Circuit Court Affirms City Denial of Third Party Challenge to Permit Allow Change of Copy On Nonconforming Business Sign, ERISI-2039.
Circuit Court Imposition of An Equitable Lien On Homestead Property Subject to Code Enforcement Action —
Action Below Reversed As Unlawful, ERISI-2040.
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Floor Indoor Clean Air Act —
Enclosed Indoor Workplaces Only Are Regulated — Two (2) Part Test For, ERISI-2041.
License —
Septic Tank Contractor —
Fraudulent Conduct, ERISI-2042.
Incorrect Site Plan, ERISI-2043.
Notice of Violation —
Connection to Without a Permit, ERISI-2044.
Permit (See Also PERMITS) —
Aerobic Sewage Treatment Unit —
Operating Without, ERISI-2045.
Biomedical Waste Generator —
State Has Preempted the Regulation of, ERISI-2046.
Tattoo Establishment — Local Moratorium Should Not Be Considered, ERISI-2047.
Community Public Drinking Water System —
Operating Without Requisite Permit, ERISI-2048.
Septic Tank (See PERMITS, Septic Tank)
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Nonpublic Well — Potable Water — Residence —
Central Water System Availability — No Mandate For Connection As For Centralized Sewer System, ERISI-2049.
Minimum Setback From Pesticide-Treated Foundation — Denied, ERISI-2050.
Minimum Setback From Septic Tank — Denied, ERISI-2051.
Minimum Setback From Septic Tank — Granted, ERISI-2052.
Monthly Payments For Public Water Do Not Constitute An Excessive Hardship, ERISI-2053.
Public Health Is the Most Critical Criteria, ERISI-2054.
Public Swimming Pool —
Depth of Underwater Light — Variance Denied, ERISI-2055.
Decisions of Local Governments Regarding Are Not Binding On the Dept., ERISI-2056.
Minimum Deck Size Requirements For Wading Pool — Granted, ERISI-2057.
Minimum Overhead Clearance From Pool Floor to Water Slide — Denied, ERISI-2058.
Minimum Overhead Clearance From Pool Floor to Water — Denied, ERISI-2059.
Public Well —
Setback From Septic Tank — Denied, ERISI-2060.
Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park —
Sanitary Dump Station Requirements — Granted, ERISI-2061.
Septic Tank (See PERMITS, Septic Tank)
Circuit Court Denial of County Motion For a Temporary Injunction Affirmed, ERISI-2062.
Circuit Court Denial of Writ of Prohibition to Prevent Comm. Consideration of Permit to Drill New Potable Wells Affirmed, ERISI-2063.
Circuit Court Reversal of City Denial of a Special Exception For a Charter Elementary School Affirmed, ERISI-2064.
City Denial of Special Use Permit For Charter School —
Circuit Court Quashes Denial of Variance, ERISI-2065.
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Circuit Court Affirms County Approval & Major Modification to Planned Development to Allow 950 Student Elementary School, ERISI-2066.
Circuit Court Reverses Code Enforcement Bd. Lien Due to Due Process Violations, ERISI-2067.
Circuit Court Affirmance of Code Enforcement Bd. Citation For Dogs Running Loose, ERISI-2068.
Circuit Court Affirmance of Constitutionality of Land Development Code Affirmed —
Partial Demolition of Historic Hotel & Construction of 19 Story Mixed Use Building — Young Circle, ERISI-2069.
Circuit Court Denial of Constitutional Challenge to 2004 Statute Imposing Filing Fees When Prosecuting Local Ordinances Reversed, ERISI-2070.
Circuit Court Finding That the City Was Estopped From Enforcing Its Zoning Code In Regard to Operation of Cruise to Nowhere Ships Affirmed, ERISI-2071.
Community Development Agency Challenges Circuit Court Denial of Eminent Domain Taking Petition — Reversed & Remanded, ERISI-2072.
Development Review Board Grant of Special Exception For Synagogue to Operate a House of Worship On Single Family Property —
Circuit Court Dismisses Third Party Challenge As Moot — Special Exception Had Expired, ERISI-2073.
Circuit Court Grants Summary Judgment In Favor of Town In Challenge to Resolution Barring Access to Street From Commercial Property —
Defined & Discussed, ERISI-2074.
Jurisdiction —
None Over Actions Involving Title or Boundary Disputes — Circuit Courts Have Jurisdiction, ERISI-2075.
Order On Motions For Rehearing, Rehearing En Banc and/or For Certification: Save Our Beaches, Inc., et al. v. DEP, et al. —
Rehearing Denied — Certified Question Regarding Unconstitutional Application of the Beach & Shore Preservation Act, ERISI-2076.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Dock — Setback From Neighbor’s Property — Granted, ERISI-2077.
Sovereign Submerged Land —
253.12(a) —
Construed, ERISI-2078.
Declared to Be Constitutional, ERISI-2079.
Purpose of Examined, ERISI-2080.
Aquatic Preserves — Management of Examined, ERISI-2081.
Bd. Action For Ejectment & Trespass —
Title to Bed of Lake Held By a Private Individual, ERISI-2082.
Bd. Authority to Prohibit Mooring of Houseboats On Sovereign Submerged Land, ERISI-2083.
Beach Driving — Never Has Been Required, ERISI-2084.
Boardwalk & Access Pier Terminating In Platform & Boathouse, ERISI-2085.
Boundary Line Disputes With Private Beachfront Property Owners Exhaustively Explored, ERISI-2086.
Butler Act Disclaimer Denied, ERISI-2087.
Butler Act/Statutory History/Caselaw Surveyed, ERISI-2088.
Challenge to Correspondence Between DEP & DOT Dismissed As Premature, ERISI-2089.
Commercial Shipyard Expansion, ERISI-2090.
Common Law Origin of Public Trust Doctrine Examined, ERISI-2091.
Consent of Use —
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, ERISI-2092.
Beach Renourishment — City or County Government Need Not Be Riparian Landowner, ERISI-2093.
Beach Renourishment — State Ownership of Land Created, ERISI-2094.
Cannot Be Granted If Parallel Environmental Resource Permit Is Denied, ERISI-2095.
Dead Head Logging, ERISI-2096.
Denial of Requires Denial of Corresponding Environmental Resource Permit, ERISI-2097.
Direct Notification to Adjacent Property Owners, ERISI-2098.
Dock — Residence — DEP Has Authority to Limit Draft of Vessels Docked Within An Aquatic Preserve, ERISI-2099.
Dock — Residence — Exemption, ERISI-2100.
Dock — Residence — Granted, ERISI-2101.
Dock — Residence — Multi-Family — Expansion, ERISI-2102.
Dock — Residence — Third Party Challenge Rejected — Affirmed, ERISI-2103.
Dock — Residence, ERISI-2104.
Floating Weed Barrier Across Mouth of Canal — Temporary, ERISI-2105.
Letter of Consent Defined, ERISI-2106.
Marina — Expansion, ERISI-2107.
Marina — Managed Mooring Field, ERISI-2108.
Marina — Repair, ERISI-2109.
Pipeline — Paper Mill — Experimental Use of Wetlands, ERISI-2110.
Pipeline to Convey Treated Paper Mill Effluent to Gulf of Mexico, ERISI-2111.
Rules Governing Found More Stringent Than For Environmental Resource Permit, ERISI-2112.
Seawall — Vinyl, ERISI-2113.
Sufficient Upland Interest — Satisfactory Evidence of, ERISI-2114.
Jurisdiction —
None to Consider Disputes As to Ownership, ERISI-2115.
Lakes & Rivers — Fresh Water —
Ordinary High Water Mark — Defined & Discussed, ERISI-2116.
Ordinary High Water Mark — Stage Duration Defined & Discussed, ERISI-2117.
Marina — Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve, ERISI-2118.
Navigable Waters —
Determinations Regarding to Be Made As of 1845, ERISI-2119.
Question of Fact, ERISI-2120.
Proprietary Authority Is Much Broader Than Regulatory Authority, ERISI-2121.
Public Trust Doctrine —
Right of Public to Access the Beach Is Well-Established, ERISI-2122.
Riparian Landowner Boundary Is At the High Water Mark, ERISI-2123.
Riparian Landowner Has No Right to Construct Multiple Docks, ERISI-2124.
Riparian Landowner Has Qualified Right Only to Wharf Out to Facilitate Access, ERISI-2125.
Riparian Landowner Has Right to Make Use of Artificial Water Bodies, ERISI-2126.
Riparian Landowner Rights Defined & Discussed, ERISI-2127.
Riparian Neighbors Found Not Infringed Despite Setback Violation Over Contrary DOAH Finding, ERISI-2128.
Seawall — Aquatic Preserve, ERISI-2129.
State Lands Are Held As a Public Trust, ERISI-2130.
Alcohol — Ordinance Prohibiting Consumption On Property Owned, Leased or Occupied By the City —
Circuit Court Declares Ordinance Unconstitutional As Vague & Violative of Equal Protection, ERISI-2131.
Circuit Court Affirmance of City Denial of Rezoning Request Quashed, ERISI-2132.
Circuit Court Affirmance of Mayor’s Veto of Developer’s Fair Share Assessment Contract Affirmed, ERISI-2133.
Criminal Information Based On a Sexual Predator Violating the Local Restriction On Appropriate Residency —
Circuit Court Rejects Constitutional Challenges & Denies a Motion to Dismiss, ERISI-2134.
Eminent Domain Action —
Circuit Court Award of Severance Damages Reversed & Remanded, ERISI-2135.
Circuit Court Denial of a Motion to Vacate & Reenter a Final Judgment to Allow a Timely Appeal Reversed, ERISI-2136.
Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) —
Circuit Court — Property Owners Motion to Tax Costs In An Eminent Domain Proceeding Granted, ERISI-2137.
Circuit Court Order Awarding Additional Attorney’s Fees In Eminent Domain Proceeding Affirmed, ERISI-2138.
Local Comprehensive Plan —
Circuit Court Denies Challenge to Rezoning For a Private Club As Inconsistent With —
Circuit Court Order Quashed/Remanded, ERISI-2139.
Mayor —
Strong-Mayor Model Found to Be Applicable, ERISI-2140.
Circuit Court Order Quashing City Rezoning From Residential to Commercial Reversed, ERISI-2141.
Circuit Court Denies Writ of Prohibition to Prevent Reconsideration of Approval of Permit Application — Affirmed, ERISI-2142.
Building Permits —
Village Fire Station & Police Administration Bldg. Denial of Third Party Challenge Affirmed, ERISI-2143.
Village Approval of Site Plan For 165-Unit Apartment Bldg. —
Certiorari Denied In Third Party Challenge, ERISI-2144.
Challenge to Ordinance Which Retroactively Divests Right to Transient Rental of a Condo —
Circuit Court Judgment & Injunction In Favor of City Reversed & Remanded, ERISI-2145.
Circuit Court Final Ejectment Action Regarding Private Houseboats Moored On Sovereign Submerged Land —
Circuit Court Judgment Affirmed, ERISI-2146.
Circuit Court Reverses City Approval of Plans to Redevelop Hotel Property — Reversed, ERISI-2147.
Circuit Court Denial of Plaintiff Motion For Determination of Taking —
Mobile Home Sales Center Loses Highway Access Due to City Road Extension Project —
Reversed & Remanded, ERISI-2148.
Circuit Court Enters Summary Judgment In Favor of City —
Class Action Assailing Registration Fees For Electrical Contractors, ERISI-2149.
Circuit Court Reverses Nuisance Abatement Bd. Citation of Landlord For Sale of Narcotics —
Due Process Violations Found At Hearing & By Failure to Allow Sufficient Time For Abatement, ERISI-2150.
Appeals (380.07(3)) —
Burden of Proof —
On Applicant to Prove Compliance With Local Land Development Regulations, ERISI-2151.
Comm. Review of DRI Development Orders Is De Novo, ERISI-2152.
Intervenor Challenges Pursuant to 380.07(2) —
Standing — Found Lacking, ERISI-2153.
Time Limit For, ERISI-2154.
Challenge to Bay County Denial of Application For Change to DRI, ERISI-2155.
Challenge to Bonita Springs Proposed Change to DRI, ERISI-2156.
Challenge to Building Moratorium Waiver By Islamorada Dismissed As Untimely, ERISI-2157.
Challenge to Building Moratorium Waiver By Islamorada Dismissed For Lack of Standing, ERISI-2158.
Challenge to DEP Grant of Permit to Remove a Section of Old Scenic Highway 98 & Replace With Clean White Fill Material, ERISI-2159.
Challenge to Development Order of Marathon —
Transfer of 12 Transient Boat Slips Upland In Order to Add 12 Motel Rooms —
City Approval Reversed, ERISI-2160.
Challenge to Osceola Grant of Building Permit Dismissed, ERISI-2161.
Challenge to So. West Florida Water Management Dist. Final Order Dismissed As Untimely, ERISI-2162.
DRI Review (See Also COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of, Binding Letter) —
Amendments to Previously Approved DRI Are Not Vested Even If Additional DRI Review Is Not Required, ERISI-2163.
DRI Defined, ERISI-2164.
DRI Restriction Preempts Any Contrary Local Zoning, ERISI-2165.
De Novo Hearing Conducted, ERISI-2166.
Local Decision Is Not Entitled to a Presumption of Correctness, ERISI-2167.
Purpose of Explored, ERISI-2168.
Substantial Changes Not Found, ERISI-2169.
Jurisdiction —
373.114(1) & 373.4275(1) Found to Conflict — 120 Evidentiary Hearing — Consolidated Order of DEP, ERISI-2170.
Circuit Court Affirmed Voluntary Annexation Over Third Party Challenge, ERISI-2171.
Circuit Court Challenge to Denial of Site Plan Application For Construction of a Crematory — Certiorari Denied, ERISI-2172.
Circuit Court Invalidation of County Annexation Ordinance Affirmed, ERISI-2173.
Circuit Court Grant of Motion to Set Foreclosure Sale Reversed Due to Issue of Homestead Status, ERISI-2174.
Failure to Act On Application For Site Plan Approval For Three (3) Months —
Circuit Court Grant of Petition Affirmed, ERISI-2175.
Impact Fees — School —
Circuit Court Holding That Fees Were A Facially Unconstitutional Impairment On Construction Contracts Reversed, ERISI-2176.
Rezoning —
Circuit Court Dismissal of Third Party Challenge to For Failure to Join Applicant As a Party Reversed, ERISI-2177.
Circuit Court Affirms An Order of Taking In Regard to Connector Road, ERISI-2178.
Circuit Court Enters Judgment In Favor of Landowner In Suit Alleging Breach of Development Agreement & Temporary Taking —
Judgment Reversed & Remanded On Basis That the County Was Bound By a Court-Ordered Injunction, ERISI-2179.
Circuit Court Enters Summary Judgment In Favor of County —
Citation For Unauthorized Land Clearing Activities Without a Permit — Affirmed, ERISI-2180.
Circuit Court Invalidation of County Moratorium On Development Within the Bradfordville Stormwater Study Area Reversed, ERISI-2181.
Circuit Court Summary Judgment Denying Inverse Condemnation Claim Affirmed —
Temporary Injunction Prohibiting Permits In the Bradfordville Study Area, ERISI-2182.
Circuit Court Affirms County Denial of Special Use Permit For Commercial Water Extraction On Agricultural Land, ERISI-2183.
Circuit court Upholds Vicious Dog Determination By Animal Control Dept., ERISI-2184.
Circuit Court Quashes City Denial of Subdivision Plat, ERISI-2185.
Circuit Court Order Requiring Disclosure of Names of Persons Contributing to a Lawsuit Challenging City Land Use Decision Reversed, ERISI-2186.
Circuit Court Affirms Town Denial of After-the-Fact Variance For Pool Cabana Built Without a Permit, ERISI-2187.
Circuit Court Reversal of Town Denial of Zoning Amendment to Allow Construction of Residential Docks Reversed, ERISI-2188.
Circuit Court Denial of Constitutional Challenge to 2004 Statute Imposing Filing Fees When Prosecuting Local Ordinances Reversed, ERISI-2189.
Challenge to Denial of Extension of Special Use Permit to Operate a C & D Landfill —
Circuit Court Rejects Bert Harris Inverse Condemnation Claim, ERISI-2190.
Challenge to Denial of Renewal of Operating Permit For Construction & Demolition Debris Landfill —
Circuit Court Denial of Bert Harris Inverse Condemnation Claim Affirmed, ERISI-2191.
Circuit Court Issuance of Writ of Mandamus Compelling County Reconsideration of Grant of Permit For Sand Mine Reversed, ERISI-2192.
Circuit Court Nonfinal Order Reinstated a Quick-Take Order —
Reversed & Remanded Due to County Failure to Timely Deposit Its Good Faith Estimate, ERISI-2193.
Circuit Court Temporary Injunction Requiring Removal of 130′ High Radio Broadcast Tower & Order to Cease & Desist Operations Affirmed, ERISI-2194.
Ordinance Restricting Manufactured Housing Within Residential Areas —
Circuit Court Invalidation of Ordinance Affirmed, ERISI-2195.
Circuit Court Reversal of County Grant of a Variance to Permit Pool Within 15 Feet of Canal, ERISI-2196.
Motion to Recall Mandate & Leave to File Motion For Certification Denied: Pinecrest Lakes Inc. & Villas At Pinecrest Lakes Limited Partnership v. Shibel, ERISI-2197.
Challenge to Design Review Ordinance —
Circuit Court Denies Certiorari Review, ERISI-2198.
Circuit Court Summary Judgment In Favor of City In Inverse Condemnation Suit Reversed, ERISI-2199.
City Denial of Application For Comprehensive Plan Amendments & Rezoning —
Circuit Court Grant of Applicant’s Motion to Abate Quashed/Denial of City Motion to Dismiss Reversed, ERISI-2200.
Code Enforcement Bd. Violation —
Circuit Court Reverses Citation of Club For Violation of Noise Ordinance, ERISI-2201.
County Court Dismisses Information Charging Violation of Ordinance Banning Street Performances & Art Vending In Most Areas —
Trial Court Finding That the Ordinance Was Violative of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution As Overbroad Affirmed, ERISI-2202.
Denial of Application to Split a Lot —
Circuit Court Quashes Denial, ERISI-2203.
Unsafe Structures Bd. Orders Immediate Demolition of Historic Building —
Circuit Court Vacates Order to Allow Historic Preservation Review, ERISI-2204.
Order Overturning Historic Preservation Bd. Order Prohibiting Pressure Cleaning of Roof Affirmed, ERISI-2205.
Circuit Court Affirms Variance to Permit a Package Liquor Store Near Church or School, ERISI-2206.
Circuit Court Enjoins Referendum On Charter Amendment Limiting Building Densities & Heights, ERISI-2207.
Challenge to Approval of Major Use Special Permit For a 14-Story Twin-Tower Residential Project —
Circuit Court Denies Petition For Writ of Certiorari, ERISI-2208.
Challenge to Circuit Court Action On Challenge to Approval of High Rise Condo That Was Allegedly Untimely —
Writ of Prohibition Denied, ERISI-2209.
Challenge to Denial of Special Use Permit For Mixed Use Project —
Circuit Court Reverses & Remands, ERISI-2210.
Challenge to Grant of Major Special Use Permit For Mixed Use Development —
Circuit Court Affirms, ERISI-2211.
Challenge to Grant of Special Use Permit & Variance — Third Party —
Circuit Court Upholds Special Use Permit But Quashes the Variance, ERISI-2212.
Circuit Court Denial of Mandamus Petition to Cancel a Building Permit Affirmed, ERISI-2213.
Circuit Court Order On Motion For Rehearing: Jerin Assoc. v. City of Miami, et al., ERISI-2214.
Circuit Court Vacates Large Settlement In Class Action Challenging Fire Rescue Special Assessment —
Plaintiffs & Class Counsel Found to Have Breached Fiduciary Duties, ERISI-2215.
Code Enforcement Board —
Adult Entertainment Establishment — Citation For Operating Without Valid Certificate of Use Reversed, ERISI-2216.
Billboards In Prohibited Area — Citation Quashed, ERISI-2217.
Citation For Completing Fence Without a Permit Affirmed, ERISI-2218.
Code Enforcement Special Masters Found Not Properly Appointed By Ordinance, ERISI-2219.
Completion of Work Without a Permit, ERISI-2220.
Fine Imposed For Removal of Trees Without a Permit Remanded For Lack of Fact Findings and Conclusions of Law, ERISI-2221.
Illegal Conversion of Duplex Into Triplex Without Permit — Order Quashed/Remanded, ERISI-2222.
Major Special Use Permit —
Circuit Court Affirms After Remand For Additional Fact Findings, ERISI-2223.
Circuit Court Denial of Third Party Challenge to Grant of Quashed, ERISI-2224.
Mixed Use Permit —
Circuit Reverses Grant of Permit After Third Party Challenge, ERISI-2225.
Multi-Use Towers On Watson Island —
Circuit Court Affirms City Approval Over Third Party Protest, ERISI-2226.
Residential Project —
Circuit Court Affirmance of Grant of Permit Affirmed, ERISI-2227.
Twelve (12) – Fourteen (14) Story Mixed Use Development —
Circuit Court Reverses City Approval In Third Party Challenge, ERISI-2228.
Twenty-Seven (27) Story Condominium Building —
City Grant of Affirmed, ERISI-2229.
Order On Remand From Third D.C.A.: Hernandez-Canton, et al. v. Miami, ERISI-2230.
Ordinance Challenged As Inconsistent With the Local Comprehensive Plan —
Small Scale Plan Amendment Along Miami River — City Approval Reversed, ERISI-2231.
Substitute Order On Motion For Rehearing: Morningside Civic, et al. v. City of Miami, et al., ERISI-2232.
Variance Board Decisions —
Special Use Permit — Residential Development — Circuit Court Reverses, ERISI-2233.
Zoning Bd. —
Grant of Zoning Approval For a Development —
Morningside Civic Ass’n Inc. v. City of Miami — Prior Opinion Found Misinterpreted & Decision Reversed & Remanded (Again), ERISI-2234.
Rezoning — Mixed-Use Retail & Residential Condo —
Circuit Court Dismissal of Challenge From a Nearby Professional Association Reversed, ERISI-2235.
Rezoning of a Portion of the Mercy Hospital Complex — Major Special Use Permit — Residential Development —
Circuit Court Reversed After Third Party Challenge, ERISI-2236.
Circuit Court Dismissed a Breach of Contract Suit Assailing the City’s Refusal to Pay For Water & Sewer Line Extensions —
Reversed & Remanded, ERISI-2237.
Circuit Court Affirms Denial of Variance to Allow a Blue Roof On An International House of Pancakes (IHOP) Restaurant, ERISI-2238.
Area of Critical State Concern Designation —
History Behind & Implications of Examined, ERISI-2239.
Circuit Court Affirms Code Enforcement Citation For Unpermitted Septic System, ERISI-2240.
Circuit Court Dismissal of Inverse Condemnation Suit As Barred By the Statute of Limitations Affirmed, ERISI-2241.
Circuit Court Dismissal of Inverse Condemnation Suit Assailing Local Zoning —
Challenge to Rate of Growth Ordinance Found Barred By Statute of Limitations, ERISI-2242.
Circuit Court Finding of a Vested Right to Development of a Single Family Home Reversed, ERISI-2243.
Comprehensive Plan Amendments —
DOAH Finding of Proposed Rule Validity Affirmed, ERISI-2244.
Rate of Growth Ordinance —
Circuit Court Dismisses Appeal of Building Permit Denial As Moot —
Building Permit Conditionally Approved Upon Issuance of Coordination Letter From U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, ERISI-2245.
Vacation Rental Ordinance —
Purpose of Examined, ERISI-2246.
Vacational Rental Defined, ERISI-2247.
Vested Rights Determination —
Four (4) Part Test For, ERISI-2248.
Mere Purchase of Land Without More Does Not Create, ERISI-2249.
Recordation Alone Is Insufficient to Establish Vested Rights, ERISI-2250.
Theory Behind Discussed, ERISI-2251.
Challenge to Slow Speed Boat Zone —
Fish & Wildlife Conservation Comm. (FWCC) Delegation of Final Order Authority to Its Executive Director Found Improper, ERISI-2252.
Circuit Court Dismissal of Challenge to Development Agreement As Inconsistent With the Comprehensive Plan Reversed, ERISI-2253.
Circuit Court Entered Summary Judgment Against City After It Imposed An FAA Approved Ban On Certain Aircraft Seeking to Use the Airport —
Appellate Court Affirms the Denial of a Permanent Injunction, ERISI-2254.
Circuit Court Quashes Code Enforcement Bd. Citation For Trash & Debris On Property, ERISI-2255.
Challenge to Grant of Zoning Variance — Mixed Use Development — Variance Quashed, ERISI-2256.
Challenge to Rezoning & Site Plan Approval —
Circuit Court Quashes Action For Failure to Comply With Essential Requirements of Law, ERISI-2257.
Challenge to Rezoning From Intensive Business Dist. to PUD — Third Party —
Certiorari Granted/Rezoning Quashed, ERISI-2258.
Circuit Court Quashes Rezoning of Property —
From Intensive Business Dist. to Planned Unit Development —
Motion For Rehearing Denied, ERISI-2259.
City Challenge to Adverse Circuit Court Award of Attorney’s Fees In Inverse Condemnation Suit — Affirmed & Reversed In Part, ERISI-2260.
On Motion For Rehearing: Marina Grande North Miami Beach, LLC, et al. v. Fortuna Smukler, et al., ERISI-2261.
Code Enforcement Citation For Improper Reroofing of a Building —
Circuit Court Reverses Due to Departures From Essential Requirements of Law, ERISI-2262.
Zoning Variances —
Circuit Court Quashes In Part — Religious Sign, ERISI-2263.
Notice of Violation/Order For Corrective Action —
Repair of Failed Spillway & Dam — Surface Water Management System, ERISI-2264.