Amendment of Application (See Also Application) —
Change In Plans For Delivery of Utility Services Does Not Constitute, IAS_V-0356-001.
Permissible Changes to Distinguished From, IAS_V-0357-001.
Prohibition On Examined, IAS_V-0358-001.
Redesign of Floor Plan Found to Constitute, IAS_V-0359-001.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-0360-022.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof —
By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-0361-002.
Application (See Also Amendment of Application) —
Colocation On Campus Including a Wide Range of Medical Services Found Desirable, IAS_V-0362-001.
Failure to Certify Commitment to License & Operate the Subject Facility, IAS_V-0363-001.
Financial Inability Is Outcome Determinative, IAS_V-0364-001.
Incomplete — 1997 Statutory Amendment Examined, IAS_V-0365-001.
Incomplete — Failure to Reveal Aggregate Total Capital Commitments —
Capital Expenditure — Must Be Listed Even If Not CON Reviewable, IAS_V-0366-001.
Capital Expenditure Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0367-001.
Exact Compliance With Pertinent Rules Is Required, IAS_V-0368-001.
Failure to Reveal Aggregate Total Capital Commitments At Time of Application — Application Dismissed, IAS_V-0369-001.
Importance of Complete Listing Emphasized, IAS_V-0370-001.
Importance of This Information Exhaustively Explored, IAS_V-0371-001.
Incomplete — Financial Statement — Failure to Submit, IAS_V-0372-001.
Incomplete — Insufficient Detail, IAS_V-0373-001.
Incomplete — Omission of 59% of Capital Projects Is Not “De Minimus”, IAS_V-0374-001.
Operating Presence In Immediate Service Area Found Desirable, IAS_V-0375-001.
Withdrawal of After Unfavorable DOAH Recommended Order — Intervenor — Denied After Appellate Court Reversal, IAS_V-0376-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Denied, IAS_V-0377-002.
CON — Defined, IAS_V-0378-001.
Comparative Review (See Also Home Health Agency; Nursing Home) —
Accorded, IAS_V-0379-006.
Comparative Review Not Accorded When Need Is Large Enough For All Applicants, IAS_V-0380-001.
Improper For Dissimilar Services, IAS_V-0381-001.
Exemption From CON Review —
Hospice — Denied, IAS_V-0382-001.
Expiration of CON Distinguished From Revocation, IAS_V-0383-001.
Failure to Timely Commence Construction, IAS_V-0384-001.
Financial Feasibility —
Failure to Establish, IAS_V-0385-001.
Importance of This Consideration Emphasized, IAS_V-0386-002.
Must Be Established For Both the Short & Long Term, IAS_V-0387-001.
Gulf Court Decision Discussed, IAS_V-0388-002.
Home Health Agency —
Applicability of CON Review Examined, IAS_V-0389-001.
Comparative Review, IAS_V-0390-004.
Expiration of — Failure to Timely Commence Construction, IAS_V-0391-001.
Incomplete Application, IAS_V-0392-001.
Need (See Also Need) —
Applicants Devise Their Own Free Form Methodologies, IAS_V-0393-001.
Lack of Rule Need Methodology Examined, IAS_V-0394-001.
Rule Methodology Lacking — Proof of Need Examined, IAS_V-0395-001.
Hospice —
Addition to Hospital, IAS_V-0396-002.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0397-001.
Exemption From CON Review Denied, IAS_V-0398-001.
Improper Utilization of Nonprofit Corporate Status By Hospital/Parent Discussed, IAS_V-0399-001.
Intervenor Protest, IAS_V-0400-002.
Need Methodology Examined, IAS_V-0401-001.
Rural Hospital Exemption Found Inapplicable, IAS_V-0402-001.
Hospital —
Addition —
Acute Care, IAS_V-0403-001.
Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Beds, IAS_V-0404-001.
Hospice, IAS_V-0405-002.
Kidney Transplant, IAS_V-0406-001.
Kidney Transplant Program, IAS_V-0407-001.
Open Heart Surgical Unit, IAS_V-0408-003.
Skilled Nursing Beds, IAS_V-0409-001.
Adult Pancreas and Islet Cell Transplant Program, IAS_V-0410-001.
Comparative Review (See Comparative Review)
Consolidated License (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA), License, Hospital).
Conversion of Acute Care to Adult Psychiatric Beds, IAS_V-0411-001.
Conversion of Acute Care to Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation, IAS_V-0412-001.
Conversion of Acute Care to Neonatal Intensive Care Beds, IAS_V-0413-001.
Conversion of Acute Care to Skilled Nursing Beds, IAS_V-0414-003.
Hospice Program, IAS_V-0415-002.
Long-Term Care Has Been Rejected As a Separate & Distinct Category, IAS_V-0416-001.
Need (See Also Need) —
District Boundaries Are Not An “Iron Curtain” When Reviewing Tertiary Services, IAS_V-0417-001.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit — Class III — 15-Bed Minimum Waived, IAS_V-0418-001.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit — Minimum Size Rule Discussed, IAS_V-0419-001.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit — Need For Hierarchial Classification of Services Discussed, IAS_V-0420-001.
Obstetrical Services —
Exemption From CON Review Examined, IAS_V-0421-001.
Replacement Facility — Intervenor Protest Dismissed, IAS_V-0422-001.
Satellite Facility, IAS_V-0423-002.
Intervenors (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) —
Input of Existing Providers Is Both Relevant & Important, IAS_V-0424-001.
Standing —
Economic Injury — Insolvency Need Not Be Proven, IAS_V-0425-001.
Economic Injury Must Be Shown, IAS_V-0426-001.
Found Lacking, IAS_V-0427-003.
Nursing Home Lacks Standing to Challenge Addition to Acute Care Beds to Hospital, IAS_V-0428-001.
Skilled Facility At a Hospital Found to Lack Standing to Challenge a Community Nursing Home, IAS_V-0429-001.
To Be Liberally Construed, IAS_V-0430-001.
Letter of Intent —
Untimely — Excused — No Prejudice — Fault of Overnight Delivery Service, IAS_V-0431-001.
Need (See Also Home Health Agency, Hospital) —
Balanced Consideration of All Statutory & Rule Criteria, IAS_V-0432-021.
Fixed Need Pool —
Does Not Require Formal Agency Approval, IAS_V-0433-001.
Geographic Accessibility —
Boundaries of a Health Planning Area Are Not An Iron Curtain, IAS_V-0434-001.
Planning Horizon — Request For Extension of Found to Involve An “Unwarranted Priority”, IAS_V-0435-001.
Rule Methodology —
§120.542 Rule Waiver Procedure Found Inapposite to Already Complex Balancing Procedures, IAS_V-0436-001.
Absence of — Home Health Agencies, IAS_V-0437-001.
Not Normal Exception — Applicant’s Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-0438-001.
Not Normal Exception — Tertiary Program — AHCA May Look Beyond the Service Area, IAS_V-0439-001.
Not Normal Exception Involves a Conclusion of Law, IAS_V-0440-004.
Numeric Need Alone Is Not Dispositive, IAS_V-0441-002.
Numeric Need Lacking — Creates Rebuttable Presumption of No Need, IAS_V-0442-002.
Special Circumstances Found to Justify Deviation From Lack of Numeric Need, IAS_V-0443-001.
Special Circumstances Found, IAS_V-0444-001.
Weight to Be Accorded Various Criteria Varies On a Case-By-Case Basis, IAS_V-0445-011.
Nursing Home —
Alzheimer’s Patients — There Is No Policy Favoring Dedicated Units, IAS_V-0446-001.
Colocation On Campus Including a Wide Range of Medical Services Found Desirable, IAS_V-0447-001.
Community, IAS_V-0448-003.
Community —
Additional Beds, IAS_V-0449-002.
Replacement, IAS_V-0450-001.
Comparative Review, IAS_V-0451-006.
Comparative Review —
Location Found to Be the Determinative Issue, IAS_V-0452-001.
Intervenor Protest, IAS_V-0453-003.
Operating Presence In Immediate Service Area Found Desirable, IAS_V-0454-001.
Purpose of CON Review —
Conflicting Goals & Objectives Discussed, IAS_V-0455-001.
Cost Containment — Not the Only Goal, IAS_V-0456-002.


Overpayment Ordered Reimbursed, IAS_V-0457-001.
Adoption (See Also HRS, Dept. of) —
Application For Denied, IAS_V-0458-002.
Authority of DOAH to Conduct De Novo Hearing, IAS_V-0459-002.
Circuit Court Jurisdiction Under §39 & §63 Examined, IAS_V-0460-001.
Confidentiality of Medical Records Regarding Sexually Transmitted Disease, IAS_V-0461-001.
Confidentiality of the Adoption File, IAS_V-0462-001.
Foster Parent —
Challenge to Denial of Application to Be Adoptive Parents Rejected, IAS_V-0463-002.
Single-Parent Vis Interracial Adoptions, IAS_V-0464-001.
Central Abuse Registry (See Also HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency for (AHCA); HEALTH, Dept. of; HRS, Dept. of; JUVENILE JUSTICE, Dept. of) —
§415 Is Intended to Protect the Vulnerable & Encourage Removal If Necessary, IAS_V-0465-001.
§415 Is Not a Penal Statute, IAS_V-0466-001.
Abuse or Neglect —
Abuse & Neglect Distinguished, IAS_V-0467-001.
Abuse Defined, IAS_V-0468-013.
Abuse Report of Dept. Constitutes Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_V-0469-002.
Confinement In Utility Room For 4-5 Hours, IAS_V-0470-001.
Emotional Abuse, IAS_V-0471-001.
Excessive Corporal Punishment, IAS_V-0472-001.
Excessive Corporal Punishment — Inappropriate Tool, IAS_V-0473-001.
Exploitation — Defined, IAS_V-0474-006.
Exploitation — Financial, IAS_V-0475-042.
Exploitation — Financial — §415.102 Found Not to Be Unconstitutionally Vague Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation, IAS_V-0476-001.
Exploitation — Financial — Check Kiting Scheme Found Not to Constitute, IAS_V-0477-001.
Exploitation — Financial — Claim That Money Was Used to Pay For Caregivers Rejected, IAS_V-0478-001.
Exploitation — Financial — Defined, IAS_V-0479-007.
Exploitation — Financial — Fiduciary Duty Not Required Per Se, IAS_V-0480-001.
Exploitation — Financial — Inability to Consent, IAS_V-0481-001.
Exploitation — Financial — Intent Is a Requisite Element of, IAS_V-0482-001.
Exploitation — Financial — Nursing Home Bill Not Paid, IAS_V-0483-001.
Exploitation — Financial — Unlawful Use of a Power of Attorney, IAS_V-0484-002.
Likelihood of Perpetrator Seeking Actual Employment Is Irrelevant, IAS_V-0485-001.
Must Be Established According to An Objective Standard, IAS_V-0486-002.
Neglect, IAS_V-0487-042.
Neglect — Administrator’s Concealment of Patient Abuse From Dept. Investigator, IAS_V-0488-001.
Neglect — Carelessness — Negligence Not Required, IAS_V-0489-001.
Neglect — Defined, IAS_V-0490-034.
Neglect — Failure to Administer Medications, IAS_V-0491-003.
Neglect — Failure to Seek Medical Intervention, IAS_V-0492-001.
Neglect — Failure to Supervise Expressly Included In Statutory Definition of Harm, IAS_V-0493-001.
Neglect — Inadequate Supervision, IAS_V-0494-018.
Neglect — Inadequate Supervision — Inability to Perform Requisite Lifting, IAS_V-0495-001.
Neglect — Intent Need Not Be Established, IAS_V-0496-001.
Neglect — Intent Need Not Be Proven, IAS_V-0497-001.
Neglect — Intoxication, IAS_V-0498-001.
Neglect — Involuntary Confinement, IAS_V-0499-001.
Neglect — Leaving Disabled Person In Direct Sunlight, IAS_V-0500-001.
Neglect — Leaving Disabled Person Unattended For 3 1/2 Hours, IAS_V-0501-001.
Neglect — Leaving Incapacitated Person Home Alone For An Extended Time, IAS_V-0502-001.
Neglect — Medical, IAS_V-0503-009.
Neglect — Medical — Capacity to Consent or Not Consent, IAS_V-0504-001.
Neglect — Must Be Measured Against An Objective Standard, IAS_V-0505-007.
Neglect — Negative Result Alone Is Insufficient, IAS_V-0506-001.
Neglect — Personal Liability For Corporate Management Deficiencies Examined, IAS_V-0507-001.
Neglect — Question of Fact, IAS_V-0508-001.
Neglect — Relocation of a Resident to a Substandard Facility, IAS_V-0509-001.
Neglect — Repeated Acts or Omissions By Various Caregivers, IAS_V-0510-001.
Neglect — Single Act or Omission Can Be Sufficient, IAS_V-0511-001.
Neglect — Vicarious Liability Under the Doctrine of Respondeat Superior, IAS_V-0512-001.
Neglect — Vicarious Liability of Supervisory Employee, IAS_V-0513-002.
Physical Abuse, IAS_V-0514-032.
Physical Abuse — Actual Injury Not Required, IAS_V-0515-003.
Physical Abuse — Actual or Threatened Harm Is Required, IAS_V-0516-001.
Physical Abuse — Attempted Murder, IAS_V-0517-001.
Physical Abuse — Confinement/Bizarre Punishment, IAS_V-0518-001.
Physical Abuse — Criminal Plea Alone Is Insufficient Proof, IAS_V-0519-001.
Physical Abuse — Slapping In Retaliation, IAS_V-0520-001.
Physical Abuse — Use of Excessive Force In Restraining a Client, IAS_V-0521-001.
Physical Abuse — Use of Lighter to Burn Away Gauze Bandage, IAS_V-0522-001.
Physical Abuse — Use of Restraints, IAS_V-0523-003.
Psychological Abuse, IAS_V-0524-004.
Sexual Abuse, IAS_V-0525-003.
Sexual Abuse — Defined, IAS_V-0526-003.
Sexual Abuse — Fondling Breasts, IAS_V-0527-001.
Standard of Care — Reasonably Prudent Caregiver, IAS_V-0528-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-0529-001.
Aged Adult Care Worker —
Aged Adult Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0530-006.
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0531-050.
Amendment or Expunction Denied — Reversed, IAS_V-0532-002.
Amendment or Expunction Denied In Part, IAS_V-0533-004.
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0534-042.
Amendment or Expunction Granted & Denied In Part, IAS_V-0535-001.
Friend Found to Be a “Caregiver”, IAS_V-0536-001.
Report Closed Without Classification, IAS_V-0537-003.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
DOAH Award of Against Dept. Rejected, IAS_V-0538-001.
Denied, IAS_V-0539-001.
Caregiver Actions Must Be Measured Against An Objective Standard, IAS_V-0540-002.
Caregiver Defined, IAS_V-0541-011.
Child Care Worker —
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0542-003.
Amendment or Expunction Found Beyond Dept. Jurisdiction, IAS_V-0543-001.
Child/Caretaker of Elderly Parent —
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0544-011.
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0545-009.
Amendment or Expunction Granted & Denied In Part, IAS_V-0546-002.
Friend Found to Be a “Caregiver”, IAS_V-0547-001.
Report Closed Without Classification, IAS_V-0548-002.
Closed Report Without Classification —
Discussed, IAS_V-0549-002.
Confirmed Report —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0550-004.
Records Retained For Fifty (50) Years, IAS_V-0551-001.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_V-0552-020.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof — Direct Evidence Is Not Required, IAS_V-0553-001.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-0554-083.
Dept. Is the Respondent Despite Contrary DOAH Styling of the Case, IAS_V-0555-001.
Dept. Report Constitutes Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_V-0556-001.
Disabled Adult Care Worker —
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0557-029.
Amendment or Expunction Denied — Reversed, IAS_V-0558-001.
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0559-022.
Amendment or Expunction Granted & Denied In Part, IAS_V-0560-003.
Disabled Adult Defined, IAS_V-0561-002.
Duty to Safely & Appropriately Manage Aggressive Behavior, IAS_V-0562-001.
Petition For Hearing Denied As Defective, IAS_V-0563-001.
Report Closed Without Classification, IAS_V-0564-003.
Exemption From Disqualification (See Also HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA)) —
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_V-0565-032.
Cannot Be Granted With Conditions, IAS_V-0566-002.
Criminal Conviction, IAS_V-0567-002.
Criminal Conviction — Aggravated Assault, IAS_V-0568-001.
Criminal Conviction — Armed Robbery, IAS_V-0569-001.
Criminal Conviction — Battery, IAS_V-0570-001.
Criminal Conviction — Controlled Substances, IAS_V-0571-001.
Criminal Conviction — Forgery, IAS_V-0572-001.
Criminal Conviction — Grand Theft, IAS_V-0573-001.
Criminal Conviction — Grand Theft — Auto, IAS_V-0574-001.
Criminal Conviction — Lewd & Lascivious Conduct, IAS_V-0575-001.
Criminal Conviction — Possession of Cocaine, IAS_V-0576-006.
Criminal Conviction — Possession of Marijuana, IAS_V-0577-001.
Criminal Conviction — Prostitution, IAS_V-0578-002.
Criminal Conviction — Sale of Cocaine, IAS_V-0579-001.
Criminal Conviction — Sale of Controlled Substances, IAS_V-0580-001.
Criminal Conviction — Trespassing, IAS_V-0581-001.
Criminal Plea, IAS_V-0582-001.
Criminal Plea — Aggravated Battery, IAS_V-0583-001.
Criminal Plea — Armed Robbery, IAS_V-0584-003.
Criminal Plea — Battery, IAS_V-0585-001.
Criminal Plea — Battery & Domestic Violence, IAS_V-0586-006.
Criminal Plea — Child Abuse, IAS_V-0587-003.
Criminal Plea — Cocaine — Possession of, IAS_V-0588-006.
Criminal Plea — Concealed Firearm, IAS_V-0589-001.
Criminal Plea — Crack Cocaine Possession, IAS_V-0590-001.
Criminal Plea — Domestic Violence, IAS_V-0591-004.
Criminal Plea — Forgery, IAS_V-0592-001.
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft, IAS_V-0593-007.
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft — Found to Be a Disqualifying Offense Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation, IAS_V-0594-002.
Criminal Plea — Homosexual Assault On Minor, IAS_V-0595-001.
Criminal Plea — Indecent Exposure, IAS_V-0596-001.
Criminal Plea — Multiple Violations, IAS_V-0597-001.
Criminal Plea — Obstructing An Officer Without Violence, IAS_V-0598-001.
Criminal Plea — Out-of-State, IAS_V-0599-002.
Criminal Plea — Petit Theft, IAS_V-0600-001.
Criminal Plea — Prostitution, IAS_V-0601-001.
Criminal Plea — Solicitation of Prostitution, IAS_V-0602-001.
Criminal Plea — Solicitation to Commit a Crime of Violence, IAS_V-0603-001.
Criminal Plea — Theft & Trafficking In Stolen Property, IAS_V-0604-001.
Criminal Plea — Worthless Checks, IAS_V-0605-001.
Denial Does Not Preclude Future Reapplication, IAS_V-0606-001.
Denied, IAS_V-0607-044.
Dept. Has Absolute Discretion to Deny, IAS_V-0608-002.
Domestic Violence, IAS_V-0609-005.
Domestic Violence — Misdemeanor, IAS_V-0610-001.
Domestic Violence — Violation of Probation, IAS_V-0611-001.
Exemption Granted By Another Agency Is Immaterial, IAS_V-0612-001.
Failure to Take Responsibility For One’s Actions, IAS_V-0613-001.
False Imprisonment, IAS_V-0614-001.
Filing a False Report, IAS_V-0615-001.
Foster Parents, IAS_V-0616-002.
Granted, IAS_V-0617-029.
Lewd & Lascivious Public Behavior, IAS_V-0618-001.
Rehabilitation — Acknowledgement of Misconduct, IAS_V-0619-001.
Rehabilitation — Balancing Test, IAS_V-0620-002.
Rehabilitation — Continuous Employment, IAS_V-0621-001.
Rehabilitation — DOAH Conclusion of Law Regarding Rejected, IAS_V-0622-001.
Rehabilitation — DOAH Recommendation That a Date For Reapplication Be Established Rejected, IAS_V-0623-001.
Rehabilitation — Drug Rehab, IAS_V-0624-004.
Rehabilitation — Failure to Disclose Entire Criminal History On Employment Application, IAS_V-0625-001.
Rehabilitation — False Affidavit Six (6) Months Ago, IAS_V-0626-001.
Rehabilitation — Insubordination Toward Employer, IAS_V-0627-001.
Rehabilitation — Lack of Remorse, IAS_V-0628-001.
Rehabilitation — Missionary, IAS_V-0629-001.
Rehabilitation — No Repetition During Many Years, IAS_V-0630-001.
Rehabilitation — Proof of, IAS_V-0631-027.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Four (4) Months Too Short a Timeframe, IAS_V-0632-002.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Nine (9) Years Lapsed Since Offense, IAS_V-0633-001.
Rehabilitation — Spiritual Awakening, IAS_V-0634-001.
Rehabilitation — Testimonial Letters, IAS_V-0635-001.
Requisite Stability, IAS_V-0636-001.
Statutory Amendment — 1994 — Applicability of, IAS_V-0637-002.
Statutory Amendment — 1994 — Examined, IAS_V-0638-002.
Statutory Amendment — 1995 — Construed & Found Not Retroactive, IAS_V-0639-001.
Statutory List of Disqualifying Offenses — Actual Physical Injury Is Not Prerequisite, IAS_V-0640-001.
Statutory List of Disqualifying Offenses — Domestic Battery, IAS_V-0641-001.
Statutory List of Disqualifying Offenses — Noted & Found Not Triggered, IAS_V-0642-001.
There Is No Minimum Waiting Period, IAS_V-0643-001.
Exemption From Disqualification Denied, IAS_V-0644-003.
Failure of Respondent to Appear At Hearing, IAS_V-0645-002.
Family Friend —
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0646-006.
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0647-001.
Financial Advisor —
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0648-001.
Grandchild/Caretaker of Elderly Parent —
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0649-001.
Nephew —
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0650-001.
Petitioner Is the Person Asking For a Hearing, IAS_V-0651-003.
Proposed Confirmed Report —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0652-029.
Sibling —
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0653-001.
Spouse —
Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0654-001.
Amendment or Expunction Denied In Part, IAS_V-0655-001.
Amendment or Expunction Granted, IAS_V-0656-002.
Time Limit For Contesting Report —
Calculation of Discussed, IAS_V-0657-001.
Extended — Equitable Tolling, IAS_V-0658-001.
Untimely Request For Amendment or Expunction Denied, IAS_V-0659-004.
Unfounded Report —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0660-002.
Child — Dependent —
Confidentiality of Medical Records Regarding Sexually Transmitted Disease, IAS_V-0661-001.
Child Custody (See Also HRS, Dept. of) —
Dept. Recoupment of Support Payments to Aunt — Lack of Full-Time Residence — Remand, IAS_V-0662-001.
Parental Rights —
Right to An Attorney, IAS_V-0663-001.
Child Support (See REVENUE, Dept. of)
Circuit Court Nonfinal Order Requiring Placement of a Mentally Retarded Defendant —
Reversed — Court Cannot Order Movement of Dept. Funds, IAS_V-0664-001.
Circuit Court Order Requiring Dept. to Continue to Hold Criminal Defendant Cleared As Competent —
Circuit Court Order Quashed, IAS_V-0665-001.
Circuit Court Order Requiring Production of Child Resource Records & Prohibiting Temporary Housing of Children —
Affirmed & Reversed In Part, IAS_V-0666-001.
Contract (See CONTRACTS; CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Dept. Has Burden of Proof, IAS_V-0667-005.
Developmental Services —
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_V-0668-001.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-0669-001.
Applicant Lacks Standing to Challenge Source of Funding, IAS_V-0670-001.
Autism — Denied, IAS_V-0671-001.
Autism — Granted, IAS_V-0672-001.
Certification — Independent Support Coordinator —
Inadequate Performance In Previous Employment, IAS_V-0673-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_V-0674-001.
Circuit Court Denial of Approval of Surgical Procedure For Person In Dept. Custody Reversed, IAS_V-0675-001.
Developmental Services Are Not Segregated According to the Particular Developmental Disability, IAS_V-0676-001.
Developmental Services Defined, IAS_V-0677-001.
IQ Assailed By Dept. As Too High, IAS_V-0678-001.
Mechanics of Program Examined, IAS_V-0679-001.
Retardation Defined, IAS_V-0680-001.
Retarded Adult — Defined, IAS_V-0681-001.
Retarded Adult — Denied, IAS_V-0682-003.
Retarded Adult — Granted, IAS_V-0683-001.
Significantly Subaverage Intellectual Functioning Defined, IAS_V-0684-002.
Employee (See Also PUBLIC EMPLOYEES) —
Challenge to Adverse Internal Grievance Proceeding — On-Call Salary Issues — Dismissed, IAS_V-0685-001.
Circuit Ct. Dismissal of Dept. Employee Suit Assailing Constitutionality of §435 As Applied Reversed In Part, IAS_V-0686-001.
Dismissal Following Death By Abuse of a Child Affirmed, IAS_V-0687-001.
Grievance Concerning Rate of Pay — Request For Hearing Dismissed, IAS_V-0688-001.
Final Order On Appellate Remand: S.A. v. Children & Families, IAS_V-0689-001.
Final Order On Remand: L.G.H. v. Children & Families, IAS_V-0690-001.
Food Stamps (See Also HEALTH, Dept. of) —
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Federal Provisions Are Inapplicable to Dept., IAS_V-0691-001.
Denial Reversed Due to Dept. Failure to Properly Request Additional Information, IAS_V-0692-001.
Denial of Reversed — Notice of Eligibility Found Deficient, IAS_V-0693-001.
Dept. Duty to Provide Assistance to Cure Incomplete Verification, IAS_V-0694-001.
Monthly Allotment of $10.00 Based On Incomplete Verification — Reversed, IAS_V-0695-001.
Overpayment Ordered Reimbursed, IAS_V-0696-001.
Overpayment Ordered Reimbursed — Withdrawal of Funds From Checking Account Prior to Application —
Denial of Benefits Affirmed & Reversed In Part, IAS_V-0697-001.
Suspension For Ninety (90) Days Found Not to Be “Harmless Error”, IAS_V-0698-001.
License (See Also LICENSING) —
Adoption Agency —
Renewal — Lack of Fitness & Trustworthiness, IAS_V-0699-001.
Child Care Facility (See Also Licensure; HRS, Dept. of) —
Amended Final Order On Appellate Remand: Dept. v. Pillsbury — Revocation Reimposed, IAS_V-0700-001.
Appeal of County Administrative Disciplinary Action to Dept., IAS_V-0701-001.
Central Abuse Registry Report — Physical Abuse, IAS_V-0702-001.
Concurrent County Regulatory Jurisdiction — Mechanics of Examined, IAS_V-0703-001.
Employment of Disqualified Personnel, IAS_V-0704-001.
Failure to Conduct Tuberculosis (TB) Testing of Personnel, IAS_V-0705-001.
Failure to Correct Deficiencies, IAS_V-0706-001.
Failure to Disclose An Individual Residing In the Home For Whom Background Screening Was Required, IAS_V-0707-001.
Failure to Keep Son With History of Disqualifying Offenses Away From Facility, IAS_V-0708-001.
Failure to Notify Parents of An Injury, IAS_V-0709-001.
Failure to Properly Supervise Children, IAS_V-0710-001.
Failure to Properly Train Employees — DOAH Dismissal of Charge On Basis of Deficiencies In the Complaint Reversed, IAS_V-0711-001.
Failure to Report Allegations of Employee Abuse, IAS_V-0712-001.
Failure to Screen Staff, IAS_V-0713-001.
Failure to Verify Immunization of Enrolled Children, IAS_V-0714-001.
False Sworn Statements, IAS_V-0715-001.
Health Code Violations — Large Number of, IAS_V-0716-001.
Improper Corporal Punishment, IAS_V-0717-001.
Inadequate Staffing Ratios, IAS_V-0718-002.
Local Regulation — Preemption of State Regulation Noted, IAS_V-0719-001.
Modification — Increase In Licensed Capacity — Inadequate Septic System, IAS_V-0720-001.
Numerous Recurring Technical & Substantive Violations & Serious Deficiencies, IAS_V-0721-001.
Past Violations Are Relevant to Current Disciplinary Action, IAS_V-0722-001.
Physical Injury to Child, IAS_V-0723-001.
Renewal — Agency Burden of Proof When Considering, IAS_V-0724-001.
Renewal — Applicable Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-0725-001.
Renewal — Applicant Has Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_V-0726-001.
Renewal — Denial — Injury to Child — Affirmed, IAS_V-0727-001.
Renewal — Denied, IAS_V-0728-001.
Renewal — Imposition of Inappropriate Discipline, IAS_V-0729-001.
Renewal — Not a Mere Ministerial Act, IAS_V-0730-001.
Renewal — Repeated Failure to Comply With Minimum Standards, IAS_V-0731-001.
Foster Parent (See Also HRS, Dept. of) —
Challenge to Denial of Application to Be Adoptive Parents Rejected, IAS_V-0732-001.
Circuit Court Imposes Civil Contempt of Court For Failure of Dept. to Follow Court Orders, IAS_V-0733-001.
Confirmed Report of Abuse, IAS_V-0734-001.
Corporal Punishment — Dept. Policy Prohibiting Use of Examined, IAS_V-0735-001.
Corporal Punishment — Improper Use of, IAS_V-0736-005.
Dangerous Conditions At Home, IAS_V-0737-001.
Dept. Has Particularly Broad Discretion — Not An Occupational License, IAS_V-0738-001.
Dept. Issuance of a Privilege — Not a Right, IAS_V-0739-001.
Dept. Need Not Provide Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_V-0740-001.
Direct Supervision Discussed, IAS_V-0741-001.
Failure to Appear At Hearing, IAS_V-0742-001.
Failure to Cooperate With the Dept., IAS_V-0743-001.
Failure to Immediately Notify Dept. of Illness or Accident, IAS_V-0744-001.
Failure to Meet Minimum Standards, IAS_V-0745-002.
Foster Parent License Is Not a “Professional License” Subject to Strict Procedural Safeguards, IAS_V-0746-006.
Foster Parent License Is Not a Professional License, IAS_V-0747-002.
Legislative Prerogative Regarding Qualifications Examined, IAS_V-0748-001.
Medical Designation or Endorsement, IAS_V-0749-001.
Neglect, IAS_V-0750-001.
Neglect — Inadequate Supervision, IAS_V-0751-001.
Neglect — Medical, IAS_V-0752-001.
Negligent Administration of Asthma Medication, IAS_V-0753-001.
Physical Abuse — Bruises & Other Injuries, IAS_V-0754-001.
Physical Abuse — Corporal Punishment — Taped Mouths, IAS_V-0755-001.
Providing Alcohol to Children, IAS_V-0756-001.
Provisional License — May Not Be Renewed, IAS_V-0757-001.
Punishment For Toilet Training Errors, IAS_V-0758-001.
Renewal — Agency Burden of Proof When Considering, IAS_V-0759-001.
Renewal — Applicable Burden of Proof Examined, IAS_V-0760-001.
Renewal — Corporal Punishment — Denied, IAS_V-0761-001.
Renewal — Sexual Abuse, IAS_V-0762-001.
Request For Hearing Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_V-0763-002.
Request For Hearing Dismissed For Lack of Jurisdiction, IAS_V-0764-001.
Returning Children to Dept. Without Requisite Notice Absent An Emergency, IAS_V-0765-001.
Sexual Abuse, IAS_V-0766-001.
Sleeping In Same Bed As Children, IAS_V-0767-001.
Transporting Children In Vehicle After Consuming Alcohol, IAS_V-0768-001.
Unauthorized Out-of-State Trip, IAS_V-0769-001.
Unlicensed Caregiver, IAS_V-0770-001.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, IAS_V-0771-001.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Facilities, IAS_V-0772-001.
Foster Parent — Renewal —
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_V-0773-001.
Boarding of Child Not In Dept. Custody, IAS_V-0774-001.
Broad Discretion of the Dept. Noted, IAS_V-0775-001.
Chaotic Home Environment, IAS_V-0776-001.
Denial — Request For Hearing to Challenge Denied As Untimely, IAS_V-0777-001.
Disparaging Remarks to Children, IAS_V-0778-001.
Fact That Conduct Does Not Offend §415 Is Immaterial, Failure to Meet Dietary Needs, IAS_V-0779-001.
Failure to Meet Minimum Standards, IAS_V-0780-001.
Foster Parent License Is Not a “Professional License” Subject to Strict Procedural Safeguards, IAS_V-0781-002.
Inadequate Supervision, IAS_V-0782-003.
Inappropriate Behavior By Visitors to the Home, IAS_V-0783-001.
Inappropriate Corporal Punishment, IAS_V-0784-003.
Inappropriate Discipline, IAS_V-0785-002.
Inappropriate Discipline (Confinement), IAS_V-0786-001.
Insufficient Income to Assure Family Stability, IAS_V-0787-001.
Neglect — A Single Act or Omission Alone Can Form a Sufficient Basis For Nonrenewal, IAS_V-0788-001.
Separation From Husband — Domestic Violence, IAS_V-0789-001.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, IAS_V-0790-001.
Violation of Substitute Core Agreement With Dept., IAS_V-0791-001.
Licensure (See Also Licensing; LICENSURE; HRS, Dept. of) —
Child Care Facility (See Also LICENSING) —
Criminal Plea (Sexual Misconduct With Children), IAS_V-0792-001.
Employment With the Dept. Is Not Per Se a Bar to, IAS_V-0793-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_V-0794-003.
Inadequate Supervision, IAS_V-0795-001.
Lack of Requisite Fitness & Trustworthiness, IAS_V-0796-001.
Operating Without Proper Registration, IAS_V-0797-001.
Previous Denial of Licensure Is Not Probative, IAS_V-0798-001.
Violation of Prohibition Against Corporal Punishment As a Foster Parent, IAS_V-0799-001.
Foster Parent (See Also HRS, Dept. of) —
Applicant’s Burden of Proof, IAS_V-0800-001.
Criminal Charges (Numerous Nondisqualifying Offenses), IAS_V-0801-001.
Criminal Plea (Assault to Commit Rape), IAS_V-0802-001.
Failure to Accept Supervision By Dept. Staff, IAS_V-0803-001.
Failure to Meet Minimum Standards, IAS_V-0804-001.
Failure to Present a Positive Image of the Biological Family, IAS_V-0805-001.
Foster Parent License Is a Public Trust Not a Professional License, IAS_V-0806-002.
Homosexuality, IAS_V-0807-001.
Inadequate Experience, IAS_V-0808-001.
Inappropriate Corporal Punishment, IAS_V-0809-002.
Lack of Requisite Fitness, IAS_V-0810-001.
Lack of Self Control, IAS_V-0811-001.
Sexual Abuse of Adoptive Child, IAS_V-0812-001.
Violation of Rules, IAS_V-0813-001.
Medicaid (See MEDICAID)
Medical Assistance Funds (See MEDICAID)
Public Assistance Appeals Hearings —
Nursing Home Patient Voluntarily Leaves — Denial Reversed & Remanded, IAS_V-0814-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Baker Act Receiving Facilities — Eligibility Criteria — Granted, IAS_V-0815-002.
Crisis Stabilization Unit — Minimum Construction Standards — Granted, IAS_V-0816-001.
Emergency — Ownership of Facility In Litigation — Denied, IAS_V-0817-001.
Foster Care Privatization Demonstration Project — Granted, IAS_V-0818-001.
Residential Treatment — Licensure — Treatment of Eating Disorder — Granted, IAS_V-0819-001.
Work & Gain Economic Self-Sufficiency (WAGES) Benefits —
Termination of Benefits For Failure to Comply With Work Requirements — Affirmed, IAS_V-0820-001.


License (See LICENSING) —
Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Charges — Possession of Cocaine & Cannabis, IAS_V-0821-001.
Paying Kickbacks, IAS_V-0822-001.
Soliciting Patients, IAS_V-0823-001.
Licensure —
Exam —
Challenge to Grading — Untimely — Denied, IAS_V-0824-001.
Physical Diagnosis, IAS_V-0825-002.
Technique Part, IAS_V-0826-001.
X-Ray Interpretation, IAS_V-0827-002.
Exam — Physical Diagnosis Portion —
Challenge to Grading, IAS_V-0828-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Licensure By Exam —
Bd. Grants Sua Sponte In §120.57(1) Proceeding, IAS_V-0829-001.
Retakes — Passing Score On 2 of 3 Sections of Practical — Granted, IAS_V-0830-001.


Annexation — Voluntary —
Quashed Due to Failure of Commissioner With a Beneficial Interest to Recuse, IAS_V-0831-001.
Charter Amendment —
Charter Provisions Regarding Are Exclusive, IAS_V-0832-001.
City Commissioner Motives Are Irrelevant, IAS_V-0833-001.
Single Subject Amendment Found to Be Inapplicable, IAS_V-0834-001.
Development Order Defined & Discussed, IAS_V-0835-001.
Municipal Seal —
Authority to License For Other Than Official Use, IAS_V-0836-001.
Permit — Building —
Authority to Approve a Local Standard For Wind Resistance, IAS_V-0837-001.
Permit — Development —
Moratorium On — Appropriateness Examined, IAS_V-0838-001.
Public Official —
Attorney’s Fees & Costs —
Recall Petition — Unsuccessful Defense of, IAS_V-0839-001.


License —
Continuing Education Requirement — Failure to Supply Proof of Compliance, IAS_V-0840-001.
Failure to Follow Requisite Procedures, IAS_V-0841-001.
Licensure —
Requisite Educational Requirements Lacking — Bd. Denial Reversed, IAS_V-0842-001.
Statutory History Governing Examined, IAS_V-0843-001.
Licensure — Supervisor —
Lack of Requisite Educational Requirements, IAS_V-0844-001.
Licensure — Technician —
Exam — Challenge to Grading, IAS_V-0845-001.
Lack of Requisite Educational Requirements, IAS_V-0846-001.
Lack of Requisite Laboratory-Based Training, IAS_V-0847-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Clinical Lab Technologist — Requisite Educational Requirements — Denied, IAS_V-0848-001.
Licensure — Requisite Educational & Work Experience, IAS_V-0849-001.
Medical Technologist — Renewal — Requisite Examination, IAS_V-0850-001.