Medical Malpractice

What is Medical Malpractice?

Malpractice is the improper, illegal, or negligent professional activity or treatment, especially by a medical practitioner as in the form of Medical Malpractice.

It is in the interests of all employers and people undergoing surgery to check that those in a position of oversight can be trusted by undertaking a proper background check on that person.

There are rules against employing anyone with a criminal record for a position of oversight over vulnerable citizens such as children, disabled persons or elderly. If that person seeking employment for a position of responsibility over vulnerable citizens wishes to keep their job, they are free to apply for an exemption for disqualification of employment. Our FALR publication regularly publishes the full text of exemption from disqualification administrative actions with the names of applicants redacted.

How Do You Know if Someone Has Suffered a Paid Medical Malpractice Claim?

Our firm can conduct searches of official databases regarding paid medical malpractice claims in Florida. To check up on the Florida licensure status of Medical Professionals in Florida, you can go to

Medical Malpractice

The Practitioner Profile Data Download provides the detailed information about practitioners, including disciplinary actions, faculty appointments, certifications, staff privileges, and a host of other information. The data is submitted by the practitioner and has not been verified by the Department unless otherwise indicated. The physicians file the data with the Division of Medical Quality Assurance as required by law. The 5 professions required to provide this data are Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopathic Physicians, Podiatric Physicians, and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners. Responsibility for providing the data lies with the practitioner.

Medical Malpractice information is not maintained by the Division of Medical Quality Assurance as a part of the profiling documents. Civil medical malpractice payment information may be obtained from the county in which the practitioner is working. Please be advised that the practitioner may have disciplinary action and liability claims that occurred more than 10 years ago that may not be published on the practitioner profile. Additionally, federal criminal history information is not available to the public and thus, is not listed here.

However, this does not contain the following information:
• Pending malpractice cases
• Cases the physician may have won on a technicality like the statute of limitations
• Claims from when the physician practiced in any other state
• Claims paid by the physician himself rather than malpractice insurance
• Disciplinary actions brought by the State of Florida
• Disciplinary actions by hospitals against the physician
• Paid claims which were inadvertently not reported by an insurance company
• Claims against certain doctors when they were practicing at “teaching hospitals”
• The earliest records go back to 1990.

How Can FALR Help You Do A Thorough Background Check On Licensed Medical Professionals?

Our firm has compiled exhaustive directories of all Final Orders we have received from Florida’s Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) Boards since January, 1979.

Moreover, we maintain highly organized, secure, and unredacted archives of the Administrative Complaints, the appurtenant Informal Dispositional Agreements, and the Boilerplate Final Order, married together. Moreover, we have published, digitized and indexed the full text of Final Orders rendered after S120.57 (i) Formal Hearings.

For the Board of Medicine, we have their mainframe backup tapes converted to ASCII files and other official records of disciplinary actions disposed of.

These resources, our specialized expertise developed in service to numerous clients, and our unique archives give us unparalleled capabilities to research the disciplinary history of Florida Medical Professionals – especially alleopathic Medical Physicians.

Moreover, we have converted unsearchable online state agency PDF documents into completely searchable files. This allows us to serve those who want to know about the informal dispositions of Florida Medical Professionals in cases involving analogous facts and circumstances.

We are always available to provide prompt, professional, and sophisticated access to the precedents that are difficult or impossible to access to those without our capabilities.

We have noticed that Final Orders after involuntary dismissals, and sometimes for no apparent good reason, do not show up as a disciplinary record in the official state database.

We continue to report on Florida State Law in an unbiased and unprejudiced way since 1979.

Our firm is uniquely aware of resources which can ascertain whether a Florida-licensed professional has been previously subject to discipline; whether physician or dentist has suffered a a civil medical malpractice claim in Florida, as well as to provide immediate notification when a disciplinary proceeding is brought against a particular licensee.

Private in-house records and our unique understanding of state agency records can ensure comprehensive and accurate searches. PLW has been utilized by both hospitals wishing to monitor physicians on their staff, and plaintiff’s attorney’s investigating the backgrounds of both defendants and expert witnesses.

You can also enjoy a subscription to FALR publication or search our online legal database.

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