Free Membership

The FALR FREE Database Membership allows users to become familiar with the search tool and search through a limited numbers of cases.

FALR offers a complete, reliable, online legal research tool of integrity for lawyers and other interest parties.

Some of the features include the ability to:

  • View case summaries
  • Sort alphabetically
  • Sort hierarchically
  • Sort using Keywords
  • Sort using Case Numbers
  • Filter via Agency
  • Filter via other names, such as employee
  • Filter via Date

All orders have been published, summarized and indexed in the FALR since January 1996.

Our Add-On Databases Include:

  • Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC) – Includes all PERC Career Service Appeals since 1996 to date.
  • Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC)- Entries from March 2nd, 1992 to date.

Users can search the add-on databases in a number of ways, including:

  • Full keyword search
  • Party name, agency name or employee name search
  • Case no. search
  • Filtering by date, agency or employee

FALR is in the process of adding the following Databases:

  • Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) – Entries from July 28th, 1992.
  • Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) – Includes all Technical Assistance Advisements (TAA) since 1981
  • Florida Department of Health (DOH)

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