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State of Florida Career Service Appeals

The Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC) has jurisdiction over dismissals, suspensions, demotions and transfers involving nonexempt Career Service Employees of the State of Florida. Utilizing in house Hearing Officers, PERC issues Final Orders explaining the nature of the dispute before the Commission, the applicable facts, law, and the outcome.

What are the Florida Employment Law Top Online Resources?

The State of Florida Employment Guide at contains a comprehensive listing of employer and employee related information and online resources.

The labor and Employment Law section of the Florida Bar at fulfills its mission to service and support people through opportunities of education, leadership, networking and public service, and by providing quality programs, publications, scholarship and awards relating to the field of labor and employment law. It also publishes insightful articles on the blog on the subject of recent changes to employment law and career service.


Florida Career Service Reporter


Full text reporting of all Public Employee’s Relations Comm. (PERC) Administrative Orders After Employee Career Service Appeals, and applicable Appellate Court Caselaw.  To find out how you can subscribe – please click here.

How FALR Can Help Employers in the Fields of Healthcare and Education

At FALR we can do an in house background check of existing or potential employees for institutions such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes or other places which provide services to vulnerable adults or young people.

FALR Career Service Background Check

At FALR we can search our unique archives to find out whether an existing or potential employee has a Florida License Disciplinary record that would disqualify him/her from being in a position of responsibility. As regards to Doctors or Nurses we would also be able to find records of paid medical malpractice claims.

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