APA (See Also Remedies) —
§120 Can Be Invoked Voluntarily By Consent of All Parties, IAS_II-5341-001.
§120 Preempts Conflicting Statutes Regarding §120.57 Proceedings, IAS_II-5342-001.
Generally Inapplicable to Local Government, IAS_II-5343-001.
Primary Purpose —
Abolition of Unwritten Rules, IAS_II-5344-002.
Creation of D.O.A.H., IAS_II-5345-001.
Examined, IAS_II-5346-002.
Expand Public Access to Governmental Agencies, IAS_II-5347-002.
Hearings Conducted By Established & Ascertainable Rules, IAS_II-5348-001.
Impartial Fact-Finders, IAS_II-5349-001.
Increased Flexibility & Informality In the Administrative Process, IAS_II-5350-001.
Third Party Access, IAS_II-5351-003.
To Give Affected Parties An Opportunity to Change the Agency’s Mind, IAS_II-5352-001.
Admissions —
Withdrawal of, IAS_II-5353-001.
Affirmative Defense —
Found to Be Inappropriate & Untimely, IAS_II-5354-001.
Movant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_II-5355-002.
Agency (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.)) —
Adjudicatory Power Is Inherent, IAS_II-5356-001.
Definition of Examined, IAS_II-5357-001.
Is Not a “Court”, IAS_II-5358-001.
Lacks Authority to Define Statutory Term In Incipient Policy Contrary to Common Law, IAS_II-5359-001.
Amendment of Pleadings (See Also DISCIPLINE, Complaints; PERMITS, Application) —
Denied When Futile, IAS_II-5360-001.
Post-Hearing to Conform to Evidence — Granted, IAS_II-5361-002.
Second Amended Petition Disallowed, IAS_II-5362-001.
To Properly Reflect Real Party In Interest, IAS_II-5363-001.
Answer —
Failure to Timely File Excused, IAS_II-5364-003.
Attorney (See Also Ex Parte Communications) —
Agency Advisor —
Propriety of Ruling On Procedural Matters, IAS_II-5365-001.
Incompetence — Court Will Not Protect Client, IAS_II-5366-001.
Notice of Appearance — Successor Only Need File, IAS_II-5367-001.
There Is No Right to Representation By In Administrative Proceedings, IAS_II-5368-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs —
§57.105 — Applicable Standard of Proof, IAS_II-5369-001.
§120.57(1)(b)(5) —
Appellate Review of Award of Is De Novo, IAS_II-5370-001.
Available to D.O.A.H. Only, IAS_II-5371-001.
Award of Made Expressly Without Prejudice to §57.111 Action, IAS_II-5372-001.
D.O.A.H. Denial of Motion For Reversed, IAS_II-5373-001.
Denied, IAS_II-5374-011.
Disposable Under Separate & Final D.O.A.H. Order, IAS_II-5375-001.
Distinctions Between Federal Counterpart, IAS_II-5376-001.
Failure of Proof or to Ultimately Prevail Alone Insufficient, IAS_II-5377-001.
Failure to Submit Competent Substantial Evidence Alone Does Not Justify Award of, IAS_II-5378-001.
Federal Caselaw Under Analogous Provision Examined, IAS_II-5379-002.
Improper Purpose Defined, IAS_II-5380-002.
Improper Purpose Involves Neither Subjective Intent Nor Good/Bad Faith Analysis, IAS_II-5381-001.
Last Minute Request For Continuance, IAS_II-5382-001.
Motion For After Issuance of Recommended Order Is Untimely, IAS_II-5383-001.
One (1) of Two (2) Charges Found Not Substantially Justified — 1/2 of Attorney’s Fees Awarded, IAS_II-5384-001.
Petition For May Be Pursued At Independent Proceeding At D.O.A.H., IAS_II-5385-001.
Primarily a Deterrent to Be Utilized After Other Remedies Are Employed, IAS_II-5386-001.
Purpose — Remedy Agency Overreaching, IAS_II-5387-001.
Record In Case Below Made Part of the Instant Record, IAS_II-5388-002.
Separate De Novo Hearing On Is Not Required, IAS_II-5389-001.
§120.57(1)(b)(10) —
Appellate Remand For D.O.A.H. Determination of Amount, IAS_II-5390-001.
Applicable to Bid Protests (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests)), IAS_II-5391-001.
Applicable to Hearing, Appeal & Litigation of Attorney’s Fee Award, IAS_II-5392-002.
Awarded After Agency Confession of Error On Appeal, IAS_II-5393-001.
Awarded, IAS_II-5394-002.
Denied, IAS_II-5395-003.
Gross Abuse of Discretion Found, IAS_II-5396-001.
Petitioner Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_II-5397-001.
Standard Governing Awards Pursuant to Examined, IAS_II-5398-001.
§120.59(6) —
Agency Lacks Authority to Award Independently of D.O.A.H., IAS_II-5399-002.
Bid Protest (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests)) —
§120.59(6)(b) Preempts §287.042(2)(c), IAS_II-5400-001.
D.O.A.H. Need Not Conduct Further Proceeding On Motion For, IAS_II-5401-001.
DER Rejection of D.O.A.H. Award Pursuant to Reversed, IAS_II-5402-001.
DER Rejects D.O.A.H. Award Pursuant to, IAS_II-5403-001.
DER Rejects Remand to D.O.A.H. For Award of, IAS_II-5404-001.
Denied, IAS_II-5405-006.
Discussed, IAS_II-5406-002.
Improper Purpose — Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-5407-006.
Improper Purpose — Direct Evidence of Intent Not Required, IAS_II-5408-001.
Improper Purpose — Direct Evidence of Required, IAS_II-5409-004.
Improper Purpose — Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_II-5410-001.
Improper Purpose — Question of Fact, IAS_II-5411-001.
Improper Purpose Distinguished From Ineptness of Pro Se Petitioner, IAS_II-5412-003.
Improper Purpose Does Not Equate With Incompetence, IAS_II-5413-001.
Improper When Predicated Upon Agency’s Change of Position, IAS_II-5414-001.
Lay Representative Is Held to Same Standard of Conduct (But Not Competence) As An Attorney, IAS_II-5415-001.
Motion For After Issuance of Recommended Order Is Untimely, IAS_II-5416-001.
Motion For Must Be Made Early In the Proceeding, IAS_II-5417-001.
Party Cannot Be “Prevailing” By Virtue of a Voluntary Dismissal, IAS_II-5418-001.
Purpose of Provision Examined, IAS_II-5419-001.
Separate De Novo Hearing On Is Not Required, IAS_II-5420-001.
Transcript of Proceeding Below Found Not Essential to Award of, IAS_II-5421-001.
§163.3213(8) —
Denied, IAS_II-5422-001.
§284.30 Notice Requirement For State Div. of Risk Management Inapplicable, IAS_II-5423-001.
§403.412 —
§403.412(2)(f) — Inapplicable to Administrative Proceedings, IAS_II-5424-001.
Granted, IAS_II-5425-001.
Agency Voluntary Dismissal Does Not Preclude Award of, IAS_II-5426-001.
Award of Is In Derogation of Common Law — Statutes Regarding to Be Strictly Construed, IAS_II-5427-001.
Award of Is In Derogation of Common Law and Therefore Is Proper Only When Expressly Authorized, IAS_II-5428-001.
Award of a Conclusion of Law — D.O.A.H. Ruling May Be Freely Rejected, IAS_II-5429-001.
Bid Protest (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests)), IAS_II-5430-001.
Burden of Proof — Respective, IAS_II-5431-001.
Collateral Rule Challenge, IAS_II-5432-001.
Costs —
Properly Include Expert Witness Fees, Videotaping Services, Court Reporter Fees, Preparation of Record On Appeal & Various Photocopying Expense, IAS_II-5433-001.
Award Discussed, IAS_II-5434-004.
Do Not Include Copying, Postage, Parking & Electronic Research Database Expenses, IAS_II-5435-001.
Not Recoverable Against Agency, IAS_II-5436-001.
Properly Include Copying, Telephone, Travel & Mailing, IAS_II-5437-001.
Time Limits Governing Motions For, IAS_II-5438-001.
Transcription Fees Are Recoverable, IAS_II-5439-001.
Costs — Exhaustive Exploration of Those Which Are Recoverable, IAS_II-5440-002.
D.C.A. Award —
Agency Gross Abuse of Discretion, IAS_II-5441-001.
Remand to D.O.A.H. For Determination of Amount, IAS_II-5442-002.
D.O.A.H. Cannot Award On Basis of Federal Statute Sua Sponte, IAS_II-5443-001.
D.O.A.H. Denial of Affirmed, IAS_II-5444-002.
D.O.A.H. Final Order On D.C.A. Remand For Determination of —
Utilization of “Lodestar” Multiplier of 1.5 Reversed, IAS_II-5445-001.
D.O.A.H. Final Order On D.C.A. Remand For Determination of, IAS_II-5446-001.
D.O.A.H. Post-Mandate Final Order, IAS_II-5447-001.
Denied, IAS_II-5448-001.
Enforcement Action, IAS_II-5449-001.
Equal Access to Justice Act (§57.111) —
§120.57(1)(b)(5) Award Made Expressly Without Prejudice to Nonduplicitous Recovery Under §57.111, IAS_II-5450-001.
$15,000.00 Cap On Recovery — Constitutional Challenge To Not Considered, IAS_II-5451-001.
$15,000.00 Maximum Award Precludes Further Award of Costs, IAS_II-5452-002.
Action Initiated By An Agency — Does Not Include a Rule Challenge, IAS_II-5453-001.
Agency Has Burden of Proof, IAS_II-5454-002.
Agency Has No Duty to Interview An Accused Before Filing a Complaint, IAS_II-5455-002.
Agency Investigation Found to Be Cursory, IAS_II-5456-001.
Answer — Agency — Untimeliness Excused, IAS_II-5457-001.
Answer — Agency — Untimely — D.O.A.H. Summary Final Order Granting Fees Reversed, IAS_II-5458-001.
Answer — Agency Failure to File — Hearing Need Not Be Held, IAS_II-5459-001.
Answer — Agency Failure to File Deemed Admission of All Allegations, IAS_II-5460-001.
Answer — Agency Failure to File, IAS_II-5461-002.
Appellate Denial of §120.57(1)(b)(10) Motion For Fees Is Not Dispositive, IAS_II-5462-001.
Applicable to Bid Protests, IAS_II-5463-002.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs Associated With §57.111 Action Are Recoverable, IAS_II-5464-004.
Attorney’s Fees Awarded to a Pro Se Petitioner, IAS_II-5465-001.
Attorney’s Fees Need Not Be Apportioned Between Counts On Which a Party Prevails & Those On Which An Agency Prevails, IAS_II-5466-001.
Availability of Recovery Through Other Means Is Immaterial, IAS_II-5467-001.
Available Only to Those Actually Doing Business In Florida, IAS_II-5468-001.
Available Only to Those Whose Principle Place of Business Is In Florida, IAS_II-5469-001.
Board Member Not Precluded From Testifying Regarding the Sunshine Law, IAS_II-5470-001.
Burden of Proof — Agency’s Burden of Proof Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-5471-002.
Burden of Proof — Agency, IAS_II-5472-005.
Burden of Proof — Establishment & Effect of Prima Facie Case, IAS_II-5473-010.
Burden of Proof — Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_II-5474-001.
Burden of Proof — Respective Burdens of Proof Examined, IAS_II-5475-007.
Burden of Proof — Shift of Burden of Proof to the Agency, IAS_II-5476-001.
Calculation of (See Also Exhaustive Exploration of Requisite Proof & Appropriate Methodology)
Calculation of — Apportionment Between Multiple Cases, IAS_II-5477-002.
Calculation of — Requisite Documentation, IAS_II-5478-001.
Calculation of — Time Spent On §57.111 Proceeding, IAS_II-5479-001.
Caselaw Under Analogous Federal Provision — Fla. Act Is Similar But Not Identical, IAS_II-5480-001.
Caselaw Under Analogous Federal Provision Is Pertinent, IAS_II-5481-001.
Costs — Not Recoverable After Maximum Attorney’s Fee Award ($15,000.00), IAS_II-5482-002.
Costs As Well Are Recoverable, IAS_II-5483-001.
D.O.A.H. Advises Prevailing Petitioner In §120.57(1) Proceeding That a §57.111 Claim Is Not Warranted, IAS_II-5484-001.
DER Early Detection Incentive (EDI) Program, IAS_II-5485-001.
Decision Rendered Based On Pleadings Without Hearing, IAS_II-5486-003.
Dismissal of Complaint Mitigates But Does Not Exculpate Agency Liability, IAS_II-5487-001.
Establishment & Effect of Prima Facie Case, IAS_II-5488-012.
Final Order Must First Be Entered, IAS_II-5489-001.
Fluidity of Agency Policy Creates Unforeseeable Adverse Impacts, IAS_II-5490-001.
Found Not Available For Preliminary Agency Actions, IAS_II-5491-001.
Inapplicable to An Open Case, IAS_II-5492-001.
Inapplicable to Rule Challenges, IAS_II-5493-001.
Judgment On Pleadings Absent Timely Request For Hearing, IAS_II-5494-001.
Modification of Previous Nonrule Policy Does Not Justify Award Per Se, IAS_II-5495-001.
Nonprevailing Party Defined, IAS_II-5496-001.
Patterned After Federal Law on Same Subject, IAS_II-5497-010.
Petition For — Procedures Governing, IAS_II-5498-001.
Petition For Must Include Copy of Favorable Judgment, IAS_II-5499-001.
Petitioner Failure to Appear At Hearing, IAS_II-5500-001.
Prevailing Party Defined, IAS_II-5501-004.
Prevailing Party Does Not Include One Who Has the Penalty Alone Reduced On Appeal, IAS_II-5502-001.
Prevailing Party Is Not Necessarily One Who Has One (1) of Four (4) Counts Dismissed, IAS_II-5503-001.
Prevailing Party Is Not Necessarily One Who Has a Compliant Dismissed Due to Mitigating Circumstances, IAS_II-5504-001.
Prevailing Party Need Not Prevail On All Counts — Apportionment, IAS_II-5505-001.
Probable Cause — Finding of Does Not Insulate Bd. From §57.111 Award, IAS_II-5506-001.
Probable Cause Panel — Importance of the Investigative Report, IAS_II-5507-001.
Probable Cause Panel Need Not Be Properly Comprised, IAS_II-5508-001.
Probable Cause Panel Need Not Determine Admissibility of Evidence, IAS_II-5509-001.
Probable Cause Panel Need Not Investigate Accuracy of Investigative Reports, IAS_II-5510-001.
Probable Cause Panel’s Questionable Reliance On Expert’s Testimony, IAS_II-5511-001.
Prosecution Based On Credibility Assessment of Investigation — Has a Reasonable Basis in Law & Fact, IAS_II-5512-001.
Purpose of – To Provide Alternative & Sometimes Additional Remedies, IAS_II-5513-001.
Purpose of Examined, IAS_II-5514-004.
Record In Case Below & Parties’ Stipulation Is a Sufficient Record, IAS_II-5515-001.
Record In Case Below Utilized, IAS_II-5516-004.
Requisite Proof of Amount of Fees, IAS_II-5517-001.
Residency Requirement Upheld As Constitutional, IAS_II-5518-001.
Sham Petition — Agency Awarded Attorney’s Fees & Costs From Petitioner’s Attorney, IAS_II-5519-001.
Small Business Party — Corporation — Complaint Must Have Been Brought Against the Corporation, IAS_II-5520-001.
Small Business Party — Piercing of Corporate Veil Found Not Warranted, IAS_II-5521-001.
Small Business Party — Spouse Who Owns All Stock In a Corporation With Her Husband, IAS_II-5522-001.
Small Business Party Defined, IAS_II-5523-005.
Small Business Party Does Not Include CPA In An Accounting Firm, IAS_II-5524-001.
Small Business Party Does Not Include Employee — Employee/Independent Contractor Distinction, IAS_II-5525-001.
Small Business Party Does Not Include Employees of a Partnership, Corporation or a Professional Association, IAS_II-5526-001.
Small Business Party Does Not Include Employees, IAS_II-5527-003.
Small Business Party Does Not Include One Disciplined For Conduct As An Individual, IAS_II-5528-001.
Small Business Party Does Not Include Property Owner, IAS_II-5529-001.
Small Business Party Does Not Include State Employees, IAS_II-5530-001.
Small Business Party Includes One Disciplined For Actions In Corporate Capacity, IAS_II-5531-001.
Stipulation of Settlement, IAS_II-5532-003.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Agency’s Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_II-5533-002.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Agency’s Duty to Conduct a Thorough Investigation, IAS_II-5534-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — DPR/Bd./Probable Cause Panel, IAS_II-5535-002.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Fact That An Agency Lost Its Case Below Does Not Raise A Presumption Regarding, IAS_II-5536-004.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Hearsay Alone Can Be Sufficient, IAS_II-5537-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — HRS Denial of Renewal of License, IAS_II-5538-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — One (1) of Two (2) Charges Found to Be Frivolous, IAS_II-5539-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Reasonableness Standard Utilized, IAS_II-5540-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Transcript of DPR Probable Cause Proceeding Admissible & Probative, IAS_II-5541-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Very Narrow Inquiry, IAS_II-5542-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action Discussed, IAS_II-5543-016.
Substantially Justified Agency Action Measured At Time Action Is Initiated, IAS_II-5544-027.
Third Party Intervention Is An Action Initiated By An Agency, IAS_II-5545-001.
Time Limit — Calculation of, IAS_II-5546-005.
Time Limit — Commences When Final Order Is Rendered & Properly Served, IAS_II-5547-001.
Time Limit — Equitable Tolling Found Inapplicable, IAS_II-5548-001.
Time Limit — Measured From Date of Oral Pronouncement — Bd. Failure to Render Written Final Order, IAS_II-5549-001.
Time Limit For Filing Is Jurisdictional, IAS_II-5550-001.
Time Limit For Seeking Is 60 Days After a Party “Prevails”, IAS_II-5551-001.
Time Limits For Petition & Agency Answer, IAS_II-5552-003.
Unemployment Compensation Hearing Is Not An Action Initiated By An Agency, IAS_II-5553-001.
Vicarious Liability of Employer Examined, IAS_II-5554-001.
Exhaustive Exploration of Requisite Proof & Appropriate Methodology (See Also Equal Access to Justice Act, Calculation of) —
Attorney’s Fees Incurred Litigating Entitlement to Attorney’s Fees Normally Recoverable, IAS_II-5555-001.
Award Should Never Exceed the Actual Fee Agreement, IAS_II-5556-001.
Awards For Work of Law Clerks, IAS_II-5557-001.
Contingency Fee — Failure to Reduce Agreement to Writing Is Not a Bar to Recovery, IAS_II-5558-001.
Contingency Fee — Federal Caselaw Examined, IAS_II-5559-001.
Contingency Fee — Multiplier, IAS_II-5560-001.
Contingency Fee — Multiplier — Contingency Risk Factor, IAS_II-5561-002.
Contingency Fee — Multiplier — Public Policy Cases, IAS_II-5562-002.
Contingency Fee — Multiplier — There Must Be In Fact a Contingency Fee Agreement, IAS_II-5563-001.
Contingency Fee — Multiplier — Three (3) Part Test For Applicability of Examined, IAS_II-5564-002.
Contingency Fee — Multiplier Utilized to Compensate For Delay & Risk Factors, IAS_II-5565-001.
Contingency Fee — Multipliers Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-5566-001.
Contingency Fee — Utilization of Multiplier Reversed, IAS_II-5567-001.
Costs Award Discussed, IAS_II-5568-001.
Establishment of Prevailing Market Hourly Rates, IAS_II-5569-001.
Federal Lodestar Approach Followed, IAS_II-5570-004.
Fee Agreement Must Be In Writing, IAS_II-5571-001.
Government Attorney — Services Valued At Market Rate For Private Bar, IAS_II-5572-001.
Importance of Accurate & Complete Records of Time Spent, IAS_II-5573-001.
Tying Workproduct Directly Into Computer Is Fully Compensable, IAS_II-5574-001.
Work On Unsuccessful Claims Not Disallowed — Results Matter, IAS_II-5575-001.
Exhaustive Exploration of Requisite Proof & Appropriate Methodology, IAS_II-5576-001.
Issue of Entitlement Alone Sufficient For §120.57(1) Hearing, IAS_II-5577-001.
Motion For — D.O.A.H. — HRS Circuit Court Dependency Petition — Dismissed, IAS_II-5578-001.
Not Being a Named Party, IAS_II-5579-001.
Not Recoverable Unless Expressly Authorized By Statute, IAS_II-5580-002.
Oral, Prehearing Request For Found to Be Insufficient, IAS_II-5581-001.
Pro Se Petitioner Cannot Recover, IAS_II-5582-002.
Sovereign Immunity Not a Bar to Award Against State Governmental Agency, IAS_II-5583-001.
Stipulation — Award On Appellate Remand, IAS_II-5584-001.
Union Representation — Effect of On Award, IAS_II-5585-001.
Written Motion For Found to Be Required, IAS_II-5586-001.
Burden of Proof (See Also Evidence; Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding; Prima Facie Case; DISCIPLINE) —
Ascertaining of Discussed, IAS_II-5587-003.
Competent Substantial Evidence 867.
D.O.A.H. Hearing Officer’s Decision On Is Binding, IAS_II-5588-001.
Generally On Party Seeking Relief, IAS_II-5589-001.
On Party Asserting the Affirmative of An Issue, IAS_II-5590-008.
On Party Attempting to Alter the Status Quo, IAS_II-5591-001.
Petitioner Failure to Appear At Hearing, IAS_II-5592-005.
Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_II-5593-002.
Presumptions (See Constitution (Fla.))
Respondent’s Failure to Appear At Hearing, IAS_II-5594-001.
Cease & Desist Action —
Analogous to An Injunction, IAS_II-5595-001.
Requisite Proof — Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_II-5596-001.
Collateral Estoppel (See Also Equitable Estoppel, Estoppel) —
Applicable, IAS_II-5597-006.
Bar to Relitigation of Issues, IAS_II-5598-001.
Circuit Court Findings In Dependency Proceeding, IAS_II-5599-001.
Criminal Charges Dropped Due to Suppression of Evidence Found Illegally Seized, IAS_II-5600-001.
Criminal Conviction — Facts Not Relitigated, IAS_II-5601-001.
Discussed, IAS_II-5602-001.
Inapplicable to Criminal Plea, IAS_II-5603-001.
Inapplicable, IAS_II-5604-007.
Mutuality of Parties Is No Longer a Prerequisite to Applicability of, IAS_II-5605-001.
Similar Facts Must Be Demonstrated, IAS_II-5606-001.
Complaint (See Also DISCIPLINE) —
Service —
Refiling of Complaint Previously Dismissed Requires Actual Reservice, IAS_II-5607-001.
Requirement For Cannot Be Waived, IAS_II-5608-001.
Consent Order (See PERMITS, Consent Order)
Constitutional Issues (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.)) —
Agencies Cannot Adjudicate, IAS_II-5609-016.
Continuance —
Last Minute Request For Punished Pursuant to §120.57(1)(b)(5), IAS_II-5610-001.
Standard For Review of Denial, IAS_II-5611-001.
D.O.A.H. (See Also ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Attorney’s Fees, Evidence) —
Emergency Suspension —
Expedited Hearing Held, IAS_II-5612-001.
Hearing Officer —
Agency Declines to Demand Recusal of On Remand, IAS_II-5613-001.
Announces Intent to Strike Untimely or Overly Lengthy Filings, IAS_II-5614-001.
Consolidation of Cases, IAS_II-5615-001.
Continuance of Cases, IAS_II-5616-002.
Denial of Motion to Limit Issues, IAS_II-5617-001.
Discretion to Extend Time Limit For Responsive Pleadings, IAS_II-5618-001.
Dismissal of Party (See Also Motion to Dismiss) —
An Extreme Sanction Only to Be Employed As a Last Resort, IAS_II-5619-001.
Failure to Comply With Prehearing Order — Multi-Party Case, IAS_II-5620-001.
Failure to File Case Status Report, IAS_II-5621-001.
Duty to Protect Confidential Material From Discovery Examined, IAS_II-5622-001.
Evidence — Admissibility, IAS_II-5623-001.
Evidentiary Rulings — Agency Rejection of, IAS_II-5624-001.
Has Authority to Order a Party to Go Forward With Proof, IAS_II-5625-001.
Has Wide Discretion In Ruling On Procedural Issues, IAS_II-5626-001.
Harmless Error (See Harmless Error)
Judicial Generalist Trained In the Law But Not Necessarily In Any Specific Profession, IAS_II-5627-001.
Motions —
Dismissal For Lack of Standing Rejected, IAS_II-5628-001.
For Judgment On Pleadings — Not Available, IAS_II-5629-001.
Must Defer to Agency Statutory Construction Within Permissible Range, IAS_II-5630-001.
Partial Summary Final Order of Dismissal, IAS_II-5631-001.
Power to Disqualify Agency Attorney Examined, IAS_II-5632-001.
Quasi-Judicial Powers of Examined, IAS_II-5633-001.
Remand (See Remand to)
Resigns After Hearing — Discretion to Determine Whether a New Hearing Is Necessary, IAS_II-5634-001.
Sanctions (See Sanctions).
Stay of An Order, IAS_II-5635-001.
Stipulation of Parties On Factual Matters Is Binding, IAS_II-5636-001.
Successor, IAS_II-5637-002.
Transfer of Case Between, IAS_II-5638-001.
Independent Hearing Officer Is An Important Protection For Citizen Involved In Transactions With the State, IAS_II-5639-003.
Jurisdiction (See Also DISCIPLINE) —
Agency Referral To Divests Agency Jurisdiction So Long As D.O.A.H. Has Jurisdiction, IAS_II-5640-001.
Can Only Make Recommendations to An Agency, IAS_II-5641-001.
Cannot Consider Conflicts With Federal Law, IAS_II-5642-001.
Cannot Reach Constitutional Questions, IAS_II-5643-005.
Cannot Reach Constitutional Questions — Yet Does, IAS_II-5644-001.
None Over Preparation, Modification or Allocation of Agency Budgets, IAS_II-5645-002.
None to Award Monetary Judgements, IAS_II-5646-002.
None to Conduct “Judicial Review”, IAS_II-5647-001.
None to Issue Permits or Enforce Contracts, IAS_II-5648-001.
Not Divested In Event of Appeal of a Nonfinal Order, IAS_II-5649-001.
Relinquishment of On the Basis of a Settlement Cannot Be Reconsidered, IAS_II-5650-001.
Sanctions (See Sanctions)
Recommended Order —
Agency Rejection of — Appellate Review, IAS_II-5651-001.
Agency Rejection of Requires Rejection of Recommended Fact Findings or Conclusions of Law, IAS_II-5652-001.
Agency Summarily Rejects In Toto Finding Absence of Requisite Disputed Issue of Fact, IAS_II-5653-001.
All Findings Rejected when Petitioner Found to Have Lacked Requisite Standing, IAS_II-5654-001.
Conclusions of Law — Agencies Free to Reject Without Particularized Explanation, IAS_II-5655-001.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Can Make “Additional” Findings, IAS_II-5656-001.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Free to Reject, IAS_II-5657-012.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Rejection of Reversed, IAS_II-5658-001.
Conclusions of Law — Appellate Court Deference, IAS_II-5659-001.
Conclusions of Law — D.O.A.H. Labeling As Fact Findings Is Immaterial, IAS_II-5660-005.
Conclusions of Law — Must Be Supported By Particular Findings of Fact, IAS_II-5661-003.
Conclusions of Law — Rejected Due to Improperly Admitted Evidence, IAS_II-5662-001.
Consideration of Agency Testimony That Could Have Been Presented At Hearing, IAS_II-5663-002.
Court Can Order An Agency to Adopt In Toto, IAS_II-5664-001.
Exceptions — Agency Failure to Explicitly Rule On Found Not Reversible Error, IAS_II-5665-001.
Exceptions — Agency Reversed For Failure to Rule On, IAS_II-5666-001.
Exceptions — Amended — Untimely — Not Considered, IAS_II-5667-001.
Exceptions — Can Be Only to Fact Findings — Not Conclusions of Law or Penalty, IAS_II-5668-001.
Exceptions — Can Be to Either Findings of Fact or Conclusions of Law, IAS_II-5669-001.
Exceptions — Cannot Be Directed to Matters Not Properly Placed At Issue, IAS_II-5670-001.
Exceptions — Cannot Be Purely Argumentative, IAS_II-5671-001.
Exceptions — Conclusions of Law — No Time Limit For Filing, IAS_II-5672-002.
Exceptions — Conclusions of Law — Transcript Not Required, IAS_II-5673-001.
Exceptions — Extension of Time For Filing — HRS Normally Grants, IAS_II-5674-002.
Exceptions — Extension of Time For Filing Normally Granted, IAS_II-5675-002.
Exceptions — Fact Findings — Must Be Accompanied By Official Typed Transcript, IAS_II-5676-012.
Exceptions — Late-Filed — Excusable Neglect Doctrine Applicable, IAS_II-5677-003.
Exceptions — Late-Filed — Excusable Neglect Doctrine Inapplicable, IAS_II-5678-001.
Exceptions — May Be Rejected As Irrelevant & Redundant, IAS_II-5679-001.
Exceptions — Must Be Ruled On With Particularity, IAS_II-5680-001.
Exceptions — Must State Rationale With Particularity, IAS_II-5681-007.
Exceptions — Reply Brief to Response To Stricken, IAS_II-5682-001.
Exceptions — Reply Pleadings Beyond Disallowed, IAS_II-5683-001.
Exceptions — Request For Oral Argument On Denied, IAS_II-5684-001.
Exceptions — Response to Entertained, IAS_II-5685-001.
Exceptions — Time Limit For Filing Is Not Tolled By Late-Received Recommended Order, IAS_II-5686-001.
Exceptions — Time Limit Is 15 Days When R.O. Is Mailed, IAS_II-5687-001.
Exceptions — Time Limit Is 25 Days If R.O. Served By Mail, IAS_II-5688-001.
Exceptions — Untimely — Need Not Be Considered (See Also Late Filed), IAS_II-5689-002.
Fact Findings — Agency Can Make “Additional Findings”, IAS_II-5690-001.
Fact Findings — Agency Can Make Additional Findings With Consent of All Parties, IAS_II-5691-001.
Fact Findings — Agency Cannot Make “Additional Findings” Regarding Disputed Facts, IAS_II-5692-001.
Fact Findings — Agency Cannot Make “Additional Findings” Unless Clearly Undisputed, IAS_II-5693-001.
Fact Findings — Agency Cannot Make “Additional Findings”, IAS_II-5694-002.
Fact Findings — Agency Rejection When Susceptible to Ordinary Methods of Proof, IAS_II-5695-005.
Fact Findings — Agency Rejection Without Valid Reasons Reversed, IAS_II-5696-002.
Fact Findings — Agency Rejection of Requires Review of Complete Record Even If No Penalty Is Imposed, IAS_II-5697-001.
Fact Findings — Agency Special Expertise As Basis For Rejection, IAS_II-5698-005.
Fact Findings — Cannot Be Rejected If Supported By “Some” Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_II-5699-129.
Fact Findings — Cannot Be Rejected In Guise of Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-5700-007.
Fact Findings — Cannot Be Supplemented, IAS_II-5701-001.
Fact Findings — Challenge to As Irrelevant, IAS_II-5702-001.
Fact Findings — Credibility Assessments Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-5703-001.
Fact Findings — D.O.A.H. Labeling As Conclusion of Law Is Immaterial, IAS_II-5704-003.
Fact Findings — Good Moral Character, IAS_II-5705-001.
Fact Findings — Hearing Officer Need Not Reference the Record, IAS_II-5706-001.
Fact Findings — Must Be Based Exclusively On Evidence of Record and Matters Officially Recognized, IAS_II-5707-001.
Fact Findings — Negligence, IAS_II-5708-001.
Fact Findings — Role of Hearing Officer Carefully Explored, IAS_II-5709-001.
Fact Findings — Specific Findings With Respect to Each Allegation Not Required, IAS_II-5710-001.
Fact Findings — Stipulation of Parties Is Binding On Hearing Officer, IAS_II-5711-001.
Fact Findings — Summarily Rejected As Actually Incorrect Conclusions of Law, IAS_II-5712-001.
Fact Findings — Uncontroverted Proof Generally Cannot Be Rejected, IAS_II-5713-001.
Fact Findings Found Liberally Commingled Conclusions of Law, IAS_II-5714-001.
Fact Findings In Guise of Conclusion of Law Not Per Se Invalid, IAS_II-5715-001.
Fact Findings Need Merely Be Explicit — Need Not Explore Every Detail, IAS_II-5716-001.
Issuance of Relinquishes D.O.A.H. Jurisdiction, IAS_II-5717-001.
Issued Absent Disputed Issue of Material Fact By Stipulation, IAS_II-5718-001.
Merely a Proposed Factual Adjudication, IAS_II-5719-001.
Mixed Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law Assailed, IAS_II-5720-001.
Mixed Questions of Fact & Law — Agency Rejection of, IAS_II-5721-001.
Mixed Questions of Fact & Law — Difficulties In Distinguishing Between Examined, IAS_II-5722-001.
Mixed Questions of Fact & Law, IAS_II-5723-001.
No Policy-Making Function Intended, IAS_II-5724-001.
Penalty (See APPELLATE REVIEW, Penalty; DISCIPLINE, Penalty)
Penalty — Agency Cannot Increase On Basis of Manner In Which §120.57 Prosecution Is Defended, IAS_II-5725-001.
Penalty — Agency Rejection Requires Review of Complete Record, IAS_II-5726-002.
Penalty — Agency Rejection of Exhaustively Examined By Fla. Supreme Court, IAS_II-5727-001.
Penalty — Agency Rejection of Must Be Accompanied By Rejection of Fact Findings or Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-5728-005.
Penalty — Agency Rejection of Requires Adequate Explanation, IAS_II-5729-011.
Penalty — An Agency Need Not Reject Recommended Fact Findings or Conclusions of Law Before Rejecting a Recommended Penalty, IAS_II-5730-003.
Penalty — Cannot Be Linked to That In a Separate Case, IAS_II-5731-001.
Penalty — DER Finds Constraints On Rejection of, IAS_II-5732-001.
Penalty — Deviation From Rule Guidelines Must Be Explained, IAS_II-5733-001.
Penalty — Increase Over Recommendation Found Adequately Explained, IAS_II-5734-001.
Penalty — Mere Disagreement With Seriousness of the Offense Alone Is Not a Basis For Rejection of, IAS_II-5735-001.
Penalty — Rule Guidelines Used Retroactively, IAS_II-5736-001.
Proposed Conclusions of Law — Need Not Be Ruled On With Particularity, IAS_II-5737-002.
Proposed Fact Findings — Attack On “Generality” of D.O.A.H. Rulings Rejected, IAS_II-5738-001.
Proposed Fact Findings — D.O.A.H. Rejection of As Either Irrelevant or Contrary to the Evidence Assailed, IAS_II-5739-001.
Proposed Fact Findings — Hearing Officer’s Rulings On Equivalent to Specific Fact Findings, IAS_II-5740-001.
Proposed Fact Findings — Motion to Strike As Untimely Denied, IAS_II-5741-001.
Proposed Fact Findings — Need Not Be Ruled On If Irrelevant, Cumulative or Unnecessary, IAS_II-5742-001.
Proposed Fact Findings — Not Considered If Overly Lengthy, IAS_II-5743-001.
Proposed Fact Findings — Not Considered If Untimely, IAS_II-5744-001.
Proposed Fact Findings — Requisite Specificity of D.O.A.H. Rulings On, IAS_II-5745-002.
Proposed Recommended Order Accepted After the Deadline Found Not Prejudicial, IAS_II-5746-001.
Proposed Recommended Orders Are Not Responsive Pleadings & Must Be Submitted By the Deadline, IAS_II-5747-001.
Time Limit For Issuance — Directory Not Mandatory, IAS_II-5748-001.
Time Limit for Filing of Exceptions or Proposed Recommended Order, IAS_II-5749-001.
Remand To (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW, Remand to Agency) —
Additional Fact Findings — Denied, IAS_II-5750-001.
Agency Declines to Demand Recusal of Hearing Officer, IAS_II-5751-001.
Burden of Proof, IAS_II-5752-001.
D.O.A.H. Bound By Referring Agency’s Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-5753-001.
D.O.A.H. Denial of Is a Final Order, IAS_II-5754-002.
D.O.A.H. Will Not Grant Agency Request For New Hearing Before a New Hearing Officer, IAS_II-5755-001.
DER — Additional Fact Findings, IAS_II-5756-002.
DER — De Novo Hearing — D.O.A.H. Refusal Reversed, IAS_II-5757-001.
DER — Rejection of Critical Conclusion of Law — D.O.A.H. Rejection of Reversed — Mandamus Issued, IAS_II-5758-001.
De Novo Hearing Denied, IAS_II-5759-001.
Evidentiary Matters — Discussed, IAS_II-5760-002.
Exceptions — Fact Findings — Reconsideration of — Denied, IAS_II-5761-001.
Failure to Perform Full Fact Findings, IAS_II-5762-001.
For Clarification of Fact Findings, IAS_II-5763-002.
For Consideration of Late-Filed Deposition of Agency Expert Witness, IAS_II-5764-002.
For Consideration of New Evidence — Denied, IAS_II-5765-001.
For Consideration of New Evidence Found Unauthorized, IAS_II-5766-001.
For Consideration of New Evidence Obtained By Agency Post-Hearing Ordered, IAS_II-5767-001.
For Further Fact Finding, IAS_II-5768-001.
For Improper Consideration of Nonrecord Evidence, IAS_II-5769-001.
For New Hearing Before New Hearing Officer, IAS_II-5770-001.
For Review of Late-Filed Transcript of Hearing — Rejected, IAS_II-5771-001.
Found Appropriate, IAS_II-5772-001.
Improper For Consideration of Evidence That Could Have Been Presented At Hearing, IAS_II-5773-001.
Improper For Matter Not Raised At Hearing, IAS_II-5774-001.
Original Hearing Officer Leaves D.O.A.H. Employ, IAS_II-5775-001.
Proper Scope of Examined, IAS_II-5776-001.
Record Reopened to Consider Post-Hearing Factual Developments, IAS_II-5777-001.
School Bd. Refusal — Petition For Attorney’s Fees — Reversed, IAS_II-5778-001.
Sanctions (See Also Jurisdiction) —
Authority To Issue Summary Final Orders Examined, IAS_II-5779-001.
Authority To Strike Tardy Pleading Is Doubted, IAS_II-5780-001.
Cannot Award Damages Against An Agency, IAS_II-5781-001.
Cannot Award Monetary Damages, IAS_II-5782-001.
Cannot Issue Injunctions, IAS_II-5783-001.
Cannot Issue Summary Final Order, IAS_II-5784-002.
Cannot Issue a Declaratory Statement or Judgment, IAS_II-5785-001.
D.O.A.H. Has Final Order Authority Under §120.57(1)(b)(5), IAS_II-5786-001.
Power to Impose Explored, IAS_II-5787-001.
Videotaping of Hearing Requires Prior Approval, IAS_II-5788-001.
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Default (§120.60(2)) (See Also COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of, Comprehensive Plans; LICENSURE, §120.60(2); PERMITS) —
Applicable, IAS_II-5789-003.
Conditional Denial Does Not Trigger, IAS_II-5790-001.
Deemer Provision Does Not Incorporate Written Notice Requirement of §120.60(3), IAS_II-5791-004.
Deprives An Agency of All Discretion to Impose Conditions On Licensure, IAS_II-5792-001.
Disfavored — Law Favors Disposition On Merits, IAS_II-5793-002.
Does Not Signify An Unfettered Right to a Permit Upon Lapse of Time Limitations, IAS_II-5794-001.
Extension of Time Found to Operate As Implicit Waiver, IAS_II-5795-001.
Inapplicable to §163 Consistency Determinations, IAS_II-5796-001.
Inapplicable to Refusal to Renew License the Subject of Disciplinary Proceeding, IAS_II-5797-001.
Intervenor Can Challenge, IAS_II-5798-001.
Licensure By Endorsement, IAS_II-5799-001.
Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding, IAS_II-5800-001.
Reasonable Dispatch Language Does Not Create a Separate Penalty, IAS_II-5801-001.
Sufficiency of Denial Letter, IAS_II-5802-001.
Verbal Denial By Agency Sufficient to Toll Time Limit, IAS_II-5803-002.
Discovery —
Agency Service Charges In Addition to Costs of Photocopies, IAS_II-5804-001.
Available In Same Manner As Provided Under Fla. R. Civ. P., IAS_II-5805-001.
Confidential Information — Property Appraiser, IAS_II-5806-001.
Constitutional Challenge To (See Also CONSTITUTION (U.S.)) —
Fifth Amendment Privilege Against Self-Incrimination, IAS_II-5807-006.
Proper Treatment of Claim of Trade Secrets or Confidential Information, IAS_II-5808-001.
Request For Admissions — Agency Failure to Respond to Excused By D.O.A.H., IAS_II-5809-001.
Subpoena —
Bank Records, IAS_II-5810-001.
May Be Served With Notice of Investigation, IAS_II-5811-001.
No Provision Exists For Pre-Issuance Challenge, IAS_II-5812-001.
Quashed As Untimely & Unduly Burdensome, IAS_II-5813-001.
Dismissal (See D.O.A.H., Dismissal)
Due Process (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.)) —
Adequate Notice of the Requisite Standard of Conduct, IAS_II-5814-001.
Essence of a Formal Hearing, IAS_II-5815-001.
Quality of Required In Quasi-Judicial Proceeding Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-5816-001.
Emergency Action Against License (See DISCIPLINE).
Emergency Procedures Should Not Be Utilized Absent An Emergency, IAS_II-5817-001.
Enforcement Proceedings (§120.59) (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION, Dept. of) —
None Under §120.57, IAS_II-5818-001.
Scope of Agency Enforcement Powers Examined, IAS_II-5819-001.
Equitable Estoppel (See Also Collateral Estoppel, Estoppel, Estoppel By Judgment) —
Applicability Discussed, IAS_II-5820-001.
Applicable, IAS_II-5821-003.
Applies Only In Rare Instances Under Exceptional Circumstances, IAS_II-5822-009.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-5823-001.
Does Not Arise From Agency Reliance On Misinformation From Applicant, IAS_II-5824-001.
Does Not Arise Merely Because Large Sums Are Spent On An Unpermittable Project, IAS_II-5825-001.
Equivalent to Common Law Vesting — Comprehensive Planning, IAS_II-5826-001.
Inapplicable to Rule Challenge Proceedings, IAS_II-5827-001.
Inapplicable to Transactions Proscribed By Statute or Contrary to Public Policy, IAS_II-5828-001.
Inapplicable, IAS_II-5829-023.
Mistaken Statement of Fact Sufficient For Despite Parallel Mistake of Law, IAS_II-5830-001.
Mistaken Statement of Law Insufficient For, IAS_II-5831-007.
Rarely Applies Against State, IAS_II-5832-001.
Requires Clean Hands, IAS_II-5833-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_II-5834-014.
Estoppel (See Also Collateral Estoppel, Equitable Estoppel, Estoppel By Judgment) —
Affirmative Defense That Need Not Be Specifically Plead, IAS_II-5835-001.
Affirmative Defense to Be Specifically Plead & Proven, IAS_II-5836-001.
Applicable, IAS_II-5837-001.
Applies Only In Rare Instances Under Exceptional Circumstances, IAS_II-5838-001.
By Judgment, IAS_II-5839-001.
By Silence, IAS_II-5840-001.
Clerical Error Alone Will Not Support Claim of, IAS_II-5841-001.
Conclusion of Law, IAS_II-5842-001.
Expert Testimony —
Can Be Based On Unproduced Data or Modeling, IAS_II-5843-001.
D.O.A.H. Credibility Assessments, IAS_II-5844-001.
Hearsay —
Laboratory Reports Without Corroborating Testimony, IAS_II-5845-001.
Inapplicable, IAS_II-5846-020.
Judicial — Inapplicable, IAS_II-5847-001.
Misstatement of Law By State Personnel, IAS_II-5848-001.
Mistaken Statement of Law Alone Is Insufficient, IAS_II-5849-001.
Must Be Specifically Plead & Proven, IAS_II-5850-001.
Mutual Mistake of Fact Does Not Give Rise To, IAS_II-5851-001.
Requires Positive Act By State Official, IAS_II-5852-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_II-5853-008.
Estoppel By Judgment —
Criminal Charges Dropped Due to Suppression of Evidence Found Illegally Seized, IAS_II-5854-001.
Inapplicable Between Parallel Administrative Cases By Different Agencies, IAS_II-5855-001.
Evidence (See Also Burden of Proof, Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding, Prima Facie Case) —
Admissibility —
Agency Investigative Report, IAS_II-5856-001.
Any Evidence Standard of §120.58(1)(a) Examined, IAS_II-5857-002.
Competent Substantial Evidence Defined, IAS_II-5858-001.
Computer-Generated Accounting Summary, IAS_II-5859-001.
Controlled Substances — Inadmissible Absent Proof of Chain-of-Custody, IAS_II-5860-001.
Criminal Case — Parallel, IAS_II-5861-001.
Criminal Case In Which Records Were Sealed, IAS_II-5862-001.
Criminal Conviction — Found Inadmissible Absent Proof of Analogous Facts, IAS_II-5863-001.
Deposition In Lieu of Live Testimony Found Unacceptable, IAS_II-5864-001.
Deposition Not Submitted Ten (10) Days Prior to Hearing Excluded, IAS_II-5865-001.
Depositions From Parallel Criminal Proceeding Found Inadmissible As Hearsay, IAS_II-5866-001.
Deposition — Out-of-State — Procedural Requirements, IAS_II-5867-001.
Evidence Beyond the Scope of Direct Examination, IAS_II-5868-001.
Exclusion Due to Improper Seizure In Criminal Case Inapplicable to Parallel Administrative Case, IAS_II-5869-002.
Hearing Officer’s Ruling On Presumed Correct, IAS_II-5870-001.
Improperly Admitted Evidence At D.O.A.H. Hearing — Agency Remedy, IAS_II-5871-001.
Licensure — Agency Found Statutorily Bound to Consider, IAS_II-5872-001.
Must Be Introduced Into the Record to Be Admissible, IAS_II-5873-001.
Newspaper & Magazine Clippings Are Inadmissible, IAS_II-5874-002.
Nonrecord Evidence Improperly Considered (See Also Record), IAS_II-5875-001.
Objection Must Be Made At Hearing, IAS_II-5876-005.
Polygraph — D.O.A.H. Refusal to Admit Upheld, IAS_II-5877-001.
Polygraph Results Are Not Admissible — Admission of Found to Be Reversible Error, IAS_II-5878-001.
Post-Hearing (See Formal Hearing §120.57(1))
Proffer Distinguished From Reliance On, IAS_II-5879-001.
Rape Shield Statute Inapplicable to Administrative Proceedings, IAS_II-5880-001.
Results of Scientific Tests, IAS_II-5881-001.
Strict Rules On Admissibility Not Followed Under APA, IAS_II-5882-001.
Submission Improper, IAS_II-5883-004.
Admission of Inadmissible Evidence Is No Less Grievous Than When Occurring Before Trial Judge or Jury, IAS_II-5884-001.
Agencies Are Free to Obtain From Competing Members In the Profession, IAS_II-5885-001.
Authentication of Documents Examined, IAS_II-5886-001.
Competent Substantial Evidence (See Also Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding) —
Defined, IAS_II-5887-005.
Does Not Include Improperly Admitted Evidence, IAS_II-5888-001.
Hypothetical Possibilities Do Not Constitute, IAS_II-5889-001.
Use of Inferences to Establish, IAS_II-5890-001.
Criminal Charges — Grand Jury Testimony Under Transactional Immunity —
No Shield Against Parallel Administrative Discipline, IAS_II-5891-001.
Criminal Charges — Sealing of Records Is Not Retroactive, IAS_II-5892-001.
Criminal Conviction (See DISCIPLINE)
Exclusion Due to Improper Seizure In Criminal Case Inapplicable to Parallel Administrative Case, IAS_II-5893-001.
Expert Testimony —
Agency Head As Expert Witness, IAS_II-5894-003.
Based On Hypothetical Question — Rejected, IAS_II-5895-001.
Challenges to Underlying Data, IAS_II-5896-001.
Cold Review of Records Only Is of Limited Value, IAS_II-5897-001.
Conclusory Statements By a Physician, IAS_II-5898-001.
D.O.A.H. Credibility Assessments, IAS_II-5899-002.
Deposition & Report Alone Is Hearsay, IAS_II-5900-001.
Deposition Only, IAS_II-5901-001.
Different Disciplines Within a Profession, IAS_II-5902-001.
Financial Interests of Expert Are Pertinent, IAS_II-5903-001.
Requisite Qualifications, IAS_II-5904-001.
Requisite Quantified Studies In Support of Examined, IAS_II-5905-001.
Respondent Accepted As Expert In His Own Case, IAS_II-5906-001.
Subsequent Treating Physician’s Alone, IAS_II-5907-001.
Failure to Submit Any Supports An Adverse Inference, IAS_II-5908-001.
Hearsay —
Admissibility Distinguished From Adequate Proof, IAS_II-5909-001.
Admissible & Probative With Other Proof, IAS_II-5910-010.
Admission of Party, IAS_II-5911-001.
Admissions Against Interest, IAS_II-5912-003.
Admissions of Party Opponent Exception, IAS_II-5913-001.
Alone Is Not Probative, IAS_II-5914-021.
Alone Is Probative If Entered In Record Without Objection, IAS_II-5915-001.
Business Records Exception, IAS_II-5916-006.
Business Records Exceptions — Examination Score Records, IAS_II-5917-001.
Business or Public Records Exceptions Found Inapplicable, IAS_II-5918-001.
Can Supplement Other Evidence Even If Inadmissible Over Objection In a Civil Proceeding, IAS_II-5919-001.
Defined, IAS_II-5920-001.
Drug Test Results Alone Without Corroborating Testimony, IAS_II-5921-001.
Exception Alone Is Not Probative, IAS_II-5922-002.
Exception to Hearsay Rule Alone Can Be Probative, IAS_II-5923-003.
Hearsay Within Hearsay Is Not Credible Evidence, IAS_II-5924-001.
Improper D.O.A.H. Reliance On Found to Require a Remand, IAS_II-5925-001.
Medical Diagnosis Exception, IAS_II-5926-001.
Minor’s Testimony — Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-5927-003.
Minor’s Testimony, IAS_II-5928-004.
Newspaper Article, IAS_II-5929-001.
Objection Must Be Made At Hearing, IAS_II-5930-001.
Official Foreign Documents, IAS_II-5931-001.
Out-of-Court Statements (See Also HRS, Dept. of, Central Abuse Registry), IAS_II-5932-001.
Pedigree Exception, IAS_II-5933-001.
Physician’s Report & Deposition Alone Is Hearsay, IAS_II-5934-001.
Predicate Absent, IAS_II-5935-001.
Public Records — D.O.A.H. Recommended Order, IAS_II-5936-001.
Public Records Exemption Discussed, IAS_II-5937-001.
Public Records, IAS_II-5938-001.
Self-Authenticating Documents Exception, IAS_II-5939-001.
Statements to a Professional, IAS_II-5940-001.
Post-Hearing Submission Allowed (See Also Formal Hearing (§120.57(11)), IAS_II-5941-001.
Presumptions (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.))
Presumptions —
Agency Found to Have Improperly Created Conclusive Presumption, IAS_II-5942-001.
Rape Shield Statue Inapplicable to Administrative Proceedings, IAS_II-5943-001.
Ex Parte Communications —
Agency Attorney — Propriety of Ruling On Procedural Matters, IAS_II-5944-001.
Agency Must Have Separate Attorneys For Advice & Prosecution, IAS_II-5945-003.
Criteria For Determining Prejudicial Effect, IAS_II-5946-001.
Dept. Secretary As Both Witness & Judge, IAS_II-5947-001.
Inherently Improper & Are Anathema to Fairness, IAS_II-5948-001.
Lobbyist — Zoning Variance, IAS_II-5949-001.
Objection Must Be Properly Made To Preserve Issue On Appeal, IAS_II-5950-001.
Presumption of Prejudicial Effect, IAS_II-5951-001.
School Bd. Attorney As Both Prosecutor & Advisor, IAS_II-5952-002.
Stricken From Record, IAS_II-5953-001.
To Be Avoided When Identifiable, IAS_II-5954-001.
Final Order (See Also DISCIPLINE, Jurisdiction; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Reconsideration) —
Advisory Opinion Distinguished From, IAS_II-5955-001.
Agency Action — Exercise of Agency Discretion Regarding Statutory Exemption Constitutes, IAS_II-5956-001.
Agency Can Retain Jurisdiction During Suspension of License, IAS_II-5957-001.
Agency Can Withdraw, IAS_II-5958-001.
Agency Clerk Fails to Note Date of Filing, IAS_II-5959-001.
Agency Declines to Issue After Voluntary Dismissal Over Contrary D.O.A.H. Recommendation, IAS_II-5960-001.
Agency Declines to Issue After Voluntary Dismissal, IAS_II-5961-001.
Agency Duty to Enter After D.O.A.H. Voluntary Dismissal, IAS_II-5962-001.
Agency Must Enter to Culminate Contested §120.57 Action, IAS_II-5963-001.
Agency Participation In Settlement of Federal Suit Against the State Does Not Constitute, IAS_II-5964-002.
An Agency Can Reconsider Matters Remaining Under Their Control (See Also Recommendation), IAS_II-5965-001.
An Agency Can Vacate & Re-enter to Create a New Time Limit For Appeal, IAS_II-5966-001.
An Agency Can Vacate For Equitable Reasons, IAS_II-5967-001.
An Agency Can Vacate If Issued In Error, IAS_II-5968-001.
An Agency Can Vacate Only to Correct Clerical Errors, IAS_II-5969-001.
An Agency Can Vacate to Correct Clerical Errors, IAS_II-5970-002.
An Agency Cannot Reconsider or Withdraw (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Reconsideration), IAS_II-5971-001.
Appellate Court Reversal Requires No Further Agency Action, IAS_II-5972-001.
D.O.A.H. Remand (See D.O.A.H.)
Defined, IAS_II-5973-002.
Distinguished From Free Form Action, IAS_II-5974-003.
Divests Agency Jurisdiction Except For Inadvertence or Mistake, IAS_II-5975-001.
Free Form Agency Action (See Free Form Agency Action)
Impartial Decision Maker Is Fundamental (See Also D.O.A.H., Hearing Officer), IAS_II-5976-003.
Interagency Prehearing Agreement Found Not to Constitute, IAS_II-5977-001.
Issues Outside Pleadings & D.O.A.H. Hearing Cannot Be Reached (See Also DISCIPLINE, Complaint; Amendment), IAS_II-5978-001.
Letter From Agency Counsel Constitutes, IAS_II-5979-001.
Merely Informational Letter Distinguished From, IAS_II-5980-001.
Must State the Basis For the Agency’s Decision, IAS_II-5981-002.
Nonbinding Report Does Not Constitute Even Though Discretionary Funding Might Be Impacted, IAS_II-5982-001.
Not Subject to Collateral Attack, IAS_II-5983-003.
Order Defined, IAS_II-5984-002.
Presumed Correct, IAS_II-5985-001.
Referring Agency Must Issue After D.O.A.H. Closes Its File, IAS_II-5986-001.
Service On Secretary At Former Firm of Attorney of Record, IAS_II-5987-001.
Status of After Remand From Appellate Court (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW), IAS_II-5988-001.
Time Limit For Rendering —
Failure to Enter Within the Timeframe of §120.59(1) Found to Be Harmless Error, IAS_II-5989-002.
Not Tolled By Extension of Time to Respond to Exceptions, IAS_II-5990-001.
Fla. R. Civ. P. —
Applicability to Administrative Proceedings Explored, IAS_II-5991-002.
Formal Hearing (§120.57(1)) (See Also Intervenors) —
Agency Action Defined, IAS_II-5992-001.
Agency Failure to Preserve Testimony — De Novo Hearing, IAS_II-5993-001.
Agency Failure to Preserve Testimony — Summary of Testimony In Lieu of, IAS_II-5994-001.
Agency Has Affirmative Duty to Completely Preserve All Testimony At Hearing, IAS_II-5995-001.
Agency Head As Presiding Officer, IAS_II-5996-001.
Cannot Be Used to Attack Validity of a Rule (See RULES & RULEMAKING, As Applied, Challenges, Rule)
Clear Point of Entry —
All Substantially Affected Persons Must Be Provided, IAS_II-5997-001.
Discussed, IAS_II-5998-003.
Lack of Examined, IAS_II-5999-001.
Notice of Right to & Time Limits For Requesting, IAS_II-6000-002.
Policy Basis For Examined, IAS_II-6001-001.
Requirements For Discussed, IAS_II-6002-001.
Collateral Attack On Previous Final Order Is Improper, IAS_II-6003-001.
Combination of Fact Finding & Judicial Functions In Same Office, IAS_II-6004-001.
Commissioner Participation In Via Interactive Video & Telephone System, IAS_II-6005-001.
De Novo In Nature —
Designed to Give Affected Parties An Opportunity to Change the Agency’s Mind, IAS_II-6006-001.
Initial Agency Action Is Not Presumed Correct, IAS_II-6007-004.
Not to Review Preliminary Agency Action, IAS_II-6008-031.
Post-Hearing Supplementation of Record — Denied, IAS_II-6009-003.
De Novo In Nature, IAS_II-6010-009.
Distinction From Legislative Proceeding, IAS_II-6011-001.
Due Process (See Due Process)
Due Process Is the Essence of, IAS_II-6012-001.
Election of Rights Form —
Failure to Properly Execute Waives Right to Hearing, IAS_II-6013-001.
Entitlement to Formal §120.57(1) Hearing — University Students & Student Applicants Not Entitled to, IAS_II-6014-001.
Entitlement to Formal §120.57(1) Hearing (See Also Intervenors), IAS_II-6015-002.
Ex Parte Communications (See Ex Parte Communications)
Factual Issues Must Be Properly Raised In Order to Be Considered, IAS_II-6016-001.
Issues Raised For First Time At Hearing Can Be Considered By Consent of All Parties, IAS_II-6017-001.
Issues Raised For First Time At Hearing Not Considered (See Also DISCIPLINE, Complaint), IAS_II-6018-003.
Mitigating Factors Must Be Presented During, IAS_II-6019-001.
Need Not Contain All Formalities of Judicial Proceedings (See Also APA; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE), IAS_II-6020-002.
Notice of Right to —
Notice By Publication Subsequent to Actual Notice Does Not Extend Time Limits, IAS_II-6021-001.
Presumed to Have Been Received If Properly Addressed, Stamped & Mailed, IAS_II-6022-001.
Publication In Local Newspaper — Out-of-State Intervenors, IAS_II-6023-001.
Parallel Rule Challenge Need Not Be Exhausted or Brought, IAS_II-6024-001.
Petition For —
As Deficient, IAS_II-6025-001.
Dismissed For Failure to Amend, IAS_II-6026-001.
Petitioner Failure to Appear —
Agency Burden of Proof (See Burden of Proof)
Post-Hearing Supplementation of Record —
§120.57(1)(b)(10) Exception, IAS_II-6027-002.
Denied, IAS_II-6028-005.
Found Improper, IAS_II-6029-001.
Found Proper, IAS_II-6030-001.
Found Required — Licensure, IAS_II-6031-001.
Matter of Agency Discretion, IAS_II-6032-001.
Reversible Error, IAS_II-6033-002.
Post-Hearing Supplementation of Record — Found Proper, IAS_II-6034-001.
Preliminary Action Accorded No Presumption of Correctness, IAS_II-6035-005.
Public Access — Right to — D.O.A.H. Baker Act Hearing, IAS_II-6036-001.
Request For —
Letter From Pro Se Licensee Sufficient, IAS_II-6037-001.
Requires Agency Action, IAS_II-6038-002.
Requires Disputed Issue of Material Fact —
§120.57(1) Hearing Held At D.O.A.H. In Absence of By Stipulation, IAS_II-6039-002.
Absence of Discovered At D.O.A.H. Hearing, IAS_II-6040-002.
Absence of Discovered By Agency After D.O.A.H. Hearing, IAS_II-6041-001.
Agency Denies Petition For In Absence of, IAS_II-6042-001.
Agency Erroneously Denied Existence of Issue of Material Fact, IAS_II-6043-002.
Held Despite Absence of, IAS_II-6044-001.
Legal Argument Permitted In Absence of Via Proposed Order, IAS_II-6045-001.
Petitioner Has Burden of Proof, IAS_II-6046-001.
Requires Disputed Issue of Material Fact, IAS_II-6047-003.
Standing (See Intervenors)
Statutory Disincentive to Seeking Is Not Defective Per Se, IAS_II-6048-001.
Strict Rules of Evidence & Procedure Are Not Followed, IAS_II-6049-001.
Time Limit For Acting on Petition For Hearing (§120.57(1)(b)(1)) —
Inapplicable Absent Entitlement to, IAS_II-6050-001.
Time Limit For Requesting Is Not Jurisdictional —
Absent Express Statutory Provision, IAS_II-6051-002.
DER Strictly Enforces, IAS_II-6052-001.
Equitable Tolling Discussed, IAS_II-6053-004.
Equitable Tolling Found Inapplicable, IAS_II-6054-001.
Excusable Neglect Discussed, IAS_II-6055-003.
Filing By Facsimile Rejected, IAS_II-6056-001.
Procedural Rules Are Directory Only, IAS_II-6057-001.
Request For Extension of Time Limit Must Be Timely, IAS_II-6058-002.
Stipulation — Later Repudiated — Denial of Petition For Hearing As Untimely Reversed, IAS_II-6059-001.
Untimely Request For — Denial Is Jurisdictional, IAS_II-6060-001.
Untimely Request For Operates As Waiver, IAS_II-6061-007.
Untimely Request For With Accompanying Excuse, IAS_II-6062-001.
Wavier of Right to Must Be Clearly Demonstrated, IAS_II-6063-001.
Proof of Mailing of Petition Is Insufficient — Actual Receipt Must Be Confirmed, IAS_II-6064-001.
Timely Request For Renders Underlying Agency Action Preliminary, IAS_II-6065-001.
To Be a “Unified” Not “Piecemeal” Process, IAS_II-6066-001.
Transcript of — Original to Be Filed With D.O.A.H., IAS_II-6067-001.
Translators (See Translators)
Free Form Agency Action (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION, Dept. of) —
Distinguished From Final Order, IAS_II-6068-003.
No Presumption of Correctness, IAS_II-6069-002.
Nonfinality Implies No Right to Hearing On, IAS_II-6070-005.
Proceedings Cannot Revert Back to After §120 Is Invoked, IAS_II-6071-001.
Quantum of Proof Required Examined, IAS_II-6072-001.
Free Form Agency Action, IAS_II-6073-002.
Harmless Error —
Admission of Newspaper Clippings Is Not, IAS_II-6074-001.
Applicability to §120 Time Limits Examined, IAS_II-6075-001.
Bd. Member Serves On Probable Cause Panel & Passes On Final Order, IAS_II-6076-001.
Consideration of Matters Outside the Original Compliant, IAS_II-6077-001.
D.O.A.H. —
Consideration of Evidence From Party Later Determined to Lack Standing, IAS_II-6078-001.
Descriptive Recitation, IAS_II-6079-002.
Dismissal of Intervenor For Lack of Standing, IAS_II-6080-001.
Erroneous Finding That Intervenor Lacked Standing, IAS_II-6081-001.
Evidentiary Ruling, IAS_II-6082-001.
Failure to Address All Proposed Fact Findings, IAS_II-6083-002.
Minor Factual Misstatements In Recommended Order, IAS_II-6084-001.
Defined, IAS_II-6085-001.
Delay In Transmittal of Case to D.O.A.H., IAS_II-6086-001.
Dismissal of Intervenor After Full Participation In Formal Hearing, IAS_II-6087-001.
Economic Impact Statements — Rules (See RULES & RULEMAKING)
Failure to Follow Procedures Regarding Nonlawyer Representation, IAS_II-6088-001.
Failure to Give Notice of Right to Challenge Expiration of Permit, IAS_II-6089-001.
Failure to Properly Petition In Name of Subsidiary Rather Than Parent Corporation, IAS_II-6090-001.
Failure to Render Final Order Within Ninety (90) Days of Recommended Order, IAS_II-6091-002.
Typographical Error In Complaint, IAS_II-6092-001.
Informal Hearing (§120.57(2)) —
Available In Absence of Disputed Issue of Material Fact, IAS_II-6093-001.
Disputed Issue of Material Fact Discussed, IAS_II-6094-001.
Division Director Can Serve As Hearing Officer, IAS_II-6095-001.
Hearing Officer Need Not Rule On Proposed Fact Findings, IAS_II-6096-001.
Held By D.O.A.H., IAS_II-6097-002.
Initial Absence of Fact Dispute — Latter Fact Dispute Requires Formal Hearing, IAS_II-6098-001.
Request For Constitutes Election Not to Contest Factual Allegations, IAS_II-6099-001.
Intervenors (See Also COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of, Comprehensive Plan, Intervenors; ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION, Dept. of, Third Party Intervenors; HRS, Dept. of, Certificate of Need (CON), Intervenors; PERMITS, Third Party Intervenors; RULES & RULEMAKING, Standing; Formal Hearing (§120.57(1)) —
Cannot Raise New Issues, IAS_II-6100-001.
Clear Point of Entry Discussed (See Also Formal Hearing §120.57(1)), IAS_II-6101-002.
Counties —
Parens Patriae Not Available — Reserved to State & Federal Government, IAS_II-6102-001.
Failure to Comply with Discovery Request, IAS_II-6103-001.
Notice —
Newspaper of General Circulation Defined, IAS_II-6104-001.
Standing —
Affirmative Defense of Original Petitioner Challenging That Is Waived If Not Properly Raised, IAS_II-6105-001.
Association — Agent of Need Not Be Appointed In Express Terms, IAS_II-6106-001.
Association — Need Not Be Incorporated, IAS_II-6107-001.
Associations — Three (3) Part Test, IAS_II-6108-001.
Associations, IAS_II-6109-001.
Burden of Proof to Show Standing, IAS_II-6110-002.
Challenge to Found Waived As Untimely, IAS_II-6111-001.
Concept of Standing Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-6112-002.
Defect In Is Not Jurisdictional Therefore An Untimely Objection Constitutes a Waiver, IAS_II-6113-001.
Found Waived By Private Contract, IAS_II-6114-001.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_II-6115-001.
Injury-In-Fact Explained, IAS_II-6116-002.
Lack of Warrants Summary Rejection of D.O.A.H. Recommended Order Post-Hearing, IAS_II-6117-001.
Objection to Standing Not Raised At Hearing Is Waived, IAS_II-6118-001.
Requires Adverse Agency Action — Defined, IAS_II-6119-001.
Substantial Interest Defined, IAS_II-6120-008.
Substantial Interest Test Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-6121-001.
Two-Prong Test, IAS_II-6122-007.
Zone of Interest Extends Beyond Particular Statute To Encompass Related Statutes, IAS_II-6123-001.
Zone of Interest Test Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-6124-001.
Untimely Request For Denied, IAS_II-6125-001.
Judicial Notice (See Also Official Recognition) —
Discussed, IAS_II-6126-001.
Staff Testimony — Denied, IAS_II-6127-001.
Jurisdiction (See Final Order; DISCIPLINE, Jurisdiction)
Jurisdictional Issue —
May Be Raised At Any Time During a Proceeding, IAS_II-6128-002.
Laches (See Also Statute of Limitations) —
Essential Elements Outlined & Discussed, IAS_II-6129-001.
Found Inapplicable, IAS_II-6130-004.
Defined, IAS_II-6131-002.
Medicaid Provider Status Does Not Constitute, IAS_II-6132-001.
Limine —
Motion In to Limit Issues, IAS_II-6133-018.
Motion to Dismiss (See Also D.O.A.H., Dismissal) —
All Well-Pleaded Allegations Are Assumed to Be True, IAS_II-6134-008.
Evidentiary Hearing On Not Required, IAS_II-6135-001.
Presumed Correct, IAS_II-6136-001.
Referring Agency Must Issue After D.O.A.H. Closes Its File, IAS_II-6137-001.
Untimely — D.O.A.H. Considers In Absence of Prejudice, IAS_II-6138-001.
Nonlawyer Representation (See also Pro Se Litigants) —
Procedures Governing, IAS_II-6139-001.
Nonrule Policy (See Also Stare Decisis) —
§120.53(5) Attorney’s Fees Provision For Improper Agency Utilization of, IAS_II-6140-001.
§120.57(1) Is Vehicle For Development of, IAS_II-6141-001.
§120.57(2) Is Appropriate Vehicle For Development of, IAS_II-6142-001.
Ad Hoc Incipient Policy Assailed, IAS_II-6143-001.
Adequacy of Agency Proof An Issue of Fact, IAS_II-6144-001.
Agency Burden When Relying On Must Be Met In Each & Every Case, IAS_II-6145-001.
Agency Burden When Relying On, IAS_II-6146-041.
Agency Reliance On Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-6147-001.
Cannot Be Applied Retroactively, IAS_II-6148-001.
Cannot Be Challenged As An Unpromulgated Rule In a §120.56 Proceeding, IAS_II-6149-001.
Cannot Be Utilized As the Sole Basis For Denying Licensure, IAS_II-6150-001.
Cannot Be Utilized As the Sole Basis For Discipline, IAS_II-6151-002.
Cannot Be Utilized When There Is a Failure to Adopt a Statutorily Mandated Rule, IAS_II-6152-001.
Cannot Be Utilized to Create Evidentiary Presumptions, IAS_II-6153-001.
Construction of Statute Does Not Constitute, IAS_II-6154-004.
Deviation From Past Policy Must Be Explained —
Failure to Is Reversible Error, IAS_II-6155-001.
Deviation From Past Policy Must Be Explained, IAS_II-6156-009.
Failure to Codify In Rule Not Fatal, IAS_II-6157-001.
Incipient Agency Policy Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-6158-001.
Insufficient Explication, IAS_II-6159-001.
Interpretation of a Rule Does Not Constitute, IAS_II-6160-002.
Invalidated Rule — Reliance On Underlying Policy Nonetheless, IAS_II-6161-003.
Invalidation As Unpromulgated Rule — Reliance On Nonetheless, IAS_II-6162-003.
Invalidation As Unpromulgated Rule — When It Occurs, IAS_II-6163-002.
May Be Developed Through Case-By-Case Adjudication, IAS_II-6164-001.
Must Be Clearly Explicated, IAS_II-6165-002.
No Presumption of Validity, IAS_II-6166-001.
Notice of Intent to Utilize Not Required, IAS_II-6167-003.
Official Recognition (See Also Judicial Notice) —
May Be Taken of Agency’s Own Files, IAS_II-6168-002.
Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding (See Also Burden of Proof; Evidence) —
Burden of Proof Lessened By Refusal to Allow Agency Investigation, IAS_II-6169-001.
Cease & Desist Order Is Tantamount to License Revocation, IAS_II-6170-001.
Clear & Convincing Evidence Is a Heavy Burden of Proof, IAS_II-6171-001.
Competent Substantial Evidence (See Evidence)
Denial of Renewal Requires Same Proof As Revocation Proceeding (See Also LICENSING, Renewal), IAS_II-6172-002.
Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-6173-005.
Licensure Proceeding Distinguished, IAS_II-6174-001.
Restaurant License Is Not a Professional License — Lesser Burden of Proof, IAS_II-6175-002.
Standard of Proof —
Clear & Convincing Evidence Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-6176-025.
Clear & Convincing Evidence Not Required If Only a Fine Is Sought, IAS_II-6177-001.
Clear & Convincing Evidence Not Required If Revocation Is Not Sought, IAS_II-6178-006.
Clear & Convincing Evidence Not Required In Cases Involving Persons Operating Without a Requisite License, IAS_II-6179-001.
Ferris Applied Retroactively By Appellate Court, IAS_II-6180-001.
Related to Penalty Sought, IAS_II-6181-001.
Same For Either Individual or Corporate Licensee, IAS_II-6182-001.
Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding, IAS_II-6183-244.
Prima Facie Case (See Also Burden of Proof) —
Defined, IAS_II-6184-002.
Distinguished From Rebuttable Presumption, IAS_II-6185-001.
Pro Se Litigants (See Also Nonlawyer Representation) —
Additional Leeway On Procedural Matters, IAS_II-6186-001.
Ineptness Alone Not a Basis For Award of Attorney’s Fees Against, IAS_II-6187-001.
Litigants Responsible For Knowing the Law, IAS_II-6188-001.
Pro Se Petitions —
Will Not Be Dismissed For Purely Technical Deficiencies, IAS_II-6189-001.
Probable Cause Panel —
Bd. Member Serves On & Passes On Final Order — Harmless Error, IAS_II-6190-001.
Bd. Member Which Served On Recused From Hearing, IAS_II-6191-001.
Improper Activities Nullify Complaint, IAS_II-6192-001.
Interplay of DPR/Bd. & Panel, IAS_II-6193-001.
Investigate Report —
Importance of, IAS_II-6194-001.
Lay Member Need Not Be at Hearing & Vote, IAS_II-6195-001.
Letter of Guidance — §120.57 Available For Challenges to, IAS_II-6196-001.
Licensee Does Not Have a Right to Appear Before, IAS_II-6197-001.
Must Do More Than “Rubber Stamp” DPR Recommendation, IAS_II-6198-001.
Need Not Reach Accuracy of Investigative Reports, IAS_II-6199-001.
Need Not Read Admissibility of Evidence, IAS_II-6200-001.
Not Subject to §120.57, IAS_II-6201-001.
Quorum Is Two (2), IAS_II-6202-002.
Role & Duties of Examined, IAS_II-6203-001.
Three (3) Months, IAS_II-6204-001.
Unanimous Vote Not Required, IAS_II-6205-001.
Procedural Rules —
Directory Not Mandatory Per Se, IAS_II-6206-001.
Failure to Comply With, IAS_II-6207-001.
Qualified Representative —
Respondent’s Husband — Doctor — Found Not Qualified, IAS_II-6208-001.
Reconsideration (See Also Final Order) —
Proper Only While Final Order Is Still Under An Agency’s “Control”, IAS_II-6209-001.
Rule Governing Found to Be Jurisdictional, IAS_II-6210-001.
Record (See Also Formal Hearing (§120.57(1), Post-Hearing Supplementation of Record) —
Reopening Denied, IAS_II-6211-001.
Reopening Ordered By Appellate Court, IAS_II-6212-001.
Recusal —
Agency Head — Denied, IAS_II-6213-001.
Bd. Members Which Served on Probable Cause Panel, IAS_II-6214-001.
Rehearing After Improper Evidence Admitted —
New Hearing Officer Required By Court, IAS_II-6215-001.
Rehearing to Consider New Evidence — Denied, IAS_II-6216-001.
Remand to D.O.A.H. (See D.O.A.H.)
Remedies (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, APA) —
Administrative Remedies Attempt to Provide a Party With a More Expedient Method of Resolving a Dispute, IAS_II-6217-001.
Election of Remedies Found to Be Inapplicable, IAS_II-6218-001.
Meaningful Backward-Looking Relief Ordered, IAS_II-6219-001.
Res Judicata —
Applicable, IAS_II-6220-006.
Causes of Action Must Be Identical, IAS_II-6221-001.
Discussed, IAS_II-6222-003.
Doctrine of Collateral Estoppel Is Related, IAS_II-6223-001.
Extends to All Causes of Action That Could Have Been Adjudicated, IAS_II-6224-001.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_II-6225-001.
Inapplicable Between Parallel Administrative Cases By Different Agencies, IAS_II-6226-001.
Inapplicable Between Proceedings With Different Burdens of Proof, IAS_II-6227-001.
Inapplicable, IAS_II-6228-007.
Modified Applications For Permits, IAS_II-6229-003.
Parallel Circuit Court Civil Proceeding — None, IAS_II-6230-001.
Stare Decisis (See Also Nonrule Policy) —
A Fundamental Due Process Concern, IAS_II-6231-001.
DER — Mandated By Rule, IAS_II-6232-001.
Decision Subsequent to Hearing Is Precedential Nonetheless, IAS_II-6233-001.
Found Not Generally Applicable To Administrative Decisions, IAS_II-6234-001.
Found Not to Be Related Subsequent Rule Challenge, IAS_II-6235-001.
Mandated By Statute, IAS_II-6236-002.
Prior Analogous Agency Decisions Command Deference, IAS_II-6237-002.
Statute of Limitations (See Also Laches) —
Inapplicable to Administrative Proceedings, IAS_II-6238-001.
Retroactive Application of Amendment to, IAS_II-6239-001.
Stipulation —
Agency & Private Party Bound By, IAS_II-6240-004.
Agency Cannot Contravene Statutory Mandate, IAS_II-6241-001.
Agency Unilateral Repudiation of Rejected, IAS_II-6242-001.
Agency Unilateral Repudiation of Reversed, IAS_II-6243-001.
Basis For “Being Relieved of” Examined, IAS_II-6244-001.
Bd. Cannot Hold An Impromptu Hearing When Considering, IAS_II-6245-001.
Cannot Bind D.O.A.H. As to Facts, IAS_II-6246-001.
D.O.A.H. Cannot Rescind, IAS_II-6247-002.
Factual — Parties Are Bound By Regardless of Evidence Presented, IAS_II-6248-001.
Introduction of Evidence Contrary to Without Objection, IAS_II-6249-001.
Non-Participating Intervenors Not Bound By, IAS_II-6250-001.
Repudiated — §120.57 Proceedings Must Resume, IAS_II-6251-002.
Terminates Agency Jurisdiction Absent Express Provision Otherwise, IAS_II-6252-001.
There Is No Such Thing As a §120.57(3) Hearing, IAS_II-6253-001.
Subrogation Actions Are Not Available Administratively, IAS_II-6254-001.
Sworn Affidavit —
Purpose of Explored, IAS_II-6255-002.
A Party Can Provide At Their Own Expense–Lay Persons Will Not Suffice, IAS_II-6256-001.
Voluntary Dismissal (See Also DISCIPLINE, Complaints)
Agency Declines to Issue a Final Order, IAS_II-6257-001.
Agency May Deny, IAS_II-6258-001.
Divests Agency of Jurisdiction, IAS_II-6259-005.
Does Not Become Effective Until Agency Closes the Case, IAS_II-6260-001.
Does Not Divest Agency Jurisdiction After D.O.A.H. Recommended Order Issues, IAS_II-6261-001.
Fla. R. Civ. P. Limitation On Multiple Voluntary Dismissals Inapplicable Under §120, IAS_II-6262-001.
Oral — Tirade At Hearing — Binding, IAS_II-6263-001.
Renders All Issues Moot, IAS_II-6264-001.
Voluntary Relinquishment of License Does Not Terminate Bd. Jurisdiction (See Also DISCIPLINE, Jurisdiction), IAS_II-6265-001.
Waiver —
A Disfavored Concept, IAS_II-6266-001.
Can Be Considered Even If Not Specifically Plead, IAS_II-6267-001.
Defined, IAS_II-6268-001.
Question of Fact, IAS_II-6269-001.



Adequate Record Keeping Is Requisite to a Practice, IAS_II-6270-001.
Automatic Stay Found Not Available For Challenge to Probation, IAS_II-6271-001.
Bd. Rejection of Proposed Stipulation & Holding of An Impromptu Hearing Reversed, IAS_II-6272-001.
Certificate From Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW) Does Not Establish Requisite Work Experience, IAS_II-6273-001.
D.O.A.H. Fact Finding —
Bd. Rejection of Reversed, IAS_II-6274-001.
D.O.A.H. Questions Extreme Burden of Proving Sufficiency of All Previous Supervisors’ Credentials, IAS_II-6275-001.
Hypnosis —
Propriety of Exhaustively Explored, IAS_II-6276-001.
License —
Bd. Rejection of Petition For Hearing Challenging Letter of Guidance Reversed, IAS_II-6277-001.
Licensure —
Application —
Education — Comparability of Program at Unaccredited Institution to Fla. State University, IAS_II-6278-001.
Education — Comparable Means Similar Not Identical, IAS_II-6279-001.
Bd. Denial of Default For Failure to Give Timely Written Notification Affirmed, IAS_II-6280-001.
By Endorsement —
Out-of-State Requirements (Georgia) Found Not Substantially Equivalent, IAS_II-6281-001.
Default (§120.60(2)) Granted, IAS_II-6282-001.
Educational Requirements — Non-Accredited Institution — Circuit Court Injunction Against License, IAS_II-6283-001.
Sexual Relationship With Client After Professional Relationship Terminates, IAS_II-6284-001.


Actual Signatory to a Lease Is Not Necessarily the Person In Charge of a Public Place, IAS_II-6285-001.
Agency Dismissal of PERC Proceeding Prior to Hearing —
Does Not Preclude PERC Award of Attorney’s Fees, IAS_II-6286-001.
Attorney’s Fees (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Governmental Reimbursement — Appropriate When Related to Performance of Official Duties, IAS_II-6287-001.
Challenge to Disciplinary Action —
Union Member May Proceed Either Through Union or Civil Service Appeal But Not Both, IAS_II-6288-001.
Dispute Over Alleged Salary Overpayment, IAS_II-6289-002.
Drug Tests —
Applicable Statutory Framework Examined, IAS_II-6290-001.
Random — Impermissible Absent a Reasonable Suspicion, IAS_II-6291-001.
Random — Reasonable Suspicions — Unemployment Compensation, IAS_II-6292-001.
Leave Time —
National Guard — State Duty —
Entitlement to Leave With Pay For More Than 17 Days Annually, IAS_II-6293-001.
Penalty —
Appellate Court Cannot Review Absent a Complete Transcript of the Proceeding Below, IAS_II-6294-001.
Salary Overpayment —
Questions Regarding Do Not Fall Within the Jurisdiction of the Career Service Comm., IAS_II-6295-001.
Smoking Ban In DER Buildings & Vehicles, IAS_II-6296-001.
Termination Letter —
Right to Hearing Exists Even If There Is No Vested Right to the Position, IAS_II-6297-001.
Unionization —
A Public Employee Does Not Give Up a Right to Communication About Organization When Joining a Union, IAS_II-6298-001.
If Bulletin Board Space Is Provided to An Incumbent Union It Must Be Provided to Rival Unions, IAS_II-6299-001.


Approval of Dismissal of Employee Affirmed, IAS_II-6300-001.
Attorney’s Fees (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Career Service Appeals, IAS_II-6301-001.
Evidentiary Hearing On Petition For Ordered, IAS_II-6302-001.
Award of Backpay Over D.O.A.H. Recommendation, IAS_II-6303-001.
Career Service Employee —
No Vested Right to a Particular Position, IAS_II-6304-001.
Citation of DER For Failure to Accord Veterans Preference In Employment Affirmed, IAS_II-6305-001.
Court Reverses PERC Affirmance of Dismissal of Law Enforcement Officer, IAS_II-6306-001.
Jurisdiction —
Exclusive — Dismissal of Career Service Employee, IAS_II-6307-001.
Reemployment — Agency Must Furnish Equivalent But Not Necessarily Identical Position, IAS_II-6308-001.
Reemployment Found Not to Satisfy Earlier Judicial Mandate For “Reinstatement”, IAS_II-6309-001.
Rejection of D.O.A.H. Recommended Fact Findings Reversed, IAS_II-6310-001.
Veteran’s Preference Complaints —
Burden of Proof to Be Borne By Complaining Veteran, IAS_II-6311-001.
Qualifications of Applicants Are Questions of Fact, IAS_II-6312-001.

PUBLIC RECORDS ACT (§119, Fla. Stat.)

§119 Construed —
Applicability to Private Agency Acting On Behalf of a Public Agency —
Six (6) Part Test, IAS_II-6313-001.
Applicable to Pre-1967 Records, IAS_II-6314-001.
Merely Expanded & Clarified Long-Standing Policy In Favor of Open Records, IAS_II-6315-001.
Purpose of Examined, IAS_II-6316-001.
Charges By Agency For —
Commingling of Exempt Records With Nonexempt Records, IAS_II-6317-001.
Services In Complying With Extensive Request For Documents, IAS_II-6318-002.
Services In Deleting Confidential Information, IAS_II-6319-001.
Computer Databases —
Actual Records – Not Mere Abstract – Must Be Open to Inspection, IAS_II-6320-001.
Duty to Provide Public Records On Computer Data Software Discs, IAS_II-6321-001.
Public Right to Have Public Records Downloaded, IAS_II-6322-001.
Purpose of Request Is Immaterial, IAS_II-6323-001.
Reformatting — Agency Duty to Accommodate Request For & Outside Technicians, IAS_II-6324-001.
Unquestionably Subject to §119, IAS_II-6325-001.
Conflict With Sunshine Law — Exempt Records — Hearing, IAS_II-6326-001.
Exempt Records —
Commingling With Nonexempt Records Does Not Justify Imposition of Special Service Charges, IAS_II-6327-001.
Exemption —
Patient Names — Health Care Cost Containment Bd. — §407.02(10) Complaint Resolution Process, IAS_II-6328-001.
Public Hospital Governing Bd. — Budget — Marketing Plan, IAS_II-6329-001.
Trade Secrets Defined & Discussed, IAS_II-6330-001.
Trade Secrets Not Exempt Per Se Absent Express §119 Exemption, IAS_II-6331-001.
Utilities — PSC — Proprietary Business Information, IAS_II-6332-001.
Personal Liability of Custodians of Public Records Examined, IAS_II-6333-001.
Private Firms Conducting Public Business By Contract —
Applicability of §119 & §286.011 Examined, IAS_II-6334-002.


Confidential Treatment of Proprietary Information —
Administrative Remedies, IAS_II-6335-001.
Closure of Hearings, IAS_II-6336-001.
Supreme Court Affirms, IAS_II-6337-001.
Need Determination For Cogenerating Electric Power Plant Affirmed As Required, IAS_II-6338-001.
PSC Is the Sole Forum For Determination of Need Under the Siting Act, IAS_II-6339-001.