Probable Cause Panel (See PRACTICE & PROCEDURE)
Notice of Violation/Order For Corrective Action --
Non-Community Water System -- Motel -- Operating Without a Permit, IAS_V-2186-001.
Smoking In Common Areas of a Public Place, IAS_V-2187-001.
Order Vacating Automatic Stay: Bermuda Terr. & Pinetree Dr. v. Palm Beach County & Loxahatchee River Environ. Control Dist., IAS_V-2188-001.
Permit (See Also PERMITS, Septic Tank) --
Community Public Water System --
Operating Without Requisite Permit, IAS_V-2189-001.
Variance -- Financial Hardship -- Application Fees -- Denied, IAS_V-2190-001.
Migrant Farm Worker Housing --
Operating Without, IAS_V-2191-002.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, IAS_V-2192-001.
Non-Community Public Water System --
No Bacteriological Samples, IAS_V-2193-001.
No Certified Operator, IAS_V-2194-001.
No Chlorinator, IAS_V-2195-001.
No Flow Meter, IAS_V-2196-001.
Operating Without a Permit, IAS_V-2197-001.
Potable Water Well --
Variance -- Reduced Setback From Building Pad Treated With Pesticide -- Denied, IAS_V-2198-001.
Wastewater Collection & Transmission System --
Loxahatchee River Environmental Control Dist. -- Third Party Protest, IAS_V-2199-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver --
As Applied, IAS_V-2200-002.
Certification of Lifeguards & Swim Instructors -- Approval Process -- Granted, IAS_V-2201-001.
Community Public Water System -- Waiver of Permit Application Fees Denied, IAS_V-2202-001.
Electric Incinerating Toilet, IAS_V-2203-001.
Emergency -- Septic Tank -- Fiberglass -- Requirement For Watertight Testing -- Granted, IAS_V-2204-001.
Emergency Medical Services -- Aircraft -- Requisite Equipment & Supplies -- Denied, IAS_V-2205-001.
Emergency Medical Services -- Application Requirements -- Denied, IAS_V-2206-001.
Emergency Medical Services -- County Award Applications -- Deadline -- Granted, IAS_V-2207-002.
Emergency Medical Services -- Minimum Equipment & Supplies On Permitted Advanced Life Support Vehicles, IAS_V-2208-001.
Emergency Medical Services -- Requirement That a Provider Furnish Certain Run Reports to a Receiving Facility, IAS_V-2209-001.
Emergency Medical Technician -- Responsibility For Intravenous Fluids During Routine Transport, IAS_V-2210-001.
First Aid Training Course -- Equivalency to Red Cross, National Safety Council, etc., IAS_V-2211-001.
Home Health Services For Disabled Adults -- Granted, IAS_V-2212-001.
Licensure Exam --
Entry Into With Attorney & Expert Witnesses -- Denied, IAS_V-2213-002.
Medical -- Mammography Medical Physicist -- Requirement For a Master's Degree -- Granted, IAS_V-2214-001.
Medical -- Orthotists & Prosthetists -- National Licensure Exam -- Granted, IAS_V-2215-001.
Medical -- Scanning System -- Calcium In Arteries -- Denied, IAS_V-2216-001.
Midwife -- Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Limits, IAS_V-2217-001.
Mobile Home Park -- Obligation to Provide Certain Facilities -- Denied, IAS_V-2218-001.
Nuclear Medicine -- Hospitalization Requirements -- Granted, IAS_V-2219-001.
Nuclear Medicine -- Release of Patient From Medical Confinement, IAS_V-2220-001.
Petition Dismissed As Legally Insufficient, IAS_V-2221-002.
Private School -- Requirement That Toilet Facilities Be Accessible Under Continuous Roof Cover From All Student Occupied Spaces -- Granted, IAS_V-2222-001.
Public Swimming Pool -- Automatic Coiling Device For Above Ground Pool Cover, IAS_V-2223-001.
Public Swimming Pool -- Step Riser Height & Spa Deck Width -- Granted & Denied In Part, IAS_V-2224-001.
Public Swimming Pool -- Zero Depth Entry Pool With Deck Level Grate -- Minimum Depth of Three (3) Feet, IAS_V-2225-001.
RV Campground -- Sanitary Dump Station -- Denied, IAS_V-2226-001.
Radioactive Materials Licensee -- Granted & Denied In Part, IAS_V-2227-001.
Radiologist -- Licensure Exam -- Educational Requirements -- Denied, IAS_V-2228-001.
Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park -- Requirement For a Sewage Dump Station -- Granted, IAS_V-2229-002.
Sanitary Facilities -- Requirement For -- Denied, IAS_V-2230-001.
Septic Tank -- Aerobic -- Requirement For a Signed Maintenance Agreement Between Property Owner and Maintenance Entity, IAS_V-2231-001.
Septic Tank -- Commercial -- Restaurant -- Under-Sized -- Second Variance Denied, IAS_V-2232-001.
Septic Tank -- Location of New Filter Device Outside the Tank, IAS_V-2233-002.
Septic Tank -- Manufacturer -- Reduction In Size of Required Drainfield -- Denied, IAS_V-2234-001.
Septic Tank -- Requirement That Outlet Filter Device Be Physically Located Inside the Tank -- Granted, IAS_V-2235-001.
Septic Tank -- Variance -- Restaurant -- Increase In Capacity, IAS_V-2236-001.
State Approval Trauma Center -- Requirement to Have a Minimum of Five (5) General Surgeons -- Granted, IAS_V-2237-001.
Stop Sale Notice -- Septic Tank Cleaning Product --
Dept. Dismissal of Request For Hearing As Untimely Affirmed, IAS_V-2238-001.

Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Licensure --
Exam --
Challenge to Grading, IAS_V-2239-001.

Public Records Request --
Circuit Court Order Compelling Disclosure of Legal Dept. Draft Audit Report Quashed, IAS_V-2240-001.

Class Action Challenge to Constitutionality of §320.0848 --
Dept. Motion to Dismiss & Decertify Denied, IAS_V-2241-001.
Contracts (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Declaratory Statements (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS) --
Appellate Court Vacates After Dept. Confession of Error, IAS_V-2242-001.
Driver Improvement Course --
Challenge to Dept. Approval of Dismissed, IAS_V-2243-001.
Dept. Approval Granted, IAS_V-2244-001.
Driver's License Is a Privilege Subject to Proper Regulations, IAS_V-2245-002.
Driver's License Suspension --
Circuit Court Reverses On Basis of Dept. Hearing Officer Comments, IAS_V-2246-001.
Circuit Court Review of Examined, IAS_V-2247-003.
Circuit Court Review of Examined -- Administrative Review Found Not Prerequisite, IAS_V-2248-001.
DUI Statute --
§316.93 -- Constitutionality of Upheld, IAS_V-2249-001.
§322 Is to Be Liberally Construed, IAS_V-2250-002.
§322.28(5) Declared Unconstitutional -- Prohibition of Stays Pending Appeal, IAS_V-2251-001.
Accident Report -- Driver Found to Have a Privilege Regarding Disclosure, IAS_V-2252-002.
Alcohol Breath Testing Equipment (See Also HRS, Dept. of) -- FDLE Certificate of Assurance (COA) Found Not to Constitute a Rule, IAS_V-2253-001.
Alcohol Breath Testing Equipment -- FDLE Certificate of Assurance (COA) Found to Constitute a Rule, IAS_V-2254-001.
Alcohol Breath Testing Equipment -- FDLE Rules Regarding Found Invalid -- Motion to Suppress Granted, IAS_V-2255-002.
Alcohol Breath Testing Equipment -- Selection of Company to Distribute the Alcohol Reference Solution (ARS) Found Not to Constitute a Rule, IAS_V-2256-001.
Alcohol Breath Testing Equipment -- Test Results Suppressed After County Court Declares Rule 11D-8.006(2) to Be Vague, IAS_V-2257-001.
Arrest Report -- Only Proof -- Suspension Quashed By Circuit Ct. -- Inadequate Evidence, IAS_V-2258-001.
Arresting Officer -- Probable Cause, IAS_V-2259-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) -- §57.111 Is Inapplicable, IAS_V-2260-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs -- Circuit Court Award of Against Dept. In Favor of Driver Quashed, IAS_V-2261-001.
Challenge to Administrative Hearing As Untimely Accorded Rejected, IAS_V-2262-001.
Challenge to Failure of Officer to Swear to Affidavit Regarding Evidence Granted, IAS_V-2263-001.
Challenge to Propriety of Initial Stop Rejected, IAS_V-2264-001.
Challenge to Suspension On the Sole Basis That the Final Order Was Untimely Rejected, IAS_V-2265-001.
Circuit Court -- Discretion to Stay Administrative Suspension Pending Its Review, IAS_V-2266-002.
Circuit Court -- Limited Scope of Review, IAS_V-2267-008.
Circuit Court Challenge to FDLE Breath Testing Rules & Unpromulgated Rules Denied, IAS_V-2268-001.
Circuit Court Denial of Writ of Certiorari, IAS_V-2269-001.
Circuit Court Denial of Writ of Certiorari Affirmed, IAS_V-2270-002.
Circuit Court Injunction Staying Suspension Pending Appeal Reversed, IAS_V-2271-002.
Circuit Court Lacks Jurisdiction to Grant Hardship License For Medical Reasons, IAS_V-2272-001.
Circuit Court Lacks Jurisdiction to Waive Mandatory Course Requirement, IAS_V-2273-001.
Circuit Court Reversal of Dept. Hearing Officer Reversed, IAS_V-2274-006.
Circuit Court Reversal of Dept. Prosecution of Matters Outside of the Citation, IAS_V-2275-001.
Circuit Court Reversal of Suspension On Basis of Lack of Probable Cause For the Arrest, IAS_V-2276-001.
Circuit Court Reversal of Suspension On the Basis of Improper Dept. Reliance On the Accident Report, IAS_V-2277-001.
Circuit Court Stay of Suspension Pending Appeal Affirmed, IAS_V-2278-001.
Circuit Court Temporary Injunction Requiring Dept. Issuance of Hardship License Pending Appeal Reversed, IAS_V-2279-001.
Circuit Ct. Finding Lack of Quashed, IAS_V-2280-001.
Dept. Breath Test Affidavit Found to Constitute Hearsay, IAS_V-2281-001.
Dept. Burden of Proof Regarding Accuracy & Reliability of Sobriety Test Examined, IAS_V-2282-001.
Dept. Denies Business Only License & Permanently Revokes -- Circuit Ct. Grants Certiorari -- Certiorari Relief Quashed, IAS_V-2283-001.
Dept. Fails to Prove the Officer Had Requisite "Founded Suspicions" to Justify the Investigatory Stop, IAS_V-2284-001.
Dept. Fails to Respond to Circuit Court Challenge to DUI Driver's License Suspension, IAS_V-2285-001.
Dept. Has Exclusive Jurisdiction to Grant a Hardship License, IAS_V-2286-001.
Dept. Obligation to Issue a Final Order When Permanently Revoking a License, IAS_V-2287-001.
Discovery Violations Found Harmless Error, IAS_V-2288-002.
Driver Improvement or Substance Abuse Course -- Circuit Judge Cannot Waive, IAS_V-2289-001.
Driver's License Is a Privilege Subject to Proper Regulations, IAS_V-2290-001.
Drug-Free -- Definition of Examined, IAS_V-2291-001.
Evidentiary Standards Governing Administrative Proceedings, IAS_V-2292-001.
Hardship License -- Requirement That Applicant Be "Drug-Free" For Twelve (12) Months Includes Alcohol, IAS_V-2293-001.
Hardship License Found Unavailable, IAS_V-2294-001.
Implied Consent Warning Need Be Re-issued At Time of Refusal, IAS_V-2295-001.
Indefinite Suspension, IAS_V-2296-001.
Medical Disqualification, IAS_V-2297-001.
Observation Period -- Officer Inability to Recall Beginning of Is Immaterial, IAS_V-2298-001.
Order On Motion For Rehearing & Clarification: Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles v. Chamizo, IAS_V-2299-001.
Police Officer Failure to Attend Hearing -- Continuance Found Improperly Denied, IAS_V-2300-001.
Probable Cause -- Informant's Tip, IAS_V-2301-001.
Probable Cause Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2302-004.
Reasonable Regulation of the Driving Privilege Is In the Public Good, IAS_V-2303-002.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test, IAS_V-2304-005.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test -- Alleged Revocation of Refusal Rejected, IAS_V-2305-001.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test -- Circuit Court Reversal of Dept. Hearing Officer Reversed, IAS_V-2306-002.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test -- Circuit Court Stay of Suspension Affirmed -- State Appeal Found Untimely, IAS_V-2307-001.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test -- Events Following Are Irrelevant, IAS_V-2308-001.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test -- Hypothetical Validity of Refused Test Is Not Relevant, IAS_V-2309-001.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test -- Low Sample Column Treated As, IAS_V-2310-001.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test -- No Right to Counsel Prior to, IAS_V-2311-001.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test -- Officer Failure to Timely Forward Arrest Report & Affidavit, IAS_V-2312-001.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test -- Officer Need Not Offer a Choice of Tests, IAS_V-2313-001.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test -- Outcome of Parallel Court Case Immaterial to Automatic Suspension, IAS_V-2314-001.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test -- Probable Cause to Stop, IAS_V-2315-001.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test -- Refusal of Second Test Alone Constitutes, IAS_V-2316-001.
Refusal to Submit to Sobriety Test -- There Is No Right to Counsel Before Submitting, IAS_V-2317-001.
Reinstatement of License -- Mandatory Requirements For Cannot Be Waived, IAS_V-2318-001.
Rule Challenge -- Procedures For Collection, Storage & Transportation of Blood Samples Found Inadequate, IAS_V-2319-001.
Stay Pending Appellate Review Quashed, IAS_V-2320-001.
Subpoena For Breath Technician, IAS_V-2321-001.
Subpoena Should Issue From Dept. Hearing Officer For Any Fact Witness, IAS_V-2322-001.
Successful Challenge to Quashing of Driver's Subpoena of Officer, IAS_V-2323-001.
Suppression of Evidence Upheld, IAS_V-2324-001.
Dept. Denial of Reinstatement Reversed By Circuit Court --
Competent Substantial Evidence Found Lacking, IAS_V-2325-001.
Does Not Constitute Punishment -- Rather It Is An Administrative Remedy For Public Protection, IAS_V-2326-001.
Driving Without a License --
Withholding of Adjudication of Guilt Is Not a Defense, IAS_V-2327-001.
Reasonable Regulation of the Driving Privilege Is In the Public Good, IAS_V-2328-001.
Standard For Compelling Road Side Sobriety Test, IAS_V-2329-001.
Thirty-Day Rule For Scheduling a Hearing Not Violated If Continuance Is Granted, IAS_V-2330-001.
Highway Patrol --
Police Officer Statutory Bill of Rights Found Improperly Modified By Rule, IAS_V-2331-001.
Manufacture & Distribution of Fake Driver's License, IAS_V-2332-001.
Mobile Home Installer --
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-2333-001.
Motor Vehicle Dealer Franchise --
§320.641 --
Circuit Court Dismissal of Facial Constitutionality Claim Reversed, IAS_V-2334-001.
Adequate Representation -- Determination of, IAS_V-2335-001.
Area Assigned In Sales & Service Agreement Is Entitled to Great Weight, IAS_V-2336-001.
Attorney's Fees Pursuant to 120.59(6) Denied, IAS_V-2337-001.
Cancellation of Franchise For Alleged Abandonment -- Failure to Open For Ten (10) Consecutive Days, IAS_V-2338-001.
Challenge to New Dealership -- Motorcycle, IAS_V-2339-001.
Change In Executive Management, IAS_V-2340-001.
Change In Geographic Area of Primary Sales Responsibility, IAS_V-2341-001.
Change In Ownership -- Challenge to -- Requisite Financial Information, IAS_V-2342-001.
Community or Territory Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2343-001.
Contract Between Dealer & Manufacturer --
Unambiguous Language Need Not Be Construed With Extrinsic Evidence, IAS_V-2344-001.
Disclosure of Identity of Principal Investors, IAS_V-2345-001.
Emergency Suspension of License --
Cancellation of Surety Bond, IAS_V-2346-001.
Felony Conviction --
Eligibility For Ownership Interest Examined, IAS_V-2347-001.
Felony Conviction -- Out-of-State --
Dealing In Stolen Motor Vehicle Parts, IAS_V-2348-001.
License Revocation --
Complaint -- Fine, IAS_V-2349-001.
Criminal Conviction, IAS_V-2350-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-2351-001.
Lack of Requisite Work Experience On Part of An Associate, IAS_V-2352-001.
Previously -- Licensure Application Approved, IAS_V-2353-001.
Manufacturer "Ownership" or "Control" of a Dealership Discussed, IAS_V-2354-001.
Manufacturer Seeks to Unilaterally Amend Agreement to Prevent Unauthorized Export of United States-Only Vehicles, IAS_V-2355-001.
Motor Vehicle -- Definition of Examined, IAS_V-2356-001.
Motorcycle Dealer -- Change of Ownership -- Intervenor Protest, IAS_V-2357-001.
Motorcycle Dealer -- Intervenor Protest, IAS_V-2358-002.
New Dealer Within a Multiple Dealer Area (MDA) --
Additional Dealership -- Requisite Proof to Justify Need For Examined, IAS_V-2359-002.
Adequate Representation -- Determination of, IAS_V-2360-003.
Area Assigned In Sales & Service Agreement Is Entitled to Great Weight, IAS_V-2361-002.
Challenge to New Dealership -- Automobile, IAS_V-2362-001.
Community or Territory Defined, IAS_V-2363-003.
Existing Dealers Found to Be Providing Inadequate Representation, IAS_V-2364-002.
Nonexclusive Dealership Found Granted, IAS_V-2365-001.
Purpose of §320.642 Examined, IAS_V-2366-004.
Relocation of Automobile Dealer, IAS_V-2367-002.
Relocation of Existing Dealer, IAS_V-2368-004.
Relocation of Existing Dealer Is Preferable to Loss of Dealer Point, IAS_V-2369-001.
Revocation After An Informal Hearing Denied, IAS_V-2370-001.
Surety Bond -- Cancellation of --
Emergency Suspension, IAS_V-2371-001.
Transfer -- 20% Stock Interest -- Convicted Felon -- Approved, IAS_V-2372-001.
Transfer -- Proposal Withdrawn -- Mootness, IAS_V-2373-002.
Previous Final Order Rescinded: HSMV v. Axe of America, Inc., IAS_V-2374-001.
Registration of Motor Vehicle --
Impact Fee On Vehicles Purchased or Titled Out-of-State --
Prejudgment Interest Denied -- Post-Judgment Interest Granted In Part, IAS_V-2375-001.

Environmental Protection Comm. --
Circuit Court Dismissal of Inverse Condemnation Claim As Not Ripe Affirmed, IAS_V-2376-001.

Adoption (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of) --
Primary Considerations In An Adoption Proceeding Examined, IAS_V-2377-001.
Purpose & Role of the Advisory Counsel On Adoption Examined, IAS_V-2378-001.
Statutory Prohibition Against Consideration of Homosexuals As Adoptive Parents Upheld, IAS_V-2379-001.
Alcohol Breath Testing Equipment --
Control Test Is Discretionary Rather Than Mandatory, IAS_V-2380-001.
Equivalency Between Breath Test Results & Blood Alcohol Readings Noted, IAS_V-2381-002.
Flaw In Procedures Found Not to Invalidate Results, IAS_V-2382-001.
Requisite Credentials of Those Who Submit Maintenance Documents, IAS_V-2383-001.
Rules Regarding -- Procedures That Are Implicit & Incidental Do Not Require Explicit Codification, IAS_V-2384-001.
Rules Regarding Found to Properly Incorporate All Pertinent Forms By Reference, IAS_V-2385-001.
Central Abuse Registry (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of; HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA); HEALTH, Dept. of; JUVENILE JUSTICE, Dept. of) --
§415 -- Statutory Repeal of Classification Scheme Does Not Apply Retroactively --
Denial of Petition For Hearing Reversed, IAS_V-2386-001.
Abuse or Neglect --
Exploitation -- Amendment of Statutory Definition, IAS_V-2387-001.
Exploitation -- Defined, IAS_V-2388-001.
Exploitation -- Financial, IAS_V-2389-005.
Exploitation -- Financial -- Bona Fide Loan Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-2390-001.
Neglect -- 1993 Statutory Amendment of Definition of Examined, IAS_V-2391-001.
Neglect -- Defined, IAS_V-2392-003.
Neglect -- Inadequate Supervision, IAS_V-2393-007.
Neglect -- Inadequate Supervision -- Leaving Patient Unattended -- HRS Finding of Neglect Reversed, IAS_V-2394-001.
Neglect -- Medical, IAS_V-2395-003.
Aged Adult Care Worker --
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-2396-003.
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-2397-004.
Defined, IAS_V-2398-001.
Caregiver Defined, IAS_V-2399-003.
Confirmed Report --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2400-002.
Disabled Adult Care Worker --
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-2401-003.
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-2402-005.
Defined, IAS_V-2403-001.
Disabled Adult Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2404-001.
Exemption From Disqualification (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of; HEALTH, Dept. of; JUVENILE JUSTICE, Dept. of) --
1995 Statutory Amendment -- Applicability of, IAS_V-2405-004.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-2406-001.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_V-2407-005.
Applicant's Burden of Proof -- Self-Serving Testimony Alone Is Insufficient, IAS_V-2408-001.
Criminal Charge -- Lewdness, IAS_V-2409-001.
Criminal Conviction -- 1974 Second Degree Murder, IAS_V-2410-001.
Criminal Conviction -- 78 Arrests, IAS_V-2411-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Attempted Murder, IAS_V-2412-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Cocaine -- Sale or Delivery, IAS_V-2413-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Sodomy, IAS_V-2414-001.
Criminal Plea -- 1973 Manslaughter, IAS_V-2415-001.
Criminal Plea -- Aggravated Assault Five (5) Years Ago, IAS_V-2416-001.
Criminal Plea -- Attempted Arson, IAS_V-2417-001.
Criminal Plea -- Domestic Violence, IAS_V-2418-002.
Criminal Plea -- Possession & Sale of Marijuana Four (4) Years Ago, IAS_V-2419-001.
Denied, IAS_V-2420-011.
Domestic Violence, IAS_V-2421-003.
Granted, IAS_V-2422-004.
Rehabilitation -- Limited Time Between Disqualifying Conduct and Application, IAS_V-2423-001.
Rehabilitation -- Proof of -- Six (6) Months Too Short a Timeframe, IAS_V-2424-001.
Rehabilitation Found Not Proven, IAS_V-2425-001.
Rehabilitation Found Proven, IAS_V-2426-001.
HRS Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-2427-012.
Proposed Confirmed Report --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2428-005.
Request For Hearing Denied --
As Untimely, IAS_V-2429-002.
Child Custody (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of) --
Attorney-Ad-Litem -- Court-Appointed --
Circuit Court-Imposed HRS Liability For Reversed, IAS_V-2430-001.
Parental Rights --
Circuit Court Termination of Father's Rights Reversed, IAS_V-2431-001.
Failure to Comply With Performance Agreement -- Proof of, IAS_V-2432-001.
Circuit Court Denial of Relief Reversed, IAS_V-2433-001.
Contract (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests)) --
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
Denial of Affirmed, IAS_V-2434-001.
Lease of Children's Medical Services Clinic --
Dept. Rejection of All Bids Affirmed, IAS_V-2435-001.
Employee (See Also PUBLIC EMPLOYEES) --
Salary Overpayment -- Recoupment of Approved, IAS_V-2436-001.
License --
Child Care Facility (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of) --
Inadequate Facilities, IAS_V-2437-001.
Inadequate Staffing Ratios, IAS_V-2438-001.
Increased Penalty of Revocation & Fine Over DOAH Recommendation of Dismissal Reversed, IAS_V-2439-001.
Provisional License -- Second -- Granted, IAS_V-2440-001.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, IAS_V-2441-001.
Foster Parent (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of) --
Corporal Punishment of Foster Child, IAS_V-2442-001.
Foster Parent License Is Not a "Professional License" Subject to Strict Procedural Safeguards, IAS_V-2443-001.
Foster Parenting Discussed, IAS_V-2444-001.
Foster Parents Do Not Make the Placement Decisions, IAS_V-2445-001.
Inappropriate Discipline, IAS_V-2446-001.
Insufficient Income, IAS_V-2447-001.
Lack of Fitness, IAS_V-2448-001.
Physical Abuse, IAS_V-2449-002.
Provisional License -- Limitations On, IAS_V-2450-001.
Foster Parent -- Renewal --
Confirmed Central Abuse Registry Report -- Denied, IAS_V-2451-001.
Denied, IAS_V-2452-001.
Foster Parent License Is Not a "Professional License" Subject to Strict Procedural Safeguards, IAS_V-2453-001.
Marijuana Use -- Positive Drug Test, IAS_V-2454-001.
Renewal Is Treated As An Initial Application With the Applicant Bearing the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-2455-001.
Sexual Abuse, IAS_V-2456-001.
Licensure --
Foster Parent --
Burden of Proving Fitness, IAS_V-2457-001.
Failure to Provide Requisite Financial Information, IAS_V-2458-001.
Termination From Participation In Training Program, IAS_V-2459-001.
Medicaid (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA), Public Medical Assistance Trust Fund; MEDICAID, Medical Assistance Funds)
Medical Assistance Funds (See MEDICAID)
Public Assistance Benefits --
DOAH Has No Jurisdiction Over Appeal, IAS_V-2460-001.

§760 --
Purpose of Examined, IAS_V-2461-002.
To Be Liberally Construed, IAS_V-2462-001.
Age Discrimination --
Comm. Finding of Reversed, IAS_V-2463-001.
Concurrent Federal Jurisdiction Noted, IAS_V-2464-001.
Tallahassee Police Dept., IAS_V-2465-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
Appeal From Nonfinal Order Denying Fees Against the Comm. Affirmed, IAS_V-2466-001.
Backpay --
Interim Earnings Are Deducted, IAS_V-2467-001.
Overtime Is Not Awarded, IAS_V-2468-001.
Unconditional Offer of Similar Employment Abates Liability, IAS_V-2469-001.
Circuit Court Action --
Complaint to Fla. Comm. On Human Relations As a Prerequisite, IAS_V-2470-003.
Statute of Limitations -- Untimely Comm. Reasonable Cause Determination, IAS_V-2471-001.
Circuit Court Action Vitiates Comm. Jurisdiction --
Even Though Comm. Does Not Make a Reasonable Cause Determination Within 180 Days, IAS_V-2472-001.
Time Limit For Filing of Examined, IAS_V-2473-002.
Employment Discrimination --
Disparate Impact & Disparate Treatment Claims Distinguished, IAS_V-2474-001.
Employer's Failure to Appear --
Comm. Refusal to Consider Alleged Excusable Neglect Reversed, IAS_V-2475-001.
Existence of Discrimination Is a Question of Fact, IAS_V-2476-001.
Statistics Play An Important & Controversial Role, IAS_V-2477-001.
Time Limit For Filing of Complaint Examined & Found Violated, IAS_V-2478-001.
Executive Director --
Delegation of Substantive Powers From Agency Head, IAS_V-2479-001.
Fair Housing Act --
Age Discrimination, IAS_V-2480-001.
National Origin Discrimination --
Hispanic, IAS_V-2481-001.
Physical Handicap Discrimination --
Partially Amputated Right Foot, IAS_V-2482-001.
Race --
Black, IAS_V-2483-001.
White, IAS_V-2484-001.
Religion --
Presbyterian, IAS_V-2485-001.
Sex --
Female, IAS_V-2486-003.
Male, IAS_V-2487-001.
Federal Caselaw Is Applicable, IAS_V-2488-001.
Florida Civil Rights Act --
Physical Handicap Discrimination --
Circuit Court Summary Judgment In Favor of Employer Vacated, IAS_V-2489-001.
Jurisdiction --
Authorization for the Auditor General to Audit Case Files, IAS_V-2490-001.
Status As a Quasi-Judicial Adjudicative Body With Authority to Determine Substantive Rights of Private Parties, IAS_V-2491-001.
Marital Status Discrimination --
Identity or Actions of the Spouse Do Not Pertain to "Marital Status", IAS_V-2492-001.
Legislative History Regarding This Protection Examined, IAS_V-2493-001.
Supreme Court Federal Certified Question Definition of, IAS_V-2494-001.
National Origin Discrimination --
Hispanic, IAS_V-2495-001.
U.S., IAS_V-2496-001.
Physical Handicap Discrimination --
Knee Problems, IAS_V-2497-003.
Prima Facie Case --
Establishment & Effect of, IAS_V-2498-001.
Race Discrimination --
Black, IAS_V-2499-008.
White, IAS_V-2500-001.
Retaliatory Action Discrimination, IAS_V-2501-003.
Rulemaking Authority --
Examined In Detail, IAS_V-2502-001.
Sex Discrimination --
Female, IAS_V-2503-002.
Male, IAS_V-2504-002.
Male --
Comm. Finding of Reversed, IAS_V-2505-001.
Time Limit For Filing of Complaint --
Circuit Court Action -- Effect of Untimely Comm. Determination of Cause, IAS_V-2506-001.

Agent --
Adoption of Recommended Penalty For Less Numerous & Severe Violations Than Charged Reversed, IAS_V-2507-001.
Dept. Emergency Suspension Reversed Due to An Inadequate Basis, IAS_V-2508-001.
Dept. Suspension Based On Willful Misrepresentation Affirmed & Reversed In Part, IAS_V-2509-001.
Discipline Reversed In Part Due to Failure to Properly Draw Up the Administrative Complaint, IAS_V-2510-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
DOAH §120.595 Award of Against Dept. In Successful Proposed Rule Challenge Reversed, IAS_V-2511-001.
Bail Bondsman --
Increased Penalty Over DOAH Recommendation Affirmed, IAS_V-2512-001.
Company --
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Department Investigatory Files --
Circuit Court Temporary Injunction Prohibiting Disclosure Under the Public Records Act Reversed, IAS_V-2513-001.
Insurance Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2514-001.
Investigative Subpoena --
Circuit Court Denial of Enforcement of Reversed, IAS_V-2515-001.
Claim of "Work Product" Exemption Upheld On Appeal, IAS_V-2516-001.
Complaint Is Not a Prerequisite to, IAS_V-2517-001.
Fla. Property & Casualty Joint Underwriting Assoc. (FPCJUA) --
Circuit Court Order Directing Disclosure of Underwriting Guidelines Quashed, IAS_V-2518-001.
Servicing Carrier Challenge to Nonrenewal of Contract --
Circuit Court Denial of Injunction Affirmed, IAS_V-2519-001.
Florida Commission On Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology --
Commission Challenge to Dicta In Favorable DOAH Recommended Order Regarding Its Status As An "Agency" Denied, IAS_V-2520-001.
Jurisdiction --
Statutorily-Provided Enforcement & Investigative Powers of the Dept. Examined, IAS_V-2521-001.

Applicability of §120 to the Bd. Examined, IAS_V-2522-001.
Bd. Is An Agency, IAS_V-2523-003.
Coastal Island Defined, IAS_V-2524-001.
Constitutional Genesis of Bd. Proprietary Powers, IAS_V-2525-001.
DEP Is Staff to the Bd. of Trustees, IAS_V-2526-001.
Distinction Between Bd. Proprietary Powers & General Regulatory Authority Examined, IAS_V-2527-001.
Jurisdiction (See Also Sovereign Submerged Land) --
Bd. May Prohibit Construction of Any Dock On Sovereign Submerged Land, IAS_V-2528-001.
Butler Act Is Strictly Construed In Favor of State, IAS_V-2529-001.
Disclaimers of State Ownership of Formerly Filled Submerged Land, IAS_V-2530-001.
Distinction Between Bd. "Proprietary" & Regulatory Powers, IAS_V-2531-001.
To Deny a Disclaimer For Previously Conveyed Land, IAS_V-2532-001.
Petition to Initiate Rulemaking --
Sovereign Submerged Lands & Aquatic Preserves -- Second Amended Order Vacated, IAS_V-2533-001.
Riparian Rights Discussed, IAS_V-2534-001.
Rule Variance Provision of §120.542 Is Inapplicable, IAS_V-2535-002.
Rulemaking Authority --
§120 Limitations On Applicable to Proprietary Functions, IAS_V-2536-001.
Powers of the Trustees Examined, IAS_V-2537-001.
Sovereign Submerged Land --
Applicant -- Homeowner's Association -- Sufficient "Title Interest" Found Over Contrary Initial DEP Finding, IAS_V-2538-001.
Butler Act Exhaustively Explored, IAS_V-2539-001.
Consent of Use -- Dock, IAS_V-2540-001.
Consent of Use -- Dock & Pier -- Residential, IAS_V-2541-001.
Consent of Use -- Dock -- Biscayne Bay -- After-the-Fact -- Denied, IAS_V-2542-001.
Consent of Use -- Dock -- Homeowner's Association In Residential Subdivision, IAS_V-2543-001.
Consent of Use -- Dock -- Private, IAS_V-2544-001.
Consent of Use -- Dock -- Residential -- Extension, IAS_V-2545-001.
Consent of Use -- Dock -- Residential -- Mere Easement Holder Lacks Requisite Ownership, IAS_V-2546-001.
Consent of Use -- Dock -- Residential -- Multi-Family, IAS_V-2547-001.
Consent of Use -- Dock -- Residential -- Rip Rap Revetment, IAS_V-2548-001.
Consent of Use -- Failure to Simultaneously Apply For Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) Found Fatal to Application For, IAS_V-2549-001.
Consent of Use -- Financial Responsibility Not Considered, IAS_V-2550-001.
Consent of Use -- Finger Piers -- Mooring Piles -- Yacht Club, IAS_V-2551-001.
Consent of Use -- General -- No Third Party Challenge, IAS_V-2552-001.
Consent of Use -- Impairment of Riparian Rights of Others, IAS_V-2553-001.
Consent of Use -- Live Sand -- Collection of, IAS_V-2554-001.
Consent of Use -- No Deadline For Bd. Action, IAS_V-2555-001.
Consent of Use -- Subaqueous Electric Distribution Cable, IAS_V-2556-001.
Consent of Use -- Wooden Footbridge Over River, IAS_V-2557-001.
Extent of State Title & Jurisdiction Examined, IAS_V-2558-001.
Gas & Oil Offshore Drilling Lease --
Summary Judgment In Favor of State Affirmed, IAS_V-2559-001.
Municipal Flushing Outlet, IAS_V-2560-001.
No Deadline For Bd. Action On An Application -- Default Provisions Inapplicable, IAS_V-2561-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver --
Extension of Residential Dock Into Aquatic Preserve -- Denied, IAS_V-2562-001.
Inapplicable to Bd. Rules Involving Proprietary Powers, IAS_V-2563-001.
Single Use Lands to Be Managed Primarily For Maintenance of Natural Conditions/Propagation of Fish & Wildlife/Recreation, IAS_V-2564-001.
State Lands Are Held As a Public Trust, IAS_V-2565-002.
Status of Hat Island As An Undeveloped Coastal Island, IAS_V-2566-001.
Statutory History Regarding Explored, IAS_V-2567-001.
Unified Application For Consent of Use & Environmental Resource Permit, IAS_V-2568-001.

Inverse Condemnation -- Regulatory Taking Claims --
Circuit Court Finding of a Temporary Taking Reversed, IAS_V-2569-001.

Central Abuse Registry (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of; HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA); HEALTH, Dept. of; HRS, Dept. of) --
Exemption From Disqualification --
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_V-2570-005.
Applicant's Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-2571-002.
Criminal Conviction -- Grand Larceny, IAS_V-2572-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Guilt Cannot Be Relitigated, IAS_V-2573-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Lewd Assault On Minor, IAS_V-2574-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Stolen Treasury Checks, IAS_V-2575-001.
Criminal Plea -- Domestic Violence, IAS_V-2576-002.
Criminal Plea -- Domestic Violence -- Bd. Denial Affirmed, IAS_V-2577-001.
Denied, IAS_V-2578-003.
Granted, IAS_V-2579-001.
Petition For Denied, IAS_V-2580-001.
Petitioner Has Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_V-2581-001.
Rehabilitation -- Proof of, IAS_V-2582-001.
Rehabilitation -- Best "Role Model" For Delinquent Youth Not Known, IAS_V-2583-001.
Rehabilitation -- Involves Proof of More Than That the Petitioner Would Not Be Violent, IAS_V-2584-001.
Rehabilitation -- Proof of, IAS_V-2585-001.
Rehabilitation -- Proof of -- Three (3) Years Too Short a Timeframe, IAS_V-2586-001.
Rehabilitation -- Receipt of Exemption From Disqualification From Another Agency Is Not Disposit, IAS_V-2587-001.
Rehabilitation -- Trustworthiness Is Important, IAS_V-2588-001.
Circuit Court Adjudication of Juvenile As Delinquent For An Escape Affirmed, IAS_V-2589-001.
Circuit Court Oversight of Committed Child --
§39.021(4) Declared Unconstitutional, IAS_V-2590-001.
Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Employee (See Also PUBLIC EMPLOYEES) --
Challenge to Discharge From Juvenile Detention Center --
Petitioner Deemed Qualified, IAS_V-2591-001.

§760 Does Not Recognize the Concept of Reverse Discrimination, IAS_V-2592-001.
Age Discrimination, IAS_V-2593-013.
Age Discrimination --
Claim of Is Protected From Retaliatory Employer Action, IAS_V-2594-001.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_V-2595-003.
Prima Facie Case Found Established Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation, IAS_V-2596-001.
Prohibition On Covers All Ages From Birth to Death, IAS_V-2597-004.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-2598-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
Awarded, IAS_V-2599-001.
Awarded -- Lodestar Multiplier Utilized, IAS_V-2600-001.
Commission - Not DOAH - Has Final Authority Over Any Award, IAS_V-2601-001.
Commission Is Without Jurisdiction to Make Awards Pursuant to §57.105, IAS_V-2602-001.
Denied, IAS_V-2603-002.
Employer's Petition For Denied, IAS_V-2604-001.
Pro Se Petitioner Not Entitled to, IAS_V-2605-001.
Standard Governing Comm. Awards of Examined, IAS_V-2606-001.
Burden of Proof (See Also Employment Discrimination, Prima Facie Case; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
Direct & Circumstantial Evidence Discussed, IAS_V-2607-001.
Employee Carries the Ultimate Burden of Proof At All Times, IAS_V-2608-005.
Employee Has the Ultimate Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-2609-003.
Employee's Ultimate Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-2610-010.
Employer -- Merely Production -- Not Persuasion, IAS_V-2611-001.
Physical Handicap Discrimination -- Federal Standards Utilized, IAS_V-2612-001.
Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-2613-001.
Damages (See Also Attorney's Fees & Costs) --
Back Pay Awards -- Calculation of, IAS_V-2614-001.
Back Pay Awards -- Methodology For Calculating, IAS_V-2615-001.
Back Pay Awards -- Standards Governing Proof of Entitlement to, IAS_V-2616-001.
Calculation of, IAS_V-2617-001.
Commission Cannot Enforce Its Own Order, IAS_V-2618-001.
Compensatory Damages Cannot Be Awarded, IAS_V-2619-001.
Front Pay Can Be Awarded, IAS_V-2620-001.
Front Pay Can Be Awarded -- But Is Not, IAS_V-2621-001.
Front Pay Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2622-001.
Front Pay Need Not Be Specifically Requested In Petition For Relief, IAS_V-2623-001.
Interest -- Awarded -- Methodology For Determining, IAS_V-2624-001.
Interest On Costs & Attorney's Fees Rejected, IAS_V-2625-001.
Prejudgment Interest at 12% Per Annum Awarded, IAS_V-2626-001.
Putative -- Cannot Be Awarded Against State Agencies, IAS_V-2627-001.
Employment Discrimination (See Also Burden of Proof) --
Action Against a "Host" of Governmental Entities Including the "State of Florida" Dismissed In Part, IAS_V-2628-001.
An Employer Must Have Actual Knowledge of a Disability, IAS_V-2629-001.
Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) Examined, IAS_V-2630-001.
Circumstantial Evidence -- Role of Examined, IAS_V-2631-002.
Commission Fails to Complete Its Investigation Within 180 Days, IAS_V-2632-001.
Complaint -- Mechanics of Examined, IAS_V-2633-001.
Defined, IAS_V-2634-001.
Denial of Promotion, IAS_V-2635-001.
Direct Evidence -- Only the Most Blatant Verbal Remarks Constitute, IAS_V-2636-001.
Direct Evidence Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2637-003.
Disparate Treatment -- Discipline, IAS_V-2638-001.
Disparate Treatment -- Discriminatory Motive Must Be Proven, IAS_V-2639-001.
Effect of Corporate Dissolution & Sale of Assets On Pending Claim, IAS_V-2640-001.
Employee In Probationary Status Is Nonetheless Protected By §760, IAS_V-2641-001.
Employees -- Voluntary Release From Liability Discussed, IAS_V-2642-001.
Employer Duty of Reasonable Accommodation Explored, IAS_V-2643-002.
Employer Must Have Actual Knowledge of the Alleged Basis For Discrimination, IAS_V-2644-001.
Employers Are Presumed Not to Unfairly Discriminate In a Business Setting, IAS_V-2645-002.
Evidentiary Standards Discussed, IAS_V-2646-004.
Failure to Hire, IAS_V-2647-002.
Failure to Hire -- Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_V-2648-003.
Failure to Promote, IAS_V-2649-004.
Failure to Promote -- Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-2650-002.
Failure to Promote/Discharge, IAS_V-2651-002.
Failure to Rehire, IAS_V-2652-003.
Failure to Rehire After Medical Leave of Absence, IAS_V-2653-001.
Hostile Work Environment -- Test For, IAS_V-2654-002.
Insubordination --
Legitimate Basis For Discharge, IAS_V-2655-001.
Mixed Motive Case -- Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-2656-001.
Parties Are Free to Settle Cases At Any Time Before Final Comm. Action, IAS_V-2657-001.
Protected Class -- Proof of Membership In, IAS_V-2658-001.
Release By Employee Found to Divest Comm. Jurisdiction, IAS_V-2659-001.
Reverse Discrimination -- Florida Act Does Not Reach, IAS_V-2660-001.
Serial -- Continuing Violations -- Proof of, IAS_V-2661-001.
Statistical Evidence -- Role of, IAS_V-2662-002.
Statistical Evidence -- Role of -- Reliability -- Sample Size, IAS_V-2663-001.
Termination -- Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-2664-001.
Termination -- Four (4) Part Test For Prima Facie Case, IAS_V-2665-003.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-2666-001.
Executive Director Fails to Complete Investigation Within 180 Days, IAS_V-2667-002.
Executive Director No Cause Determination --
Implications of Examined, IAS_V-2668-001.
Fact Findings -- DOAH Recommended (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH) --
Remand For Failure to Make and Separately State, IAS_V-2669-001.
Failure to Appear At Hearing Results In Dismissal, IAS_V-2670-001.
Fair Housing Law --
Claimant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-2671-001.
Federal Act Examined, IAS_V-2672-001.
Landlord Duty of Reasonable Accomodation, IAS_V-2673-001.
Petition Dismissed As Defective, IAS_V-2674-001.
Physical Handicap Discrimination --
Blindness, IAS_V-2675-001.
Cane, IAS_V-2676-001.
Lupus, IAS_V-2677-001.
Speech Impediment, IAS_V-2678-001.
Wheel Chair Lift, IAS_V-2679-001.
Race Discrimination, IAS_V-2680-001.
Race Discrimination --
Removal of Parked Vehicles, IAS_V-2681-001.
Remedies --
Injunctive Relief -- Prospective Only, IAS_V-2682-001.
Quantifiable Damages Only -- Not Pain & Suffering, IAS_V-2683-001.
Federal Caselaw Is Applicable, IAS_V-2684-047.
Federal Employment Discrimination Action -- District Court --
Filing of Precludes Parallel Fla. Claim, IAS_V-2685-001.
Filing of Precludes Relief From the Comm. Pursuant to §760, IAS_V-2686-002.
Federal Enclave --
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station --
Commission Lacks Jurisdiction, IAS_V-2687-001.
Florida Act -- 1992 Amendments to Noted -- Applicability of, IAS_V-2688-001.
Florida Act -- Distinguished From Workers' Compensation Program, IAS_V-2689-001.
Florida Act Is Inapplicable to "Reverse Discrimination", IAS_V-2690-001.
Marital Status Discrimination, IAS_V-2691-006.
Marital Status Discrimination (See Also Sex Discrimination) --
Marital Status Defined, IAS_V-2692-001.
Single, IAS_V-2693-001.
National Origin Discrimination --
Citizenship Distinguished From Origin, IAS_V-2694-001.
Derogatory Remarks As Proof of Discriminatory Intent, IAS_V-2695-001.
German, IAS_V-2696-001.
Hispanic, IAS_V-2697-004.
Hispanic/Dominican, IAS_V-2698-002.
Hispanic/Iranian, IAS_V-2699-001.
Iranian, IAS_V-2700-001.
Nigerian, IAS_V-2701-001.
Puerto Rican, IAS_V-2702-002.
Vietnamese, IAS_V-2703-001.
Physical Handicap Discrimination, IAS_V-2704-001.
Physical Handicap Discrimination --
Alcoholism, IAS_V-2705-002.
Asthma, IAS_V-2706-002.
Back Injury, IAS_V-2707-005.
Back Injury -- Must Be Permanent -- Not Temporary, IAS_V-2708-001.
Breathing Difficulty, IAS_V-2709-001.
Carpal Tunnel, IAS_V-2710-001.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IAS_V-2711-002.
Defined, IAS_V-2712-009.
Defined -- Not Related to "Fair Housing" or "Americans With Disabilities (Federal) Act" Definitions, IAS_V-2713-001.
Defined -- Temporary Condition Is Not a Handicap, IAS_V-2714-001.
Diabetes, IAS_V-2715-002.
Federal Standards Utilized In Allocating Burden of Proof, IAS_V-2716-001.
Fibromyalgia, IAS_V-2717-001.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_V-2718-004.
HIV Positive, IAS_V-2719-001.
Hearing Impairment, IAS_V-2720-001.
Heart Disease, IAS_V-2721-001.
Left Arm Missing (Congenital), IAS_V-2722-001.
Lupus, IAS_V-2723-001.
Mental -- Bipolar Disorder, IAS_V-2724-001.
Mental -- Can Alone Constitute, IAS_V-2725-001.
Mental -- Depression, IAS_V-2726-001.
Mental -- Schizophrenia, IAS_V-2727-001.
Mental -- Stress Disorder, IAS_V-2728-001.
Mixed Question of Fact & Law, IAS_V-2729-001.
Mood Adjustment Disorder, IAS_V-2730-001.
Neck/Spinal Injury, IAS_V-2731-001.
Pain -- Chronic, IAS_V-2732-001.
Proof of Prima Facie Case, IAS_V-2733-001.
Speech Impediment, IAS_V-2734-001.
Stroke, IAS_V-2735-001.
Temporary Condition Normally Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-2736-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-2737-005.
Unspecified, IAS_V-2738-002.
Prima Facie Case (See Also Burden of Proof; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Burden of Proof) --
Elements of Are Flexible & Case-Specific, IAS_V-2739-001.
Employer's Rebuttal Burden Is Exceedingly Light, IAS_V-2740-001.
Essential Elements of Examined, IAS_V-2741-001.
Establishment & Effect of, IAS_V-2742-064.
Establishment of In a Discharge Case, IAS_V-2743-001.
Establishment of Is a Question of Ordinary Fact, IAS_V-2744-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-2745-001.
Race Discrimination --
Asian, IAS_V-2746-002.
Black, IAS_V-2747-029.
Derogatory Racial Remarks As Proof of Discriminatory Intent, IAS_V-2748-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-2749-002.
White, IAS_V-2750-005.
Retaliatory Action Discrimination, IAS_V-2751-011.
Retaliatory Action Discrimination --
A Distinct Offense Under Title VII, IAS_V-2752-001.
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case, IAS_V-2753-001.
Negative Job Reference, IAS_V-2754-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-2755-005.
Sex Discrimination (See Also Marital Status Discrimination) --
Based On Sexual Stereotyping, IAS_V-2756-001.
Female, IAS_V-2757-011.
Hostile Work Environment -- Five (5) Part Test For, IAS_V-2758-002.
Male, IAS_V-2759-007.
Strict Liability For Employer Who Condones, IAS_V-2760-002.
Time Limit For Filing of Complaint --
Calculation of Deadline, IAS_V-2761-002.
Comm. Failure to Make a Reasonable Cause Determination, IAS_V-2762-001.
Complaint Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_V-2763-004.
Consequences of Last Discriminatory Act Do Not Toll, IAS_V-2764-001.
Deadline For Seeking a DOAH Hearing, IAS_V-2765-001.
Extended -- DOAH Does Not Second Guess, IAS_V-2766-001.
Found to Be Merely a Limitation Period Subject to Waiver, IAS_V-2767-002.
Is Jurisdictional, IAS_V-2768-001.

Circuit Court Summary Judgment Finding No Sunshine Law Violation Affirmed, IAS_V-2769-001.

Appeals (§380.07(3)) --
Applicant Entitled to Specification of Changes That Would Satisfy Comm., IAS_V-2770-001.
Burden of Proof (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
On Petitioner, IAS_V-2771-001.
Comm. Review of DRI Development Orders Is De Novo, IAS_V-2772-001.
Disqualification of Dept. of Comm. Aff. Attorney For Alleged Bias Denied, IAS_V-2773-001.
Ex Parte Communications Discussed, IAS_V-2774-001.
Intervenor Challenge Pursuant to §380.07(2) (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) --
Standing -- Audubon Society, IAS_V-2775-001.
Standing -- Limited For Challenges to DRI Development Order, IAS_V-2776-001.
Standing -- Property Owners' Association -- Found Lacking, IAS_V-2777-001.
Challenge to DEP Amendment of Coastal Construction Control Line --
Comm. Declines to Accept Review, IAS_V-2778-001.
Challenge to Monroe County Grant of Construction Permit For Seawall/Dock/Fill At Private Residence, IAS_V-2779-001.
Challenge to Monroe County Grant of Permit For Construction of Monkey Feeding & Breeding Pens, IAS_V-2780-001.
Challenge to SFWMD Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) For Residential Development In Broward County, IAS_V-2781-001.
Challenge to Village of Islamorada Denial of a Waiver From the Building Moratorium, IAS_V-2782-001.
Challenge to Walton County Amended Development Order, IAS_V-2783-001.
DRI Review Process Examined, IAS_V-2784-001.
Jurisdiction --
Coordination Between Environmental Permitting & Land Use Decisions, IAS_V-2785-001.
Is Appellate In Nature & Based On Water Resource Statutes & Not Land Use Planning Statutes, IAS_V-2786-001.
Policy of Restoring Lake Okeechobee & Everglades, IAS_V-2787-001.
Stipulation to Jurisdiction Where None Exists Is Ineffectual, IAS_V-2788-001.
To Direct Agencies to Initiate Rulemaking, IAS_V-2789-001.
Order Vacating Final Order: Edgewater Beach Owners Assoc. v. Walton County, et al., IAS_V-2790-001.
Permit (See PERMITS)

Appeal From Nonfinal Order Dismissed For Lack of Jurisdiction, IAS_V-2791-001.

Certification of Eligibility to Have Criminal History Sealed --
Appellate Challenge to Dept. Refusal to Certify Dismissed As Premature, IAS_V-2792-001.

Circuit Court Constitutional Attack On Ordinance Governing C & D Debris -- Constitutionality Upheld, IAS_V-2793-001.

Supervisor of Elections --
Circuit Court Grant of Writ of Mandamus Regarding Notification to a Candidate of the Untimely Filing of Qualifying Papers Reversed, IAS_V-2794-001.

Abandonment, IAS_V-2795-001.
Adoption Agency (See CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of)
Advertising --
Failure to Include Requisite Disclaimer, IAS_V-2796-001.
False & Misleading, IAS_V-2797-003.
Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon, IAS_V-2798-001.
Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_V-2799-002.
Alcoholic Beverage License (See ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE LICENSE)
Approval of Correspondence Course Held to Be a "License", IAS_V-2800-001.
Assisted Living Facility (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA))
Cancellation of Liability Insurance, IAS_V-2801-001.
Certificate (Teaching) (See CERTIFICATE (Teaching))
Child Care Facility (See CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of; HRS, Dept. of)
Chiropractic (See CHIROPRACTIC, Bd. of)
Confidential Information --
Improper Disclosure, IAS_V-2802-002.
Continuing Education -- Failure to Supply Proof of, IAS_V-2803-001.
Controlled Substances (See Also Inability In Profession) --
Dispensing --
Dispensing Without a Prescription, IAS_V-2804-001.
Diversion, IAS_V-2805-001.
Failure to Have Current DEA Registration, IAS_V-2806-001.
Failure to Properly Sign Out & Chart, IAS_V-2807-001.
Improper Administration, IAS_V-2808-001.
Improper Possession & Distribution, IAS_V-2809-001.
Inappropriate or Excessive Prescriptions, IAS_V-2810-003.
Positive Test On Pre-Employment Drug Screen (Cocaine), IAS_V-2811-001.
Prescription Other Than In Course of Practice, IAS_V-2812-007.
Refill Without Proper Prescription, IAS_V-2813-001.
Self-Medication, IAS_V-2814-003.
Criminal Conviction, IAS_V-2815-001.
Criminal Conviction --
Extension of Credit By Extortionate Means, IAS_V-2816-001.
Misdemeanor Battery, IAS_V-2817-001.
Out-of-State, IAS_V-2818-001.
Criminal Plea, IAS_V-2819-001.
Criminal Plea --
Attempting to Illegally Copy Licensure Exam, IAS_V-2820-001.
Dental Lab (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Dentistry (See DENTISTRY, Bd. of)
Experimental Procedure Performed Without Informed Patient Consent, IAS_V-2821-001.
Exploiting Patients For Financial Gain, IAS_V-2822-011.
Failure to --
Complete Required Educational Course, IAS_V-2823-001.
Cooperate With Agency Investigators, IAS_V-2824-001.
Display Certificate, IAS_V-2825-001.
Failure to Adequately Supervise Subordinates, IAS_V-2826-001.
Failure to Bill a Patient For a Copayment, IAS_V-2827-001.
File Requisite Report, IAS_V-2828-001.
Install Proper Fire Extinguishers, IAS_V-2829-001.
Keep Required Hours of Operation, IAS_V-2830-001.
Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_V-2831-056.
Maintain Written Policy & Procedure Document On Sanitation, IAS_V-2832-001.
Notify Board of Change In Business Address, IAS_V-2833-001.
Obtain Emergency Consultations, IAS_V-2834-001.
Obtain Informed Consent, IAS_V-2835-003.
Obtain Occupational License, IAS_V-2836-001.
Perform Statutory or Legal Obligation, IAS_V-2837-004.
Post Requisite Signs, IAS_V-2838-001.
Provide Patient Records Upon Request (See Also Patient Records), IAS_V-2839-001.
Provide Requisite Staff, IAS_V-2840-001.
Report Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_V-2841-001.
False Statements On Employment Application, IAS_V-2842-002.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-2843-002.
Filing a False Report (See Also False Statements), IAS_V-2844-010.
Foster Parent (See CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of; HRS, Dept. of)
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-2845-015.
Gross or Repeated Malpractice, IAS_V-2846-015.
Home Health Agency (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA))
Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer, IAS_V-2847-001.
Improper Kickback For Referral of Patients, IAS_V-2848-001.
Improper Solicitation, IAS_V-2849-001.
Inability In Profession --
Alcoholism, IAS_V-2850-005.
Cocaine -- Trace Amount In Disputed Test, IAS_V-2851-001.
Controlled Substance Abuse, IAS_V-2852-006.
Controlled Substance Abuse -- Marijuana, IAS_V-2853-001.
Pedophilia, IAS_V-2854-001.
Personality Disorder, IAS_V-2855-001.
Incompetence, IAS_V-2856-002.
Insurance Agent or Company (See INSURANCE & TREASURER, Dept. of)
Lack of Good Moral Character, IAS_V-2857-001.
Massage (See MASSAGE, Bd. of)
Motor Vehicle Dealer Franchise (See HIGHWAY SAFETY & MOTOR VEHICLES, Dept. of (HSMV))
Negligence, IAS_V-2858-008.
Nurse (See NURSING, Bd. of)
Nursing Home Administrators (See NURSING HOME ADMINISTRATORS, Bd. of)
Operating Beyond Scope of License, IAS_V-2859-001.
Operating Outside Scope of License, IAS_V-2860-002.
Operating With Expired License, IAS_V-2861-001.
Operating Without a License, IAS_V-2862-003.
Optometrist (See OPTOMETRY, Bd. of)
Osteopathic Physician (See OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE, Bd. of)
Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_V-2863-001.
Out-of-State Discipline --
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-2864-001.
Paramedic (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Patient Records (See Also Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records) --
Charging of Fees For the Provision of, IAS_V-2865-001.
Destruction of, IAS_V-2866-001.
Failure to Provide Upon Request, IAS_V-2867-001.
Pharmacist (See PHARMACY, Bd. of)
Physician (See MEDICINE, Bd. of)
Physician Assistant (See MEDICINE, Bd. of)
Private Investigator (See STATE, Dept. of)
Psychologist (See PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAMINERS, Bd. of)
Real Estate Broker or Salesperson (See REAL ESTATE Comm.)
Respiratory Therapist (See MEDICINE, Bd. of)
Reinstatement --
Petition For Granted, IAS_V-2868-001.
Renewal --
Agency Need Not Give Notice of License Expiration, IAS_V-2869-001.
Denial -- Burden of Proof, IAS_V-2870-003.
Denial -- Burden of Proof --
Discretionary vs. Ministerial Authority, IAS_V-2871-001.
Distinguished From Revocation, IAS_V-2872-001.
Less Than For Penal Proceeding, IAS_V-2873-001.
On Applicant, IAS_V-2874-001.
Past Record In Totality May Be Considered, IAS_V-2875-001.
Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-2876-004.
Denial -- Failure to Provide Licensee Notice of Cancellation of License, IAS_V-2877-002.
Expiration of License Precludes Renewal, IAS_V-2878-001.
Failure to Apply For, IAS_V-2879-001.
Untimely Application For -- Late Fees -- Financial Hardship, IAS_V-2880-001.
Repossessor (See STATE, Dept. of)
Saltwater Products (See ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of)
Security Guard (See STATE, Dept. of)
Septic Tank Contractor (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Sexual Misconduct, IAS_V-2881-014.
Sexual Misconduct (See Also MEDICINE, Bd. of; PSYCHOLOGISTS, Bd. of)
Stay Pending Appeal Denied (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW, Stay), IAS_V-2882-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-2883-075.
Unprofessional Conduct, IAS_V-2884-008.
Veterinarian (See VETERINARY MEDICINE, Bd. of)
Violation of --
Board Order, IAS_V-2885-006.
Probation, IAS_V-2886-002.
Rule, IAS_V-2887-008.
Yacht Brokers (See DBPR (Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation))

Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_V-2888-017.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof --
Agency Denial of Otherwise Qualified Applicant Requires Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_V-2889-003.
Agency Denial of Otherwise Qualified Applicant Requires Clear & Convincing Evidence --
Exception -- Public Trust License -- Foster Parent, IAS_V-2890-001.
By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-2891-023.
Discretionary Authority of State Agencies Noted, IAS_V-2892-001.
Evidence In Support of --
Competent Substantial Evidence Is Less In This Context Than For Revocation Proceeding, IAS_V-2893-001.
Mere Applicant Has At Best a Hope of Qualifying, IAS_V-2894-001.
Licensure By Privilege Distinguished From Licensure By Right, IAS_V-2895-001.
Licensure Proceeding Is Not Penal, IAS_V-2896-003.
Licensure Proceeding Is Not Penal --
Preponderance of Evidence Standard Found Applicable, IAS_V-2897-002.
Public Trust License Distinguished From Entitlement, IAS_V-2898-001.
Public Trust Vis Professional License --
Different Standards Apply, IAS_V-2899-001.
Foster Parent, IAS_V-2900-001.
Applicant Need Only Address Those Issues Raised In Notice of Intent to Deny, IAS_V-2901-001.
Application --
Agency Has Broad Discretion In Determining the Fitness of Applicants, IAS_V-2902-002.
Applicant's Right to Present Evidence In Mitigation, IAS_V-2903-001.
Criminal Conviction, IAS_V-2904-003.
Criminal Conviction --
Appeal of Does Not Preclude Discipline Based On, IAS_V-2905-001.
Debt to Society Found Paid, IAS_V-2906-001.
Restoration of Civil Rights, IAS_V-2907-001.
Criminal Plea (See Also DISCIPLINE) --
Assault to Commit Rape, IAS_V-2908-001.
Domestic Violence On Wife & Child, IAS_V-2909-001.
Driving Under the Influence (DUI), IAS_V-2910-001.
Expungement -- Effect of, IAS_V-2911-001.
Possession of Controlled Substances, IAS_V-2912-001.
Practicing Without a License, IAS_V-2913-001.
Worthless Check, IAS_V-2914-001.
Default Licensure (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Default), IAS_V-2915-001.
Denial Based On Pending Disciplinary Action --
Hearing Found Required, IAS_V-2916-001.
Discretion of An Agency to Impose Conditions On Examined, IAS_V-2917-001.
Domestic Violence On Stepson, IAS_V-2918-001.
Educational Requirements Found Lacking, IAS_V-2919-001.
False or Misleading Information, IAS_V-2920-008.
False or Misleading Information --
Alone a Basis For Denial, IAS_V-2921-001.
Default Licensure Provisions of §120.60(1) & 458.313(3) Found to Be Inapplicable, IAS_V-2922-001.
Intent Found to Be a Requisite Element of This Charge, IAS_V-2923-001.
Test For a "Material" Misrepresentation Examined, IAS_V-2924-001.
Unsigned & Unnotarized Application Found Not Actionable, IAS_V-2925-001.
Lack of Fitness & Trustworthiness, IAS_V-2926-002.
Late Filing Fee -- Challenge to Rejected, IAS_V-2927-001.
Operating Without a Proper License, IAS_V-2928-001.
Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_V-2929-001.
Petit Theft, IAS_V-2930-001.
Previous Denial of Licensure Is Not Probative, IAS_V-2931-001.
Professional Discipline --
Disbarred From the Practice of Law, IAS_V-2932-001.
Requisite Educational Requirements -- Foreign Graduate -- Comparable Defined, IAS_V-2933-001.
Requisite Educational Requirements Found Lacking, IAS_V-2934-006.
Requisite Work Experience --
Experience Gained While Operating Without Requisite Permit Does Not Count, IAS_V-2935-001.
Found Lacking, IAS_V-2936-003.
Residency Requirement --
An Applicant Can Have Only One (1) Legal Residence, IAS_V-2937-001.
Legal Residence Defined, IAS_V-2938-001.
Restriction On As An Alternative to Outright Lengthy Denial, IAS_V-2939-001.
Statutory Amendment During Pendency of, IAS_V-2940-001.
Time Limit For Agency Action Examined, IAS_V-2941-001.
Trespass After Warning, IAS_V-2942-001.
By Endorsement --
Equivalency Between Testing Regimes Found Not Established, IAS_V-2943-001.
Exam -- Grading -- Veteran's Preference, IAS_V-2944-001.
Substantially Equivalent Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2945-001.
Conditional License Found Unauthorized, IAS_V-2946-001.
Examination --
Challenge to Grading, IAS_V-2947-004.
Challenge to Grading --
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_V-2948-007.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-2949-010.
Clinical Portion, IAS_V-2950-003.
Denied, IAS_V-2951-002.
Granted In Part, IAS_V-2952-001.
Minimum Passing Score Not Waived, IAS_V-2953-001.
Minimum Passing Score Waived, IAS_V-2954-001.
National Exam Score Is Not "Agency Action", IAS_V-2955-002.
Petition Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_V-2956-001.
Physical Diagnosis Portion, IAS_V-2957-001.
Practical, IAS_V-2958-004.
Untimely -- Denied, IAS_V-2959-001.
Issuance of Can Be Conditioned On Probationary Status, IAS_V-2960-001.
Licensure Cannot Be Granted Subject to Immediate Discipline, IAS_V-2961-001.

§112.3217 --
Ambiguities In Noted, IAS_V-2962-001.
Ban On Contingency Fees Construed, IAS_V-2963-001.
Inapplicable to Lawyers & Nonlobbyists Representing Clients In Administrative Proceedings, IAS_V-2964-001.

Authority of Dept. to Contract With Cruise Ship Lines As Retailers, IAS_V-2965-001.
Emergency Rule Lump-Sum Payout Offer Invalidated, IAS_V-2966-001.

Lease With Private Hospital Found to Implicate the Public Records & Sunshine Law, IAS_V-2967-001.

Criminal Conviction Regarding Official Misconduct Affirmed, IAS_V-2968-001.

Fish & Wildlife Conservation Comm. --
Supreme Court Strikes Ballot Initiative, IAS_V-2969-001.
Marine Net Ban Constitutional Initiative --
Comm. Has Rulemaking Authority For Both Constitutional & Statutory Provisions, IAS_V-2970-001.
Corrected Opinion: Marine Fisheries Comm. (MFC) v. Environmental Protection (DEP) & Pringle & Crum, IAS_V-2971-001.
Franklin County Court Declaration of Initiative As Unconstitutionally Vague Reversed, IAS_V-2972-001.
Gill Net & Entangling Net Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2973-001.
Rule Definition of "Nearshore or Inshore Waters" --
Circuit Court Invalidation of Rules Reversed, IAS_V-2974-001.
Coastline -- Federal Precedent Is Pertinent, IAS_V-2975-001.
Coastline -- For Purposes of Determining "Nearshore or Inshore Fla. Waters", IAS_V-2976-001.
Coastline Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2977-001.
Comm. Use of "Nautical" Instead of Statutory Mile Upheld, IAS_V-2978-001.
Seine Mesh Discussed, IAS_V-2979-001.
Territorial Sea Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-2980-001.
Vagueness Challenge to Comm. Rule Rejected, IAS_V-2981-002.
Wakulla County Court Declaration of Comm. Rule As Unconstitutional -- Dismissal of Marine Patrol Citation -- Reversed, IAS_V-2982-001.

Circuit Court Challenge By Dept. of Community Affairs to County Moratorium On Mobile Homes --
Circuit Court Denial of Temporary Injunction Affirmed, IAS_V-2983-001.
Circuit Court Denial of Public Records Request From Salvation Army --
Provision of Probation Services Under Contract -- Reversed/Attorney's Fees Denied, IAS_V-2984-001.

Circuit Court Action to Enforce the Sunshine Law --
Settlement of Lawsuits In Closed Executive Session -- Injunction Entered -- Corrective Action Ordered, IAS_V-2985-001.
Local Comprehensive Plan --
Challenge to Development Order As Inconsistent With --
Circuit Court Affirmance After Denying De Novo Review Reversed, IAS_V-2986-001.
Denial of Amendment -- Proposed Planned Unit Development --
Circuit Court Grant of Injunctive Relief & Damages Affirmed & Reversed In Part By Supreme Court, IAS_V-2987-001.

Declaratory Statement (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Emergency Suspension of License --
Sexual Contact With Clients, IAS_V-2988-001.
License --
Emergency Suspension --
Sexual Misconduct, IAS_V-2989-002.

Abortions --
Rules Excluding Medicaid Coverage For Upheld -- Certified Question, IAS_V-2990-001.
Amended Final Order: M&T Diagnostic Center, Inc. v. AHCA, IAS_V-2991-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
DOAH Denial of Attorney's Fee After Successful Challenge to Termination of Benefits Affirmed, IAS_V-2992-001.
Clinical Lab --
Order Mandating a Large Reimbursement Without a Hearing Based On An Untimely Petition For Reversed, IAS_V-2993-001.
Payment of Claims Suspended -- Fraud, IAS_V-2994-001.
Dentist --
Termination of Provider Status -- Criminal Conviction -- Conspiracy & Money Laundering -- Affirmed, IAS_V-2995-001.
Health Care Administration, Agency For (AHCA) (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests); DECLARATORY STATEMENTS; HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For) --
AHCA Audit Report & Work Papers Constitute Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_V-2996-001.
Administrative Changes to Reimbursement Rates Examined, IAS_V-2997-001.
Duty to Seek Reimbursement From Liable Third Parties, IAS_V-2998-001.
Fla. Election to Participate Requires Compliance With Federal Regulations, IAS_V-2999-001.
Fraud Control Program Examined, IAS_V-3000-001.
Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-3001-002.
Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-3002-004.
Mechanics of the Program Examined, IAS_V-3003-003.
Medicaid Is the Payor of Last Resort, IAS_V-3004-001.
Must Have the Flexibility to Respond to Legislative Cuts In Funding, IAS_V-3005-001.
Requirement For Circuit Court Approval of Investigative Subpoena For Patient Records Affirmed, IAS_V-3006-001.
Statutory Framework Governing Reimbursement, IAS_V-3007-001.
Home & Community Based Services Provider --
Failure to Comply With Requirements, IAS_V-3008-001.
Failure to Maintain Requisite Written Records, IAS_V-3009-001.
Falsified Billing, IAS_V-3010-001.
Medicaid Waiver Certification, IAS_V-3011-001.
Provider Status Terminated, IAS_V-3012-001.
Unqualified Personnel, IAS_V-3013-001.
Home Health Agency --
Failure to Make Records Available For AHCA Review, IAS_V-3014-001.
Hospital --
Decision to Reclassify License -- Appellate Remand For Reexamination of Impact On Entitlement to Reimbursement, IAS_V-3015-001.
Inpatient Psychiatric Care At Freestanding Facility Not Covered --
Consolidated License Denied, IAS_V-3016-001.
Medical Necessity --
AHCA Determination Regarding Found Not Subject to De Novo Review At DOAH, IAS_V-3017-001.
Alleged Lack of Found Not Proven, IAS_V-3018-001.
Distinction Between Peer Review & Concurrent Hospital Review, IAS_V-3019-001.
Two (2) Prong Test, IAS_V-3020-001.
Obstetrical Services --
AHCA Rule Predicating Medicaid Reimbursement On CON Approval Invalidated At DOAH, IAS_V-3021-001.
Per Diem Rate --
Loss On Depreciable Assets Upon Sale of Hospital, IAS_V-3022-001.
Psychiatric --
Alternative Placement Discussed, IAS_V-3023-002.
Refund Order -- Challenge to Upheld, IAS_V-3024-001.
Treatment of Alternative Source of Payment, IAS_V-3025-001.
Recoupment of Overpayment, IAS_V-3026-001.
Recoupment of Overpayment --
Lack of Medical Necessity -- Inpatient Psychiatric Care, IAS_V-3027-001.
Methodology For Determining Overpayment Examined, IAS_V-3028-001.
Individual Support Coordinator --
Failure to Timely Submit Client Planning Documentation, IAS_V-3029-001.
Improper Solicitation of Client Referrals, IAS_V-3030-001.
Intermediate Care Facility --
Audit Adjustments --
Bond Interest Found Allowable, IAS_V-3031-001.
Challenge to Denial of Interim Adjustment, IAS_V-3032-001.
Challenge to Denial of Interim Adjustment Denied, IAS_V-3033-001.
Prior Approval of Significant Capital Expenditures Is Required, IAS_V-3034-001.
Challenge to Statutory Mandate - The Subject of a Federal Court Injunction - Barring Reimbursement Dismissed, IAS_V-3035-001.
Hurricane Damage to Facility --
Cost Report Still Required, IAS_V-3036-001.
Interim Rate Established, IAS_V-3037-001.
Managed Care Plans --
Methodology Governing Reimbursement -- Petition to Initiate Rulemaking -- Agency Denial -- Appeal Dismissed As Moot, IAS_V-3038-001.
Meal Service For HIV Clients --
Provider Status Terminated, IAS_V-3039-001.
Medical Assistance Funds --
Available Resources Examined --
Bank Account Balance of $20,000+, IAS_V-3040-001.
Liquidation of An Annuity to Settle a Daughter's Mortgage In Default, IAS_V-3041-001.
Net Worth Approach Not Taken -- Debts Not Considered, IAS_V-3042-001.
Test For Transfer of Assets Without Fair Compensation, IAS_V-3043-001.
Transfer of Assets From Mother to Daughter For "Personal Services" Found Not to Be Disqualifying, IAS_V-3044-001.
Developmental Services Client --
Request For Recreational Transportation Services Denied, IAS_V-3045-001.
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) -- Physicians Health Care Plans (PHP) --
Mid-Year Unilateral Reduction In Capitation Rate By AHCA -- Reversed, IAS_V-3046-001.
Institutional Care Program --
AHCA Has the Burden of Proof Regarding Each Service Challenged, IAS_V-3047-001.
Termination of Coverage Reversed, IAS_V-3048-001.
Medicaid Lien --
Amendment of the AHCA Claim Examined, IAS_V-3049-001.
Circuit Court Denies AHCA Petition to Enforce, IAS_V-3050-001.
Circuit Court Denies AHCA Petition to Enforce -- Reversed By Substitute Appellate Opinion, IAS_V-3051-001.
Workers' Compensation Claim Proceeds Found Not Subject to, IAS_V-3052-001.
Workers' Compensation Claim Proceeds Found Subject to By Substitute Appellate Opinion, IAS_V-3053-001.
Medically Needy Program --
Alcoholism Is No Longer a Basis For Eligibility, IAS_V-3054-001.
Child With Autism & Swallowing Disorder, IAS_V-3055-001.
Claimant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_V-3056-001.
Considerable & Substantial Weight Must Be Given to the Opinions of Treating Physicians, IAS_V-3057-001.
Denial of Benefits Reversed, IAS_V-3058-004.
Denial of Benefits Reversed Due to Inadequacy of Agency Recommended Order, IAS_V-3059-002.
Depression/Anxiety/Hernia, IAS_V-3060-001.
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case of Disability Examined, IAS_V-3061-001.
Five (5) Step Analysis of Status As Disabled, IAS_V-3062-001.
Five (5) Step Sequential Process For Determining Whether a Person Is Disabled, IAS_V-3063-004.
Hearing Officer's Role In a Disability Determination, IAS_V-3064-001.
Multiple Impairments, IAS_V-3065-001.
Physician Testimony Regarding Disability, IAS_V-3066-001.
Termination of Services Discussed, IAS_V-3067-001.
Utilization of Federal Medical-Vocational Guidelines Examined, IAS_V-3068-001.
Third Party Liability Examined, IAS_V-3069-001.
Medical Equipment Supplier --
Failure to Be Present For Records Request, IAS_V-3070-001.
Provider Status Terminated Due to Absence of a Business Address, IAS_V-3071-001.
Mental Health Service Provider --
Cancellation of Provider Agreement, IAS_V-3072-001.
Lack of Requisite Annual Contract With Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Mental Health Program Office, IAS_V-3073-001.
Nursing Home --
Audit Adjustments --
Challenge to -- Calculation of Property Component Under the Fair Rental Value System, IAS_V-3074-001.
Challenge to Deficiencies Noted By AHCA Survey Team, IAS_V-3075-001.
Interim Rate Increase --
Denial of Involving Rejection of DOAH Recommended Fact Findings Reversed, IAS_V-3076-001.
Reimbursement -- Medical Care Advisory Committee Discussed, IAS_V-3077-001.
Reimbursement -- Plan Discussed, IAS_V-3078-001.
Reimbursement -- Rate -- Challenge to Rule Establishing, IAS_V-3079-001.
Optometrist --
Application For Re-Enrollment -- Criminal Plea -- Granted, IAS_V-3080-001.
Order On Motion for Rehearing: AHCA v. Estabrook, IAS_V-3081-001.
Pharmacy --
Overpayment, IAS_V-3082-003.
Physician --
Challenge to Audit Adjustment, IAS_V-3083-001.
Managed Care Health Plan -- Challenge to Downward Adjustment of the Capitation Rate, IAS_V-3084-001.
Medical Necessity of a Procedure Questioned, IAS_V-3085-001.
Overpayment -- Fraud, IAS_V-3086-001.
Overpayment -- Liability Revised, IAS_V-3087-002.
Provider --
Aggregate Analysis Discussed, IAS_V-3088-001.
Application For Enrollment --
AHCA Discretion to Deny Enrollment Examined, IAS_V-3089-001.
Applicant's Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-3090-001.
Distinguished From Professional Licensure, IAS_V-3091-001.
Paid On a Prospective Basis, IAS_V-3092-001.
Attorney's Fees -- DOAH Lacks Jurisdiction to Award, IAS_V-3093-001.
Audit -- Discussion of Sampling Technique, IAS_V-3094-002.
Audit -- Report & Work Papers Constitute Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_V-3095-001.
Balance Billing When Patient Receives Substantial Settlement From Third Party --
Found Prohibited By Federal Law, IAS_V-3096-001.
Bifurcated Proceeding -- Fact & Amount of Overpayment, IAS_V-3097-001.
Burden of Proof When Bringing a Challenge, IAS_V-3098-003.
Burden of Proof When Challenging Dept. Audit Techniques, IAS_V-3099-001.
Challenge to Termination of Provider Agreement Found Not Cognizable Under §120, IAS_V-3100-001.
Claim Alleging Breach of Contract Dismissed, IAS_V-3101-003.
Contract -- AHCA -- Invalidated In Part As An Umpromulgated Rule, IAS_V-3102-001.
Late Submittal of Bills Cannot Be Excused Despite Computer Problems, IAS_V-3103-001.
Offset Claims -- Time Limit For Assertion of, IAS_V-3104-001.
Records Retention Requirements Examined, IAS_V-3105-001.
Right to Terminate Contracts Examined, IAS_V-3106-002.
Termination of Voluntary Provider Agreement, IAS_V-3107-003.
Public Medical Assistance Trust Fund (See Also HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA)) --
Revised Opinion: Public Medical Assistance Trust Fund et al. v. Hameroff, IAS_V-3108-001.
Rulemaking -- Petition to Initiate --
Physician Health Care Plans --
Proposal to Lock-In Capitated Payment Rate Rejected, IAS_V-3109-001.
Support Coordination Services Provider --
Application For Enrollment --
False Statements On Application -- Confirmed Report of Abuse -- Denied, IAS_V-3110-001.

Allopathic Medicine --
Statutory "Demarcation Line" Between Allopathic & Osteopathic Medicine Examined, IAS_V-3111-001.
Amended Final Order: Health vs. Mohammad Fathi Abdel-Hameed, M.D., IAS_V-3112-001.
American Board of Chelation Therapy --
Application for Approval As a Recognizing Agency Denied, IAS_V-3113-001.
Appellate Court Grants Mandamus --
Bd. Directed to Approve Application For Approval As An Accrediting Body, IAS_V-3114-001.
Appellate Remand --
Health v. Lortz -- License Revoked Subject to Reinstatement, IAS_V-3115-001.
Appellate Review --
Final Order On Appellate Remand: Health v. Habun --
Amended Penalty Imposed: Probation, IAS_V-3116-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Attorney's Fees) --
Equal Access to Justice Act (§57.111) --
Substantially Justified Agency Action Found Over Contrary DOAH Finding, IAS_V-3117-001.
Circuit Court Grant of Temporary Injunction Against State Attorney & In Favor of Physician --
Provision of "Death-Producing Agents" to Terminally Ill/Mentally Competent Patient --
§728.08 Found Unconstitutional On Equal Protection Grounds, IAS_V-3118-001.
Due Process Right to Terminate One's Life With the Assistance of a Physician Found, IAS_V-3119-001.
Privacy Amendment to Fla. Constitution Found to Create Right to Terminate One's Own Suffering, IAS_V-3120-001.
Controlled Substances --
Duty of a Physician to Detect Fraud On Part of the Patient, IAS_V-3121-001.
Statutory Mandates Regarding Substance Abuse Providers, IAS_V-3122-001.
Exceptions to Recommended Order -- Bd. Wants Advice From Legal Counsel, IAS_V-3123-001.
Penalty --
Bd. Rejection of -- Death of Appellant Found to Render Appeal Moot, IAS_V-3124-001.
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Dietetics & Nutrition Practice Council --
Denial of Licensure For Lack of Requisite Experience Reversed, IAS_V-3125-001.
False or Misleading Advertising --
Special Expertise of Bd. of Medicine Regarding, IAS_V-3126-001.
Operating Outside Scope of License, IAS_V-3127-001.
Discipline (See Also DISCIPLINE) --
Actual Harm to Patient Is Not Required, IAS_V-3128-001.
Bd. Discipline Affirmed & Reversed In Part, IAS_V-3129-001.
Bd. Discipline Reversed Due to Consideration of Matters Outside of the Administrative Complaint, IAS_V-3130-001.
Challenge to Release of Probable Cause File to Out-of-State Board -- Petition For Hearing Denied, IAS_V-3131-001.
Letter of Guidance -- No Probable Cause Finding -- No Right to §120.57 Hearing, IAS_V-3132-001.
Not Everything That Impairs or Interferes With a Practitioner's Ability to Render Safe Practice Unlikely, IAS_V-3133-001.
Penalty (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH, Recommended Order) --
Bd. Is Free to Reject Recommended Penalty After An Informal Hearing, IAS_V-3134-001.
Suspension -- Delegation to Nurse Practitioners, IAS_V-3135-001.
Experimental Procedures --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-3136-001.
Importance of Informed Patient Consent, IAS_V-3137-001.
Exploitation of Patient For Financial Gain --
Bd. Discipline Affirmed, IAS_V-3138-001.
Complaint Dismissed, IAS_V-3139-001.
Failure to Adequately Diagnose & Treat An Emergency Room Patient, IAS_V-3140-001.
Hospital Staff Privileges --
Pre-Suspension Hearing Found Not Required, IAS_V-3141-001.
Inability In Profession --
Actual Harm to Patients Need Not Be Established, IAS_V-3142-001.
Cocaine -- Trace Amount In Disputed Drug Test, IAS_V-3143-001.
Conviction For DUI Is Not Dispositive, IAS_V-3144-001.
Failure to Comply With Physician's Recovery Network Contract, IAS_V-3145-001.
Pedophilia -- Found Not Curable, IAS_V-3146-001.
Kickbacks For Referral of Patients --
Analogous Federal Statute Is Pertinent, IAS_V-3147-001.
Group Practice Defined, IAS_V-3148-001.
Management Company In Litigation With Physician -- Denied, IAS_V-3149-001.
Management Company Paid a Percentage Fee, IAS_V-3150-001.
Referral Defined, IAS_V-3151-001.
Self-Referral -- Exception to Prohibition For Physician-Owned Facility That Serves Only That Physician, IAS_V-3152-001.
Statute Found to Expand Propriety of Declaratory Statements For Purposes of Clarification, IAS_V-3153-002.
License (See Also LICENSING) --
Criminal Charge (Sexual Misconduct By a Psychotherapist), IAS_V-3154-001.
Emergency Restriction --
Board Order Regarding Modified On Appeal, IAS_V-3155-001.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records -- Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-3156-001.
Emergency Suspension --
Alcoholism & Addiction to Narcotics, IAS_V-3157-001.
Appeal From Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_V-3158-001.
Attempting to Engage a Patient In Sexual Activity, IAS_V-3159-001.
Chemical Dependency -- Depression -- Recurrence, IAS_V-3160-001.
Cocaine -- Positive Test For, IAS_V-3161-001.
Controlled Substances -- Prescription Other Than In Course of a Professional Practice, IAS_V-3162-001.
Criminal Charge (Possession of Marijuana), IAS_V-3163-001.
Criminal Charge (Prescription of Controlled Substances Outside Course of Professional Practice), IAS_V-3164-001.
Criminal Charge (Unlawful Distribution of Controlled Substances -- Medicaid Fraud), IAS_V-3165-001.
Criminal Conviction (Possession of Cocaine With Intent to Distribute/Related Financial Transactions With Proceeds), IAS_V-3166-001.
Criminal Plea (Attempt to Purchase Crack Cocaine From Undercover Officer), IAS_V-3167-001.
Criminal Plea (Driving Under the Influence), IAS_V-3168-001.
Criminal Plea (Grand Theft/Medicaid Fraud), IAS_V-3169-001.
Criminal Plea (Mail Fraud & Money Laundering), IAS_V-3170-001.
Criminal Plea (Medicaid Fraud, IAS_V-3171-006.
Criminal Plea (Sexual Battery On a Child Under Twelve), IAS_V-3172-001.
Failure to Satisfy Malpractice Claim, IAS_V-3173-003.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_V-3174-001.
Failure to Satisfy Medical Malpractice Judgment, IAS_V-3175-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application -- Failure to Report Felony Conviction, IAS_V-3176-001.
Gross or Repeated Malpractice, IAS_V-3177-001.
Improper Prescription of Controlled Substances, IAS_V-3178-002.
Inability In Profession (Alcohol Dependency), IAS_V-3179-001.
Performing Procedures Not Duly Authorized, IAS_V-3180-001.
Sexual Misconduct, IAS_V-3181-001.
Sexual Misconduct -- Physician Ultimately Exonerated, IAS_V-3182-001.
Sexual Misconduct of Patient, IAS_V-3183-002.
Trading Medical Services For Sexual Services, IAS_V-3184-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-3185-001.
Vacated, IAS_V-3186-001.
Violating a Board Order, IAS_V-3187-001.
Inability In Profession (Manic Behavior/Bipolar Disorder), IAS_V-3188-001.
Out-of-State Discipline --
Failure to Report, IAS_V-3189-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-3190-001.
Probation --
Failure to Follow the Recommendations of the Physicians Recovery Network (PRN), IAS_V-3191-001.
Reinstatement --
Petition For Granted, IAS_V-3192-001.
Sexual Misconduct, IAS_V-3193-001.
Sexual Misconduct --
Laches Found to Bar Complaint, IAS_V-3194-001.
Alleged Lack of Patient-Physician Relationship Rejected, IAS_V-3195-001.
Breast Examination of a Questionable Character, IAS_V-3196-001.
Charges Leveled By Patients Under the Influence of Anesthesia, IAS_V-3197-001.
Consensual -- Patient -- Preceding Physician-Patient Relationship, IAS_V-3198-001.
Pedophilia -- Found Not Curable, IAS_V-3199-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care --
Bd. Discipline Reversed Due to Inadequate Evidence, IAS_V-3200-001.
Failure to Adequately Review Medical Records Prior to Surgery, IAS_V-3201-001.
Not Measured Against Local or Cultural Standards -- Statutes Govern, IAS_V-3202-001.
Operating On the Incorrect Level of the Spine, IAS_V-3203-001.
Voluntary Relinquishment, IAS_V-3204-001.
License -- Nutrition Counselor --
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-3205-001.
Operating Outside Scope of License, IAS_V-3206-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-3207-001.
License -- Physical Therapist --
Emergency Suspension --
Criminal Plea, IAS_V-3208-001.
Polysubstance Abuse (Cocaine/Marijuana/Alcohol), IAS_V-3209-001.
License -- Physician Assistant --
Emergency Suspension --
Criminal Plea (Sexual Battery Upon a Child Under Age 16), IAS_V-3210-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-3211-001.
License -- Respiratory Therapist --
Emergency Suspension --
Cocaine Dependence/Cannabis Abuse/Major Depression, IAS_V-3212-001.
Criminal Plea -- Possession of Cocaine & Hydrocone, IAS_V-3213-001.
Criminal Plea -- Sexual Misconduct, IAS_V-3214-001.
Inability In Profession -- Alcoholism, IAS_V-3215-001.
Inability In Profession -- Substance Abuse/Relapse, IAS_V-3216-001.
Outpatient Treatment of "Polydrug Addiction", IAS_V-3217-001.
Positive Test For Cocaine, IAS_V-3218-002.
Marijuana -- Positive Drug Test, IAS_V-3219-001.
Overdose of Physician Prescribed Controlled Substance/Panic Disorder/Alcohol Dependence/Major Depression, IAS_V-3220-001.
Licensure (See Also LICENSURE) --
By Endorsement --
Failure to Meet Statutory Residency Requirements, IAS_V-3221-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-3222-003.
Less Than Favorable Employment Evaluation, IAS_V-3223-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-3224-001.
Inability to Practice Medicine With Reasonable Skill, IAS_V-3225-001.
Physician Assistant --
Challenge to Grading, IAS_V-3226-001.
Controlled Substances -- Prescription Other Than In Course of Professional Practice, IAS_V-3227-001.
Examination -- Challenge to Grading, IAS_V-3228-001.
Examination -- Challenge to Grading of Clinical Portion, IAS_V-3229-001.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_V-3230-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-3231-001.
Incompetence, IAS_V-3232-001.
Practice of Medicine Without a License, IAS_V-3233-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-3234-001.
Medical Records (See Also OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE, Bd. of) --
Confidentiality --
Importance of Examined, IAS_V-3235-001.
Requisite Scope & Detail Examined, IAS_V-3236-001.
Physician Staff Privileges Suspended Within a Hospital District --
APA Challenge Found Unavailable -- Circuit Court Certiorari Review, IAS_V-3237-001.

Circuit Court Nonfinal Order Denied a Temporary Injunction Seeking to Prohibit Award of a Contract --
Affirmed & Reversed In Part/Remanded, IAS_V-3238-001.

Local Comprehensive Plan --
Severe Problems That Need to Be Immediately Faced Noted, IAS_V-3239-001.

Rule Challenge --
Bylaws of Professional Staff Organization, IAS_V-3240-001.

License --
A Nursing Home Administrator Is Not Merely a Record Keeper, IAS_V-3241-001.
Failure to Correct Deficiencies, IAS_V-3242-001.
Incompetence, IAS_V-3243-001.
Negligence, IAS_V-3244-001.
Vicarious Liability, IAS_V-3245-001.
Licensure --
Application --
Criminal Conviction, IAS_V-3246-001.
Requisite Educational Requirements Found Lacking, IAS_V-3247-001.

License (See Also LICENSING) --
Abandonment of Patient Is Viewed With Great Seriousness, IAS_V-3248-001.
Controlled Substances (See Also Emergency Suspension) --
Failure to Properly Sign Out & Chart, IAS_V-3249-001.
Improper Possession & Distribution, IAS_V-3250-001.
Positive Test On Pre-Employment Drug Screen For Cocaine, IAS_V-3251-001.
Criminal Conviction --
Vehicular Homicide, IAS_V-3252-001.
Criminal Plea (Driving Under the Influence (DUI)), IAS_V-3253-001.
Criminal Plea (Possession of Cannabis & Paraphernalia), IAS_V-3254-001.
Criminal Plea (Possession of Cocaine), IAS_V-3255-001.
Criminal Plea (Possession of Marijuana), IAS_V-3256-001.
Criminal Plea (Possession of Morphine & Paraphernalia), IAS_V-3257-001.
Disclosing Confidential Patient Information, IAS_V-3258-001.
Diversion of Controlled Substances, IAS_V-3259-001.
Emergency Suspension --
Addiction to Controlled Substances, IAS_V-3260-001.
Addiction to Controlled Substances & Depression, IAS_V-3261-001.
Alcohol Dependence/Major Depression/Borderline Personality Disorder, IAS_V-3262-001.
Bipolar Disorder/Controlled Substance Dependency/Noncompliance With Monitoring Requirements, IAS_V-3263-001.
Controlled Substances -- Diversion, IAS_V-3264-001.
Criminal Charge (Capital Sexual Battery), IAS_V-3265-001.
Criminal Charge (Lewd & Lascivious Assault On Minor), IAS_V-3266-001.
Criminal Charge (Operating Without a License), IAS_V-3267-001.
Criminal Charge (Possession of Controlled Substances -- Exploitation of Aged Adult), IAS_V-3268-001.
Criminal Charge (Unlawful Sexual Contact With Minor), IAS_V-3269-001.
Criminal Conviction (Resisting Arrest With Violence & Possession of Cocaine), IAS_V-3270-001.
Criminal Conviction (Trafficking In Hydrocodone), IAS_V-3271-001.
Criminal Plea (Attempting to Obtain a Controlled Substance By Fraud), IAS_V-3272-002.
Criminal Plea (Delivery of Cocaine), IAS_V-3273-001.
Criminal Plea (Diversion of Controlled Substances From Patient/Failure to Document Patient's Chart/Alcohol & Marijuana Abuse), IAS_V-3274-001.
Criminal Plea (Obtaining Controlled Substance By Fraud - Hydrocodone) -- RN, IAS_V-3275-001.
Criminal Plea (Fraudulent & Illegal Possession of Controlled Substances), IAS_V-3276-002.
Criminal Plea (Obtaining Controlled Substance By Fraud), IAS_V-3277-009.
Criminal Plea (Possession of Cocaine) -- L.P.N., IAS_V-3278-001.
Criminal Plea (Possession of Cocaine) -- R.N., IAS_V-3279-002.
Criminal Plea (Possession of Cocaine), IAS_V-3280-005.
Criminal Plea (Possession of Controlled Substances & Paraphernalia), IAS_V-3281-001.
Criminal Plea (Possession of Heroin With Intent to Distribute) -- L.P.N., IAS_V-3282-001.
Criminal Plea (Purchase of Cocaine), IAS_V-3283-001.
Criminal Plea (Sale of Cocaine), IAS_V-3284-001.
Criminal Plea (Theft From a Dwelling), IAS_V-3285-001.
Criminal Plea (Trafficking In Controlled Substances), IAS_V-3286-001.
Diversion of Controlled Substances, IAS_V-3287-001.
Diversion of Controlled Substances -- R.N., IAS_V-3288-001.
Falsification of Records, IAS_V-3289-002.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-3290-001.
Inability In Profession (Attempted Suicide/Polysubstance Dependence/Antisocial Personality), IAS_V-3291-001.
Inability In Profession (Controlled Substance Abuse: Cocaine), IAS_V-3292-001.
Inability In Profession (Substance Abuse), IAS_V-3293-001.
Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_V-3294-001.
Opioid Dependence & Depression, IAS_V-3295-001.
Polysubstance Abuse, IAS_V-3296-003.
Positive Drug Screen (Opiates), IAS_V-3297-001.
Possession of Controlled Substances, IAS_V-3298-002.
Sexual Abuse of Patient's Minor Sister, IAS_V-3299-001.
Trafficking In Controlled Substance, IAS_V-3300-001.
Unprofessional Conduct, IAS_V-3301-001.
Vacated (Criminal Plea -- Possession of Cocaine), IAS_V-3302-001.
Falsification of Records, IAS_V-3303-001.
Filing a False Report, IAS_V-3304-001.
Inability In Profession --
Abuse of Controlled Substances, IAS_V-3305-002.
Negligence, IAS_V-3306-002.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine), IAS_V-3307-001.
Refill Without Proper Prescription, IAS_V-3308-001.
Release of Confidential Patient Information Without Consent, IAS_V-3309-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-3310-005.
Unprofessional Conduct, IAS_V-3311-003.
Licensure --
By Endorsement --
Equivalency of Education -- Jamaica -- England, IAS_V-3312-001.
Lack of Requisite Educational Requirements, IAS_V-3313-001.

Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)

Apprentice --
False Statements Regarding Work Experience, IAS_V-3314-001.
Jurisdiction --
Bd. Can Regulate Business Aspects of a Practice, IAS_V-3315-001.
License --
Filing a False Report, IAS_V-3316-001.
Negligence, IAS_V-3317-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-3318-001.
Licensure --
Exam --
Challenge to Grading, IAS_V-3319-001.
Clinical -- Challenge to Grading, IAS_V-3320-001.
Undue Influence From Corporate Chain Store Landlords Examined, IAS_V-3321-001.

Contract -- Bid -- Protest --
Water Pipes, Valves & Fittings --
Circuit Court Petition For Writ of Certiorari Denied, IAS_V-3322-001.

Licensure --
Without Exam, IAS_V-3323-001.

Circuit Court Dismissal of Property Owner Challenge to Gas Pipeline --
Requisite Review of Project In Context of Local Comprehensive Plan Found Lacking, IAS_V-3324-001.

Emergency Suspension --
Criminal Plea (Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud), IAS_V-3325-001.
License --
Controlled Substances --
Inappropriate & Excessive Prescriptions, IAS_V-3326-001.
Emergency Suspension --
Criminal Plea (Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud), IAS_V-3327-001.
Criminal Plea (Use of Crack Cocaine), IAS_V-3328-001.
Polysubstance Abuse -- Opiates & Cocaine, IAS_V-3329-001.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_V-3330-002.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-3331-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-3332-003.
Licensure --
Demarcation Line Between Practice of Allopathic & Osteopathic Medicine Drawn By the Legislature Examined, IAS_V-3333-001.
Failure to Pass Requisite Examination, IAS_V-3334-001.
Medical Records --
After-the-Fact Additions Without Notation, IAS_V-3335-001.
Inability to Locate Patient Records, IAS_V-3336-001.

§550.3614 Declared Unconstitutional -- Payment of Percentage of Purse to Horsemen's Assoc. -- Affirmed, IAS_V-3337-001.
Cardrooms Operated By Pari-Mutuel Permit Holders --
Div. Disapproval of Card Games Affirmed, IAS_V-3338-001.
Div. Lacks Jurisdiction to Require County Approval By Ordinance, IAS_V-3339-001.
Penny-Ante Gambling Statute Examined, IAS_V-3340-001.
Constitutionality of §550.615(a) -- Exclusive Intertrack Pari-Mutuel Racing Wagering License, IAS_V-3341-001.
Declaratory Statement --
Denial of Reversed -- Question As to Whether a Criminal Plea to Conspiracy -- Bookmaking Disqualified Petitioner Found Attending Fla. Racetracks, IAS_V-3342-001.
Interpretation of Statutes Regarding Intertrack Wagering On Simulcast Rebroadcasts of Horse Races -- Review Upon Remand From Supreme Court, IAS_V-3343-001.
Interpretation of Statutes Regarding Intertrack Wagering On Simulcast Rebroadcasts of Horse Races Set Aside On Appeal, IAS_V-3344-001.
Interpretation of Statutes Regarding Intertrack Wagering On Simulcast Rebroadcasts of Horse Races Set Aside On Appeal --
Supreme Court Reverses & Adopts Appellate Court Dissent, IAS_V-3345-001.
Jurisdiction --
Div. Cannot Compel County to Act Through Ordinance, IAS_V-3346-001.
License -- Veterinarian --
Administration of Medications or Drugs to Enhance Performance --
Milkshake With Sodium Bicarbonate & Sucrose, IAS_V-3347-001.
Penalty Reversed For Failure to Consider Precedents, IAS_V-3348-001.
Statute Upheld Against Attack As Vague, IAS_V-3349-001.
Order On Motion For Clarification: Plant v. Pari-Mutuel Wagering, IAS_V-3350-001.

Air Pollution --
Air Quality Permitting May Be Required For a Water Pollution Source, IAS_V-3351-001.
Atmospheric Depositions As a Source of Surface Water Pollution, IAS_V-3352-001.
Cement Kiln At An Existing Quarry, IAS_V-3353-002.
Critical Importance of Design of Pollution Control Equipment, IAS_V-3354-001.
Cumulative Impacts Analysis Is Not Required For, IAS_V-3355-001.
Electric Power Peaking Plant, IAS_V-3356-001.
Exemptions Are Not to Be Created On the Basis of Cost-Benefit Analysis, IAS_V-3357-001.
Fiberglass Lay-Up & Abrasive Blasting Facility, IAS_V-3358-001.
Grandfathering of Voluntary Fuel Switches By Emissions Sources Designed to Accommodate Alternative Fuel Prior to 1/6/75, IAS_V-3359-001.
Incomplete or Merely Conceptual Designs Alone Do Not Provide, IAS_V-3360-001.
Power Plant -- Authorization to Burn a Blend of Petroleum Coke & Coal At Existing Power Plant, IAS_V-3361-001.
Purpose Behind PSD Analysis Examined, IAS_V-3362-001.
Secondary Impacts Analysis Found Not Required, IAS_V-3363-001.
Shift to Intervenor After Establishment of Prima Facie Case, IAS_V-3364-001.
Stack Tests As An Indicator of Historical Actual Emissions, IAS_V-3365-001.
Wood Products Manufacturing Facility, IAS_V-3366-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_V-3367-022.
Applicant's Burden of Proof --
Has Both the Initial & Ultimate Burdens of Proof, IAS_V-3368-004.
Intervenor Protest Does Not Require An Applicant to Completely Prove Anew Everything In the Application Down to the Last Detail, IAS_V-3369-001.
Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-3370-006.
Shift to Intervenor After Establishment of Prima Facie Case, IAS_V-3371-002.
Application --
Additional Proof Beyond Application May Be Provided At Hearing In Order to Establish Reasonable Assurances, IAS_V-3372-001.
Consideration of An Applicant's Past Misconduct, IAS_V-3373-001.
DEP Duty to Discuss Modification Should a Project Fail to Meet Permitting Criteria, IAS_V-3374-001.
Easement Alone Is a Sufficient Interest In Land, IAS_V-3375-001.
Engineering Drawings Need Only Be Signed & Sealed - Not Dated, IAS_V-3376-001.
Incomplete, IAS_V-3377-001.
Modification of Permit -- Inconsequential -- Res Judicata, IAS_V-3378-001.
Modification of Permit -- Separate Action From Original Application, IAS_V-3379-002.
Modification of Permit -- Substantial Changes --
Changes Found Not Substantial, IAS_V-3380-001.
DOAH Recommended Additional Conditions, IAS_V-3381-001.
De Minimus Impacts, IAS_V-3382-001.
Reasonable Assurances Need Not Be Proven Anew, IAS_V-3383-001.
Require a De Novo Application, IAS_V-3384-002.
Must Be Based Solely On Compliance With Applicable Standards & Rules, IAS_V-3385-001.
Past Violations -- Uncited, IAS_V-3386-001.
Preliminary Agency Approval Tolled By Request For Hearing, IAS_V-3387-001.
Processing Time Requirements Do Not Begin to Run Until Receipt of Proper Application Fee, IAS_V-3388-001.
Real Party In Interest, IAS_V-3389-002.
Timely Petition In Opposition Commences a De Novo Petition, IAS_V-3390-001.
Withdrawal of Application After DOAH Formal Hearing Granted, IAS_V-3391-001.
Withdrawal of By Permit Applicant Divests DEP Jurisdiction, IAS_V-3392-001.
Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) --
After-the-Fact -- Denied, IAS_V-3393-001.
After-the-Fact -- Granted & Denied In Part, IAS_V-3394-002.
Beach Access Ramp -- Municipal, IAS_V-3395-002.
Beach Dune Walkover -- After-the-Fact, IAS_V-3396-001.
Dock -- Residential -- After-the-Fact, IAS_V-3397-001.
House -- Addition, IAS_V-3398-001.
Incomplete Application, IAS_V-3399-001.
Line of Construction -- Establishment of Examined, IAS_V-3400-001.
Line of Construction Is Not An Absolute Prohibition, IAS_V-3401-001.
Repair & Enlargement of Upper Deck & New Lower Deck With Stairs After Hurricane Damage, IAS_V-3402-001.
Residence, IAS_V-3403-001.
Restaurant/Deck/Pool, IAS_V-3404-001.
Rights of Intervenor/Protestants Examined, IAS_V-3405-001.
Tiki Hut -- Sundeck -- Residence, IAS_V-3406-001.
Conditions --
DOAH Hearing Officer Has Authority to Recommend Additional Conditions, IAS_V-3407-002.
Consent Order --
Circuit Court Jurisdiction Over -- §120.69, IAS_V-3408-001.
Construction --
Cement Kiln (See Air Pollution)
Dairy -- Rotational Grazing, IAS_V-3409-001.
Dry Storage Facility At Marina, IAS_V-3410-001.
Industrial Wastewater Discharge -- Municipal Reverse Osmosis Plant -- Intervenor Protest Dismissed, IAS_V-3411-001.
Injection Well -- Wastewater -- County, IAS_V-3412-002.
Landfill --
Construction & Demolition Debris -- Private, IAS_V-3413-001.
Flagpole -- Residential -- Within Dune System, IAS_V-3414-001.
General Permit, IAS_V-3415-001.
Leachate -- Construction & Demolition Debris, IAS_V-3416-001.
Limerock Mine, IAS_V-3417-001.
Marina -- Dry Storage Facility, IAS_V-3418-001.
Materials Recovery Facility, IAS_V-3419-001.
Offshore Oil & Gas Well, IAS_V-3420-001.
Oil & Gas Exploration Well, IAS_V-3421-001.
Pipeline to Carry Treated Effluent From Paper Mill to Gulf of Mexico, IAS_V-3422-001.
Wastewater Treatment Plant -- Municipal, IAS_V-3423-001.
Wastewater Treatment Plant -- Spray Irrigation, IAS_V-3424-001.
Water & Sewer Mains Appurtenant to DOT Road Project, IAS_V-3425-001.
Cumulative Impact --
Applicability of Discussed, IAS_V-3426-001.
DEP Consideration of Mandated By Statute, IAS_V-3427-001.
Found to Be Unacceptable, IAS_V-3428-001.
Not Required In Air Pollution Case, IAS_V-3429-001.
Default Permit (§120.60(2)) --
Permit Expressly Precluded By Statute Cannot Be Acquired By Default, IAS_V-3430-001.
Dredge & Fill (See Also Cumulative Impact, Environmental Resource Permit (ERP), Reasonable Assurances; ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of, Permits; SOUTH FLORIDA WATER MANAGEMENT Dist.) --
Canal --
Removal of Plug -- Fla. Keys, IAS_V-3431-001.
Dock & Boat Ramp --
Boy Scout Camp In Keys, IAS_V-3432-001.
Residence -- Multi-Family, IAS_V-3433-001.
Drainage Ditch In Residential Subdivision, IAS_V-3434-001.
Exemption (See Also Environmental Resource Permit) --
Dock -- Residential -- Replacement, IAS_V-3435-001.
Grant of Constitutes Agency Action Subject to §120 Challenge, IAS_V-3436-001.
Maintenance Dredging, IAS_V-3437-003.
Maintenance Dredging -- Canal -- Plug -- Denied, IAS_V-3438-001.
Maintenance Dredging Rule -- Applied On a Case-By-Case Basis, IAS_V-3439-001.
Maintenance Dredging Rule -- Strictly Construed, IAS_V-3440-001.
Mosquito Control Exemption, IAS_V-3441-001.
Jetty & Widening of Mouth of a Bayou, IAS_V-3442-001.
Jetty & Widening of Mouth of a Bayou & Channel, IAS_V-3443-001.
Marina --
Private -- Sailboats Only Restriction -- Manatees, IAS_V-3444-001.
Mitigation Plans (See also Environmental Resource Permit) --
DEP Has Ultimate Authority Over Any Plan, IAS_V-3445-002.
DOAH Resolves Factual Issues -- Ultimate Decision Is the Providence of DEP As a Conclusion of Law, IAS_V-3446-001.
Does Not Require Conveyance of Fee Simple Interest to Government, IAS_V-3447-001.
Evaluated On a Case-By-Case Basis, IAS_V-3448-001.
Need Not Achieve Full Functional Value Right Away, IAS_V-3449-001.
Required Only If Public Interest Test Is Not Satisfied, IAS_V-3450-001.
Modification to Conditions of --
Flushing Culverts & Travel Lift, IAS_V-3451-001.
Time Limit For Agency Action, IAS_V-3452-001.
Public Interest Test (See Also Secondary Impact) --
Cumulative Impacts Considered, IAS_V-3453-001.
Environmental Impacts Only Are Considered, IAS_V-3454-002.
Navigator Defined, IAS_V-3455-001.
Net Improvement Standard, IAS_V-3456-001.
Nonenvironmental Impacts Such As Public Safety Considered, IAS_V-3457-001.
Outstanding Fla. Waters, IAS_V-3458-003.
Public Safety Considered & Broadly Construed, IAS_V-3459-002.
Secondary Impacts Considered (See Also Secondary Impact), IAS_V-3460-001.
Seven (7) Part Test, IAS_V-3461-001.
Seven (7) Part Test Is Exhaustive, IAS_V-3462-001.
Road -- DOT -- Widening of U.S. 1 Between Southern Dade and Northern Monroe Counties, IAS_V-3463-001.
Secondary Impact (See Also Cumulative Impact; Public Interest Test; Secondary Impact) --
Can & Must Be Considered, IAS_V-3464-003.
Concept of Derives From Dredge & Fill Caselaw, IAS_V-3465-001.
Considered In Light of Applicable Land Development Regulations & State Regulatory Requirements, IAS_V-3466-001.
Found, IAS_V-3467-001.
Impact Considered Must Be Within the Regulatory Jurisdiction of the Permitting Agency, IAS_V-3468-001.
Judicially Created Doctrine, IAS_V-3469-001.
Must Be Very Closely Linked or Causally Related to the Proposed Activity, IAS_V-3470-001.
Part of a Weighing & Balancing Test, IAS_V-3471-001.
Positive & Negative Impacts Are Both Considered, IAS_V-3472-002.
Relationship to Public Interest Test Examined, IAS_V-3473-001.
Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) (See Also Dredge & Fill, Reasonable Assurances; ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of, Permits; SOUTH FLORIDA WATER MANAGEMENT Dist., Permits) --
After-the-Fact -- General Permit -- Dock & Pier, IAS_V-3474-001.
Boat Ramp -- Commercial, IAS_V-3475-001.
Canal --
Removal of Plug -- Fla. Keys, IAS_V-3476-001.
Canal Weir Sheet Pile -- Adjustable, IAS_V-3477-001.
Channel & Boat Basin -- Residence, IAS_V-3478-001.
Dock, IAS_V-3479-001.
Dock --
Adverse Impacts On Seagrasses Examined, IAS_V-3480-001.
After-the-Fact -- Completion of Project While Challenge Is Pending, IAS_V-3481-001.
Multi-Family Residential -- Extension -- Outstanding Fla. Water -- Denied, IAS_V-3482-001.
Replacement & Addition of Boat Ramp -- Restaurant, IAS_V-3483-001.
Replacement -- Private, IAS_V-3484-001.
Residence, IAS_V-3485-001.
Residence -- And Pier Through Mangroves, IAS_V-3486-001.
Residence -- Exemption, IAS_V-3487-001.
Residence -- Extension, IAS_V-3488-001.
Exemption (See Also Dredge & Fill) --
Dock -- Residential -- Multi-Family -- Replacement, IAS_V-3489-001.
Dock -- Residential -- Rip Rap Revetment, IAS_V-3490-001.
Maintenance Dredging Exemption, IAS_V-3491-001.
Revocation of 1993 Exemption For Residential Found Inappropriate, IAS_V-3492-001.
Scope of Examined, IAS_V-3493-001.
Strictly Construed Against Applicant, IAS_V-3494-001.
Third Party Challenge -- Standing, IAS_V-3495-001.
Finger Pier, IAS_V-3496-001.
Finger Piers & Mooring Piles At Yacht Club, IAS_V-3497-001.
Hydroelectric Facility, IAS_V-3498-001.
Live Sand -- Collection of, IAS_V-3499-001.
Marina --
Public -- Expansion, IAS_V-3500-001.
Within Existing Dolomite Mine Pit, IAS_V-3501-001.
Road & Bridge to Private Residence, IAS_V-3502-001.
Road -- Beach Access -- Oyster Shell & Dolomite, IAS_V-3503-001.
Subaqueous Electric Distribution Cable to Undeveloped Coastal Island, IAS_V-3504-001.
Unified Application For Consent of Use & ERP, IAS_V-3505-001.
Wooden Footbridge Over River, IAS_V-3506-001.
Exemption --
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-3507-001.
General Permits --
Are Not Issued -- Arise By Operation of Rule, IAS_V-3508-001.
Construction & Demolition Debris Landfill -- Private, IAS_V-3509-001.
Dock --
Residence, IAS_V-3510-001.
Finger Pier, IAS_V-3511-001.
Found Not "Issued" Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation, IAS_V-3512-001.
Modification -- Sports Complex -- Third Party Protest, IAS_V-3513-001.
No Third Party Challenges, IAS_V-3514-001.
Noticed -- Mechanics of Examined, IAS_V-3515-001.
Outstanding Fla. Waters Rules Remain Applicable, IAS_V-3516-001.
Residential Dock & Pier, IAS_V-3517-001.
Rules Regarding Examined, IAS_V-3518-001.
Solid Waste Transfer Facility -- Private -- Operating -- After-the-Fact Application -- Protest, IAS_V-3519-001.
Surface Water Management -- Third Party Protest Dismissed As Premature, IAS_V-3520-001.
Third Party Protests (See Third Party Intervenors; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors)
Utilized For Projects With Minimal Impact, IAS_V-3521-001.
Mitigation Plans (See Also Dredge & Fill) --
DEP Has Ultimate Authority Over Any Plan, IAS_V-3522-001.
DOAH Resolves Factual Issues -- Ultimate Decision Is the Providence of DEP As a Conclusion of Law, IAS_V-3523-002.
Operating --
Hydroelectric Facility, IAS_V-3524-001.
Limerock Mine, IAS_V-3525-001.
Materials Recovery Facility, IAS_V-3526-001.
Pipeline to Convey Treated Pulp Mill Wastewater From River to Gulf --
Challenge to Dismissed As Deficient, IAS_V-3527-001.
Renewal --
Alleged Inadequacies In Original Permit Found to Be Irrelevant, IAS_V-3528-001.
Landfill -- Private -- Class I -- Odor -- Closure Plan -- Leachate, IAS_V-3529-001.
Renewal -- Solid Waste Reduction Facility, IAS_V-3530-001.
Solid Waste Transfer Facility -- Private -- After-the-Fact Application For, IAS_V-3531-001.
Wastewater Treatment Plant -- Municipal -- Remand to DOAH, IAS_V-3532-001.
Reasonable Assurances --
Balancing of Public Interest Criteria Is Required, IAS_V-3533-001.
Burden of Proof --
Applicant Can Present Any Additional Relevant Evidence Regarding At Hearing, IAS_V-3534-001.
DEP Has No Burden of Proof Regarding, IAS_V-3535-001.
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case Regarding, IAS_V-3536-001.
Mixed Question of Fact & Law, IAS_V-3537-001.
On Applicant, IAS_V-3538-002.
De Minimus Impacts, IAS_V-3539-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-3540-011.
Determined On Basis of Application As It Stands At Hearing - Not On Basis of Possible Modifications, IAS_V-3541-001.
Guarantee of Performance From a Manufacturer, IAS_V-3542-001.
Mixed Question of Fact & Law, IAS_V-3543-001.
Modification to Permit Does Not Require Demonstration of Anew, IAS_V-3544-001.
Never Absolute, IAS_V-3545-010.
Outstanding Fla. Waters, IAS_V-3546-001.
Provision of Must Ultimately Be Decided By Agency With Final Order Authority, IAS_V-3547-002.
Worse Case Scenario Not Presumed, IAS_V-3548-003.
Secondary Impact (See Also Dredge & Fill) --
Judicially Created Doctrine, IAS_V-3549-001.
Not Required In Air Pollution Case, IAS_V-3550-001.
Septic Tank (See Also HEALTH, Dept. of, License, Permits, Rule Variance or Waiver, Septic Tank Contractor) --
Dept. of Health Is Without Jurisdiction to Interpret a County Ordinance, IAS_V-3551-001.
Industrial -- Blending of Liquid Fertilizer, IAS_V-3552-001.
Industrial/Manufacturing -- Actual Use, Not Zoning, Is Dispositive of Classification, IAS_V-3553-001.
Residential --
Change to Commercial -- Denied, IAS_V-3554-001.
Improper Abandonment, IAS_V-3555-001.
Improper Maintenance, IAS_V-3556-001.
Installation of An Inadequately-Sized Tank Without a Permit, IAS_V-3557-001.
Mobile Home Park -- Excessive Flow -- Variance Denied, IAS_V-3558-001.
Repair Without a Permit, IAS_V-3559-001.
Sanitary Nuisance, IAS_V-3560-005.
Sanitary Nuisance -- Maintenance of Found Not Established, IAS_V-3561-001.
Unauthorized Removal of System Cap, IAS_V-3562-001.
Hydroelectric Facility, IAS_V-3563-001.
Marina -- Permit Conditions, IAS_V-3564-001.
Marina Within Existing Dolomite Mire Pit, IAS_V-3565-001.
Third Party Intervenors (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) --
Burden of Proof --
Establishment & Effect of Prima Facie Case, IAS_V-3566-002.
Scope of Challenge Not Restricted By the Application or DEP Notice of Intent, IAS_V-3567-001.
Standing --
Association -- Cannot Utilize §403.412(5), IAS_V-3568-001.
Consent Order, IAS_V-3569-001.
Corporation -- Foreign -- Not a "Citizen" For Purposes of §403.412(5), IAS_V-3570-002.
Exemption From Permitting, IAS_V-3571-001.
Failure to Properly Allege Basis For, IAS_V-3572-002.
General Permit -- None, IAS_V-3573-001.
General Permits, IAS_V-3574-001.
Heir to Real Property Lacks Per Se, IAS_V-3575-001.
Injury -- Special Injury Found Required, IAS_V-3576-001.
Injury -- Special Injury Not Required, IAS_V-3577-001.
Nonfinal Agency Action Cannot Be Assailed, IAS_V-3578-001.
Real Party In Interest Discussed, IAS_V-3579-001.
Requisite Verified Pleading Found Lacking, IAS_V-3580-001.
Substitution of Real Party In Interest Midstream, IAS_V-3581-001.
Two (2) Prong Test, IAS_V-3582-009.
Zone of Interest -- Consideration of Secondary Effects, IAS_V-3583-001.
Take the Case As They Find It, IAS_V-3584-001.
Untimely Petition Dismissed, IAS_V-3585-001.
Wastewater Treatment Plant (See Construction, Operating)
Water Quality Standards --
Applicable to Dredge & Fill Permitting, IAS_V-3586-001.
Discharge to Waters of the State Examined, IAS_V-3587-001.
Failure to Achieve Standards, IAS_V-3588-001.
Not Limited to "Surface" Water Quality, IAS_V-3589-001.
Status of Discharge of Freshwater Through a Water Control Structure Into a Brackish River As a Contaminant, IAS_V-3590-001.
Zone of Discharge Rule Examined, IAS_V-3591-001.

Declaratory Statement --
Question Regarding Finding of No Probable Cause Regarding Petitioner's Complaint Against An Employer -- Denied, IAS_V-3592-001.
License --
Emergency Suspension --
Criminal Charges (Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud), IAS_V-3593-001.
Criminal Plea (Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_V-3594-001.
Inability In Profession (Habitual Intoxication: Barbiturates & Opiates), IAS_V-3595-001.
Operating Without Requisite Licensed Personnel, IAS_V-3596-001.
Religious Sacrifice of Animals In Pharmacy, IAS_V-3597-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-3598-001.

Challenge to Rates of Pilotage --
Rule Purporting to Limit Impact of DOAH Recommended Findings of Fact Rejected, IAS_V-3599-001.
Increase In Pilotage Rates Affirmed, IAS_V-3600-001.
On Motion For Clarification: Baggett v. DBPR, (Previous Opinion Withdrawn), IAS_V-3601-001.

Circuit Court Challenge to Denial of Development Next to a Golf Course As a Taking -- Dismissal Remanded, IAS_V-3602-001.

Rule Definition of Found to Improperly Expand the Scope of, IAS_V-3603-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver --
License -- Exam -- Requirement For Passage of 1996 PMLexis Exam -- Denied, IAS_V-3604-002.

APA --
10/01/96 Amendments --
Applicability of Examined, IAS_V-3605-002.
Found Applicable, IAS_V-3606-001.
Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-3607-001.
Intended to Improve Fairness, IAS_V-3608-001.
Intended to Simplify the Process, IAS_V-3609-001.
Purpose of Examined, IAS_V-3610-001.
Adjudication Found Favored Over Rule Challenges, IAS_V-3611-001.
Amendments --
Retroactive Application of -- Procedural v. Substantive, IAS_V-3612-003.
Applicable to All Agency Proceedings, IAS_V-3613-001.
Cannot Be Utilized to Challenge Agency Election of Circuit Court Civil Suit, IAS_V-3614-001.
Judicial Gloss Found "Legislatively Discarded" In Mid-1990s, IAS_V-3615-001.
Legislative Intent Behind Examined In Sweeping Detail, IAS_V-3616-001.
Petitioner Cannot Proceed "Anonymously", IAS_V-3617-001.
Primary Purpose --
Simply Administrative Adjudication -- Not Yet Realized, IAS_V-3618-001.
Agency --
Children & Families Local WAGES Coalition Found to Constitute For Purposes of §120, IAS_V-3619-001.
Creature of Statute -- No Inherent Powers, IAS_V-3620-007.
Definition of Examined, IAS_V-3621-001.
Lacks General Judicial Powers, IAS_V-3622-001.
North Broward Hospital District Does Not Constitute For Purposes of §120, IAS_V-3623-001.
School Board Does Not Constitute For Purposes of §120, IAS_V-3624-001.
Treated As a Motion For Summary Judgment By Stipulation of All Parties, IAS_V-3625-001.
Attorney --
Non-Attorney Representative -- Utilization of Approved, IAS_V-3626-001.
§57.041 --
Award of Costs Does Not Necessarily Entail Attorney's Fees, IAS_V-3627-001.
DOAH Is Without Jurisdiction to Make Awards Pursuant to, IAS_V-3628-001.
§57.105 --
Agencies Are Without Jurisdiction to Make Awards Pursuant to, IAS_V-3629-001.
Applicable Standard of Proof, IAS_V-3630-001.
Denied, IAS_V-3631-003.
Discussed, IAS_V-3632-001.
Frivolous Claim Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-3633-001.
Generally Not Available Against Defaulting Party, IAS_V-3634-001.
Mandatory Not Discretionary, IAS_V-3635-001.
§120.569(2)(c) --
Agency Motion For Summary Final Order Held to Have Been Filed For Improper Purpose, IAS_V-3636-001.
Bid Protest, IAS_V-3637-001.
Court Orders DOAH to Consider Award In Favor of An Agency, IAS_V-3638-001.
DOAH Denial of Reversed, IAS_V-3639-001.
DOAH - Not the Referring Agency - Has Exclusive Jurisdiction to Award, IAS_V-3640-002.
DOAH Retains Jurisdiction to Consider Motion For, IAS_V-3641-001.
Denied, IAS_V-3642-008.
Denied After Appellate Court Remand For DOAH Reconsideration, IAS_V-3643-001.
Frivolous Purpose Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-3644-002.
Improper Purpose Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-3645-002.
Improper Purpose Distinguished From Discovery & Filing Deadline Violations, IAS_V-3646-001.
Improper Purpose Found Lacking, IAS_V-3647-001.
Must Be Sought In Underlying Proceeding - Not In a De Novo Proceeding, IAS_V-3648-001.
§120.57(1)(b)(5): Editor's Note - Statutorily Changed in 10/1/96 to §120.569(2)(c) --
Award of Does Not Preclude Simultaneous §120.57(1)(b)(10) Award, IAS_V-3649-001.
Awarded, IAS_V-3650-001.
Calculation of, IAS_V-3651-001.
Discretionary, IAS_V-3652-001.
Does Not Provide For Fees & Costs Incurred In Administrative Proceeding, IAS_V-3653-001.
§120.57(1)(b)(10) --
Awarded, IAS_V-3654-001.
Bid Protest, IAS_V-3655-001.
Denial of Remanded On Appeal, IAS_V-3656-001.
Denied, IAS_V-3657-001.
Remand to DOAH For Determination of Amount, IAS_V-3658-001.
§120.59(6) --
Denied, IAS_V-3659-002.
§120.595 --
Agency Admits Rule Is Invalid, IAS_V-3660-001.
Agency Reserves Jurisdiction to Award, IAS_V-3661-003.
Appellate Count Reverses Denial of -- Awarded, IAS_V-3662-001.
Awarded, IAS_V-3663-009.
Awarded -- ($305,509), IAS_V-3664-002.
Award of Challenge That Only Partially Succeeded, IAS_V-3665-002.
Award of Requires a Formal Hearing, IAS_V-3666-001.
Burden of Proof -- Petitioner, IAS_V-3667-002.
Children & Families -- Central Abuse Registry, IAS_V-3668-001.
Claim For Attorney's Fees of Deceased Licensee While Appeal of Discipline Is Pending, IAS_V-3669-001.
Claim For Fees Under This Provision Found Improperly Presented to the Agency Instead of the Appellate Court, IAS_V-3670-001.
DOAH Award Is a Final Order Subject to Appellate Review, IAS_V-3671-001.
DOAH Award of Reversed, IAS_V-3672-003.
DOAH Award of Reversed In Part, IAS_V-3673-001.
DOAH Denial of Affirmed, IAS_V-3674-001.
DOAH Denial of Reversed, IAS_V-3675-001.
DOAH Failure to Make Findings of Fact Found to Be Reversible Error, IAS_V-3676-001.
DOAH Has Exclusive Final Order Jurisdiction, IAS_V-3677-001.
Denied, IAS_V-3678-013.
Denied -- Cannot Be Applied Retroactively From Effective Date of Statute, IAS_V-3679-001.
Emergency Rule Challenges -- Inapplicable to, IAS_V-3680-001.
Implications of This Provision Assailed to No Avail, IAS_V-3681-001.
Imposition of Sanctions By DOAH On Counsel to Nonprevailing Petitioners Reversed, IAS_V-3682-001.
Imposition of Sanctions On a Corporation, IAS_V-3683-001.
Improper Purpose -- A Question of Fact, IAS_V-3684-002.
Improper Purpose -- Economic Interests, IAS_V-3685-001.
Improper Purpose -- Failure to Prevail Alone Is Not Probative, IAS_V-3686-001.
Improper Purpose -- Inconsistent & Weak Positions Do Not Constitute Per Se, IAS_V-3687-001.
Improper Purpose -- Party's Subjective Intent or Motive Not Considered, IAS_V-3688-001.
Improper Purpose Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-3689-003.
Improper Purpose Found Lacking, IAS_V-3690-003.
In-House Counsel -- On Salary -- No Record of Hours Expended -- Award, IAS_V-3691-001.
Issue Preserved For Appropriate Further Proceedings, IAS_V-3692-001.
Jurisdiction to Award Reserved, IAS_V-3693-001.
Reasonably Clear Legal Justification to Proceed, IAS_V-3694-001.
Standards Governing Awards Examined, IAS_V-3695-001.
Substantial Justification For Agency Action Discussed, IAS_V-3696-001.
Substantial Justification For Agency Action Found Lacking, IAS_V-3697-001.
Third Party In Complex & Highly Technical Case, IAS_V-3698-001.
Agency Failure to Respond to Discovery Requests, IAS_V-3699-001.
Analysis of DOAH & the Referring Agency's Respective Final Order Authority, IAS_V-3700-002.
Attorney's Fee Provisions Are In Derogation of Common Law Therefore Strictly Construed, IAS_V-3701-004.
Costs --
Agency Prayer For Found Untimely & Deficient, IAS_V-3702-001.
Assessment of Costs Reversed, IAS_V-3703-001.
Equal Access to Justice Act (§57.111) --
§57.105 Standard of Proof Distinguished, IAS_V-3704-001.
§57.111 Contains No Provision For Punitive Damages, IAS_V-3705-001.
§57.111 Is Inapplicable to Nonfinal Orders, IAS_V-3706-001.
$15,000 Cap Can Be Exceeded By Simultaneously Proceeding Under Other Statutory Provisions, IAS_V-3707-001.
$15,000 Cap Doubled For Two (2) Unconsolidated Cases, IAS_V-3708-001.
$15,000 Cap Quadrupled For Four (4) Consolidated Cases With the Same Attorney, IAS_V-3709-001.
Action Initiated By Agency -- Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-3710-001.
Agency -- Complaint -- Untimely -- No Excuses, IAS_V-3711-001.
Answer -- Agency -- Frames Issues of the Proceeding, IAS_V-3712-001.
Answer -- Agency -- Untimely, IAS_V-3713-001.
Answer -- Agency -- Untimely -- DOAH Authority to Excuse, IAS_V-3714-001.
Appellate Court Denial of Attorney's Fees & Cost Pursuant to §120.595(5) Is Not Controlling, IAS_V-3715-001.
Appellate Court Review Is Not Dispositive, IAS_V-3716-001.
Attorney's Fees Associated With Prosecution of §57.111 Action Not Recoverable, IAS_V-3717-001.
Attorney's Fees Can Be Recovered Simultaneously Under More Than One Statutory Provision, IAS_V-3718-001.
Bid Protest, IAS_V-3719-001.
Burden of Proof -- Petitioner, IAS_V-3720-010.
Caselaw Under Analogous Federal Provision -- Fla. Act Is Similar But Not Identical, IAS_V-3721-001.
Caselaw Under Analogous Federal Provision Is Pertinent, IAS_V-3722-003.
DEP -- Marine Patrol Citation For Use of Improper Fishing Nets, IAS_V-3723-001.
DEP -- Third Party Claim For Damages Based Upon Permitted Activity, IAS_V-3724-001.
DOAH Denial of Reversed -- Dentistry -- Failure to Furnish Records to Patient, IAS_V-3725-001.
DOAH Summary Final Order -- Motion For Denied, IAS_V-3726-001.
Decision Based On Pleadings Without Hearing, IAS_V-3727-002.
Does Not Include Political Candidate, IAS_V-3728-001.
Does Not Include Professionals Practicing Through a Professional Services Corporation, IAS_V-3729-001.
Establishment & Effect of Prima Facie Case, IAS_V-3730-011.
HRS -- Central Abuse Registry, IAS_V-3731-001.
Licensure -- Application -- Denial Found Nonfinal Thus Rendering §57.111 Inapplicable, IAS_V-3732-001.
Prevailing Party -- Agency Voluntary Dismissal, IAS_V-3733-001.
Prevailing Party -- Requires Final Agency Action -- Emergency Suspension Is Nonfinal Per Se, IAS_V-3734-001.
Prevailing Party Defined, IAS_V-3735-005.
Probable Cause Defined, IAS_V-3736-002.
Probable Cause Found Lacking, IAS_V-3737-001.
Probable Cause Panel -- Evidence of Requisite Intent Found Lacking, IAS_V-3738-001.
Probable Cause Panel -- Requisite Proof, IAS_V-3739-002.
Purpose of Examined, IAS_V-3740-004.
Recusal of DOAH Hearing Officer Denied, IAS_V-3741-001.
Small Business Party -- Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-3742-006.
Small Business Party -- Does Not Include Employees, IAS_V-3743-002.
Small Business Party -- Includes Independent Contractors, IAS_V-3744-001.
Small Business Party -- Net Worth Cutoff of $2,000,000, IAS_V-3745-003.
Small Business Party -- Possession of a License Alone Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-3746-001.
Small Business Party -- Professional Service Corp. Constitutes, IAS_V-3747-001.
Small Business Party -- Status As Found Not Established, IAS_V-3748-001.
Special Circumstances Found, IAS_V-3749-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action -- Can Be Based On Hearsay, IAS_V-3750-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action -- DPR/Bd./Probable Cause Panel, IAS_V-3751-002.
Substantially Justified Agency Action -- Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-3752-003.
Substantially Justified Agency Action -- Failure of Agency to Follow Own Rules, IAS_V-3753-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action -- Reliance On Faulty Legal Advice, IAS_V-3754-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action -- Test For Examined, IAS_V-3755-004.
Substantially Justified Agency Action Cannot Be Arbitrary, IAS_V-3756-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-3757-002.
Substantially Justified Agency Action Found Lacking, IAS_V-3758-006.
Substantially Justified Agency Action Found Over Contrary DOAH Finding, IAS_V-3759-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action Is Measured As of Time Action Is Initiated, IAS_V-3760-011.
Time Limit For Filing -- Calculation of -- Appellate Review of Underlying Proceeding, IAS_V-3761-001.
Found to Constitute a Substantive Statutory Provision, IAS_V-3762-001.
Generally Not Available Against Defaulting Party, IAS_V-3763-001.
Methodology For Determining Discussed, IAS_V-3764-002.
Methodology For Determining a Reasonable Attorney's Fee, IAS_V-3765-001.
Motion For Filed After Entry of a DOAH Recommended Order Is Untimely, IAS_V-3766-001.
Non-Attorney Qualified Representative -- Award Unauthorized, IAS_V-3767-001.
Petition For Without Reference to Any Specific Statutory Provision Denied, IAS_V-3768-001.
Pro Se Petitioner Files Motion For Without Reference to Any Particular Statutory Provision, IAS_V-3769-001.
Public Counsel's Intervention Does Not Create Joint & Severable Liability For, IAS_V-3770-001.
Retention of Jurisdiction By DOAH to Award Later Denied, IAS_V-3771-001.
Third Party Citizen Intervenor, IAS_V-3772-001.
Travel Expenses of Attorney & Corporate Representative Found Not Recoverable, IAS_V-3773-001.
Burden of Proof (See Also Evidence, Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding; DISCIPLINE) --
Executive Branch of Government Cannot Shift --
Such Power Reserved to Legislature & Courts, IAS_V-3774-001.
Is a Procedural Question, IAS_V-3775-001.
On Party Asserting the Affirmative of An Issue, IAS_V-3776-035.
Class Action --
Circuit Court Refusal to Certify Class Affirmed, IAS_V-3777-001.
Clear Point of Entry (See Formal Hearing §120.57(1))
Collateral Estoppel (See Also Equitable Estoppel, Estoppel, Estoppel By Judgment, Res Judicata) --
An Affirmative Defense, IAS_V-3778-001.
Applicable, IAS_V-3779-008.
Discussed, IAS_V-3780-004.
Distinction From Res Judicata, IAS_V-3781-002.
Five (5) Part Test For, IAS_V-3782-001.
Inapplicable, IAS_V-3783-003.
Inapplicable In Event of "a New Legal Situation", IAS_V-3784-001.
Issue Regarding Applicability of Cannot Be Resolved By a Motion to Dismiss, IAS_V-3785-001.
Mixed Question of Fact & Law, IAS_V-3786-001.
Synonymous With Estoppel By Judgment, IAS_V-3787-001.
Constitutional Issues (See Also DOAH, Jurisdiction; CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.)) --
Agencies Are Not At Liberty to Ignore Constitutional and Statutory Rights, IAS_V-3788-001.
Agencies Cannot Adjudicate, IAS_V-3789-016.
Agencies Cannot Adjudicate --
Constitution Found Not to Stop At the Boundary of An Administrative Agency, IAS_V-3790-001.
This Merely Means Statutes Cannot Be Invalidated On Constitutional Grounds, IAS_V-3791-001.
Agencies Cannot Refuse to Adjudicate Due to Collateral Constitutional Issues --
PERC Ordered to Consider City Employee Drug Test Challenge Case, IAS_V-3792-001.
DOAH (See Also ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of, Attorney's Fees & Costs, Evidence, Harmless Error; PERMITS, Conditions; RULES & RULEMAKING) --
Hearing Officer (See Also Harmless Error; Sanctions; COUNTY GOVERNMENT; PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RELATIONS Comm. (PERC)) --
Abeyance -- Motion For Granted Pending Outcome of Legislative Deliberations, IAS_V-3793-001.
Advisory Opinion Declined, IAS_V-3794-001.
Can Enter a Recommended Order of Dismissal, IAS_V-3795-001.
Claim of Improper Expedition of Hearing Rejected, IAS_V-3796-001.
Construction of Statutes & Rules Is Not Entitled to Great Deference, IAS_V-3797-001.
Continuance -- Agency Unequivocally States Through Counsel That It Is In the Process of Repealing a Dispositive Rule, IAS_V-3798-001.
Continuance -- Emergency -- Granted, IAS_V-3799-001.
Continuance -- Pro Se Petitioner Requiring Legal Counsel, IAS_V-3800-001.
Corrective Final Order Entered, IAS_V-3801-001.
Denial of Continuance -- Newly Appointed Counsel -- Language Difficulties -- Reversed As Abuse of Discretion, IAS_V-3802-001.
Denial of DOR Motion For a Protective Order to Protect Privacy of Another Taxpayer Reversed, IAS_V-3803-001.
Denial of Motion to Amend a Bid Protest Found to Be An Abuse of Discretion & Reversed, IAS_V-3804-001.
Harmless Error (See Harmless Error)
Has Wide Discretion In Ruling On Evidentiary Matters, IAS_V-3805-003.
Hearing Conducted By Video Teleconference, IAS_V-3806-001.
Motions -- Rehearing -- Proscribed By DOAH Rule, IAS_V-3807-001.
Not Bound By Procedural Rules of a Referring Agency, IAS_V-3808-001.
Not Responsible For Preserving Testimony, IAS_V-3809-001.
Procedural or Evidentiary Ruling -- Agency Rejection of, IAS_V-3810-001.
Protective Order -- Denial of Reversed, IAS_V-3811-001.
Recusal Post-Hearing (See Recusal)
Should Apply Existing Law - Not Create New Caselaw, IAS_V-3812-001.
Stipulation (See Stipulation)
Summary Final Order, IAS_V-3813-003.
Jurisdiction (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Constitutional Issues) --
Adoption -- Review of Decision By Dept. of Children & Families, IAS_V-3814-001.
Cannot Allow a Petitioner to Proceed "Anonymously", IAS_V-3815-001.
Cannot Consider Issues Arising Under Federal Law, IAS_V-3816-001.
Cannot Consider Questions of Federal Preemption Predicated On Constitutional Question, IAS_V-3817-001.
Cannot Exercise Continuing Jurisdiction Over An Agency's Rulemaking Process, IAS_V-3818-001.
Cannot Reach Constitutional Questions, IAS_V-3819-005.
Cannot Reach Constitutional Questions -- Yet Does, IAS_V-3820-001.
Cannot Reach Enforcement Issues, IAS_V-3821-001.
Is Not a Branch of the Judiciary, IAS_V-3822-001.
None to Award Monetary Judgments, IAS_V-3823-001.
None to Conduct Collateral Review of Final Action By Other Agencies, IAS_V-3824-001.
None to Decide Sunshine Law Violators or Nuisance Claims, IAS_V-3825-001.
None to Enforce §119 Public Records Act, IAS_V-3826-001.
None to Interpret Federal Law, IAS_V-3827-001.
None to Reach Propriety of Termination From State Employ, IAS_V-3828-001.
Recommended Order --
Agency Cannot Nullify Implications of By Rule, IAS_V-3829-001.
Agency Rejects, IAS_V-3830-002.
Appellate Review of Prior to Issuance of Final Order, IAS_V-3831-002.
Competent Substantial Evidence Found Lacking, IAS_V-3832-001.
Conclusions of Law -- 1996 APA Amendments Did Not Alter Agency Authority to Reject, IAS_V-3833-001.
Conclusions of Law -- 1999 APA Amendments Restrict Agency Authority to Reject, IAS_V-3834-004.
Conclusions of Law -- Agency Duty to Justify Rejection of, IAS_V-3835-001.
Conclusions of Law -- Agency Free to Reject, IAS_V-3836-044.
Conclusions of Law -- Agency Rejection of, IAS_V-3837-002.
Conclusions of Law -- Agency Rejection of Cannot Form the Basis For Rejection of Fact Findings, IAS_V-3838-004.
Conclusions of Law -- Agency Rejection of Reversed, IAS_V-3839-001.
Conclusions of Law -- Agency Rejection of With Explanation, IAS_V-3840-001.
Conclusions of Law -- Agency Restricted In Rejecting, IAS_V-3841-003.
Conclusions of Law -- DOAH Conclusions Rejected, IAS_V-3842-009.
Conclusions of Law -- DOAH Labeling As Fact Findings Is Immaterial, IAS_V-3843-021.
Conclusions of Law -- Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-3844-001.
Conclusions of Law -- Evidentiary Ruling -- Rejected, IAS_V-3845-001.
Conclusions of Law -- Question Involving Interpretation of Written Instrument, IAS_V-3846-003.
Conclusions of Law -- Rule & Statutory Interpretations Constitute, IAS_V-3847-001.
DOAH Fact Findings & Conclusions of Law Must Be Separately Addressed, IAS_V-3848-001.
Exceptions -- A Party Must Alert the Reviewing Agency to Any Perceived Defects In the Hearing Process By the Proper Filing of, IAS_V-3849-007.
Exceptions -- Alleged Irregularities In DOAH Proceeding Cannot Be Raised In Exceptions For the First Time, IAS_V-3850-001.
Exceptions -- Cannot Be Purely Argumentative, IAS_V-3851-001.
Exceptions -- Conclusions of Law -- Considered Without a Transcript, IAS_V-3852-001.
Exceptions -- Fact Findings -- Failure to File Precludes Referring Agency Review, IAS_V-3853-001.
Exceptions -- Fact Findings -- Must Be Accompanied By Official Typed Transcript, IAS_V-3854-024.
Exceptions -- Fact Findings -- Must Cite With Particularity to Specific Portions of a Transcript, IAS_V-3855-010.
Exceptions -- Fact Findings -- Relevance -- Not Proper Subject of, IAS_V-3856-001.
Exceptions -- Fact Findings or Conclusions of Law -- Must Be Accompanied By Official Typed Transcript, IAS_V-3857-012.
Exceptions -- Filing By Facsimile, IAS_V-3858-001.
Exceptions -- Late Filed -- Excusable Neglect Doctrine Is Applicable, IAS_V-3859-002.
Exceptions -- Limited to Matters Set Forth In DOAH Recommended Order, IAS_V-3860-001.
Exceptions -- Must Be Directed to Perceived Defects In Procedures or Fact Findings, IAS_V-3861-005.
Exceptions -- Must Contain Citations to Specific Findings of Fact or Conclusions of Law, IAS_V-3862-002.
Exceptions -- Post-Hearing Letter Found Not to Constitute, IAS_V-3863-001.
Exceptions -- Pro Se Petitioners -- Leeway, IAS_V-3864-001.
Exceptions -- Response to -- Entertained, IAS_V-3865-001.
Exceptions -- Time Limit For Filing, IAS_V-3866-002.
Exceptions -- Time Limit For Filing Controlled By Date of Receipt, IAS_V-3867-001.
Exceptions -- Time Limit For Filing Extended By Agency, IAS_V-3868-008.
Exceptions -- Unsigned Pleading Stricken, IAS_V-3869-001.
Exceptions -- Untimely -- Agency Can Consider, IAS_V-3870-004.
Exceptions -- Untimely -- Need Not Be Considered, IAS_V-3871-003.
Fact Findings (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW)
Fact Findings -- Agency Cannot Make "Additional Findings" Unless Clearly Undisputed, IAS_V-3872-003.
Fact Findings -- Agency Cannot Make Additional Findings, IAS_V-3873-023.
Fact Findings -- Agency Rejection of Based On Internal Inconsistencies, IAS_V-3874-001.
Fact Findings -- Agency Rejection of Requires Review of the Entire Record, IAS_V-3875-001.
Fact Findings -- Agency Rejection of Requires Statement of Reasons With Particularity, IAS_V-3876-003.
Fact Findings -- Agency Rejection of Requires a Review of the Complete Record -- Complete Record Defined, IAS_V-3877-001.
Fact Findings -- Agency Rejection of Reversed, IAS_V-3878-006.
Fact Findings -- Agency Rejection of Reversed -- Revocation Is Reimposed Nonetheless, IAS_V-3879-001.
Fact Findings -- Agency Rejection of When Susceptible to Ordinary Methods of Proof, IAS_V-3880-005.
Fact Findings -- Agency Special Expertise As Basis For Rejection, IAS_V-3881-005.
Fact Findings -- Cannot Be Rejected If Supported By "Some" Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_V-3882-129.
Fact Findings -- Cannot Be Rejected In Guise of Conclusion of Law, IAS_V-3883-003.
Fact Findings -- Credibility Assessments of Expert Witnesses, IAS_V-3884-002.
Fact Findings -- DOAH Labeling As Conclusion of Law Is Immaterial, IAS_V-3885-017.
Fact Findings -- Evidentiary Matters, IAS_V-3886-001.
Fact Findings -- Found Not Supported By Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_V-3887-003.
Fact Findings -- Good Moral Character, IAS_V-3888-001.
Fact Findings -- Prima Facie Case -- Establishment of, IAS_V-3889-001.
Fact Findings -- Relevancy of Evidence -- Susceptible to Ordinary Methods of Proof, IAS_V-3890-002.
Fact Findings -- Successor Hearing Officer Who Was Not At Hearing -- Lessened Presumption of Correctness, IAS_V-3891-001.
Issuance of Divests An Agency of Jurisdiction, IAS_V-3892-001.
Mixed Question of Fact & Law, IAS_V-3893-001.
Mixed Question of Fact & Law -- Cannot Be Rejected In Guise of Conclusion of Law, IAS_V-3894-004.
Penalty -- Agency Cannot Depend On Rule Promulgated After Alleged Offense, IAS_V-3895-001.
Penalty -- Agency Imposition of Recommended Penalty After Finding Lesser Violations Tantamount to Rejection of DOAH Recommendation Without Adequate Explanation & Reversed, IAS_V-3896-001.
Penalty -- Agency Modification of Requires a Transcript of the Proceeding, IAS_V-3897-001.
Penalty -- Agency Rejection of, IAS_V-3898-004.
Penalty -- Agency Rejection of Requires Adequate Explanation, IAS_V-3899-006.
Penalty -- Agency Rejection of Requires a Review of the Complete Record, IAS_V-3900-002.
Penalty -- Agency Rejection of Reversed, IAS_V-3901-007.
Penalty -- Agency Rejection of Upheld -- Erroneous DOAH Conclusion of Law, IAS_V-3902-001.
Proposed Fact Findings -- 10/96 Amendment to §120 Relieved DOAH Hearing Officer of Responsibility to Rule On, IAS_V-3903-008.
Proposed Recommended Order -- Time Limit For Filing Extended, IAS_V-3904-001.
Proposed Recommended Order -- To Be Directed to DOAH, IAS_V-3905-001.
Proposed Recommended Order -- Untimely, IAS_V-3906-002.
Reconsideration -- There Is No Provision For, IAS_V-3907-001.
Summary Final Order Denied, IAS_V-3908-002.
Summary Final Order Issued, IAS_V-3909-001.
Summary Recommended Order Discussed & Issued, IAS_V-3910-003.
Summary Recommended Order Found Not Contemplated Under §120, IAS_V-3911-002.
Summary Recommended Order Issued With Consent of All Parties, IAS_V-3912-001.
Remand to --
After Permit Applicant Modifies Its Proposal, IAS_V-3913-001.
Agency's Inherent Authority For Examined, IAS_V-3914-001.
Appellate Court -- Determination of Attorney's Fees & Costs, IAS_V-3915-001.
Clear Authority For Found, IAS_V-3916-001.
DEP -- Attorney's Fees Award, IAS_V-3917-001.
Denied, IAS_V-3918-005.
Denied -- Appellate Court Reverses, IAS_V-3919-001.
DOAH Found to Have Exceeded Scope of Remand, IAS_V-3920-001.
Failure to Appear At Hearing -- Excusable Neglect Ordered Considered, IAS_V-3921-001.
Failure to Make Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law Separately Stated, IAS_V-3922-001.
For Agency Rebuttal to Post-Hearing Supplementation of Record, IAS_V-3923-001.
For Clarification of Contradictory Rulings, IAS_V-3924-001.
For Consideration of the Timeliness of the Proposed Recommended Order, IAS_V-3925-001.
For Further Fact Finding, IAS_V-3926-003.
Found Appropriate, IAS_V-3927-006.
Found Not Necessary Despite Improper Agency Rejection of DOAH Recommendation, IAS_V-3928-001.
Found Not Required For Erroneous Failure to Allow Witness to Testify, IAS_V-3929-001.
From Appellate Court For Determination of Amount of Attorney's Fees & Costs, IAS_V-3930-001.
To Consider Recent Appellate Court Case, IAS_V-3931-001.
Sanctions --
Authority to Impose For Discovery Abuses, IAS_V-3932-001.
Dismissal -- A Remedy to Be Employed Only In Extreme Circumstances, IAS_V-3933-001.
Dismissal -- Petitioner's Failure to Submit to a Deposition, IAS_V-3934-001.
Default (§120.60(2)) --
Examined, IAS_V-3935-001.
Licensure -- Denied, IAS_V-3936-001.
Licensure -- Granted, IAS_V-3937-001.
Motion For Denied, IAS_V-3938-001.
Permit -- Incomplete Application -- Time Limit Tolled, IAS_V-3939-001.
Time Limits Cannot Be Extended, IAS_V-3940-001.
Discovery --
Constitutional Challenge to --
Fifth Amendment Privilege Against Self-Incrimination (See CONSTITUTION (U.S.)), IAS_V-3941-001.
Deposition --
Petitioner's Failure to Submit to Results In Dismissal, IAS_V-3942-001.
Failure to Comply With Justifies Denial of Hearing, IAS_V-3943-001.
Investigative Subpoena of An Agency --
Claim of "Work Product" Exemption Upheld, IAS_V-3944-001.
Complaint Is Not Prerequisite to, IAS_V-3945-001.
Presumptively Valid, IAS_V-3946-001.
Protective Order --
Accountant/Client Privilege, IAS_V-3947-001.
Circuit Court Grants In Favor of Auditor General In Dept. of Revenue Case, IAS_V-3948-001.
DOAH Hearing Officer Denial of Reversed, IAS_V-3949-001.
Legislative Privilege, IAS_V-3950-001.
Request For Admissions --
Conclusions of Law -- Pro Se Litigant -- Improper, IAS_V-3951-001.
Violations Found to Constitute Harmless Error, IAS_V-3952-001.
Due Process (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.)) --
Essential Elements of Outlined, IAS_V-3953-001.
Essential Elements of Outlined & Distinguished From Purely Judicial Proceedings, IAS_V-3954-001.
Material Error In Procedure Found, IAS_V-3955-001.
Procedural -- Violation Found, IAS_V-3956-001.
Procedural Due Process Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-3957-001.
Statutorily-Mandated For Administrative Proceedings In §120, IAS_V-3958-001.
Election of Remedies --
Examined, IAS_V-3959-001.
Emergency Procedures (See Also DISCIPLINE; ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of (DEP)) --
DOAH Challenges to Are Not Available, IAS_V-3960-001.
Found Independent of Rulemaking Provisions, IAS_V-3961-001.
Equitable Estoppel (See Also Collateral Estoppel, Estoppel, Estoppel By Judgment, Res Judicata) --
Affirmative Defense, IAS_V-3962-001.
Defined, IAS_V-3963-001.
Failure to Rule On Remanded, IAS_V-3964-001.
Found Applicable, IAS_V-3965-001.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_V-3966-001.
Inapplicable, IAS_V-3967-003.
Mistaken Statement of Law Insufficient For, IAS_V-3968-002.
Rarely Applies Against State, IAS_V-3969-006.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-3970-007.
Estoppel (See Also Collateral Estoppel, Equitable Estoppel, Estoppel By Judgment, Res Judicata) --
Applies Only In Rare Instances Under Exceptional Circumstances, IAS_V-3971-001.
Burden of Proof, IAS_V-3972-001.
Inapplicable, IAS_V-3973-011.
Judicial -- Discussed, IAS_V-3974-001.
Mistaken Statement of Law Alone Is Insufficient, IAS_V-3975-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-3976-002.
Estoppel By Judgment (See Also Estoppel) --
Inapplicable, IAS_V-3977-001.
Evidence (See Also Burden of Proof, Discovery, Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding) --
Admissibility --
Absolute Right to Prohibit Taking of Testimony By Communications Equipment, IAS_V-3978-001.
Admission Without Objection Waives the Same, IAS_V-3979-001.
Broad Admissibility In Administrative Proceedings Noted, IAS_V-3980-001.
DOAH Exclusion of As Irrelevant In CON Proceeding Upheld, IAS_V-3981-001.
DOAH Is to Determine Relevance, IAS_V-3982-001.
DOAH Refusal to Admit Depositions Assailed By Agency, IAS_V-3983-001.
Discretionary Matter For Hearing Officer, IAS_V-3984-003.
Error In Ruling Warrants Remand For New Hearing, IAS_V-3985-002.
Error In Ruling Warrants Remand For New Hearing -- Not Dismissal of Complaint, IAS_V-3986-001.
Exclusion -- Challenge to Must Be Accompanied By Proffer of Evidence to Preserve the Issue For Appeal, IAS_V-3987-001.
Exclusionary Rule -- Purpose Behind Examined, IAS_V-3988-001.
Exculpatory Testimony of Respondent -- Probative Value, IAS_V-3989-001.
Failure to Object to Waives the Challenge, IAS_V-3990-001.
Incompetent Person, IAS_V-3991-001.
Layperson -- Unsworn, IAS_V-3992-001.
Layperson/Neighbor/Protestant -- Fact-Based Input Is Probative, IAS_V-3993-001.
Necessity For a Contemporaneous Objection At Hearing, IAS_V-3994-001.
Parole Evidence Rules Bar Extrinsic Evidence If a Contract Is Unambiguous, IAS_V-3995-001.
Past Violations & Misconduct, IAS_V-3996-002.
Testimony of Person With Pecuniary or Proprietary Interest, IAS_V-3997-001.
Trade Secrets, IAS_V-3998-001.
Varies From One Proceeding to Another Depending On the Nature of the Issues Involved, IAS_V-3999-001.
Clear & Convincing Evidence (See Also Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding) --
Defined, IAS_V-4000-007.
Trace Amount of Cocaine In Disputed M.D. Drug Test, IAS_V-4001-001.
Competent Substantial Evidence --
Admission of Respondent Alone Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-4002-001.
Circumstantial Evidence Alone Can Suffice, IAS_V-4003-001.
Defined, IAS_V-4004-024.
Incompetent Person, IAS_V-4005-001.
Layperson Testimony Constitutes So Long As It Is Fact-Based, IAS_V-4006-001.
Respondent's Admissions Alone Do Not Constitute, IAS_V-4007-001.
Single Witness's Testimony Alone Can Constitute, IAS_V-4008-001.
Expert Testimony --
Acceptance or Rejection of Within the Discretion of the Hearing Officer, IAS_V-4009-002.
DOAH Credibility Assessments, IAS_V-4010-010.
DOAH Rejection of Found to Require a "Qualified, Contrary Expert Testimony", IAS_V-4011-001.
Improper Concerning a Question of Law, IAS_V-4012-001.
Impropriety of Proffer of the Personal Opinion of Opposing Counsel, IAS_V-4013-001.
Requisite Facts In Support of Examined, IAS_V-4014-002.
Sequestration of Witnesses, IAS_V-4015-001.
Should Not Interpret Statutes, IAS_V-4016-001.
Hearsay --
Admissibility -- Contemporaneous Objection Not Requisite to Later Exception, IAS_V-4017-002.
Admissible & Probative With Other Proof, IAS_V-4018-005.
Admission Against Interest Exception, IAS_V-4019-001.
Alone Is Not Probative, IAS_V-4020-014.
Alone Is Probative If Admissible Over Objection In Civil Proceedings, IAS_V-4021-004.
Business Records Exception, IAS_V-4022-002.
Business Records Exception -- Bill of Lading -- Admissible, IAS_V-4023-001.
Claim of Waiver of Objection to Reliance On Rejected, IAS_V-4024-001.
Drug Test Lab Report, IAS_V-4025-001.
Incompetent Person's "Excited Utterance", IAS_V-4026-001.
Investigative Report -- Hearsay Within, IAS_V-4027-001.
Minor's Testimony -- Sex Abuse Victim, IAS_V-4028-001.
Public Records & Reports, IAS_V-4029-001.
Testimony of Elderly or Disabled Adult, IAS_V-4030-002.
Preponderance of the Evidence --
Circumstantial Evidence, IAS_V-4031-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4032-002.
Lightest Burden In the Legal System, IAS_V-4033-003.
Presumptions (See Also CONSTITUTION (U.S.), Presumptions) --
Agencies Cannot Create, IAS_V-4034-002.
Agencies Lack Authority to Create, IAS_V-4035-001.
Conclusive -- Defined -- Proscribed By Law, IAS_V-4036-001.
Rebuttable -- Defined -- Permissible, IAS_V-4037-001.
Requisite Basis For Examined, IAS_V-4038-001.
Ex Parte Communications --
DOAH Hearing Officer Enters Memorandum of, IAS_V-4039-001.
Found to Constitute Reversible Error, IAS_V-4040-001.
Governor & Cabinet --
Special Rules Found to Apply, IAS_V-4041-001.
Prosecuting Attorney Cannot Also Advise Agency Head Post-Hearing, IAS_V-4042-001.
School Bd. --
Competitive Bid, IAS_V-4043-001.
Final Order --
Agency Action -- Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4044-001.
Agency Cannot Reopen the Case After 100 Days Pass, IAS_V-4045-001.
Agency Refuses to Reopen, IAS_V-4046-001.
An Agency Can Modify, IAS_V-4047-001.
An Agency Can Reissue If the Original Version Was Never Received In Order to Create a New Clear Point of Entry, IAS_V-4048-001.
An Agency Can Rescind, IAS_V-4049-002.
An Agency Can Vacate, IAS_V-4050-001.
An Agency Can Vacate & Re-Enter, IAS_V-4051-001.
An Agency Can Vacate & Reissue For Equitable Reasons, IAS_V-4052-001.
An Agency Is Not Bound By Legal Arguments or Positions Taken By Its Attorney At Hearing, IAS_V-4053-001.
Appellate Review of Is a Matter of Right, IAS_V-4054-001.
Cannot Be Entered Pending Interlocutory Appellate Review, IAS_V-4055-001.
Challenge to On the Sole Basis of Timeliness Examined, IAS_V-4056-001.
Distinguished From Mere Intention to Take a Particular Final Action, IAS_V-4057-001.
Emergency Order Found Not to Constitute, IAS_V-4058-001.
Emergency Order Found to Initiate Not End a Proceeding, IAS_V-4059-001.
Expedited Final Order Entered -- Dept. of Revenue, IAS_V-4060-001.
Failure of Petitioner to Receive Notice of Entry of, IAS_V-4061-001.
Finality -- Test For, IAS_V-4062-001.
Finality Doctrine Explored, IAS_V-4063-002.
Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law Found Inadequate For Appellate Review, IAS_V-4064-005.
Found to Lack Requisite Foundation, IAS_V-4065-002.
Letter From Agency Counsel Constitutes, IAS_V-4066-001.
Must Be In Writing & Include Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law Separately Stated, IAS_V-4067-001.
Must Be Properly Entered, IAS_V-4068-001.
Must State the Basis For the Agency's Decision, IAS_V-4069-002.
Not "Rendered" Until Filed With Agency Clerk, IAS_V-4070-001.
Notice of Proposed Agency Action -- Final Order Also Required, IAS_V-4071-001.
Presumed Correct, IAS_V-4072-001.
Rendition Occurs When Filed With Agency Clerk, IAS_V-4073-001.
Reversed For Failure to Comply With §120.59(4), IAS_V-4074-001.
Summary Conclusion Without Supporting Rationale Found Legally Insufficient, IAS_V-4075-001.
Formal Hearing (§120.57(1)) (See Also Informal Hearing, Intervenors) --
A Timely Petition For Stays the Agency Decision-Making Process, IAS_V-4076-002.
Agency Action Defined, IAS_V-4077-001.
Agency Action Is Required, IAS_V-4078-002.
Agency Action Must Be Final In Order to Be Assailable, IAS_V-4079-001.
Bifurcated Proceeding --
Granted, IAS_V-4080-001.
Purpose and Appropriateness of Examined, IAS_V-4081-001.
Can Be Converted to Informal §120.57(2) Proceeding, IAS_V-4082-001.
Clear Point of Entry --
Agency Investigation & Report to Another Agency Alone Insufficient to Trigger, IAS_V-4083-001.
Agency Investigation Alone Insufficient to Trigger, IAS_V-4084-001.
Must Be Accorded to Persons Whose Substantial Interests Are Affected, IAS_V-4085-002.
Collateral Attack On Previous Agency Orders Is Improper, IAS_V-4086-001.
De Novo In Nature, IAS_V-4087-010.
De Novo In Nature --
Not Limited to Circumstances Which Existed Prior to the Formal Hearing, IAS_V-4088-001.
Not to Review Preliminary Agency Action, IAS_V-4089-024.
Entitlement to Formal §120.57(1) Hearing, IAS_V-4090-002.
Failure to Act On Petition For -- Appellate Court Grants Mandamus Petition to Compel Action, IAS_V-4091-001.
Failure to Appear --
Claim of Excusable Neglect Found Improperly Not Considered, IAS_V-4092-001.
Petition For Denied As Defective, IAS_V-4093-001.
Petitioner Cannot Proceed "Anonymously", IAS_V-4094-001.
Petitioner Dies -- Personal Representative Is Substituted, IAS_V-4095-002.
Pleadings -- Issues Outside of Cannot Be Reached, IAS_V-4096-001.
Post-Hearing Supplementation of Record --
Denial By AHCA Upheld, IAS_V-4097-001.
Denied, IAS_V-4098-005.
Disfavored, IAS_V-4099-001.
Remand to DOAH For Explanation of, IAS_V-4100-001.
Prehearing Order --
Parties Are Bound By Their Stipulation, IAS_V-4101-001.
Procedural Rules -- Agency Discretion to Relax, IAS_V-4102-001.
Purpose of --
Purpose of Examined, IAS_V-4103-001.
Rehearing --
Denied, IAS_V-4104-001.
Request For Tolls Nonemergency Agency Action, IAS_V-4105-001.
Requires Disputed Issue of Material Fact, IAS_V-4106-009.
Time Limit For Requesting Is Not Jurisdictional --
Calculation of -- U.S. Mail Vis Other Carrier, IAS_V-4107-001.
Calculation of Time Limit When Utilizing U.S. Mail, IAS_V-4108-001.
Equitable Tolling -- A Judicially Created Doctrine, IAS_V-4109-001.
Equitable Tolling -- Claim of Found to Require a Hearing, IAS_V-4110-001.
Equitable Tolling -- Fact Finding Not Necessarily Required In Disposing of Such Claim, IAS_V-4111-001.
Equitable Tolling -- Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-4112-001.
Equitable Tolling -- Withdrawal of Counsel Alone Is Insufficient, IAS_V-4113-001.
Equitable Tolling Discussed, IAS_V-4114-009.
Equitable Tolling Found Applicable, IAS_V-4115-003.
Equitable Tolling Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-4116-007.
Excusable Neglect -- Failure to Understand the Legal Consequences of Inaction Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-4117-004.
Excusable Neglect -- Requires More Than a Conclusionary Statement of Counsel, IAS_V-4118-001.
Excusable Neglect -- Right to a Hearing Regarding Claim of, IAS_V-4119-002.
Excusable Neglect -- Underlying Facts Must Be Set Forth In An Affidavit, IAS_V-4120-001.
Excusable Neglect Discussed, IAS_V-4121-002.
Excusable Neglect Found Applicable, IAS_V-4122-004.
Excusable Neglect Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-4123-011.
Excusable Neglect Must Be Asserted In Order to Be Utilized, IAS_V-4124-001.
Notice of Right to Found Deficient, IAS_V-4125-001.
Notice of Right to Found Lacking, IAS_V-4126-002.
Opportunity to Explain Reasons For Late Filing Must Be Accorded, IAS_V-4127-001.
Request For Extension of Time Limit Must Be Timely, IAS_V-4128-001.
Time Limit Can Be Extended, IAS_V-4129-001.
Untimely Request For Found Not to Operate As a Waiver Per Se, IAS_V-4130-001.
Untimely Request For Operates As Waiver, IAS_V-4131-004.
Transcript of --
Agency Has No Duty to File With DOAH, IAS_V-4132-001.
Party Must Order At Their Own Expense, IAS_V-4133-001.
Responsibility of Petitioner to Produce, IAS_V-4134-001.
Venue --
Motion to Change Denied, IAS_V-4135-001.
Free Form Agency Action --
Appeal From Found Not to Preclude Entry of Final Order, IAS_V-4136-001.
Nonfinality Implies No Right to Hearing On, IAS_V-4137-006.
Tentative Nature of Examined, IAS_V-4138-004.
Harmless Error --
Erroneous Conclusion of Law, IAS_V-4139-001.
Erroneous Fact Finding, IAS_V-4140-002.
Erroneous Refusal to Allow a Witness to Testify, IAS_V-4141-001.
Erroneous Ruling On Request For Admissions, IAS_V-4142-001.
Erroneous Ruling On Standing, IAS_V-4143-001.
Erroneous Ruling On Standing Where the Party Was Allowed to Participate, IAS_V-4144-001.
Erroneous Standard of Proof, IAS_V-4145-001.
Erroneous Statutory Citation, IAS_V-4146-004.
Erroneous Statutory Interpretation, IAS_V-4147-002.
Extraneous Fact Findings & Conclusions of Law, IAS_V-4148-001.
Failure to Adequately Frame the Issues, IAS_V-4149-001.
Discovery Violations, IAS_V-4150-002.
Discussed, IAS_V-4151-001.
Failure to Cite Correct Statute In the Complaint, IAS_V-4152-003.
Improper Comments At Hearing, IAS_V-4153-001.
Improper Quashing of Subpoena, IAS_V-4154-001.
Ninety (90) Day Suspension From Food Stamp Program -- Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-4155-001.
Proposed Fact Findings -- Failure to Specifically Rule On, IAS_V-4156-001.
Informal Hearing (§120.57(2)) (See Also Formal Hearing (§120.57(1)) --
Absence of Disputed Issue of Material Fact, IAS_V-4157-001.
Agency Is Free to Reject Recommended Penalty, IAS_V-4158-001.
Can Be Converted to Formal §120.57(1) Proceeding, IAS_V-4159-002.
Essentially a Meeting - Not An Adjudicatory Proceeding, IAS_V-4160-001.
Failure to Attend, IAS_V-4161-001.
Petition For Appellate Review -- Case Referred to DOAH Instead By Stipulation, IAS_V-4162-001.
Intervenors (See Also CERTIFICATE OF NEED (CON), Intervenors; COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of, Comprehensive Plan; CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests), Protest, Standing; HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For, Certificate of Need (CON); LAND & WATER ADJUDICATORY Comm., Appeals (§380.07(3); PERMITS, Third Party Intervenors, Pro Se Petitioners; RULES & RULEMAKING, Standing) --
Moot Case, IAS_V-4163-002.
Standing --
Affected Person Defined, IAS_V-4164-001.
Cannot Be Conferred By Consent, IAS_V-4165-001.
Challenge To -- As An Affirmative Defense -- Must Be Timely, IAS_V-4166-001.
Challenge to -- Cannot Be Brought Based On a Failure to Present Proof, IAS_V-4167-001.
Challenge to -- Cannot Be Challenged If Previously Stipulated to, IAS_V-4168-001.
Question of Substantive Not Procedural Law, IAS_V-4169-001.
Substantial Interest Defined, IAS_V-4170-003.
Two (2) Prong Test, IAS_V-4171-003.
Judicial Notice (See Official Recognition)
Cannot Be Conferred By Consent, IAS_V-4172-001.
Economic Interests As a Basis For, IAS_V-4173-001.
None to Award Monetary Damages, IAS_V-4174-001.
None to Interpret Federal Law, IAS_V-4175-001.
Petitioner Has the Burden of Proof Regarding, IAS_V-4176-001.
Laches (See Also Statute of Limitations) --
Applicable to Administrative Proceedings, IAS_V-4177-001.
Applicable to Proceedings In Equity Only, IAS_V-4178-001.
Defined, IAS_V-4179-001.
Discussed, IAS_V-4180-001.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_V-4181-002.
Inapplicable, IAS_V-4182-001.
Inapplicable to Administrative Proceedings, IAS_V-4183-001.
Meetings --
By Communications Media Technology -- Quorum Must Be Physically Present, IAS_V-4184-001.
Model Rules of Procedure --
Binding Upon An Agency Unless the Administration Comm. Grants An Exception, IAS_V-4185-001.
Moot Case, IAS_V-4186-004.
Moot Case --
Collateral Legal Consequences -- Death of Appellant --
Possible Award of Attorney's Fees to Estate Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-4187-001.
Death of Appellant -- Appeal Dismissed As Moot, IAS_V-4188-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4189-003.
Divests Agency Jurisdiction, IAS_V-4190-001.
Matter of Great Public Interest Likely to Recur, IAS_V-4191-001.
Temporary Conditional Rating of a Nursing Home Which Has Expired Is Not "Moot", IAS_V-4192-001.
Treated As a Motion For Summary Judgment By Stipulation of All Parties, IAS_V-4193-001.
Voluntary Dismissal of As Moot, IAS_V-4194-001.
Motion In Limine --
Defined, Discussed & Distinguished From Motion to Suppress, IAS_V-4195-001.
Granted, IAS_V-4196-001.
Motion In to Limit Issues, IAS_V-4197-007.
Motion to Dismiss --
All Well-Pleaded Allegations Are Assumed to Be True, IAS_V-4198-006.
Review Limited to Four (4) Corners of Petition, IAS_V-4199-001.
Motion to Strike --
Allegedly "Sham" or "Scandalous" Pleadings -- Denied, IAS_V-4200-001.
DOAH Grant of Found to Be Erroneous, IAS_V-4201-001.
Granted, IAS_V-4202-001.
Nonrule Policy (See Also RULES & RULEMAKING, Unpromulgated Rule) --
Agency Burden When Relying On, IAS_V-4203-009.
Agency Burden When Relying On Such Policy After DOAH Declares to Be An Unpromulgated Rule, IAS_V-4204-001.
Agency Decision Based On Nonrule Policy Without Explanation Found Reversible Error, IAS_V-4205-002.
Deviation From Must Be Explained, IAS_V-4206-004.
Incipient Agency Policy Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4207-003.
Incipient Agency Policy Is Exempt From §120.535 & §120.56 Challenge, IAS_V-4208-001.
Not For Post-Hearing Supplementation of the Record, IAS_V-4209-001.
Probable Cause Found Lacking -- Letter of Guidance -- No Right to §120.57 Hearing, IAS_V-4210-001.
Subject to De Novo Review At DOAH, IAS_V-4211-001.
Whether An Agency Adequately "Proves Up" Found to Be a Question of Fact, IAS_V-4212-001.
Official Recognition --
Decision Regarding Lies In the Discretion of the Hearing Officer, IAS_V-4213-001.
Declined -- DOAH, IAS_V-4214-001.
Denied, IAS_V-4215-001.
Federal Statutes, IAS_V-4216-001.
Granted, IAS_V-4217-004.
Proper Scope of Examined, IAS_V-4218-001.
Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding, IAS_V-4219-168.
Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding (See Also Burden of Proof, Evidence) --
Agency Action Seeking Fines Alone Is Penal Nonetheless, IAS_V-4220-002.
Standard of Proof, IAS_V-4221-001.
Standard of Proof --
Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_V-4222-017.
Clear & Convincing Evidence -- Found Not Provided, IAS_V-4223-001.
Clear & Convincing Evidence -- More Rigorous Standard Than a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-4224-001.
Clear & Convincing Evidence Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4225-070.
Clear & Convincing Evidence Not Required If Revocation Is Not Sought, IAS_V-4226-007.
Determined By the Nature of the Proceedings & the Consequences Thereof, IAS_V-4227-001.
Fines Alone Are Penal, IAS_V-4228-001.
Pro Se Petitioners --
Pleading Deficiencies Treated Leniently, IAS_V-4229-002.
Request For Admissions, IAS_V-4230-001.
Probable Cause Panel --
Award of Costs of Investigation & Prosecution Examined, IAS_V-4231-001.
Expert Opinion Not Requisite to Filing of a Complaint, IAS_V-4232-001.
Issue Regarding Must Be Subject to Appellate Review, IAS_V-4233-001.
Probable Cause Found Lacking, IAS_V-4234-001.
Reliance On Hearsay, IAS_V-4235-001.
Requisite Proof to Support Filing of a Complaint, IAS_V-4236-002.
Procedural Rules --
Agency Discretion to Relax, IAS_V-4237-002.
Reconsideration --
Denied, IAS_V-4238-001.
Found No Longer to Be Authorized, IAS_V-4239-001.
Jurisdiction For Found, IAS_V-4240-002.
Motion For Authorized By Agency Rules Found to Toll Time Limit For Appeal, IAS_V-4241-001.
Not Warranted By More Passage of Time, IAS_V-4242-001.
Recusal --
Beneficial Interest In Real Property the Subject of a Voluntary Annexation, IAS_V-4243-001.
DOAH Hearing Officer, IAS_V-4244-001.
Discussed, IAS_V-4245-001.
Motion For Denied, IAS_V-4246-001.
Rude & Unprofessional Conduct Alone Is Insufficient, IAS_V-4247-001.
Well-Grounded Fear of Lack of Impartiality Found, IAS_V-4248-001.
Res Judicata (See Also Collateral Estoppel, Equitable Estoppel, Estoppel, Estoppel By Judgment) --
Agency Providence to Decide, IAS_V-4249-001.
Applicable, IAS_V-4250-013.
Declaratory Statement, IAS_V-4251-001.
Discussed, IAS_V-4252-002.
Doctrine of Collateral Estoppel Is Related, IAS_V-4253-001.
Flexibility Required In Applying to An Administrative Case Due to Unique Nature of This Process, IAS_V-4254-001.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_V-4255-001.
Inapplicable In Event of New Facts, Changed Conditions or Additional Submissions, IAS_V-4256-003.
Mere Passage of Time Does Not Warrant Reconsideration of An Order, IAS_V-4257-001.
Motion to Dismiss, IAS_V-4258-001.
Stare Decisis --
Applicability to Administrative Proceedings, IAS_V-4259-002.
Core Principle of Our System of Justice, IAS_V-4260-002.
Deviation From Precedent Must Be Explained, IAS_V-4261-002.
Discussed, IAS_V-4262-001.
Failure to Implement Reversible Error, IAS_V-4263-001.
Gessler Decision Discussed, IAS_V-4264-001.
Inapplicable to Points of Law In a Case Which Were Neither Litigated Nor Decided, IAS_V-4265-001.
Statute of Limitations (See Also Laches) --
An Affirmative Defense That Is Waived If Not Timely Raised, IAS_V-4266-001.
Environmental Contexts -- Continuing Contamination -- Calculation of, IAS_V-4267-001.
Inapplicable to Administrative Proceedings, IAS_V-4268-002.
Stipulations --
DOAH Bound By, IAS_V-4269-002.
May Be Used As a Substitute For Proof, IAS_V-4270-001.
Parties Are Bound By, IAS_V-4271-005.
Subject Matter Index --
1991 Statutory Amendment Found to Excuse Absence of 1975-1992 Index, IAS_V-4272-001.
Reasonable Access to Prior Agency Orders Is Required, IAS_V-4273-001.
Uniform Rules of Procedure --
Admin. Comm. Approval of An Exception Found Not Required For Procedural Rule Outside the Scope of, IAS_V-4274-001.
Venue (See Formal Hearing (§120.57(1))
Voluntary Dismissal --
After DOAH Recommended Order But Before Final Order --
Agency Dismissal of As Moot Reversed, IAS_V-4275-001.
Post-Hearing -- DOAH -- Agency Issues Final Order Nonetheless, IAS_V-4276-001.
Waiver --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4277-001.
Distinguished From Estoppel, IAS_V-4278-001.

Amended Final Order: Health v. Knize, IAS_V-4279-001.
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
License (See Also LICENSING) --
Ethical Standards --
Need Not Be Promulgated As Rules, IAS_V-4280-001.
Violation of Forms a Basis For Discipline, IAS_V-4281-001.
Failure to Maintain Confidentiality of Patient Information, IAS_V-4282-001.
Failure to Renew -- Reinstatement Denied, IAS_V-4283-001.
Improper Solicitation of Clients, IAS_V-4284-001.
Power Imbalance In Psychologist-Patient Relationship Examined, IAS_V-4285-001.
Sexual Misconduct -- Other Behavior, e.g., Kissing, IAS_V-4286-001.
Sexual Misconduct -- Professional Relationship Deemed to Last Into Perpetuity By Rule -- Reversed, IAS_V-4287-001.
Sexual Misconduct -- Psychologist/Client Relationship Found Not to Continue Into Perpetuity, IAS_V-4288-001.
Sexual Misconduct With Patient, IAS_V-4289-002.
Sexual Relationship With Patient After Therapy, IAS_V-4290-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-4291-001.
Licensure --
Bd. Denial On Basis of Lack of Requisite Educational Experience Affirmed & Reversed In Part, IAS_V-4292-001.
Doctoral-Level Psychological Education Defined, IAS_V-4293-001.
Education & Work Experience Requirements Found Lacking, IAS_V-4294-001.
Educational Requirement -- Doctoral Degree Found Not "Comparable" -- Reversed, IAS_V-4295-001.
Educational Requirement -- Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-4296-001.
Educational Requirements -- Foreign Graduate, IAS_V-4297-001.
Educational Requirements Found Lacking, IAS_V-4298-002.
Exam --
Challenge to Grading -- National Score -- Denied, IAS_V-4299-001.
Provisional --
Foreign Graduate -- Denied, IAS_V-4300-001.

Agency Personnel Rules As Unpromulgated Rules -- Internal Management Memoranda Exception, IAS_V-4301-001.
Annual Leave & Sick Time Benefits --
Legislature Found to Have Improperly & Unilaterally Changed the Benefit, IAS_V-4302-002.
Bargaining Rights --
Right Under Collective Bargaining Agreement Must Be Asserted Through Grievance Process, IAS_V-4303-001.
Subject to Legislature's Appropriations Power, IAS_V-4304-001.
Supreme Court Enforces Collective Bargaining Agreement, IAS_V-4305-001.
Candidacy For City Office --
City Commissioner --
DOT Career Service Employee, IAS_V-4306-001.
Candidacy For County Office --
Tax Collector --
Petition For Declaration That No Conflict Was Created -- Dept. of Revenue, IAS_V-4307-002.
Career Service Employee --
Decisions By Are Presumed Correct, IAS_V-4308-001.
Dismissal --
Drug Test -- Positive -- Employee Submittal of Their Own Conflicting Test Results, IAS_V-4309-001.
Drug-Free Workplace Act --
District Held Not to Be An "Agency" For Purposes of, IAS_V-4310-001.
Zero Tolerance Policy Discussed, IAS_V-4311-001.
Grievances --
Collective Bargaining Agreement Process Must Be Utilized - Not §120, IAS_V-4312-001.
Increase In Penalty From Hearing Officer Recommendation Reversed, IAS_V-4313-001.
Personal Liability For Discharge of Subordinate --
Qualified Immunity Does Not Protect Against Violation of First Amendment Right of Free Speech, IAS_V-4314-001.
Public Employees Do Not Relinquish Their First Amendment Right of Free Speech Regarding Matters of Public Concern, IAS_V-4315-001.
Qualified Immunity As a Bar to Personal Liability For Official Conduct --
Two (2) Part Test For, IAS_V-4316-001.
Dismissal --
HIV-Positive Employee Dismissed On the Basis of After Frequent Absences From Work --
Large Jury Award Against Private Employer Reversed, IAS_V-4317-001.
Internal Grievance Proceeding --
Appeal of Adverse Findings Is to Dept. of Management Services, IAS_V-4318-001.
Statutory Framework Governing Examined, IAS_V-4319-001.
Personal Liability For Performance of Governmental Duties Under §1983 --
Qualified Immunity -- Discussed -- Two (2) Part Test For, IAS_V-4320-001.
Salary Overpayment --
Common Law Principles Are Inapplicable, IAS_V-4321-001.
Recoupment -- Mechanics of Examined, IAS_V-4322-001.
Recoupment -- Burden of Proof, IAS_V-4323-001.
Recoupment Ordered, IAS_V-4324-002.
Termination --
Challenge to Dismissed As Untimely --
Reversed On Basis of Defective Final Order, IAS_V-4325-001.
Drug Test -- Positive --
Employee Submittal of Their Own Conflicting Test Results, IAS_V-4326-001.
Whistle-Blower Act --
Circuit Court Denial of Relief From Discrimination By Retaliation Reversed, IAS_V-4327-001.

Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) --
Motion For Reconsideration Found to Toll Time Limit For Appellate Review, IAS_V-4328-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
PERC Award of Attorney's Fees Modified On Appeal, IAS_V-4329-001.
PERC Denial of Award of Affirmed, IAS_V-4330-001.
PERC Refusal to Award Fees For Litigation of the Amount of Attorney's Fees Affirmed, IAS_V-4331-001.
PERC Refusal to Award Fees For Responding to Exceptions to the Recommended Order Reversed, IAS_V-4332-001.
PERC Rejection of Hearing Officer's Determination of An Hourly Rate Reversed, IAS_V-4333-001.
Career Service Employees --
PERC Summary Dismissal of Complaint Reversed, IAS_V-4334-001.
Professional Employee --
Education Element Is Not a Threshold Requirement, IAS_V-4335-001.
PERC Order Verifying Results of a Representation Election Vacated, IAS_V-4336-001.
Recreation Supervisor -- Status As, IAS_V-4337-001.
Reconsideration -- Found No Longer to Be Authorized, IAS_V-4338-001.
Transfer -- Involuntary -- Challenge to, IAS_V-4339-001.
Unfair Labor Practice Charge -- Establishment of the Prima Facie Case Examined, IAS_V-4340-001.
Withdrawal of Appeal -- Motion to Reopen Appeal Rejected As Untimely, IAS_V-4341-001.
City Employee Challenge to Drug Testing --
PERC Refusal to Adjudicate On Constitutional Grounds Reversed, IAS_V-4342-001.
Discharge For Alleged Misconduct --
Death By Abuse of a Child, IAS_V-4343-001.
Unexcused Absence -- Affirmed, IAS_V-4344-001.
Hearing Officer (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH) --
Absolute Immunity From Personal Liability, IAS_V-4345-001.
Jurisdiction --
PERC Refusal to Exercise On Constitutional Grounds Reversed, IAS_V-4346-001.
Rejection of Recommended Penalty Reversed, IAS_V-4347-001.
Suspension From Work --
Failure to Follow Instructions -- Rejection of Hearing Officer's Recommendation Reversed, IAS_V-4348-001.

§119 Construed --
Applicability to Public Hospital, IAS_V-4349-001.
Definition of "Public Records" Examined, IAS_V-4350-001.
Disclosure of Public Records Is a Mandatory Not a Discretionary Act, IAS_V-4351-001.
To Be Liberally Construed In Favor of Open Government, IAS_V-4352-003.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
Denied, IAS_V-4353-001.
Cannot Be Circumvented By Contractually Delegating Agency Responsibilities to Private Parties, IAS_V-4354-001.
Charges For --
Actual Cost of Duplication Only, IAS_V-4355-001.
Indigents Are Not Entitled to Free Copies, IAS_V-4356-002.
School District Advisory Council, IAS_V-4357-001.
Circuit Court Enforcement Action --
Production of Documents Ordered In Lieu of $200,000 Per Day Fine, IAS_V-4358-001.
Computer Databases --
Private Firm Creates Under Contract Then Copyrights --
Federal Copyright Law Found to Preempt §119, IAS_V-4359-001.
County Draft Audit Report --
Not Subject to Disclosure Until Final, IAS_V-4360-001.
County Internal Auditor --
Audit Report Draft, Work Papers & Notes, IAS_V-4361-001.
Criminal Intelligence or Investigative Information --
Applicability of §119 Examined, IAS_V-4362-001.
Destruction of, IAS_V-4363-001.
Exemption --
Attorney -- Work Product -- Bill For Fees Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-4364-001.
Attorney's Fees Bills -- Outside -- County Government -- None, IAS_V-4365-001.
Child Resource Records of Dependent Children, IAS_V-4366-001.
Complete Assumption of Governmental Obligation -- None, IAS_V-4367-001.
Confidentiality Provisions -- Redact Relevant Information, IAS_V-4368-001.
Courts Will Not Carve Out For Equitable Reasons, IAS_V-4369-003.
Evidentiary Privileges Do Not Give Rise to An Exemption, IAS_V-4370-001.
Fla. Municipal Power Agency -- Settlement of Federal Civil Suit -- Circuit Court Orders Production, IAS_V-4371-001.
Humane Society Investigation of Animal Cruelty -- Denied, IAS_V-4372-001.
Medical Malpractice Case -- Presuit Notice, IAS_V-4373-001.
Public Hospital -- Certified Question to Supreme Court, IAS_V-4374-001.
Public Hospitals -- Private Lease of, IAS_V-4375-001.
Salvation Army Provided Probation Services By Contract --
Denied, IAS_V-4376-001.
Federal Copyright Law --
Compilation Interests Examined, IAS_V-4377-001.
Found to Preempt §119, IAS_V-4378-001.
Federal Freedom of Information Act --
Examined, IAS_V-4379-001.
Is Inapplicable to Florida's Public Records, IAS_V-4380-001.
Motion to Compel Production Denied By Circuit Court --
Proper Request For Found Not Made, IAS_V-4381-001.
Private Corporations --
Inapplicable to -- Request From Office of Capital Punishment Collateral Representative, IAS_V-4382-001.
Private Organizations --
Acting On Behalf of a Public Body, IAS_V-4383-005.
Applicability Discussed, IAS_V-4384-003.
Nonprofit Corporation Within Dept. of Children & Families, IAS_V-4385-001.
Reedy Creek Improvement Dist. -- Disney World Co. --
Neither a City or County or Substitute Therefor, IAS_V-4386-001.
Private Employers Providing Their Own Security Are Not Providing Governmental "Law Enforcement", IAS_V-4387-001.
Request For Security Manual/Traffic Citations/Accident Reports Denied, IAS_V-4388-001.
Totality of the Circumstances Test, IAS_V-4389-001.
Public Records --
Defined, IAS_V-4390-001.
Open to the Public Unless Exempt, IAS_V-4391-001.
Service Charges -- Special --
Limited to An Agency's Actual Incremental Cost, IAS_V-4392-001.
Requirement For Extensive Clerical or Supervisory Assistance, IAS_V-4393-001.
Trade Secrets --
Business Compilations Exemption From §119 Found to Be Inapplicable, IAS_V-4394-001.
Conflict With §119 Found, IAS_V-4395-001.

Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) --
PSC Orders Are Presumed Correct, IAS_V-4396-001.
Water & Sewer Utility --
Deviation From Past Policy Without Explanation Reversed, IAS_V-4397-001.
Disallowance of Large Investment From Rate Base Reversed, IAS_V-4398-001.
Failure to Enter a Final Order After Notice of Proposed Action -- Remand, IAS_V-4399-001.
Margin Reserves --
Mechanics & Regulatory Treatment of Examined, IAS_V-4400-001.
Publication of PSC Policy In PSC Regulatory Philosophy Digest Examined, IAS_V-4401-001.
Rate Base -- Contributions In Aid of Construction, IAS_V-4402-001.
Rate Base -- Pollution Control Equipment Not Includable Per Se, IAS_V-4403-001.
Rate Case -- Applicant Utility Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-4404-001.

Circuit Court Upholds Special Exception From the Comprehensive Plan For a Public School On Agricultural Land, IAS_V-4405-001.

Broker --
Bd. Revocation of License Affirmed, IAS_V-4406-003.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-4407-001.
Suspension of License For Indefinite Period Reversed In Part, IAS_V-4408-001.
Criminal Charges -- Moral Turpitude --
Possession & Distribution of Cocaine Found to Involve Moral Turpitude, IAS_V-4409-001.
Formal Hearing Denied On Basis of Failure to Respond to Comm. Request For Admissions --
Affirmed Despite Assertion of Right to Remain Silent, IAS_V-4410-001.
Instructor --
Approval of a Course Constitutes a "License", IAS_V-4411-001.
Discipline Based On Withdrawal of Prior Approval of a Course By Rule Without Actual Notice Followed By Continued Teaching of the Course -- Reversed, IAS_V-4412-001.
Stipulated Penalty Affirmed Though Found to Be "Harsh", IAS_V-4413-001.
Real Estate Recovery Fund --
Comm. Denial of Claim Under Affirmed, IAS_V-4414-001.
Salesperson --
Newly Discovered Evidence Prior to Penalty Phase -- Remand For Consideration of, IAS_V-4415-001.
Revocation -- Failure to Complete Requisite Continuing Education, IAS_V-4416-001.
Subject Matter Index --
1991 Statutory Amendment Found to Excuse Absence of 1975-1992 Index, IAS_V-4417-001.

Disability Benefits --
Concepts From Workers' Compensation Law Such As Maximum Medical Improvement Cannot Be Transplanted, IAS_V-4418-001.
Denial of Disability Benefits Affirmed, IAS_V-4419-003.
Denial of Disability Benefits Reversed, IAS_V-4420-001.
Denial of In Line of Duty Disability Retirement Benefits Reversed, IAS_V-4421-001.
District Court of Appeal Discharges An Order to Show Cause, IAS_V-4422-001.
Retirement Benefits --
Challenge to Denial of Due to Criminal Plea to Charge of Accepting a Job-Related Bribe Rejected, IAS_V-4423-001.
Governed By Both Contract & Statute, IAS_V-4424-001.

Ad Valorem (See TAXATION)
Amended Declaratory Statement After Appellate Remand: Warning Safety Lights of Georgia, Inc., IAS_V-4425-001.
Amended Final Order: Nichols v. Revenue, IAS_V-4426-001.
Appellate Review (See Also Assessment, Circuit Court; APPELLATE REVIEW) --
Bond --
Requirement For Waived, IAS_V-4427-001.
Postjudgment Interest --
Awarded In Part, IAS_V-4428-001.
Prejudgment Interest --
Denied, IAS_V-4429-001.
Assessment --
§72 Circuit Court Challenge to Assessment --
Assessment -- Denial of Exemption Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-4430-001.
Claim For a Refund Is Prerequisite, IAS_V-4431-001.
Distinction Between Challenge to Valuation & Challenge to Classification, IAS_V-4432-001.
Inapplicable to Refunds, IAS_V-4433-001.
Mechanics of Found to Provide Requisite Constitutional Protection, IAS_V-4434-001.
Accord & Satisfaction --
DOR Claim of Rejected, IAS_V-4435-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4436-001.
Requires a Compromised Liability, IAS_V-4437-001.
Two (2) Part Test For, IAS_V-4438-001.
Estimated -- Leads to a Warrant Recorded As a Lien Against Real Property of Corporate Shareholder -- Reversed, IAS_V-4439-001.
Audits --
Five (5) Year Time Limit For, IAS_V-4440-001.
Sampling Is Appropriate If Taxpayer Fails to Maintain Adequate Records, IAS_V-4441-001.
Taxpayer Duty to Furnish Books & Records, IAS_V-4442-001.
Taxpayer Failure to Maintain Adequate Records, IAS_V-4443-001.
Child Support Arrearage --
DOR Claim Against Lottery Prize, IAS_V-4444-001.
Child Support Obligation --
DOR & Mother Challenge Modification -- Affirmed & Reversed In Part, IAS_V-4445-001.
Minimum Wage of Payor Found Not to Warrant Deviation From Guidelines, IAS_V-4446-001.
Circuit Court (See Also Appellate Review) --
Motion For Protective Order Granted to Auditor General's Office, IAS_V-4447-001.
Motion For Rehearing Denied, IAS_V-4448-001.
Constitutional Challenges (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.); PRACTICE & PROCEDURE; REVENUE, Dept. of) --
Bond Requirement Waived, IAS_V-4449-001.
Class Action Challenge, IAS_V-4450-001.
Domestic Partnership Act, IAS_V-4451-001.
Refund Request Is Not a Prerequisite, IAS_V-4452-003.
Remedy For Successful Challenge, IAS_V-4453-001.
Remedy For Successful Challenge to Exemption -- Prospective, IAS_V-4454-001.
Standing -- Taxpayer -- Special Injury Must Be Shown, IAS_V-4455-001.
Standing Considerations Examined, IAS_V-4456-001.
Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Corporate Income Tax --
Dividend Income From a Foreign Subsidiary, IAS_V-4457-001.
Taxable Income -- Derivation of, IAS_V-4458-001.
DOAH (Div. of Administrative Hearings) --
Denial of DOR Motion For a Protective Order to Protect Privacy of Another Taxpayer Reversed, IAS_V-4459-001.
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Documentary Stamp Tax --
§201.08(1) --
Conveyance of Unencumbered Condominium Units In Exchange For Closely Held Stock -- DOR Assessment Reversed, IAS_V-4460-001.
Transfer of Legal But Not "Beneficial" Ownership -- DOR Assessment Reversed, IAS_V-4461-001.
Gratuitous -- Non-Partnership Transfer -- Found Exempt, IAS_V-4462-001.
Mortgage Executed In Favor of Bail Bondsman to Secure a Promissory Note, IAS_V-4463-001.
Promissory Note Is Not Enforceable Until Documentary Stamp Tax Is Paid, IAS_V-4464-001.
Transfer of Real Property to Partnership -- Refund Denied, IAS_V-4465-001.
Employee --
Petition For Declaration That Candidacy For County Tax Collector Created No Conflict, IAS_V-4466-002.
Termination For Candidacy For County Tax Collector Without Prior DOR Authorization, IAS_V-4467-001.
Estate Tax --
Liability of a Trust For Vis the Estate, IAS_V-4468-001.
Executive Director --
Oral Argument Before Granted, IAS_V-4469-002.
Exemptions (See Also Sales Tax, Taxing, Enforcement; TAXATION, Taxing) --
Favorable Tax Status Accorded Pollution Control Equipment Noted, IAS_V-4470-001.
Issue Regarding Not Reached -- Tangible Personal Property Found Lacking, IAS_V-4471-001.
Expedited Final Order Entered, IAS_V-4472-001.
Governor & Cabinet --
Oral Argument Before Denied, IAS_V-4473-001.
Impact Fee Struck Down --
Vehicles Purchased or Titled Out-of-State --
Postjudgment Interest Awarded In Part, IAS_V-4474-001.
Prejudgment Interest Denied, IAS_V-4475-001.
Impact Fee Upheld --
Boats Purchased or Titled Out-of-State --
Additional $4.00 Fee Found Nominal & Legal, IAS_V-4476-001.
Impact Fees (See Also COUNTY GOVERNMENT)
Intangible Tax --
Airline Accounts Receiveable -- Circuit Court Grant of Challenge to Assessment Reversed, IAS_V-4477-001.
On Motion For Rehearing --
Canaveral Port Authority v. Revenue, et al., IAS_V-4478-001.
Penalty (See Also TAXATION) --
Cannot Be Imposed For Election of §72 Procedures, IAS_V-4479-001.
Compromise of Rejected, IAS_V-4480-001.
DOR Discretion to Compromise Examined, IAS_V-4481-001.
Dept. of Revenue Has Discretion Regarding, IAS_V-4482-001.
Found Unauthorized -- Tire Disposal Fee, IAS_V-4483-001.
Imposed Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation, IAS_V-4484-001.
Waived, IAS_V-4485-001.
Petition to Initiate Rulemaking -- Denied, IAS_V-4486-001.
Refund (See Also TAXATION) --
Ad Valorem --
DOR Lacks Jurisdiction to Refund, IAS_V-4487-001.
Application For As a Prerequisite to, IAS_V-4488-001.
Assessment Cannot Be Collaterally Challenged In Action For, IAS_V-4489-001.
Assignability of Examined, IAS_V-4490-001.
Assignment of Right to, IAS_V-4491-001.
Constitutional Challenges (See Constitutional Challenges)
Denial Affirmed --
Motor Vehicle -- Repossessed -- Successor Lender, IAS_V-4492-001.
Denial As Allegedly Untimely Reversed --
Distinction Between Challenges to Valuation & Challenge to Classification, IAS_V-4493-001.
Denied -- Documentary Stamp Tax -- Transfer to Partnership, IAS_V-4494-001.
Denied -- Motor Fuel Tax, IAS_V-4495-001.
Denied -- Sales Tax -- Newsweek Magazine, IAS_V-4496-001.
Interest -- §55.03 Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-4497-001.
Interest -- Sovereign Immunity Applies to Interest On Tax Refunds, IAS_V-4498-001.
No Right to At Common Law, IAS_V-4499-002.
Petition For Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_V-4500-001.
Petition For With Comptroller Not Prerequisite to Constitutional Challenge, IAS_V-4501-001.
Sales Tax -- Telecommunication -- Circuit Court Refusal to Certify Class Affirmed, IAS_V-4502-001.
Statutory Provisions Regarding Are Strictly Construed, IAS_V-4503-001.
Time Limit of §72.011(6) Is Expressly Inapplicable, IAS_V-4504-001.
Retaliatory Tax On Foreign Insurers --
Found Not to Violate the Equal Protection Clause, IAS_V-4505-001.
Special Purpose Obligations -- Workers' Compensation Administrative Assessment Found to Constitute, IAS_V-4506-001.
Assessment --
Amusement Park Ride & Concession Service, IAS_V-4507-001.
Catalogs -- Printed Out-of-State Yet Distributed In Fla. By U.S. Mail, IAS_V-4508-001.
Catalogs -- Race Horses -- Auction House -- Free Distribution, IAS_V-4509-001.
Coin-Operated Vacuum & Air Machines -- License of Real Property For Placement of, IAS_V-4510-001.
Magazine --
Newsweek -- Circuit Court Denial of Refund Affirmed, IAS_V-4511-001.
Motor Vehicle -- Lender/Financier -- Repossession -- Assignment -- Right to Refund, IAS_V-4512-001.
Motor Vehicle Removed From Inventory & Titled In Owner's Name, IAS_V-4513-001.
Motor Vehicle Rented From a Third Party & Loaned to a Customer As a Replacement During Repairs, IAS_V-4514-002.
Refund -- Tax On Repossessed Motor Vehicle -- Successor Lender, IAS_V-4515-001.
Services Integral to Equipment Sales, IAS_V-4516-001.
Tangible Personal Property Sold By Lockheed to NASA Under a Federal Contract, IAS_V-4517-001.
Tangible Personal Property Utilized By Magazine Publisher, IAS_V-4518-001.
Telecommunications -- Customer Optional Detailed Billing Service, IAS_V-4519-001.
Telecommunications -- Engineering Services Sold Along With Equipment, IAS_V-4520-001.
Tires -- Disposal Fee -- Penalty For Failure to Separately State Rejected, IAS_V-4521-001.
Yacht Purchased For Resale But Also Used As Demonstrator, IAS_V-4522-001.
Bailment --
Defined & Discussed & Found Not Involved, IAS_V-4523-001.
Consumer's Certificate of Exemption (See Also TAXATION) --
Atheists of Florida -- DOR Denial Affirmed, IAS_V-4524-001.
Credit Counseling Service -- Denial of Affirmed, IAS_V-4525-001.
Seminole Tribe -- Circuit Court Denial of DOR Move to Transfer Venue Reversed, IAS_V-4526-001.
Seminole Tribe -- Revocation Reversed, IAS_V-4527-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4528-001.
Exemption --
Federal Contractors, IAS_V-4529-001.
Incidental Services, IAS_V-4530-001.
Municipal Electric Utilities -- Materials For Repair or Maintenance, IAS_V-4531-001.
Sale For Resale Exemption -- Discussed & Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-4532-001.
Joint Venture --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4533-001.
Defined & Discussed & Found Not Involved, IAS_V-4534-001.
Out-of-State Mail Order Business --
Catalogs Published Out-of State But Distributed In Florida By U.S. Mail, IAS_V-4535-001.
Distribution of Tangible Personal Property In Florida Discussed, IAS_V-4536-001.
Out-of-State Sale --
External Consistency Test, IAS_V-4537-001.
Internal Consistency Test, IAS_V-4538-001.
Requisite Nexus to Fla., IAS_V-4539-001.
Rental of Commercial Real Property --
Improvements to a Municipal Golf Course By Private Leaseholder -- DOR Assessments Quashed, IAS_V-4540-001.
Rental of Tangible Personal Property --
Tour Buses Leased to a Related Company, IAS_V-4541-001.
Seminole Tribe --
Status As An Exempt Federal Instrumentality Examined, IAS_V-4542-001.
Tangible Personal Property --
Information Incorporated Into Free Catalog Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-4543-001.
Services Do Not Constitute, IAS_V-4544-001.
Telecommunication -- Bracket Methodology Assailed, IAS_V-4545-001.
Taxing Enactment (See Also STATUTES; TAXATION) --
Exemptions Are Strictly Construed Against the Taxpayer, IAS_V-4546-003.
Tax Statutes Are to Be Strictly Construed In Favor of Taxpayer, IAS_V-4547-002.
Use Tax --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4548-003.
Subordinate to Sales Tax, IAS_V-4549-001.

Agency Bound By Own Rule, IAS_V-4550-010.
Appellate Review, IAS_V-4551-001.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) --
Circuit Court Challenge to Unpromulgated Rule -- Highway Safety -- FDLE -- DUI Test, IAS_V-4552-001.
Circuit Court Declares Invalid On Direct Review, IAS_V-4553-001.
DOAH Final Order Found to Lack Identification of the Grounds For, IAS_V-4554-001.
Direct Review Is Not Available, IAS_V-4555-001.
Limited Role of Judiciary Noted, IAS_V-4556-001.
Podiatry --
Definition of Leg, IAS_V-4557-001.
Rule Need Be Merely Reasonably Related to Enabling Statute & Not Arbitrary & Capricious, IAS_V-4558-001.
Standard Governing Differs From DOAH Review, IAS_V-4559-001.
Applicability --
Retroactive Application of Discussed, IAS_V-4560-003.
Those In Effect At Hearing, IAS_V-4561-001.
Those In Effect At Time Final Order Is Rendered, IAS_V-4562-001.
Those In Effect At Time of Alleged Violation, IAS_V-4563-001.
Arbitrary & Capricious --
Defined, IAS_V-4564-015.
Fact-Intensive Determination, IAS_V-4565-001.
Internal Consistency Found to Constitute, IAS_V-4566-001.
Proposed Rule Found Not to Be, IAS_V-4567-001.
Rule Found Not to Be, IAS_V-4568-007.
Rule Found to Be, IAS_V-4569-004.
As Applied --
Challenge to Must Be In §120.57(1) Proceeding, IAS_V-4570-002.
Corrections -- Inmate -- Denial of Petition Challenging Rules As Applied Affirmed, IAS_V-4571-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See PRACTICE & PROCEDURE)
Burden of Proof (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
On Those Who Challenge Validity, IAS_V-4572-012.
Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-4573-015.
Constitutional Challenge (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.)) --
DOAH Can Consider For Proposed Rules - But Finds It Unnecessary to Do So, IAS_V-4574-001.
DOAH Cannot Consider, IAS_V-4575-001.
Construction (See Also STATUTES, Construction) --
Agency Construction -- Effect of 10/96 APA Amendments Examined, IAS_V-4576-001.
Agency Construction Entitled to Great Weight, IAS_V-4577-009.
Change In Longstanding Rule Interpretation Found to Require Rulemaking, IAS_V-4578-001.
DOAH Hearing Officer Construction Is Not Entitled to Great Weight, IAS_V-4579-001.
Most Specific Controls, IAS_V-4580-001.
Plain & Unambiguous Language -- No Room For Construction, IAS_V-4581-002.
Related Provisions Construed In Para Materia, IAS_V-4582-001.
Economic Impact Statement --
Found Adequate, IAS_V-4583-002.
Emergency Rule (See Also Invalidity (§120.56), Emergency Rule) --
Appellate Review of Denied, IAS_V-4584-001.
Delay In Initiating Standard Rulemaking Does Not Justify, IAS_V-4585-001.
Emergency Cannot Be Created By An Agency's Failure to Take Timely Action, IAS_V-4586-001.
Ninety (90) Day Effective Period Cannot Be Circumvented By Serial Emergency Rules, IAS_V-4587-001.
Reasons Behind the Finding of a "Genuine Emergency" Must Be Expressed Upon Promulgation, IAS_V-4588-001.
Reasons Expressed Must Be Factually Explicit & Persuasive, IAS_V-4589-001.
Invalidity (§120.54(4)), Proposed Rule (See Also Proposed Rules, Rule)--
Banking & Finance -- Bd. of Funeral & Cemetery Services --
Definition of Sufficient Capital to Purchase & Operate a Cemetery Site, IAS_V-4590-001.
Need Determinations For New Cemeteries, IAS_V-4591-001.
Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) --
Land Sales -- Mobile Home Parks -- Length of Validity & Amendment of a Prospectus, IAS_V-4592-001.
Pari-Mutuel Wagering -- Warrantless Searches of Licensed Premises -- Affirmed, IAS_V-4593-001.
Clinical Lab Personnel --
Licensure of Clinical Lab Personnel, IAS_V-4594-002.
Licensure of Clinical Lab Personnel -- Reversed, IAS_V-4595-001.
Substantial Modification of Existing Rules & Deletion of Specialty Designation of Blood Banking, IAS_V-4596-001.
DEP (See Internal Improvement Trust Fund)
Dentistry --
Prohibition of Gingival Curettage With Laser Technology By a Dental Hygienist -- Reversed, IAS_V-4597-001.
Environmental Protection (DEP) (See Internal Improvement Trust Fund)
Health Care Administration (AHCA) --
Licensure of Clinical Lab Technicians -- Reversed, IAS_V-4598-001.
Medicaid -- Rate Governing Reimbursement Under Supplemental Insurance (Part B), IAS_V-4599-001.
Standard Governing Review of, IAS_V-4600-002.
Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles --
Personnel Manual of the Fla. Highway Patrol, IAS_V-4601-001.
Insurance --
Continuing Education Providers -- Regulation of, IAS_V-4602-001.
Parity of Regulation Between Agencies Affiliated With Financial Institutions & Unaffiliated Institutions, IAS_V-4603-001.
Internal Improvement Trust Fund --
Disclaimers to Permanent Improvements to Sovereign Submerged Land -- Invalidity Affirmed & Extended, IAS_V-4604-001.
Prohibition On Use of Sovereign Submerged Land to Dock Cruise Ships Offering Gambling, IAS_V-4605-001.
Standards & Forms Governing Certificates to Clear Title to Formerly Filled Sovereign Submerged Land, IAS_V-4606-001.
Nursing --
Authority of Advanced Nurse Practitioners to Prescribe Controlled Substances, IAS_V-4607-001.
Opticianry --
Requirement That a Sponsor of An Apprentice Be Licensed For No Less Than One (1) Year, IAS_V-4608-001.
Optometry --
Retail Optical Chain Leases of Office Space to In-House Optometrists, IAS_V-4609-001.
Public Service Comm. (PSC) --
Margin Reserves For Water & Sewer Utilities -- Reversed, IAS_V-4610-001.
Ratemaking Policies For Water & Sewer Utilities, IAS_V-4611-001.
Real Estate Comm. --
Real Estate Manager -- Notice of Delivery of Trust Funds to Unlicensed Entity, IAS_V-4612-001.
Revenue --
Documentary Stamp Tax -- Gratuitous Non-Partnership Transfer, IAS_V-4613-001.
S.W. Fla. Water Management Dist. --
Criteria Governing Issuance of Water Use Permits In Southern Water Use Caution Area, IAS_V-4614-001.
Existing Water Use Permitting Rules, IAS_V-4615-001.
Review of Water Use Permitting Applications, IAS_V-4616-001.
St. Johns River Water Management Dist. --
Designation of Spruce Creek & Tomoka River Hydrological Basins With Appurtenant Regulations -- Reversed, IAS_V-4617-001.
Establishment of Tomoka River & Spruce Creek Hydrological Basins In Volusia County, IAS_V-4618-001.
Standard Governing Review of, IAS_V-4619-013.
Transportation (DOT) --
Signs -- Dept. Approval of With Automatic Changeable Facings, IAS_V-4620-001.
Invalidity (§120.56), Adopted Rule (See Also Rule, Unpromulgated Rule) --
Agency Admits Rule Was Invalid, IAS_V-4621-001.
Amendment of Petition to Assault Newly Proposed Rules Denied, IAS_V-4622-001.
Banking & Finance -- Bd. of Cemetery Services --
Rule Need Methodology Definition of "Community", IAS_V-4623-001.
Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) --
Pari-Mutuel Wagering -- Definition of Poker For Card Rooms At Pari-Mutuel Facilities, IAS_V-4624-001.
Children & Families --
Public Assistance Policy Manual -- Resident Alien, IAS_V-4625-001.
Community Affairs --
Local Comprehensive Plan -- Rules Excusing Provision of Specific Standards For Dentistry Found Invalid, IAS_V-4626-001.
Corrections (DOC) (See CORRECTIONS, Dept. of (DOC))
DEP (See Internal Improvement Trust Fund)
Environmental Protection (DEP) (See Internal Improvement Trust Fund)
Health (Dept. of) --
Investigations & Inspections of Drug Manufacturers By the Dept. of Health, IAS_V-4627-001.
Health Care Administration (AHCA) --
Hospitals -- Classification of Prior Year Reports of Activity Related to Certain Home Health Agencies, IAS_V-4628-001.
Medicaid -- Requirement That Reimbursement Be Conditioned On CON Approval of Such Services, IAS_V-4629-001.
Human Relations (Fla. Comm. On) --
Delegation of Substantive Powers From Agency to Executive Director, IAS_V-4630-001.
Internal Improvement Trust Fund --
Applications, Standards, Criteria, and Forms For Disclaimers, Quitclaim Deeds or Certificates to Clear Title, IAS_V-4631-001.
Law Enforcement (FDLE) --
Alcohol Breath Test -- Approval of Alcohol Reference Solutions, IAS_V-4632-001.
Approval of Alcohol Reference Solutions (ARS) Utilized to Inspect Intoxilyzer 5000 Machine, IAS_V-4633-001.
Medicine --
Requirement That Physicians Performing Outpatient Surgeries Have Transfer Agreement With a Proximate Hospital, IAS_V-4634-001.
Pilotage Rate Review Bd. --
Areas of Ratemaking Authority -- DOAH Finding of Invalidity Reversed, IAS_V-4635-001.
Increase In Pilotage Rate For Port Everglades, IAS_V-4636-001.
Provision That DOAH Recommended Fact Findings Shall Have No Rate Implications, IAS_V-4637-001.
Psychological Examiners --
Licensure Requirement For Graduation From An Accredited School, IAS_V-4638-001.
Prohibition On Intimate Relationship With a Patient's Mother In Perpetuity, IAS_V-4639-001.
Revenue --
Sales Tax -- Exemption -- Organization Benefiting Minors -- DOR Requirement For Consumers' Certificate Stricken, IAS_V-4640-001.
S.W. Fla. Water Management Dist. --
Criteria Governing Issuance of Water Use Permits In Southern Water Use Caution Area, IAS_V-4641-001.
Exemption From Environmental Resource Permitting, IAS_V-4642-001.
Standard Governing Review of, IAS_V-4643-009.
Invalidity (§120.56), Emergency Rule (See Also Emergency Rule) --
Agriculture & Consumer Services, Dept. of --
Mediterranean Fruit Fly Rule & Quarantine, IAS_V-4644-001.
Business & Professional Regulation, Dept. of (DBPR) --
Pari-Mutuel Wagering -- Challenge to Certain DBPR Forms, IAS_V-4645-001.
Health Care Administration (AHCA) --
Nursing Home -- Standards Governing a Superior Rating, IAS_V-4646-001.
Lottery --
One-Time Opportunity For Eligible Prize Winners to Receive a Single Lump-Sum Cash Settlement, IAS_V-4647-001.
Proposed Rules (See Also Rule) --
Agency Has Ultimate Burden of Proof Regarding Validity Pursuant to 10/96 Amendment to §120, IAS_V-4648-012.
Agency Has the Burden of Proof Regarding -- 10/1/96 APA Amendment Applied Retroactively, IAS_V-4649-003.
Agency Should Vigorously Counter All Objections In Light of Attorney's Fees Provisions, IAS_V-4650-001.
Cannot Be Collaterally Attacked In Parallel §120.56 Proceeding, IAS_V-4651-001.
Specific Statutory Authority For Is Now Required Pursuant to 10/96 Amendment to §120, IAS_V-4652-001.
Rule (See Also Invalidity, Proposed Rule, Unpromulgated Rule, Validity) --
§120.57 Cannot Be Used to Challenge Validity, IAS_V-4653-002.
Agency Burden of Proof -- Less Than a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-4654-001.
Agency Discretion to Amend, IAS_V-4655-001.
Agency Memoranda Suffice As Evidence of, IAS_V-4656-001.
Agency Unequivocally States Through Counsel That It Is In the Process of Repealing a Dispositive Rule, IAS_V-4657-001.
Arbitrary & Capricious (See Arbitrary & Capricious)
Case-By-Case Decisions Do Not Constitute, IAS_V-4658-001.
Challenge to Considered On Expedited Basis, IAS_V-4659-001.
Contract -- Provisions May Rise to the Level of a Rule If Generally Applicable -- Medicaid, IAS_V-4660-001.
Defined, IAS_V-4661-022.
Facial Invalidity -- DOAH Lacks Jurisdiction to Consider Such a Challenge, IAS_V-4662-001.
Failure to Establish Adequate Standards, IAS_V-4663-013.
Failure to Establish Adequate Standards --
Claim of Examined & Rejected, IAS_V-4664-004.
General Applicability -- Requirement For Discussed, IAS_V-4665-005.
Moratorium On Issuance of Permits -- Agency -- Self-Imposed, IAS_V-4666-001.
Practical Limit to Requisite Specificity Discussed, IAS_V-4667-003.
Presumption of Validity, IAS_V-4668-004.
Presumption of Validity -- Eliminated By Statutory Amendment, IAS_V-4669-001.
Presumption of Validity Increases Over Time, IAS_V-4670-002.
Repeal & Substantial Reenactment, IAS_V-4671-001.
Repeal -- Challenges To, IAS_V-4672-002.
Repeal -- Circuit Court Temporary Injunction Prohibiting, IAS_V-4673-001.
Repeal -- Effective Date, IAS_V-4674-001.
Statutory Exemption -- Agency Imposed Limits, IAS_V-4675-001.
Variance (See Variance or Waiver)
Rulemaking (See Also Rulemaking Authority) --
§120.54(5) Petition to Initiate --
Agency Has Absolute Discretion Over Absent a Statutory Mandate, IAS_V-4676-001.
Denial of -- Appeal From Dismissed As Moot, IAS_V-4677-001.
Denied, IAS_V-4678-002.
Formal Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law Found Not Required, IAS_V-4679-001.
A Legislative Rather Than An Executive or Judicial Function, IAS_V-4680-001.
Failure to Follow Applicable Procedures, IAS_V-4681-001.
Mandatory Public Hearing Requirement As a Prerequisite Has Been Eliminated By Statute, IAS_V-4682-001.
Material Defect In Procedure Discussed, IAS_V-4683-001.
No Longer a Matter of Agency Discretion, IAS_V-4684-001.
Notice of --
Agenda of Rule Development Meeting Need Not Be Published, IAS_V-4685-001.
Failure to Provide Required Factual Statement, IAS_V-4686-001.
Procedures Governing Found Violated, IAS_V-4687-001.
Purpose of Rulemaking Procedures Examined, IAS_V-4688-003.
Rulemaking Authority --
10/96 Amendments to §120 Examined At Length, IAS_V-4689-001.
1996 APA Amendment --
Requisite Authority Found, IAS_V-4690-001.
Requisite Authority Found Lacking, IAS_V-4691-001.
Agencies Have Wide Discretion In Exercising, IAS_V-4692-001.
DOAH ALJ Lacks Jurisdiction to Exercise Continuing Jurisdiction Over An Agency's Rulemaking Process, IAS_V-4693-001.
Deference Is Greater In Respect to Technical & Scientific Matters, IAS_V-4694-001.
Delegation of Substantive Powers From An Agency Head, IAS_V-4695-001.
Found Exceeded, IAS_V-4696-002.
General Grant of -- Inherent Limitations, IAS_V-4697-001.
Has Been Limited By Statute, IAS_V-4698-001.
Internal Improvement Trust Fund, IAS_V-4699-001.
May Be Implied to Properly Implement a Statute, IAS_V-4700-003.
No Agency Has Inherent Authority, IAS_V-4701-001.
Standing (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) --
Agency Withdrawal of Reliance On a Rule Found to Vitiate, IAS_V-4702-001.
Associations --
Found Lacking, IAS_V-4703-001.
Professional, IAS_V-4704-008.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-4705-002.
Attorney Challenge In Own Name On Behalf of "Unidentified Clients" Rejected, IAS_V-4706-001.
Criteria Are the Same For Both Proposed & Adopted Rules, IAS_V-4707-001.
DOAH Holding That Standing Was Lacking Reversed, IAS_V-4708-003.
Different From That For Licensing Proceeding, IAS_V-4709-001.
Economic Interest Can Be Sufficient For, IAS_V-4710-001.
Economic Interests Found Outside of the Zone of Interest, IAS_V-4711-001.
Injury-In-Fact Discussed, IAS_V-4712-004.
Standing Must Be Plead Then Proven If Contested, IAS_V-4713-001.
Substantial Interest Test, IAS_V-4714-003.
Substantial Interests Can Be Affected By the Lack of a Rule As Well As By the Implementation of a Rule, IAS_V-4715-001.
Substantially Affected Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4716-002.
Third Party Petition Must Be Dismissed If Original Petitioners Are Found to Lack Standing, IAS_V-4717-001.
Two (2) Prong Test, IAS_V-4718-015.
Unpromulgated Rule Challenge, IAS_V-4719-002.
Zone of Interest Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4720-004.
Unpromulgated Rule (See Also Rule; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Nonrule Policy) --
§120.535 -- Agency Undertaking of Pertinent Rulemaking Renders Challenge Moot, IAS_V-4721-001.
§120.535 Is the Exclusive Mechanism For Assailing Allegedly Unpromulgated Rules, IAS_V-4722-004.
10/96 Amendments to §120 Regarding Examined, IAS_V-4723-001.
Agency (DOC) Personnel Procedure Manual Found Not to Constitute Rules, IAS_V-4724-001.
Agency (Health) Personnel Procedure Manual Found Not to Constitute, IAS_V-4725-001.
Agency Personnel Procedure Manual Can Constitute, IAS_V-4726-001.
Agency Reliance On Policy In An Unpromulgated Rule During a §120.57 Proceeding, IAS_V-4727-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Attorney's Fees & Costs, §120.595)
Attorney's Fees Provisions Regarding Assailed to No Avail, IAS_V-4728-001.
Banking & Finance --
Declaratory Statement Assailed As -- Challenge Rejected, IAS_V-4729-001.
Banking & Finance -- Div. of Banking --
Application Form to Register As a Money Transmitter, IAS_V-4730-001.
Broward County School Bd. --
Authority of Teacher Aides Without a Medical License to Provide Catheterization Services to Students, IAS_V-4731-001.
Use of Teacher's Aide (Paraprofessionals) to Perform Certain Urinary Catheterizations of Students -- DOAH Finding of Invalidity Affirmed, IAS_V-4732-001.
Burden of Proof --
Establishment & Effect of Prima Facie Case, IAS_V-4733-001.
On Petitioner By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-4734-002.
Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) --
Land Sales -- Mobile Home Parks -- Length of Validity & Amendment of a Prospectus, IAS_V-4735-001.
Change In Longstanding Rule Interpretation Found to Constitute, IAS_V-4736-001.
Children & Families --
Employee of Dept. -- Ineligibility to Hold a Position of Special Trust, IAS_V-4737-001.
Corrections (DOC) --
Sexual Harassment Policy Pamphlet, IAS_V-4738-001.
DEP (Environmental Protection, Dept. of) --
Arsenic Concentration In Soil of Residential Property -- Health-Based Level, IAS_V-4739-001.
Petroleum Product Spill Cleanup -- Reimbursement Policy Regarding Factoring & Discounts, IAS_V-4740-001.
DOAH Cannot Consider Collateral Matters, IAS_V-4741-001.
Dade County School Bd. --
Instruction to Bidders For School Board Contracts, IAS_V-4742-001.
Defined, IAS_V-4743-003.
Effect Not Agency Appellation Is Controlling, IAS_V-4744-001.
Escambia County School Bd. --
Drug-Free Workplace Policy, IAS_V-4745-001.
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case Examined, IAS_V-4746-001.
Fla. A & M Univ. --
Academic Policy Statement -- Challenge By Expelled Student, IAS_V-4747-001.
Form Imposing a Requirement or Soliciting Required Information Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-4748-001.
Health (Dept. of) --
Standards For Employee Disciplinary Action, IAS_V-4749-001.
Health Care Administration, Agency For (AHCA) --
Certificate of Need (CON) -- Need Methodology For Long-Term Care Hospital Beds, IAS_V-4750-001.
Certificate of Need (CON) -- Nursing Home, IAS_V-4751-001.
DOAH Dismissal of Challenge Reversed, IAS_V-4752-001.
Hospital -- License -- General -- Representation As Being a Children's Hospital, IAS_V-4753-001.
Hospitals -- Classification of Prior Year Reports of Activity Related to Certain Home Health Agencies, IAS_V-4754-001.
License -- Hospital -- Advertising -- Designation As "Children's Hospital" Without Class II Specialty Hospital License, IAS_V-4755-001.
Medicaid -- Reimbursement Policy Regarding Erroneous Denial of Benefits, IAS_V-4756-001.
Medicaid -- Reimbursement Policy Regarding Payment of Medicare Part B Physician Crossover Claims, IAS_V-4757-001.
Medicaid Provider Agreement -- Monitoring Instrument -- Support Coordination Guidebook -- Portions of, IAS_V-4758-001.
Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (HSMV) --
Procedures Governing Highway Patrol Employee Misconduct Violation Investigations, IAS_V-4759-001.
Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (HSMV) -- Div. of Highway Patrol --
Policies Regarding Law Enforcement Officers Under Investigation, IAS_V-4760-001.
Insurance --
Life Insurance -- Contract Forms Related to Single Premium Annuities, IAS_V-4761-001.
Life Insurance Forms Labelled As Single Premium Annuity Contracts, IAS_V-4762-001.
Medicare Supplement Healthcare Policy Forms, IAS_V-4763-001.
Use of Lien Law to Secure Payment For Medical Services Covered By Liability Insurance, IAS_V-4764-001.
Internal Management Memorandum Distinguished From, IAS_V-4765-003.
Internal Management Memorandum Exception Examined, IAS_V-4766-001.
Internal Management Memorandum Exception Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-4767-007.
Labor & Employment Security --
Layoff -- Method of Determining the Order of, IAS_V-4768-001.
Workers' Compensation -- Fine For Failure to File Dept. Reports, IAS_V-4769-001.
Workplace Reduction That Resulted In Layoffs & Demotions For Employees, IAS_V-4770-001.
Law Enforcement (FDLE) --
Alcohol Breath Test Instrument Calibration, IAS_V-4771-001.
Alcohol Breath Test -- Alcohol Reference Solution (ARS) -- Certificate of Assurance (COA), IAS_V-4772-001.
Alcohol Breath Test -- Instrument Testing -- Driving While Intoxicated (DUI), IAS_V-4773-001.
Lottery --
One-Time Opportunity For Eligible Prize Winners to Receive a Single Lump-Sum Cash Settlement, IAS_V-4774-001.
Mere Restatement of Rule Requirements Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-4775-001.
Need Not Be Reduced to Writing In Order to Be Invalid As Such, IAS_V-4776-001.
Northeast Florida State Hospital --
Bylaws of Professional Staff Organization, IAS_V-4777-001.
Optometry --
Prohibition On Licensed Optometrist Having Partnership In Retail Optical Establishment, IAS_V-4778-001.
Orlando Metropolitan Planning Organization --
Long Range Transportation Plan, IAS_V-4779-001.
Public Service Comm. (PSC) --
Audit Procedures -- DOAH Finding of Partial Invalidity Reversed, IAS_V-4780-001.
Financial Audit Procedures, IAS_V-4781-001.
Revenue (DOR) --
Employee Code of Conduct, Disciplinary Procedures & Standards, IAS_V-4782-001.
Policy Prohibiting DOR Employees From Engaging In Preparation of Federal Income Tax Returns For Profit On Off-Hours, IAS_V-4783-001.
Prohibition On DOR Employee Preparation of Tax Returns After Hours -- DOAH Finding of Unpromulgated Rule Reversed, IAS_V-4784-001.
Rulemaking Found Not to Be Feasible & Practicable, IAS_V-4785-001.
Rulemaking Found to Be Feasible & Practicable, IAS_V-4786-007.
Rulemaking Found to Render §120.535 Petition Moot, IAS_V-4787-002.
Rulemaking Is Not Optional Under Current Statutes, IAS_V-4788-001.
Rulemaking Undertaken & Culminated While Unpromulgated Rule Challenge Is Pending, IAS_V-4789-001.
S.W. Fla. Water Management Dist. --
Criteria Governing Issuance of Water Use Permits In Southern Water Use Caution Area, IAS_V-4790-001.
Policies Utilized In Water Use Permitting Program, IAS_V-4791-001.
St. Johns River Water Management Dist. --
Working Definition of Routine Custodial Maintenance -- Dredging Exemption, IAS_V-4792-001.
Standards Governing Determination of, IAS_V-4793-008.
Standing (See Standing)
Statement of General Applicability Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4794-002.
Status As a "Rule" Is the Threshold Question, IAS_V-4795-001.
Transportation (DOT) --
Motor Carrier Compliance Operations Manual, IAS_V-4796-001.
Vagueness (See Also STATUTES) --
Administrative Vis Penal Rules, IAS_V-4797-001.
Challenge to As Rejected, IAS_V-4798-002.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4799-007.
Legislative Failure to Define Penal Terminology -- Does Not Constitute Per Se, IAS_V-4800-001.
Penal vs. Administrative Rule, IAS_V-4801-001.
Proposed Rule Found Not Vague, IAS_V-4802-002.
Rule Found Not Vague, IAS_V-4803-008.
Rule Found to Be Vague, IAS_V-4804-007.
Test For Examined, IAS_V-4805-001.
Validity (§120.54(4)), Proposed Rule (See Also Proposed Rules, Rule) --
Administration Comm. --
Modification to Monroe County 2010 Comprehensive Plan, IAS_V-4806-001.
Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) --
Pari-Mutuel Wagering -- Authority of Div. to Conduct Searches of Licensed Premises, IAS_V-4807-001.
Pari-Mutuel Wagering -- Card Games At Pari-Mutuel Wagering Facilities, IAS_V-4808-001.
Environmental Protection (DEP) (See Internal Improvement Trust Fund)
Health Care Administration (AHCA) --
Medicaid -- Payment Methodology For Intermediate Care Services For the Developmentally Disabled In Private Facilities, IAS_V-4809-001.
Internal Improvement Trust Fund --
Prohibition On Construction of Bridges & Placement of Utility Lines to Serve Certain Undeveloped Barrier Islands, IAS_V-4810-001.
Standards & Forms Governing Certificates to Clear Title to Formerly Filled Sovereign Submerged Land, IAS_V-4811-001.
Labor & Employment Security -- Workers' Compensation --
Schedules of Maximum Reimbursement For Physician Treatment, IAS_V-4812-001.
Marine Fisheries Comm. (MFC) --
Restriction On Wings of Seine Nets Employing Mesh Size Greater Than 2", IAS_V-4813-001.
Revenue, Dept. of (DOR) --
Insurance Policy Surcharge, IAS_V-4814-001.
Worker's Compensation Assessments, IAS_V-4815-001.
S.W. Fla. Water Management Dist. --
Existing Water Use Permitting Rules, IAS_V-4816-001.
Review of Water Use Permit Applications, IAS_V-4817-001.
Standard Governing Review of, IAS_V-4818-001.
Standards Governing Challenges Discussed, IAS_V-4819-008.
Validity (§120.56), Adopted Rule (See Also Rule, Unpromulgated Rule) --
Administration Comm. --
Regulation of Development In Big Cypress Area of Critical State Concern, IAS_V-4820-001.
Standards For Determining Discussed, IAS_V-4821-001.
Agriculture & Consumer Services --
Citrus (Dept. of) -- Registration As An Agent -- Consideration of History As An Agent, IAS_V-4822-001.
Citrus (Dept. of) -- Registration As An Agent -- Grounds For Disapproval, IAS_V-4823-001.
Dade County School Bd. --
Manual of Administrative Personnel Procedures -- Florida Principle Competency -- Tactical Adaptability, IAS_V-4824-001.
Resolution of Protests From the Contract Bidding Process, IAS_V-4825-001.
Vendor Default On Contracts, IAS_V-4826-001.
Fla. Housing Finance Agency --
Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, IAS_V-4827-001.
Health (Dept. of) --
Investigations & Inspections of Drug Manufacturers By the Dept. of Health, IAS_V-4828-001.
Labeling Requirements For Prescription & Nonprescription Drugs, IAS_V-4829-001.
Prohibition of Licensure of Those Whose License Has Been Previously Revoked, IAS_V-4830-001.
Requirement For Use of Disposable Sterile Medical Gloves During Body Piercing Procedures, IAS_V-4831-001.
Health Care Administration, Agency For (AHCA) --
Employee -- Career Service Grievance Policy, IAS_V-4832-001.
Medicaid -- Abortion -- Exclusion From Coverage, IAS_V-4833-001.
Medicaid -- Challenge to Property Component of Medicaid Reimbursement -- Rental Value Vis Cost, IAS_V-4834-001.
Medicaid -- Coverage of Durable Medical Equipment -- Reversed, IAS_V-4835-001.
Medicaid -- Reimbursement Rates & Plan For Nursing Homes, IAS_V-4836-001.
Nursing Homes -- Evaluation & Rating of, IAS_V-4837-002.
Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (HSMV) --
Manufactured Homes -- More Stringent Tie Down Requirements, IAS_V-4838-001.
Requirement That DUI Offender Seeking a Hardship License Be "Drug Free" For At Least Twelve (12) Months Construed to Include Alcohol, IAS_V-4839-001.
Insurance --
License -- Agent -- Discipline -- Classification of Specific Crimes -- Listing of Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude, IAS_V-4840-001.
Life Insurance -- Classification As Limited Benefit Policy, IAS_V-4841-001.
Medicare Supplement Policies -- Annual Rate Filings, IAS_V-4842-001.
Internal Improvement Trust Fund --
Applications, Standards, Criteria, and Forms For Disclaimers, Quitclaim Deeds or Certificates to Clear Title, IAS_V-4843-001.
Law Enforcement (FDLE) --
Alcohol Breath Test -- Approval of Alcohol Reference Solutions, IAS_V-4844-001.
Alcohol Breath Testing Calibration, IAS_V-4845-001.
Northeast Florida State Hospital --
Bylaws Approved By Professional Staff Organization -- Reversed, IAS_V-4846-001.
Bylaws Approved By the Professional Staff Organization, IAS_V-4847-001.
Parole & Probation Comm. --
Presumptive Parole Release Date, IAS_V-4848-001.
Public Service Comm. (PSC) --
Orders & Notices, IAS_V-4849-001.
Rules of Procedure, Telecommunications -- Disconnection & Refusal of Service For Nonpayment, IAS_V-4850-001.
South Florida Water Management Dist. --
Environmental Resource Permit Application, IAS_V-4851-001.
Standards For Determining Discussed, IAS_V-4852-009.
Validity (§120.56), Emergency Rule (See Also Emergency Rule) --
Orthotists & Prosthetists --
Fees For Licensure Without Examination, IAS_V-4853-001.
Variance or Waiver --
Achievement of Statutory Purpose Through Other Means Must Be Demonstrated, IAS_V-4854-001.
As Applied -- Denied, IAS_V-4855-002.
Bd. Grants Sua Sponte Within Context of §120.57(1) Formal Proceeding, IAS_V-4856-001.
Children & Families (See CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of)
Chiropractic (See CHIROPRACTIC, Bd. of)
Clinical Lab Personnel (See CLINICAL LABORATORY PERSONNEL, Bd. of)
Community Affairs (See COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of)
Disputed Issues of Fact Found Lacking, IAS_V-4857-001.
Emergency Review Denied, IAS_V-4858-001.
Emergency Review Granted, IAS_V-4859-002.
Emergency Rule -- Expiration of -- Petition Rendered Moot, IAS_V-4860-001.
Environmental Protection (See ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of (DEP))
Federal Rules -- Variances Cannot Be Granted, IAS_V-4861-002.
Hardship Found Self-Inflicted, IAS_V-4862-002.
Health (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Health Care Administration (AHCA) (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA))
Inapplicable to Exercise of Proprietary As Opposed to Regulatory Powers, IAS_V-4863-001.
Internal Improvement Trust Fund -- §120.542 Inapplicable to, IAS_V-4864-003.
Petition Denied As Legally Insufficient, IAS_V-4865-001.
Petition For -- Deficiencies In Cannot Be Waived By An Agency, IAS_V-4866-002.
Petition For Must Be Filed In Separate §120.542 Proceeding, IAS_V-4867-002.
Petition For Must Be In Writing, IAS_V-4868-001.
Podiatric Medicine (See PODIATRIC MEDICINE, Bd. of)
Proposed Rule -- Variance From Is Unavailable, IAS_V-4869-001.
Psychological Examiners (See PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAMINERS, Bd. of)
South Florida Water Management Dist. (See SOUTH FLORIDA WATER MANAGEMENT Dist.)
Standards Governing Grant of, IAS_V-4870-001.
Statutes Cannot Be Waived, IAS_V-4871-007.
Substantial Hardship Found, IAS_V-4872-004.
Substantial Hardship Found Lacking, IAS_V-4873-005.
Temporary -- Duration of Dates Must Be Specified, IAS_V-4874-001.
Temporary -- Granted, IAS_V-4875-001.

Termination of Staff Privileges of a Physician Reversed --
Termination Found Based On Reasons Unrelated to the Practice of Medicine, IAS_V-4876-001.

§120 (APA) Exemption Granted By the Administration Comm. (See Also ADMINISTRATION Comm.), IAS_V-4877-002.
Authority to Enter Into Risk Management Programs, IAS_V-4878-001.
Brevard County --
Charter School -- Denial of Application For -- Brevard County, IAS_V-4879-001.
Denial of Application to Form Charter School -- Appellant Found Not to Be a Proper Party, IAS_V-4880-001.
Purchase of Insurance -- Bid Protest, IAS_V-4881-001.
Broward County --
Contract --
Provision of Group Vision Care For Bd. Employees -- Bid Protest, IAS_V-4882-001.
Whistle-Blower Act --
Circuit Court Denial of Relief From Discrimination By Retaliation Reversed, IAS_V-4883-001.
Charter School --
Denial of Renewal -- St. Lucie County, IAS_V-4884-001.
Commodity Purchases --
Governed By §230 - Not §287, IAS_V-4885-001.
Contract Non-Instructional Personnel --
Authority to Administer Emergency Injectable Medications (Insect Stings), IAS_V-4886-001.
Authority to Provide Catheterization Services to Students Without a Medical License, IAS_V-4887-001.
Incompetency -- Expansive Definition of Upheld, IAS_V-4888-001.
Use of Teacher's Aide to Perform Certain Urinary Catheterizations, IAS_V-4889-001.
Contract Teacher --
Burden of Proof -- Denial of Professional Services Contract Over Superintendent's Recommendation --
Favorable Recommendation of Superintendent Vests Certain Rights, IAS_V-4890-001.
Statutory Assessment Procedures Must Be Followed With Due Process Protection, IAS_V-4891-001.
Challenge to Denial of Band Director Assignment --
Appeal Denied For Failure to Follow Collective Bargaining Grievance Procedure, IAS_V-4892-001.
Right to a Hearing Challenging Termination Examined, IAS_V-4893-001.
Dade County --
Resolution of Protests From the Contract Bidding Process, IAS_V-4894-001.
Disabilities Education Act --
DOAH ALJ Found to Have Exceeded His Authority In Upholding Parent's Challenge, IAS_V-4895-001.
Educational Benefits Must Be More Than Trivial or De Minimis, IAS_V-4896-001.
Parent's Challenge to Individual Plan -- Autism -- DOAH Ruling Upholding Challenge Reversed, IAS_V-4897-001.
There Is No Requirement to Maximize Each Child's Potential, IAS_V-4898-001.
Duval County School Bd. --
Bd. Refusal to Recognize Teachers' Education Assoc. As An Entity Authorized to Provide Training to Dist. Employees --
Circuit Court Issues Writ of Mandamus to Compel Action On Petition For Formal Hearing, IAS_V-4899-001.
Employees --
Service On Board of Directors of Nonprofit Corp. Unrelated to the School Board, IAS_V-4900-001.
Free Public Schools (See CONSTITUTION (Fla.))
Glades County --
Denial of Superintendent Challenge to Rejection of Nomination of Teacher For Tenure Affirmed, IAS_V-4901-001.
Previous Opinion Withdrawn: Buckner v. Glades County, IAS_V-4902-001.
Teacher Challenge to Bd. Rejection of Superintendent Recommendation Without a Hearing & Denial of Tenure, IAS_V-4903-001.
Holmes County --
Exemption From Immunization -- Student -- Religious -- Circuit Court Approval of Affirmed, IAS_V-4904-001.
Home Rule Power of Discussed, IAS_V-4905-001.
Martin County (See Disabilities Education Act)
Palm Beach County --
Demotion of Superintendent Affirmed & Reversed In Part, IAS_V-4906-002.
Denial of Exemption From City of Boca Raton Zoning Requirements Reversed, IAS_V-4907-001.
Denial of Hearing to Teacher Challenging Termination Quashed, IAS_V-4908-001.
Order On Motion For Rehearing: Schrimsher v. Palm Beach County School Bd., IAS_V-4909-001.
Pinellas County --
Challenge By School Bd. Members Individually to Circuit Court Order Requiring Sunshine Law Compliance Regarding Desegregation Lawsuit --
Circuit Court Order Affirmed With Modifications, IAS_V-4910-001.
Expulsion of Student For Violation of Zero Tolerance Drug Policy Reversed For Lack of Evidence, IAS_V-4911-001.
Polk County --
Students -- Expulsion of Students For Unknowing Battery of School Bd. Personnel Reversed, IAS_V-4912-001.
School Board --
§287, Part I Regarding Competitive Bidding Is Inapplicable, IAS_V-4913-001.
Does Not Constitute An Executive Branch of State Government, IAS_V-4914-001.
Home Rule Powers of Examined, IAS_V-4915-001.
Not Part of the Executive Branch of State Government, IAS_V-4916-001.
Status As a Constitutional Entity Examined, IAS_V-4917-001.
School Board Members --
County Officers -- Status As, IAS_V-4918-001.
Election of On a Nonpartisan Basis, IAS_V-4919-001.
Ex Parte Communication -- Competitive Bid, IAS_V-4920-001.
Seminole County --
Suspension From Extracurricular Activities (Athletics) -- Off Campus Drinking -- Affirmed, IAS_V-4921-001.
St. Lucie County --
Charter School -- Denial of Renewal Affirmed, IAS_V-4922-001.
Student --
Expulsion of Student For Unknowing Battery of School Bd. Personnel Reversed, IAS_V-4923-001.
Expulsion of Student For Violation of Zero Tolerance Drug Policy Reversed For Lack of Evidence, IAS_V-4924-001.
Expunction From Middle School for Possession of Eight (8) Bullets Only, IAS_V-4925-001.
Extracurricular Activities -- Suspension From -- No Property Right to, IAS_V-4926-001.
Vehicles Used to Transport Children --
Requirement For Safety Restraints, IAS_V-4927-001.
Volusia County --
Circuit Court Order Invalidating Nonpartisan Election of School Board Members Reversed, IAS_V-4928-001.
Taxpayer Challenging Eminent Domain Action -- Standing Found Lacking, IAS_V-4929-001.

Gulf Power Co. Lansing Smith Unit 3, IAS_V-4930-001.
Kissimmee Utility Authority & Fla. Municipal Power Agency Cane Island Power Park, IAS_V-4931-001.
Orimulsion Project -- FP&L Manatee Power Plant --
Authorization to Burn Orimulsion --
Bd. Denial Reaffirmed After Appellate Remand, IAS_V-4932-001.
Bd. Denial Vacated On Appeal -- Remanded, IAS_V-4933-001.

Appeal From Circuit Court Condemnation Preceding -- Large Tract -- Everglades Restoration -- Circuit Court Judgment Affirmed, IAS_V-4934-001.
Appellate Court Holds District Is Not An "Agency" For Purposes of the Drug-Free Workplace Act, IAS_V-4935-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
Awarded, IAS_V-4936-001.
Challenge to Acquisition of Land -- Automatic Stay Vacated, IAS_V-4937-002.
Circuit Court Nonfinal Order Finding Dist. Taking By Inverse Condemnation Reversed --
Flooding of Lettuce Crop, IAS_V-4938-001.
Contracts (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protest))
Declaration of Water Shortage --
Order Declares Water Shortage Emergency Within St. Lucie County, IAS_V-4939-001.
Order Imposes Phase II Water Restrictions In Numerous Areas, IAS_V-4940-001.
Order Rescinds Phase I Restriction -- Caloosahatchee River Water Use Basin, IAS_V-4941-001.
Order Rescinds Phase I Restriction -- Mid-Hawthorne Aquifer, IAS_V-4942-001.
District Duty to Manage State Water Resources For the Benefit of the Public, IAS_V-4943-001.
Employee --
Challenge to Dismissal -- Drug Test, IAS_V-4944-001.
Florida Keys --
District's Deep Concern Over Protection of, IAS_V-4945-001.
Jurisdiction --
Not Limited to Direct Impacts -- Includes Secondary Impacts, IAS_V-4946-001.
Permit (See Also PERMITS) --
Consumptive Use Permit --
Reasonable Beneficial Use Test, IAS_V-4947-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-4948-001.
DEP --
Non-Everglades Construction Permit -- Denial of Miccosukee Indian Tribe Challenge Affirmed, IAS_V-4949-001.
Environmental Resource (ERP) (See Also PERMITS) --
Intervenor Protest Dismissed, IAS_V-4950-001.
Mixed Use Commercial & Residential Property -- Denial of Third Party Challenge Affirmed, IAS_V-4951-001.
No-Notice, IAS_V-4952-001.
Final Order On Seminole Tribe Entitlement For the Big Cypress Indian Reservation, IAS_V-4953-001.
Petition For Hearing Dismissed As Legally Insufficient, IAS_V-4954-001.
Surface Water Management System (See Also PERMITS, Cumulative Impact, Dredge & Fill, Public Interest Test, Secondary Impact, Reasonable Assurances) --
Refusal to Enter Final Order Post-Hearing After Applicant Seeks to Withdraw Its Application -- Modification of Existing Permit -- Residential Subdivision, IAS_V-4955-001.
Residential Subdivision, IAS_V-4956-001.
Widening of U.S. 1 Between Southern Dade and Northern Monroe Counties, IAS_V-4957-001.
Use of District Right-of-Way --
Cross Fence -- Permit Revoked, IAS_V-4958-001.
Private Fence Restricting Public Access -- Dist. Revocation of Affirmed, IAS_V-4959-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver --
Consumptive Use Permit -- Prohibition On Adverse Environmental Impacts -- Granted, IAS_V-4960-001.
Modification of Right-of-Way Occupancy Permit -- Criteria Governing Permanent Access -- Granted, IAS_V-4961-001.
No Notice General Permit -- Single Family Homes In Wetlands -- Denied, IAS_V-4962-001.

Permit (See Also PERMITS) --
Consumptive Use --
§373 Grants Extremely Broad Jurisdiction, IAS_V-4963-001.
Conflict Between Protection of the Resource & Realization of Full Beneficial Use Examined, IAS_V-4964-001.
Desalinization & Reuse Discussed, IAS_V-4965-001.
Evolution of Florida Law On the Subject Surveyed, IAS_V-4966-001.
History of Florida Water Use Law Surveyed, IAS_V-4967-001.
Interdistrict Transfers Discussed, IAS_V-4968-001.
Minimum Flows & Levels Examined In Detail, IAS_V-4969-001.
Prioritization of Uses Examined, IAS_V-4970-001.
Public Interest -- Determination of Discussed, IAS_V-4971-001.
Renewal -- Procedure Governing Examined, IAS_V-4972-001.
Restrictions On Pumpage Eschewed, IAS_V-4973-001.
Rules Governing Examined, IAS_V-4974-001.
Safe Yield Discussed, IAS_V-4975-001.
Saltwater Intrusion Acknowledged, IAS_V-4976-001.
Supervisory Role of DEP Examined, IAS_V-4977-001.
Denial of Petition For Hearing Reversed, IAS_V-4978-001.

Challenge to 12" Water & Sewer Lines Along DOT Right of Ways --
Circuit Court Dismissal Affirmed, IAS_V-4979-001.

Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
§120.569(2)(c) -- DOAH Award Modified On Appeal, IAS_V-4980-001.
Permit (See Also PERMITS) --
Authority to Create the Econlockhatchee River Hydrological Basin, IAS_V-4981-001.
Surface Water Management System --
Challenge to Permit Conditions Regarding Transfer of Land to Dist. & Off-Site Mitigation -- Reversed In Part, IAS_V-4982-001.

Curriculum Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-4983-001.
Rulemaking Requirements --
Educational Units Are Exempt "From All or Most" §120 Requirements, IAS_V-4984-001.
Student --
§120.57 Is Not Available to, IAS_V-4985-001.

Amended Final Order: Div. of Licensing v. Carswell Investigations --
Order On Remand From 4th District Court of Appeal, IAS_V-4986-001.
Amended Final Order: Div. of Licensing v. Libby Investigations, IAS_V-4987-001.
Div. of Elections (See Also ELECTIONS Comm.) --
Constitutional Termination of Election Campaign Financing Trust Fund Examined, IAS_V-4988-001.
Declaratory Statement Regarding Public Funding of State Political Campaigns After Abolition of Trust Funds Reversed, IAS_V-4989-001.
Election Campaign Financing Act --
1990 Constitutional Amendment Abolishing Trust Funds Examined, IAS_V-4990-001.
1997 Statutory Amendment -- Purpose of Examined, IAS_V-4991-001.
1997 Statutory Amendment Found Not to "Effectively Suspend Public Campaign Financing", IAS_V-4992-001.
Fine -- Failure to Include Paid Political Ad Notice On Literature --
Negligent Violation Distinguished From Willful Violation, IAS_V-4993-001.
Officer of Political Committee Found Not Personally Responsible, IAS_V-4994-001.
Fine -- Failure to Timely File Campaign Finance Report --
Implications of Illegible Postmark Found Misconstrued -- Reversed, IAS_V-4995-001.
License --
Appellate Court Remand For Clarification, IAS_V-4996-001.
Class A Private Investigative Agency --
Advertising -- False & Misleading, IAS_V-4997-001.
Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_V-4998-002.
Bribery, IAS_V-4999-001.
Cancellation of Liability Insurance, IAS_V-5000-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Eavesdropping, IAS_V-5001-001.
Emergency Suspension, IAS_V-5002-001.
Exploitation of Client For Financial Gain, IAS_V-5003-001.
Failure to Carry Requisite Insurance, IAS_V-5004-001.
Failure to Maintain Investigative Notes, IAS_V-5005-001.
Failure to Properly Supervise Intern, IAS_V-5006-001.
Failure to Provide Itemized Statement, IAS_V-5007-002.
Failure to Provide Requisite Written Report to Client, IAS_V-5008-001.
Failure to Report Hiring of Intern, IAS_V-5009-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-5010-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-5011-004.
Necessity For Both Class A & Class C License For Certain Operations Examined, IAS_V-5012-001.
Operating Without a License, IAS_V-5013-003.
Refusal to Cooperate With An Official Investigation, IAS_V-5014-001.
Class B Security Guard Agency --
Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_V-5015-001.
Class B License Is Good For Only One Location, IAS_V-5016-001.
Emergency Suspension, IAS_V-5017-001.
Failure to File Requisite Reports, IAS_V-5018-001.
Failure to Have Employees In Uniform, IAS_V-5019-001.
Failure to Maintain Requisite Written Records, IAS_V-5020-001.
False Statements to Div. Investigator, IAS_V-5021-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-5022-002.
Operating Without a License, IAS_V-5023-001.
Violation of Board Order, IAS_V-5024-001.
Class C Private Investigator --
Advertising -- False & Misleading, IAS_V-5025-001.
Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_V-5026-003.
Cancellation of Liability Insurance, IAS_V-5027-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Eavesdropping, IAS_V-5028-001.
Defined, IAS_V-5029-001.
Emergency Suspension, IAS_V-5030-001.
Exploitation of Client For Financial Gain, IAS_V-5031-001.
Failure to Maintain Investigative Notes, IAS_V-5032-001.
Failure to Notify Div. of Business Address Change, IAS_V-5033-001.
Failure to Properly Supervise Intern, IAS_V-5034-001.
Failure to Provide Itemized Statement, IAS_V-5035-002.
Failure to Provide Requisite Written Report to Client, IAS_V-5036-001.
Failure to Report Hiring of Intern, IAS_V-5037-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-5038-001.
Firearms Must Be Carried Concealed, IAS_V-5039-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-5040-005.
Intern -- Calculation of Work Experience, IAS_V-5041-001.
Necessity For Both Class A & Class C License For Certain Operations Examined, IAS_V-5042-001.
Operating Without a License, IAS_V-5043-003.
Refusal to Cooperate With An Official Investigation, IAS_V-5044-001.
Class CC Private Investigator Intern --
Operating Without a License, IAS_V-5045-001.
Class D Guard --
Abandonment of Post, IAS_V-5046-009.
Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon, IAS_V-5047-001.
Alcohol Consumed While On Duty, IAS_V-5048-001.
Appellate Court Reverses Dept. Discipline -- Dept. Vacates Final Order, IAS_V-5049-001.
Battery -- Constitutes a Crime Directly Related to the Profession, IAS_V-5050-001.
Collecting Money & Tickets & Stocking a Bar Does Not Require, IAS_V-5051-001.
Criminal Conviction, IAS_V-5052-001.
Criminal Plea, IAS_V-5053-003.
Criminal Plea -- Domestic Violence, IAS_V-5054-001.
Div. Denial of Petition For Hearing As Untimely Reversed, IAS_V-5055-001.
Domestic Violence, IAS_V-5056-002.
Failure to Notify Div. of Address Change, IAS_V-5057-002.
Failure to Return License, IAS_V-5058-001.
Failure to Return Uniforms & Equipment, IAS_V-5059-002.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-5060-001.
Filing a False Report, IAS_V-5061-001.
Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer, IAS_V-5062-001.
Lack of Good Moral Character, IAS_V-5063-001.
Lack of Respect For Laws, IAS_V-5064-001.
Misconduct In Regulated Activities Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-5065-001.
Operating With Revoked License, IAS_V-5066-001.
Operating Without a License, IAS_V-5067-002.
Permitting Improper Persons to Exercise Operational Control, IAS_V-5068-001.
Pointing a Gun At Another Other Than In Self-Defense, IAS_V-5069-001.
Propensity For Violence Cannot Be Countenanced, IAS_V-5070-001.
Sexual Advances Toward a Minor, IAS_V-5071-001.
Use of Improper Force Against Another Person, IAS_V-5072-001.
Violation of Div. Order, IAS_V-5073-001.
Class E Recovery Agent --
Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_V-5074-001.
Criminal Conviction, IAS_V-5075-001.
Failure to Notify Law Enforcement of Repossession, IAS_V-5076-001.
Impersonating a Police Officer, IAS_V-5077-002.
Operating Without a License, IAS_V-5078-001.
Class EE Recovery Agent Intern --
Criminal Conviction, IAS_V-5079-001.
Impersonating a Police Officer, IAS_V-5080-001.
Operating Without a License, IAS_V-5081-001.
Class G Gun Permit --
Abandonment of Post, IAS_V-5082-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Misdemeanor Battery, IAS_V-5083-001.
Criminal Plea -- Guilty Plea Is Equivalent to a Conviction, IAS_V-5084-001.
Domestic Violence, IAS_V-5085-001.
Failure to Notify Div. of Business Address Change, IAS_V-5086-001.
Failure to Return Uniforms & Equipment, IAS_V-5087-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-5088-001.
Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer, IAS_V-5089-002.
Lack of Good Moral Character, IAS_V-5090-001.
Lack of Respect For Laws, IAS_V-5091-001.
Operating Without a License, IAS_V-5092-002.
Out-of-State Criminal Record, IAS_V-5093-003.
Out-of-State Discipline -- Fla. Discipline Based On Reversed In Part, IAS_V-5094-001.
Sexual Advances Toward a Minor, IAS_V-5095-001.
Use of Improper Force Against Another Person, IAS_V-5096-001.
Class K Firearms Instructor --
Amendment to Previous Discipline In Accordance With Appellate Court Mandate: Weissbrod, IAS_V-5097-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-5098-001.
Class M Security Agency --
Appellate Court Reverses Dept. Discipline -- Dept. Vacates Final Order, IAS_V-5099-001.
Emergency Suspension, IAS_V-5100-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-5101-001.
Class R Repossessor --
Proprietor of a Business Must Also Have a Class E or EE License, IAS_V-5102-001.
Class W Concealed Gun Permit --
Conviction Out-of-State On Misdemeanor That Would Constitute a Felony In Fla. -- Div. Denial Reversed, IAS_V-5103-001.
Criminal Conviction, IAS_V-5104-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Smuggling Cars, IAS_V-5105-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Failure to Show Restoration of Civil Rights, IAS_V-5106-001.
Criminal Plea, IAS_V-5107-001.
Full Restoration of Civil Rights By Another State Precludes Denial Based On Earlier Conduct, IAS_V-5108-001.
Full Restoration of Civil Rights By Another State Precludes Revocation Based On Earlier Misconduct, IAS_V-5109-001.
Out-of-State Restoration of Civil Rights Found Not Operative, IAS_V-5110-001.
Game Promotion --
§849.094 -- Legislative Intent Examined, IAS_V-5111-001.
Absence of Rules & Caselaw Regarding Noted, IAS_V-5112-001.
Defined, IAS_V-5113-001.
Failure to File List of Rules, Regulations & Prizes, IAS_V-5114-001.
Radio Station's Fine For Alleged Statutory Violations Reversed On Basis of Statutory Exemption, IAS_V-5115-001.
Increased Penalty Over DOAH Recommendation Reversed, IAS_V-5116-001.
Licensure --
Class A Private Investigative Agency --
Lack of Requisite Work Experience, IAS_V-5117-001.
Class C Private Investigator --
Criminal Charges -- Petty Theft/Battery, IAS_V-5118-001.
Class D Guard --
Criminal Charges -- Petty Theft/Battery, IAS_V-5119-001.
Criminal Conviction, IAS_V-5120-002.
Criminal Conviction -- Defined, IAS_V-5121-001.
Criminal Conviction -- Misdemeanor Battery, IAS_V-5122-001.
Criminal Plea -- Domestic Violence, IAS_V-5123-001.
Criminal Plea -- Driving Under the Influence (DUI), IAS_V-5124-001.
Class G Gun Permit --
Criminal Conviction, IAS_V-5125-001.
Trademarks, Copyrights & Patents --
State Ownership of Must Be Statutorily-Authorized & Held By Sec. of State, IAS_V-5126-001.

Appellate Review (See APPELLATE REVIEW)
Applicability (See Also Retroactive Application) --
Amendment (See Also Construction) --
During Pendency of Licensure Application, IAS_V-5127-003.
During Pendency of Permit Application, IAS_V-5128-001.
During Pendency of Rule Challenge, IAS_V-5129-001.
Presumed to Apply Prospectively, IAS_V-5130-001.
Retroactively, IAS_V-5131-002.
Law At Time Grounds For Disciplinary Action Arise, IAS_V-5132-001.
Law At Time of Application, IAS_V-5133-001.
Law At Time of Final (Licensure) Decision, IAS_V-5134-001.
Law At Time of Final Decision, IAS_V-5135-002.
Law At Time of Hearing, IAS_V-5136-002.
Law At Time of Underlying Conduct -- Central Abuse Registry, IAS_V-5137-001.
Presumed to Apply Prospectively Absent Contrary Legislative Intent, IAS_V-5138-001.
Constitutionality (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.), Statutes) --
Constitutional Challenges to Should Be Brought By a Declaratory Judgment Action In Circuit Court, IAS_V-5139-001.
Courts Have a Duty to Invalidate Statutes Contrary to Express or Implied Prohibitions of the Constitution, IAS_V-5140-001.
Facial Constitutionality --
Standard For Determining, IAS_V-5141-001.
General Vis Special Laws, IAS_V-5142-001.
General Vis Special Laws -- General Law Defined, IAS_V-5143-001.
General Vis Special Laws -- Special Law Defined, IAS_V-5144-001.
Presumption of Constitutionality, IAS_V-5145-001.
Absence of Judicial Fact Finding Machinery Limits Saving Constructions, IAS_V-5146-001.
Agency Construction Entitled to Great Weight, IAS_V-5147-036.
Agency Construction Entitled to Great Weight --
Agency Found to Have Erroneously Interpreted a Provision of Law, IAS_V-5148-001.
Agency Special Expertise Is Germane, IAS_V-5149-001.
Clearly Erroneous Construction Reversed, IAS_V-5150-001.
Limited to Matters Infused With Agency Expertise, IAS_V-5151-001.
Only In Regard to Matters Involving Agency Expertise, IAS_V-5152-001.
This Does Not Mean That Any Conceivable Construction Will Be Approved, IAS_V-5153-002.
Two (2) Part Test For Exception to This Principle, IAS_V-5154-001.
Agency Construction Found Arbitrary & Capricious, IAS_V-5155-001.
Agency Construction Found Illogical & Unreasonable, IAS_V-5156-001.
Agency Construction Is Not Entitled to Great Weight If It Has No Substantive Jurisdiction Over the Statutory Provision, IAS_V-5157-001.
Agency Construction Need Merely Be Within Permissible Range, IAS_V-5158-001.
Amendment (See Also Applicability) --
By Implication -- Disfavored, IAS_V-5159-001.
Does Not Necessarily Change Meaning -- Can Be In Clarification, IAS_V-5160-001.
Generally Construed to Mean a Substantive Change, IAS_V-5161-001.
Slight Changes Found Not to Alter Previous Interpretations, IAS_V-5162-001.
Available Constitutional Interpretation Is Obligatory, IAS_V-5163-002.
Common Law --
Statutes In Derogation of Are Strictly Construed, IAS_V-5164-007.
Conflict --
Construction Giving Effect to Both Statutes Is Favored, IAS_V-5165-001.
Latest Enactment Controls, IAS_V-5166-001.
Most Specific Controls, IAS_V-5167-006.
Rules of Appellate Procedure Take Precedence Over Conflicting Statutes, IAS_V-5168-002.
Conservation Measure Regarding Marine Life --
Not Strictly Construed When Countervailing Livelihood Issues Arise, IAS_V-5169-001.
Courts Are Not Obligated to Supply a Constitutional Construction, IAS_V-5170-001.
DOAH Hearing Officer Construction Is Not Entitled to Great Weight, IAS_V-5171-001.
Deadlines -- Statutory Notice of Need Not Be Given, IAS_V-5172-001.
Different Terms In Different Sections Imply Different Meanings, IAS_V-5173-004.
Distinctions Between Separate Statutes Cannot Be Ignored, IAS_V-5174-001.
Economic Grants or Entitlements Are Strictly Construed In Favor of the Government, IAS_V-5175-002.
Enumeration of Grounds Excludes Those Not Mentioned, IAS_V-5176-003.
Every Word or Phrase Must Be Given Meaning, IAS_V-5177-004.
Exact Words or Phrases In Different Sections Have the Same Meaning, IAS_V-5178-001.
Exemption --
Are to Be Narrowly Construed Against Party Seeking to Utilize, IAS_V-5179-006.
Strictly Construed Against Permit Applicant, IAS_V-5180-001.
Strictly Construed Against Taxpayer (See Also TAXATION, Taxing Enactments), IAS_V-5181-001.
Extrinsic Matter Considered Only In Event of Doubts or Conflicts, IAS_V-5182-001.
Federal Statute & Caselaw --
Fla. Statute Modeled Upon Federal Provision -- Federal Caselaw Is Analogous, IAS_V-5183-001.
Found to Preempt Conflicting State Statute, IAS_V-5184-003.
General Language Limited By Subsequent Specific Language, IAS_V-5185-001.
Legislative History Is Pertinent -- But Not Considered If Not Reflected In Text of a Statute, IAS_V-5186-001.
Legislative Intent --
Is the Polestar, IAS_V-5187-010.
Statement of, IAS_V-5188-001.
Testimony of Some Legislators Is of Little or No Verity, IAS_V-5189-001.
Legislature Is Presumed to Know Rules of Grammar & Meaning of Words, IAS_V-5190-003.
Legislature Is Presumed to Know of Existing Law, IAS_V-5191-004.
Literal Meaning Must Be Considered In Context of Purpose of Statute, IAS_V-5192-006.
May -- Generally Signifies Discretion, IAS_V-5193-001.
Mention of One Thing Implies Exclusion of Another, IAS_V-5194-008.
Or -- Generally Signifies the Disjunctive -- Alternatives, IAS_V-5195-002.
Or -- Generally Signifies the Disjunctive -- Alternatives -- But Can Be Conjunctive, IAS_V-5196-001.
Penal Statutes Are Strictly Construed, IAS_V-5197-030.
Penal Statutes Are Strictly Construed --
Not All Statutes That Contain a Penal Provision Are Penal, IAS_V-5198-001.
Plain & Ordinary Terms Defined By Dictionary, IAS_V-5199-001.
Plain & Unambiguous Language -- No Room For Construction, IAS_V-5200-020.
Plain Meaning of Ordinary Words Is the First Consideration, IAS_V-5201-011.
Presumption of Constitutionality, IAS_V-5202-001.
Presumption of Effectuality, IAS_V-5203-002.
Public Protection Liberally Construed, IAS_V-5204-004.
Reenactment Without Amendment Confirms Administrative Construction, IAS_V-5205-001.
Reenactment Without Amendment Confirms Judicial Construction, IAS_V-5206-001.
Reenactment of Statutes Judicially Construed Constitutes Legislative Approval, IAS_V-5207-001.
Related Provisions Construed In Pari Materia, IAS_V-5208-018.
Remedial Statutes Are Liberally Construed, IAS_V-5209-002.
Repeal By Implication Is Disfavored, IAS_V-5210-002.
Ridiculous Result Necessarily Erroneous, IAS_V-5211-007.
Statutory Definition Controls Over All Other Definitions, IAS_V-5212-001.
Taxing Enactment (See Also REVENUE, Dept. of, Sales Tax, Exemption, Taxing Enactment; TAXATION, Taxing Enactment)
Undefined Statutory Terms Are Accorded Their Plain & Ordinary Meaning, IAS_V-5213-003.
Undefined Statutory Terms Are Accorded Their Plan & Ordinary Meaning, IAS_V-5214-001.
Words Cannot Be Added, IAS_V-5215-001.
Words Should Not Be Added, IAS_V-5216-001.
Words of Common Usage Given Plain & Ordinary Meaning, IAS_V-5217-002.
General Law --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-5218-001.
Repeal & Substantial Reenactment --
Reenacted Provisions Deemed to Have Been In Continuous Operation, IAS_V-5219-001.
Retroactive Application (See Also Applicability) --
Amendment -- Applied Retroactively As In Clarification, IAS_V-5220-001.
Penal Statute Cannot Be Applied Retroactively, IAS_V-5221-001.
Procedural -- Burden of Proof, IAS_V-5222-003.
Procedural -- No One Has a Vested Right to a Given Mode of Procedure, IAS_V-5223-001.
Procedural -- Permissible, IAS_V-5224-005.
Procedural -- Statute Affecting the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-5225-001.
Remedial Statutes --
Can & Should Be Retroactively Applied, IAS_V-5226-004.
Certified Question to Supreme Court, IAS_V-5227-001.
Defined, IAS_V-5228-001.
Remedial or Procedural -- Permissible, IAS_V-5229-001.
Substantive Statutes --
Apply Prospectively, IAS_V-5230-008.
Attorney's Fees Provisions Construed As, IAS_V-5231-001.
Defined, IAS_V-5232-001.
Prohibited Absent Express Language, IAS_V-5233-001.
Special Law --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-5234-001.
Taxing Enactments (See REVENUE, Dept. of; TAXATION)
Vagueness (See Also RULES & RULEMAKING) --
Standard Governing Determination of Examined, IAS_V-5235-001.
Statute Found Not to Violate Prohibition On, IAS_V-5236-002.

§286 Is to Be Strictly Construed, IAS_V-5237-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
Shall Be Awarded If a Violation Is Found, IAS_V-5238-001.
Children & Families --
Family Services Corp. -- Private Nonprofit, IAS_V-5239-001.
Constitutional Amendment (See CONSTITUTION (Fla.), Sunshine Amendment)
Construction (See Also STATUTES) --
To Be Liberally Construed to Effect Its Public Purpose, IAS_V-5240-002.
Exemption --
Advisory Committee -- Fact Finding Only, IAS_V-5241-001.
Decisions or Votes By Governing Bodies to Settle Litigation -- No Exemption, IAS_V-5242-001.
Governmental Advisory Committees Are Subject To, IAS_V-5243-001.
Private Organizations --
Applicability Discussed, IAS_V-5244-003.
Public Meeting --
Applicability to Alternate Members Found, IAS_V-5245-001.
Cannot Merely Be a Perfunctory Ratification of Action Taken In a Closed Session, IAS_V-5246-001.
Courts Have Interpreted §286 So As to Frustrate All Evasive Devices, IAS_V-5247-001.
Entire Decision-Making Process Is Subject to, IAS_V-5248-001.
Litigation -- Settlement Negotiation -- School Bd. -- Desegregation Lawsuit --
Meetings Seeking to Achieve Continuing Compliance Found Not to Be Exempt "Settlement Negotiations", IAS_V-5249-001.
Private Entity Acting On Behalf of a Public Agency, IAS_V-5250-001.
Public Hospitals -- Applicability to, IAS_V-5251-002.
Purpose of §286 Examined, IAS_V-5252-001.
Standing --
Newspaper Has Standing As a Citizen, IAS_V-5253-001.

1995 Private Property Rights Protection Act --
Admissibility of Special Master's Report In Analogous Administrative Proceeding, IAS_V-5254-001.
Agency Rejection of Special Master's Recommendation, IAS_V-5255-001.
Aggregation of Tracts Examined, IAS_V-5256-001.
Attorney's Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) --
§73.092 Is Designed to Promote Early Settlement, IAS_V-5257-001.
Circuit Court Award Against DEP Pursuant to §73 Reversed, IAS_V-5258-001.
Circuit Court Finding Regarding Benefit Obtained Reversed, IAS_V-5259-001.
DOT Motion For Rehearing -- $1,000,000+ Award -- Denied, IAS_V-5260-001.
Offer By DOT Discussed -- Need Not Be Self-Executing, IAS_V-5261-001.
Offer of Judgment Need Not Separately Reflect Business Damages, IAS_V-5262-001.
Demolition of Unsafe Structures, IAS_V-5263-001.
Eminent Domain Action (See Also Attorney's Fees & Costs) --
Bridge -- Circuit Court Finding of Substantial Diminution of Access Reversed, IAS_V-5264-001.
Easement Is a Compensable Property Right, IAS_V-5265-001.
Strict Guidelines Regarding Petitions For Noted, IAS_V-5266-001.
Taxpayer Challenge to Rejected, IAS_V-5267-001.
Facial Takings Distinguished From As-Applied Claim, IAS_V-5268-001.
Impairment of Property --
DEP Access to Investigate & Remediate Petroleum Contamination, IAS_V-5269-001.
Just & Full Compensation --
An Equitable Principle of Fairness, IAS_V-5270-001.
Apportionment of Value Among Various Improvements, IAS_V-5271-001.
Real, Personal, Tangible & Intangible Property Are All Compensable, IAS_V-5272-001.
Recreation Fee -- Mobile Home -- Private Country Club -- County Condemnation of Mobile Home, IAS_V-5273-001.
Regardless of Sum Ultimately Awarded, IAS_V-5274-001.
Three (3) Recognized Standard Approaches to Appraisal, IAS_V-5275-001.
Unity Rule For Structure & Other Improvements -- Billboard, IAS_V-5276-001.
Local Land Use Regulation As, IAS_V-5277-001.
Oil & Gas Offshore Drilling Lease --
DEP Denial of Drilling Permit, IAS_V-5278-001.
State Lands Are Held As a "Public Trust", IAS_V-5279-001.
Summary Judgment In Favor of State Affirmed, IAS_V-5280-001.
Personal Property --
Taking Distinguished From Negligent Destruction, IAS_V-5281-001.
Regulatory Taking --
All Economically Viable Uses Must Be Denied, IAS_V-5282-001.
Challenge Operates As Waiver of Parallel Administrative Proceedings, IAS_V-5283-001.
DEP Denial of Dredge & Fill Permit Found to Constitute, IAS_V-5284-001.
Economically Viable Use Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-5285-001.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_V-5286-001.
Landowner Has No Right to Speculative Economic Gain, IAS_V-5287-001.
Must Be Determined In Stand Alone Circuit Court Action, IAS_V-5288-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_V-5289-002.
Total Deprivation of Use Defined & Found Required, IAS_V-5290-001.
Ripeness of Claim --
Claim Found Not Ripe, IAS_V-5291-002.
Underground Liquified Petroleum Pipeline -- Osceola County --
Consistency Review In Context of Local Comprehensive Plan Found Lacking, IAS_V-5292-001.

Circuit Court Preliminary Injunction Against Operation of An Adult Establishment With Improper Zoning Affirmed, IAS_V-5293-001.

Ad Valorem --
Assessment (See Also Assessment) --
Administrative Challenge Is a Prerequisite to a Circuit Court Challenge, IAS_V-5294-001.
All Statutory Criteria Must Be Considered But Not Necessarily Used, IAS_V-5295-001.
An Art - Not a Science, IAS_V-5296-001.
Cable Television Co. Tangible Personal Property -- Income Method Rejected, IAS_V-5297-001.
Circuit Court Has Exclusive Original Jurisdiction Over Challenges to, IAS_V-5298-001.
Cooperation Between County & Dept. of Revenue (DOR), IAS_V-5299-001.
DOR Suit Seeks Writ of Prohibition Preventing Circuit Court From Reaching Issue Regarding, IAS_V-5300-001.
Intangible Personal Property -- Computer Software Found to Constitute, IAS_V-5301-001.
Intangible Personal Property -- Taxation of Reserved to State of Fla., IAS_V-5302-001.
Interest on Arrearage, IAS_V-5303-001.
Just Valuation -- Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-5304-001.
Just Valuation -- Eight (8) Factor Test, IAS_V-5305-001.
Just Valuation -- Income/Unit Rule Method Rejected, IAS_V-5306-001.
No Election of Remedies, IAS_V-5307-001.
Pollution Control Equipment On a Dairy Farm, IAS_V-5308-001.
Presumption of Validity, IAS_V-5309-001.
Railroad Property, IAS_V-5310-001.
Real Estate Appraisal Is An Art Not a Science, IAS_V-5311-001.
Technological Developments May Not Fit Precisely Into Traditional Property Concepts, IAS_V-5312-001.
Time Limit For Contesting (60 Days) Is Jurisdictional, IAS_V-5313-001.
Time Limits For, IAS_V-5314-001.
Exemption --
Homestead -- Statute (§193.155(8)(a)) Regarding Correction of Mistakes Affirmed As Unconstitutional, IAS_V-5315-001.
Homestead -- Underassessment -- §193.155(8)(a) Held Unconstitutional/Adjustment to Base Year Value Rejected, IAS_V-5316-001.
Assessment (See Also Ad Valorem) --
Absence of Adequate Available Taxpayer Records, IAS_V-5317-002.
Establishment & Effect of Prima Facie Case Regarding Correctness of, IAS_V-5318-005.
Presumed Correct, IAS_V-5319-004.
Taxpayer's Burden of Proof When Challenging Explored, IAS_V-5320-002.
Taxpayer's Burden of Proof When Challenging Sales Tax Assessment Lighter Than For Ad Valorem Assessment, IAS_V-5321-001.
Untimely Challenge -- DOR Lacks Jurisdiction, IAS_V-5322-001.
Constitutional Challenges (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.); REVENUE, Dept. of) --
Citizen Suits -- Special Injury Must Be Demonstrated, IAS_V-5323-001.
Equal Protection --
Record Found Deficient, IAS_V-5324-001.
Standard Governing, IAS_V-5325-001.
Corporate Income Tax --
Interest On Arrearage -- Calculation of, IAS_V-5326-001.
Documentary Stamp Tax (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS, Revenue) --
Calculation of Amount --
Based On the Property Interest Actually Conveyed, IAS_V-5327-002.
Conditional Obligations Are Not Subject to, IAS_V-5328-001.
Consideration Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-5329-001.
Subjective Intent of the Parties Is Immaterial, IAS_V-5330-001.
Consolidated Note Related to FDIC Receivership of Assets, IAS_V-5331-001.
Deed Conveying Unencumbered Real Property to a Closely Held Corporation, IAS_V-5332-001.
FDIC -- Applicability to In Its Capacity As Receiver From Various Sources, IAS_V-5333-001.
Freddie Mac Warranty Deed Is Not Exempt, IAS_V-5334-001.
Intangible Tax --
Claim That a Business Trust Is An Exempt Partnership Rejected, IAS_V-5335-001.
Out-of-State Building Construction Materials Supply Company, IAS_V-5336-001.
Out-of-State Firm -- Requisite Nexus to Fla. Examined, IAS_V-5337-001.
Petition For Hearing Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_V-5338-001.
Taxable Situs -- Multi-State -- Refund Denied, IAS_V-5339-001.
Interest --
Calculation of, IAS_V-5340-001.
Motor Fuel --
Assessment of Additional Tax, Penalty & Interest, IAS_V-5341-001.
Failure to Remit, IAS_V-5342-001.
Voluntary Linking of Retail Stations Via DOR, IAS_V-5343-001.
Perchlorethylene Tax --
Sales Tax On Top of Perchlorethylene Tax Does Not Constitute Pyramiding, IAS_V-5344-001.
Water Quality Tax (Per Gallon), IAS_V-5345-001.
Privilege Fee --
Local Government Right of Way --
Franchise Fee Distinguished From, IAS_V-5346-001.
Supreme Court Upholds As An Unauthorized Tax, IAS_V-5347-001.
Public Medical Assistance Trust Fund (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA))
Refunds (See Also REVENUE, Dept. of) --
Denied, IAS_V-5348-001.
Denied -- Sales Tax -- Monthly Rental Payments For Boat Slip, IAS_V-5349-001.
Denied -- Sales Tax -- Vehicle Purchased In Another State, IAS_V-5350-001.
Petition For Found Not Prerequisite to Tax Challenge, IAS_V-5351-001.
Statute of Limitations -- Three (3) Years -- Examined, IAS_V-5352-001.
Assessment --
Absence of Adequate Available Taxpayer Records, IAS_V-5353-002.
Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Beverages/Door Cover/Snacks/Vending Machines, IAS_V-5354-001.
Carpet -- Retail Store Providing Installation, IAS_V-5355-001.
Challenge's Burden of Proof, IAS_V-5356-002.
Chemicals -- Purchase From Manufacturers For Resale At Retail, IAS_V-5357-001.
Commission Paid to Place Air & Vacuum Machines At Various Locations, IAS_V-5358-001.
Consideration Defined, IAS_V-5359-001.
Fuel Pumping Equipment, IAS_V-5360-002.
Inspection/Recertification of Fire Extinguishers, IAS_V-5361-001.
Joint Venture -- Five (5) Part Test For, IAS_V-5362-001.
License -- A Privilege - Not a Property Right, IAS_V-5363-001.
License -- Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-5364-001.
License -- Distinguished From An Easement, IAS_V-5365-001.
Overcollection -- Must Be Remitted to State, IAS_V-5366-001.
Petroleum Fuel Storage Tanks & Dispensing Equipment -- Convenience Stores -- Installment & Maintenance, IAS_V-5367-001.
Presumption of Correctness, IAS_V-5368-002.
Restaurant, IAS_V-5369-002.
Restaurant -- Failure to Collect On Prepared Food, IAS_V-5370-001.
Retail Tire Dealer -- Waste Tire Fee -- Overcollection -- Failure to Properly State, IAS_V-5371-001.
Separately Stated Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-5372-001.
Truck Loading Dock Equipment & Installation, IAS_V-5373-001.
Vehicle Purchased In Another State -- Refund Denied, IAS_V-5374-001.
Yacht -- Allegedly Held In Inventory But Used For a Fishing Tournament, IAS_V-5375-001.
Bailment (See Also REVENUE, Dept. of) --
Definition of Examined, IAS_V-5376-001.
Exempt Status of, IAS_V-5377-001.
Rules Governing Examined, IAS_V-5378-001.
Consumer's Certificate of Exemption (See Also REVENUE, Dept. of) --
Affordable Home Ownership Assoc. -- Denied, IAS_V-5379-001.
Affordable Home Ownership Corp., IAS_V-5380-001.
Amendment of Application Denied, IAS_V-5381-001.
Applicant Fails to Appear At Hearing -- Denied, IAS_V-5382-001.
Beacon of Faith Ministries -- Denied, IAS_V-5383-001.
Best Buddies -- Denied, IAS_V-5384-001.
Bible Study & Prayer Group -- Denied, IAS_V-5385-001.
Certificate of Exemption Is a "License" Within the Meaning of §120.52(9), IAS_V-5386-001.
Charitable Expenditures -- 50% Test, IAS_V-5387-001.
Charitable Organization -- Defined, IAS_V-5388-003.
Charitable Organization -- Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_V-5389-001.
Charitable Organization -- Purchasing Medical Equipment For Handicapped & Disabled Children, IAS_V-5390-001.
Charitable Organization -- Two (2) Part Test For, IAS_V-5391-002.
Christian-Operated Computer Network, IAS_V-5392-001.
Cocoa Beach Woman's Club -- Granted, IAS_V-5393-001.
DOR Previous Erroneous Grant of Creates No Estoppel, IAS_V-5394-001.
Distinction Between Providing Activities & Merely Raising Funds For Those That Do, IAS_V-5395-001.
Educational & Cultural Development Organization For Minors -- Denied, IAS_V-5396-001.
Educational & Cultural Development Organization For Minors -- Denied -- Certificate Found to Constitute a "License" Within the Meaning of §120.52(9), IAS_V-5397-001.
Educational Incentive Program -- Denied, IAS_V-5398-001.
Educational Institution -- Hierarchy As a Whole Cannot Qualify, IAS_V-5399-001.
Educational Institution -- Identification & Improvement of Library Resources -- Denied, IAS_V-5400-001.
Educational Institution -- Must Be Part of a Large Hierarchy, IAS_V-5401-001.
Educational Institution -- Promotion of Social Studies Education, IAS_V-5402-001.
Educational Institution -- Six (6) Part Test For, IAS_V-5403-001.
Educational Institution -- Society For Promotion of Photographic Education, IAS_V-5404-001.
Educational Institution -- Sponsorship of Forums to Examine Various Issues, IAS_V-5405-001.
Enterprize Zones Do Not Qualify For Per Se, IAS_V-5406-001.
Full Gospel Christian Ministry, IAS_V-5407-001.
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), IAS_V-5408-001.
Holocaust Memorialization & Perpetuation of Awareness Association, IAS_V-5409-001.
Jewish Cemetery Assoc. -- Granted, IAS_V-5410-001.
Jewish Federation of Brevard, IAS_V-5411-001.
Jewish United Appeal -- Denied, IAS_V-5412-001.
Junior League -- Renewal -- Denied, IAS_V-5413-001.
Medical Research (Retina) Foundation, IAS_V-5414-001.
Medical Research Promotional Institution, IAS_V-5415-001.
Petitioner Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-5416-014.
Petitioner Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-5417-003.
Philippine Cultural Foundation -- Denied, IAS_V-5418-001.
Polish Mission Foundation -- Denied, IAS_V-5419-001.
Promotion of Business Development Within City of Miami, IAS_V-5420-001.
Redevelopment Organization -- Denied, IAS_V-5421-001.
Religious Institution -- Christian Ministry -- Denied, IAS_V-5422-001.
Religious Institution -- Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-5423-003.
Religious Institution -- Distinction Between Church & Religious Institution, IAS_V-5424-001.
Religious Institution -- Five (5) Part Test For, IAS_V-5425-001.
Religious Institution -- Promotion of Faith In Jesus Christ, IAS_V-5426-001.
Religious Institution -- Threshold Requirement -- §501(c)(3) Federal Nonprofit Status, Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida, IAS_V-5427-001.
Religious Institution -- Threshold Requirement -- Established Physical Place of Worship, IAS_V-5428-001.
Religious Institution -- Training of Persons to Minister Law Enforcement Officers As Police Chaplains, IAS_V-5429-001.
Revocation -- Original Certificate Issued In Error -- State-Owned Airline, IAS_V-5430-001.
Rotary Endowment Fund, IAS_V-5431-001.
Six (6) Part Test For, IAS_V-5432-001.
Spiritual Kingdom of God -- Denied, IAS_V-5433-001.
Vietnam Veteran's of Fla. -- Denied, IAS_V-5434-001.
World Wide Evangelism Group, IAS_V-5435-001.
Exemption (See Also Consumer's Certificate of Exemption, Taxing Enactments) --
Aircraft Allegedly Purchased For Leasing Purposes, IAS_V-5436-001.
Bailment (See Bailment)
Burden of Proof Is On Petitioner, IAS_V-5437-001.
Legislature Has Directed DOR to Reconsider All Tax Exemptions, IAS_V-5438-001.
Resale -- Limitations On Promotional Use, IAS_V-5439-001.
Resale -- Obsolete Video & Arcade Games, IAS_V-5440-001.
Strictly Construed Against Taxpayer, IAS_V-5441-028.
Taxpayer Has the Burden of Proof Regarding Entitlement to, IAS_V-5442-003.
Lease -- Commercial -- Real Property --
Failure to Remit, IAS_V-5443-001.
Rental of Boat Slip At a Marina -- Refund Denied, IAS_V-5444-001.
Lease -- Tangible Personal Property --
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_V-5445-001.
Road Site Stripping & Traffic Control Devices, IAS_V-5446-001.
Road Site Stripping & Traffic Control Devices, IAS_V-5447-001.
Sale Defined, IAS_V-5448-001.
Yacht -- Out-of-State Purchase -- Return to Fla. For Repairs, IAS_V-5449-001.
Tax --
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-5450-001.
Taxing Enactments (See Also STATUTES, Construction) --
Exemptions --
Strictly Construed Against Taxpayer, IAS_V-5451-009.
Express or Implied Constitutional Provisions Cannot Be Altered By, IAS_V-5452-001.
Fla. Tax Laws Are Not Dependent Upon Federal Law, IAS_V-5453-001.
Tax Defined -- Privilege Fee Held to Be An Unauthorized Tax, IAS_V-5454-001.
To Be Strictly Construed Against the Government, IAS_V-5455-004.
Use Tax (See Also REVENUE, Dept. of) --
Amendment of Contradictory Federal Income Tax Return Is Irrelevant, IAS_V-5456-001.
Conversion of Inventory Items to Capital Assets For Purposes of Federal Income Tax, IAS_V-5457-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-5458-001.
Imposition of Examined, IAS_V-5459-001.
Lease/Purchase Agreement For Airplanes, IAS_V-5460-001.
Possession & Use -- Transactions Involving Both Services & Tangible Personal Property, IAS_V-5461-001.
Sales Tax Encompasses -- Common Law Examined, IAS_V-5462-001.

Authority to Impound Vehicle For Failure to Pay Fine Found, IAS_V-5463-001.
Challenge To DOT Decision To Replace Drawbridge With High Fixed Span Bridge --
DOT Denial of Challenge Over Certain DOAH Recommendations Affirmed, IAS_V-5464-001.
Challenge to 12" Water & Sewer Lines Along DOT Right of Ways --
Circuit Court Dismissal Affirmed, IAS_V-5465-001.
Contract (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests)) --
Circuit Court Breach of Contract Suit --
Dismissal For Failure to Exhaust Administrative Remedies Reversed, IAS_V-5466-001.
Declaratory Statement (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification (DBE) --
Family Business -- 60% Wife/40% Husband --
Requisite Proof of Majority Control By the Wife, IAS_V-5467-001.
Proper Application of Rule 14-78 Examined, IAS_V-5468-001.
Eminent Domain (See TAKING)
Employee --
Challenge to Transfer --
Legitimate Business Purpose Found, IAS_V-5469-001.
Hilliard et al. v. DOT Affirmed Per Curiam, IAS_V-5470-001.
Order On Motion For Rehearing: Save Anna Maria (SAM) v. Dept. of Transportation (DOT), IAS_V-5471-001.
Permit --
Billboard --
Dept. Denial of Permit Affirmed, IAS_V-5472-001.
Regulated Sign -- Statutory Definition of Examined, IAS_V-5473-001.
Way of Necessity --
Circuit Court Dismissal of Claim For Reversed, IAS_V-5474-001.
Sovereign Immunity Does Not Bar Claim For, IAS_V-5475-001.

Privilege Fee --
Local Government Right of Way --
Franchise Fee Distinguished From, IAS_V-5476-001.
Supreme Court Upholds As An Unauthorized Tax, IAS_V-5477-001.

License (See Also LICENSING) --
Filing a False Report, IAS_V-5478-001.
Incompetence, IAS_V-5479-001.
Negligence, IAS_V-5480-001.

Impact Fees For Public Schools --
Found Unconstitutional As Applied to Adult-Only Manufactured Home Community, IAS_V-5481-001.

Circuit Court Dismissal of Challenge to Demolition of An Unsafe Structure Affirmed, IAS_V-5482-001.

Voluntary Annexation --
Quashed Due to Failure of Commissioner With a Beneficial Interest to Recuse, IAS_V-5483-001.

§440.09(3) Irrebuttable Presumption Affirmed As Invalid, IAS_V-5484-001.

Adult Establishments -- First Amendment to U.S. Constitution, IAS_V-5485-001.
Fairly Debatable Test Governing Review of, IAS_V-5486-001.
Rezoning --
Status As Either Quasi-Legislative or Quasi-Judicial Examined, IAS_V-5487-001.
Special Exception --
Electric Substation -- F.P.& L. -- Adjacent Residential Area, IAS_V-5488-001.