Appeal From Circuit Court Nonfinal Order Dismissed, IAS_I-3124-001.


Agent —
Dept. Suspension Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation Reversed, IAS_I-3125-001.
Emergency Suspension, IAS_I-3126-001.
Grandfather License — Dept. Denial Reversed, IAS_I-3127-001.
Restriction On Negotiation of Title Insurance Commissions —
Circuit Court Dismissal of Constitutional Challenge Reversed, IAS_I-3128-001.
Revocation of License —
Reversed In Part — Statutory Provision Found Unconstitutionally Vague, IAS_I-3129-001.
Sale of Annuities At Bank —
§626.988(2) Does Not Apply to Agencies – Only Agents, IAS_I-3130-001.
Federal Regulatory Provisions Found Not Preemptive, IAS_I-3131-001.
Vicarious Liability of Supervising Agent —
Dept. Discipline For Upheld On Basis of Absence of Measures to Discourage Misconduct, IAS_I-3132-001.
Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan (See ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of)
Certificate of Authority (COA) — Foreign Insurer —
Requirement That Particular Line Be Operated For Three Years Before Authorization to Operate In Fla., IAS_I-3133-001.
Satisfactorily Operated Language of §624.404(2) Defined & Discussed, IAS_I-3134-001.
Certificate of Authority (COA) — Premium Finance Company —
Dept. Cannot Compel Production of Documents Not Within Licensee’s Control, IAS_I-3135-001.
Dept. Cannot Utilize Disciplinary Statutes Pertinent to Insurers, IAS_I-3136-001.
Company —
Department Determination of Statutory Insolvency —
Authority of Company to Settle or Compromise Its Liabilities, IAS_I-3137-001.
Concurrent Jurisdiction of Circuit Court Explored, IAS_I-3138-001.
Exclusivity of Department Jurisdiction Dispelled, IAS_I-3139-001.
Surplus Notes — Status of Examined, IAS_I-3140-001.
Liquidation of “Alien” Insurance Company —
Improper If Insurer Is Not “Domestic” or Holds No “Trusted Assets” In Florida, IAS_I-3141-001.
Petition For Review of Nonfinal Order Regarding Subpoena Denied, IAS_I-3142-001.
Petition For Writ of Prohibition to Disqualify Agency Head Found Meritorious Yet Moot, IAS_I-3143-001.
Rate Review of Property Casualty Insurer —
A Finally Approved Rate Is Not “Forever” Approved, IAS_I-3144-001.
Dept. Finds Authority to Order A Decrease In “Excessive” Rates, IAS_I-3145-001.
Rehabilitation & Liquidation Act —
Circuit Court Order Lifting Automatic Stay Reversed, IAS_I-3146-001.
Statutory Moratorium On Cancellation of Property Casualty Policies —
Dept. Found to Have Failed to Establish Appropriate Exemption Mechanism, IAS_I-3147-001.
Objectively Defined Maximum Probable Loss Defined, IAS_I-3148-001.
Pertinent Statutes Examined, IAS_I-3149-001.
Comptroller (See COMPTROLLER)
Financial Institution Marketing of Annuities —
Annuities Found to Constitute An Investment Rather Than An Insurance Product, IAS_I-3150-001.
Fire Marshal —
Revocation of Firefighter Certification Upheld, IAS_I-3151-001.
Fla. Property & Casualty Joint Underwriting Assoc. (FPCJUA) —
Dept. Order That FPCJUA Provide Insurance For All Condiminiumus Regardless of Exhaustion of Voluntary Insurance Reversed, IAS_I-3152-001.
Fla. Hurricane Catastrophe Fund —
Constitutional Challenge to Rejected, IAS_I-3153-002.
Functional Equivalency to Reinsurance Examined, IAS_I-3154-001.
Statutory Framework Regarding Carefully Explored, IAS_I-3155-002.
Mechanics of Examined, IAS_I-3156-002.
Monies Collected Not Limited By Recent Constitutional Amendment Limiting Growth In State Revenue, IAS_I-3157-001.
Statutory Framework Carefully Examined, IAS_I-3158-001.
Florida Windstorm Underwriting Association —
Immediate Final Order Doubling Geographic Area Covered Reversed, IAS_I-3159-001.
Rate Filings By An Insurer —
Public Hearings On Discussed, IAS_I-3160-001.


Acquisition of State-Owned Lands For Preservation, Conservation or Recreation —
Waiver of §259.041 Requirements, IAS_I-3161-001.
Bd. Is An Agency, IAS_I-3162-001.
Jurisdiction (See Also Sovereign Submerged Land) —
None To Issue Injunctions, IAS_I-3163-001.
None to Rewrite Legally Binding State Contracts —
Surety Bond As Condition Precedent For Oil & Gas Lease, IAS_I-3164-001.
Murphy Act Deed —
Road Right-of-Way Applies to All Parcels, IAS_I-3165-001.
Public Easement — Private Impoundment of Springs —
Festering Local Controversy — Public Access Rights — Easement Denied, IAS_I-3166-001.
Rules of Subject to Challenge, IAS_I-3167-001.
Sovereign Submerged Land —
Consent of Use — Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_I-3168-002.
Consent of Use — Dock — After-the-Fact, IAS_I-3169-003.
Consent of Use — Dock — John Pennekamp Park — Denied, IAS_I-3170-001.
Consent of Use — General — No Third Party Challenge, IAS_I-3171-001.
Easement — Provides No Riparian Rights, IAS_I-3172-001.
Eligibility For Necessary Environmental Permits Is Immaterial, IAS_I-3173-001.
Gas & Oil Offshore Drilling Lease —
Circuit Court Inverse Condemnation Suit —
Summary Judgment In Favor of State Reversed, IAS_I-3174-001.
Intervenor Challenge To Settlement of Civil Suit Over Monkey-Breeding Activities Dismissed, IAS_I-3175-001.
Intervenors — Standing, IAS_I-3176-001.
Intervenors (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors)
Jurisdiction —
Broadness of Examined, IAS_I-3177-001.
Common Law Basis of Examined, IAS_I-3178-001.
Deference to Exercise of Trustee’s Discretion Examined, IAS_I-3179-001.
Lease — Hydroelectric Power Plant — Intervenor Protest Dismissed, IAS_I-3180-001.
Lease — Made Contingent Upon County Approval Which Was Not Forthcoming, IAS_I-3181-001.
Lease — Modification — Condo Association — Intervenor Protest Dismissed For Lack of Standing, IAS_I-3182-001.
Man-Made Canal Not Within Sovereign Title, IAS_I-3183-001.
Moratorium On Docks In John Pennekamp Park —
Consent of Use Predating Moratorium Not Precluded, IAS_I-3184-001.
Riparian Rights of Landowner Inferior to State Police Power, IAS_I-3185-002.
Role of Bd. Trustees Examined, IAS_I-3186-001.
Sublease — Hydroelectric Power Plant — Intervenor Protest — 2059.



Amendment to Charter By Ballot Referendum —
Appointed Instead of Elected Civil Service Board —
Court Reverses Due to Misleading Ballot Summary, IAS_I-3187-001.
City Civil Service Bd. Reverses Termination of City Employee —
Circuit Court Certiorari Reversal Reversed, IAS_I-3188-001.
Local Comprehensive Plan —
Circuit Court Ruling That It Is Null & Void As Applied to Appellants Reversed, IAS_I-3189-001.


Claim For Alleged Temporary Taking of Property Denied, IAS_I-3190-001.


Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Exemption From Disqualification From Employment In Position of Special Trust (See Also HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA); HRS, Dept. of —
Petition For Denied, IAS_I-3191-001.
Petitioner Failure to Appear At Hearing — Petition Dismissed, IAS_I-3192-001.


Commercial Fishing Net Buy-Back —
Denial of Hearing Regarding Limitations On Buy-Back Reversed, IAS_I-3193-001.
Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Unemployment Compensation —
§120.57(1) Is Fully Applicable to Hearings
Attorney’s Fees Pursuant to §57.111 Are Available, IAS_I-3194-001.
Workers’ Compensation, Div. of (See Also RULES & RULEMAKING, Validity (§120.56), Adopted) —
DOAH Invalidation of Rule Regarding Reimbursement of Medical Care By Chiropractors & Others Reversed, IAS_I-3195-001.
Service Companies For Self-Insurance Funds —
Exclusively Investigating Role of the Division, IAS_I-3196-001.
Statutory Framework Governing Examined, IAS_I-3197-001.


§760 Does Not Provide Relief For Suspension Without Pay, IAS_I-3198-001.
Age Discrimination —
Discriminatory Comments Alone Are Insufficient, IAS_I-3199-001.
Disparate Impact Theory May Not Be Applicable to, IAS_I-3200-001.
Federal Law Examined, IAS_I-3201-001.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_I-3202-003.
Prohibition On Covers All Ages From Birth to Death, IAS_I-3203-005.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_I-3204-002.
Age Discrimination, IAS_I-3205-007.
Amendment of Complaint At Hearing Permitted, IAS_I-3206-001.
Answer —
Failure to Plead Affirmative Defense, IAS_I-3207-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Awarded — Remand to DOAH For Determination of Amount, IAS_I-3208-002.
Costs Found to Be Recoverable, IAS_I-3209-001.
Employer’s Petition For Denied, IAS_I-3210-001.
Bankruptcy Filing — Effect On Pending §760 Claim Examined, IAS_I-3211-001.
Burden of Proof (See Also Prima Facie Case; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) — Employer, IAS_I-3212-002.
Direct & Circumstantial Evidence Discussed, IAS_I-3213-003.
Employee’s Ultimate Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_I-3214-009.
Employer — Merely Production — Not Persuasion, IAS_I-3215-001.
Employer’s Rebuttal Burden Is Light, IAS_I-3216-003.
Damages —
Additional §120.57 Proceeding to Determine Amounts, IAS_I-3217-001.
Back Pay Awards — Unemployment Compensation Benefits Not Applied As An Offset, IAS_I-3218-001.
Front Pay Can Be Awarded, IAS_I-3219-001.
Prejudgment Interest at 12% Per Annum Awarded, IAS_I-3220-001.
Not Recoverable If the Subject of a Separate Civil Action, IAS_I-3221-001.
Employment Discrimination —
Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) Examined, IAS_I-3222-001.
Commission Is Not Restricted to a Particular Symptom of Discrimination Complained of, IAS_I-3223-001.
Contract Employees — Status As An “Employee” Subject to §760 Protections Examined, IAS_I-3224-001.
Crude Comment By Coworkers Alone Does Not Constitute, IAS_I-3225-001.
Defined, IAS_I-3226-001.
Demotion — Four (4) Part Test For Discrimination, IAS_I-3227-001.
Direct Evidence Defined & Discussed, IAS_I-3228-001.
Disparate Impact & Disparate Treatment Claims Distinguished, IAS_I-3229-002.
Disparate Treatment — Claim Accepted By Comm. Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation, IAS_I-3230-001.
Disparate Treatment — Respective Burdens of Proof, IAS_I-3231-003.
Employees Are Presumed Not to Unfairly Discriminate In a Business Setting, IAS_I-3232-001.
Employer Duty of Reasonable Accommodation Explored, IAS_I-3233-003.
Evidentiary Standards Discussed, IAS_I-3234-002.
Except For Religion Focus Is On Conditions An Individual Is Powerless to Alter, IAS_I-3235-001.
Failure to Hire — Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_I-3236-001.
Failure to Hire or Promote — Token Minority Finalist Not Probative, IAS_I-3237-001.
Failure to Promote — Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_I-3238-001.
Hostile Work Environment — Test For, IAS_I-3239-001.
Insubordination —
Legitimate Basis For Discharge, IAS_I-3240-001.
May Not Be Tolerated In a Discriminatory Fashion, IAS_I-3241-001.
Intervention of Coworker Denied, IAS_I-3242-001.
Numerosity Requirement (15 or More Employees) — Effect of Periodic Failure to Satisfy, IAS_I-3243-001.
Numerosity Requirement (15 or More Employees) Essential to Comm. Jurisdiction, IAS_I-3244-002.
Parallel PERC Proceeding — Collateral Estoppel, IAS_I-3245-001.
Refusal to Hire (See Failure to Hire)
Requirement to Speak English Does Not Constitute, IAS_I-3246-001.
Suspension Without Pay Not Remedied Pursuant to §760, IAS_I-3247-001.
Termination — Four (4) Part Test For Prima Facie Case, IAS_I-3248-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_I-3249-001.
Fact Findings — Recommended (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH) —
Exceptions to — Untimely — Considered, IAS_I-3250-001.
Failure to Appear At Hearing — Respondent, IAS_I-3251-001.
Failure to Appear At Hearing Results In Dismissal, IAS_I-3252-003.
Fair Housing Law —
Race Discrimination —
Association of White With Blacks, IAS_I-3253-001.
Racially Derogatory Comments Alone Are Not Actionable, IAS_I-3254-001.
Race Discrimination, IAS_I-3255-002.
Federal Caselaw Is Applicable, IAS_I-3256-046.
Federal Civil Rights Act — 1991 Amendment to Noted, IAS_I-3257-001.
Federal Employment Discrimination Action — District Court —
Res Judicata Effect On Fla. Action —
Appellate Court Reverses Circuit Court Finding of Res Judicata Effect, IAS_I-3258-001.
Florida Act — 1992 Amendment to Noted, IAS_I-3259-001.
Florida Act Is Applicable to Governmental Employers, IAS_I-3260-001.
Jurisdiction —
Comm. Has Jurisdiction Over State of Fla. Professional Licensing Boards, IAS_I-3261-002.
Marital Status Discrimination —
Actions of Spouse, IAS_I-3262-002.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_I-3263-003.
Identity of Spouse, IAS_I-3264-001.
Marital Status Defined, IAS_I-3265-001.
Single, IAS_I-3266-001.
Marital Status Discrimination, IAS_I-3267-002.
National Origin Discrimination —
Cuban, IAS_I-3268-001.
Dominican Republic, IAS_I-3269-001.
England, IAS_I-3270-001.
Finlandian, IAS_I-3271-001.
Haitian, IAS_I-3272-001.
Hispanic, IAS_I-3273-001.
Mexican/Spanish/Cuban, IAS_I-3274-001.
Nigerian, IAS_I-3275-001.
Puerto Rican, IAS_I-3276-001.
Tunisian, IAS_I-3277-001.
Virgin Islands, IAS_I-3278-001.
Physical Handicap Discrimination —
Alcoholism, IAS_I-3279-002.
Arm — Missing, IAS_I-3280-001.
Artificial Knee, IAS_I-3281-001.
Asthma, IAS_I-3282-001.
Back — Lifting Limitations, IAS_I-3283-001.
Back Injury, IAS_I-3284-007.
Back Surgery, IAS_I-3285-001.
Bladder Cancer, IAS_I-3286-001.
Blindness, IAS_I-3287-001.
Cervical Spondylosis, IAS_I-3288-001.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IAS_I-3289-001.
Color Vision Perception Deficiency, IAS_I-3290-001.
Defined — Federal Definition Found Controlling, IAS_I-3291-001.
Defined — Federal Definition Is Not Controlling, IAS_I-3292-002.
Defined — Reference to Commission Precedent, IAS_I-3293-001.
Defined, IAS_I-3294-005.
Diabetes, IAS_I-3295-002.
Employee’s Duty to Request Accommodation Examined, IAS_I-3296-001.
Epilepsy, IAS_I-3297-001.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_I-3298-003.
HIV Positive, IAS_I-3299-003.
Head Injuries, IAS_I-3300-001.
Heart Attack, IAS_I-3301-001.
Heart Disease, IAS_I-3302-001.
High Blood Pressure, IAS_I-3303-001.
Hypertension, IAS_I-3304-001.
Kidney Disease, IAS_I-3305-001.
Knee Injury (See Also Artificial Knee), IAS_I-3306-001.
Lung Abscess, IAS_I-3307-001.
Lung Cancer, IAS_I-3308-001.
Medical Documentation of a Physical Handicap Is Not Needed In Every Instance, IAS_I-3309-001.
Mental — Depression, IAS_I-3310-001.
Mental — Dyslexia, IAS_I-3311-002.
Mental — Illness, IAS_I-3312-001.
Mental — Learning Disability, IAS_I-3313-001.
Mood Adjustment Disorder, IAS_I-3314-001.
Multiple Sclerosis, IAS_I-3315-001.
Obesity — Need Not Be Physiological In Origin, IAS_I-3316-001.
Orthopedic Condition, IAS_I-3317-001.
Psoriasis, IAS_I-3318-001.
Role of DOAH Hearing Officer In Determining, IAS_I-3319-001.
Seizure, IAS_I-3320-001.
Speech Impediment Found to Constitute Over Contrary DOAH Conclusion, IAS_I-3321-001.
Summary Dismissal of Handicapped Person Who Cannot Do Their Job, IAS_I-3322-001.
Surgery, IAS_I-3323-001.
Three (3) Part Test For Establishment of Prima Facie Case, IAS_I-3324-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_I-3325-003.
Wrist Impairment, IAS_I-3326-001.
Physical Handicap Discrimination, IAS_I-3327-001.
Prima Facie Case (See Also Burden of Proof) —
Employer’s Rebuttal Burden Is Exceedingly Light, IAS_I-3328-003.
Establishment & Effect of, IAS_I-3329-092.
Establishment of Is a Factual Issue, IAS_I-3330-001.
Minimal Qualifications For Employment Sufficient, IAS_I-3331-001.
Race Discrimination —
American Indian, IAS_I-3332-001.
Black, IAS_I-3333-047.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_I-3334-002.
Requisite Proof of Examined, IAS_I-3335-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_I-3336-002.
White, IAS_I-3337-002.
Race Discrimination, IAS_I-3338-005.
Religion Discrimination —
Florida Law Found to Narrow Federal Prohibition On, IAS_I-3339-001.
Not Working On Saturday, IAS_I-3340-001.
Orthodox Jew, IAS_I-3341-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_I-3342-002.
Retaliatory Action Discrimination —
Florida Law Found to Narrow Federal Prohibition On, IAS_I-3343-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_I-3344-004.
Unrelated to Outcome of Underlying Action, IAS_I-3345-001.
Retaliatory Action Discrimination, IAS_I-3346-020.
Sex Discrimination —
Female, IAS_I-3347-014.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_I-3348-001.
Harassment — Requisite Severity Before §760 Applies Examined, IAS_I-3349-001.
Harassment, IAS_I-3350-001.
Male, IAS_I-3351-009.
Pregnancy, IAS_I-3352-004.
Sex Discrimination, IAS_I-3353-001.
Time Limit For Filing of Complaint —
Circumstances of Multiple Plaintiff Non-Class Action Suit, IAS_I-3354-001.
Complaint Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_I-3355-001.
Discussed, IAS_I-3356-002.
Found to Be Merely a Limitation Period Subject to Waiver, IAS_I-3357-001.
Is Not Jurisdictional, IAS_I-3358-001.


Zoning Bd. —
Request to Continue Nonconforming Use — Denial — Circuit Court Reverses — Certiorari Denied, IAS_I-3359-001.


Appeals (§380.07(3)) —
Applicant Entitled to Specification of Changes That Would Satisfy Comm., IAS_I-3360-002.
Burden of Proof (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Applicant Does Not Have Burden of Proof — Supreme Court Ruling —
Dept. of Community Affairs Appeal of Local Government Order, IAS_I-3361-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_I-3362-003.
On Applicant to Prove Compliance With Local Land Development Regulations, IAS_I-3363-002.
On Dept. of Community Affairs If the Movant, IAS_I-3364-001.
On Petitioner, IAS_I-3365-001.
Pendency of Appeal to Supreme Court On Issue Regarding Acknowledged, IAS_I-3366-001.
De Novo Proceeding, IAS_I-3367-005.
Development Order (See Also COUNTY GOVERNMENT) —
Defined, IAS_I-3368-001.
Extension of Construction Deadline Constitutes, IAS_I-3369-001.
Intervenor Challenges Pursuant to §380.07(2) (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) —
Burden of Proof Discussed, IAS_I-3370-001.
Forty-Five (45) Day Time Limit Is Jurisdictional, IAS_I-3371-001.
Leave to Amend Defective Petition Liberally Granted, IAS_I-3372-001.
Standing — Found Lacking, IAS_I-3373-001.
Standing — Property Owners — Requisite Impacts Explored, IAS_I-3374-001.
Jurisdiction —
Balancing of Private Property Rights & Public Interest Discussed, IAS_I-3375-002.
Limited to Ascertaining Consistency of Decision Below With §373, IAS_I-3376-001.
None to Consider Constitutional Questions, IAS_I-3377-001.
None to Reconsider DOAH Evidentiary Ruling, IAS_I-3378-001.
Legal Use Cannot Be Denied On the Basis of Possible Violations of Permit Conditions, IAS_I-3379-001.
Legislative History of §380.07 Examined, IAS_I-3380-001.
Monroe County School Board’s Development Found to Be Subject to Comm. Jurisdiction, IAS_I-3381-001.
Shifted Review of Local Zoning Decisions to the Commission From Certiorari Circuit Court Review, IAS_I-3382-001.
State Agency Construction of Local Ordinance Entitled to No Special Deference, IAS_I-3383-003.
There Is No Legislative Intent to Limit Local Ordinance —
§380 Merely Supplies “Additional Procedures”, IAS_I-3384-001.
Home Rule Local Powers Discussed, IAS_I-3385-001.
Area of Critical State Concern (See Also AREA OF CRITICAL STATE CONCERN) —
Dept. of Community Affairs’ Jurisdiction to Appeal Development Orders, IAS_I-3386-001.
Area of Critical State Concern, IAS_I-3387-004.
Challenge to East Central Florida Regional Planning Council Grant of Development Order, IAS_I-3388-001.
Challenge to Franklin County Development Order Allowing Residential Subdivision On Commercial Parcel On St. George’s Island, IAS_I-3389-001.
Challenge to Monroe County Development Order Allowing Shopping Center In Tropical Hammock, IAS_I-3390-001.
Challenge to Monroe County Grant of Fence Permit For Big Pine Key, IAS_I-3391-002.
Challenge to Monroe County Grant of Permit For Construction of a Dock, IAS_I-3392-001.
Challenge to Monroe County Grant of Permit For Private Residential Boat Ramp, IAS_I-3393-001.
Challenge to Monroe County Land Clearing Permits — Remand From Supreme Court — Young, et al., IAS_I-3394-001.
Challenge to Polk County Development Order Permitting Campground In Green Swamp Area, IAS_I-3395-001.
Challenge to South Florida Water Management Dist. Grant of Surface Water Management Permit For Navy Housing In Key West, IAS_I-3396-001.
Challenge to St. Johns River Water Management Dist. Grant of Permit For Sand Mine Near Residential Low Lakes, IAS_I-3397-001.
Challenge to St. Johns River Water Management Dist. Grant of Surface Water Management Permit For Golf Course, IAS_I-3398-001.
Challenge to Wakulla County Amendment of Comprehensive Plan, IAS_I-3399-001.
Challenge to Walton County Amended Development Order, IAS_I-3400-001.
Challenge to Walton County Extension of Termination Date of DRI Development Order (See Also COUNTY GOVERNMENT, Development Order), IAS_I-3401-001.
Permit —
Challenge to Monroe County Grant of Permit For Construction of Swimming Pier, IAS_I-3402-001.
Challenge to Monroe County Grant of Permit For Construction of Vertical Bulkhead & Dock, IAS_I-3403-001.
Challenge to Monroe County Grant of Permit For Land Clearing, IAS_I-3404-001.
Challenge to Monroe County Grant of Permit For Resource Extraction Activity — No Name Key, IAS_I-3405-001.
Surface Water Management System — Residential Development & Golf Course — St. Johns River Water Management Dist. — Intervenor Protest, IAS_I-3406-001.

LAND SURVEYORS, Bd. of Professional

License (See Also LICENSING) —
Duty to Public As Well As Client Examined, IAS_I-3407-001.
Importance of Minimum Technical Standards Examined, IAS_I-3408-001.


Permits —
Building —
Circuit Court Writ of Mandamus Compelling Issuance of Reversed, IAS_I-3409-001.


Appropriations —
Proviso Language Must Rationally Relate to the Purpose of the Pertinent Legislation, IAS_I-3410-001.


Constitutional Gas Tax Proceeds —
Circuit Court Denial of Claim For Interest Reversed, IAS_I-3411-001.
Petroleum Pipeline & Related Storage Facility —
Dept. of Community Affairs Finds DRI Review Not Required — Affirmed, IAS_I-3412-001.
Vested Rights Determination —
Circuit Court Refusal to Review By Certiorari Reversed, IAS_I-3413-001.



Abandonment, IAS_I-3414-005.
Acceptance of Fees Without Requisite Written Agreement, IAS_I-3415-001.
Administering Insufficient Training, IAS_I-3416-001.
Advertising —
False & Misleading, IAS_I-3417-007.
Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel (See Also Improper Delegation to Unlicensed Personnel), IAS_I-3418-008.
Controlled Substances —
Dispensing —
Failure to Dispense Generic Equivalent, IAS_I-3419-001.
Expired Inventory, IAS_I-3420-001.
Failure to Have Current D.E.A. Registration, IAS_I-3421-001.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_I-3422-001.
Failure to Properly Maintain & Dispense, IAS_I-3423-001.
Improper Possession of, IAS_I-3424-001.
Inappropriate or Excessive Prescriptions, IAS_I-3425-005.
Misbranded Drugs In Inventory, IAS_I-3426-001.
Need For Scientific Proof of Composition of Discussed, IAS_I-3427-001.
Prescription Other Than In Course of Practice, IAS_I-3428-015.
Prescription Other Than In Course of Practice —
Provide Patient Records Upon Request, IAS_I-3429-001.
Self-Medication, IAS_I-3430-003.
Unapproved Drugs In Inventory, IAS_I-3431-001.
Creating a Potential Lien Against Applicant’s Property Without Authorization, IAS_I-3432-001.
Criminal Charge — Assault & Battery, IAS_I-3433-001.
Criminal Conviction, IAS_I-3434-006.
Criminal Plea — Double Jeopardy (See CONSTITUTION (Fla.))
Criminal Plea, IAS_I-3435-010.
Demanding Payment of Fees Prior to Obtaining a Commitment, IAS_I-3436-001.
Diversion of Trust Funds to Personal Use, IAS_I-3437-001.
Excessive Corporal Punishment, IAS_I-3438-001.
Exploiting Clients For Financial Gain, IAS_I-3439-001.
Exploiting Patients For Financial Gain, IAS_I-3440-011.
Exploiting Patients For Personal Gain, IAS_I-3441-002.
Failure to —
Accept HRS Supervision, IAS_I-3442-001.
Account For & Deliver Trust Funds, IAS_I-3443-003.
Adequately Supervise Subordinate Personnel, IAS_I-3444-002.
Apprise Customers of Status of Loan, IAS_I-3445-001.
Appropriately Conduct & Maintain Control of An Auction, IAS_I-3446-001.
Arrange For Requisite Visits of Family Members, IAS_I-3447-001.
Certify Completion of Internship, IAS_I-3448-001.
Close Loans In a Timely Manner, IAS_I-3449-001.
Close Loans Within Promised Time Period, IAS_I-3450-001.
Cooperate With Administrative Investigation, IAS_I-3451-002.
Correct Deficiencies, IAS_I-3452-005.
Diagnose and Treat Conditions, IAS_I-3453-001.
Discharge Fiduciary Duty, IAS_I-3454-001.
Disclose Financial Interest — Referral, IAS_I-3455-001.
Disclose Religious Affiliation In Advertising, IAS_I-3456-001.
Document Deficiencies In Residents’ Health, IAS_I-3457-001.
Document Staff As Free From Communicable Disease, IAS_I-3458-001.
File Requisite Report, IAS_I-3459-002.
Give Requisite Notice, IAS_I-3460-001.
Have Proper Disaster Preparedness Plan, IAS_I-3461-001.
Inform HRS of Changes In Foster Family, IAS_I-3462-001.
Inform HRS of Medical & Dental Treatment of Foster Children, IAS_I-3463-001.
Keep Current Address On File With Dept., IAS_I-3464-001.
Keep Financial Records Available For Review, IAS_I-3465-001.
Keep Requisite Records of Daily Medications, IAS_I-3466-001.
Keep Requisite Written Records — Records Must Be Kept At Facility, IAS_I-3467-001.
Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_I-3468-053.
Maintain Required Net Worth, IAS_I-3469-001.
Maintain Requisite Supply of Non-Perishable Food, IAS_I-3470-003.
Maintain Sanitation Inspection Reports, IAS_I-3471-001.
Make Provisions For Preserving & Strengthening Family Ties, IAS_I-3472-001.
Make Requisite Refund, IAS_I-3473-001.
Make Requisite Written Disclosure, IAS_I-3474-001.
Notify Div. of Bankruptcy Filing, IAS_I-3475-001.
Obtain Informed Consent, IAS_I-3476-003.
Perform Statutory or Legal Obligation, IAS_I-3477-003.
Plan Visits With Foster Child’s Natural Family, IAS_I-3478-001.
Post License, IAS_I-3479-001.
Post Requisite Notice That Malpractice Insurance Is Not Carried, IAS_I-3480-001.
Prepare & Serve Therapeutic Meals, IAS_I-3481-001.
Prepare Foster Child to Leave, IAS_I-3482-001.
Prepare Requisite Placement Plans, IAS_I-3483-001.
Present Positive Image of Foster Child’s Natural Family, IAS_I-3484-001.
Properly Associate With Broker, IAS_I-3485-001.
Properly Dispense & Store Prescription Drugs, IAS_I-3486-001.
Properly Label Nonprescription Drugs, IAS_I-3487-001.
Properly Maintain Facility, IAS_I-3488-001.
Properly Supervise Children, IAS_I-3489-002.
Provide Appropriate Level of Instruction, IAS_I-3490-001.
Provide Client Requisite Statement, IAS_I-3491-001.
Provide Opportunity For Growth, Development & Religious Choice, IAS_I-3492-001.
Provide Patient Records Upon Request (See Patient Records)
Provide Radon Testing, IAS_I-3493-001.
Provide Requisite Contract, IAS_I-3494-001.
Provide Requisite I.D. Card & Uniform, IAS_I-3495-001.
Provide Requisite Instruction, IAS_I-3496-001.
Provide Requisite Physical Exams, IAS_I-3497-001.
Report Known Violations of Another, IAS_I-3498-002.
Report Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_I-3499-001.
Report Termination of Licensed Personnel, IAS_I-3500-001.
Return Loan Discount Fee, IAS_I-3501-001.
Train Staff In Infection Control Procedures, IAS_I-3502-001.
Uphold Residents’ Bill of Rights, IAS_I-3503-001.
False Certification of Completion of Required Training, IAS_I-3504-001.
False Statements On Employment Application, IAS_I-3505-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_I-3506-006.
False Statements (See Also Filing a False Report)
Fee-Split Arrangement, IAS_I-3507-001.
Filing a False Report (See False Statements), IAS_I-3508-006.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_I-3509-023.
Gross or Repeated Malpractice, IAS_I-3510-035.
HRS Abuse Report Confirmed, IAS_I-3511-001.
Impersonating a Police Officer, IAS_I-3512-004.
Improper Delegation to Unlicensed Personnel (See Also Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel), IAS_I-3513-004.
Improper Kickback For Referral of Patients, IAS_I-3514-001.
Improper Use of Force, IAS_I-3515-001.
Inability In Profession (See Also Incompetence) —
Alcoholism, IAS_I-3516-002.
Anxiety Disorder, IAS_I-3517-001.
Controlled Substance Abuse, IAS_I-3518-003.
Dementia & Memory Loss, IAS_I-3519-001.
Psychological Problems, IAS_I-3520-001.
Inactive License Is Nonetheless a License, IAS_I-3521-002.
Inadequate Meal Plan, IAS_I-3522-001.
Inappropriate & Excessive Fees, IAS_I-3523-001.
Incompetence (See Also Inability In Profession)
Incompetence, IAS_I-3524-003.
Lack of Fitness & Trustworthiness, IAS_I-3525-001.
Lack of the Ability to Operate In Conformity With HRS Policies, IAS_I-3526-001.
Local Action Against License, IAS_I-3527-001.
Misappropriation of Resident Funds, IAS_I-3528-001.
Misconduct In Regulated Activities 758-762, IAS_I-3529-001.
Moratorium On Expansion By Licensee, IAS_I-3530-001.
Negligence, IAS_I-3531-010.
Operating Beyond Scope of Ability, IAS_I-3532-001.
Operating Outside Scope of License, IAS_I-3533-006.
Operating With Expired License, IAS_I-3534-002.
Operating Without Requisite Bond, IAS_I-3535-001.
Operating Without Requisite Supervision, IAS_I-3536-001.
Operating Without a License, IAS_I-3537-014.
Out-of-State Discipline —
Appeal From, IAS_I-3538-001.
Criminal Plea, IAS_I-3539-001.
Lesser Burden of Proof Is Immaterial, IAS_I-3540-001.
Pending Appellate Review Is Immaterial, IAS_I-3541-001.
Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_I-3542-004.
Patient Records —
Failure to Provide Upon Request, IAS_I-3543-004.
Failure to Release In a Timely Manner, IAS_I-3544-001.
Release to Unauthorized Persons, IAS_I-3545-001.
Reinstatement —
Petition For Denied, IAS_I-3546-001.
Subsequent to Voluntary Relinquishment — Denied, IAS_I-3547-001.
Relocation of Practice —
Failure to Notify Board, IAS_I-3548-001.
Failure to Properly Advertise, IAS_I-3549-001.
Improper Notification to Patient, IAS_I-3550-001.
Renewal —
Denial — Burden of Proof —
Conflict In Law On Subject, IAS_I-3551-001.
Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_I-3552-001.
Same As For Revocation, IAS_I-3553-004.
Denial — Burden of Proof, IAS_I-3554-001.
Denial Cannot Be Utilized As Substitute For License Revocation Proceeding, IAS_I-3555-002.
Denial On the Basis of Previous Violations, IAS_I-3556-001.
Denial, IAS_I-3557-002.
Failure to Pay Previously Imposed Fines, IAS_I-3558-001.
Inadvertent “In Error”, IAS_I-3559-001.
Late-Filed Application For, IAS_I-3560-001.
Revocation Proceeding Initiated Immediately Prior to Renewal, IAS_I-3561-001.
Sexual Misconduct, IAS_I-3562-020.
Tax Protestor — Federal Personal Income Tax, IAS_I-3563-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_I-3564-074.
Unprofessional Conduct, IAS_I-3565-004.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, IAS_I-3566-004.
Violation of —
Board Order, IAS_I-3567-006.
Probation, IAS_I-3568-004.
Rule, IAS_I-3569-007.
Willful Disregard of Local Code, IAS_I-3570-001.


Applicant Has Burden of Proof —
Agency Denial of Otherwise Qualified Applicant Requires Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_I-3571-004.
Applicant Need Not Disprove Allegations of An Agency, IAS_I-3572-001.
By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_I-3573-013.
Examined, IAS_I-3574-002.
Licensure Proceeding Is Not Penal — Preponderance of Evidence Standard Found Applicable In Landmark Supreme Court Decision, IAS_I-3575-001.
Licensure Proceeding Is Not Penal, IAS_I-3576-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_I-3577-015.
Application —
Agency Action Cannot Be Delegated to Appointed Committee, IAS_I-3578-001.
Commission of Act of Violence Against Another, IAS_I-3579-002.
Criminal Charges, Conviction, Plea (See Also DISCIPLINE)
Criminal Charges —
Criminal History Expungement — Duty of Applicant to Disclose, IAS_I-3580-001.
Criminal Charges, IAS_I-3581-002.
Criminal Conviction —
Applicant’s Self-Serving Testimony Alone Is Insufficient to Overcome Disqualification, IAS_I-3582-001.
Burden of Proof to Overcome Disqualification, IAS_I-3583-001.
Date of Criminal Conviction Need Not Be Established, IAS_I-3584-001.
Lack of Evidence of Mitigating Circumstances, IAS_I-3585-001.
Licensure By Other State Agency Is Immaterial, IAS_I-3586-001.
Criminal Conviction, IAS_I-3587-003.
Criminal Plea — (See Also DISCIPLINE)
Adjudication of Guilt Is Not Conclusive Proof of Underlying Facts, IAS_I-3588-001.
Does Not Constitute An “Admission” Per Se & Is Not “Direct Evidence” of Guilt, IAS_I-3589-001.
Expungement — Duty to Report Nonetheless, IAS_I-3590-001.
Guilty Plea, IAS_I-3591-001.
Moral Turpitude — Delivery Vis Possession of Controlled Substances, IAS_I-3592-001.
Moral Turpitude Defined, IAS_I-3593-001.
Not Conclusive Proof of Underlying Facts, IAS_I-3594-002.
Requisite Educational Requirements Found Lacking — Foreign Student, IAS_I-3595-001.
Witness Tampering In Medical Malpractice Case, IAS_I-3596-001.
Criminal Plea, IAS_I-3597-004.
Default Licensure (See PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Default)
Denial With Prejudice Reversed, IAS_I-3598-001.
Evidence In Support of —
Competent Substantial Evidence Is Less In This Context Than For Revocation Proceeding, IAS_I-3599-001.
Expert Testimony With Financial Interest Alone Can Be Sufficient, IAS_I-3600-001.
Failure to —
Account For & Deliver Trust Funds, IAS_I-3601-001.
Meet Life Safety Standards, IAS_I-3602-001.
Meet Local Zoning Requirements, IAS_I-3603-001.
False or Misleading Information —
Alone a Basis For Denial, IAS_I-3604-001.
Intent Found to Be a Requisite Element of This Charge, IAS_I-3605-001.
Questions Regarding Criminal Past Found Poorly Drafted, IAS_I-3606-001.
Raises Character Issue — Detrimental Reliance By State Not Necessary For Denial, IAS_I-3607-001.
Requisite Intent, IAS_I-3608-001.
False or Misleading Information, IAS_I-3609-013.
Filing a False Report, IAS_I-3610-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_I-3611-003.
Gross Immorality, IAS_I-3612-001.
IRS Tax Lien — Presumption of Correctness, IAS_I-3613-001.
Lack of Fitness & Trustworthiness, IAS_I-3614-003.
Lack of Requisite Good Moral Character —
Alone a Basis For Denial, IAS_I-3615-001.
Good Moral Character Defined, IAS_I-3616-002.
Good Moral Character Is a Question of Fact, IAS_I-3617-001.
Lack of Not a Permanent Ban to Licensure — Proof of Rehabilitation Examined, IAS_I-3618-001.
Lack of Requisite Good Moral Character, IAS_I-3619-004.
Late Filing Fee — Challenge to Rejected, IAS_I-3620-001.
Late-Payment of Examination Fee, IAS_I-3621-001.
Maintain Requisite Association, IAS_I-3622-001.
Matters Outside Notice of Intent to Deny Cannot Be Reached, IAS_I-3623-001.
Moral Turpitude, IAS_I-3624-001.
Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_I-3625-003.
Permanent Denial of Reversed, IAS_I-3626-001.
Previous Revocation of Same License Found to Bar Reapplication, IAS_I-3627-001.
Requisite Educational Requirements Found Lacking —
Foreign Applicant, IAS_I-3628-001.
Foreign Student, IAS_I-3629-001.
Requisite Educational Requirements Found Lacking, IAS_I-3630-002.
Requisite Letters of Recommendation Found Lacking, IAS_I-3631-001.
Requisite Work Experience —
Lacking, IAS_I-3632-003.
Out-of-State Experience — Equivalency, IAS_I-3633-001.
Sexual Misconduct, IAS_I-3634-001.
Statute In Effect When Agency Makes Its Final Decision Is Applicable, IAS_I-3635-003.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_I-3636-001.
Violation of Nonrule Policy Alone Cannot Be Sole Basis For Denial, IAS_I-3637-001.
Voluntary Withdrawal of, IAS_I-3638-001.
Authority of State Government to Require State Licensure For Federal Employees, IAS_I-3639-001.
By Endorsement —
Contingent On Successful Probation, IAS_I-3640-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_I-3641-001.
Inability In Profession, IAS_I-3642-001.
Out-of-State Exam Procedures Found Not to Be Equivalent, IAS_I-3643-001.
Psychotherapeutic Treatment, IAS_I-3644-001.
Examination —
Challenge to Grading —
Applicant Has Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_I-3645-002.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_I-3646-001.
Applicant Has Heavy Burden of Proof, IAS_I-3647-001.
Insufficient or Misleading Instructions, IAS_I-3648-001.
Challenge to Grading, IAS_I-3649-003.
Cheating, IAS_I-3650-001.
Fees —
State Need Not Extend Credit or Make Special Arrangements, IAS_I-3651-001.
Issuance of By Mistake Does Not Constitute a Determination of Fitness, IAS_I-3652-001.
A Question of Law, IAS_I-3653-001.
Moratorium On Expansion By Licensee, IAS_I-3654-001.
Provisional License —
Cannot Be Extended or Renewed, IAS_I-3655-001.
Renewal (See LICENSING)
Temporary —
Late-Payment of Examination Fee, IAS_I-3656-001.

LOTTERY, Dept. of

Circuit Court Suit Seeking Payment On Lost Ticket —
A “Holder” Defined & Discussed, IAS_I-3657-001.
Contract Law Governs, IAS_I-3658-001.
Payment Restricted to “Holders” of Winning Tickets, IAS_I-3659-001.
Purchase Without Actual Possession Does Not Suffice, IAS_I-3660-001.


Circuit Court Dismissal of Petition For Enforcement of Final Order Affirmed, IAS_I-3661-001.
Contract — Bid —
Dismissal of Protest For Failure to Post Bond Reversed, IAS_I-3662-001.
Convicted Vendor’s List (See Also ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of (DOAH), Public Entity Crime) —
Dept. Duty to Conduct Investigations, IAS_I-3663-001.
Exclusion From Granted, IAS_I-3664-001.
Mechanics of the List Examined, IAS_I-3665-001.


Arbitrary & Capricious —
Defined, IAS_I-3666-001.
Black Mullet Harvest —
Biological Data Concerning, IAS_I-3667-001.
DOAH Invalidation of Proposed Rules Upheld, IAS_I-3668-001.
Constitutional & Statutory Provisions Directing Protection of the Environment, IAS_I-3669-001.
Duty Owed to Commercial Fishing Interests Examined, IAS_I-3670-001.
Local Government Cannot Regulate Taking or Possession of Saltwater Fish, IAS_I-3671-001.
Marine Net Ban Constitutional Initiative —
Supreme Court Upholds Validity of, IAS_I-3672-001.
Rulemaking Authority (See Also RULES & RULEMAKING) —
Broad Grant of Discussed, IAS_I-3673-001.
Requisite Review By Governor & Cabinet, IAS_I-3674-001.



Local Comprehensive Plan —
Denial of Amendment — Proposed Planned Unit Development —
Circuit Court Grant of Injunctive Relief & Damages Reversed, IAS_I-3675-001.


License (See Also LICENSING) —
Sexual Misconduct —
Client Cannot Give Informed Consent, IAS_I-3676-001.
Distinction Between Legal Massage & Sexual Misconduct Explored, IAS_I-3677-001.


Community Mental Health Service Provider —
AHCA Regulates Provider Agreement/HRS Licenses the Centers, IAS_I-3678-001.
Provider Status Terminated, IAS_I-3679-005.
Recoupment of Overpayment, IAS_I-3680-001.
Requisite Contracts With HRS Discussed, IAS_I-3681-004.
Termination of Provider Agreement Upheld, IAS_I-3682-002.
Constitutional Challenge to 1994 Statutory Amendments Regarding Third Party Liability —
Abrogation of Affirmative Defenses By Statute Found Constitutional, IAS_I-3683-001.
Circuit Court Declares Portion of Unconstitutional, IAS_I-3684-001.
Legislative History Regarding Third Party Recovery Examined In Detail, IAS_I-3685-001.
Market/Share Joint & Severable Liability Examined, IAS_I-3686-001.
Probative Value of Statistical Evidence Delineated By Statute Upheld, IAS_I-3687-001.
Supreme Court Declares Portion of Unconstitutional, IAS_I-3688-001.
Tobacco-Only Mandate of Governor Discussed, IAS_I-3689-001.
Dentist —
Adult Adjustments —
Denture Adjustments & Relines, IAS_I-3690-001.
Overpayment, IAS_I-3691-001.
Diagnostic Lab —
Services Improperly Billed As Physician Services, IAS_I-3692-001.
HRS (See Also Health Care Administration) —
Authority to Bring Civil Suit Found Lacking —
§120 Found to Constitute Exclusive Remedy, IAS_I-3693-001.
Authority to Withhold Reimbursement Pending An Investigation Exhaustively Explored, IAS_I-3694-001.
Cannot Be Held Liable For “Damages” Under §120, IAS_I-3695-001.
Duty to Report Allegedly Criminal Conduct to Auditor General Examined, IAS_I-3696-001.
Federal Litigation — Parallel — Found Not Controlling, IAS_I-3697-001.
Federal Preemption Examined, IAS_I-3698-001.
Reimbursement Procedures Examined, IAS_I-3699-001.
Reimbursement Rates — 1989-90 Freeze On Assailed, IAS_I-3700-001.
Health Care Administration, Agency For (AHCA) (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS; HRS) —
§403.913 Demands For Provider Records Examined, IAS_I-3701-001.
Applicable Rules & Medicaid Handbook Must Be Read In Para Materia, IAS_I-3702-001.
Authority to Withhold Reimbursement Pending An Investigation Exhaustively Explored, IAS_I-3703-001.
Confidentiality of “Any Identifying Information” In the Context of An Investigation —
Includes Identity of An HMO, IAS_I-3704-001.
Fine Imposed For Failure to Produce Records Requested Pursuant to §403.913 Reversed, IAS_I-3705-001.
Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_I-3706-005.
Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_I-3707-003.
Mechanics of the Program Examined, IAS_I-3708-001.
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) —
Challenge to Termination of Contract —
Circuit Court Denial of Change to Venue to Leon County Reversed, IAS_I-3709-001.
Home Health Agency —
Billing For Services Allegedly Not Provided, IAS_I-3710-001.
Homebound Defined, IAS_I-3711-001.
Reimbursement Withheld Due to Evidence of Fraud or Misrepresentation, IAS_I-3712-001.
Reinstatement of Provider Status Denied —
False Billing For Unperformed Services, IAS_I-3713-001.
Home Health Services —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_I-3714-001.
Hospital —
Challenge to Five (5) Claims, IAS_I-3715-001.
Denial of Claim For Failure to Submit Patient’s Medicaid Number Reversed, IAS_I-3716-001.
Improper Claims For Physician Services, IAS_I-3717-001.
Medical Necessity —
Admission Found Medically Necessary, IAS_I-3718-001.
Claims Denied as Not Medically Necessary — Determination of Foundation For Health Care (PRO) Inc., IAS_I-3719-002.
Provider Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_I-3720-001.
Recoupment of Overpayment, IAS_I-3721-001.
Suit For Consolidated Hospital License to Make Specialty Psychiatric Facility Eligible, IAS_I-3722-001.
Unpaid Revenue Assessments —
Authority of HRS to Withhold Medicaid Payments to Offset Unpaid Assessments, IAS_I-3723-001.
Change In Hospital Ownership, IAS_I-3724-001.
Intermediate Care Facility —
Audit Adjustments —
Negative, IAS_I-3725-001.
Retroactive, IAS_I-3726-001.
Legislative 1992 Reduction of Prescription Drug Services Discussed, IAS_I-3727-001.
Legislative Appropriations Are Only Valid For the Term of the Pertinent Fiscal Year, IAS_I-3728-001.
Legislative Fee Cap — §16, Chapter 92-178, Laws of Florida —
Declared Unconstitutional Due to a Defective Title, IAS_I-3729-001.
Medical Assistance Funds —
Agency Claim For Recoupment Reversed, IAS_I-3730-001.
Available Resources Examined —
Trust Fund of Mother Found Unavailable — Reversed, IAS_I-3731-001.
Challenge to Termination From Participation Reversed In Part, IAS_I-3732-001.
Five (5) Step Sequential Process For Determining Whether a Person Is Disabled, IAS_I-3733-001.
Medicaid Qualifying Trust (MQT) —
Community Spouse As Grantor, IAS_I-3734-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_I-3735-001.
Effect of Discretion to Distribute Trust Assets, IAS_I-3736-001.
Federal Provisions Examined, IAS_I-3737-001.
Medically Needy Program —
Definition of Physical Disability Program, IAS_I-3738-001.
Denial of Benefits Reversed, IAS_I-3739-001.
Five (5) Step Sequential Process For Determining Whether a Person Is Disabled, IAS_I-3740-002.
Purpose of This Program Examined, IAS_I-3741-001.
Unreasonable Delays In Processing Application — Reimbursement For Out-of-Pocket Expenditure Found Warranted, IAS_I-3742-001.
Medical Clinic —
Overpayment — Cluster Sampling, IAS_I-3743-001.
Nursing Home —
Audit Adjustments —
Challenge to — Related Parties Issue, IAS_I-3744-001.
Challenge to, IAS_I-3745-001.
Determination of Average Equity Capital, IAS_I-3746-001.
Challenge to County Residency Determination Rejected, IAS_I-3747-001.
Denial of Eligibility For Resident —
Provider Lacks Standing to Challenge, IAS_I-3748-001.
Resident’s Interest In a Trust Fund, IAS_I-3749-001.
Interim Rate Increase —
Applicant’s Burden of Proof Carefully Examined, IAS_I-3750-001.
Costs Incurred to Meet New Federal or State Requirements, IAS_I-3751-002.
Establishment of Prima Facie Case, IAS_I-3752-002.
Rate Freezes Discussed, IAS_I-3753-001.
Reasonableness of Costs Must Be Established, IAS_I-3754-001.
Utilization of Most Recent Cost Reports Discussed In Detail, IAS_I-3755-001.
Recoupment of Underpayment —
Available Only Prospectively, IAS_I-3756-001.
Reimbursement Withheld Due to Evidence of Fraud or Misrepresentation, IAS_I-3757-001.
Retroactive Payments — Out-of-Business Firm — Denied, IAS_I-3758-001.
Patient —
Denial of Claim Reversed —
Inherited Real Property Found to Be Unavailable Asset, IAS_I-3759-001.
Third Party Benefits Found Unavailable, IAS_I-3760-001.
Treatment of Son’s Terminal Cancer —
Dept. Denial of Reimbursement Reversed, IAS_I-3761-001.
Pharmacy Copayment —
1994-95 Appropriations Bill Struck Down As Unconstitutional, IAS_I-3762-001.
Physician —
Challenge to Audit Adjustment, IAS_I-3763-001.
Challenge to Randomness of Sampling Techniques, IAS_I-3764-001.
Medical Necessity of Services Rendered Challenged, IAS_I-3765-001.
Overpayment — Fraud, IAS_I-3766-001.
Overpayment — Liability Confirmed With Certain Adjustments, IAS_I-3767-001.
Termination of Participation In Physician Access System (MediPass), IAS_I-3768-001.
Provider —
Action Regarding Per Diem Rates Withdrawn, IAS_I-3769-001.
Adjustments Relating to Working Capital Interest Does Not Necessitate Resetting of Facility Target Rates, IAS_I-3770-001.
Audit — Challenge to Randomness of Sampling Techniques, IAS_I-3771-001.
Audit — Cluster Sampling Discussed, IAS_I-3772-002.
Audit — Discussion of Sampling Technique, IAS_I-3773-001.
Bifurcated Proceeding — Fact & Amount of Overpayment, IAS_I-3774-001.
Burden of Proof When Bringing a Challenge, IAS_I-3775-001.
Burden of Proof When Challenging HRS Audit Techniques, IAS_I-3776-001.
Challenge to Billing Dismissed, IAS_I-3777-001.
Challenge to Prepayment Review Rejected, IAS_I-3778-002.
Claim Alleging Breach of Contract By Regional Planning Council Dismissed, IAS_I-3779-001.
Criminal Investigations Are Cause For HRS Concern, IAS_I-3780-001.
Failure to Submit Requested Documentation, IAS_I-3781-001.
Federal Withholding Rule — Evidence of Fraud or Misrepresentation, IAS_I-3782-001.
Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_I-3783-001.
Reduction of Reimbursement In Compliance With 1995 Appropriation —
Challenge to Dismissed, IAS_I-3784-001.
Related Parties Issue Exhaustively Explored, IAS_I-3785-001.
Standing Found Lacking to Challenge Denial of Patient’s Eligibility, IAS_I-3786-001.
Termination of Voluntary Provider Agreement, IAS_I-3787-001.
Radiology & Diagnostic Center —
Overpayment, IAS_I-3788-001.
Transportation Provider (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests), Health Care Administration) —
Application For Reinrollment Approved, IAS_I-3789-001.
Application For Reinrollment Denied, IAS_I-3790-001.


Actual Harm to Patients Not Requisite to Discipline, IAS_I-3791-002.
Advertising —
Public Invitation to Attend a Lecture & Receive More Information, IAS_I-3792-001.
Statutory Authority For Bd. Regulation of Examined, IAS_I-3793-001.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Stay Pending Granted, IAS_I-3794-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Equal Access to Justice Act (§57.111) (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Substantially Justified Agency Action Found Over Contrary DOAH Finding, IAS_I-3795-001.
Controlled Substances — (See Also Medical Records)
Bd. Regulation of Prescription Practices Found Draconian, IAS_I-3796-001.
Prescription or Provision of Creates a Physician – Patient Relationship Per Se, IAS_I-3797-001.
Prescription to Self or Girlfriend Does Not Remove Record-Keeping Requirements, IAS_I-3798-001.
Self-Medication, IAS_I-3799-002.
Criminal Charges —
Double Jeopardy Does Not Arise From Related Administrative Discipline, IAS_I-3800-001.
Out-of-State — Found Inadmissible, IAS_I-3801-001.
Criminal Plea —
Limitations On Use of, IAS_I-3802-001.
Relationship to Profession Examined, IAS_I-3803-001.
Fact Findings — Bd. “Supplanting” of Reversed, IAS_I-3804-001.
Fact Findings — Bd. Rejection of Reversed, IAS_I-3805-001.
Penalty — Indefinite Period of Supervised Practice Found Authorized, IAS_I-3806-001.
Declaratory Statements (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Dietetics & Nutrition Practice Council —
Bd. Attempt By Rule to Nullify Grandfather Licenses Rejected, IAS_I-3807-001.
Bd. Attempt to Delegate to Colleges Practice Standards Rejected, IAS_I-3808-001.
Denial of Licensure For Lack of Requisite Experience Reversed, IAS_I-3809-001.
False or Misleading Advertising —
Biomagnetic Therapy — Metabolism — Immune System, IAS_I-3810-001.
Discipline (See Also DISCIPLINE; LICENSING) —
Bd. Discipline Reversed Due to DOAH Hearing Officer Refusal to Admit Respondent’s Evidence, IAS_I-3811-001.
Cannot Be Based On Matters Not Charged In the Administrative Complaint, IAS_I-3812-001.
DBPR Appeals Bd. Dismissal of Complaint, IAS_I-3813-001.
Disciplinary Guidelines In Effect At Time of Violation Control, IAS_I-3814-001.
Emergency Suspension — (See License)
Failure to Prepare Statutorily-Mandated Subject Matter Index Found to Preclude, IAS_I-3815-002.
Found Erroneously Based On Inadmissible Evidence — Remanded, IAS_I-3816-001.
Minimum Standards Outlined, IAS_I-3817-003.
Out-of-State Discipline (See License)
Penalty (See Penalty)
Physician Need Not Document Basis For Not Undertaking a Particular Course of Treatment, IAS_I-3818-003.
Power of Board Recognized Yet Found to Compel Compliance With APA, IAS_I-3819-001.
Private Reprimands Are Not Available, IAS_I-3820-001.
State Interest In Regulation of Physicians Is Great, IAS_I-3821-001.
Fraudulent Conduct —
Constitutes a Serious Violation, IAS_I-3822-001.
Erroneous Notation In Records Alone Does Not Constitute, IAS_I-3823-001.
Gross or Repeated Malpractice —
Single Instance or Act Can Constitute, IAS_I-3824-001.
Impaired Practioner —
Alcoholism, IAS_I-3825-001.
Mental Fitness & Emotional Stability Are Essential, IAS_I-3826-002.
Impaired Practitioner Program —
Discussed, IAS_I-3827-001.
Inability In Profession —
Receipt of Psychotherapy, IAS_I-3828-001.
Kickbacks For Referral of Patients —
Bonus Defined, IAS_I-3829-001.
Commission Defined, IAS_I-3830-001.
Fact That Referrals Were to Others Under a Common Corporate Employ Is Immaterial, IAS_I-3831-001.
Rebate Defined, IAS_I-3832-001.
Selling Practice to An HMO Does Not Create a “Loophole”, IAS_I-3833-001.
License (See Also LICENSING) —
Administrative Complaint —
Voluntary Dismissal (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) — Refiling — Probable Cause Panel Must Be Revisited First, IAS_I-3834-001.
Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice, IAS_I-3835-001.
Burden of Proof —
Preponderance of the Evidence If Suspension or Revocation Is Not Sought, IAS_I-3836-002.
Utilization of Incorrect Standard Is Reversible Error, IAS_I-3837-001.
Emergency Suspension —
Abandonment of Medical Practice, IAS_I-3838-001.
Affirmed On Appeal — Per Curiam Opinion, IAS_I-3839-001.
Alcoholism, IAS_I-3840-001.
Inability In Profession: Psychological Problems, IAS_I-3841-001.
Reversed In Part, IAS_I-3842-001.
Statutory Authority For Examined, IAS_I-3843-001.
Out-of-State Discipline —
Appeal of No Bar to Fla. Discipline, IAS_I-3844-001.
Bd. Need Not Retry the Case, IAS_I-3845-001.
Bd. Not Limited In Basing Fla. Discipline On, IAS_I-3846-001.
Lesser Burden of Proof Is Immaterial, IAS_I-3847-001.
Pending Appellate Review Is Immaterial, IAS_I-3848-001.
Pre-Licensure Conduct Can Constitute Grounds For Disciplinary Action, IAS_I-3849-001.
Reinstatement —
Certain Restrictions On Reversed On Appeal, IAS_I-3850-001.
Petition For Denied, IAS_I-3851-001.
Rehabilitation Must Be Proven — Mere Passage of Time Alone Is Insufficient, IAS_I-3852-001.
Repentance & Personal Assurances Looked For By the Board, IAS_I-3853-001.
Revocation —
Reinstatement — Failure to Comply With Conditions, IAS_I-3854-001.
Licensure (See Also LICENSURE) —
Absence of Good Moral Character Alone Warrants Denial, IAS_I-3855-001.
By Endorsement —
Approved, IAS_I-3856-001.
Educational Requirements Found Lacking, IAS_I-3857-001.
Temporary License Which Expired No Basis For, IAS_I-3858-001.
Foreign Student — Repeal of §458.311(8) Found to Foreclose Application, IAS_I-3859-001.
Misstatements & Lack of Candor Raise Serious Questions, IAS_I-3860-001.
Not a Right But Rather a Privilege Subject to State Police Power, IAS_I-3861-001.
Physician Assistant —
Foreign Students From Uncertified Schools, IAS_I-3862-001.
Requisite Educational Requirements — Bd. Authority to Investigate, IAS_I-3863-001.
Statutory Amendment After Application, IAS_I-3864-001.
Truthfulness Is Essential, IAS_I-3865-001.
Mayo Clinic Bill (§458.313(1)(b)) —
Bd. Finding That It Is “Site-Specific” Reversed, IAS_I-3866-001.
Medical Records —
Basis For Not Undertaking A Particular Course of Treatment Need Not Be Charted, IAS_I-3867-001.
Confidentiality —
Waiver By Physician/Respondent, IAS_I-3868-001.
Controlled Substances — Failure to Maintain —
Seriousness of This Violated Noted, IAS_I-3869-001.
Discipline For Inadequate Records Affirmed, IAS_I-3870-001.
Duty to Furnish Owed to Any Person Examined, IAS_I-3871-001.
Failure to Provide Upon Request Is Not Merely a Technical Violation, IAS_I-3872-001.
Good Records Are The Foundation of a Medical Practice, IAS_I-3873-001.
Losing Records Is Equivalent to Failure to Keep or Maintaine Has No Right to, IAS_I-3874-001.
Presumptive Parole Release Date Caselaw Offers Guidance By Analogy, IAS_I-3875-001.
Purpose of Requirement For Examined, IAS_I-3876-001.
Requisite Scope & Detail —
Examined, IAS_I-3877-006.
Fla. Not Local or National Standard Utilized, IAS_I-3878-001.
Rules Regarding Cannot Be Applied Retroactively, IAS_I-3879-001.
Negligence —
Leaving Foreign Objects In Patient’s Body —
Statutory Presumption Regarding Explored, IAS_I-3880-001.
Punitive Bd. Action Found Not to Deter, IAS_I-3881-001.
Surgery In Clinic In Absence of Hospital Privileges, IAS_I-3882-001.
Wrong Side Surgery, IAS_I-3883-001.
Out-of-State Discipline — (See License)
Final Order Found Not To Reflect Board Action, IAS_I-3884-001.
Physician’s Assistant —
Licensure —
Repeal of §458.347(7)(b) Found to Foreclose One-Time Special Avenue, IAS_I-3885-001.
Press Releases —
Chemical Face Peels, IAS_I-3886-001.
Timing of Immaterial to Physician’s Duty of Care, IAS_I-3887-001.
Sexual Misconduct —
Bd. Rejection of DOAH Recommended Findings Affirmed, IAS_I-3888-001.
Bd. Rule Regarding Ruled Invalid In Part, IAS_I-3889-001.
Breast Examination of a Questionable Character, IAS_I-3890-001.
Broadness of Statutory Prohibition On Examined, IAS_I-3891-001.
Consensual — Patient, IAS_I-3892-001.
DOAH Finding of Patient Consent & Instigation Rejected, IAS_I-3893-001.
Does Not Require Touching, IAS_I-3894-001.
Improper & Unnecessarily Touching of Private Parts Discussed, IAS_I-3895-001.
Patient Presumed Incapable of Informed Consent, IAS_I-3896-002.
Relationship With Patient Not Subject to Discipline Per Se, IAS_I-3897-001.
Rules Relating to Boundary Violations Discussed, IAS_I-3898-001.
Statutory Presumption of Patient’s Incapability to Consent Is Rebuttable, IAS_I-3899-001.
Utilization of Incorrect Standard of Proof Is Reversible Error, IAS_I-3900-001.
Stare Decisis (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Precedential Value of Penalty Imposed In Previous Analogous Case Recognized, IAS_I-3901-001.
Subject Matter Index —
Bd. Construes Gessler As Pertaining to Stare Decisis As a Constraint On Administrative Discretion, IAS_I-3902-001.
DOAH Construes Gessler As Pertaining to Bd. Imposition of a Penalty Only, IAS_I-3903-001.
DOAH Finds Respondent Was Not Prejudiced By Alleged Deficiencies, IAS_I-3904-001.
DOAH Generally (Call 352-375-8036)
Failure to Prepare Statutorily-Mandated Index Found to Preclude Discipline, IAS_I-3905-002.
Unacceptable Level of Care —
A Physician Is Not the Insurer of the Correctness of a Diagnosis, IAS_I-3906-001.
Bd. Dismissal of Complaint Reversed After DBPR Appeal, IAS_I-3907-001.
Failure to Go to Hospital Late At Night After Summon From Nurse, IAS_I-3908-001.
Not Justifiable Under the Banner of Risk Management, IAS_I-3909-001.
Single Act or Omission Alone Is Sufficient, IAS_I-3910-001.
Unauthenticated Medical Records Alone Are Not Probative, IAS_I-3911-001.
Voluntary Dismissal of Complaint (See DBPR; DISCIPLINE, Complaint; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE)


Termination of Professor’s Annual Contract —
Affirmed, IAS_I-3912-001.


Airport — Federally Required Trimming of Mangroves —
Circuit Court Summary Judgment Finding Exemption From DER Dredge & Fill Permitting Reversed, IAS_I-3913-001.
Ban on Fences In Big Pine Key Area of Critical State Concern–
Declared Constitutional — Supreme Court, IAS_I-3914-001.
Declared Unconstitutional, IAS_I-3915-001.
Lease of Key to Local Preservation Foundation —
Circuit Court Invalidation of For Violation of Sunshine Law Reversed, IAS_I-3916-001.
Circuit Court Invalidation of For Violations of Sunshine Law Reversed, IAS_I-3917-001.
Permit (See Also LAND & WATER ADJUDICATORY Comm.) —
Accessory Docks —
Regulations Regarding Examined, IAS_I-3918-001.
Verticle Seawalls —
Regulations Regarding Examined, IAS_I-3919-001.
Undeveloped Property, IAS_I-3920-001.



Circuit Court Grants DOT Declaratory Judgment & Order of Taking —
Lands Subject to Save Our Rivers Program & Florida Preservation 2000 Act, IAS_I-3921-001.
Save Our Rivers Program & Florida Preservation 2000 Act —
Proper Use of Proceeds From These Programs Examined, IAS_I-3922-001.