Administrative Law

What is Florida Administrative Law?

Administrative law is the body of law which arises from actions taken by Departments of the State of Florida, which carry out the laws passed by the Florida state legislature and are signed by the Governor. When legislature passes a law, or a Department promulgates a rule, interested persons often need to determine the details of how the law will be enforced and implemented. Administrative Departments acting on disputes or requests for clarification often explain in great detail what is required for everyone.

Where are the Florida Administrative Law Top Online Resources?

The official state administrative law websites in Florida are:

  • The online Florida Administrative Code (FAC) found at is the official compilation of administrative rules for the State of Florida. This website contains an online database of pages from the FAC printed by the Florida Division of Elections between 1970 and 1983. The Department of State oversees the publishing of the FAC and updates it weekly.
  • The Florida Administrative Code & Florida Administrative Register which is found at The mission of this website is to file, preserve and provide notice to the public on the rules and other matters pending before the various Departments.  The Florida Administrative Register (FAR) is the title of a daily publication which gives the public current information about the status of rules moving through the rulemaking process including proposed rules; emergency rules; and notices of change, corrections and withdrawal.
  • The official site of Florida legislature also known as “online sunshine” which is found at
  • DOAH – is the place where citizens can access Recommended and Final Orders issued by the Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH). The Adjudication of Disputes Program involves certain types of Chapter 120 administrative proceedings including formal administrative proceedings, rule challenges and the like. DOAH’s Adjudication Program includes approximately 35 administrative law judges organized into three geographic regions and one special district.
  • The Joint Administrative Procedures Committee whose website is found at  conducts continuous oversight of executive branch actions implementing legislatively delegated powers, ensuring that each action has an adequate statutory basis, that all applicable procedures are followed, and that no illegal rules are imposed on the people of the State of Florida.
  • The official portal of the State of Florida can be found at The Florida Department of State at is a website subdomain of and the Division of Library and Information Services which can be found at The Division manages the State Library and Archives, supports public libraries, directs record management services, and is the designated information resource provider for the state of Florida.
  • The Guide to Florida Government for 2017 can be found at which you can also Download Here. This is a directory of contact names of key people within the Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and Congressional Departments of Florida Government.
  • The U.S. Federal rules and regulations website can be found at In some areas such as Medicaid, both State and Federal rules apply.

What We Offer at Florida Administrative Law Reports (FALR)

While the FAC provides access to rules and the FAR publishes those rules, at FALR we are unique as we offer comprehensive reporting, indexing and searchable databases for all precedential Administrative Law Final Orders for important agencies, (always the Final Order married to the pertinent Recommended Order) along with non DOAH orders, e.g. Declaratory Statements, Rules Variances, orders in which an agency utilizes its own Hearing Officer, and Orders redacted from the DOAH website. We also have unique and extensive archives of unpublished agency Final Orders rendered after informal dispositions.

Benefits of Using the FALR Online Database & Publications, Indices & Research Services

At FALR, unlike DOAH, if we published an agency’s Final Orders, since January 1979 we:

  1. NEVER published a Recommended Order without an appurtenant Final Order.
  2. Publish Declaratory Statements, Rule Variances, Orders pertaining to Attorney’s Fees, Standing, Timeliness of a Petition, etc. for which there will be no DOAH or other Recommended Orders, and orders in which initials are used in lieu of a party’s full name (e.g. exemption from disqualification which are not to be found in the DOAH database).
  3. Publish all applicable Appellate Court Caselaw, available Circuit Court Caselaw, and DOAH Final Orders (e.g. Birth Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan, Rule Challenges, Attorney’s Fees, etc.)
  4. Created a bona fide, complete, unaltered online and fully searchable archive of published Administrative Caselaw since January 1, 1996, backed by our in-house indices, archives and research services.

We are available to serve in providing prompt, professional and reliable access to past administrative law outcomes integral to many crucial fields within Florida Administrative Law.

Please see our spreadsheet of all FALR Florida Administrative Law Agencies we either print published and indexed and/or online published since January, 1979 by clicking on the link below:

FALR provides administrative law cases from many of the most important agencies operating in the State of Florida. We publish the full text of each case and never publish a Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH) Recommended Order without the accompanying Final Order. We offer a broad range of cases and each publication we offer has non DOAH Final Orders such as Declaratory Statements, Rule Variances, Attorney’s Fee Orders, Court Cases (Circuit & Appellate), etc. Our print publication goes back to January 1979. Online Services go back to Jan. 1996. Our publications can be found on this page.

Check out our Administrative Law Publication by clicking on the picture links below:


florida administrative law review

Overview of Florida Administrative Law Caselaw regarding Health Care Administration (AHCA), Health (including all Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) Boards), Children & Families (DCF) (Broad Range of Social Services), Education Practices Comm. (Teacher Certifications), Fish & Wildlife Conservation Comm., Environmental Protection (DEP), Revenue (DOR), and more. Our Supercumulative Indexes are available for free online back to January 1989 on this website.


Florida Public Service Commission Reporter

Full text publications for all substantive PSC orders. Available for every publication are SUPERCUMULATIVE INDEXES facilitating official access to relevant cases. These powerful indexes are supplemented by case summaries and keyword search capabilities either online or by our own staff in-house. Subscribers to the FALR database can perform searches on the full text of each case with our database search tool, quickly finding cases and the summaries relevant to their interests.

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