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What is the Board of Nursing?

The chief duty of the Florida Board of Nursing is to ensure that all nursing workers in Florida meet minimum requirements for safe practice. To accomplish this, the Board of Nursing administers all certification of nursing staff wishing to practice in Florida, and holds various standards that must be met in order to earn this certification. The Florida Board of Nursing is founded on the Nurse Practice Act, which derives its authority from Chapter 464, Parts I and II (ss. 464.001-464.027) of the Florida Statutes and Constitution.

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The Board of Nursing oversees all nurses in the state of Florida. Among its many services and duties, the Board of Nursing licenses, monitors, educates, disciplines, and rehabilitates practicing nurses in order to guarantee their competency and fitness to serve the constituents of Florida. To accommodate the wide range of nursing professions and specializations, the Board of Nursing issues differentiated certifications. These certifications require applicants to pass different examinations and provide different documents whose contents vary according to the applicant’s desired certification.

How to Register at the Board of Nursing?

Many nursing professionals seek certification as a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN). The Board of Nursing offers an application for these professionals, which requires proof of residency, information regarding past nursing program education, Livescan electronic fingerprints, nursing examination history, and personal health history. In the event that an applicant has a criminal history, the Board of Nursing requires additional documentation to be provided on the part of the applicant, including a detailed self-explanation of the circumstances and outcomes of the offense, final dispositions and arrest records, completion of sentence documentation, and three professional letters of recommendation from the last 365 days. If the applicant has a history of disciplinary action during any past nursing employments, the Board of Nursing also requires additional documentation, including a similar self-explanation of the offense, a copy of the administrative complaint and final order, and three professional letters of recommendation from the last 365 days.

The Board of Nursing also offers a reciprocity application for those seeking employment as a certified nursing assistant in the state of Florida. This application is intended for those applicants with prior licensing in another state or country. The Board of Nursing requires such applicants to provide a completed application which has been typed and signed, proof of active certification in the applicant’s original state or country of residence, a completed confidential and exempt from public records disclosure form, and a Livescan electronic fingerprint. Those reciprocity applicants with criminal or disciplinary records must also fulfill the additional documentation requirements as outlined above.

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