Emergency Suspension —
Failure to Utilize Universal Precautions In the Treatment of AIDS Patients, IAS_V-0001-001.
License —
Emergency Suspension (Adulteration or Misbranding of Drugs/Practicing Medicine Without License), IAS_V-0002-002.


Application For Exemption From §120 —
Exemption From “Any” APA Provision Can Be Granted, IAS_V-0003-002.
Local School Board Assoc. On Behalf of All Fla. School Boards — Granted, IAS_V-0004-001.
State Board of Community Colleges On Behalf of All Fla. Community Colleges — Granted, IAS_V-0005-001.
Challenge to Miami-Dade County Homestead Air Force Base Reuse Plan —
Reuse Plan Approved With Conditions, IAS_V-0006-001.
Comprehensive Plan — Local (See Also COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of) —
Collier County —
Dept. of Comm. Aff. Challenge to Evaluation & Appraisal Report Amendments — Remedial Amendments Ordered, IAS_V-0007-001.
Monroe County —
Severe Problems That Need to Be Immediately Faced Noted, IAS_V-0008-001.
Town of Jupiter —
Intervenor Challenge to Amendment, IAS_V-0009-001.
Dade County — Former Homestead Air Force Base Reuse Plan —
Admin. Comm. Affirmance of County Approval of Plan Reversed As Lacking Statutory Prerequisite, IAS_V-0010-001.
Uniform Rules of APA Procedure —
Children & Families Granted Exceptions, IAS_V-0011-001.
DEP Granted Exceptions, IAS_V-0012-001.
N.W. Fla. Water Management Dist. Granted Exceptions, IAS_V-0013-001.
South Fla. Water Management Dist. Granted Exceptions, IAS_V-0014-001.


ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Attorney’s Fees & Costs, DOAH, Recommended Order, Harmless Error; RULES & RULEMAKING)
Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan —
Birth-Related Injury —
Autism Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-0015-002.
Birth-Related Injury Found Involved — Certified Question to the Supreme Court, IAS_V-0016-001.
Brain or Spinal Cord Injury Found, IAS_V-0017-001.
Congenital Abnormality Found, IAS_V-0018-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0019-030.
Found Involved, IAS_V-0020-001.
Found Lacking, IAS_V-0021-033.
Mental & Physical Impairment — Conjunctive Nature of This Requirement, IAS_V-0022-001.
Permanent & Substantial Mental or Physical Injury Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0023-003.
Burden of Proof —
Petitioner, IAS_V-0024-039.
Claim For Television, Furniture & Screened Porch Denied, IAS_V-0025-001.
DOAH Has Exclusive Jurisdiction —
Circuit Court Recovery Found Not to Bar NICA Claim Per Se, IAS_V-0026-001.
DOAH ALJ Is to Determine All Matters Relative to a Claim, IAS_V-0027-001.
DOAH Determination of Whether Notice of Participation In Plan Was Given, IAS_V-0028-001.
DOAH Intrusion On Circuit Court Jurisdiction Carefully Surveyed, IAS_V-0029-001.
Distinction Between “Delivery” of Obstetrical Services At Birth and “Supervision” of Delivery, IAS_V-0030-001.
Exclusivity of This Administrative Remedy Noted, IAS_V-0031-002.
Failure of Petitioner to Appear At Hearing, IAS_V-0032-001.
Failure of the “Panel” to File a Requisite Report, IAS_V-0033-001.
Lack of Notice of Participation In the Plan Examined, IAS_V-0034-001.
Mechanics of Plan Examined, IAS_V-0035-044.
Medically Necessary & Reasonable Services Defined, IAS_V-0036-001.
Notice of Participation In the Plan As a Requisite to Recovery, IAS_V-0037-001.
Notification of NICA Limitation On Liability —
Condition Precedent to NICA Exclusivity, IAS_V-0038-003.
Participating Physician — Status of Certified Nurse Midwife As, IAS_V-0039-001.
Participating Physician Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0040-003.
Physician Found Not to Be a “Participating Physician”, IAS_V-0041-003.
Physician Found to Be a “Participating Physician”, IAS_V-0042-012.
Purpose of Plan Examined, IAS_V-0043-045.
Purpose of the Plan Exhaustively Explained, IAS_V-0044-001.
Statutory Substitutes For Common Law Rights Are to Be Strictly Construed, IAS_V-0045-001.
Workers’ Compensation Plan —
Caselaw Thereunder Found Analogous, IAS_V-0046-001.
Consistency of Land Development Regulation (LDR) With Local Comprehensive Plan (See Also COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of) —
Jefferson County — LDR Determined to Be Consistent, IAS_V-0047-001.
Petitioner’s Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-0048-002.
Walton County — LDR Determined to Be Consistent, IAS_V-0049-001.
Health Maintenance Organization —
Medical Necessity Determination (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For)
Public Entity Crime — Fla. Convicted Vendor List (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests)) —
Criminal Plea, IAS_V-0050-001.
Exclusion From List —
Granted, IAS_V-0051-004.
Mitigating Factors, IAS_V-0052-001.
Inclusion On List Cancelled By Stipulation, IAS_V-0053-005.
Procedures Regarding Examined, IAS_V-0054-001.


Citrus (Dept. of) —
Discretionary Authority of Dept. Regarding Licensure of Agents Examined, IAS_V-0055-001.
Immediate Final Order —
Citrus Canker — Order to Destroy Trees Upheld, IAS_V-0056-001.


§212.055(2) Infrastructure Surtax —
Change In Permitted Use of Amounts to a Change In the Tax, IAS_V-0057-001.
Statutory Expansion of to Include Operation & Maintenance of Parks Affirmed As Unconstitutional, IAS_V-0058-001.
Clean Air Ordinance Citizens’ Initiative Petition —
Challenge to Facial Constitutionality of This Ordinance Rejected, IAS_V-0059-001.
Motion to Stay Judgment Leaving Initiative On Nov. 3 Ballot Denied, IAS_V-0060-001.
Petition to Remove This Ordinance From the Ballot Denied, IAS_V-0061-001.
Privilege Fee —
Supreme Court Upholds Circuit Court Finding of An Unauthorized Tax, IAS_V-0062-001.
Special Use Permit —
Cement Kiln — Clarification — Emission Limits — Quashed, IAS_V-0063-001.


ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE LICENSE (See Also DBPR (Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation))
APA Is Fully Applicable to, IAS_V-0064-001.
Application For —
Mere Applicant Has At Best the Hope of Qualifying, IAS_V-0065-001.
Coin-Operated Gambling Devices —
Circuit Court Injunction Prohibiting Seizure of Affirmed, IAS_V-0066-001.
County Government —
Authority to Regulate Sales On Indian Reservation, IAS_V-0067-001.
Declaratory Statement (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Notice to Show Cause —
Controlled Substances — Possession & Delivery On Premises, IAS_V-0068-001.
Distributor Sales to Delinquent Vendors, IAS_V-0069-001.
Sale of Alcoholic Beverages to Underaged Person —
Isolated Infraction Found Not to Warrant Suspension In Case At Bar, IAS_V-0070-001.
Sale to Underaged Persons, IAS_V-0071-001.
Temporary License —
Application For New License — Summary Revocation Without An Emergency Hearing Reversed, IAS_V-0072-001.
Application For Transfer — Summary Revocation Without An Emergency Hearing Reversed, IAS_V-0073-001.
Worthless Check Issued to Dept. For a Second Time —
Failure to Prove 1st Violation — Remand, IAS_V-0074-001.
Strict Regulation of —
Order On Motion For Stay Pending Review: Silver Show, Inc. v. DBPR, IAS_V-0075-001.
Tax On Alcohol Produced From Non-Florida Grown Products —
Circuit Court Refusal to Enforce Refund Order Reversed, IAS_V-0076-001.


APPELLATE REVIEW (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.), Judicial Branch of Government, Separation of Powers; CONSTITUTION (U.S.))
Adversely Affected Party —
Prerequisite For Review —
Legal Entity or Person Found Lacking For Requisite In Rem Proceeding, IAS_V-0077-001.
Advisory Opinion —
Court Finds No Authority For, IAS_V-0078-001.
Agency Discretion —
Court Will Not Substitute Its Judgment, IAS_V-0079-001.
Appellate Court —
Direct Review of Agency Action Which Is Not “Quasi-Judicial” Is Not Available, IAS_V-0080-001.
Direct Review of Final Agency Action Discussed, IAS_V-0081-001.
Direct Review of Quasi-Judicial Agency Action Discussed, IAS_V-0082-001.
Must Separately Address Issues of Agency Procedure, Interpretations of Law and Determinations of Fact, IAS_V-0083-001.
Not Bound By Conclusions of Law Below, IAS_V-0084-001.
Petition For Review Dismissed As Premature, IAS_V-0085-001.
Review of Decision Largely Though Not Completely Favorable, IAS_V-0086-001.
Simultaneous DOAH Proceeding Regarding Underlying Matter Eschewed, IAS_V-0087-001.
Bond —
Requirement For Waived, IAS_V-0088-001.
Certiorari (See Also Circuit Court) —
Order of Lower Tribunal Is Presumed Correct, IAS_V-0089-001.
Review of Circuit Court Certiorari Appeal Discussed, IAS_V-0090-001.
Review of Circuit Court Review — Circuit Court Presumed Correct, IAS_V-0091-001.
Scope of Review Examined, IAS_V-0092-003.
Circuit Court (See Also Certiorari, Scope of Review) —
Binding Nature of Appellate Court Mandates —
Mandate Cannot Be Altered or Evaded Without Express Permission, IAS_V-0093-001.
Refusal to Enforce Reversed, IAS_V-0094-001.
Certiorari (See Also Certiorari) —
Available For Review of Administrative Orders As a Matter of Right, IAS_V-0095-001.
Denied, IAS_V-0096-001.
Distinction Between Certiorari & De Novo Review Examined, IAS_V-0097-001.
Fact Findings — Appellate Review of Is Extremely Limited, IAS_V-0098-001.
Governmental Entity Who Is a Nonparty to a Parallel Criminal Proceeding, IAS_V-0099-001.
Limited Scope of Review Examined, IAS_V-0100-026.
Citizen Suit On Behalf of the State of Fla. — Former Governor C. Kirk v. Sugar Industry, IAS_V-0101-001.
Civil Contempt — Standard Governing, IAS_V-0102-001.
Constitutional Issues (See Also Constitutional Challenges; CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.)) —
Federal Constitutional Questions Reached As a “Secondary Basis” For the Judgment, IAS_V-0103-001.
Will Not Be Reached If Unnecessary to Disposition of Case, IAS_V-0104-001.
Declaratory Judgment (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS) —
Appropriate Vehicle For Constitutional Challenges, IAS_V-0105-001.
Circuit Ct. Dismissal Entitled to Deference, IAS_V-0106-001.
Court Should Refrain From Except In Most Extraordinary Cases, IAS_V-0107-001.
Fact Findings (See PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH, Recommended Order)
For Development of a Complete Record After a Declaratory Statement Proceeding, IAS_V-0108-001.
Not Intended For Bypass of Usual Administrative Channels, IAS_V-0109-004.
Only Available In the Most Extraordinary Cases, IAS_V-0110-001.
Statute Regarding to Be Liberally Construed, IAS_V-0111-001.
Test For Sufficiency of Petition For, IAS_V-0112-001.
Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies (See Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies)
Injunction —
Against An Agency — Enforcement of Constitutional Amendment — Vacation of Automatic Stay Reversed, IAS_V-0113-001.
Against An Agency — Failure to Exhaust Administrative Remedies, IAS_V-0114-002.
Against An Agency — Reversed, IAS_V-0115-001.
Applicability to Third & Non-Parties, IAS_V-0116-001.
Irreparable Harm — Violation of Zoning Ordinance — Adult Establishment, IAS_V-0117-001.
Irreparable Harm Must Be Shown, IAS_V-0118-002.
Motions to Dissolve, IAS_V-0119-001.
Preliminary — Granted — Affirmed, IAS_V-0120-001.
Standing of Third Parties to Challenge Examined, IAS_V-0121-001.
Temporary — Denial Affirmed, IAS_V-0122-001.
Temporary — Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_V-0123-001.
Temporary — Granted, IAS_V-0124-001.
Temporary — Reversed, IAS_V-0125-003.
Temporary — Reversed — CON Applicant Has Standing to Challenge Injunction Directed At AHCA, IAS_V-0126-001.
Jurisdiction (See Also Jurisdiction) —
Review of Ministerial Acts of An Agency Which Are Neither Final Nor Quasi-Judicial, IAS_V-0127-002.
Mandamus (See Mandamus)
Motion to Dismiss —
De Novo Review, IAS_V-0128-001.
Motion to Disqualify An Attorney Due to a Conflict of Interest, IAS_V-0129-001.
Nonfinal Order (See Also Nonfinal Order) —
Appellate Review Denied, IAS_V-0130-001.
Appellate Review Found Improper, IAS_V-0131-001.
Appellate Review Found Proper, IAS_V-0132-004.
Reversed, IAS_V-0133-003.
Order — Inadequate Findings Constitute Reversible Error, IAS_V-0134-001.
Presumption of Correctness Accorded Judgments On Appeal, IAS_V-0135-001.
Prohibition —
Petition For Granted, IAS_V-0136-001.
Petition For Granted In Part, IAS_V-0137-001.
Rehearing — Denied, IAS_V-0138-001.
Severing of Claims —
Broad Judicial Discretion Noted, IAS_V-0139-001.
Stay (See Stay)
Summary Judgment —
Appellate Review of Is De Novo, IAS_V-0140-001.
Construction of a Written Instrument Is the Only Issue, IAS_V-0141-001.
Improper If There Are Disputed Issues of Material Fact, IAS_V-0142-003.
Venue —
Sword-Wielder Doctrine Discussed & Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-0143-001.
Confession of Error —
Accepted, IAS_V-0144-004.
Constitutional Challenges (See Also Circuit Court; CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.)) —
Will Not Be Reached If Unnecessary to Disposition of a Case, IAS_V-0145-001.
County Court —
Certification of Question of Great Public Importance, IAS_V-0146-001.
Direct Review By District Court of Appeal Discussed, IAS_V-0147-001.
Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies, IAS_V-0148-001.
Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies —
A Matter of Judicial Policy Not Power or Jurisdiction, IAS_V-0149-001.
A Policy of Judicial Deference, IAS_V-0150-001.
Adequacy of Remedy, IAS_V-0151-001.
Adequacy of Remedy —
Five (5) Part Test For, IAS_V-0152-001.
Administrative Proceeding Stayed Pending Outcome of Circuit Court Constitutional Challenge, IAS_V-0153-001.
Agency Cannot Transfer Its Primary Jurisdiction to a Circuit Court, IAS_V-0154-001.
Constitutional Challenge to Facial Validity of Rule & Statute, IAS_V-0155-001.
Discussed, IAS_V-0156-001.
Doctrine Found Applicable, IAS_V-0157-006.
Doctrine Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-0158-001.
Doctrine of Primary Jurisdiction Examined, IAS_V-0159-004.
Explored, IAS_V-0160-001.
Failure to — Circuit Court Dismissal Based On Reversed, IAS_V-0161-001.
Not Required If An Agency Acts With Colorable Statutory Authority or In Excess Thereof, IAS_V-0162-001.
Not Required If the Administrative Remedy Is Inadequate or Unavailable, IAS_V-0163-003.
Primary Jurisdiction — Doctrine of Examined, IAS_V-0164-001.
Statutorily-Provided Judicial Remedy Found to Supplant This Doctrine, IAS_V-0165-001.
Fact Findings (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH, Recommended Order) —
Agency Special Expertise — Requisite Deference, IAS_V-0166-001.
Cannot Be Disturbed If Supported By “Some” Competent, Substantial Evidence, IAS_V-0167-002.
Competent Substantial Evidence Found Lacking, IAS_V-0168-001.
Complex Scientific & Technical Issues, IAS_V-0169-001.
Conundrum Noted In Deferring to Agency Fact Findings While Ascertaining Requisite Deference to DOAH Fact Findings, IAS_V-0170-001.
Court Must Review the Entire Record, IAS_V-0171-001.
Court Will Not Review Stipulated Facts, IAS_V-0172-001.
Court Will Not Reweigh the Evidence, IAS_V-0173-005.
Court Will Not Substitute Its Judgment, IAS_V-0174-002.
DOAH Failure to Make Such Findings Found to Be Reversible Error, IAS_V-0175-001.
Final Order (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
An Agency Cannot Seek Review of Its Own Final Order, IAS_V-0176-001.
DOAH Final Order Found Inadequate For, IAS_V-0177-001.
Jurisdiction (See Also Circuit Court) —
Can Be Challenged At Any Time, IAS_V-0178-001.
Primary Consideration, IAS_V-0179-001.
Mandamus —
Appellate Court Grant of, IAS_V-0180-001.
Circuit Court Denial of Affirmed, IAS_V-0181-001.
Circuit Court Denial of Reversed, IAS_V-0182-001.
Denied On Basis of Adequate Remedies Under §120.68(1), IAS_V-0183-001.
Improper to Compel Performance of Futile or Impossible Act, IAS_V-0184-001.
Issuance of Affirmed, IAS_V-0185-001.
Issued to Compel Action On Petition For Writ of Mandamus, IAS_V-0186-001.
Issues Only to Require a Ministerial Duty Imposed By Law On a Public Official, IAS_V-0187-001.
New Rights May Not Be Established In Such a Proceeding, IAS_V-0188-001.
Not Available For Constitutional Challenges Unless An Immediate Determination Is Necessary, IAS_V-0189-001.
Not Available If Alternate Statutory Remedies Exist, IAS_V-0190-001.
Petition For Instead Treated As One For Review of Nonfinal Agency Action, IAS_V-0191-001.
When Appropriate — Mechanics of Examined, IAS_V-0192-002.
Nonfinal Order (See Also Circuit Court) —
Appellate Review Found Proper, IAS_V-0193-007.
Available Only If Review of the Final Order Would Be Inadequate, IAS_V-0194-001.
Lack of An Otherwise Adequate Remedy Discussed, IAS_V-0195-001.
Order Regarding Discovery Request of An Agency, IAS_V-0196-001.
Notice of Appeal —
Errors In Labeling or Nomenclature May Not Affect Statutory Rights, IAS_V-0197-001.
Filing of Divests Circuit Court of Jurisdiction, IAS_V-0198-001.
Time Limit For Filing Found Tolled By Proper Motion For Reconsideration, IAS_V-0199-001.
Time Limit For Filing Not Tolled By Motion For Rehearing, IAS_V-0200-002.
Time Limit Found Violated, IAS_V-0201-001.
Untimely Petition Cannot Be Considered, IAS_V-0202-001.
Penalty (See Also CONSTITUTION (U.S.), Excessive Fines; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH, Recommended Order) —
Appellate Remand For Inadequate Explanation, IAS_V-0203-001.
Appellate Review of Agency Rejection of DOAH Recommendation, IAS_V-0204-001.
Scope of Review Is Limited, IAS_V-0205-001.
Preservation of Error For Appeal —
Discussed, IAS_V-0206-001.
Issues Not Raised & Ruled On Below Cannot Be Reached, IAS_V-0207-006.
Necessity For a Contemporaneous Objection At Hearing Examined, IAS_V-0208-001.
Quo Warranto —
Standing of Members of the Public, IAS_V-0209-001.
Record —
Appellate Court Cannot Review An Inadequate Record, IAS_V-0210-003.
Remedies —
Postjudgment Interest, IAS_V-0211-001.
Prejudgment Interest, IAS_V-0212-001.
Reversible Error —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0213-001.
Rules of Appellate Procedure —
Take Precedence Over Conflicting Statutes, IAS_V-0214-002.
Scope of Review (See Also Circuit Court, Certiorari, Limited Scope of Review Examined) —
Bond Valuation — Supreme Court Direct Review — Is Limited, IAS_V-0215-001.
Final Conclusion or Judgment Reviewed – Not Reasons Therefor, IAS_V-0216-002.
Is Limited, IAS_V-0217-003.
Limited Scope of Review Can Preclude a Remedy For Unfair Results, IAS_V-0218-001.
Quasi-Judicial Tribunals — Limited Scope of, IAS_V-0219-001.
Statutes (See Also STATUTES) —
Agency Construction Need Merely Be Within Permissible Range, IAS_V-0220-002.
Constitutional Challenges to Should Be Brought By a Declaratory Judgment Action In Circuit Court, IAS_V-0221-001.
Courts Do Not Rule On the Wisdom or Efficacy of Laws, IAS_V-0222-001.
Presumed to Be Constitutional Until Contrary Final Appellate Decision, IAS_V-0223-001.
Stay —
Automatic — Circuit Court Vacation of — Reversed, IAS_V-0224-001.
Automatic — Policy Basis For Examined, IAS_V-0225-003.
Automatic — Vacated, IAS_V-0226-002.
Automatic — Vacation of Examined, IAS_V-0227-002.
Circuit Court — Stay of An Administrative Order, IAS_V-0228-001.
Circuit Court Grant of Reversed, IAS_V-0229-002.
Denied, IAS_V-0230-005.
Granted, IAS_V-0231-003.
Granted Pending Supreme Court Certified Question, IAS_V-0232-001.
Interim Restrictions Imposed, IAS_V-0233-001.
Legislative Prerogative Regarding Examined, IAS_V-0234-001.
Procedural Rather Than Substantive Matter, IAS_V-0235-001.
Supreme Court —
Certified Question Jurisdiction —
Motion For, IAS_V-0236-001.
Conflict Review —
Accorded, IAS_V-0237-001.
Direct Review —
Accorded, IAS_V-0238-001.
Original Jurisdiction Over Challenges to the Constitutionality of Statutes, IAS_V-0239-001.


AREA OF CRITICAL STATE CONCERN (See Also COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of, Consistency of Local Ordinance With Local Comprehensive Plan)
Big Cypress Swamp —
Local Governments Are Not Required to Submit Land Development Regulations to the State For Review, IAS_V-0240-002.
Florida Keys’ Designation As Examined, IAS_V-0241-002.


Alachua County Attorney —
Records of Outside Attorney Fee Bill Found Not Exempt From Public Records Act, IAS_V-0242-001.
Alachua County School Bd. Superintendent —
Ability of Members to Participate By Electronic Means, IAS_V-0243-001.
Bonita Springs Fire & Rescue Dist. —
Status of a Lee County Fire Commissioner’s Forum As a Public Meeting, IAS_V-0244-001.
Broward County Attorney —
Public Records — Special Service Charges For Protection of, IAS_V-0245-001.
Children & Families —
Authority of Dept. to Pay Attorney’s Fees In a Dependency (§39) Case Absent a Court Order Awarding the Same, IAS_V-0246-001.
Dependent Children — Medical Records — Sexually Transmitted Disease — Confidentiality, IAS_V-0247-001.
Meetings of Family Service Coalition Found Subject to the Sunshine Law, IAS_V-0248-001.
Status of the Local WAGES Coalition As a State Agency, IAS_V-0249-001.
Termination of Parental Rights — Adoption — Confidentiality of Adoption File, IAS_V-0250-001.
Cocoa Beach City Attorney —
Authority to Enter Into Agreements For the Use of the Municipal Seal For Other Than Official Use, IAS_V-0251-001.
DEP (Environmental Protection, Dept. of) —
Requirement For the Dept. to Obtain a Permit From the St. Johns River Water Management Dist. Prior to Altering Schedules of Locks In Cross-Fla. Barge Canal, IAS_V-0252-001.
Time Frame For Agency Action On Wetlands Resource Permit In N.W. Fla., IAS_V-0253-001.
Education General Counsel —
A School Dist. Is Under No Statutory Obligation to Provide Copies of Public Records Free of Charge to a School Advisory Council, IAS_V-0254-001.
Escambia County School Bd. —
Authority to Enter Into Risk Management Programs, IAS_V-0255-001.
Glades County Attorney —
County Ordinance Regulating Alcohol Sales Found Enforceable On Indian Reservations, IAS_V-0256-001.
Health General Counsel —
Question As to Whether a Presuit Notice In a Medical Malpractice Case Is a Confidential & Exempt Public Record, IAS_V-0257-001.
Leon County School Bd. Attorney —
Authority of Unlicensed Personnel to Administer Emergency Injectable Medications (Insect Stings), IAS_V-0258-001.
Lottery General Counsel —
Authority of the Dept. to Contract With Cruise Ship Lines As Retailers, IAS_V-0259-001.
Management Services General Counsel —
Authority of the Auditor General to Audit Case Files of the Fla. Comm. On Human Relations, IAS_V-0260-001.
Osceola Planning Comm. —
Applicability of Prohibition On Dual Officeholding By a Comm. Member Who Also Serves On the Board of the So. Fla. Water Management Dist., IAS_V-0261-001.
Palm Beach County School Bd. —
Propriety of a School Bd. Member Serving As Charter Member of a Nonprofit Corp. In Which the School Bd. Has No Ownership Interest, IAS_V-0262-001.
Purchasing Procedures — Propriety of Ex Parte Communications With School Bd. Members, IAS_V-0263-001.
Secretary of State —
Misuse & Authorization to Obtain Trademarks On Behalf of the State, IAS_V-0264-001.
Secretary of State — Div. of Elections —
Only the Actual Costs of Duplication Can Be Charged For Copies of Voter Registration Records, IAS_V-0265-001.
State Bd. of Building Codes & Standards —
Authority of Local Government to Approve Local Standard For Wind Resistance In One & Two Family Buildings, IAS_V-0266-001.
State House Representative, District 114 —
Requirement For Safety Restraints On Various Vehicles Used to Transport Students, IAS_V-0267-001.
Sunny Isles Beach City Attorney —
DOT Employee Found Authorized to Serve On City Commission, IAS_V-0268-001.


Authority to Audit Case Files of the Fla. Comm. On Human Relations, IAS_V-0269-001.
Confidentiality Concerns, IAS_V-0270-001.


Bd. of Funeral & Cemetery Services —
Cemetery — Licensure —
Community — Statutory Definition of Examined, IAS_V-0271-001.
Found to Be a Highly Regulated Industry, IAS_V-0272-001.
Quasi-Fiduciary Duty to Customers Examined, IAS_V-0273-001.
Div. of Banking —
Application to Acquire Control of a Bank, IAS_V-0274-001.
Estate Planning Seminars Hosted By Banks —
Applicability of Other Regulatory Areas Noted, IAS_V-0275-001.
Special Disclosure Not Required, IAS_V-0276-001.
Div. of Securities —
Associated Person Registration —
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-0277-001.
Security — Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0278-001.
Vicarious Liability of Corporate Officer Personally For Illegal Offering, IAS_V-0279-001.
Increased Penalty Over DOAH Recommendation Reversed, IAS_V-0280-001.
Securities Guarantee Fund —
Multiple Claims Which Arise Out of Same Transaction Found Limited to $10,000 Per Claimant, IAS_V-0281-001.


Denial of Palm Beach County School Bd. Exemption From Zoning Requirements Regarding An Antennae Reversed, IAS_V-0282-001.








Application For —
Allowing Minors to Consume Alcohol At Residence — Sex Between Minors, IAS_V-0283-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-0284-005.
Conditional Certificate Only Granted — Adult Ed. — Prison, IAS_V-0285-001.
Criminal Conviction —
Assault & Battery, IAS_V-0286-001.
Assault With a Deadly Weapon, IAS_V-0287-001.
DUI/Manslaughter, IAS_V-0288-001.
Juvenile Offenses, IAS_V-0289-001.
Out-of-State, IAS_V-0290-001.
Pertinent Statutes Authorize But Do Not Require Denial Based On, IAS_V-0291-001.
Criminal Plea, IAS_V-0292-001.
Criminal Plea —
Domestic Violence, IAS_V-0293-001.
Indecent Exposure, IAS_V-0294-001.
Solicitation of Prostitution, IAS_V-0295-001.
False Statements On Employment Application, IAS_V-0296-002.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-0297-004.
Gross Immorality, IAS_V-0298-003.
Heterosexual Misconduct With Student, IAS_V-0299-001.
Misconduct Reducing Effectiveness, IAS_V-0300-001.
Moral Turpitude, IAS_V-0301-003.
Moral Turpitude — Defined, IAS_V-0302-001.
Restriction On As An Alternative to Outright Lengthy Denial, IAS_V-0303-001.
Controlled Substances —
Possession of Marijuana —
Constitutes Gross Immorality As a Matter of Law, IAS_V-0304-001.
Constructive Possession At Joint Residence, IAS_V-0305-001.
Identity of Drug Need Only Be Established By Lay Testimony, IAS_V-0306-001.
Criminal Conviction —
Appeal of Does Not Preclude Discipline Based On, IAS_V-0307-001.
Bank Fraud, IAS_V-0308-001.
Battery, IAS_V-0309-001.
Criminal Plea —
Armed Kidnapping, IAS_V-0310-001.
Dealing In Stolen Property, IAS_V-0311-001.
Domestic Violence — Child Abuse, IAS_V-0312-002.
Domestic Violence On Wife & Child, IAS_V-0313-001.
Lewd & Lascivious Public Behavior — Undercover Cop, IAS_V-0314-001.
Petit Theft, IAS_V-0315-001.
Trespassing After Warning, IAS_V-0316-001.
Excessive & Unreasonable Corporal Punishment, IAS_V-0317-002.
Exploitation of Professional Relationship For Personal Gain, IAS_V-0318-002.
Failing to Maintain Honesty In Professional Dealings, IAS_V-0319-002.
Failure to Comply With Terms of Probation, IAS_V-0320-001.
Failure to Supervise Students, IAS_V-0321-001.
Final Order On Appellate Remand: Bush, IAS_V-0322-001.
Final Order Upon Appellate Remand: Carter, IAS_V-0323-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_V-0324-001.
Gross Immorality, IAS_V-0325-013.
Gross Immorality —
Criminal Charges Not Requisite to Discipline Based On, IAS_V-0326-001.
Defined, IAS_V-0327-005.
Gross Insubordination —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0328-001.
Immorality —
Defined, IAS_V-0329-003.
Incompetence, IAS_V-0330-002.
Misconduct Reducing Effectiveness, IAS_V-0331-013.
Moral Turpitude, IAS_V-0332-010.
Moral Turpitude —
Criminal Charges Not Requisite to Discipline Based On, IAS_V-0333-001.
Defined, IAS_V-0334-007.
Out-of-State Revocation, IAS_V-0335-001.
Probation — Failure to Comply With Terms of, IAS_V-0336-001.
Racially Disparaging Comments In Class, IAS_V-0337-003.
Sexual Misconduct —
Constitutes Grounds For Revocation, IAS_V-0338-001.
Constitutes Immorality or Moral Turpitude, IAS_V-0339-001.
Heterosexual Comments to Staff, IAS_V-0340-001.
Heterosexual Comments to Students, IAS_V-0341-001.
Heterosexual Contact Between Students, IAS_V-0342-002.
Heterosexual Contact With Students, IAS_V-0343-006.
Homosexual Contact With Student, IAS_V-0344-001.
Homosexual Contact With Students, IAS_V-0345-001.
Testimony of Minor (Student) Alone Found to Constitute Inadequate Proof, IAS_V-0346-001.
Teachers Are Held to a High Moral Standard, IAS_V-0347-001.
Unprofessional Conduct, IAS_V-0348-001.
Use of Institutional Privileges For Personal Gain, IAS_V-0349-002.
Verbal Abuse of Students, IAS_V-0350-001.
Verbal Abuse of Students — Profanity, IAS_V-0351-001.
Verbal Abuse of Students — Racial Slurs, IAS_V-0352-001.
Violation of Board Rules & Statutes, IAS_V-0353-007.
Violation of Board Rules & Statutes —
Violation of Standardized Testing Procedures, IAS_V-0354-001.
Violation of Restraining Order, IAS_V-0355-001.