Ad Valorem Taxation —
Circuit Court Denial of Challenge to Denial of Agricultural Classification Reversed, IAS_II-1913-001.
Circuit Court Denial of Challenge to Homestead Exemption For Improper Year-Round Occupancy of Vacation/Condo Affirmed, IAS_II-1914-001.
Circuit Court Reduction of Ad Valorem Tax Assessment On Apartment Complex Reversed, IAS_II-1915-001.
Circuit Court Reduction of Ad Valorem Tax Assessment On HUD Apartment Complex Reversed, IAS_II-1916-001.
Denial of Educational Exemption For Private School Reversed On Appeal, IAS_II-1917-001.
Summary Denial of Hare Krishna Exemption Reversed, IAS_II-1918-001.
Challenge to Zoning Ordinance On the Basis of Improper Ex Parte Communications Upheld, IAS_II-1919-001.
Contract —
Landfill Expansion —
Circuit Court Injunction In Favor of Disappointed Bidder Dissolved, IAS_II-1920-001.
Dept. of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) —
Circuit Court Denial of Petition to Dissolve Temporary Injunction Closing a Facility & Requiring Removal of Hazardous Waste Affirmed, IAS_II-1921-001.
Firefighter Assoc. Petition to Vacate Arbitration Award, IAS_II-1922-001.
Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks (See Also ALACHUA COUNTY; ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION, Dept. of; Petroleum Storage Tanks) —
Dade’s Stringent Ordinance Properly Grandfathered & Valid As Such, IAS_II-1923-001.
Rejection of Voluntary Cleanup Plan For Leak at Gasoline Station Affirmed, IAS_II-1924-001.
Transfer of Contaminated Property to Subsidiary Does Not Insulate Predecessor From Liability, IAS_II-1925-001.



Administrative Hearings (D.O.A.H.) —
Cannot Grant Regarding Another Agency’s Statutes or Rules, IAS_II-1926-001.
Agriculture & Consumer Services —
Applicability of Chapter 91-237 to Mail Order Florist Business, IAS_II-1927-001.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Accorded, IAS_II-1928-001.
Scope of, IAS_II-1929-001.
Time Limit For Cannot Be Extended By Engaging In Collateral Attacks & Negotiations — Insurance, IAS_II-1930-001.
Banking & Finance — Div. of Accounting —
Eligibility of Game Officer For Reimbursement of Meals, IAS_II-1931-001.
Banking & Finance — Div. of Banking —
Authority of Banks to Charge Car Buyers For Vendors Single Interest Coverage, IAS_II-1932-001.
Authority of Foreign S&L to Enter Correspondence Purchase Agreement With Fla. Mortgage Banking Corp., IAS_II-1933-001.
Commercial — State Chartered —
Statewide Branching Authorized To Extent Allowed By Federal Law, IAS_II-1934-001.
Savings & Loan — State Chartered —
Advertising — Requisite Titles, IAS_II-1935-001.
Corporate Titles — Requisite Language, IAS_II-1936-001.
Investment In Below Investment Grade Corporate Obligations, IAS_II-1937-001.
Banking & Finance — Div. of Finance —
Abandoned Property — Unclaimed Accumulations of City Employee In Pension Fund — One (1) Year Presumption of §717.113, IAS_II-1938-001.
Account Executives —
Mortgage Brokerage, IAS_II-1939-001.
Referrals to Mortgage Brokers, IAS_II-1940-001.
Attorney/Mortgage Broker —
§494.03(1)(c) Exemption For Attorneys Carefully Examined, IAS_II-1941-001.
Propriety of Receiving Title Insurance & Mortgage Brokerage Fees On Same Transaction — Dept. Reversed, IAS_II-1942-001.
Attorney/Mortgage Broker — Amended Response — Propriety of Receiving Title Insurance & Mortgage Brokerage Fees On Same Transaction, IAS_II-1943-001.
Attorney/Mortgage Broker — Propriety of Receiving Title Insurance & Mortgage Brokerage Fees on Same Transaction, IAS_II-1944-001.
Cemeteries —
Canine Animal Remains In Appropriate Burial Container Cannot Be Buried In — Exclusively For Human Remains, IAS_II-1945-001.
Expansion To Non-Contiguous Parcels, IAS_II-1946-001.
Expansion of Church-Operated Facility to Non-Contiguous Parcels, IAS_II-1947-001.
Request For Rejection of All Bylaws Precluding Use of Polypropylene Manufactured Vaults, IAS_II-1948-001.
Closed-End Retail Installment Contract — Status of Last Payment of Unequal Amount Under §520.34(6)(a), IAS_II-1949-001.
Credit Service Organization —
Propriety of Trust Account Disbursements By Out-of-State Law Firm Operating As, IAS_II-1950-001.
Denied For Question Currently the Subject of Circuit Court Litigation, IAS_II-1951-001.
Licensure Requirements For Activities In the Secondary Markets, IAS_II-1952-001.
Mortgage Brokers — Ads —
Any Media Regulated, IAS_II-1953-001.
Out-of-State — Fla. Regulations, IAS_II-1954-001.
Mortgage Brokers — Commissions —
Account Executives At Securities Firm, IAS_II-1955-001.
Commission Determined to Be In Guise of Rebate, IAS_II-1956-001.
Securities Firm, IAS_II-1957-001.
Unlicensed Persons Must Not Receive, IAS_II-1958-001.
Mortgage Brokers — Licensure Exemption —
Corporation Formed to Finance Low Income Housing, IAS_II-1959-001.
Mortgage Brokers — Rebates —
Refund of Certain Application Fees For Failure to Promptly Act On Application — Propriety of, IAS_II-1960-001.
Banking & Finance — Div. of Securities —
Analogous Federal Caselaw Is Pertinent, IAS_II-1961-001.
Associated Person Registration —
Bank Employees — Brokerage Services — Outside Contract, IAS_II-1962-001.
Dealer Defined, IAS_II-1963-001.
Exemption — Banks Only — Scope of, IAS_II-1964-001.
Common Enterprise Defined, IAS_II-1965-001.
Condominium Offering —
Rental/Leaseback/Sales Program Not a Security, IAS_II-1966-001.
Vacation Exchange Program Involving Owners of Condo Time Share Interests, IAS_II-1967-001.
Dealer — License —
Propriety of Certain Payments Between Firms, IAS_II-1968-001.
Disclosure of Prior Default, IAS_II-1969-001.
Exempt Status of, IAS_II-1970-001.
Exempt Status of Securities Sold to Credit Unions, IAS_II-1971-001.
Investment Advisor — Personal Service Corp. —
Negative Net Worth, IAS_II-1972-001.
Treatment of Loan From Sole Shareholder, IAS_II-1973-001.
Propriety of Mortgage Reduction System, IAS_II-1974-001.
Revenue Bonds Used to Fund Construction of Municipal Public Utility —
Security Exhaustively Defined, IAS_II-1975-001.
Business Regulation — Alcoholic Beverage License —
Application — Corporate Affiliation With Other Corporations In the Distribution Chain, IAS_II-1976-001.
Propriety of Contractual Relationship Between Production Company of Minor/Musician & Vendors When Minor Performs On Licensed Premises, IAS_II-1977-001.
Propriety of Proposed County Ordinance Requiring Identification Tags On Beer Kegs Sold, IAS_II-1978-001.
Restaurant SRX License — Food Need Not Be Prepared On Site, IAS_II-1979-001.
Business Regulation — Condominiums —
Amendment of Bylaws: Voting Powers; Exclusive Rental Management & Fees, IAS_II-1980-001.
Association —
Amendment of Bylaws, IAS_II-1981-001.
Amendment of Declaration Regarding Sharing of Common Expenses, IAS_II-1982-001.
Assessments — All Unit Owners Must Pay, IAS_II-1983-001.
Assessment of Common Expenses, IAS_II-1984-001.
Common Elements Defined, IAS_II-1985-001.
Common Expenses — 7/1/88 Statutory Amendment, IAS_II-1986-001.
Common Recreational Facilities — Apportionment of Expense, IAS_II-1987-001.
Condo Committee Meeting — Notice — Quorum Not Present, IAS_II-1988-001.
Conversion of Existing Cooperative to a Condominium — Nonconsenting Unit Owners, IAS_II-1989-001.
Declaration of Condo — Amendment of Proviso Regarding % Vote For Termination, IAS_II-1990-001.
Management — Remuneration — Licensure, IAS_II-1991-001.
Multiple Condos — Separate Bookkeeping, IAS_II-1992-001.
Purchase of Recreation Facility’s Lease — Requisite Vote, IAS_II-1993-001.
Records — Denial of Access to Unit Owners, IAS_II-1994-001.
Records — Duty to Maintain — Physical Location — Transfer From Developer — Access, IAS_II-1995-001.
Statutes & Rules Pertaining to Condominiums Would Be Fully, IAS_II-1996-001.
Status of Recreation & Pool Maintenance Groups, IAS_II-1997-001.
Voting Requirements For Additions to or Alteration of Common Elements, IAS_II-1998-001.
Voting Rights of the Remainderman of a Life Estate, IAS_II-1999-001.
Association — Board of Directors —
Amendment of Declaration of Condominium, IAS_II-2000-001.
Membership — Corporate Unit Owner — Corporate Representative, IAS_II-2001-001.
Restriction On Lease of Units, IAS_II-2002-001.
Rules — Scope — Conflict With Declaration of Condo, IAS_II-2003-001.
Voting Requirements For Recall of Board Member, IAS_II-2004-001.
Association — Budget —
Copies of Proposed — Notice of — Notice of Meetings — Expenses That Must Be Budgeted, IAS_II-2005-001.
Association — Cable Television Contract —
Authority to Enter Into, IAS_II-2006-001.
Cable Fees As a Common Expense, IAS_II-2007-001.
Cable Fees Cannot Be Collected Via §178 Lien, IAS_II-2008-001.
Passing Along Expense, IAS_II-2009-001.
Association — Reserves —