Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH)

Division of Administrative Hearings, The Division, or “DOAH,” is Florida’s central body (but not only body) for reviewing cases related to administrative law. Florida, in modeling DOAH after California’s Office of Administrative Hearings, was at the head of a trend: since the Division of Administrative Hearings – DOAH’s creation, twenty-three other state governments have created central panels where cases are heard by administrative law judges. The Federal Government adopted the Administrative Procedure Act in 1967.

The Division of Administrative Hearings was not established by the Florida Constitution. Although it technically operates under the Department of Management Services (DMS), the Division reports to the Cabinet and Governor, who together constitute the Administrative Commission. This body appoints, by majority vote, DOAH’s Director. The State Senate, however, is responsible for confirming this appointment. Should the Director need to be removed, the Governor, Cabinet, and Senate would repeat this process to vote on their dismissal and vote in a successor in the same way.

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FALR DOAH Database

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The Division of Administrative Hearings – DOAH Database has a total of 5,215 Recommended Orders along with the appurtenant FINAL ORDERS.  However, the FALR database has 12,813 FINAL ORDERS and appurtenant Recommended Orders selected from key agencies that practitioners follow closely.

Moreover, we have vigorously and independently searched for and published all DOAH FINAL ORDERS regarding Proposed, Adopted, or Unpromulgated Rules, Attorney’s Fee Awards, the Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan, etc., as well as any Appellate Court Opinion pertaining to Administrative Law since January, 1984.

We also have always and continue to publish agency FINAL ORDERS that do not go through DOAH such as Rule Variances or Waivers, Declaratory Statements, precedential orders after informal hearings or cases in which the agency itself conducts the hearing or disposes of the case or motion without a hearing (i.e. attorney’s fees and costs awards).

Finally, we maintain both archives and directories of unpublished agency FINAL ORDERS back to 1988, and further beyond back to 1979 in certain areas. These materials have been and can be researched or converted into searchable databases upon request.

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Additional Publications

Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) Certificate of Need (CON) Daily

Transmitted immediately, as soon as rendered:

Division of Administrative Hearings (D.O.A.H.) Recommended Orders for Certificate of Need (CON) Formal 120.57(1) Hearings
D.O.A.H. Rule Challenges
Appellate Court Cases
AHCA Final Orders in Contested Cases Concerning Certificate of Need (CON) Law

While published, indexed and bound in the Florida Administrative Law Reports (FALR) Biweekly since 1979, CON cases clearly call for expedited reporting. Accordingly, our firm is pleased to offer immediate slip-sheet reporting of all CON decisions rendered after a formal 120.57(1) hearing at Division of Administrative Hearings.

Certificate of Need (CON) Daily
July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018
Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) CON Cases
Mailed Immediately First Class As Soon As They Are Rendered
Letter-Sized Documents
$395.00 Annually
(prorate for fractions of the fiscal year)

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Past Decisions of the Education Practices Commission (EPC)
1992/1991 1988 TO 1990 1985 TO 1987 1980 TO 1984

We have published a complete compilation of EPC cases at the request of the Education Practices Commission (EPC). Relevant Appellate Court Cases are also included. Interested persons are afforded a current and comprehensive account of State regulation of public school teachers in Florida.

All EPC Orders of precedential value between January, 1980 and December, 1992 are summarized, indexed and published full text. Pertinent Appellate Court decisions in this time frame are accorded identical treatment.

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Editor’s Note

DOAH has a policy of treating any Administrative Order that utilizes initials in identifying the name of a party in style of a case as completely confidential.

This policy is not followed by the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Therefore, numerous DCF and other Final Orders are only available in the FALR books and database, but not the DOAH database or other databases derived therefrom.

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Division of Administrative Hearings

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