Cease & Desist Action —
Requisite Proof — Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_II-0480-001.
Comptroller —
Abandoned Property (See Div. of Finance)
Abandoned Property — Bank Account — Entitlement to Found, IAS_II-0481-001.
Bank Application to Organize “Successor Institution” For Merger With Predecessor Institution, IAS_II-0482-001.
Div. of Accounting (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS) —
Lottery Prize Withheld to Satisfy HRS Child Support Claim, IAS_II-0483-003.
Div. of Banking (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS) —
Application to Acquire Control of Bank, IAS_II-0484-001.
Bank Officer —
Exoneration On Administrative Complaint — Immaterial to Parallel Civil Suit, IAS_II-0485-001.
Dept. Denial of Renewal of Bank License Reversed As Improper Emergency Action, IAS_II-0486-001.
Div. of Banking — Orders of General Application —
Commercial — State Chartered —
Statewide Branching Authorized To Extent Allowed By Federal Law, IAS_II-0487-001.
Florida Chartered Saving & Loan Assoc. Granted Expanded Powers With Respect to Demand Deposits In Conformity With Changes to Federal Provisions, IAS_II-0488-001.
Savings & Loan — State Chartered —
Advertising — Requisite Titles, IAS_II-0489-001.
Consolidation of Savings & Loans Allowed to Extent Permitted Under Federal Law, IAS_II-0490-001.
Corporate Titles — Requisite Language, IAS_II-0491-001.
Investment In Below Investment Grade Corporate Obligations, IAS_II-0492-001.
Trust Companies — State Chartered —
Branching — Purpose For Allowing Explored, IAS_II-0493-001.
Statewide Branching Allowed to Extent Allowed By Federal Law, IAS_II-0494-001.
Trust Companies Are Not Depository Institutions, IAS_II-0495-001.
Div. of Finance (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS) —
Abandoned Property —
Claim Denied, IAS_II-0496-001.
Claim Granted, IAS_II-0497-001.
Disclaimers Discussed, IAS_II-0498-001.
Failure to Report & Pay Over Proceeds of Uncashed Check — Hospital, IAS_II-0499-002.
Fla. Deposition of Unclaimed Property Act (§717) Examined, IAS_II-0500-001.
Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence Defined, IAS_II-0501-002.
Uncashed Check Is Abandoned Property, IAS_II-0502-001.
Unclaimed Defined, IAS_II-0503-001.
Credit Repair Service —
Failure to Comply With Agency Subpoena, IAS_II-0504-001.
Failure to Establish a Trust Account, IAS_II-0505-002.
Failure to Obtain Requisite Bond, IAS_II-0506-001.
Failure to Obtain Requisite Signed Contract, IAS_II-0507-001.
Failure to Provide Members With Requisite Information, IAS_II-0508-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_II-0509-001.
Operating Without a License, IAS_II-0510-002.
Real Estate Brokers Not Exempt Under §817.001(2)(b)(5), IAS_II-0511-001.
Refusal to Cooperate In Agency Investigation, IAS_II-0512-001.
Statutory Definition of Examined, IAS_II-0513-001.
Unlicensed Operations “Incidental” to Another Business Nonetheless Proscribed, IAS_II-0514-001.
Unlicensed Persons May Be Disciplined, IAS_II-0515-001.
License — Cemetery —
Community — Nonrule Policy Definition of Examined, IAS_II-0516-001.
Grant of Over Intervenor Protest Affirmed, IAS_II-0517-001.
Pertinent Statutory & Rule Criteria For Determining Need Examined, IAS_II-0518-001.
Mortgage Brokerage —
Attorney Exemption From Licensure Examined, IAS_II-0519-001.
Broker Defined, IAS_II-0520-001.
Brokers Are Fiduciaries, IAS_II-0521-001.
Defined, IAS_II-0522-001.
Discount Points Defined, IAS_II-0523-001.
Earned Mortgage Brokerage Fees Can Only Be Based On the Net Proceeds of a Closed Loan, IAS_II-0524-001.
Failure to Disclose Costs to Borrowers, IAS_II-0525-001.
Failure to Have Designated Principal Mortgage Broker, IAS_II-0526-001.
Failure to Pay Broker’s Fee to Employing Company, IAS_II-0527-001.
Increased Penalty Over D.O.A.H. Recommendation Without Sufficient Explanation Reversed, IAS_II-0528-001.
Multiple Businesses Can Be Supervised At One (1) Location, IAS_II-0529-001.
Operating Without a License, IAS_II-0530-001.
Recording of Mortgage Prior to Funds Being Available For Immediate Disbursement, IAS_II-0531-001.
Registration of Money Market Notes, IAS_II-0532-001.
Mortgage Brokerage Guarantee Fund —
Attorney’s Fees & Costs Awarded, IAS_II-0533-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs Not Awarded, IAS_II-0534-002.
Claim Defined, IAS_II-0535-001.
Claim Granted, IAS_II-0536-002.
Mechanics of Examined, IAS_II-0537-001.
Multiple Claims In Excess of Maximum Aggregate Amount, IAS_II-0538-001.
Perfection of a Claim Examined, IAS_II-0539-001.
Petition For Formal Hearing Denied, IAS_II-0540-001.
Procedures For Making a Claim Against, IAS_II-0541-002.
Proration of Aggregate Claims In Excess of Statutory Maximum, IAS_II-0542-002.
Purpose & Mechanics of This Fund Examined, IAS_II-0543-001.
Tenants By the Entirety — Treatment of, IAS_II-0544-001.
Treble Damages Awarded, IAS_II-0545-001.
Retailers — Installment Transactions —
Statutory Framework Examined, IAS_II-0546-001.
Div. of Securities (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS) —
Associated Person Registration —
Circuit Court Injunction From Selling Unregistered Securities Alone Is a Basis For Denial, IAS_II-0547-001.
Complaint to National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), IAS_II-0548-001.
Concealment of Violations, IAS_II-0549-001.
Concealment of a Material Fact, IAS_II-0550-002.
Criminal Conviction, IAS_II-0551-002.
Emergency Cease & Desist Order, IAS_II-0552-001.
Emergency Suspension of License, IAS_II-0553-001.
Failure to Properly Register — Good Faith Belief That One Was Registered Is No Defense, IAS_II-0554-001.
Failure to Properly Register, IAS_II-0555-006.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_II-0556-002.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_II-0557-003.
Lack of Fitness & Trustworthiness, IAS_II-0558-005.
Lack of Harm to Investors Does Not Mitigate the Penalty Per Se, IAS_II-0559-001.
Misrepresentation, IAS_II-0560-001.
Moral Turpitude — Defined, IAS_II-0561-001.
Motion to Stay Suspension of Registration Pending Appellate Review Granted, IAS_II-0562-001.
National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) — Purpose & Functions of Examined, IAS_II-0563-001.
Operating Without Proper Registration, IAS_II-0564-001.
Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_II-0565-001.
Petition For Hearing Dismissed For Failure to Properly Amend Petition, IAS_II-0566-001.
Previous History of Discipline, IAS_II-0567-002.
Reaffiliation, IAS_II-0568-002.
Sale of Unregistered Securities, IAS_II-0569-003.
Scienter or Intent Need Not Be Alleged or Proven to Impose Discipline, IAS_II-0570-001.
Supervisory Responsibilities of Branch Office Managers Examined, IAS_II-0571-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_II-0572-001.
Unauthorized Borrowing of Customer Funds, IAS_II-0573-001.
Unauthorized Purchase & Sale of Securities, IAS_II-0574-001.
Use of House Account to Conceal Unlicensed Trading, IAS_II-0575-001.
Violation of Cease & Desist Order, IAS_II-0576-001.
Violation of Florida Cold Call Rule Regarding Penny Stocks, IAS_II-0577-001.
Dealer Registration —
§517.12 Violation — Intent Need Not Be Proven, IAS_II-0578-001.
Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_II-0579-001.
Branch Offices Must Be Properly Registered, IAS_II-0580-001.
Concealment of Splitting of Commissions, IAS_II-0581-001.
Exemption From Registration Examined, IAS_II-0582-001.
Failure to Conduct Business So As to Provide An Audit Trail, IAS_II-0583-001.
Failure to Maintain Minimum Net Capital Requirements, IAS_II-0584-001.
Failure to Maintain Requisite Statements For Customer Accounts, IAS_II-0585-001.
Failure to Observe Just & Equitable Principles of Trade, IAS_II-0586-001.
Failure to Properly Supervise Employees & Agents, IAS_II-0587-001.
Fraud, IAS_II-0588-001.
Hold Harmless Agreements Between Private Parties Do Not Bind the Div., IAS_II-0589-001.
Operating Without Proper Registration, IAS_II-0590-001.
Permitting Sale of Securities By Unregistered Persons, IAS_II-0591-001.
Sale of High Risk Securities to Investors Not Meeting Suitability Requirements, IAS_II-0592-001.
Sale of Interests In Profits From Litters of Greyhound Racing Dogs, IAS_II-0593-001.
Sale of Options Without a Registered Options Principle In the Office, IAS_II-0594-001.
Sale of Securities From An Unregistered Branch Office, IAS_II-0595-001.
Sale of Securities Marked Up In Excess of 10% of Prevailing Market Price, IAS_II-0596-001.
Sale of Unregistered Securities Is Not Merely a Technical Violation, IAS_II-0597-001.
Sale of Unregistered Securities, IAS_II-0598-003.
Scienter or Intent Need Not Be Proven to Impose Discipline, IAS_II-0599-001.
Three (3) Prong Test For An Investment Contract, IAS_II-0600-001.
Vicarious Liability Strictly Employed, IAS_II-0601-001.
Div. Power to Issue Cease and Desist Orders Examined, IAS_II-0602-001.
Final Order of Default Reversed Since Response Preceded Entry of Default, IAS_II-0603-001.
Legislative History & Purpose of §517 Examined, IAS_II-0604-001.
Mortgage Lending Co. —
Registration of Money Market Notes, IAS_II-0605-001.
Order On Rehearing — Evans, IAS_II-0606-001.
Securities —
Defined, IAS_II-0607-002.
Profits Defined, IAS_II-0608-001.
Three (3) Prong Test For, IAS_II-0609-001.


Immediate (Emergency) Final Order to Destroy Trees Without Compensation, IAS_II-0610-001.


Appeal of Circuit Court Dismissal of Challenge to Denial of Building Permit, IAS_II-0611-001.


Disability Retirement Pension —
Firemen, IAS_II-0612-001.
Local Comprehensive Plan —
Dept. of Community Affairs Denial of Intervenor Challenge to Affirmed, IAS_II-0613-001.
Property Appraisal —
Circuit Court Order Denying Appraiser Challenge to Untimely Protest Reversed, IAS_II-0614-001.


Cigarettes —
Notice to Show Cause —
Purchase From Unauthorized Wholesaler, IAS_II-0615-001.
Div. Finds Violations — Reversed In Part, IAS_II-0616-001.
Hotels & Restaurants —
Div. Has Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_II-0617-001.
Inadequate Equipment & Facilities, IAS_II-0618-001.
Violation of Food Sanitation Regulations, IAS_II-0619-001.
Violation of Local Fire Safety Code, IAS_II-0620-001.
Land Sales —
Circuit Court Refusal to Grant Motion For Contempt to Enforce Rescission of Lot Sales On Behalf of Purchasers Affirmed, IAS_II-0621-001.
Division Lacks Authority to Compel Consummation of Agreement For Rescission Between Purchaser & Developer, IAS_II-0622-001.
Failure to Obtain Requisite Registration Prior to Selling Lots, IAS_II-0623-001.
Plan of Disposition Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-0624-001.
Subdivision Defined, IAS_II-0625-001.
Land Sales — Mobile Home Park (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS) —
§723 Cannot Be Evaded By Unilaterally Deciding After the Fact to Lease Less Than Ten (10) Lots, IAS_II-0626-001.
Applicability of Statutory Amendments to Preexisting Leases, IAS_II-0627-001.
Assessment of Ad Valorem Taxes Without Proper Disclosure, IAS_II-0628-001.
Circuit Court Grants Summary Judgment For Order Enforcing Prior Agency Action, IAS_II-0629-001.
Div. Cannot Administratively Order Refund of Rent Increase — Must Proceed In Circuit Court, IAS_II-0630-001.
Economic Leverage of Park Owners Discussed, IAS_II-0631-001.
Failure to Give Proper Notice of Reduction In Clubhouse Services, IAS_II-0632-001.
Failure to Give Requisite Notice of Rent Increase, IAS_II-0633-001.
Improper Charges For Utility Services, IAS_II-0634-001.
Improper Eviction of Tenants, IAS_II-0635-001.
Mobile Home Park Owner Defined, IAS_II-0636-001.
Order of Restitution Does Not Constitute a “Penalty”, IAS_II-0637-001.
Park Owner Is Imputed Knowledge of Pertinent Statutes & Rules, IAS_II-0638-001.
Pass-Through of Utility Charges, IAS_II-0639-001.
Prospectus —
Amendment of, IAS_II-0640-001.
Delivery Is Not Accomplished By Taping a Prospectus to a Tenant’s Door, IAS_II-0641-001.
Delivery of Found Deficient, IAS_II-0642-001.
Purpose of Examined, IAS_II-0643-004.
Use of Deficient Prospectus, IAS_II-0644-001.
Use of Unapproved Prospectus, IAS_II-0645-001.
Purpose of Florida Mobile Home Act Examined, IAS_II-0646-002.
Refusal to Timely Meet With Homeowners’ Committee After Notice of Lot Rental Increase, IAS_II-0647-001.
Rental Increase — Notice — Deposit Acceptance/Mailbox Rule Discussed, IAS_II-0648-001.
Rental Increase — Prospectus Requirements, IAS_II-0649-002.
Restitution Defined, IAS_II-0650-001.
Pari-Mutuel Wagering —
Declaratory Statement Regarding Payout of Certain Trifecta Pool Reversed, IAS_II-0651-001.
License — Occupational — Veterinarian —
Controlled Substances — Clenbuterol Is a Performance-Enhancing Drug, IAS_II-0652-001.
Controlled Substances — Drug Need Not “Hop a Horse Up” In Order to Be Performance-Enhancing, IAS_II-0653-001.
Controlled Substances — Kept on Pari-Mutuel Premises Without a Prescription, IAS_II-0654-001.
Licensure —
Greyhound Racing Trainer’s — Criminal Conviction — Previous Revocation — Lack of Good Moral Character, IAS_II-0655-001.
Privilege Not a Right, IAS_II-0656-001.
Players’ Association Challenge to Change In Fronton’s Opening & Closing Dates Rejected, IAS_II-0657-001.
Penalty Guidelines Assailed By D.O.A.H. As Having Chilling Effect on Requests For Hearings, IAS_II-0658-001.
Public Lodging Establishments —
Condos Rented For Less Than Thirty (30) Days — Public Lodging License, IAS_II-0659-001.
Failure to Properly Post Room Rates, IAS_II-0660-001.
Highway Advertising Upheld As Misleading As to Rates, IAS_II-0661-001.
Securing Exit Doors In An Open Position, IAS_II-0662-001.
Unsanitary Trash Area, IAS_II-0663-001.
Violation of Fire Safety Code, IAS_II-0664-001.
Restaurants —
Condemnation By Local Health Authority, IAS_II-0665-001.
Dept. Can Impose Fines In Lieu of Suspension, IAS_II-0666-001.
Expiration of License Does Not Divest Div. Jurisdiction, IAS_II-0667-001.
Failure to Have Approved Fire Extinguishers, IAS_II-0668-001.
Failure to Maintain Cooked Food At Proper Temperature, IAS_II-0669-001.
Failure to Maintain Food At Proper Temperature, IAS_II-0670-001.
Improper Storage of Toxic Substances, IAS_II-0671-001.
Improperly Stored Food, IAS_II-0672-002.
Inadequate & Unsafe Facilities, IAS_II-0673-003.
Inadequate Garbage Receptacles, IAS_II-0674-002.
Live Lobster Is Not Food, IAS_II-0675-001.
Not a Professional License — Dept. Has Lesser Burden of Proof, IAS_II-0676-002.
Prompt Corrective Action Does Not Preclude Discipline, IAS_II-0677-001.
Storage of Food Defined, IAS_II-0678-001.
Suspension of License — Recurring Violations — When Appropriate, IAS_II-0679-001.
Unclean & Cluttered Premises, IAS_II-0680-002.
Unclean Food Preparation Area, IAS_II-0681-001.
Unclean Kitchen, IAS_II-0682-001.
Violation of Food Sanitation Regulations, IAS_II-0683-003.


Abuse of Natural Child, IAS_II-0684-001.
Alcohol —
Abuse On & Off Duty, IAS_II-0685-001.
Providing to Students, IAS_II-0686-001.
Application —
Actions Which Form the Basis For Discipline Likewise Warrant Denial of Application, IAS_II-0687-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_II-0688-001.
Criminal Plea, IAS_II-0689-002.
Discipline By Fla. Bar, IAS_II-0690-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_II-0691-001.
Good Moral Character Defined, IAS_II-0692-001.
Grounds For Revocation Are Likewise Grounds For Denial, IAS_II-0693-001.
Lack of Requisite Good Moral Character Does Not Require Moral Turpitude — Proof of Rehabilitation, IAS_II-0694-001.
Moral Turpitude, IAS_II-0695-001.
Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_II-0696-001.
Permanent Bar to Certification Not Authorized, IAS_II-0697-001.
Burden of Proof (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Clear and Convincing Evidence, IAS_II-0698-002.
Preponderance of Evidence Only If Revocation Is Not Sought, IAS_II-0699-001.
Consolidation of Revocation Proceeding With Parallel School Board Employment Termination Proceeding, IAS_II-0700-001.
Controlled Substances —
Possession — Standards Regarding Discipline For Examined, IAS_II-0701-001.
Possession Without Intent to Use, IAS_II-0702-001.
Possession of Marijuana, IAS_II-0703-001.
Criminal Charges —
Possession of Cocaine, IAS_II-0704-001.
Criminal Charges, IAS_II-0705-001.
Criminal Conviction, IAS_II-0706-006.
Criminal Plea —
Driving Under the Influence (DUI) — Is Not Prima Facie Evidence of Moral Turpitude, IAS_II-0707-001.
Not Equivalent to a Conviction, IAS_II-0708-001.
Possession of Cocaine & Cannabis, IAS_II-0709-001.
Possession of Cocaine, IAS_II-0710-001.
Criminal Plea, IAS_II-0711-005.
Excessive & Unreasonable Corporal Punishment —
Balanced Against Duty to Maintain Discipline In Classroom, IAS_II-0712-001.
Reasonable Requisite Physical Force Distinguished, IAS_II-0713-002.
Student Rights Regarding Corporal Punishment Examined, IAS_II-0714-001.
Verbal Abuse From Students Cannot Justify, IAS_II-0715-002.
Excessive & Unreasonable Corporal Punishment, IAS_II-0716-007.
Exploitation of Professional Relationship For Personal Gain, IAS_II-0717-004.
Exploitation of Students, IAS_II-0718-011.
Failure to Protect Student From Condition Harmful to Learning, IAS_II-0719-001.
False Statements On Employment Application, IAS_II-0720-002.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_II-0721-006.
Falsification of Grades, IAS_II-0722-001.
Falsification of Records, IAS_II-0723-001.
Filing a False Report, IAS_II-0724-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_II-0725-002.
Gross Immorality —
Defined, IAS_II-0726-005.
Distinguished From Mere Immorality, IAS_II-0727-001.
Profanity In Classroom, IAS_II-0728-001.
Gross Immorality, IAS_II-0729-045.
Gross Insubordination, IAS_II-0730-001.
Heterosexual Misconduct, IAS_II-0731-002.
Immorality —
Defined, IAS_II-0732-005.
Incompetence, IAS_II-0733-001.
Insubordination —
Gross Insubordination Defined, IAS_II-0734-001.
Gross Insubordination, IAS_II-0735-002.
Insubordination, IAS_II-0736-002.
Intent Found Totally Immaterial, IAS_II-0737-001.
Intentionally Exposing Students to Unnecessary Embarrassment or Disparagement, IAS_II-0738-001.
Misappropriation of School Funds, IAS_II-0739-001.
Misconduct Reducing Effectiveness —
Criminal Plea Found Not to Constitute, IAS_II-0740-001.
Possession of Cocaine Found Not to Constitute, IAS_II-0741-001.
Misconduct Reducing Effectiveness, IAS_II-0742-047.
Moral Turpitude —
Alcohol Abuse Alone Does Not Constitute, IAS_II-0743-001.
Defined, IAS_II-0744-001.
Distinction From Criminal Acts Involving, IAS_II-0745-001.
Moral Turpitude, IAS_II-0746-040.
Pre-Certification Misconduct —
Found Not to Be a Basis For Discipline, IAS_II-0747-001.
Profanity —
Repeated & Pervasive Use Violates Principles of Professional Conduct, IAS_II-0748-001.
Racial Slur, IAS_II-0749-001.
Racial Slurs Against Student, IAS_II-0750-001.
Racially Biased Comments In Classroom, IAS_II-0751-001.
Reprimand From Principal Does Not Preclude Further Discipline By Comm. or School Bd., IAS_II-0752-001.
Resignation From Teaching Position —
Does Not Insulate One Against Comm. Discipline, IAS_II-0753-002.
Does Not Preclude Discipline For Prior Misconduct, IAS_II-0754-001.
Subsequent Misconduct Cannot Be Reached, IAS_II-0755-001.
Sexual Misconduct —
After Student Graduates, IAS_II-0756-001.
Contradictory Testimony Between Accused & Accuser, IAS_II-0757-001.
Criminal Plea, IAS_II-0758-001.
Gross Immorality, IAS_II-0759-002.
Heterosexual Comments to Staff, IAS_II-0760-001.
Heterosexual Comments to Student, IAS_II-0761-013.
Heterosexual Contact With Students, IAS_II-0762-003.
Homosexual Comments to Student, IAS_II-0763-002.
Homosexual Contact With Student, IAS_II-0764-001.
Intimate Note Without More, IAS_II-0765-001.
Physically Threatening Students, IAS_II-0766-001.
Pinching Student’s Leg Improper, IAS_II-0767-001.
Romantic Heterosexual Relationship With Student, IAS_II-0768-005.
Sexual Contact With Student Causes Exposure to Disparagement Per Se, IAS_II-0769-001.
Sexual Contact With Student Is Misconduct Per Se, IAS_II-0770-001.
Teacher Has Duty to Promptly Halt Advances of a Student, IAS_II-0771-001.
Sexual Misconduct, IAS_II-0772-006.
Teacher — Termination —
Burden of Proof Is By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_II-0773-001.
Predetermination Hearing Discussed, IAS_II-0774-001.
Teachers Are Held to a High Standard of Conduct, IAS_II-0775-008.
Unprofessional Conduct, IAS_II-0776-003.
Use of Institutional Privileges For Personal Gain, IAS_II-0777-002.
Violation of Board Rules & Statute, IAS_II-0778-024.
Violation of Code of Ethics Alone Is Not a Basis For Discipline, IAS_II-0779-001.
Willful Neglect of Duties, IAS_II-0780-001.


Amendment of Application (See Also HRS, Dept. of, Certificate of Need (CON), Application) —
Alternative Proposal For Construction Financing Does Not Constitute, IAS_II-0781-001.
Corporate Resolution — Defective — Denied, IAS_II-0782-002.
D.O.A.H. Assails HRS Policy On As Inconsistent, IAS_II-0783-001.
D.O.A.H. Assails HRS Prohibition On As Vague, IAS_II-0784-001.
Estoppel Does Not Arise From Mere Initial HRS Acceptance of, IAS_II-0785-002.
HRS Cannot Waive Impermissible Amendments, IAS_II-0786-001.
Matters Within An Applicant’s Control Cannot Be Amended, IAS_II-0787-002.
New Evidence of Financial Feasibility, IAS_II-0788-001.
Permissible Updating Distinguished From, IAS_II-0789-010.
Permissible Updating Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-0790-002.
Prohibited By Gulf Court Decision —
Decision Fully Explored, IAS_II-0791-001.
Prohibited By Gulf Court Decision, IAS_II-0792-010.
Prohibited, IAS_II-0793-001.
Prohibition On Applicable Absent Comparative Review, IAS_II-0794-001.
Prohibition On Carefully Explored, IAS_II-0795-004.
Prohibition On Inapplicable to Requests For Exemption Since Batching Cycles Are Not Involved, IAS_II-0796-001.
Prohibition On Source of Continuing Controversy, IAS_II-0797-001.
Time Limit For Strictly Construed, IAS_II-0798-001.
Updated Local Health Plan Properly Considered, IAS_II-0799-001.
Updating Allowed to Address New Information In Protracted Case, IAS_II-0800-001.
Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Cannot Be Substituted Midstream, IAS_II-0801-002.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
HRS Finds Entitlement to Deference On Policy Matters, IAS_II-0802-001.
Limited Scope of, IAS_II-0803-001.
Applicant Goes Bankrupt, IAS_II-0804-001.
Applicant Has Duty to Know Applicable Law, IAS_II-0805-001.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof —
By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_II-0806-001.
By Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_II-0807-002.
Establishment of Prima Facie Case Found to Shift Burden to Intervenor, IAS_II-0808-001.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_II-0809-050.
Application (See Also Financial Feasibility; HRS, Dept. of, Certificate of Need (CON))–
Actual Owner or Lessee Must Apply, IAS_II-0810-002.
All Minimum Statutory Criteria Must Be Satisfied, IAS_II-0811-001.
Amendment (See Amendment of Application)
Applicant Must Be the Real Party In Interest, IAS_II-0812-001.
Change In Ownership Midstream — New Owner Substituted, IAS_II-0813-001.
Comparative Review (See Also Comparative Review) —
Entitlement to Examined, IAS_II-0814-001.
Gulf Court Decision Discussed, IAS_II-0815-001.
Nonrule Scoring System Criticized By D.O.A.H., IAS_II-0816-001.
Corporate Resolution —
Defective, IAS_II-0817-001.
Found Deficient, IAS_II-0818-001.
Withstands Intervenor Attack, IAS_II-0819-001.
Cost Overrun Application Entitled to Expedited Review, IAS_II-0820-001.
Expedited Review (See Nursing Home)
Expedited Review — When Proper, IAS_II-0821-001.
Failure to Recite Complete Name Is A Harmless Technical Error, IAS_II-0822-001.
Failure to Reveal Aggregate Total Capital Commitments At Time of Application, IAS_II-0823-001.
Financial Statement — Consolidated Statement Found Inadequate, IAS_II-0824-002.
Financial Statement — Entity In Existence For Less Than One (1) Year, IAS_II-0825-001.
Financial Statement — Reissuance of Found Proper, IAS_II-0826-001.
Financial Statement Must Pertain to Actual Applicant — Not a Subordinate or Parent Organization, IAS_II-0827-004.
Financial Statements — Audited —
Combined Financial Statement Defined, IAS_II-0828-001.
Combined Financial Statement Is Unacceptable, IAS_II-0829-001.
Mandatory Requirement Which Cannot Be Waived, IAS_II-0830-002.
Financing Plan — Requisite Proof In Support of, IAS_II-0831-001.
HRS Can Approve Identifiable Portions, IAS_II-0832-003.
HRS No Longer Approves Identifiable Portions, IAS_II-0833-002.
HRS Refusal to Consider When Deficient Rejected, IAS_II-0834-002.
Incomplete — Bifurcated Hearing Conducted, IAS_II-0835-001.
Incomplete — Consolidated Financial Statement Found Inadequate, IAS_II-0836-001.
Incomplete — Failure to Reveal Aggregate Total Capital Commitments —
Importance of This Information Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-0837-002.
Incomplete — Failure to Reveal Aggregate Total Capital Commitments, IAS_II-0838-002.
Incomplete — Failure to Submit Audited Financial Statements, IAS_II-0839-001.
Incomplete — Prehearing Stipulation Found to Bar Challenge To, IAS_II-0840-001.
Incomplete — Prejudice to Competing Applicants Is Immaterial, IAS_II-0841-001.
Inconsistency With Letter of Intent, IAS_II-0842-002.
Initial HRS Acceptance As Complete Does Not Constitute Approval, IAS_II-0843-008.
Late-Filed — Misinformation From HRS or Local Health Council, IAS_II-0844-001.
Limit to Requisite Detail, IAS_II-0845-002.
Minor Irregularities In Can Be Waived, IAS_II-0846-001.
Nursing Home —
Can Be Alternatively For 60 or 120 Beds, IAS_II-0847-001.
Perfect Compliance With the Myriad Requirements Would Require Rejection of All Applications, IAS_II-0848-001.
Publication of Notice Requirements Discussed & Found Not Satisfied, IAS_II-0849-001.
Refund of Application Fee After Withdrawal of Denied, IAS_II-0850-001.
Signatory to Application Found to Lack Authority, IAS_II-0851-001.
Substantial Compliance Standard In Absence of Rule Amplification of Statutory Mandate, IAS_II-0852-001.
Voluntary Withdrawal of Renders All Issues Moot, IAS_II-0853-001.
Architectural Plans Found Deficient, IAS_II-0854-001.
Batching Cycle —
Challenge to Assignment, IAS_II-0855-001.
Conversion of Hospital to Nursing Home Beds — Choice of Proper Batching Cycle, IAS_II-0856-001.
Failure to Publish Proper Notice of Letter of Intent, IAS_II-0857-001.
Broward County —
Surplus Short Term Psychiatric Beds Noted, IAS_II-0858-001.
CON Authorizes a Facility & Expires When Same Is Constructed, IAS_II-0859-001.
CON Can Be Issued For An Identifiable Portion of a Proposed Project, IAS_II-0860-003.
CON Cannot Be Issued For An Identifiable Portion, IAS_II-0861-002.
CON Is a “License” Within §120.52(1), IAS_II-0862-001.
CON Is a “License” Within §120.52(9), IAS_II-0863-002.
Comparative Review (See Also HRS, Dept. of, Certificate of Need (CON); Nursing Home) —
Accorded, IAS_II-0864-006.
Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_II-0865-001.
Cannot Be Circumvented Procedurally By Stipulation, IAS_II-0866-001.
Competing Facilities —
Adverse Impact On Is a Question of Fact, IAS_II-0867-001.
Criteria Utilized Discussed, IAS_II-0868-002.
D.O.A.H. Criticizes Review of Unestablished Applicants As Not Objective, IAS_II-0869-001.
D.O.A.H. Undertakes Despite Material Defects In Both Applications, IAS_II-0870-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-0871-001.
Each Applicant Can Assail Sufficiency of Competing Applicants’ Applications, IAS_II-0872-001.
Each Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_II-0873-003.
Gulf Court Decision Discussed, IAS_II-0874-001.
HRS Has Duty to Fairly Accord —
Early & Absolute Fixed Need Pool Found Essential, IAS_II-0875-001.
HRS May Act Only As Party Litigant While Any Co-Batched Applications Remain Pending At D.O.A.H., IAS_II-0876-001.
Cannot Expand Scope of Hearing, IAS_II-0877-001.
HRS Finds Authority to Remand to For Clarification of Fact Findings, IAS_II-0878-001.
HRS Lacks Authority to Make Supplemental Findings of Fact, IAS_II-0879-001.
HRS Policies Assailed, IAS_II-0880-002.
HRS Rejects Critical Underpinnings of Recommended Order But Does Not Remand Finding An Adequate Record, IAS_II-0881-001.
Exemption (See Hospital)
Ex Parte Communications (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Proper Until Competing Applicant Deemed Eligible For Comparative Review, IAS_II-0882-001.
Failure to Be Under Continuous Construction (See Also Nursing Home), IAS_II-0883-002.
Failure to Timely Commence Construction (See Also Nursing Home), IAS_II-0884-003.
Financial Feasibility (See Also HRS, Dept. of, Certificate of Need (CON)), Application —
Failure to Demonstrate Authorization From Parent Corp., IAS_II-0885-001.
Found Lacking, IAS_II-0886-001.
Incomplete Statement, IAS_II-0887-001.
Lack of In Either Long or Short Run Is Very Serious, IAS_II-0888-002.
New Evidence Regarding Found to Be An Impermissible Amendment of Application, IAS_II-0889-001.
Pro Forma Income Statement — Adequacy, IAS_II-0890-001.
Provision of Specifics Regarding Not An Impermissible Amendment to the Application, IAS_II-0891-001.
Grandfather Status (See Also HRS, Dept. of, Certificate of Need (CON); LICENSURE) —
Beds Must Have Predated CON Statute, IAS_II-0892-001.
Discontinuance of Service, IAS_II-0893-001.
Found to Be Reasonably Accorded, IAS_II-0894-001.
Free Form HRS Action On Does Not Create a Point of Entry For Intervenors, IAS_II-0895-001.
Neonatal Intensive Care — Rule Construed, IAS_II-0896-001.
Process Governing Examined, IAS_II-0897-001.
Psychiatric — Distinct Unit Requirement, IAS_II-0898-001.
Reacknowledgement of Existing Beds, IAS_II-0899-001.
Strictly Construed Against Party Asserting It, IAS_II-0900-001.
Gulf Court Decision Discussed, IAS_II-0901-012.
Bound By Own Rule, IAS_II-0902-004.
Conducts Bifurcated Hearing By Stipulation In the Face of Allegedly Defective Application, IAS_II-0903-001.
Dept. Free Form Evaluation Is Relevant Evidence, IAS_II-0904-001.
Finds Authority To Change Previous Erroneous Statutory Construction, IAS_II-0905-002.
Has Authority to Relocate Licensed Beds to a New Facility, IAS_II-0906-001.
No Statutory Authority to Regulate Hospital Advertising, IAS_II-0907-001.
Partial Approval of Application Requires Specific Request & Requisite Proof, IAS_II-0908-001.
Review Undertaken From Perspective of Community Need In Order to Hold Down Costs, IAS_II-0909-001.
Will Not Entertain Extensions of Time For Filing Exceptions To D.O.A.H. Recommended Orders Without Certain Notice, IAS_II-0910-001.
HRS CON Manual HRSM 235-1 Found to Be Irrelevant, IAS_II-0911-001.
Health Care Administration (Agency For) —
Importance Of Consistency In Decision-Making As Fundamental Due Process Right, IAS_II-0912-001.
Home Health Agency —
Application — Late-Filed, IAS_II-0913-001.
Application Deemed Withdrawn As Incomplete, IAS_II-0914-001.
Application Found to Be Complete, IAS_II-0915-001.
Balanced Consideration of All Statutory Criteria, IAS_II-0916-001.
Comparative Review, IAS_II-0917-002.
County-Wide Vis District-Wide Review, IAS_II-0918-001.
Expansion Into Other Counties Within District, IAS_II-0919-001.
Failure to Timely File Application With Local Health Council, IAS_II-0920-001.
Incomplete Application — Consolidated Financial Statement Found Inadequate, IAS_II-0921-001.
Incomplete Application — Failure to Reveal Aggregate Total Capital Commitments, IAS_II-0922-001.
Intervenor Protest, IAS_II-0923-003.
Joint Venture With Hospital Need Not Be With Hospital-Owned Agency, IAS_II-0924-001.
Need (See Also Need) —
Methodology — New Rule — Found Inapposite In Instant Case, IAS_II-0925-001.
State Agency Action Report (SAAR) —
Stay Granted Until Parallel Proceeding Regarding Timeliness of Application Is Resolved, IAS_II-0926-001.
Hospice —
Requisite Proof of Need, IAS_II-0927-001.
Hospital (See Also HRS, Dept. of, Certificate of Need (CON) —
Acute Care (See Also Conversion of Acute Care Beds), IAS_II-0928-001.
Addition —
Acute Care, IAS_II-0929-002.
Clinical & Ancillary Services Bldg., IAS_II-0930-002.
Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Beds, IAS_II-0931-001.
Intervenor Protest Rejected, IAS_II-0932-002.
Medical Offices Bldg., IAS_II-0933-001.
Open Heart Surgery Unit, IAS_II-0934-001.
Substantial Change In Health Services Construed, IAS_II-0935-001.
Addition, IAS_II-0936-001.
Cardiac Catheterization Lab —
No Technological Alternative, IAS_II-0937-001.
Outpatient Facilities Have Been Deregulated, IAS_II-0938-001.
Replacement of Existing Equipment, IAS_II-0939-001.
Rule Need Methodology Explored, IAS_II-0940-001.
Cardiac Catheterization Lab, IAS_II-0941-008.
Cardiac Catheterization Lab/Open Heart Surgery, IAS_II-0942-001.
Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Beds, IAS_II-0943-001.
Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Is a Tertiary Service, IAS_II-0944-001.
Conversion — There Is No Authority For Partial Approval, IAS_II-0945-001.
Conversion of Acute Care Beds to Extended Care (ECF) Beds, IAS_II-0946-001.
Conversion of Acute Care to Community Nursing Home Beds, IAS_II-0947-001.
Conversion of Acute Care to Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Beds, IAS_II-0948-001.
Conversion of Acute Care to Psychiatric, IAS_II-0949-001.
Conversion of Acute Care to Skilled Nursing Facility Beds, IAS_II-0950-001.
Conversion of Acute Care to Skilled Nursing Home Beds —
Proper Batching Cycle Examined, IAS_II-0951-001.
Conversion of Medical/Surgical Beds — Preference For to Satisfy New Needs, IAS_II-0952-001.
Conversion of Medical/Surgical Beds to Adult Short-Term Psychiatric, IAS_II-0953-001.
Conversion of Medical/Surgical Beds to Comprehensive Rehabilitation, IAS_II-0954-001.
Conversion of Medical/Surgical Beds to Neonatal I.C.U., IAS_II-0955-003.
Conversion of Medical/Surgical Beds to Short-Term Psychiatric, IAS_II-0956-002.
Conversion of Medical/Surgical Beds to Skilled Nursing Facility Beds, IAS_II-0957-001.
Conversion of Medical/Surgical or Nursing Home Beds to Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation (CMR) Beds, IAS_II-0958-001.
Conversion of Outpatient & Ambulatory Surgical to Osteopathic, IAS_II-0959-001.
Designation of Swing Beds —
Rural Hospital — Exemption, IAS_II-0960-001.
Exemption From CON Review —
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) — Nature of Exemption Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-0961-001.
Institutional Health Services Defined, IAS_II-0962-001.
Nominal Control of a Hospital By An HMO Via A Voting Trust, IAS_II-0963-001.
Tertiary Health Services Defined, IAS_II-0964-001.
Trust Agreements Discussed, IAS_II-0965-001.
Exemption From CON Review, IAS_II-0966-001.
Failure to Timely Commence Construction, IAS_II-0967-001.
Inpatient Radiation Therapy Program —
Capital Expenditure Thresholds Inapplicable, IAS_II-0968-001.
Constitutes “Institutional Health Service”, IAS_II-0969-001.
Letter of Intent Rejected, IAS_II-0970-001.
Need (See Need)
Neonatal Intensive Care —
Challenge to Inventory, IAS_II-0971-001.
Need Methodology Examined, IAS_II-0972-001.
Proper Inventory Discussed, IAS_II-0973-001.
Statutory Definition As Tertiary Care Service, IAS_II-0974-001.
To Be Concentrated In a Few Hospitals, IAS_II-0975-001.
Neonatal Intensive Care, IAS_II-0976-003.
New Office Building, IAS_II-0977-001.
Open Heart Surgical —
Direct Relationship Between Volume & Quality, IAS_II-0978-004.
Need — Averaging of Existing Providers’ Volume Abandoned, IAS_II-0979-003.
Need — Cases Not Procedures Are Counted, IAS_II-0980-002.
Need — Each Existing & Approved Facility Should Have At Least 350 Cases Annually, IAS_II-0981-002.
Need — Not Normal Exception Found Not Satisfied, IAS_II-0982-001.
Need — Rule Methodology — Averaging, IAS_II-0983-001.
Need — Rule Methodology — Carefully Examined, IAS_II-0984-001.
Need Is Not Segregated Between Adult & Pediatric Populations, IAS_II-0985-001.
New Program Should Not Be Approved Until All Existing Programs Are Operating at Capacity, IAS_II-0986-001.
Patient Mortality Generally Improves With Volume, IAS_II-0987-001.
Patient Safety Is a Critical Concern, IAS_II-0988-001.
Quality of Care Important, IAS_II-0989-001.
Single Operating Room Poses Problems, IAS_II-0990-001.
Specialized Procedure Requiring Specialized Equipment & Personnel, IAS_II-0991-001.
Tandem Operation With Suitable Cardiac Catheterization Program Must Be Outlined, IAS_II-0992-001.
Open Heart Surgical, IAS_II-0993-003.
Petition to Extend Validity Period, IAS_II-0994-001.
Psychiatric —
Adolescent, IAS_II-0995-001.
Grandfather Status Denied, IAS_II-0996-001.
Long-Term, IAS_II-0997-001.
Outpatient Treatment or Group Homes Are Not Alternatives to Inpatient Hospitalization, IAS_II-0998-001.
Short-Term Adolescent, IAS_II-0999-001.
Short-Term, IAS_II-1000-004.
Statute Does Not Require Subdivision of Substance Abuse or Psychiatric Beds, IAS_II-1001-001.
Subdivision of Adult & Children/Adolescent Programs Is Rational, IAS_II-1002-001.
Trend Toward Conversion of Long-Term Beds to Short-Term, IAS_II-1003-001.
Psychiatric, IAS_II-1004-004.
Replacement Facility, IAS_II-1005-001.
Satellite Facility, IAS_II-1006-002.
Specialty — Intensive Residential Treatment Program (IRTP) —
Intervenor Dismissed Due to Dissimilarity of Its Services, IAS_II-1007-001.
Specialty — Intensive Residential Treatment Program (IRTP), IAS_II-1008-001.
Tertiary Health Services —
Defined, IAS_II-1009-002.
Existing Providers Are to Be Favored, IAS_II-1010-001.
Indigents —
Accessibility —
Economic, IAS_II-1011-001.
Geographic, IAS_II-1012-001.
Past & Proposed Care For Is Crucial, IAS_II-1013-001.
Intervenors (See Also HRS, Dept. of, Certificate of Need (CON) Intervenors; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) —
Cannot Raise New Issues or Alter Scope of Proceeding, IAS_II-1014-001.
Failure to Comply With Discovery Request, IAS_II-1015-001.
Failure to Utilize Clear Point of Entry, IAS_II-1016-001.
May Raise New Issues, IAS_II-1017-001.
Must Approve Settlement, IAS_II-1018-001.
No Collateral Attacks On Final Orders, IAS_II-1019-001.
Prospective Successor In Interest, IAS_II-1020-001.
Standing —
Affirmative Defense of Applicant That Is Waived If Not Properly Raised, IAS_II-1021-001.
Analyzed As of the Time of Filing of the Initial Petition, IAS_II-1022-001.
Applicant Found to Have Waived Right to Challenge – By Stipulation, IAS_II-1023-001.
Cannot Be Based On Mere Suspicion That Scope of CON Will Be Exceeded, IAS_II-1024-001.
Cannot Challenge Comparative Review of Needed Beds, IAS_II-1025-001.
Cannot Challenge Capital Expenditure Projects, IAS_II-1026-001.
Cannot Challenge Comparative Review of Needed Beds, IAS_II-1027-001.
Cannot Challenge Extension of Validity Period, IAS_II-1028-002.
Cannot Challenge Modification of CON, IAS_II-1029-001.
Cannot Challenge Project Subject to CON Solely As a Capital Expenditure, IAS_II-1030-002.
Cannot Challenge Replacement Facility, IAS_II-1031-002.
Cannot Enforce HRS Rules, IAS_II-1032-001.
Challenge to Completeness of an Application, IAS_II-1033-001.
Challenge to Erroneous Inventory, IAS_II-1034-001.
Challenge to Exemption From CON, IAS_II-1035-002.
Challenge to Extension of Validity Period, IAS_II-1036-001.
Challenge to Transfer of CON, IAS_II-1037-002.
Economic Injury Alone, IAS_II-1038-001.
Grandfather Status, IAS_II-1039-001.
HRS Rejects D.O.A.H. Finding of a Time Limit On Applicant Challenge To, IAS_II-1040-001.
Hospital Association, IAS_II-1041-001.
Injury Cannot Be Speculative, IAS_II-1042-001.
Intensive Residential Treatment Programs (IRTP) — Broad, IAS_II-1043-001.
Later Batching Cycle — No Standing, IAS_II-1044-001.
Magnitude of Impact Need Not Be Proven, IAS_II-1045-001.
Must Be Existing Facility With An Established Program, IAS_II-1046-005.
Must Have An Existing Facility – Not Merely a Competing Office Bldg., IAS_II-1047-001.
Must Have An Existing Facility, IAS_II-1048-003.
Substantially Similar Services In Same Area, IAS_II-1049-003.
Threat to Financial Viability Need Not Be Shown, IAS_II-1050-002.
Two-Prong Test, IAS_II-1051-004.
Zone of Interest, IAS_II-1052-001.
Less Costly Care Is Favored, IAS_II-1053-001.
Letter of Intent (See Also HRS, Dept. of, Certificate of Need (CON)) —
Acceptance of Does Not Constitute Approval, IAS_II-1054-002.
CON Application Must Be Consistent With, IAS_II-1055-002.
Deficiencies In Filing Fatal to Application, IAS_II-1056-003.
Failure to Include Requisite Audited Financial Statements, IAS_II-1057-001.
Failure to Provide a Complete List of Capital Projects Carefully Examined, IAS_II-1058-001.
Failure to Publish Proper Notice of, IAS_II-1059-001.
Proper Corporate Resolution Is Mandatory, IAS_II-1060-001.
Publication of Notice Requirements Are Mandatory & Cannot Be Waived, IAS_II-1061-001.
Resolution of Proper Board of Directors Is Mandatory, IAS_II-1062-002.
Statutory Requirements Are Mandatory & Require Strict Compliance, IAS_II-1063-001.
Local Health Council —
Failure to Timely File Application With, IAS_II-1064-001.
Local Health Plan —
Consistency With a Significant Consideration, IAS_II-1065-002.
Must Be Considered Even If Not Adopted As Rules, IAS_II-1066-001.
Must Be Considered, IAS_II-1067-005.
Need Not Be Promulgated As a Rule to Be Considered, IAS_II-1068-001.
Updated Plan Properly Considered, IAS_II-1069-001.
Need (See Also HRS, Dept. of, Certificate of Need (CON)); Home Health Agency; Hospital, Open Heart Surgical; Nursing Home) —
Adjacent Service Areas Considered, IAS_II-1070-001.
Analysis of Intracounty Pattern Found Not to Constitute Improper Subdistrict Need Analysis (Broward County), IAS_II-1071-001.
Available Resources In Adjoining Service District May Be Considered, IAS_II-1072-001.
Average Occupancy Rate — Determination of Examined, IAS_II-1073-001.
Balanced Consideration of All Statutory & Rule Criteria, IAS_II-1074-046.
Balanced Consideration of Statutory & Rule Criteria —
Failure to Satisfy One or More Criteria Not Fatal, IAS_II-1075-001.
Single Negative Finding (Financial Feasibility) Can Be Fatal, IAS_II-1076-001.
Capacity of Existing Providers Alone Is Not Dispositive, IAS_II-1077-001.
Current Population Data —
Data At Time of Application Used Except For Licensed Beds, IAS_II-1078-001.
Existing & Approved Beds Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-1079-001.
Existing & Approved Beds Include Those Formerly Subject to a Challenge Voluntarily Dismissed, IAS_II-1080-001.
Existing Beds — HRS Attempts to Make Sure All Are Actually In Service, IAS_II-1081-001.
Existing Beds — HRS Counts Previously Approved & Licensed Beds Whether Actually In Service or Not, IAS_II-1082-001.
Existing Beds — Hospital May Not Unilaterally Reduce, IAS_II-1083-001.
Existing Beds Distinguished From Operational Beds, IAS_II-1084-001.
Fixed Pool of Beds —
Demonstration of Erroneous Inventory, IAS_II-1085-001.
Errors In Cannot Be Changed After Grace Period Expires, IAS_II-1086-001.
Established At Time of Publication, IAS_II-1087-002.
HRS Policy On Correcting Errors, IAS_II-1088-003.
HRS Will Not Amend, IAS_II-1089-001.
Intervenor Has Standing to Challenge Erroneous Inventory, IAS_II-1090-001.
Out of Ordinary Circumstances Not Considered, IAS_II-1091-001.
Transfer of or Addition to House Already Approved Beds Does Not Alter, IAS_II-1092-001.
Two (2) Bed Excess of Proposal Is Not “Close Enough”, IAS_II-1093-001.
Zero Need Pool Not Alone Fatal to Application, IAS_II-1094-001.
Hospital — Need Methodologies Explored, IAS_II-1095-001.
Local Health Plan Must Be Considered, IAS_II-1096-005.
Numeric Need Alone Insufficient, IAS_II-1097-001.
Open Heart Surgical Hospital (See Hospital, Open Heart Surgical, Need)
Out-migration From District Need Not Be Considered, IAS_II-1098-001.
Out-migration From District, IAS_II-1099-001.
Population Estimates — Updating Disallowed, IAS_II-1100-001.
Psychiatric Treatment In Acute Care Beds Not Counted, IAS_II-1101-001.
Rule Methodology —
Amendment Subsequent to Date of Application, IAS_II-1102-001.
Application of Rule 10-5.008(2)(a) Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1103-001.
Choice Among Reasonable Ways to Assess Need Is Clearly One For HRS to Make Through Rulemaking, IAS_II-1104-001.
Determination of Need In Absence of, IAS_II-1105-001.
HRS Is Bound By, IAS_II-1106-001.
Hospital — Methodology Explored, IAS_II-1107-001.
Invalidated By Appellate Court — Remand to D.O.A.H., IAS_II-1108-001.
Invalidated In §120.56 Challenge & Appealed By HRS, IAS_II-1109-001.
Not Normal Exception — Access Difficulties, IAS_II-1110-001.
Not Normal Exception — Four (4) Part Test, IAS_II-1111-001.
Not Normal Exception — Tourist Demand For Care, IAS_II-1112-001.
Not Normal Exception Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1113-001.
Not Normal Exception, IAS_II-1114-008.
Numeric Need — Beds In Excess of Are Not to Be Granted, IAS_II-1115-002.
Numeric Need — Rule Methodology Must Be Utilized, IAS_II-1116-001.
Numeric Need Alone Insufficient, IAS_II-1117-010.
Numeric Need Is a Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-1118-002.
Use of Statistical Analysis to Prove Case Found Proper, IAS_II-1119-001.
Utilization Rates —
Projected — Low Actual Utilization Rates — Inference, IAS_II-1120-001.
Weight to Be Accorded Various Criteria Varies On a Case By Case Basis, IAS_II-1121-033.
Nonrule Policy (See Also HRS, Dept. of, Certificate of Need (CON); PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Nonrule Policy) —
Ad Hoc Incipient Policy Assailed By DOAH, IAS_II-1122-001.
Burden of HRS When Relying On, IAS_II-1123-003.
HRS Interpretation of Its Own Rule As, IAS_II-1124-001.
Notice of Intent to Utilize Not Required, IAS_II-1125-003.
Utilization of Despite Invalidation of Rule Embodying Underlying Policy, IAS_II-1126-001.
Nursing Home (See Also HRS, Dept. of, Certificate of Need (CON)) —
Addition to Existing Facility More Cost-Effective Than New Facility, IAS_II-1127-002.
Addition, IAS_II-1128-002.
Additional Beds —
Skilled, IAS_II-1129-001.
Additional Beds, IAS_II-1130-004.
Alzheimer Patients —
Special Needs of Explored, IAS_II-1131-001.
Application — 120 Beds Found to Be Optimal Size, IAS_II-1132-001.
Application — Sixty (60) Beds Are An Identifiable Portion, IAS_II-1133-001.
Application Can Be Alternatively For 60 or 120 Beds, IAS_II-1134-001.
Authorized Beds Must Be Built In the Specified Subdistrict, IAS_II-1135-001.
Batching Cycle — Challenge to Assignment, IAS_II-1136-001.
Change In Licensed Capacity — Comparative Review Required, IAS_II-1137-001.
Community —
Additional Beds, IAS_II-1138-001.
Alzheimer Patients, IAS_II-1139-001.
Community, IAS_II-1140-008.
Comparative Review, IAS_II-1141-017.
Construction Costs —
Difficult to Analyze Without Floor Plans, IAS_II-1142-001.
Conversion of Acute Care Hospital Beds to Skilled Nursing Home Beds, IAS_II-1143-003.
Conversion of Acute Care to Skilled Nursing Home Beds — Proper Batching Cycle Examined, IAS_II-1144-001.
Conversion of Adult Congregate Living Facility Beds to Nursing Home Beds, IAS_II-1145-001.
Conversion of Hospital’s Acute Care Beds to Community Nursing Home Beds, IAS_II-1146-001.
Conversion of Medical/Surgical Beds to Skilled Nursing Facility Beds, IAS_II-1147-001.
Conversion of Sheltered to Community Beds Is Permissible, IAS_II-1148-001.
Conversion of Sheltered to Community, IAS_II-1149-001.
Cost Overrun, IAS_II-1150-001.
Expedited Review —
Availability of Examined, IAS_II-1151-001.
D.O.A.H. Cannot Expand Scope of Hearing On HRS Denial of, IAS_II-1152-001.
Denied, IAS_II-1153-002.
Will Not Be Allowed To Circumvent Comparative Batched Review, IAS_II-1154-001.
Expedited Review, IAS_II-1155-001.
Failure to Be Under Continuous Construction (See Also Failure to Be Under Continuous Construction), IAS_II-1156-001.
Failure to Timely Commence Construction (See Also Failure to Timely Commence Construction) —
Commence Construction Defined, IAS_II-1157-001.
Justifications For, IAS_II-1158-001.
Failure to Timely Commence Construction, IAS_II-1159-001.
Intervenor Protest, IAS_II-1160-010.
Jewish (Kosher), IAS_II-1161-001.
Lack of Medicaid Commitment Alone Can Be Fatal to An Application, IAS_II-1162-001.
Licensed Beds Can Be Relocated to New Facility, IAS_II-1163-001.
Medicaid —
Patients — Access By Important, IAS_II-1164-001.
Proposed Service Out of Proportion to Elderly Poverty Rule, IAS_II-1165-001.
Need (See Also Need) —
Beds In Excess of Numeric Need Not Normally Granted, IAS_II-1166-001.
Current Population Calculated As of Date of Application, IAS_II-1167-001.
Delay In Obtaining Requisite Services Not Equivalent to Denial, IAS_II-1168-001.
Health Quest Statutory Amendment Explored, IAS_II-1169-002.
Inventory of Approved Beds, IAS_II-1170-001.
Inventory of Licensed Beds, IAS_II-1171-001.
Numeric Need Alone Is Insufficient, IAS_II-1172-001.
Nursing Home Census Report & Bed Need Allocation Does Not Create a Fixed Pool, IAS_II-1173-001.
Patient Day Data Best Measure of Occupancy, IAS_II-1174-001.
Rule Need Methodology Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1175-001.
Nonrule Policy Requiring Consistency Between Letter of Intent & Application, IAS_II-1176-001.
Renovation of Existing Facility, IAS_II-1177-001.
Skilled —
Conversion of Hospital Beds to, IAS_II-1178-003.
Skilled, IAS_II-1179-002.
Staffing Levels Crucial to Quality of Care, IAS_II-1180-001.
Statutory Amendment After Application But Before Hearing, IAS_II-1181-001.
Subacute Care Discussed, IAS_II-1182-001.
Transfer of CON (See Also Transfer of CON) —
Distinguished From Combining Two or More CONS, IAS_II-1183-001.
Expedited Review Mandated By Statute, IAS_II-1184-001.
Intervenor Protest Found to Lack Standing, IAS_II-1185-001.
Transfer of Patients to Adjacent Hospital Over Covered Walkway Found Undesirable, IAS_II-1186-001.
Weight to Be Accorded Various Criteria Varies On a Case by Case Basis, IAS_II-1187-001.
Order of Remand —
Fawcett Memorial Hospital, Inc., IAS_II-1188-001.
Osteopathic Hospitals —
Availability of Non-Osteopathic Facilities Is Not Pertinent, IAS_II-1189-001.
Consideration of a Osteopathic Facility Within An Allopathic Hospital Examined, IAS_II-1190-001.
Local & State Health Plans Are Relevant Even Though Osteopathic Facilities Are Not Addressed, IAS_II-1191-001.
Staff Privileges For Osteopathic Physicians In An Allopathic Hospital Is Not An Acceptable Substitute, IAS_II-1192-001.
Subject to the Same Myriad of Requirement Applicable to Allopathic Facilities, IAS_II-1193-001.
Osteopathic vs. Allopathic Psychiatry —
HRS Finds Little Difference, IAS_II-1194-001.
Patient Safety Is a Critical Consideration, IAS_II-1195-001.
Prehearing Proceedings —
HRS Bound by Its Position, IAS_II-1196-001.
Revocation —
Failure to Be Under Continuous Construction, IAS_II-1197-001.
Failure to Timely Commence Construction, IAS_II-1198-001.
HRS Has Burden of Proof, IAS_II-1199-001.
Penal Nature of, IAS_II-1200-001.
Rule Amendment After Application, IAS_II-1201-001.
Statutory Amendment After Application But Before Hearing, IAS_II-1202-001.
Statutory Construction —
HRS Finds Authority to Change Previous Erroneous Interpretation, IAS_II-1203-001.
Stipulation —
Parties Are Bound By, IAS_II-1204-002.
Transfer of CON (See Also Nursing Home) —
Beneficiary of Land Trust/Applicant —
Challenge to Dismissed, IAS_II-1205-001.
Freely Without Constraints, IAS_II-1206-001.
Not While Application For Is Pending, IAS_II-1207-001.
Voluntary Dismissal (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Divests HRS Jurisdiction, IAS_II-1208-001.
Preliminary Agency Action Becomes Final, IAS_II-1209-001.