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Tax Law in Florida

Florida tax law as explained in the pertinent caselaw determines how federal, state and local governments calculate tax that people in the State of Florida owe in disputed cases. Florida sales tax rate is 6%. Florida does not have a personal state income tax. Florida Corporations that do business and earn income in Florida must file a corporate income tax return (unless they are exempt).

Exempt businesses from paying income tax include small businesses such as LLC’s, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships.  In this case, the respective business owners would pay federal income tax on the business revenue at ordinary income tax rates in the same way as they do on income from a W-2 or contract job.  These are also Ad Valorem, Documentary Stamp, Use, Motor Fuel, Utility, and other State of Florida Taxes.

What are the Top Resources for Florida Tax Law? – The Florida Tax Guide gives an explanation of the different taxes in Florida such as Income Tax, Estate Tax, Intangibles Tax, Sales Tax, Use Tax, Property Tax, Corporate Income Tax and Reemployment Tax. – The Official Department of Revenue website for residents of Florida.  At this online address designed for businesses and persons who are registered with the Department and ready to file and/or pay electronically, you can report your taxes.  The address URL is in the process of moving to

Business Tax Law – Florida Sales Tax Guide for Businesses helps businesses determine how much they could owe. – This gives pertinent information about Florida Sales Tax, when it is due each month, along with penalties and interest information. – General Information and Resources for business such as how to register their business and the environmental issues they should be aware of when it comes to land use.

How FALR Helps with Tax Law?

Floida Department of Revenue Reporter

Tax FALR is a quarterly tax law publication Reporting of ALL Florida Department of Revenue TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE ADVISEMENTS (TAA), as well as Pertinent Administrative Orders and Judicial Decisions, with Complete Indexing.  Published Since January 1988. Optional FALR Supercumulative Indexes back to 1981 are available.

Materials published and indexed in the TAX FALR include:

  • Technical Assistance Advisements (TAA)
  • Florida Appellate Court Decisions
  • Florida Administrative Caselaw
  • Circuit Court Decisions

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