Legal Services

The top 100 legal services include:
Accreditation issues – when an agency alleges that you are not complying with their standards
Adoptions – adopting someone else’s child
Advertising and Product Descriptions – making sure you comply with local and national laws when it comes to advertising and not making false claims.
Alliances and Partnerships – noncommercial and commercial agreements between two of more parties sharing a common interest
Anti-kickback defense and settlements – The federal Anti-Kickback Statute (“Anti-Kickback Statute”) is a criminal statute that prohibits the exchange (or offer to exchange), of anything of value, in an effort to induce (or reward) the referral of federal health care program business.
Audit of Legal Issues – Audits can include: Corporate Structure, Employment, IP, Litigation, and Legal Expenses
Bankruptcy – case evaluation legal services in an effort to avoid bankruptcy
Business Planning & Organization Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Buying and selling businesses, mergers and acquisitions – commercial business agreements and planning.
Buy-Sell Agreements – transactional agreements
Certificate of Need (C.O.N.) – a legal document required in the proposal of building facilities (e.g. medical facilities)
Capital Investments
CEO and Vice President contracts – a contract outlining the responsibilities and rewards of a higher position
Compliance programs developed – designing, implementing, and monitoring of effective programs, policies, practices and procedures surrounding compliance by an organization and its staff
Computer -hardware and software issues – confronting the legal, ethical and professional issues in information technology
Confidential Information protected – creation of confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements and other related privacy issues
Consultations regarding all areas of staff-medical-hospital relationships
Consultations regarding abuse and fraud implications of transactions
Consultations regarding tax exemption implications of transactions

Contract analysis, preparation and/or negotiation – making sure you get the best outcome from the terms of your contract.
Contract procedures and forms created – creating online and paper copies of legal contracts and forms for your business needs
Contracts negotiated and drafted – creating agreements
Corporate bylaws – a corporation’s structural and operational blueprint that is maintained and amended for the benefit of shareholders, directors and other members of staff to explain their rights, shares, nominations and settlement of disputes.
Corporate compliance policies – designing, implementing, and monitoring of effective programs, policies, practices and procedures regarding compliance by an organization and its staff
Corporate entities created (LLC, S Corporations, C Corporations)
Corporate Matters – legal services relating to business law
Corporate restructuring – restructuring a company often takes place after a merger, but can also be helpful to streamline business procedure and organizational structure to reduce costs
Counseling and representation – this type of law is commonly associated with immigration law or a student enrolling into a university
Credentialing policies and procedures – applicable for managed care of medical facilities that need to keep staff credentials up to date.
Credit Card Litigation – help if you are facing a credit card lawsuit
Customer and Vendor issues – legal services relating to transactions and transactional contracts
Dealer Networks and Programs – legal services for car dealerships
Defense of medical staff hearing decisions against claims – assistance for medical staff or hospitals after a complaint has been filed.
Due Diligence – a method of research or other activity to check all the facts of the case.  Often relating to business transactions.
E-commerce – commercial transactions.
Employment Agreements – creating agreements that are to be completed by members of staff of an organization outlining their rights, responsibilities and rewards.
Employment law issues – issues between employers and their staff
Estate & Probate Litigation – after someone dies, how their estate is divided between all parties that have a claim to their assets
Fair hearing plans – a chance for you to say why the outcome of a judgement is incorrect
False claims defense and settlements – consultation and help with negotiating false claims
Family Law, Divorce, Custody – supporting you through a number of family-related situations
Financings – the method in which litigants and law firms can support their litigation and legal costs
Governance Procedures assessed – refers to the complex set of rules, procedures and systems used by businesses to adopt, implement and measure the results of an integrated approach to business problems
Guardianships – the process by which decision-making authority and responsibility to act in the best interests of a minor or mentally incapacitated adult transfers to an approved adult.
Health care antitrust matters – a legal entity created for the purpose of controlling the competition in a single market (e.g. health care) so that consumers can benefit from services in an ethical manner
HMO development and license applications – health maintenance organizations develop insurance products that are sold either monthly or annually to ensure that consumers are covered for a fixed number of health treatments
Hospital medical staff bylaws, rules and regulations – the laws that establish the requirements of the heath care professionals that are employed by the hospital
Hospital medical staff investigations and hearings – the procedures and plans when the bylaws created by the hospital are broken or when there are complaints or claims for damages
Hospital tax exemption defense – the legal requirements for maintaining a hospitals tax exempt status
Hospital-based physician contracts – preparation and negotiation of contracts and recruitment of physicians
Independent Contractors – legal services to protect their status with contracts
Information Technology (IT) issues – addressing the issues that arise when selling computer products or services
Infringements of IP- protect and defend intellectual property
Integrated delivery system formation and development – supporting the complex rules, procedures and systems used by an entity to adopt, implement and measure a large integrated system such as in a hospital
Intellectual Property (Patent Management, Trademarks, Copyright & Trade Secrets) – making sure that a method or invention created by an inventor is protected under copyright or patent law so that they can sell the product commercially or license it to a third-party without someone stealing their idea and reproducing it for commercial gain
Internet legal issues – encompassing the many aspects of law needed online such as privacy, contract, intellectual property and commercial transactions
Joint venture arrangements for clinical and nonclinical services – the complex legal issues surrounding clinical and non-clinical joint venture contract law
Law Department practices reviewed and improved
Leases – renting something out for financial gain, e.g. equipment
Leases – renting a property out, also known as real estate
Legal Expenses audited
Licensing – preparing and developing licenses
Litigation Management – a streamlined, effective process of managing litigation
Medical staff development plans – A comprehensive medical staff development plan justifies recruitment while effectively distributing resources in the interests of the hospital and community that it serves
Medical staff restructuring – improving health care by redistributing personnel resources aligned with the needs of the hospital and community
Mergers, acquisitions and affiliations – the legal issues related to a changing corporate identity due to merging with, being acquired by, or affiliating with another corporate entity
Minutes maintained – recording, maintaining and distributing the minutes of meetings to all authorized parties with an interest in the topics outlined in the meeting
Modification & Paternity – legal issues relating to child support
On-Site Counsel – on site legal services – a person or department that is on-site for easy access
Patent Management – managing the requirements for maintaining a patent e.g. paying fees, filling in forms to ensure the patent remains in force for the full amount of time
Patient care policies – legal issues that relate to decision making and financing patient medical care
Payor and subscription contracts – payor contract negotiation
Physician contract litigation – resolving disputes in relation to physician contracts
Physician employment contracts – creating physician employment contracts
Physician practice acquisition contracts – legal issues relating to acquiring health care practices
Physician recruitment agreements – creating agreements complying with federal and state laws that govern the financial relationships with physicians
Preparation of tax exemption applications for hospitals, HMOs and related companies
Provider contracts –
contracts that are drawn up to include agreement between managed care organizations (MCO) and health professionals as well as clinical Providers.
Real Estate – Commercial & Residential Real Estate & General Litigation
Regulatory compliance – complying with federal and state regulations
Regulatory compliance audits and policies
Residency training program accreditation and other resident issues – evaluation and review of medical graduates to ensure that they meet the necessary standards of quality
Right-to-die issues – the legal issues surrounding a mentally-stable, yet terminally ill patient’s chosen time of death and physician assistance to carry out their decision
Risk Management – identifying, analyzing, and implementation of a strategy to mitigate loss
Sales programs – legal issues surrounding sales programs
Shareholder issues – planning and exercising of shareholders rights
Shares of Stock transferred – legal processes in order to transfer share of stocks
Software – (see Information Technology (IT) issues and Internet issues)
Strategic counseling for governing boards – legal services and  strategic counsel to increase effective corporate governance
Strategic counseling on provider-managed care relationships – legal services and strategic counsel to increase effective health care
Technology issues – (see Information Technology (IT) issues and Internet issues)
Third-party payor and managed care contracts – (see payor and subscription contracts)
Trade Secrets – (see Intellectual Property)
Trademarks – (see Intellectual Property)
Training – legal issues surrounding training in a organization
Trusts & Estate Planning – probate issues regarding how an estate is divided up after death, after death tax issues, and who the beneficiaries are
Utilization management/Medical records policies – issues regarding maintenance, privacy and disclosure for sensitive information
Web, IT, e-commerce, computer, and internet transactions – (see Information Technology (IT) issues and Internet issues)

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