Board of Medicine

The Florida Board of Medicine was originally established with the mission “to ensure that every physician practicing in this state meets minimum requirements for safe practice. Among its many services and duties, the Board of Medicine licenses, monitors, educates, disciplines, and rehabilitates physicians and other practitioners in order to guarantee their competency and fitness to serve the constituents of Florida. The Board of Medicine oversees the lawful practice of medicine in Florida, including physicians’ and specialists’ prescription ordering of medications for their patients. The Board of Medicine derives its authority mainly from Florida Statutes Chapter 458, and also Chapters 456, 120, 395, 400, and 893. The board also derives authority from Florida Administrative Codes Chapter 64B.

Board of Medicine

Board of Medicine Licensing

The Board of Medicine administers all state licensure of qualified physicians and other health practitioners.  Physicians and practitioners seeking state licensure may apply online on the Board of Medicine’s website at  The licensing process requires a set of documents to be submitted including a background screening using a Livescan service provider to run fingerprints through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement which checks for any national or Florida-bounded criminal history.  Licensing also requires a set of general information from the applicant, including personal history of medical training and education, and the passing of all parts on a national examination (NBME, FLEX, or USMLE).  Though the Board of Medicine does not issue licenses on reciprocity, there is an option for licensure by endorsement.  For licensure by endorsement, applicants must be a graduate of an Allopathic U.S. medical school which is recognized and approved by the U.S. Office of Education, or be a graduate of an Allopathic international medical school and have a valid Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates certificate.  Applicants by endorsement must also have completed 1 or 2 years of approved medical residency, depending on whether they graduate in the U.S. or internationally, respectively.

Board of Medicine Complaints

Patients and their families may file formal complaints regarding their Board of Medicine certified physician or other practitioner through the Board’s website at  Complaints received through this avenue are first vetted for validity and relevance.  If the allegations in the complaint are indeed found to be in violation of the Board of Medicine’s codes and standards for its certified members, then the Board will take action against the accused practitioner.  This disciplinary action may range from mere warning to complete revocation of Florida licensure.  Legal action is sometimes required when a Board-certified practitioner exhibits significant medical malpractice.  In such cases, the Board of Medicine may facilitate or defend the prosecution of the accused practitioner.

Board of Medicine Case Law

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