Notice of Violation —
Work On Private Dam On Private Property Without Requisite Permit — Affirmed, IAS_II-4576-001.


City of Naples — Authority to Establish Regulatory Speed Markers In Local Waters, IAS_II-4577-001.
Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) —
After-the-Fact —
Deck Seaward of Coastal Construction Control Line, IAS_II-4578-001.
Viewing Deck At Terminus of Beach Dune Walkover Structure, IAS_II-4579-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_II-4580-003.
Balcony — Cantilevered — Hotel — Addition, IAS_II-4581-001.
Balcony — Residence — Indian River County, IAS_II-4582-001.
Build-Out Schedule Rule Struck Down, IAS_II-4583-001.
Burden of Proof — Shift to Intervenor, IAS_II-4584-001.
CCCL — Purpose of & Methodology Behind Establishment of, IAS_II-4585-002.
CCCL — Purpose of Permitting Program Examined, IAS_II-4586-006.
CCCL — Reestablishment —
Exemption For Structure Under Construction Prior to, IAS_II-4587-001.
CCCL Is Not A Zoning Ordinance, IAS_II-4588-001.
CCCL Is Not An Easement, IAS_II-4589-001.
Change In Local Regulation During Pendency of Administrative Proceeding Is Immaterial, IAS_II-4590-001.
Concrete Sidewalk — Residence — Lee County — After-the-Fact, IAS_II-4591-001.
Construction Seaward of — Necessity Is a Crucial Consideration, IAS_II-4592-001.
Continuous Construction Rule Requirement Struck Down, IAS_II-4593-001.
Deadline For Completion Rule Struck Down, IAS_II-4594-001.
Deck Seaward of, IAS_II-4595-001.
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Establishment of For Gulf County Affirmed, IAS_II-4596-001.
Exemption — Beach & Dune Systems Adjacent to Bays Are Not Exempt, IAS_II-4597-002.
Exemptions Discussed, IAS_II-4598-001.
Fence/Septic Tank/Landscaping — Residence — Lee County, IAS_II-4599-001.
Hotel — Addition to, IAS_II-4600-001.
Hotel — Addition Seaward of Over Intervenor Protest Reversed — Key Biscayne, IAS_II-4601-001.
Jurisdiction —
DNR Jurisdiction Over Is Extremely Broad, IAS_II-4602-001.
Land Fronting the Ocean Defined, IAS_II-4603-001.
Large Condo & Appurtenances — Martin County, IAS_II-4604-001.
Multi-Family Dwelling — Brevard County, IAS_II-4605-001.
Residence — Nassau County, IAS_II-4606-001.
Residence — Volusia County, IAS_II-4607-001.
Residence — Walton County, IAS_II-4608-001.
Residence Seaward of, IAS_II-4609-002.
Statutory History Explored, IAS_II-4610-001.
Statutory Term “Fronting” Has Been Given the Only Logical Interpretation, IAS_II-4611-001.
Stuccoed Wooden Pool Fence, IAS_II-4612-001.
Swimming Pool/Deck/Appurtenant Structures, IAS_II-4613-001.
Third Party Intervenor —
Burden of Proof, IAS_II-4614-001.
CCCL Does Not Protect Neighbors’ Right to a View, IAS_II-4615-001.
Establishment & Effect of Prima Facie Case, IAS_II-4616-001.
Motion For Costs Against, IAS_II-4617-001.
Standing, IAS_II-4618-001.
Two (2) Prong Test For Standing, IAS_II-4619-001.
Trimming of Beach Dune Vegetation —
Dune Maintenance Program Examined, IAS_II-4620-001.
Seagrapes — Trimming of Examined In Detail & Found to Be Permissible, IAS_II-4621-001.
Trimming of Beach Dune Vegetation, IAS_II-4622-001.
Wall, Driveway, Curb, Landscaping — Collier County, IAS_II-4623-001.
Wooden Retaining Wall — City, IAS_II-4624-001.
Contract (See Also CONTRACTS, Natural Resources) — Water System Improvements At State Park — Dispute —
Wooden Retaining Wall — City, IAS_II-4625-001.
Negligent Errors In Bid Cannot Be Relieved, IAS_II-4626-001.
Prejudgment Interest, IAS_II-4627-001.
Unit Price Allowances, IAS_II-4628-001.
Jurisdiction (See Also Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL)) —
Beach Dune Landscaping — Intervenor Protest — DNR Dismissal of Intervenor Protest For Lack of Jurisdiction Reversed, IAS_II-4629-001.
None to Consider Local Government Regulation, IAS_II-4630-003.
Lease of State Conservation & Recreational Land (CARL) to HRS For Juvenile Detention Center —
Intervenor Protest Dismissed For Lack of Standing, IAS_II-4631-001.
Notice of Violation/Order For Corrective Action —
Construction of Residence Beyond Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) In Volusia County Without Requisite Permit, IAS_II-4632-001.
Dock — Unauthorized — Fla. Keys, IAS_II-4633-001.
Illegal Construction of Seawall — Carrabelle River, IAS_II-4634-001.
Trimming of Mangroves On Sovereign Submerged Land Without Permit, IAS_II-4635-001.
Permit (See Also PERMITS) —
Aquatic Plant Control —
Balancing of Interests, IAS_II-4636-001.
Discussed, IAS_II-4637-002.
Herbicides Discussed, IAS_II-4638-001.
Intervenor Protest, IAS_II-4639-002.
Riparian Landowner Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-4640-001.
Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) (See Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL))
Dock —
Exemption For Single Residential Dock, IAS_II-4641-001.
Dredge & Fill (See Also PERMITS) —
Creek In Monroe County, IAS_II-4642-001.
Maintenance Dredging of Inlet, IAS_II-4643-001.
Policy of §161.142 Relating to Improved Navigation Inlets Examined, IAS_II-4644-001.
Oil Well —
Brine Injection Well, IAS_II-4645-001.
Seismic Activities — Declaratory Statement —
Policy Prohibiting Use of Explosives or Drilling In Exploration or Production of Oil and Gas Examined, IAS_II-4646-001.
Petroleum Spill Cleanup Fund (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION, Dept. of) —
Act Creating to Be Liberally Construed, IAS_II-4647-001.
Disbursements As Proposed Agency Action, IAS_II-4648-001.
Marine Vessel — Jacksonville Coast — DNR Petition For Reimbursement of Expenditures From Pertinent Fund, IAS_II-4649-001.
Purpose of Examined, IAS_II-4650-001.
Recoverable DNR & Other Agency Disbursements Examined, IAS_II-4651-001.
Pine Island Sound Aquatic Preserve —
Proposed Development Found Located Outside of, IAS_II-4652-001.
Special Activity License —
Mechanical Harvesting of Oysters —
Circuit Court Permanent Injunction Bars DNR From Requiring, IAS_II-4653-002.
Speed Limit On State Waterways —
Naples — Intervenor Protest, IAS_II-4654-001.


Distinctions Between Naturopathic, Allopathic & Osteopathic Physicians Examined, IAS_II-4655-001.
Duty to Supervise Dispensing of Controlled Substances, IAS_II-4656-001.
Expert Physicians of Different Disciplines May Properly Testify On Matters On Which the Different Schools Concur, IAS_II-4657-001.


Challenge to County Reduction In Certified Ad Valorem Millage Rate, IAS_II-4658-001.


Duty to Have a Licensed Assistant Administrator On Staff Examined, IAS_II-4659-001.
Failure to Correct HRS-Cited Class III Deficiencies, IAS_II-4660-001.
Florida Law Does Not Require A Nursing Home Administrator to Be a Resident of Florida, IAS_II-4661-001.
Responsibilities of Administrator Examined, IAS_II-4662-001.
Withdrawal of Order Entered In Error, IAS_II-4663-001.


As Medical Science Advances the Scope of the Practice of Nursing Expands, IAS_II-4664-001.
Bd. Discipline Affirmed, IAS_II-4665-001.
Bd. Discipline After Licensee’s Failure to Appear At Hearing —
Reversed On the Basis That Hearsay Alone Is Not Probative, IAS_II-4666-001.
Bd. Discipline Reversed Due to Inadequate Notice of Its Complaint, IAS_II-4667-001.
D.O.A.H. Penalty (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Bd. Rejection of Reversed, IAS_II-4668-001.
D.C.A. Can Order Bd. to Impose D.O.A.H. Penalty, IAS_II-4669-001.
Distinction Between Training & Authority of LPN’s & RN’s Examined, IAS_II-4670-001.
Duty of Hospitals to Establish Protocols For Nursing Practice At Outer Limits of Licensure Authority, IAS_II-4671-002.
License —
Dismissal From Voluntary Impaired Nurse Program (IPN) Alone Not a Basis For Discipline, IAS_II-4672-001.
Duties When Leaving Shift —
D.O.A.H. Finds Rule Is Advisable For Stringent Bd. Expectations, IAS_II-4673-001.
Failure of Drug Test Constitutes Improper Possession of Detected Controlled Substances, IAS_II-4674-001.
Mail Notice of Complaint to Last Known Address Found Inadequate, IAS_II-4675-001.
Marijuana Use —
Admission to Alone Is Proof of Inability In Profession, IAS_II-4676-001.
Operating Beyond Scope of License —
Board Refuses to Grandmother — Periodontal Patients, IAS_II-4677-001.
Proper Scope of Practice Constantly Expands Along With Technology & Training, IAS_II-4678-001.
Nursing Practice Is a Continuous Learning Experience, IAS_II-4679-001.


Circuit Court Dismissal of Suit Over City Order to Fireman to Remove Campaign Sign From Personal Vehicle Reversed, IAS_II-4680-001.


Declaratory Statement Finding Optician Use of Vision Screening Equipment Proper —
Challenge To By Optometrists Upheld, IAS_II-4681-001.
Partnership or Professional Association With Optometrist —
Found Statutorily Proscribed By Board of Optometry, IAS_II-4682-001.
Placement of the Bifocal Segment Is An Individual Standard Which May Be Dictated By the Wearer’s Use, IAS_II-4683-001.
Proposed Rule Restricting Sponsors of Apprentice Opticians Found Invalid, IAS_II-4684-001.
Writ of Prohibition Granted Precluding Further Bd. Action On Disciplinary Complaint, IAS_II-4685-001.


§463.012 Does Not Require a Complete Eye Exam Every Two (2) Years, IAS_II-4686-001.
Certification For Dispensing Prescription Drugs —
Distinction Between Licensed Practitioner & Certified Practitioner, IAS_II-4687-001.
Order on Motion For Clarification, IAS_II-4688-001.
Prior Experience Cannot Be Substituted For Exam, IAS_II-4689-001.
Rule Invalid As of Date Appellate Decision Became Final, IAS_II-4690-001.
Rule Partially Invalid — Testing For Competency, IAS_II-4691-001.
Statutory Requirements — All Must Be Met, IAS_II-4692-001.
D.O.A.H. Penalty —
Bd. Rejection of Reversed, IAS_II-4693-001.
Fitting Contact Lens Without Appropriate Keratometer Reading Is Dangerous, IAS_II-4694-001.
Licensure — Exam —
Challenge to Grading —
Details of Clinical Exam & Grading Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-4695-001.


Ad Valorem Taxation —
Denial of Taxpayer Motion to Compel Production of Certain Allegedly Confidential Documents of the Appraiser Reversed, IAS_II-4696-001.
Alcohol Breath Testing Equipment —
HRS Rule Deficiencies Result In Exclusion of Evidence, IAS_II-4697-001.


Circuit Court Enforcement of Subpoena Duces Tecum Affirmed, IAS_II-4698-001.
License —
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_II-4699-001.
Improper Use of Live Animals In Training of Greyhounds, IAS_II-4700-001.
Subpoenas (See DPR)


Ad Valorem Taxation —
Circuit Court Denial of Taxpayer Injunction to Prohibit Sale of Tax Certificates Pending Resolution of Challenge to Assessment Reversed, IAS_II-4701-001.


Circuit Court Denial of Writ of Mandamus Reversed Due to Improper Judicial Notice, IAS_II-4702-001.
Habeas Corpus Release —
Failure to Timely Accord Revocation Hearing, IAS_II-4703-001.
Hearing —
Continuances, IAS_II-4704-001.
Preliminary Findings Need Not Be In Writing, IAS_II-4705-001.
Right of Cross Examination of Witnesses, IAS_II-4706-001.
Mandamus —
Denial of Writ Reversed, IAS_II-4707-002.
Mandatory Sentence —
Cannot Be Reduced By Gain Time, IAS_II-4708-001.
Parole —
Comm. Has Ultimate Discretion Over, IAS_II-4709-001.
No Right to Parole — Act of Legislative Grace, IAS_II-4710-001.
Presumptive Parole Release Date (PPRD) —
Aggravating Factors — Choice of Most Serious Offense, IAS_II-4711-001.
Aggravation —
Cannot Be Based On Information Previously Available, IAS_II-4712-001.
Challenge to Found Not to Be Moot, IAS_II-4713-001.
Proper Procedure Explored, IAS_II-4714-001.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Available Only Through a Writ of Mandamus In Circuit Court, IAS_II-4715-001.
Does Not Constitute Encroachment Upon the Executive Branch, IAS_II-4716-001.
Circuit Court (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Circuit Judge Statutory Objection Is Constitutional, IAS_II-4717-001.
Comm. Denied Writ of Prohibition to Block Circuit Court Consideration of Inmate Mandamus Petition, IAS_II-4718-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-4719-001.
Erroneous Written Sentence Requires Recalculation Of, IAS_II-4720-001.
Escaped Inmate Forfeits Eligibility For Parole, IAS_II-4721-001.
Extension of —
Good Cause Basis For, IAS_II-4722-001.
Guidelines, IAS_II-4723-001.
Writ of Mandamus Is the Appropriate Vehicle For Challenge to, IAS_II-4724-001.
Mechanics of Calculation of Carefully Explored, IAS_II-4725-001.
Modification —
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_II-4726-001.
Rejection of Hearing Officer Recommendation Without Adequate Explanation Reversed, IAS_II-4727-001.
Reliance On Presentence Investigative Reports, IAS_II-4728-001.
Right to Proper Determination of, IAS_II-4729-002.
Vacation of — Comm. Powers Examined, IAS_II-4730-001.
Revocation of Parole —
Failure to Timely Accord Hearing Found Harmless, IAS_II-4731-001.
Statutory Rulemaking Authority Carefully Examined, IAS_II-4732-001.


Dismissal of Tenured Professor —
Right to Fair Hearing Explored, IAS_II-4733-001.


After-the-Fact (See Also Dredge & Fill) —
Issuance of Cannot Be Precluded By DER Refusal to Prepare Requisite Report, IAS_II-4734-001.
After-the-Fact Design Modification & Field Engineering — Proper Scope of, IAS_II-4735-002.
After-the-Fact, IAS_II-4736-012.
Air Pollution —
Biological Waste Incinerator — Expansion of, IAS_II-4737-001.
Biological Waste Incinerator (See Also Construction), IAS_II-4738-001.
Cement Plant — Auxiliary Sources For Kilns — Modification Sought, IAS_II-4739-001.
Cement Unloading System — Barge-Mounted — Pneumatic, IAS_II-4740-001.
Minor Sources Exemption, IAS_II-4741-001.
Portable Soil Remediation Units, IAS_II-4742-002.
Relocation of Existing Drum Mix Asphalt Plant, IAS_II-4743-001.
Renewal of Operations Permit — Variance Denied, IAS_II-4744-001.
Setting of Ambient Air Quality Standards Examined, IAS_II-4745-001.
Shipyard, IAS_II-4746-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_II-4747-056.
Applicant’s Burden of Proof —
Carefully Explored, IAS_II-4748-001.
Criminal History Is Pertinent If Related to the Permit Application, IAS_II-4749-001.
Lay Testimony Alone Is Insufficient to Establish Technical Facts, IAS_II-4750-001.
Pertains to All Proceedings of Whatever Nature Regardless of Who Initiates the Challenge, IAS_II-4751-001.
Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_II-4752-001.
Application —
A Portion of a Proposed Project Can Be Permitted, IAS_II-4753-001.
Additional Study Found Not to Constitute An Impermissible Amendment, IAS_II-4754-001.
Alternative Systems Propounded By Third Party Intervenors Not Considered, IAS_II-4755-001.
Amendment of —
Effect On Rights of Third Party Intervenors, IAS_II-4756-003.
Effect of Rights of Third Party Intervenors, IAS_II-4757-001.
Major Changes At Hearing — DER Can Consider, IAS_II-4758-002.
Major Modifications to Found to Require A New Application, IAS_II-4759-001.
Minor Modification to, IAS_II-4760-001.
Scope of Permissible Amendments to Examined, IAS_II-4761-001.
Changed Circumstances Can Be Considered In §120.57(1) De Novo Hearing, IAS_II-4762-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See PRACTICE & PROCEDURE)
Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) (See NATURAL RESOURCES, Dept. of)
Conditions —
D.O.A.H. Hearing Officer Has Authority to Make Recommendations Concerning, IAS_II-4763-001.
D.O.A.H. Hearing Officer Has Authority to Recommend Additional Conditions, IAS_II-4764-001.
DER Authority to Modify Recommended Permit Conditions, IAS_II-4765-001.
Discretion & Authority of DER to Impose, IAS_II-4766-001.
Presumption That Conditions Will Be Abided By, IAS_II-4767-002.
Consent Order —
Enforcement — Agency Initiation of Not Subject to §120, IAS_II-4768-002.
Enforcement Vis Licensing, IAS_II-4769-001.
Groundwater Contamination — Phosphate Mine, IAS_II-4770-001.
Intervenor (See Also Third Party Intervenors) —
Two (2) Prong Test For Standing, IAS_II-4771-001.
Cannot Be Allowed to Delay Remediation, IAS_II-4772-001.
Cannot Compel Enforcement of Federal Statutes, IAS_II-4773-001.
Cannot Participate In Settlement Negotiations, IAS_II-4774-001.
Cannot Relitigate Issues Resolved In Previous Proceeding, IAS_II-4775-001.
Initiation of Challenge Distinguished From Participation In Another’s Challenge, IAS_II-4776-001.
Intervenor Protest — Standard of Review, IAS_II-4777-001.
Intervenor Right to Protest Based On Joint & Severable Liability, IAS_II-4778-001.
Right to Protest, IAS_II-4779-011.
With Joint & Severable Liability Must Accept It or Be Absolved of Liability, IAS_II-4780-001.
Purpose & Proper Scope of, IAS_II-4781-001.
Two (2) Classes of Analyzed, IAS_II-4782-004.
Construction —
Biohazardous Waste Incinerator & Storage Area (See Also Air Pollution) —
1988 Statutory Permitting Amendments Examined, IAS_II-4783-001.
Applicable Statutes & Rules Surveyed, IAS_II-4784-002.
Complete Combustion Defined, IAS_II-4785-001.
Constitutes A Solid Waste Management Facility, IAS_II-4786-001.
Need For Is Not Considered, IAS_II-4787-001.
Permit Requirements For Transport, Storage, Incineration, and Disposal of Ash Examined, IAS_II-4788-001.
Storage Facility Can Operate Under a General Permit, IAS_II-4789-002.
Biohazardous Waste Incinerator (See Also Air Pollution) —
Air Toxics Policy Examined, IAS_II-4790-001.
Applicable Rules Set Forth Emission Limiting & Performance Standards – Not Design Standards, IAS_II-4791-001.
Ash Residue Management Plans Examined, IAS_II-4792-001.
Biohazardous & Biological Waste Defined, IAS_II-4793-001.
Constitutes a Solid Waste Management Facility, IAS_II-4794-001.
D.O.A.H. Criticizes Absence of In-Person DER Inspection of the Site, IAS_II-4795-001.
Notice — Adequacy of Circulation of Newspaper Utilized, IAS_II-4796-001.
Preliminary Designs Are Not Accepted Per Se, IAS_II-4797-001.
Recent Statutory Prohibition On Not Applied Retroactively, IAS_II-4798-001.
Separate Solid Waste Management Facility Permit Not Required, IAS_II-4799-001.
Site-Specific Analysis of All Possible Health Threats Not Required, IAS_II-4800-001.
Sufficient Engineering Detail Found Lacking In Plans, IAS_II-4801-001.
Biohazardous Waste Incinerator, IAS_II-4802-001.
Biological Waste Incinerator —
Air Pollution Laws Do Not Preclude, IAS_II-4803-001.
Expansion of, IAS_II-4804-001.
Storage Issues Found Inapposite to Instant Permit, IAS_II-4805-001.
Bulk Cement Transfer Facility —
Extension of Permit, IAS_II-4806-001.
Modification to Permit, IAS_II-4807-001.
Unloading System — Barge-Mounted — Pneumatic, IAS_II-4808-001.
Extension of Public Water Supply Distribution System & Wastewater Treatment System — Private, IAS_II-4809-001.
Fence — Stranding Pen For Marine Animals — Canal — Fla. Keys, IAS_II-4810-001.
Hazardous Waste Storage & Treatment Facility —
Advanced Public Notice of Transfer Ordered, IAS_II-4811-001.
Denial of County Challenge to Affirmed, IAS_II-4812-001.
Escambia County, IAS_II-4813-001.
Fitness of Possible Transferee Not Considered In View of Requisite DER Approval, IAS_II-4814-001.
Hazardous Waste May Be Imported or Exported, IAS_II-4815-001.
Impacts of Solemnly Noted, IAS_II-4816-001.
Need Is Not Considered, IAS_II-4817-002.
Remand to D.O.A.H. For Award of Attorney’s Fees Against Intervenor Denied, IAS_II-4818-001.
Status of Project At Local Level Not Considered, IAS_II-4819-001.
Union County — Statute Abates Pending Administrative Challenge, IAS_II-4820-001.
Industrial Waste Disposal Facility —
Animal Research Facility, IAS_II-4821-001.
Issuance of Does Not Require Resolution of All Issues Related to Operation, IAS_II-4822-001.
Landfill (See Also Surface Water Management System) —
Alternative Sites or Technologies Need Not Be Considered, IAS_II-4823-001.
Capabilities of Companion Leachate Treatment Plant Not Considered, IAS_II-4824-001.
Closure — County, IAS_II-4825-001.
Closure Plans — Review of, IAS_II-4826-001.
County — Immediate Permission to Expand Capacity Denied, IAS_II-4827-001.
County, IAS_II-4828-002.
DER Has Authority to Modify Permit Conditions, IAS_II-4829-001.
DER Jurisdiction to Determine Cost Effectiveness Examined, IAS_II-4830-001.
Ground & Surface Water Discharge — Concentrations Entering Groundwater – Not In Leachate — Governed, IAS_II-4831-001.
Ground & Surface Water Discharge — Free From Rule Is Not a No Discharge Rule, IAS_II-4832-001.
Groundwater Monitoring Program Found Deficient, IAS_II-4833-001.
Groundwater Well Monitoring Requirements, IAS_II-4834-001.
Hydrological Survey Need Not Be Signed & Sealed By a Professional Geologist, IAS_II-4835-001.
Liner Requirements — Exemption From, IAS_II-4836-001.
Methodology For Calculating Leakage Rates, IAS_II-4837-001.
Municipal — Duval County — In Wetland — Protests, IAS_II-4838-002.
Municipal — Modification — Additional 35 Feet of Waste — Duval County, IAS_II-4839-001.
Potential Use of An Area By a Stray Endangered Species, IAS_II-4840-001.
Presumption That Adequate Performance Criteria Will Result In Satisfaction of Groundwater Standards, IAS_II-4841-001.
Private, IAS_II-4842-002.
Site Geology — Wetland — Not Dispositive, IAS_II-4843-001.
Site Need Not Be Demonstrated To Be Environmentally Acceptable, IAS_II-4844-001.
Statutory & Rule Framework Examined, IAS_II-4845-001.
Variance — Shallow Wells, IAS_II-4846-001.
Water Quality Standards — Presumptions, IAS_II-4847-001.
Wetland Resource Management Permit Not Required — Intervenor Protest, IAS_II-4848-001.
Lime Stabilization Facility, IAS_II-4849-001.
Marina (See Also Dredge & Fill) — Dry Storage & Related Facilities, IAS_II-4850-001.
Modification of Existing Permit — Burden of Proof — Landfill, IAS_II-4851-001.
Soil Remediation Unit — Modification Sought, IAS_II-4852-001.
Soil Remediation Unit — Portable, IAS_II-4853-001.
Stormwater Discharge System — Residential Development, IAS_II-4854-001.
Stormwater Treatment Facility — Road, IAS_II-4855-001.
Surface Water Management System (See Surface Water Management System)
Waste Tire Processing Facility, IAS_II-4856-001.
Wastewater Treatment Plant (See Wastewater Treatment Plant)
Water Control Structure, IAS_II-4857-001.
Cumulative Impact —
Analogous Projects Considered, IAS_II-4858-001.
Analysis of Discussed, IAS_II-4859-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_II-4860-001.
Applicant’s Burden of Proof Regarding, IAS_II-4861-001.
Conclusion of Law Involving Underlying Factual Issues, IAS_II-4862-001.
Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-4863-001.
Consideration of Related to Analysis of Reasonable Assurances, IAS_II-4864-001.
Consideration of Related to Analysis of Secondary Impacts, IAS_II-4865-001.
Consideration of Related to Provision of Reasonable Assurances, IAS_II-4866-003.
DER Consideration of Mandated By Statute, IAS_II-4867-003.
DER Has Broad Discretion, IAS_II-4868-001.
DER Utilizes Case By Case Approach, IAS_II-4869-001.
Directed At Past, Present & Foreseeable Future Activities, IAS_II-4870-001.
Distinction Drawn Between Secondary & Cumulative Impacts, IAS_II-4871-001.
Examined, IAS_II-4872-007.
Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-4873-003.
Found to Be Acceptable, IAS_II-4874-001.
Found to Be Great, IAS_II-4875-002.
History Behind This Analysis Examined, IAS_II-4876-001.
No De Minimus Exception, IAS_II-4877-002.
None Found, IAS_II-4878-001.
Policy of Equitable Distribution, IAS_II-4879-001.
Previous Improperly Unpermitted Activities Not Considered, IAS_II-4880-001.
Proposed Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) Are Relevant, IAS_II-4881-001.
Purpose of This Test Discussed, IAS_II-4882-003.
Relationship to Public Interest Test Examined, IAS_II-4883-003.
Speculative Impacts Not Considered, IAS_II-4884-002.
Test For Discussed, IAS_II-4885-001.
DER Jurisdiction (See ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION, Dept. of, Jurisdiction) —
Dam —
Removal — Water Management Dist., IAS_II-4886-001.
Default Permit (§120.60(2)) (See Also COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of, Comprehensive Plan; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Default) —
Denied, IAS_II-4887-001.
Intervenors Can Challenge, IAS_II-4888-001.
Dredge & Fill (See Also NATURAL RESOURCES (DNR), Dept. of, Permit) —
After-the-Fact Permit (See Also After-the-Fact), IAS_II-4889-004.
After-the-Fact, IAS_II-4890-005.
Bedrock — Revegetation Usually Does Not Occur, IAS_II-4891-001.
Boat Ramp —
Municipal, IAS_II-4892-001.
Private, IAS_II-4893-001.
Boat Ramp, IAS_II-4894-001.
Boat Slips In Man-Made Canal, IAS_II-4895-001.
Bridge & Retaining Wall — Island In St. Lucie River, IAS_II-4896-001.
Bridge —
Municipality, IAS_II-4897-001.
Replacement — Concrete — Municipality, IAS_II-4898-001.
Canal —
Access to River — County, IAS_II-4899-001.
Maintenance Exemption Inapplicable, IAS_II-4900-001.
Residential Development — Fla. Keys, IAS_II-4901-001.
Channel — Relocation — Maintenance Dredging Exemption, IAS_II-4902-001.
Corridor For Electrical Power Transmission Line, IAS_II-4903-001.
Cumulative Impact (See Cumulative Impact)
DER (See Also Application, Conditions, Mitigation Plans, Mitigation Policy, Public Interest Test, Secondary Impacts; ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION, Dept. of) —
Conditions Imposed to Assure Design Changes, IAS_II-4904-001.
Consideration of Closely Linked or Causally Related Activities, IAS_II-4905-001.
D.O.A.H. Assails DER Suggested Deed Restriction, IAS_II-4906-001.
DER Policy of Recommending Needed Changes Examined, IAS_II-4907-001.
Modification to Existing Permits, IAS_II-4908-001.
Possibility of DER Failure to Enforce Permit Conditions Is Not Germane, IAS_II-4909-001.
Development of Regional Impact (DRI) — Multi-Use, IAS_II-4910-001.
Difficulties Posed By Multiple Agencies With Overlapping Jurisdiction, IAS_II-4911-001.
Dock —
Addition — After-the-Fact — Outstanding Fla. Waters, IAS_II-4912-001.
Balancing of Rights of Littoral Property Owners Against Public Interest, IAS_II-4913-001.
Condominium — Outstanding Fla. Waters, IAS_II-4914-001.
Floating — Boats — County, IAS_II-4915-001.
Lake, IAS_II-4916-001.
Navigation Defined, IAS_II-4917-001.
Navigational Impediment Distinguished From Inconveniences (See Also Public Interest Test), IAS_II-4918-001.
Possibility of DER Failure to Enforce Permit Conditions Is Not Germane, IAS_II-4919-001.
Private — After-the-Fact, IAS_II-4920-002.
Private — Exemption, IAS_II-4921-001.
Private — Outstanding Fla. Waters, IAS_II-4922-001.
Private, IAS_II-4923-003.
Residence — Fence, IAS_II-4924-002.
Secondary Impacts (See Also Secondary Impacts) — DER Is Concerned With Prop Dredging, IAS_II-4925-001.
Dock, IAS_II-4926-001.
Dock/Relocation of Access Channel, IAS_II-4927-001.
Electrical Transmission Line, IAS_II-4928-001.
Exemption (See Also Exemption) —
§403.813(2) Exemption For Canals Distinguished From §403.918(5) Exemption For Lagoons & Estuaries, IAS_II-4929-001.
Classification of Pertinent Waterbody Is Immaterial, IAS_II-4930-001.
Dock — Small — Private, IAS_II-4931-001.
Fill Associated With Exempt Activity, IAS_II-4932-001.
For Maintenance Dredging Explored, IAS_II-4933-001.
Maintenance Dredging Exemption, IAS_II-4934-001.
Maintenance Dredging Exemption of Rule 17-312.050(1)(e) Examined, IAS_II-4935-001.
Removal of Plug Between Creek & Canal, IAS_II-4936-001.
Riprap Seawall Along Canal, IAS_II-4937-001.
Seawall Defined, IAS_II-4938-001.
Status of a “Plug” As a “Barrier” Examined, IAS_II-4939-001.
Filled Lands Do Not Necessarily Become Reinhabited By Displaced Wildlife, IAS_II-4940-001.
Filling —
Defined, IAS_II-4941-001.
Five (5) Year Time Limit Construed, IAS_II-4942-001.
Hydrographic Data Are Not Water Quality Criteria, IAS_II-4943-001.
Inlet Connecting Gulf of Mexico to Little Sarasota Bay, IAS_II-4944-001.
Jurisdiction (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION, Dept. of) —
Determination of Discussed In Detail, IAS_II-4945-001.
Landward Extent of State Waters, IAS_II-4946-001.
Plant Index Species Test, IAS_II-4947-001.
Loss of Seagrass Is Significant, IAS_II-4948-001.
Manatee Rehabilitation Center, IAS_II-4949-001.
Mangrove Tree — Removal of — Residence, IAS_II-4950-001.
Marina (See Also Water Pollution) —
Class III Waters, IAS_II-4951-001.
Conditions Imposed to Assure Design Changes, IAS_II-4952-001.
Consideration of Impacts On Manatees Examined, IAS_II-4953-001.
Dade County — Expansion, IAS_II-4954-002.
Dept. Denial of Permit Affirmed, IAS_II-4955-001.
Endangered Species — Manatees — Requisite Protection of, IAS_II-4956-001.
Expansion of, IAS_II-4957-001.
Expiration of Challenged, IAS_II-4958-001.
Fact That Some Pollution Will Be Generated Is Not Dispositive, IAS_II-4959-001.
Flushing, IAS_II-4960-001.
Hydrographic Assessment Is Important, IAS_II-4961-001.
Lower Fla. Keys — Modification of Permit Sought, IAS_II-4962-001.
Mere Presence of Manatees Is Not Dispositive, IAS_II-4963-001.
Navigational Impediment Distinguished From Inconveniences, IAS_II-4964-001.
Prop Dredging Defined, IAS_II-4965-001.
Removal of Existing Facility & Replacement With Larger Permanent Facility, IAS_II-4966-001.
Renovation & Expansion, IAS_II-4967-001.
Residential Development, IAS_II-4968-002.
Upper Florida Keys, IAS_II-4969-001.
Water Certification Issue — Federal Standards, IAS_II-4970-001.
Water Quality Standards Analyzed Through Hydrographics, IAS_II-4971-001.
Marina, IAS_II-4972-003.
Mining In Wetlands —
Phosphate — Hamilton County, IAS_II-4973-001.
Reclamation, IAS_II-4974-002.
Mitigation Plans —
All Adverse Impacts Need Not Be Offset, IAS_II-4975-001.
Conservation Easements, IAS_II-4976-004.
Current DER Policy Discussed, IAS_II-4977-001.
D.O.A.H. Finding Regarding a Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-4978-002.
D.O.A.H. Resolves Factual Issues — Ultimate Decision is the Providence of DER As A Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-4979-001.
DER Has Ultimate Authority Over Any Plan, IAS_II-4980-001.
DER Must Consider, IAS_II-4981-001.
Discussed, IAS_II-4982-001.
Found Not Practical, IAS_II-4983-001.
Found Sufficient, IAS_II-4984-001.
Impacts On Manatees, IAS_II-4985-001.
Land Conveyance of Jurisdictional Wetlands, IAS_II-4986-002.
Landfills, IAS_II-4987-001.
Maintenance Plan to Prevent “Nuisance Plant Species” Does Not Constitute, IAS_II-4988-001.
Man-Made Wetlands, IAS_II-4989-001.
Marine & Estuarine Ecosystems Have Their Own Unique Environmental Functions Which Are Not Interchangeable, IAS_II-4990-001.
Marsh Relocation, IAS_II-4991-001.
Minimization of Net Loss Is An Important Guiding Principle, IAS_II-4992-001.
Must Offset Actual Adverse Impacts Including Cumulative Impacts, IAS_II-4993-001.
No Net Loss Approach Rejected, IAS_II-4994-001.
Nonrule Policies Surveyed, IAS_II-4995-001.
Not Required For Projects Not Contrary to the Public Interest, IAS_II-4996-001.
Policy Necessarily Nonrule Due to Rule Challenges, IAS_II-4997-001.
Post-Permit Field Engineering — Permissible Scope of, IAS_II-4998-002.
Preservation — Requisite Ratio to Disturbed Areas, IAS_II-4999-001.
Purpose of Examined, IAS_II-5000-001.
Role of In Offsetting Unacceptable Negative Impacts Examined, IAS_II-5001-001.
Sufficiency of Is a Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-5002-001.
Mosquito Ditches — Culverts, IAS_II-5003-001.
Outstanding Fla. Waters (See Also Outstanding Fla. Waters; ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION, Dept. of) —
Artificial Waterbodies In Fla. Keys Do Not Constitute, IAS_II-5004-001.
Base Year For Gauging Water Quality, IAS_II-5005-001.
Keys Rule (17-312.420) Examined, IAS_II-5006-001.
More Stringent Criteria, IAS_II-5007-004.
Must Be Adjacent Not Merely Nearby, IAS_II-5008-001.
Public Interest Test — Seven (7) Part Test, IAS_II-5009-001.
Tributary of, IAS_II-5010-001.
Pier — Industrial — Naval Vessels — Jacksonville, IAS_II-5011-002.
Pier — Residential Development 2922.
Pile-Supported Structure Over River, IAS_II-5012-001.
Power Plant Transmission Line Corridor, IAS_II-5013-001.
Public Interest Test —
Aesthetic Considerations Are Not a Part of It But Can Come Into Play, IAS_II-5014-001.
All Adverse Impacts Need Not Be Eliminated, IAS_II-5015-002.
Applicability, IAS_II-5016-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_II-5017-001.
Balanced Consideration of Various Criteria — A Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-5018-001.
Balanced Consideration of Various Criteria, IAS_II-5019-003.
Balancing of Criteria Is the Duty of DER Whose Discretion Is To Be Accorded Special Deference, IAS_II-5020-001.
Balancing of Private vs. Public Interest Discussed, IAS_II-5021-001.
Class III Waters, IAS_II-5022-001.
Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-5023-003.
Considered In An Environmental Context, IAS_II-5024-001.
DER – Not D.O.A.H. – Must Weigh Criteria, IAS_II-5025-001.
DER Without Authority to Grant Permit Contrary to, IAS_II-5026-001.
Discussed, IAS_II-5027-001.
Environmental Impacts Only But Broadly Construed, IAS_II-5028-001.
Environmental Impacts Only, IAS_II-5029-001.
Examined, IAS_II-5030-002.
Failure to Satisfy May Be Remedied By a Mitigation Plan, IAS_II-5031-001.
Historical & Archaeological Considerations — Discussed, IAS_II-5032-001.
Historical & Archaeological Considerations — Requisite Study, IAS_II-5033-001.
Much Broader Than Mere Utility, IAS_II-5034-001.
Navigational Impacts Discussed, IAS_II-5035-002.
Navigational Impediment Distinguished From Inconvenience, IAS_II-5036-002.
Net Environmental Benefit Concept, IAS_II-5037-001.
No Consideration of Economic Impacts, Traffic Hazards, or Reduction In Property Values, IAS_II-5038-001.
No Minimum Threshold Weight For Any One (1) Factor, IAS_II-5039-001.
Outstanding Fla. Waters, IAS_II-5040-002.
Phosphate Mining In Wetlands — Reclamation, IAS_II-5041-001.
Protection of Manatees, IAS_II-5042-001.
Relationship to Cumulative Impact Analysis, IAS_II-5043-001.
Role of Aesthetic Considerations Examined, IAS_II-5044-001.
Seven (7) Part Test, IAS_II-5045-026.
Shellfish Harvesting Impacts Examined, IAS_II-5046-001.
Strictly Applied to Tributary of Outstanding Florida Water, IAS_II-5047-001.
Transcends Environmental Impacts But Does Not Reach Public Convenience, IAS_II-5048-001.
Water Flow — Adverse Affect – Not Mere Affect- Prohibited, IAS_II-5049-001.
Water Quality Standards Must Be Met Before Consideration of, IAS_II-5050-001.
Public Interest Test, IAS_II-5051-002.
Reasonable Assurances (See Reasonable Assurances)
Residence In Wetlands, IAS_II-5052-001.
Residential Driveway — Improvement, IAS_II-5053-001.
Residential House, IAS_II-5054-004.
Riprap Revetment — Barrier Island — Residence, IAS_II-5055-001.
Road — Access to Landfill, IAS_II-5056-001.
Road — Access to Residential Lot, IAS_II-5057-001.
Road — Access, IAS_II-5058-002.
Road, IAS_II-5059-001.
Seawall —
Existing — Rip Rap Toe, IAS_II-5060-001.
Outstanding Fla. Waters, IAS_II-5061-002.
Rip Rap — House — Big Pine Key, IAS_II-5062-001.
Seawall — Vertical Concrete Wall, Rip-Rap & Backfill, IAS_II-5063-001.
Secondary Impacts (See Also Secondary Impacts) —
Analysis of Discussed, IAS_II-5064-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_II-5065-001.
Can & Must Be Considered — DER Is Concerned With Prop Dredging, IAS_II-5066-001.
Consideration of Related to Analysis of Cumulative Impacts, IAS_II-5067-001.
Consideration of Related to Analysis of Reasonable Assurances, IAS_II-5068-001.
Defined, IAS_II-5069-001.
Discussed, IAS_II-5070-001.
Improper Activities Without Requisite Permits, IAS_II-5071-001.
Mandatory Analysis For Dredge & Fill Permitting, IAS_II-5072-001.
Modification of Permit, IAS_II-5073-001.
Nature of Analysis Examined, IAS_II-5074-001.
Not Considered, IAS_II-5075-001.
Permissible Analysis For Dredge & Fill Permitting, IAS_II-5076-001.
Proposed Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) Are Relevant, IAS_II-5077-001.
Septic Tank (See Also Septic Tanks) —
Compliance With HRS Rules Found Pertinent, IAS_II-5078-001.
Residence, IAS_II-5079-001.
Septic Tank, IAS_II-5080-001.
Sewage Collection Pipes — Lake — Public School, IAS_II-5081-001.
Shopping Center In Wetlands, IAS_II-5082-001.
Subaqueous Sewer Pipeline Between Naples and Key Island, IAS_II-5083-001.
Subaqueous Sewer Pipeline, IAS_II-5084-001.
Undisturbed Wetlands Command Greater Protection Than Previously Disturbed Wetlands, IAS_II-5085-001.
Variance —
Analyzed On a Case-By-Case Basis, IAS_II-5086-001.
Applicability of Variance Procedure to Dredge & Fill Permitting Questioned But Not Decided, IAS_II-5087-001.
Existence of Viable Alternatives Is Pertinent, IAS_II-5088-001.
Hardship — Presence of Is a Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-5089-001.
Respective Burdens of Proof of Applicant & Intervenors, IAS_II-5090-001.
Statutory & Rule Criteria Regarding Examined, IAS_II-5091-001.
Subaqueous Sewer Pipeline, IAS_II-5092-001.
Zoning Law Regarding Is Not Pertinent, IAS_II-5093-001.
Wetlands —
Forested Wetlands Have Unique Functions Not Equivalent to Herbaceous Wetlands, IAS_II-5094-001.
Exemption (See Also Dredge & Fill) —
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_II-5095-001.
Merely Proposed Agency Action Until Affected Third Parties Are Afforded a Clear Point of Entry, IAS_II-5096-001.
No Agency Action Involved, IAS_II-5097-002.
Publication of Notice Not Required, IAS_II-5098-001.
Third Party Intervenors Cannot Challenge, IAS_II-5099-002.
Expiration of Permit —
DER — When Time Limit Begins to Run, IAS_II-5100-002.
DER Not Bound to Reissue, IAS_II-5101-001.
General Permits —
Agriculture & Consumer Services Blanket Authorizations to Burn, IAS_II-5102-001.
Discussed, IAS_II-5103-006.
For Incidental Activities, IAS_II-5104-001.
For Small Projects, IAS_II-5105-002.
No Third Party Protests, IAS_II-5106-007.
Grounds Sufficient For Revocation Are Likewise Sufficient For Denial, IAS_II-5107-001.
Landfill (See CONSTRUCTION) —
Landing Clearing — Monroe County — Dept. Comm. Aff. Challenge, IAS_II-5108-001.
Mangroves (See Also NATURAL RESOURCES, Dept. of, Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL)) —
Trimming to Improve View From Condo, IAS_II-5109-001.
Marina (See Dredge & Fill)
Modification (See Also Conditions) —
Applications (See Applications) —
Existing Permits, IAS_II-5110-001.
Industrial Wastewater Management System, IAS_II-5111-001.
Secondary Impacts Not Considered, IAS_II-5112-001.
Notice of Violation/Order For Corrective Action (See ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION, Dept. of)
Operating (See Also Wastewater Treatment Plant) —
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_II-5113-001.
Hazardous Waste Facility —
Hazardous Waste Defined, IAS_II-5114-001.
Operating Without Requisite Permit, IAS_II-5115-001.
Transportation of Hazardous Waste In a Rental Truck Constitutes, IAS_II-5116-001.
Renewal — Timely Application For Continued Operations Until Final Agency Action, IAS_II-5117-001.
Temporary Operating (See Also Operating) —
Paper & Pulp Mill — Variances Sought, IAS_II-5118-001.
Seven (7) Part Test Governing Grant of, IAS_II-5119-001.
Underground Injection Well — Manufacturing Plant —
Abandoned Wells, IAS_II-5120-001.
DER Reviews On a Case By Case Basis, IAS_II-5121-001.
Granted Subject to Later Submission of Corrective Action Plan, IAS_II-5122-001.
Temporary (See Temporary Operating)
There Is Not a No Discharge Standard — There Is a Harmfulness Standard, IAS_II-5123-001.
Outstanding Florida Waters (See Also Dredge & Fill) —
Proper Classification of Tributaries, IAS_II-5124-001.
Public Interest Test (See Dredge & Fill)
Reasonable Assurances (See Also Cumulative Impacts; Dredge & Fill, Secondary Impacts) —
Absence of Specific Drawings and Other Design Details, IAS_II-5125-001.
Any Additional Information Can Be Utilized When Providing Without Regard to Original Application, IAS_II-5126-001.
Burden of Proof —
Duty of Intervenor to Properly Raise Issues, IAS_II-5127-001.
On Applicant, IAS_II-5128-001.
Preponderance of Evidence, IAS_II-5129-003.
Provision of Shifts to Intervenors, IAS_II-5130-002.
Burden of Proof, IAS_II-5131-003.
Conclusion of Law Involving Underlying Factual Issues, IAS_II-5132-003.
Criminal History of An Applicant Can Be Pertinent, IAS_II-5133-001.
Cumulative Impacts, IAS_II-5134-004.
DER Must Require, IAS_II-5135-003.
Derived From the Totality of the Evidence Not a Single Event, IAS_II-5136-001.
Expert Testimony Can Rely On Unproduced Data or Modeling, IAS_II-5137-001.
Expert Witness Opinion Alone Can Be Sufficient to Provide, IAS_II-5138-001.
Federal Enforcement Action Against Predecessor In Interest, IAS_II-5139-001.
Function of Potential For Harm to the Environment, IAS_II-5140-001.
Ground Water Contamination Assessment Not Required Absent Proof of Violation of Water Quality Standards, IAS_II-5141-001.
Guarantee of Performance Alone Is Insufficient, IAS_II-5142-001.
Modeling Demonstrating Compliance Not Blindly Accepted As Providing, IAS_II-5143-001.
Need For Quantified Studies Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-5144-001.
Need Not Address Speculative Impacts, IAS_II-5145-001.
Never Absolute — Monitoring Imposed to Assure Actual Compliance, IAS_II-5146-005.
Never Absolute, IAS_II-5147-003.
Previous Compliance With DER Standards — Consideration of, IAS_II-5148-001.
Previous Violations of DER Rules & Statutes, IAS_II-5149-001.
Previously Unpermitted Activities, IAS_II-5150-004.
Removal Clause of Settlement Agreement Found to Constitute Improper Waiver of Requisite Provision of, IAS_II-5151-001.
Requisite Flexibility Regarding Provision of Examined, IAS_II-5152-001.
Secondary Impacts Considered, IAS_II-5153-001.
Specific Engineering Plans Not Requisite To Per Se, IAS_II-5154-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_II-5155-001.
Threshold Consideration In Dredge & Fill Case, IAS_II-5156-001.
What Constitutes Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-5157-001.
Worst Case Scenario Not Presumed, IAS_II-5158-001.
Renewal of —
Subject to Regulations In Effect At Time of Renewal, IAS_II-5159-001.
Res Judicata (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Modified Application For Permit, IAS_II-5160-003.
Seismic Activities — Declaratory Statement —
Policy Prohibiting Use of Explosives or Drilling In Exploration or Production of Oil and Gas Examined, IAS_II-5161-001.
Septic Tank (See Also Dredge & Fill) —
After-the-Fact, IAS_II-5162-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_II-5163-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_II-5164-004.
Contractor —
Aiding & Abetting Repair Without Requisite Permit, IAS_II-5165-001.
Distinction Between Application For Permit & Variance Examined, IAS_II-5166-001.
Executive Order Proscribing In Ten (10) Year Floodplain of the Suwannee River Is Not Advisory, IAS_II-5167-001.
Fiberglass Tanks Found to Have Walls of Insufficient Thickness, IAS_II-5168-001.
Floodplain —
Executive Order 90-14 — HRS Interpretation of As a Moratorium Found Unconstitutional, IAS_II-5169-001.
Executive Order 90-14 Expired 1/31/92, IAS_II-5170-001.
Executive Order Proscribing In Ten (10) Year Floodplain of Suwannee River Is Not Advisory, IAS_II-5171-001.
Grinding & Pumping Alternative System, IAS_II-5172-001.
Residential — Floodplain — Maximum Fill Restrictions, IAS_II-5173-001.
Residential, IAS_II-5174-005.
Surface Waters Defined, IAS_II-5175-001.
Variance From Fifty (50) Foot Setback, IAS_II-5176-001.
HRS Has Primary Jurisdiction Yet DER Retains Authority to Consider Impacts On Water Quality, IAS_II-5177-001.
HRS Is Without Jurisdiction to Enforce DER Rules, IAS_II-5178-001.
Hardship —
Economic Disadvantage Alone Does Not Constitute, IAS_II-5179-001.
Industrial —
Airport Hangar, IAS_II-5180-001.
Statutory Amendment Found to Preclude Approval of, IAS_II-5181-002.
Limited Soils May Be Replaced By Excavation, IAS_II-5182-001.
Residential (See Also Floodplain)
Residential — Mound/Receptacle, IAS_II-5183-001.
Residential, IAS_II-5184-003.
Revocation —
HRS Cannot Revoke On the Basis of An Alleged Violation of DER Dredge & Fill Rules, IAS_II-5185-001.
Misrepresentation On Application For Must Be Knowing to Serve As Basis For, IAS_II-5186-001.
Mobile Home Park — Failure to Properly Maintain System, IAS_II-5187-001.
Strictly Regulated Due to Attendant Environmental Risks, IAS_II-5188-001.
Variance —
Denied, IAS_II-5189-007.
Existence of Viable Alternatives Is Pertinent, IAS_II-5190-001.
Granted, IAS_II-5191-003.
Hardships Discussed, IAS_II-5192-001.
May Not Be Granted Contrary to Blanket Statutory Prohibition, IAS_II-5193-001.
Minor vs. Major Deviation, IAS_II-5194-002.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_II-5195-001.
Stare Decisis (See Also PRACTICE & PRACTICE) —
Mandated By DER Rule, IAS_II-5196-001.
Authority of Water Management District to Delegate Permitting to DER Questioned, IAS_II-5197-001.
Concurrent Jurisdiction of DER & St. Johns River Water Management Dist., IAS_II-5198-001.
DER — Landfill — Duval County, IAS_II-5199-002.
DER — Landfill — Private — Improper Waiver of Advisory Report From Water Management Dist., IAS_II-5200-001.
DER Delegated Authority For Those Related to Landfills From St. John’s Water Management Dist., IAS_II-5201-001.
Grant of Conditioned On Later Submission of Acceptable Mitigation Plan, IAS_II-5202-001.
Modifications to, IAS_II-5203-002.
Private Wastewater Treatment Plant — Spray Irrigation, IAS_II-5204-001.
Responsibility For Maintenance Found Not Properly Provided For, IAS_II-5205-001.
Residential Development, IAS_II-5206-001.
Road, IAS_II-5207-001.
Television Signal Tower & Control Building, IAS_II-5208-002.
Swimming Pool —
Public —
After-the-Fact, IAS_II-5209-001.
Variance — Dark Tile Lacking Slip-Resistant Finish, IAS_II-5210-001.
Third Party Intervenors (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION, Dept. of, Third Party Intervenors; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) —
§120.57(1) & §403.412(5) Compared & Construed, IAS_II-5211-001.
§403.412(5) Is Inapplicable to Enforcement Proceedings, IAS_II-5212-001.
§403.418(2) Does Not Vitiate the Substantial Interest Test, IAS_II-5213-001.
Adverse Impacts —
Must Be Result of Proposed Agency Action, IAS_II-5214-001.
Affected Person Defined, IAS_II-5215-001.
Amendment of Application — Effect On Rights of, IAS_II-5216-004.
Amendment of Permit —
Adverse Impacts Assailed Must Result From the Amendment, IAS_II-5217-001.
Amendment of Petition to Properly List Real Party In Interest, IAS_II-5218-001.
Appeal of Permitting Action Does Not Create Entitlement to Actual Notice of All Related Permits, IAS_II-5219-001.
Burden of Proof (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Cannot Summarily Force Litigation Over All Aspects of Application, IAS_II-5220-001.
Establishment & Effect of Prima Facie Case, IAS_II-5221-001.
Respective Burdens of Proof of Applicant & Intervenor, IAS_II-5222-007.
Shift to After Applicant Provides Reasonable Assurances, IAS_II-5223-007.
Counties —
§125.01(1) Does Not Obviate Need to Demonstrate Substantial Interests, IAS_II-5224-001.
Parens Patriae Is Not Available, IAS_II-5225-001.
Two (2) Prong Test Is Applicable, IAS_II-5226-001.
Notice —
Adequacy of Circulation of Newspaper Utilized, IAS_II-5227-002.
Failure to Timely Provide Proof of Publication, IAS_II-5228-001.
Newspaper of General Circulation Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-5229-002.
Out-of-State —
Publication of Notice In Local Newspaper Is Sufficient, IAS_II-5230-001.
Standing —
Agency Cannot Confer Arbitrarily, IAS_II-5231-001.
Association — Incorporated, IAS_II-5232-001.
Association — Organizations For the Protection of the Environment, IAS_II-5233-001.
Association — Property Owners, IAS_II-5234-001.
Association — Taxpayer, IAS_II-5235-001.
Association — Three (3) Part Test, IAS_II-5236-001.
Association — Unincorporated, IAS_II-5237-001.
Association, IAS_II-5238-002.
Cannot Be Assailed Post-Hearing, IAS_II-5239-001.
Cannot Be Predicated Alone On Earlier, Parallel Proceeding, IAS_II-5240-001.
Concept of Standing Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-5241-002.
Consent Orders (See Consent Orders)
Default Permits, IAS_II-5242-001.
Economic Injury Alone Insufficient, IAS_II-5243-004.
Exemptions — To Challenge Another’s Exemption From Permitting, IAS_II-5244-001.
Exemptions, IAS_II-5245-004.
Failure to Timely Challenge Results In Waiver of Objection, IAS_II-5246-001.
General Permits, IAS_II-5247-008.
Injury — Special Injury Not Required, IAS_II-5248-001.
Injury Claimed Found Too Remote, IAS_II-5249-001.
Injury-In-Fact Discussed, IAS_II-5250-002.
Jurisdictional Declaratory Statements, IAS_II-5251-001.
Lobbying Activities Alone Do Not Provide, IAS_II-5252-001.
Must Exist At Time Petition Is Filed, IAS_II-5253-001.
Need Not Be Properly Plead Absent Challenge To, IAS_II-5254-001.
Need Not Be Proven If Not Properly & Timely Challenged By Applicant, IAS_II-5255-002.
None to Challenge Interagency Prehearing Agreement, IAS_II-5256-001.
None to Challenge Nonenvironmental Impacts, IAS_II-5257-001.
None to Challenge Staff Reports, IAS_II-5258-002.
Property Owner — Adjacent, IAS_II-5259-002.
Requirements For Found to Have Been Relaxed Yet Confused By Recent Appellate Court Decisions, IAS_II-5260-001.
Status As Local Legislative Representative Alone Is Insufficient, IAS_II-5261-001.
Substantial Interest — Lobbying Efforts, IAS_II-5262-001.
Substantial Interest — Proximate Property Ownership Not Required, IAS_II-5263-001.
Substantial Interest Test Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-5264-004.
Substantial Interest Test Need Not Be Satisfied If Standing Is Accorded By Statute or Rule, IAS_II-5265-001.
Substantial Interest Test, IAS_II-5266-003.
To Contest Agency Finding of No Jurisdiction, IAS_II-5267-001.
Two-Prong Test, IAS_II-5268-024.
West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority, IAS_II-5269-001.
Zone of Interest Defined, IAS_II-5270-006.
Zone of Interest Test, IAS_II-5271-001.
Title to Affected Land (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION, Dept. of, Jurisdiction) —
Applicant Must Establish That Ownership Is At Least Imminent, IAS_II-5272-001.
DER Jurisdiction Regarding, IAS_II-5273-001.
Public Entity Applicant With Condemnation Power, IAS_II-5274-001.
Wastewater Treatment Plant —
Dairy — Exemption Withdrawn After Intervenor Protest, IAS_II-5275-001.
Industrial — Additional Phosphogypsum Storage Pile, IAS_II-5276-001.
Modification to Drip Irrigation System, IAS_II-5277-001.
Municipal — Expansion, IAS_II-5278-001.
Municipal, IAS_II-5279-001.
Operating (See Also (Operating) —
Application For Extension, IAS_II-5280-001.
Denied, IAS_II-5281-002.
Existing Discharge — Grandfathering — Anti-Degradation Policy, IAS_II-5282-001.
Existing Discharge Defined, IAS_II-5283-001.
Operating, IAS_II-5284-001.
Plant/Collection System — Municipal, IAS_II-5285-001.
Private — Advanced, IAS_II-5286-001.
Private — Extension of, IAS_II-5287-001.
Private — Pulp & Paper Mill, IAS_II-5288-001.
Private, IAS_II-5289-002.
Pumping Station/Force Main/Land Application Facility — Municipal, IAS_II-5290-001.
Renewal — Denial — Affirmed (See Also Renewal), IAS_II-5291-001.
Respective Burdens of Proof of Applicant & Intervenor, IAS_II-5292-001.
Secondary Impacts Not Considered, IAS_II-5293-001.
Sewer System — Dry Line — Municipal, IAS_II-5294-001.
Spray Irrigation —
Best Available Technology Need Not Be Utilized, IAS_II-5295-001.
County, IAS_II-5296-001.
Evidence Regarding Alternative Systems Is Not Relevant, IAS_II-5297-001.
Private, IAS_II-5298-001.
Strict Liability For Proper Disposal of Residuals — Dismissal of Challenge to Proposed Rule Affirmed, IAS_II-5299-001.
Use of Wetlands To Treat or Receive Wastewater Effluent Examined, IAS_II-5300-001.
Consumptive Use —
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_II-5301-001.
Collision Between Urban & Agricultural Needs In S.W. Fla. Examined, IAS_II-5302-001.
Golf Course, IAS_II-5303-001.
Jurisdiction Examined, IAS_II-5304-001.
Modification — Taxpayer Assoc. Lacks Standing to Challenge, IAS_II-5305-001.
Municipal — Municipal Intervenor Protest, IAS_II-5306-002.
May Consider Impacts On Water Quality Outside Its Jurisdiction, IAS_II-5307-001.
Right-of-Way Occupancy —
Dock — After-the-Fact, IAS_II-5308-002.
Vertical Bulkhead, IAS_II-5309-002.
Surface Water Management System (See Surface Water Management Sytem)
Water Pollution —
No Practical Means Known or Available Defined & Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-5310-001.
Phosphogypsum Storage Piles —
Consent Order — Third Party Challenge, IAS_II-5311-001.
Gypsum Stacks Are Solid Waste Disposal Facilities, IAS_II-5312-001.
Secondary Impacts Not Considered, IAS_II-5313-001.
Stack Closure Regulated On a Case-By-Case Basis, IAS_II-5314-001.
Variances —
Two (2) Prong Test, IAS_II-5315-001.
Water Certification — Federal Standards —
Net Improvement Standard, IAS_II-5316-001.
Revocation of Prior Certification, IAS_II-5317-001.
Three (3) Options For DER Examined, IAS_II-5318-001.
Water Vending Machine —
Applicant Has Affirmative Duty to Provide the Appropriate Test Results, IAS_II-5319-001.
Wetlands —
There Is a Decline In Forested Wetlands In Florida & Central Florida, IAS_II-5320-001.


Community —
Failure to Have Prescription Manager, IAS_II-5321-001.
Failure to Timely Notify Bd. of Change In Manager, IAS_II-5322-001.
Generic Drugs — Determination of Equivalency —
Utilization of FDA Standards Is Reasonable, IAS_II-5323-001.
License —
Failure to Post Closed Sign When Absent, IAS_II-5324-001.
Good Faith Is Immaterial to Charge of Dispensing Without a Valid Prescription, IAS_II-5325-001.
Reinstatement of Revoked License —
Bd. Found to Lack Statutory Authority to Permanently Revoke a License, IAS_II-5326-001.
Bd. Order Denying Reinstatement Reversed As Deficient, IAS_II-5327-001.
Statute Authorizing Rule Guidelines Regarding Reinstatement Found Directory Not Mandatory, IAS_II-5328-001.
Three (3) Acceptable Modes For Pharmacist’s Receipt of a Prescription, IAS_II-5329-001.


Bd. Rejection of Recommended Order Reversed, IAS_II-5330-001.
Grounding of Vessel —
Presumption of Negligence, IAS_II-5331-001.
Presumption of Negligence Found to Be Unauthorized, IAS_II-5332-001.
Reports Required Under §310.101(1)(g) Found Not to Violate Privilege Against Self-Incrimination, IAS_II-5333-001.
Order On Remand: McDonald, IAS_II-5334-001.
Piloting —
Defined Broadly To Include Errors of Omission Such As Failure to Timely Report to Duty, IAS_II-5335-001.
Pilots Are Held to a Higher Standard of Care Than An Ordinary Mariner, IAS_II-5336-001.
Relationship Between Vessel’s Master & Pilot Examined, IAS_II-5337-001.
Tampa Bay Does Not Necessarily Have Four (4) “Ports”, IAS_II-5338-001.
Tampa Bay Pilots Association Application For a Change In Rates, IAS_II-5339-001.



Circuit Court Denial of Review Sought By Terminated Police Officer Rejected, IAS_II-5340-001.