§460 Applies Consistently to All Licensed Chiropractors, IAS_II-1210-002.
Advertising —
Deliberate Intent to Deceive Is Not An Element of An Administrative Complaint Regarding, IAS_II-1211-001.
Superior Qualifications Cannot Be Touted, IAS_II-1212-001.
Default Licensure —
Bd. Imposition of Discretionary Conditions Challenged, IAS_II-1213-001.
License —
Bd. Permanent Revocation Found Not Statutorily Authorized, IAS_II-1214-001.
Bd. Suspension For Sexual & Unprofessional Misconduct With Patients Reversed, IAS_II-1215-001.
Licensure —
By Endorsement —
Passage of National Exam Is Required, IAS_II-1216-001.
Examination —
Bd. Will Test a Candidate On the Whole Body, IAS_II-1217-001.
Penetration of Patient’s Vagina Without Third Party Oversight —
Not Per Se Improper, IAS_II-1218-001.
Not Prudent Practice, IAS_II-1219-001.
Progress Notes Are a Standard Part of the Responsibility of a Licensed Chiropractor, IAS_II-1220-002.


Beach Resolution —
§161 Explored, IAS_II-1221-001.
Power of City to Require Referendum Prior to Funding of, IAS_II-1222-001.
Building Moratorium —
Appropriate Tool For Implementation of a Comprehensive Plan, IAS_II-1223-001.
Appropriateness of Not Reviewable Under §120, IAS_II-1224-001.
Prohibition On Administration Commission Imposition of Examined & Found Not Pertinent, IAS_II-1225-001.
Valid Regulatory Mechanism Vitally Related to Public Welfare, IAS_II-1226-001.
Building Permit — Challenge to Denial of, IAS_II-1227-001.
Constitutional Challenge to Local Ordinance —
Circuit Court Has Jurisdiction, IAS_II-1228-001.
Election Campaigns —
Order to Fireman to Remove Campaign Sign From Personal Vehicle, IAS_II-1229-001.
Exercise of Police Power Distinguished From Exercise of Power Based On Proprietary Status, IAS_II-1230-001.
Occupational License Tax —
Authority to Impose On DPR-Licensed Professionals Fully Explored, IAS_II-1231-001.
Officials —
Reimbursement of Attorney’s Fees — When Appropriate, IAS_II-1232-001.
Power of State Legislature —
Preemption By State Law Analyzed, IAS_II-1233-001.
Privilege Fee —
Charged to Rental Car Agencies Utilizing Airport Facilities Found Not to Constitute a Tax, IAS_II-1234-001.
Not Limited to Actual Direct Costs, IAS_II-1235-001.


Binding Letter (see Also IAA For Index By County) —
Aggregation Rule — Aggregation of Related Developments Defined, IAS_II-1236-001.
Aggregation Rule — Five (5) Part Test For Unified Plan of Development, IAS_II-1237-001.
Aggregation Rule — Test For Unified Plan of Development, IAS_II-1238-002.
Aggregation Rule Construed, IAS_II-1239-001.
Aggregation Rule Discussed & Found Inapplicable, IAS_II-1240-002.
Air Quality, IAS_II-1241-001.
Airport Extension — Regularly Scheduled Flights Is the Crucial Test, IAS_II-1242-001.
Applicable Thresholds For Determining, IAS_II-1243-009.
Approved Local Comprehensive Plan Utilized, IAS_II-1244-001.
Archaeological Sites — Requisite Protection, IAS_II-1245-001.
Authorization to Commence Construction Defined, IAS_II-1246-001.
Common Ownership — Subsidiaries of Same Parent Corp., IAS_II-1247-001.
Extension of Buildout Date — Presumption of §380.06(19)(c) Regarding Substantial Deviation, IAS_II-1248-001.
Hurricane Shelters — Substantial Impacts Defined, IAS_II-1249-002.
Hurricane Shelters — Substantial Impacts Not Found, IAS_II-1250-002.
Local Partial Approval Insufficient For Application of Pre 7/1/88 Statute, IAS_II-1251-001.
Marina Expansion, IAS_II-1252-001.
Marinas — DNR Preference For Location Near Inlets Noted, IAS_II-1253-001.
Marinas — Sewage Pump Out Not Dept. Concern, IAS_II-1254-001.
Mitigation Plan For Wetlands Destruction, IAS_II-1255-001.
Mitigation Plans — Not Considered In Course of Issuing a Binding Letter, IAS_II-1256-001.
Nature of Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1257-001.
Nondelegation of Legislative Powers Doctrine (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.)), IAS_II-1258-001.
Petroleum Pipeline Is a Transportation Not a Storage Facility, IAS_II-1259-001.
Recreational Vehicle (RV) Developments Considered As Residential Since 6/8/83, IAS_II-1260-001.
Regionally Significant Resources — All Threatened/Endangered & Species of Special Concern, IAS_II-1261-003.
Regionally Significant Resources — Archaeological & Historical Resources, IAS_II-1262-003.
Regionally Significant Resources — Endangered & Threatened Species Identified, IAS_II-1263-001.
Regionally Significant Resources — Manatees, IAS_II-1264-002.
Regionally Significant Resources — Mangrove Wetlands, IAS_II-1265-001.
Regionally Significant Resources — Species of Special Concern & Threatened Species — Manatees, IAS_II-1266-001.
Reliance & Change of Position Prior to 7/1/73, IAS_II-1267-001.
Sharing of Infrastructure Discussed, IAS_II-1268-001.
Substantial Changes Found, IAS_II-1269-001.
Substantial Deviation From Previously Approved Proposal, IAS_II-1270-002.
Substantial Revision After 7/1/89, IAS_II-1271-004.
Transportation — New Criteria For §163 Comprehensive Plan Requirements, IAS_II-1272-001.
Transportation — Regionally Significant Roadways Identified, IAS_II-1273-016.
Transportation — Substantial Impacts Defined, IAS_II-1274-008.
Transportation Analysis– Dept. Conducts In Face of Applicant’s Deficient Study, IAS_II-1275-001.
Vesting of Rights Prior to 7/1/73, IAS_II-1276-001.
Interpretation of Vested Rights Status —
Adjacent Development Found Not to Constitute Expansion of Previously Approved DRI, IAS_II-1277-001.
Airport Facility — FAA Regulation Noted, IAS_II-1278-001.
Hotel & Marina Development, IAS_II-1279-001.
Hotel Developments Prior to 10/1/85, IAS_II-1280-001.
Hotel, IAS_II-1281-001.
Reliance & Change of Position Prior to 7/1/73, IAS_II-1282-003.
Residential Development, IAS_II-1283-001.
Sharing of Infrastructure Discussed, IAS_II-1284-001.
Substantial Changes Subsequent to 7/1/88, IAS_II-1285-002.
Interpretation of Vested Rights Status, IAS_II-1286-001.
Modification to DRI With Vested Rights —
Dept. Will Not Review An Optional Conversion of Land Uses, IAS_II-1287-001.
Development Rights Normally Do Not Vest Absent Local Approval of Specific Uses or Levels or Development, IAS_II-1288-001.
Local Approval Prior to 1/7/89 — Subsequent Substantial Revisions, IAS_II-1289-001.
Potable Water — Substantial Impacts Defined, IAS_II-1290-001.
Regionally Significant Resources — All Threatened/Endangered & Species of Special Concern, IAS_II-1291-001.
Reliance & Change of Position Prior to 7/1/73 — Conveyance of Property Requisite to Local Zoning Approval, IAS_II-1292-001.
Reliance & Change of Position Prior to 7/1/73, IAS_II-1293-002.
Restoration Favored Over Construction of New Buildings, IAS_II-1294-001.
Rezoning — Does Not Constitute Authorization to Commerce Development, IAS_II-1295-001.
State Comprehensive Plan Encourages Functional Mix of Activities In An Urban Area, IAS_II-1296-001.
Substantial Changes — Five (5) Part Test For, IAS_II-1297-001.
Substantial Changes — Test For, IAS_II-1298-003.
Substantial Changes Found, IAS_II-1299-015.
Substantial Changes Not Found, IAS_II-1300-006.
Substantial Revision After 7/1/89, IAS_II-1301-005.
Transportation — New Criteria For §163 Comprehensive Plan Requirements, IAS_II-1302-001.
Transportation — Regionally Significant Roadways Identified, IAS_II-1303-007.
Transportation — Substantial Impacts Defined, IAS_II-1304-005.
Unified Plan of Development Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-1305-001.
Wastewater Treatment Facilities — Substantial Impacts Defined, IAS_II-1306-001.
Modification to DRI With Vested Rights, IAS_II-1307-001.
Rezoning Is Not Sufficient To Vest Development Rights, IAS_II-1308-001.
Community Development Block Grant — Commercial Revitalization —
Challenge to Dept. Hierarchy of Point Standing, IAS_II-1309-001.
A Legislative Process, IAS_II-1310-001.
Administration Comm. Will Not Render Advisory Opinions (See Also ADMINISTRATION Comm., IAS_II-1311-001.
Amendments to —
De Minimus Impacts — Determination of, IAS_II-1312-001.
Involve Same Procedure Governing Original Adoption, IAS_II-1313-001.
Permissible Scope of Is Unlimited, IAS_II-1314-001.
Amendments to, IAS_II-1315-001.
Appellate Review — Interlocutory (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Dept. Obtains Writ of Prohibition Against Circuit Court Review, IAS_II-1316-001.
Cannot Be “Hypothetical”, IAS_II-1317-001.
Cannot Reach Unincorporated Areas Prior to Annexation Without An Interlocal Agreement, IAS_II-1318-001.
Coastal Management — Deficiencies, IAS_II-1319-001.
Concurrency —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-1320-001.
Dept. Nonrule Policy Discussed, IAS_II-1321-001.
Examined, IAS_II-1322-001.
Time Limits For Curing Deficiencies, IAS_II-1323-001.
Conflicts Between Valid Planning Goals —
Resolution of Important Function of Growth Management, IAS_II-1324-001.
Conservation — Deficiencies, IAS_II-1325-001.
Consistency (See Also Internal Inconsistencies) —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-1326-002.
Constitutional or Contractual Issues Are Not Pertinent, IAS_II-1327-001.
Deed Restrictions & Restrictive Covenants Are Ineffective In Implementing a Comprehensive Plan, IAS_II-1328-001.
Default — §163 Does Not Contain Express Default Provisions In the Event of Untimely Dept. Action, IAS_II-1329-001.
Default Approval Is Simply Too Harsh a Sanction For Untimely Dept. Action, IAS_II-1330-001.
Dept. Technical Memorandum Is Not A Rule But Is Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_II-1331-001.
Development of Regional Impact (DRI) — Amendments To —
Time Limit of §163.3184(8)(b) (45 Days) For Dept. Compliance Determination Is Not Jurisdictional, IAS_II-1332-001.
Equitable Estoppel — Common Law Vesting Equivalent To (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE), IAS_II-1333-001.
Financial Feasibility Examined & Found to Relate to Concurrency, IAS_II-1334-001.
Future Land Use — Deficiencies, IAS_II-1335-001.
In Compliance —
Defined, IAS_II-1336-003.
Standards For Determining Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1337-002.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_II-1338-001.
Infrastructure — Deficiencies, IAS_II-1339-001.
Internal Inconsistencies (See Also Consistency) —
Compared & Contrasted With Consistency With Local & State Comprehensive Plans, IAS_II-1340-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-1341-003.
Failure to Reconcile Future Directives With Requisite Factual Basis & Analysis Provided, IAS_II-1342-001.
Minimum Criteria Approach, IAS_II-1343-001.
Nature & Scope of This Analysis Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1344-001.
Standards For Determining Examined, IAS_II-1345-001.
Interplay of Dept. & Administration Comm. Jurisdiction Examined, IAS_II-1346-001.
Intervenor (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) —
Broad Standing Discussed, IAS_II-1347-002.
Burden of Proof — Not Even Fairly Debatable Standard — Is a Heavy One, IAS_II-1348-007.
Burden of Proof — Not Even Fairly Debatable Standard, IAS_II-1349-008.
Legislature Has Expressed a Clear Intent to Open the Process to Public Participation, IAS_II-1350-006.
Matters Not Properly Raised In Petition Cannot Be Reached At Hearing, IAS_II-1351-001.
Notice — Definition of Newspaper of General Circulation, IAS_II-1352-003.
Procedures Regarding Challenges Discussed, IAS_II-1353-001.
Public Participation Requirement Examined & Found to Be Procedural, IAS_II-1354-002.
Standing — Agent of An Association, IAS_II-1355-001.
Standing — Association, IAS_II-1356-001.
Standing — Burden of Proof to Show Standing, IAS_II-1357-001.
Standing — Need Not Be Parties to Original Proceeding to Challenge Amendments, IAS_II-1358-001.
Standing — Not Vitiated By Dept. Finding That Local Plan Is In Compliance, IAS_II-1359-001.
Standing — Owner of Property In Adjacent County, IAS_II-1360-001.
Standing — Property Owners Within Political Boundaries, IAS_II-1361-001.
Standing — Requirement That Objections Be Made During Review & Adoption Proceedings, IAS_II-1362-001.
Standing — Sufficiency & Scope of Objections at Local Level, IAS_II-1363-003.
Standing — Uniquely Survives Settlement Reached By Original Parties Under §163, IAS_II-1364-002.
Land Development Regulations Challenged As Inconsistent With Local Comprehensive Plan —
§163.3213(1) Challenges Examined, IAS_II-1365-001.
§163.3213(8) Petition For Attorney’s Fees Discussed & Denied, IAS_II-1366-001.
Appellate Review — Administration Comm. Review Prerequisite To, IAS_II-1367-001.
Circuit Court Jurisdiction Contrasted With Administrative Challenge, IAS_II-1368-001.
Consistency Determined Against Local Plan As Amended, IAS_II-1369-001.
Implement Defined, IAS_II-1370-001.
Land Development Regulations Distinguished From Zoning Code, IAS_II-1371-001.
Land Development Regulations Need Not Further Each & Every Provision of the Comprehensive Plan, IAS_II-1372-001.
Sanctions — Imposition of Examined, IAS_II-1373-002.
Scope of Proceeding Examined, IAS_II-1374-001.
Standard For Reviewing Claim of Inconsistency Examined, IAS_II-1375-001.
Standing (See Also Intervenor) — Challenge to Local Comprehensive Plan Not a Prerequisite To, IAS_II-1376-001.
Standing — Time Limit For Bringing §163.3213(1) Challenges Examined, IAS_II-1377-001.
Standing of Property Owners Under §163.3213(1) Examined, IAS_II-1378-001.
Statutory Framework Governing Challenges Examined, IAS_II-1379-002.
Local Government Authority to Change the Designation of Parcels Not Previously Noticed, IAS_II-1380-001.
Local Plan Shall Be Judged As a Whole, IAS_II-1381-001.
Local Planning Board’s Informal Free Form Approval of the Plan, IAS_II-1382-001.
Measurable Objectives and Implementing Policies Required, IAS_II-1383-001.
Monroe County (See MONROE COUNTY PLANNING Comm.)
Notice of Adoption of —
Legal Requirements Explored — Newspapers, IAS_II-1384-002.
Purpose of Dept. Review of Local Plans Under §163 Examined, IAS_II-1385-001.
Purpose of Examined, IAS_II-1386-003.
Requisite Data, Studies, etc. In Support of, IAS_II-1387-004.
Requisite Public Participation Examined, IAS_II-1388-002.
Review & Adoption Proceedings Discussed, IAS_II-1389-001.
Roads — Backlogged — Effective Level of Service Standard, IAS_II-1390-001.
Separate Elements of a Local Comprehensive Plan Are Not Susceptible to a Compliance Determination, IAS_II-1391-001.
Specific Exemption Process Is Not Unacceptable Per Se, IAS_II-1392-001.
State Comprehensive Plan Encourages a Functional Mix of Activities Within An Urban Area, IAS_II-1393-001.
Urban Sprawl —
Definition of Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1394-002.
Infill Development/Redevelopment Is the Antithesis of, IAS_II-1395-001.
Nonrule Policy On Found Not to Be An Unpromulgated Rule, IAS_II-1396-001.
Transfer of One Urban Use to Another Does Not Constitute, IAS_II-1397-001.
Undesirable Impacts of Examined, IAS_II-1398-001.
Vague Reference to Future Ordinances Is Not Sufficient, IAS_II-1399-001.
Vested Rights Do Not Exist In the Continuation of Any Zoning or Land Use Scheme, IAS_II-1400-001.
Wetlands Map — U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jurisdictional Determinations, IAS_II-1401-001.
Wetlands Map Assailed As Inadequate, IAS_II-1402-001.
Comprehensive Plan — Broward County — Dept. Finds Failure to Adopt Requisite Regulations —
Dept. Action Found Not Subject to §120 Since Enforcement Would Be Pursued In Circuit Court, IAS_II-1403-001.
Comprehensive Plan — Broward County — Intervenor Challenge to Compliance With §163, IAS_II-1404-002.
Comprehensive Plan — Broward County — Intervenor Challenge to Deficiencies In Implementation of Dismissed, IAS_II-1405-001.
Comprehensive Plan — City of Bradenton — Intervenor Challenge to Compliance With §163, IAS_II-1406-001.
Comprehensive Plan — City of Cocoa Beach — Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_II-1407-002.
Comprehensive Plan — City of Cocoa Beach — Intervenor Challenge, IAS_II-1408-001.
Comprehensive Plan — City of Miami — Intervenor Challenge, IAS_II-1409-001.
Comprehensive Plan — City of Miami Beach — Intervenor Challenge to Compliance With §163, IAS_II-1410-002.
Comprehensive Plan — City of St. Petersburg — Intervenor Challenge to Amendments, IAS_II-1411-001.
Comprehensive Plan — Collier County —
Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_II-1412-001.
Intervenor Challenge to Land Development Regulations Alleged Inconsistency With, IAS_II-1413-001.
Comprehensive Plan — Escambia County — Dept. Finds Plan Not to Be In Compliance, IAS_II-1414-001.
Comprehensive Plan — Jefferson County — Intervenor Challenge to Zoning For Petroleum Storage Facilities, IAS_II-1415-001.
Comprehensive Plan — Lee County — D.O.A.H. Nonfinal Order Declining to Limit Issues Upheld, IAS_II-1416-001.
Comprehensive Plan — Lee County — Intervenor Challenge to Land Development Wellfield Protection Regulation’s Consistency With, IAS_II-1417-001.
Comprehensive Plan — Local Plans Challenged — Sanctions Policy Exhaustively Examined, IAS_II-1418-001.
Comprehensive Plan — Reddington Beach — Intervenor Challenge to Deficiencies Dismissed, IAS_II-1419-001.
Comprehensive Plan — Seminole County — Dept. Challenge to Commercial Designation As Violative of Wekiva River Protection Act, IAS_II-1420-001.
Comprehensive Plan — Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council — Modification to Requirement Regarding Preservation of Native Upland Habitat —
Dept. Challenge Found Not to Be an Order Subject to §120 Challenge, IAS_II-1421-001.
Comprehensive Plan — Volusia County — Intervenor Challenge to Compliance With §163, IAS_II-1422-001.
Declaratory Statements (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS) —
Classification of Districts —
Dependent Special District Defined, IAS_II-1423-001.
Hernando County — Dependent District Classification Challenged Yet Affirmed, IAS_II-1424-001.
Independent Special District Defined, IAS_II-1425-001.
Limitations Contained In Chapter 200 Are Not An Unconstitutional Impairment of the Ad Valorem Taxing Powers of Counties, IAS_II-1426-001.
Special Districts Defined, IAS_II-1427-001.
Dept. Will Not Issue a Premature Statement As to the Validity of Any Partial Analysis of Land Use Requirements Under Rule 9J-5.006, IAS_II-1428-001.
Jacksonville Found to Have Existing Deficiencies In Solid Waste & Roadway Public Facilities, IAS_II-1429-001.
Jurisdiction —
Classification of Special Districts —
Local Zoning & Licensing Boards Distinguished From, IAS_II-1430-001.
Requisite Components of a Special District, IAS_II-1431-001.
Classification of Special Districts As Dependent or Independent, IAS_II-1432-002.
Dept. Cannot Amend Dept. of Administration Rule, IAS_II-1433-001.
None to Resolve Conflicts Between Dependent District Status Determination & Millage Rate Limitations On Property Taxes, IAS_II-1434-003.
Radon-Resistant Building Construction Standards —
Dept. Found to Have Exceeded Its Rulemaking Authority, IAS_II-1435-001.
HRS Jurisdiction Over Examined, IAS_II-1436-001.
Monroe County —
Area of Critical State Concern Designation —
Examined, IAS_II-1437-001.
Road Maintenance & Improvement, IAS_II-1438-001.
Land Use Maps Are Part of Land Development Regulations —
Amendments Require Dept. Approval, IAS_II-1439-001.
Permit —
After-the-Fact — Building Height Restrictions — Decorative Spire, IAS_II-1440-001.
Road —
Dept. Challenges As Contrary to §380, IAS_II-1441-001.
Dept. Prohibition On Improvement of Reversed, IAS_II-1442-001.
Development/Enhancement Distinguished From Maintenance/Improvement, IAS_II-1443-001.
Key Deer Are Properly Classified As An Endangered Species, IAS_II-1444-001.
Maintenance or Improvement Does Not Constitute “Development” Within Dept. Jurisdiction, IAS_II-1445-001.
Notice of Violation —
Development of Subdivision In Franklin County Within Apalachicola Area of Critical State Concern Without Complying With Local Ordinances, IAS_II-1446-001.
Secretary Pelham Removed From Case At His Own Request By Governor, IAS_II-1447-001.
Secretary Pelham’s Appearance As Witness In Case —
Not Proscribed Expressly Yet Found to Be a Questionable Practice, IAS_II-1448-001.
Secretary Pelham’s Dual Role As Expert Witness & Final Arbiter — Supreme Ct. Affirms Reversal, IAS_II-1449-001.
Secretary Pelham’s Dual Role As Expert Witness & Final Arbiter Reversed, IAS_II-1450-001.
Statute —
Construction of Plain Language Need Not Be By Rule, IAS_II-1451-001.
Wekiva River Protection Act —
Construed, IAS_II-1452-001.


No Jurisdiction to Enter Final Order Regarding HRS Withholding Overpayment For Senior Attorney, IAS_II-1453-001.
No Supervisory Authority Over Lawful Appropriations, IAS_II-1454-001.
Refund of Monies Paid Into State Treasury —
Procedure Governing Examined, IAS_II-1455-001.
Refusal to Pay For Court’s Furniture Reversed, IAS_II-1456-001.


Association —
Common Elements — Material Alterations Discussed, IAS_II-1457-001.
Common Expenses Defined, IAS_II-1458-001.
Records —
Unit Owner Right of Access, IAS_II-1459-001.
Responsibility For Maintenance of Common Elements, IAS_II-1460-001.
Responsibility For Maintenance of a Portion of a Unit, IAS_II-1461-001.
Selective Enforcement of Restrictions — Applicability of Estoppel, IAS_II-1462-001.
Turnover Review —
Accrual Method of Accounting Used, IAS_II-1463-001.
Guarantee Period — Developer Pays Difference Between Assessments Receivable From Unit Owners & Expenses Incurred, IAS_II-1464-001.
Turnover of Control to Unit Owners Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1465-001.
Corporations —
May Own Units, IAS_II-1466-001.
Ownership Equivalent to That of Private Person, IAS_II-1467-001.
Developer —
Additional Phase —
Amendment to Declaration of Condominium Must Be Executed, IAS_II-1468-001.
Unit Owner Unanimous Joinder Is Required If Not Provided For In Original Declaration, IAS_II-1469-001.
Licensure — Community Assoc. Manager —
Good Moral Character Lacking, IAS_II-1470-001.
Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_II-1471-001.
Notice to Show Cause —
Div. Finding of Violation Reversed In Part, IAS_II-1472-001.
Div. Finds Authority to Order Developer to Pay Restitution, IAS_II-1473-001.
Div. Finds Authority to Order Developers to Pay Share of Common Expenses, IAS_II-1474-001.
Failure to —
Fully Fund Reserve Accounts, IAS_II-1475-002.
Furnish Financial Report, IAS_II-1476-002.
Hold Meeting, IAS_II-1477-001.
Pay Share of Common Assessments On Developer-Owned Units, IAS_II-1478-001.
Pay Share of Common Assessments, IAS_II-1479-001.
Promulgate Annual Budget, IAS_II-1480-001.
Properly Maintain Records, IAS_II-1481-001.
Properly Make Assessments For Common Expenses, IAS_II-1482-001.
Properly Notice Meeting, IAS_II-1483-001.
Turnover Over Control to Unit Owners, IAS_II-1484-001.
Improper Disbursement of Assessments, IAS_II-1485-001.
Improper Entry Into Purchase Contracts, IAS_II-1486-001.
Improper Expenditure of Working Capital Contributions, IAS_II-1487-001.


Access to Courts —
Appellate Review of Administrative Determination Is Sufficient, IAS_II-1488-001.
Common Law Practice May Be Abolished In Favor of Administrative Resolution, IAS_II-1489-001.
Agencies Cannot Impute Power From Another Agency’s Rules or Statutes, IAS_II-1490-001.
Agencies May Be Delegated Quasi-Judicial But Not Judicial Powers (See also CONSTITUTION (U.S.), Separation of Powers) —
1972 Amendment Authorizes, IAS_II-1491-001.
Citrus Canker — Inverse Condemnation — Administrative Proceeding As Exclusive Mechanism For Determining Compensation, IAS_II-1492-001.
Concurrent Circuit Court Jurisdiction, IAS_II-1493-001.
Legislative Power to Modify Circuit Court Exclusive Jurisdiction —
Concurrent Agency Jurisdiction, IAS_II-1494-001.
Legislature Cannot Create a Court, IAS_II-1495-001.
Agengies (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Agency)
Constitutional Officers —
Governor Can Suspend Any State Officer Not Subject to Impeachment, IAS_II-1496-001.
School Board Members Are, IAS_II-1497-001.
Due Process (See Also CONSTITUTION (U.S.)) —
Combination of Fact Finding & Judicial Functions In Same Office, IAS_II-1498-001.
Impartial Decision-Maker Is Fundamental, IAS_II-1499-001.
Environmental & Wildlife Protection — Constitutional Mandate Explored, IAS_II-1500-001.
Equal Protection Clause (See Also CONSTITUTION, U.S.) —
Federal Rational Basis Test Is Applicable, IAS_II-1501-001.
HRS Attempt to Assess Parent Costs For Incarceration of Juvenile Delinquent, IAS_II-1502-001.
Workmans’ Comp. — Disparity In Benefits For Nonresident Aliens, IAS_II-1503-001.
Ex Post Facto Law (See Also CONSTITUTION (U.S.); STATUTES, Retroactive Application) —
Can Be Violated Even By Retroactive Diminishment of Access to a Purely Discretionary or Conditional Advantage, IAS_II-1504-001.
Corrections — Gain Time Modifications, IAS_II-1505-003.
Retroactive Application of Penal Statute, IAS_II-1506-004.
Statute Pertaining to Executive Clemency, IAS_II-1507-001.
Two (2) Part Test For, IAS_II-1508-002.
Free Public School Mandate Carefully Explored, IAS_II-1509-001.
Accepted Method of Paying For Public Improvements to Serve New Growth, IAS_II-1510-001.
Dual Rational Nexus Test Examined, IAS_II-1511-001.
Irrebuttable Presumption (See Presumptions).
Judicial Branch Is Equal to Executive & Legislative Branches, IAS_II-1512-001.
Judicial Branch Is Not An Agency, IAS_II-1513-001.
Nondelegation of Legislative Power —
Administration Comm. — Sanctions Policies — Local Comprehensive Plan, IAS_II-1514-001.
Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan — Dept. of Insurance, IAS_II-1515-002.
DRI Review, IAS_II-1516-002.
Difficulty In Addressing Fluid Situations By Statute, IAS_II-1517-001.
Explored, IAS_II-1518-001.
Issue of Is Beyond the Scope of §120.57 Proceeding, IAS_II-1519-001.
Parens Patriae Is Not a Ground For Exceeding Delegated Statutory Authority, IAS_II-1520-001.
Test For Unlawful Delegation Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1521-003.
Police Power — State of Fla. —
Extends to Airspace Above Florida Boundaries, IAS_II-1522-001.
Power to Do Something Necessarily Includes Discretion Over Exercise of the Power, IAS_II-1523-001.
Regulation of Matters Within Public Interest — Federal Preemption, IAS_II-1524-001.
Presumptions —
Agencies Are Without Power to Formulate Evidentiary Presumptions, IAS_II-1525-007.
Agency Found to Have Improperly Created Conclusive Presumption, IAS_II-1526-001.
Arise Only By Statute or Judicial Decision, IAS_II-1527-002.
Child Abuse — HRS Nonrule Policy — Disfigurement, IAS_II-1528-002.
Conclusive —
Violate Due Process If They Cannot Be Rebutted In a Fair Manner, IAS_II-1529-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-1530-001.
HRS Disqualification From Positions of Special Trust — Struck Down, IAS_II-1531-001.
Irrebuttable (See Conclusive)
Large & Real Administrative Problems Alone Cannot Justify An Unauthorized Presumption, IAS_II-1532-001.
Methods of Overcoming Examined, IAS_II-1533-001.
Rebuttable —
Requisite Rebuttability, IAS_II-1534-001.
Those Which Shift Burden of Proof Express Social Policies, IAS_II-1535-001.
Two (2) Types of Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-1536-001.
Vis Conclusive Presumptions, IAS_II-1537-001.
Rebuttable, IAS_II-1538-002.
Two (2) Prong Test For Constitutionality of, IAS_II-1539-001.
Privilege Against Self-Incrimination (See CONSTITUTION (U.S.))
Privileges & Immunities Clause (See CONSTITUTION (U.S.))
Public Access to Administrative & Judicial Proceedings —
Civil & Criminal Proceedings In Florida Are “Public Events, IAS_II-1540-001.
D.O.A.H. Baker Act Hearing, IAS_II-1541-001.
Right of Privacy Examined, IAS_II-1542-001.
Right to a Jury Trial —
Condemnation Suit, IAS_II-1543-001.
Determined According to Dictates of Common Law, IAS_II-1544-001.
Inverse Condemnation Suit, IAS_II-1545-001.
Severability of Voided Clauses of Local Ordinance Examined, IAS_II-1546-001.
Special Districts —
School Board Is Not, IAS_II-1547-001.
Statutes (See Also Ex Post Facto; APPELLATE REVIEW; CONSTITUTION (U.S.); STATUTES, Constitutionality) —
Constitutional Construction Is Obligatory, IAS_II-1548-001.
Constitutional Challenge — Standard Governing Review of, IAS_II-1549-002.
Due Process Challenges Examined, IAS_II-1550-001.
General Vis Special Laws, IAS_II-1551-001.
Local Laws — Requisite Notice of Enabling Enactment, IAS_II-1552-001.
Presumed to Be Constitutional, IAS_II-1553-002.
Severability of Unconstitutional Portion of a Statute, IAS_II-1554-001.
Single Subject Rule Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1555-002.
Statutory Discrimination —
Alienage — Suspect — Heightened Judicial Scrutiny, IAS_II-1556-001.
Tax Scheme (See Also TAXATION, Constitutional Challenges)
Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan — Dept. of Insurance, IAS_II-1557-001.
Uniform System of Free Public Schools–
Impact Fee For Funding of New Schools Found Violative of, IAS_II-1558-001.


Commerce Clause —
Advertising — Fla. Restrictions On Out-of-State, IAS_II-1559-001.
Incidental Impacts of State Regulation Immaterial, IAS_II-1560-001.
Insurance Premium Retaliatory Tax, IAS_II-1561-001.
Prohibition On Possession of Redfish In Fla. Caught Anywhere With a Purse Seine, IAS_II-1562-001.
Sales Tax On Services — Transportation of Out-of-State Coal, IAS_II-1563-001.
Standards Governing Challenges Under Examined, IAS_II-1564-003.
State Power to Regulate Alcohol Under 21st Amendment Vis, IAS_II-1565-001.
Twenty-First Amendment (Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages) —
Balancing Vis Commerce Clause, IAS_II-1566-001.
Discrimination — Alienage Is Suspect, IAS_II-1567-001.
Double Jeopardy —
Administrative Sanctions Are Remedial Not Punitive Thus Do Not Constitute In Regard to Parallel Criminal Sanctions, IAS_II-1568-001.
Due Process (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.)) —
Consistency In Agency Decision-Making a Fundamental Aspect of, IAS_II-1569-001.
Right to Fair Hearing Prior to Deprivation of Property or Liberty Interest Is Fundamental, IAS_II-1570-001.
Right to Pursue One’s Chosen Career As Both a Property & Liberty Interest, IAS_II-1571-001.
Eminent Domain (See TAKING)
Just & Full Compensation (See TAKING)
Entrapment —
Generally, IAS_II-1572-002.
Sting Operation By Div. of Alcoholic Beverages Found Not to Constitute, IAS_II-1573-001.
Equal Protection Clause —
Residency Requirement For Attorney’s Fees Award Under §57.111 Found to Be Constitutional, IAS_II-1574-001.
Ex Post Facto (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.); STATUTES; Retroactive Application) —
Even Diminishment of a Purely Discretionary or Conditional Advantage Can Constitute, IAS_II-1575-001.
Even the Grace of the Legislature Cannot Be Rescinded Retroactively, IAS_II-1576-001.
Procedural Statute Cannot Violate Even If Retroactive, IAS_II-1577-001.
Procedural/Substantive Distinction Found to Be “Too Simplistic”, IAS_II-1578-001.
Retroactive Application of Penal Statute, IAS_II-1579-002.
Statute Found Not to Violate, IAS_II-1580-002.
Statute Found to Constitute, IAS_II-1581-001.
Statute Found to Violate, IAS_II-1582-001.
Two (2) Part Test For, IAS_II-1583-002.
Fifth Amendment (See Also Entrapment; Privilege Against Self-Incrimination) —
Does Not Limit Zoning Regulation Interference With Property Rights, IAS_II-1584-001.
First Amendment —
Advertising Distinguished From In Person Direct Solicitation, IAS_II-1585-001.
Commercial Speech — Four (4) Part Test For Measuring Restrictions On, IAS_II-1586-001.
Commercial Speech Defined, IAS_II-1587-001.
Fourth Amendment —
Does Not Bar State Investigative Subpoena of Bank Records, IAS_II-1588-001.
Does Not Bar State Investigative Subpoena of Telephone Records, IAS_II-1589-001.
Exclusion of Evidence In Criminal Case Inapplicable to Parallel Administrative Case, IAS_II-1590-003.
Freedom of Press —
Sales Tax on Magazines But Not Newspapers Found Violative of, IAS_II-1591-002.
Strict Scrutiny Test, IAS_II-1592-002.
Impairment of Contract —
Defined, IAS_II-1593-002.
Florida’s Strict View of, IAS_II-1594-001.
Legitimate Exercise of Police Power Cannot Constitute, IAS_II-1595-001.
Parties to a Contract Are Imputed Constructive Knowledge of Police Power to Enact or Modify Pertinent Remedial Statute, IAS_II-1596-001.
Prohibition Against Is Not Absolute, IAS_II-1597-001.
Sales Tax On Services — Contractors — Retroactivity, IAS_II-1598-001.
Taxation of Agreements Which Predate the Tax, IAS_II-1599-001.
Test For, IAS_II-1600-001.
Miranda Warnings —
Not Necessary In Disciplinary Investigation Absent Custodial Interrogation, IAS_II-1601-001.
Privilege Against Self-Incrimination —
Applicability In Administrative Proceeding Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1602-001.
Applicable In Administrative Proceedings, IAS_II-1603-003.
Can Be Relied Upon During Disciplinary Investigation If There Is a Reasonable Fear of Attendant Criminal Prosecution, IAS_II-1604-002.
Can Be Waived, IAS_II-1605-001.
D.O.A.H. Determines Validity of Claim – Not the Licensee — Sanctions For Improper Invocation of, IAS_II-1606-001.
Deposition — Must Be Asserted At Deposition – Not Merely When Introduced Into Evidence, IAS_II-1607-001.
Discovery Order — Jeopardy Tax Assessment, IAS_II-1608-001.
Distinctions Between Applicability to Witnesses and the Respondent, IAS_II-1609-001.
Equivalent to That Enjoyed By Criminal Defendants, IAS_II-1610-001.
Inapplicable If Criminal Statute of Limitations Has Expired, IAS_II-1611-001.
Inapplicable In Administrative Proceedings, IAS_II-1612-002.
Initiation of Civil Suit Waives Privilege As Shield Against Discovery, IAS_II-1613-001.
Licensee Cannot Be Compelled to Testify Against Oneself, IAS_II-1614-001.
Mandatory Questioning By Board Pursuant to Consent Order, IAS_II-1615-001.
Miranda Warnings —
Not Necessary In Disciplinary Investigation Absent Custodial Interrogation, IAS_II-1616-001.
Parallel Proceedings — Operation of Examined, IAS_II-1617-001.
Report Mandated By Statute Found Not to Violate, IAS_II-1618-001.
Silence May Be Considered As Evidentiary Fact, IAS_II-1619-001.
Silence Supports Strong Adverse Inferences, IAS_II-1620-001.
Utilization of Does Not Preclude Exculpatory Testimony, IAS_II-1621-001.
Privileges & Immunities Clause —
Residency Requirement For Attorney’s Fees Award Under §57.111 Found to Be Constitutional, IAS_II-1622-001.
Two (2) Part Test For Residency Requirements, IAS_II-1623-001.
Worker’s Comp. — Disparity In Benefits For Nonresident Aliens, IAS_II-1624-001.
Right to Counsel —
Neglectful Counsel, IAS_II-1625-001.
None In Administrative Proceedings, IAS_II-1626-001.
Separation of Powers —
Courts Cannot Impinge Upon the Discretionary Authority of An Agency Head, IAS_II-1627-001.
Courts Must Zealously Protect, IAS_II-1628-001.
Power to Personally Summon Secretary of HRS to Explain Lack of Funding Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1629-001.
Statutes (See Also Ex Post Facto; APPELLATE REVIEW; CONSTITUTION (Fla.); STATUTES, Constitutionality) —
Found Not to Be Vague, IAS_II-1630-001.
Overbreadth Limited to First Amendment Rights Only, IAS_II-1631-001.
Vagueness Discussed, IAS_II-1632-001.
Supremacy Clause —
Precludes State From Levying a Tax Directly Upon the U.S. Federal Government or Its Instrumentalities, IAS_II-1633-001.
Questions of Federal Preemption Governed By, IAS_II-1634-002.
Taxation (See REVENUE, Dept. of)
Extremely Heavy Burden of Proof On Those Who Bring Constitutional Challenge, IAS_II-1635-001.


Air Conditioner Contractor —
Need Not Personally Inspect Every Home Repair Job Done By Every Technician, IAS_II-1636-001.
Vicarious Liability Examined, IAS_II-1637-001.
D.O.A.H. Penalty —
Bd. Rejection of Reversed, IAS_II-1638-001.
Discipline —
Court Orders Record Reopened For Consideration of Post-Hearing Settlement, IAS_II-1639-001.
Gross Negligence Defined, IAS_II-1640-001.
Negligence Defined, IAS_II-1641-001.
Qualifying Agent —
Defined, IAS_II-1642-001.
Registration of Specialty Categories —
Applicable Statutory Framework Exhaustively Examined, IAS_II-1643-002.
Distinction Between Certification & Mandatory Licensing Examined, IAS_II-1644-001.
Rulemaking Authority of Bd. Regarding, IAS_II-1645-002.
Statutory Amendment Authorizing Bd. to Order Restitution —
Cannot Be Applied Retroactively, IAS_II-1646-001.
Vicarious Liability Examined, IAS_II-1647-001.

CONTRACTS (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests)

Agencies Lack Inherent Authority to Enforce Private Consumer Remedies, IAS_II-1648-001.
Agriculture (See Also AGRICULTURE & CONSUMER SERVICES, Dept. of)
§601.65 Affords Judicial or Administrative Remedies But Not Both, IAS_II-1649-001.
Affirmative Defenses —
Must Relate to the Subject Matter of the Complaint, IAS_II-1650-001.
Annual Report —
Failure to File Does Not Result In Forfeiture of Right to Hearing, IAS_II-1651-001.
Bankruptcy —
Answer to §604.21 Compliant Waives Automatic Stay Provision, IAS_II-1652-001.
Automatic Stay of Proceedings, IAS_II-1653-002.
Bond Is Not Part of the Bankruptcy Estate, IAS_II-1654-001.
Does Not Insulate a Surety, IAS_II-1655-001.
Cabbage —
Failure to Pay, IAS_II-1656-002.
Circuit Court Action Precludes Election of §601.65 Remedies, IAS_II-1657-001.
Citrus —
Failure to Pay, IAS_II-1658-026.
Implied Warranty of Freshness Rejected, IAS_II-1659-001.
One (1) of (29) Loads Underweight, IAS_II-1660-001.
Statutory Deadline For Complaints — Promise to Pay Does Not Extend, IAS_II-1661-001.
Consignments —
Statutory Limitation On Successive Consignments, IAS_II-1662-002.
Cucumbers —
Failure to Pay, IAS_II-1663-001.
Damage —
Oral Price Adjustments, IAS_II-1664-003.
Defenses —
Must Relate to Subject Matter of Complaint, IAS_II-1665-001.
Grass Sod —
Failure to Pay, IAS_II-1666-001.
Interest On Indebtedness Is Not Available Pursuant to §604, IAS_II-1667-001.
Landscaping Trees —
Constitute Agricultural Products, IAS_II-1668-001.
Failure to Pay, IAS_II-1669-001.
Nursery Plants —
Failure to Pay, IAS_II-1670-001.
Oral Contract —
Joint Submission to D.O.A.H. Jurisdiction Evinces, IAS_II-1671-001.
Peppers —
Failure to Pay, IAS_II-1672-001.
Plum Trees —
Failure to Pay, IAS_II-1673-001.
Set-offs —
Dept. Has Jurisdiction to Adjudicate Claims Arising Out of the Same Transaction, IAS_II-1674-001.
Must Be Asserted Promptly, IAS_II-1675-001.
Sod —
Constitutes An Agricultural Product, IAS_II-1676-001.
Failure to Pay, IAS_II-1677-003.
Squash —
Failure to Pay, IAS_II-1678-002.
Tomatoes —
Failure to Pay, IAS_II-1679-001.
Vegetables —
Failure to Pay, IAS_II-1680-002.
Watermelons —
Failure to Pay, IAS_II-1681-004.
Unit Price — Dispute Over Clearing & Grubbing of Strip of Land Adjacent to Highway, IAS_II-1682-001.
DOT/Utility Construction Permit —
Coerced Indemnification of DOT Negligence Rejected, IAS_II-1683-001.
Doctrine of Constructability Examined–
Unit Price Contract, IAS_II-1684-001.
Fla. Constitution & Statutes In Effect At Time of Execution Are Part of Every Contract, IAS_II-1685-001.
Revocation (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests)) —
Failure to Adhere to Contract Provisions, IAS_II-1686-001.
Termination of —
§120 Remedies Do Not Reach a Breach of Contract, IAS_II-1687-001.
Unit Price Contract —
Construction of, IAS_II-1688-001.


Agencies Have Substantial Discretion In Awarding a Competitive Contract, IAS_II-1689-031.
Agencies Must Act In Reasonable Manner, IAS_II-1690-001.
Agencies Must Act With Integrity, IAS_II-1691-001.
Agency Ex Parte Communications With Competing Vendors, IAS_II-1692-001.
Agriculture —
Ethylene Dibromide Water Filters —
Rejection of Bid Protest Reversed, IAS_II-1693-001.
Ethylene Dibromide Water Filters — Protest Dismissed, IAS_II-1694-001.
Ethylene Dibromide Water Filters, IAS_II-1695-001.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Scope of Is Limited, IAS_II-1696-002.
Arbitrary Agency Action Defined, IAS_II-1697-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Attorney’s Fees & Costs) —
§57.111 Is Applicable, IAS_II-1698-002.
§120.57(1)(b)(10) Is Applicable, IAS_II-1699-001.
§287.042(2)(c) Does Not Limit Operation of Other Statutory Attorney’s Fees Provisions, IAS_II-1700-001.
Agency Gross Abuse of Discretion, IAS_II-1701-001.
Costs — Exploration of Those Which Are Recoverable, IAS_II-1702-001.
Denied, IAS_II-1703-002.
Discretionary — §120.59(6)(b) Preempts §287.042(2)(c), IAS_II-1704-001.
Frivolous Protest — Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1705-001.
Bid Specifications —
Agency Deviation From Arbitrary & Capricious Per Se, IAS_II-1706-003.
Ambiguity Should Be Resolved Against the Agency, IAS_II-1707-001.
Central to the Integrity of the Process, IAS_II-1708-003.
Decision Must Be Based On Criteria Within, IAS_II-1709-006.
Evaluation of Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1710-001.
Found Not to Constitute An Unpromulgated Rule, IAS_II-1711-001.
Implied Criteria a Disfavored Concept, IAS_II-1712-002.
Must Be Adequate, IAS_II-1713-001.
Must Be Clear & Precise, IAS_II-1714-003.
Rejection of a Bid Should Be Based On, IAS_II-1715-002.
Requirements, IAS_II-1716-001.
Restrictions — Validity of, IAS_II-1717-001.
Bid Tabulation —
Agency Must Advise Bidders As to When This Will Occur, IAS_II-1718-001.
Bids —
Cannot Be Amended After Opening, IAS_II-1719-003.
Cannot Be Awarded Absent a Proper Evaluation, IAS_II-1720-002.
Cannot Be Awarded to Nonresponsive Bidder, IAS_II-1721-001.
Facts Which Come to Light Subsequent to Bid Opening Are Germane, IAS_II-1722-001.
Individual Submitting the Bid Must Have Requisite Authority to Enter Into the Contract, IAS_II-1723-001.
Mechanics of Process Examined, IAS_II-1724-001.
Negligent Errors In Bids For Public Contracts Cannot Be Relieved, IAS_II-1725-001.
Prejudgment Interest Awards, IAS_II-1726-001.
Rejection of All Bids — Conditions Under Which This Is Proper, IAS_II-1727-001.
Rejection of All Bids Found Improper, IAS_II-1728-001.
Rejection of All Bids, IAS_II-1729-001.
Two (2) or More Responsive Bids Must Be Received Pursuant to 1988 Amendment of §287.012, IAS_II-1730-001.
Use of Unit Price Allowances, IAS_II-1731-001.
Bond Requirement of §287.042(2)(c) —
Applicability Examined, IAS_II-1732-001.
Inapplicable to Leases, IAS_II-1733-001.
Chapter 13M, F.A.C. Is Applicable to All Agencies, IAS_II-1734-001.
Circuit Court Injunction Blocking Award of Contract Dissolved, IAS_II-1735-001.
Construction —
Clear & Unambiguous Language Need Not Be Construed, IAS_II-1736-001.
Prerogative of the Contracting Agency, IAS_II-1737-001.
Corrections —
Failure to Advise Bidder As to When Posting of the Bid Tabulation Will Occur, IAS_II-1738-001.
Production & Scoring of Fla. Real Estate & Appraisal Licensure Exam, IAS_II-1739-001.
Dade County (See DADE COUNTY)
Environmental Regulation (DER) —
Innovative Recycling Project, IAS_II-1740-001.
Removal of Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) From Private Drinking Water Wells, IAS_II-1741-001.
Request For Statement of Qualification For Petroleum Site Cleanup Services, IAS_II-1742-001.
Commercial Medical Laboratory Services, IAS_II-1743-001.
Community-Based Residential Moderate Risk Program, IAS_II-1744-001.
Crime Watch Program, IAS_II-1745-001.
Data Processing Cartridge Tape Subsystem For Unisys Computers, IAS_II-1746-001.
Emergency Medical Services & Paramedic Exams, IAS_II-1747-001.
Hospital — Neonatal Intensive Care —
Voluntary Termination — Equitable Distribution, IAS_II-1748-001.
Housekeeping Service For Florida State Hospital, IAS_II-1749-001.
Housekeeping Services For South Florida State Hospital, IAS_II-1750-001.
Intermediate Care Facilities For Developmentally Disabled Persons, IAS_II-1751-001.
Lease of Office Space —
Bidder Holds Option to Buy From Someone Other Than the Legal Owner, IAS_II-1752-001.
Bidder Must Have An Existing Building, IAS_II-1753-001.
Collocation Requirement, IAS_II-1754-001.
Delegation of Final Decision to D.O.A.H. Reversed, IAS_II-1755-001.
Failure to Provide Minimum Specified Parking, IAS_II-1756-001.
Revocation of Award, IAS_II-1757-001.
Lease of Office Space, IAS_II-1758-024.
Media Program — Statewide, IAS_II-1759-001.
Medicaid Transportation Services, IAS_II-1760-001.
Medical Laboratory Services, IAS_II-1761-001.
Minority Aids Prevention Program, IAS_II-1762-001.
Self-Mailer Packages, IAS_II-1763-001.
Specialized Group Home, IAS_II-1764-001.
Statewide Digital Dictation System, IAS_II-1765-001.
Telephone Answering Service, IAS_II-1766-001.
Transportation Services For Disadvantaged Medicaid Recipients, IAS_II-1767-001.
Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles —
Highway Patrol —
Removal of Wrecker Service From Rotation System, IAS_II-1768-001.
Lease of Office Space, IAS_II-1769-001.
Invitation to Bid —
Time Limit For Challenge to Strictly Construed, IAS_II-1770-001.
Labor & Employment Security —
Allocation of Federal Victims of Crimes Act (VOCA) Funds, IAS_II-1771-003.
Dept. Interpretation That Private-For-Profit Entities May Not Receive Wagner-Peyser 10% Funds, IAS_II-1772-001.
Farmworkers Job Placement — Refund of Overpayment, IAS_II-1773-001.
Job Placement Project Under the Wagner-Price Act, IAS_II-1774-002.
Job Search & Placement Services, IAS_II-1775-001.
Study of the Solvency & Liquidity of Self-Insurers & Self-Insurance Funds, IAS_II-1776-001.
VOCA Grant Found to Constitute a Contract Subject to §120.53(5), IAS_II-1777-003.
Vicarious Liability of Employer For Employee Fraud, IAS_II-1778-001.
Lease of Office Space —
Consensus Decision-Making Methodology Found to Be Appropriate, IAS_II-1779-001.
Major Irregularities (See Also Minor Irregularities) —
Any Element of Bias or Prejudice On the Part of Agency Personnel, IAS_II-1780-001.
Failure to Prove Ownership, IAS_II-1781-002.
Minor Irregularities (See Also Major Irregularities) —
Agency Discretion to Waive, IAS_II-1782-002.
Allegedly Missing Technical Document, IAS_II-1783-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-1784-003.
Late-Filed Bid, IAS_II-1785-001.
Minor Vis Material Irregularities —
Any Irregularity That Could Affect Price Is Not Minor, IAS_II-1786-001.
Distinction & Definitions Examined, IAS_II-1787-003.
Misrepresentation —
Invalidates Any Bidder’s Proposal, IAS_II-1788-001.
Natural Resources (DNR) (See NATURAL RESOURCES (DNR), Dept. of)
Herbicide Control of Aquatic Vegetation In N.W. Florida, IAS_II-1789-001.
Nonresponsive Bids (See Also Bids, Responsive Bid, Responsiveness) —
Bids Cannot Be Awarded to Nonresponsive Bidder, IAS_II-1790-002.
Burden of Proof Regarding Allegedly Missing Documents, IAS_II-1791-001.
Next Lowest & Responsive Bid Should Be Accepted, IAS_II-1792-001.
Reject All Bids & Readvertise, IAS_II-1793-001.
Rejected, IAS_II-1794-002.
Substantial Deviation From Invitation to Bid Exhaustively Discussed, IAS_II-1795-002.
Technical Document Said to Be Missing Does Not Constitute, IAS_II-1796-001.
Protest —
§120 Is Fully Applicable, IAS_II-1797-001.
§120.57 Review Is De Novo, IAS_II-1798-001.
Agency Action Found Arbitrary & Capricious, IAS_II-1799-004.
Arbitrary Agency Action Discussed, IAS_II-1800-001.
Automatic Stay — Agency Failure to Accord — Mandamus, IAS_II-1801-001.
Automatic Stay — Agency Failure to Accord — Successful Protest — Remedies, IAS_II-1802-001.
Burden of Proof — Recipient Vis Protestant, IAS_II-1803-002.
Burden of Proof, IAS_II-1804-021.
Failure to Post Requisite Bond Found Fatal To, IAS_II-1805-001.
Groves-Watkins Found Applicable To, IAS_II-1806-003.
Groves-Watkins Found Inapplicable to, IAS_II-1807-001.
Nonbidder or Nonresponsive Bidder Normally Lacks Standing, IAS_II-1808-001.
Prior to Posting of Bids — Must Be Dismissed As Premature, IAS_II-1809-001.
Remedy (See Remedies)
Requisite Contents Examined, IAS_II-1810-001.
Standard of Agency or D.O.A.H. Review, IAS_II-1811-009.
Standard of D.O.A.H. Review —
Cannot Be Delegated Authority to Make the Final Decision, IAS_II-1812-001.
Evaluation of Bid Criteria Not to Be Second-Guessed, IAS_II-1813-004.
Groves-Watkins Found Applicable To, IAS_II-1814-001.
Not De Novo, IAS_II-1815-003.
Same Whether Some or All Bids Are Rejected, IAS_II-1816-001.
Solely to Ascertain Fraudulent, Arbitrary, Illegal or Dishonest Agency Action, IAS_II-1817-012.
Time Limit — Agency Must Advise Bidders As to When Posting of the Bid Tabulation Will Occur, IAS_II-1818-001.
Time Limits Applicable to Bid Specifications, IAS_II-1819-001.
Time Limits Are Jurisdictional, IAS_II-1820-006.
Time Limits Examined, IAS_II-1821-001.
Time Limits Strictly Construed, IAS_II-1822-005.
Time Limits Waived In Face of Other Timely Protests, IAS_II-1823-001.
Public Entity Crime (See ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of)
Purpose Behind Competitive Private Bids —
Saving Tax Dollars On Governmental Contracts, IAS_II-1824-001.
Strong Public Interest In Favor of Saving Tax Dollars Examined, IAS_II-1825-001.
Purpose Behind Competitive Private Bids Discussed, IAS_II-1826-022.
Recusal of Agency Head Denied, IAS_II-1827-001.
Rejection of All Bids (See Bids)
Remedies —
Bid Awarded Prior to Successful Appellate Challenge, IAS_II-1828-001.
Fair Rebid of the Contract, IAS_II-1829-001.
Rebidding Is Disfavored, IAS_II-1830-002.
Request For Proposals —
Defined, IAS_II-1831-001.
Distinction From An Invitation to Bid Examined, IAS_II-1832-001.
Evaluation of Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-1833-001.
Standard of Review Examined, IAS_II-1834-001.
Responsive Bid (See also Bids; Nonresponsive Bid; Responsiveness) —
Defined, IAS_II-1835-004.
Groves-Watkins Inapplicable to Issue Regarding, IAS_II-1836-001.
Measured As of Time Bid Was Submitted, IAS_II-1837-001.
Two (2) or More Are Required For a Bid to Be Competitive, IAS_II-1838-001.
Responsiveness —
Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-1839-001.
Confirmation of Details Distinguished From Supplementation of Bid, IAS_II-1840-001.
Establishment & Effect of Prima Facie Case, IAS_II-1841-001.
Nonresponsive Bids — Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-1842-001.
Revenue —
Optical Scanning Equipment, IAS_II-1843-001.
Revocation of Bid Award (See Also CONTRACTS, Revocation) —
Award of Bid Automatically Creates a Contract Incorporating Bid Specifications, IAS_II-1844-001.
Failure to Adhere to Contract Provisions, IAS_II-1845-001.
Lease of Office Building —
Agency-Imposed Floor Plan & Renovations Must Be Followed When Properly Specified, IAS_II-1846-001.
Rescission Not Reformation Appropriate Remedy For Post-Bid Dispute, IAS_II-1847-001.
Transportation —
Highway Project, IAS_II-1848-002.
Voluntary Termination —
Extinguishes Right to Payment, IAS_II-1849-001.


§120.54(5) Petition to Initiate Rulemaking —
Denial of Affirmed, IAS_II-1850-001.
Circuit Court Order Prohibiting Cutting of Inmate’s Hair Reversed, IAS_II-1851-001.
Contraband —
§944.47 Does Not Limit Dept. Authority to Regulate, IAS_II-1852-001.
Executive Clemency —
New Statute Found to Be An Ex Post Facto Law, IAS_II-1853-002.
Gain Time —
1983 Statutory Amendment Cannot Be Applied Retroactively, IAS_II-1854-001.
Administrative —
Sex Offenders — At Least An Attempt Requisite For Ineligibility, IAS_II-1855-001.
Sex Offenders, IAS_II-1856-003.
Challenges Are Available Via the Grievance Procedure Route, IAS_II-1857-001.
D.O.C. Policy of Applying to the End of the Total Period of Incarceration Affirmed, IAS_II-1858-001.
Denial of Provisional Credits, IAS_II-1859-002.
Dept. Discretion Explored, IAS_II-1860-001.
Disparate Awards of Must Be Properly Justified, IAS_II-1861-001.
Evidentiary Hearing Found Improperly Denied, IAS_II-1862-001.
Loss of Challenged Through Writ of Mandamus, IAS_II-1863-001.
Minimum Mandatory Sentence — Does Not Accrue During, IAS_II-1864-001.
New Statute Not Ex Post Facto Law — Certified Question, IAS_II-1865-001.
New Statute Not Ex Post Facto Law, IAS_II-1866-003.
No Automatic Right to, IAS_II-1867-001.
Purely a Procedural Matter — Statutory Amendments May Be Applied Retroactively — Certified Question, IAS_II-1868-001.
Purely a Procedural Matter — Statutory Amendments May Be Applied Retroactively, IAS_II-1869-002.
Purpose — Solely to Reduce Overcrowding — Does Not Create a Substantive Right, IAS_II-1870-001.
Utilization of Presentence Investigation Reports, IAS_II-1871-001.
Habeas Corpus —
Inappropriate When Seeking Recomputation of Gain Time, IAS_II-1872-001.
Supreme Court Jurisdiction, IAS_II-1873-001.
Will Lie For Any Unlawful Deprivation of Liberty, IAS_II-1874-001.
Inmate Challenge to Order to Cut Hair — Certiorari Granted, IAS_II-1875-002.
Jurisdiction —
The Dept. – Not the Superintendents – Have Authority to Determine How Prisons Are Run, IAS_II-1876-001.
Mandamus (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Denial of Administrative Hearing For Allegedly Untimely Petition Found Improper, IAS_II-1877-001.
Dept. Interpretation of Statute Found to Be Clearly Erroneous, IAS_II-1878-001.
Writ Granted — Evidentiary Hearing Found Improperly Denied, IAS_II-1879-001.
Notice of Appeal — Untimely (See APPELLATE REVIEW)
Prisons —
Challenge to Rule “As Applied” — Normal Grievance Procedure, IAS_II-1880-001.
Inmates Lack Standing Under §120.57, IAS_II-1881-005.
Internal Operating Procedures (Prison) —
Courts Will Not Interfere With Absent Clear Abuse of Discretion, IAS_II-1882-001.
Four (4) Part Test For Constitutionality of, IAS_II-1883-001.
Not Rules Subject to §120.56 Challenge, IAS_II-1884-002.
Memorandum Issued At the Prison Level Is Not a Rule Subject to §120 Attack, IAS_II-1885-002.
Procedure For Inmate Challenges to Prison Operating Procedures, IAS_II-1886-002.
Prisons Are Not Individual Agencies —
No Rulemaking Authority, IAS_II-1887-003.
Public Records Requests —
Rule Regarding Service Charges For Extensive Requests Upheld, IAS_II-1888-001.
Rule Challenge (See Also RULES & RULEMAKING, Corrections) —
Challenge to Rule As Applied Found to Establish Standing Under §120.56(2) Nonetheless, IAS_II-1889-001.
D.O.A.H. Dismissal of Prisoner Challenge Reversed, IAS_II-1890-001.
Inmate — D.O.A.H. Order of Dismissal Found to Be Deficient, IAS_II-1891-005.
Inmate — Full Recourse to Challenge Rules Under §120.56, IAS_II-1892-001.
Time Limits For Inmate Filings —
Federal Mailbox Rule —
Applicable to Filing of All Legal Documents, IAS_II-1893-001.
Exists As a Matter of Florida Law, IAS_II-1894-001.
Filing Deemed to Occur When Inmate Loses Control Over the Document, IAS_II-1895-001.
Transcript of Hearing —
Inmate Entitled to Free Transcript of Rule Challenge Proceeding For Appellate Review, IAS_II-1896-001.


§120 Is Generally Applicable to County Regulations Absent Express Statutory Proviso Otherwise, IAS_II-1897-001.
Authority to Enact County Code of Ethics, IAS_II-1898-001.
Closing of Dedicated Road —
Circuit Court Finding of a Taking Affirmed, IAS_II-1899-001.
Counties May Regulate Access To Roads In State Highway System, IAS_II-1900-001.
Development Order Finding Inconsistency With Local Comprehensive Plan —
Availability of Circuit Court Certiorari Review — Certified Question to Supreme Court, IAS_II-1901-001.
Dispute Between County & Special Tax District Regarding Millage Collected In 1989 —
Power of Judiciary to Impose Monetary Judgment, IAS_II-1902-001.
Ordinance —
Constitutional Challenge — Severability of Voided Clauses, IAS_II-1903-001.
Preemption of Local Ordinances By State Statutes, IAS_II-1904-001.
Suits Against Political Subdivisions For Violation of DER Rules, IAS_II-1905-001.
Zoning (See ZONING)


Correctional Officer Certification —
Good Moral Character Is An Issue of Fact, IAS_II-1906-001.
Rejection of D.O.A.H. Recommended Fact Findings Reversed, IAS_II-1907-001.
Revocation — Rejection of D.O.A.H. Penalty Affirmed By Supreme Court After D.C.A. Reversal, IAS_II-1908-002.
Revocation — Rejection of D.O.A.H. Recommended Penalty Reversed, IAS_II-1909-002.
Revocation Over Lesser D.O.A.H. Recommended Penalty Reversed, IAS_II-1910-003.
Law Enforcement Officer —
Comm. Revocation Affirmed, IAS_II-1911-001.
Comm. Revocation Reversed, IAS_II-1912-001.