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What is the Agency for Health Care Administration?

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) was established under Chapter 20 of the Florida Statutes.  It is Florida’s chief entity for health policy and planning.  As such, it has many responsibilities as a distributor of federal and state funding for public health services and their proper and lawful administration.  The Agency’s website can be found at

health care administration

One of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration’s most prominent responsibilities is the administration of the state’s estimated $25.2 billion Medicaid program.  Medicaid has served an estimated 4.27 million Floridians in the 2016-2017 state fiscal year.  The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration also functions as the state’s licensing body for its over 48,500 health care facilities.  The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration shares all relevant health care data through the Florida Centre for Health Information and Policy Analysis. This information can be found at the centre’s website at

Agency for Health Care Administration Primary Focus

Regarding Medicaid and according to the Agency’s website, one of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration’s primary focuses in recent years has been the expansion of coverage over a greater portion of constituents.  The Agency also aims to up its ability to identify and prosecute fraudulent providers, to cut back on regulations now found unnecessary, and to streamline its mechanisms and administrative costs so that taxpayer dollars can more efficiently go to serve patients.

Another large component of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration’s range of responsibilities is the taking of administrative action against unlawful health care facilities, providers, and employees.  These administrative actions are most commonly taken against hospitals and long-term care facilities.  The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration also conducts regular and unannounced compliance investigations to ensure that Florida’s health care providers comply with state statutes and codes.  These statutes and codes may relate to fire safety regulations, fraud, abuse, civil rights and nondiscrimination policies, and other points of quality standards.

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration also responds to direct complaints from patients and their parties regarding the quality of care, lawful treatment, and compliance with state codes that they have experienced at Florida health care facilities.  These complaints function as direct summons for investigation by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration against particular facilities and providers.  If immediate violations of health codes and statutes are found, the Agency can issue emergency actions which restrict the health care provider until the violation is rectified.

Where Can You Find Agency of Health Care Administration Legal Cases?

These responsibilities give rise to many administrative legal cases.  At FALR, we offer access to our consolidated database of all precedential AHCA final orders and full text, including print publication with indexing since 1979.  Our database service is complete with search functions which allow our customers to find the exact case they seek in a single simple step.  Subscribing grants you instant access to our database, which updates automatically as new AHCA final orders are entered.  We also offer a print subscription, which provides bound volumes of all indexed case law.  Our Supercumulative Indexes can be reviewed without charge on our website.

The best legal publication for Agency of Health Caselaw is
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