Central Abuse Registry (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of, JUVENILE JUSTICE, Dept. of; NURSING, Bd. of) —
Exemption From Disqualification —
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_VI-2111-001.
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft, IAS_VI-2112-001.
Criminal Plea — Lewd & Lascivious Act, IAS_VI-2113-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Crack Cocaine, IAS_VI-2114-001.
Proof of Rehabilitation, IAS_VI-2115-001.
Certificate of Need (CON) (See Also CERTIFICATE OF NEED (CON)) —
Hospital —
Open-Heart Surgical Unit — Chapter 2003-289 Exemption For Palm Beach, Polk, Martin, St. Lucie & Indian River Counties Declared Unconstitutional As An Improperly Promulgated Special Law, IAS_VI-2116-001.
Intervenor (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) —
Standing — AHCA & DOAH Dismissal of Challenge Due to Lack of Requisite Injury — Reversed, IAS_VI-2117-001.
Standing — Criteria Governing Established By Statute, IAS_VI-2118-001.
Standing — Substantially Affected — Two (2) Prong Test, IAS_VI-2119-001.
Standing — Substantially Affected Providers Must Be Accorded a Clear Point of Entry, IAS_VI-2120-001.
Standing — To Challenge the Grant of a De Facto CON Or CON Exemption By the Splitting of a Hospice License, IAS_VI-2121-001.
Contracts (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Declaratory Statements (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Employee (See Also PUBLIC EMPLOYEES) —
Challenge to Reclassification From Permanent Career Status to Select Exempt Service —
Petition For Hearing Denied On Basis of Pending Proceeding At PERC, IAS_VI-2122-001.
Reclassification From Career Service to Selected Exempt Status Found to Require a Clear Point of Entry to Request a Hearing, IAS_VI-2123-001.
Health Maintenance Organization —
Lymphedema Outpatient Therapy After a Mastectomy, IAS_VI-2124-001.
License —
Adult Family Care Home —
Operating Beyond Scope of License, IAS_VI-2125-002.
Operating In Excess of Licensed Capacity, IAS_VI-2126-001.
Physical & Emotional Abuse of Resident, IAS_VI-2127-001.
Renewal — Failure to Cooperate With Dept. Investigator, IAS_VI-2128-001.
Renewal — Failure to Properly Supervise Resident, IAS_VI-2129-001.
Assisted Living Facility (ALF) —
AHCA Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-2130-001.
AHCA Recovery of Costs In a Disciplinary Case — Discussed, IAS_VI-2131-001.
Challenge to Conditional Rating, IAS_VI-2132-001.
Class I Violations, IAS_VI-2133-001.
Class II Deficiencies — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2134-001.
Classification of Deficiencies, IAS_VI-2135-001.
Compliance Inspections Can Be Conducted At Any Time, IAS_VI-2136-001.
Failure to Correct Deficiencies, IAS_VI-2137-008.
Failure to Document Informed Consent of Residents, IAS_VI-2138-001.
Failure to Document Requisite Staff Training, IAS_VI-2139-001.
Failure to Document Staff As Free of Communicable Disease, IAS_VI-2140-002.
Failure to Ensure Daily Observation By Staff, IAS_VI-2141-001.
Failure to Ensure That An Employee Timely Obtains a TB Test, IAS_VI-2142-002.
Failure to Ensure That An Employee Was Certified In First Aid & CPR, IAS_VI-2143-002.
Failure to Ensure That Extended Service Plan Was Developed, IAS_VI-2144-001.
Failure to Ensure That Nursing Services Are Authorized By a Health Care Provider, IAS_VI-2145-001.
Failure to Have An Approved Emergency Management Plan, IAS_VI-2146-001.
Failure to Have Resident Contracts On File, IAS_VI-2147-002.
Failure to Include Costs of Residing In the Facility In the Admission Package, IAS_VI-2148-001.
Failure to Inform AHCA In Writing of Discontinuance of Operations, IAS_VI-2149-001.
Failure to Keep Requisite Medical Records, IAS_VI-2150-002.
Failure to Limit Use of Physical Restraints, IAS_VI-2151-001.
Failure to Maintain An Adequate Supply of Food, IAS_VI-2152-001.
Failure to Maintain Log of Menu Substitutions, IAS_VI-2153-001.
Failure to Maintain Requisite Written Records, IAS_VI-2154-005.
Failure to Maintain a Written Work Schedule, IAS_VI-2155-001.
Failure to Notify Residents In Writing of Transfer of Ownership, IAS_VI-2156-001.
Failure to Observe Resident Taking Medication, IAS_VI-2157-001.
Failure to Obtain Requisite Fire Inspection, IAS_VI-2158-001.
Failure to Obtain Requisite Training, IAS_VI-2159-001.
Failure to Perform Requisite Health Assessments, IAS_VI-2160-002.
Failure to Post Inspection Report, IAS_VI-2161-001.
Failure to Post License, IAS_VI-2162-001.
Failure to Properly Administer the Facility, IAS_VI-2163-001.
Failure to Properly Monitor Resident, IAS_VI-2164-001.
Failure to Properly Screen All Employees, IAS_VI-2165-004.
Failure to Properly Train Staff, IAS_VI-2166-002.
Failure to Provide Adequate Menus, IAS_VI-2167-003.
Failure to Provide Notice of Rate Increase, IAS_VI-2168-001.
Failure to Provide Proper Care For Residents, IAS_VI-2169-001.
Failure to Provide Requisite Health Care, IAS_VI-2170-001.
Failure to Provide Residents With a List of Available Services & Fees, IAS_VI-2171-001.
Failure to Provide Timely Prorated Refund, IAS_VI-2172-001.
Failure to Provide Timely Refund — Treble Fine Reversed, IAS_VI-2173-001.
Failure to Record Administration of Medications, IAS_VI-2174-002.
Failure to Submit Emergency Plan For Review, IAS_VI-2175-001.
Failure to Submit a Complete Application In a Timely Fashion, IAS_VI-2176-001.
Failure to Transfer Security Deposit to the New Owner, IAS_VI-2177-001.
Fine Authorized By §400.424(3)(a) — Mitigating Factors Under §400.419(3) Must Be Considered, IAS_VI-2178-001.
Fines — §400.424(3)(a) Separate & In Addition to §400.419(1)(c) — No Mitigation — Per Day, IAS_VI-2179-002.
Health Assessments Need Not Be Kept On Site, IAS_VI-2180-001.
Hearsay Statements of Residents Accorded Higher Evidentiary Status Statutorily, IAS_VI-2181-001.
Inadequate Staff, IAS_VI-2182-001.
Mission of An Assisted Living Facility — Examined, IAS_VI-2183-001.
Moratorium On New Admissions — Challenge to, IAS_VI-2184-001.
Moratorium On New Admissions — Not Subject to Administrative Challenge — Only the Underlying Complaint Can Be Assailed, IAS_VI-2185-001.
Moratorium On New Admissions — Remand For Expedited Formal Hearing Regarding, IAS_VI-2186-001.
Operating Beyond Scope of License, IAS_VI-2187-002.
Renewal — Failure to Conduct Background Screening — AHCA Denial of Affirmed, IAS_VI-2188-001.
Renewal — Failure to Correct Deficiencies, IAS_VI-2189-001.
Renewal — Failure to Ensure That an Employee Timely Obtains a TB Test, IAS_VI-2190-001.
Renewal — Failure to Maintain Minimum Staffing, IAS_VI-2191-001.
Renewal — Failure to Meet Minimum Licensure Standards, IAS_VI-2192-001.
Renewal — Failure to Pay Previously Imposed AHCA Fines, IAS_VI-2193-001.
Renewal — Failure to Provide Beds, IAS_VI-2194-001.
Renewal — Failure to Provide Requisite Medications, IAS_VI-2195-001.
Renewal — Failure to Provide a Safe Environment, IAS_VI-2196-001.
Renewal — Series of Actionable Incidents, Renewal — Previous Denial of Renewal For Another Facility, IAS_VI-2197-001.
Renewal — Unsafe & Unsanitary Facilities, IAS_VI-2198-001.
Retaining a Resident With State II Pressure Sores, IAS_VI-2199-001.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, IAS_VI-2200-003.
Clinical Lab —
Renewal — Incompetence — Failure to Correct Deficiencies, IAS_VI-2201-001.
Health Care Risk Manager —
Renewal — Failure to Document Fulfillment of Educational Requirements, IAS_VI-2202-001.
Home Medical Equipment Provider —
Renewal — Late-Filed Application For, IAS_VI-2203-001.
Hospital, IAS_VI-2204-001.
Hospital —
Adverse Incident report — Risk Manager’s Duties, IAS_VI-2205-001.
Change In Ownership — Building Need Not Be Brought Up to New Code Requirements, IAS_VI-2206-001.
Criminal Medicaid Fraud Investigation — Subpoena of Medical Records of AIDS Patients, IAS_VI-2207-001.
Failure to Report Incident Involving Brain Damage to Patient, IAS_VI-2208-001.
Failure to Report a Hypoxic Event That Caused Brain Damage to a Patient As a Code 15 Occurrence, IAS_VI-2209-001.
Free Form Challenge to Agency Investigation of a Patient’s Complaint, IAS_VI-2210-001.
Nursing Home —
AHCA Action Regarding Licensure Status While Seeking a Fine Does Not Constitute Two (2) Separate Actions, IAS_VI-2211-001.
AHCA Failure to Provide Copy of Notice of Intent to Appellant’s Attorney, IAS_VI-2212-001.
AHCA Has Authority to Impose Penalties Under Federal Tags & Violations, IAS_VI-2213-001.
Abuse of Residents — Verbal & Mental, IAS_VI-2214-001.
Accidental Fall From Sitting Position, IAS_VI-2215-001.
Ant Attack On Bed-Ridden Patient, IAS_VI-2216-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE)
Attorney’s Fees & Costs — AHCA §400.121(10) Motion For — Denied, IAS_VI-2217-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs — DOAH Is Without Jurisdiction to Award AHCA Attorney’s Fees & Costs Pursuant to §400.121(10), IAS_VI-2218-002.
Circuit Court Injunction Prohibiting Operation of An Unlicensed Nursing Home Reversed As Overbroad, IAS_VI-2219-001.
Class I & II Deficiencies — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2220-001.
Class I Deficiencies — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2221-004.
Class I, II & III Deficiencies — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2222-003.
Class I, II, III & IV Deficiencies — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2223-002.
Class II Deficiencies — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2224-005.
Class II Deficiencies — Delay In Arranging to Have Resident’s Toenails Cut Does Not Constitute, IAS_VI-2225-001.
Class II Deficiencies — Harm or Pain to Client Is Not Required, IAS_VI-2226-001.
Class II Deficiencies — Isolated Incident of Deficient Care Can Constitute, IAS_VI-2227-002.
Class III Deficiencies — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2228-003.
Class IV Deficiencies — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2229-003.
Classification of Deficiencies — DOAH Findings & Conclusions Finding a Single Violation of a Resident’s Case Plan Is Not Actionable — AHCA Rejection of Reversed, IAS_VI-2230-001.
Classification of Violation Is a Policy Function of AHCA, IAS_VI-2231-001.
Conditional License — Basis For — Implications of — Purpose of, IAS_VI-2232-003.
Conditional Rating (See Also Rating System) — AHCA Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-2233-059.
Conditional Rating — AHCA Denial of Hearing On the Basis of An Allegedly Deficient Petition For Hearing — Reversed, IAS_VI-2234-001.
Conditional Rating — Affects Substantial Interest Even If For a Limited Time Which Has Passed, IAS_VI-2235-009.
Conditional Rating — Applicability of Both State of Federal Law Analyzed, IAS_VI-2236-004.
Conditional Rating — Challenge to, IAS_VI-2237-076.
Conditional Rating — Challenge to — Reversed, IAS_VI-2238-002.
Conditional Rating — Class I Or Class II Deficiencies Or Uncorrected Class III Deficiencies, IAS_VI-2239-001.
Conditional Rating — Federal System Is Not Binding, IAS_VI-2240-001.
Conditional Rating — Isolated Infraction Alone Can Suffice, IAS_VI-2241-001.
Conditional Rating — Rating of a Nursing Home Is Not “Penal”, IAS_VI-2242-003.
Correction of Deficiency — Fine Must Be Levied Nonetheless, IAS_VI-2243-001.
DOAH Is Without Jurisdiction to Order Modification Or Amendment of AHCA Forms, IAS_VI-2244-001.
Deficiencies — Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case, IAS_VI-2245-001.
Discontinuation of Field Trips, IAS_VI-2246-001.
Facility Claim That It Actually Was a Home Health Agency — Rejected, IAS_VI-2247-001.
Failure of Fire Alarm System, IAS_VI-2248-001.
Failure to Comply With Resident’s Written Plan of Care, IAS_VI-2249-001.
Failure to Correct Cited Deficiencies, IAS_VI-2250-004.
Failure to Correct Cited Deficiencies — Written Notice With Deadlines Found Prerequisite to Discipline, IAS_VI-2251-001.
Failure to Develop & Implement Requisite Procedures, IAS_VI-2252-006.
Failure to Develop & Implement Requisite Procedures — Single Incident of Neglect, IAS_VI-2253-001.
Failure to Ensure That a Resident’s Environment Was Free From Hazards, IAS_VI-2254-001.
Failure to Ensure the Safety of Residents Who Smoke, IAS_VI-2255-001.
Failure to Implement Policies to Prevent Abuse, IAS_VI-2256-001.
Failure to Implement Policies to Prevent Abuse of a Resident By Another, IAS_VI-2257-001.
Failure to Investigate Abuse, IAS_VI-2258-001.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_VI-2259-002.
Failure to Maintain Acceptable Nutritional Parameters, IAS_VI-2260-009.
Failure to Maintain Effective Pest Control, IAS_VI-2261-001.
Failure to Obtain Informed Consent For Medical Services, IAS_VI-2262-001.
Failure to Perform Requisite Health Assessments, IAS_VI-2263-002.
Failure to Prevent Abuse, IAS_VI-2264-005.
Failure to Prevent Neglect, IAS_VI-2265-001.
Failure to Prevent Pressure Sores, IAS_VI-2266-007.
Failure to Prevent Pressure Sores — Definition of Pressure Sores Exhaustively Explored, IAS_VI-2267-001.
Failure to Prevent Repeated Falls, IAS_VI-2268-001.
Failure to Properly Administer the Facility, IAS_VI-2269-003.
Failure to Properly Assess Residents, IAS_VI-2270-002.
Failure to Properly Evaluate Medical Needs of Clients, IAS_VI-2271-001.
Failure to Properly Follow & Implement Physician Orders, IAS_VI-2272-001.
Failure to Properly Label Drugs, IAS_VI-2273-001.
Failure to Properly Locate & Respond to Call Bells, IAS_VI-2274-001.
Failure to Properly Monitor Administration of Drugs, IAS_VI-2275-001.
Failure to Properly Monitor Problem Residents, IAS_VI-2276-001.
Failure to Properly Monitor Resident, IAS_VI-2277-001.
Failure to Properly Report Abuse or Neglect, IAS_VI-2278-002.
Failure to Properly Report Accidents, IAS_VI-2279-003.
Failure to Properly Screen Employees — Employees of Independent Contractors Need Not Be Screened By the Licensee, IAS_VI-2280-001.
Failure to Properly Screen Staff, IAS_VI-2281-002.
Failure to Properly Secure Noxous Chamicals, IAS_VI-2282-001.
Failure to Properly Train Staff, IAS_VI-2283-001.
Failure to Properly Treat Pressure Sores, IAS_VI-2284-002.
Failure to Protect Residents Against Sexual Coercion, IAS_VI-2285-001.
Failure to Provide Accessible Call Bells For All Residents, IAS_VI-2286-001.
Failure to Provide Adequate Social Services, IAS_VI-2287-001.
Failure to Provide Appropriate Emergency Medical Care, IAS_VI-2288-001.
Failure to Provide For the Highest Practicable Level of Well-Being, IAS_VI-2289-002.
Failure to Provide Pharmaceutical Services, IAS_VI-2290-002.
Failure to Provide Proof of Liability Insurance, IAS_VI-2291-001.
Failure to Provide Requisite Medical Care, IAS_VI-2292-018.
Failure to Provide Requisite Nutrition, IAS_VI-2293-004.
Failure to Provide Requisite Services, IAS_VI-2294-001.
Failure to Provide Requisite Social Services, IAS_VI-2295-001.
Failure to Provide the Highest Practicable Level of Well-Being, IAS_VI-2296-004.
Failure to Report Pressure Sore to Physician, IAS_VI-2297-001.
Falls — Home’s Duty to Prevent, IAS_VI-2298-002.
Federal Interpretation of Analogous Regulations Is Probative, IAS_VI-2299-001.
Federal Regulations Found Not to Be Binding, IAS_VI-2300-001.
Federal Survey Form Cannot Be Altered, IAS_VI-2301-001.
Fire Ant Attack On Resident, IAS_VI-2302-002.
Follow-Up Inspection — Purpose of, IAS_VI-2303-001.
Improperly Restraining a Resident, IAS_VI-2304-001.
Inadequate Care Plans, IAS_VI-2305-003.
Inadequate Hot Water Controls, IAS_VI-2306-001.
Inadequate Staff, IAS_VI-2307-004.
Inadequate Staff — Not Merely a Numeric Consideration, IAS_VI-2308-001.
Inadequate Supervision, IAS_VI-2309-009.
Inadequate Supervision — AHCA Does Not Require One-On-One Supervision, IAS_VI-2310-001.
Inadequate Supervision — Determination of An Adequate Level of Supervision — Examined, IAS_VI-2311-001.
Inadequate Supervision — One-to-One Supervision Is Not Required, IAS_VI-2312-001.
Inadequate Ventilation Air Flow In Facility, IAS_VI-2313-001.
Management or Ownership Status Is Not Required To “Directly Provide Care”, IAS_VI-2314-001.
Mistaken Administration of Medications, IAS_VI-2315-001.
Moratorium — Immediate — DOAH Lacks Jurisdiction Regarding, IAS_VI-2316-001.
Moratorium On New Admissions, IAS_VI-2317-001.
Moratorium On New Admissions — Failure to Impose, IAS_VI-2318-001.
Multiple & Repeat Violations, IAS_VI-2319-001.
Neglect, IAS_VI-2320-002.
Neglect — Of a Resident, IAS_VI-2321-002.
Neglect — Quality of Care Issue — Not Implementation of Policy Issue, IAS_VI-2322-001.
Neglect — Single Incident Can Be Actionable, IAS_VI-2323-003.
Pressure Sores As Prima Facie Evidence of Neglect, IAS_VI-2324-005.
Quality Rating Based On Both State of Fla. & Federal Law, IAS_VI-2325-001.
Rating System (See Also Conditional Rating …)
Rating System — Interrelationship Between State & Federal Law — Examined, IAS_VI-2326-001.
Rating System — Standard Rating — Discussed, IAS_VI-2327-002.
Rating System — Standards Governing Conditional Rating — Examined, IAS_VI-2328-001.
Rating System — Substandard Quality of Care Is a Federal Term of Art, IAS_VI-2329-001.
Rating System — Substantial Compliance With Regulations — Discussed, IAS_VI-2330-001.
Rating System For Nursing Homes — Discussed, IAS_VI-2331-001.
Renewal — Challenge to Late Fee, IAS_VI-2332-001.
Renewal — Discontinuance of Operations, IAS_VI-2333-001.
Renewal — Failure to Provide a Leased Nursing Home Surety Bond, IAS_VI-2334-001.
Resident Commits Suicide, IAS_VI-2335-001.
Restraints — Practical Limitations On the Use of, IAS_VI-2336-001.
Sexual Behavior of Residents — No Requirement For Policy On, IAS_VI-2337-001.
Skilled — Inadequate Staff, IAS_VI-2338-001.
Strict Liability For Harm to Residents Found Not Imposed, IAS_VI-2339-004.
Survey Form — AHCA Is Without Authority to Alter, IAS_VI-2340-001.
Survey Reports — AHCA Lacks Authority to Make Revisions to — Procedure For Revisions to — Examined, IAS_VI-2341-001.
Survey Reports Found to Be Pure Hearsay, IAS_VI-2342-001.
Tag Deficiencies Are a Shorthand Reference to State & Federal Regulations, IAS_VI-2343-001.
Transfer — Discontinuance of Operations, IAS_VI-2344-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_VI-2345-007.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Facility, IAS_VI-2346-003.
Vicarious Liability of Licensee For Staff Misconduct, IAS_VI-2347-002.
Licensure —
Assisted Living Facility —
Specialty Designation — Limited Nursing Services, IAS_VI-2348-001.
Specialty Designations Available — Examined, IAS_VI-2349-001.
Medicaid (See MEDICAID)
Medical Authorization — Workers’ Compensation —
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-2350-001.
Autologous Chondrouyte Implantation (ACI) Procedure — Approved, IAS_VI-2351-003.
Chiropractic Treatment, IAS_VI-2352-001.
DOAH Has Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-2353-001.
Legislative Intent Behind §440 — Examined, IAS_VI-2354-001.
Medically Necessary — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2355-001.
Medical Necessity & Overutilization Discussed & Found Present, IAS_VI-2356-001.
Medical Necessity Discussed & Found Not to Include Experimental or Investigative Procedures, IAS_VI-2357-001.
Medical Necessity For Services Rendered Properly — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-2358-001.
Petitioner Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-2359-001.
Rehabilitation Services For An Employee Who Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury — Denied, IAS_VI-2360-001.
Reimbursement Disputes Found Subject to §120, IAS_VI-2361-001.
Transfer of These Cases From Dept. of Labor & Employment Security to AHCA — Examined, IAS_VI-2362-001.
Use of Expert Medical Advisor — Discussed, IAS_VI-2363-001.
Utilization Review — Discussed, IAS_VI-2364-001.
Petition For Formal Hearing —
Dismissal For Lack of Jurisdiction Affirmed On Basis of Absence of Disputed Issue of Material Fact, IAS_VI-2365-001.
Public Medical Assistance Trust Fund —
Indigent Care Assessment —
Circuit Court Declaration That the Assessment (§395.7015) Was Unconstitutional Reversed, IAS_VI-2366-001.
Legislative History Surrounding the Assessment Examined, IAS_VI-2367-001.
Parallels to the Fla. Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Act — Examined, IAS_VI-2368-001.
Rulemaking —
Motion For Stay Pending Appeal From Denial of Petition For “Draw-Out” — Denied, IAS_VI-2369-001.

Alcohol Breath Test —
Rule Provisions Deemed Inadequate By the Supreme Court — Legislative Presumption of Impairment Found — Unavailable, IAS_VI-2370-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
§120.69 — Civil Action to Enjoin Illegal Manufacture & Sale of a Non-FDA Approved Drug —
Award to Dept. Reduced Due to Improper Use of Risk Multiplier, IAS_VI-2371-001.
Dept. of Health Attorney’s Fees Are Not Recoverable In Bd. of Medicine Disciplinary Prosection, IAS_VI-2372-001.
Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Program —
Petitioner Determined to Be Ineligible, IAS_VI-2373-001.
Child Nutrition Program —
Preschool — Recoupment Ordered, IAS_VI-2374-002.
Contract (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Declaratory Statements (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Employee (See Also PUBLIC EMPLOYEES) —
Challenge to Reclassification of Position From Career Service to Select Exempt Service — Denied, IAS_VI-2375-002.
Recoupment of Salary Overpayment — Ordered, IAS_VI-2376-001.
Reimbursement of Salary Overpayment — Denied, IAS_VI-2377-001.
Food Stamps —
Dept. Functions As a Regulatory Agency When Terminating Provider Status Despite Contractual Nature of the Relationship, IAS_VI-2378-001.
Grocery Store — Complaint Against Dismissed For Lack of Specificity, IAS_VI-2379-001.
Investigative Subpoena —
Challenge to By Drug Company As Overbroad — Denied, IAS_VI-2380-001.
Hospital’s Motion to Quash — Denied, IAS_VI-2381-001.
License —
Emergency Medical Technician —
Criminal Conviction (Grand Theft/Burglary of a Dwelling/Uttering a Forged Instrument/Forging Travelers Checks), IAS_VI-2382-001.
Renewal — Expired License Cannot Be Renewed, IAS_VI-2383-001.
Paramedic —
Dept. Entry of Default Despite Dispute Over Service of Complaint Without Hearing — Reversed, IAS_VI-2384-001.
Order On Motion For Rehearing & Clarification: Foley v. Health, IAS_VI-2385-001.
Revocation By Default — Reversed & Remanded, IAS_VI-2386-001.
Piercing Salon —
Failure to Maintain On-Site Records, IAS_VI-2387-001.
Failure to Obtain An Annual License, IAS_VI-2388-001.
Operating Without a Valid License, IAS_VI-2389-001.
Piercing a Minor Without Parental Consent, IAS_VI-2390-001.
Prescription Drug Wholesaler — Emergency Suspension —
Constructive Refusal to Allow Inspection of the Premises & Records, IAS_VI-2391-001.
Failure to Maintain Requisite Written Records, IAS_VI-2392-001.
Purchase or Receipt of Adulterated Drugs, IAS_VI-2393-001.
Purchase or Receipt of Controlled Substances From Unauthorized Distributor, IAS_VI-2394-001.
Radiographer —
Emergency Suspension — Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine & Marijuana) — Failure to Comply With Monitoring Contract, IAS_VI-2395-001.
Inability In Profession (Cocaine Abuse), IAS_VI-2396-001.
Septic Tank Contractor (See Also Rule Variance or Waiver) —
Failure to Remove An Old Drainfield Prior to Installation of a New One, IAS_VI-2397-002.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-2398-002.
Gross Negligence, IAS_VI-2399-004.
Improper Installation, IAS_VI-2400-001.
Incompetence, IAS_VI-2401-005.
Negligence, IAS_VI-2402-001.
Setting a Benchmark — Prohibition On Use of a Tape Measure — Rejected, IAS_VI-2403-001.
Violation of Dept. Order, IAS_VI-2404-001.
X-Ray Technician —
Criminal Convictions (Medicaid Fraud & Grand Theft), IAS_VI-2405-001.
Licensure —
Body-Piercing Salon —
Operating Without a Proper License, IAS_VI-2406-001.
Septic Tank Contractor —
Previous Misconduct (Operating Without License & Permit/Substandard Work), IAS_VI-2407-001.
Workmens’ Compensation Exemption Certificate — Lacking, IAS_VI-2408-001.
Medical Quality Assurance Bd. Probable Cause Panel (See PRACTICE & PROCEDURE)
Permit —
Biomedical Waste Generator —
Defined, IAS_VI-2409-001.
Local Land Use Regulations Are Immaterial to the Dept. Consideration of An Application, IAS_VI-2410-001.
State Preemption of Regulation & Inspection — Examined, IAS_VI-2411-001.
Tattoo Establishment — City Moratorium On Licensing of, IAS_VI-2412-001.
Community Public Water System —
Failure to Install a Concrete Pad, IAS_VI-2413-001.
Failure to Submit Water Quality Monitoring Tests, IAS_VI-2414-001.
Operating Without, IAS_VI-2415-001.
Potable Water Well —
There Is No Requirement to Correct to a Public Drinking Water System, IAS_VI-2416-001.
Variance — Reduced Setback From Building Pad Treated With Pesticide — Denied, IAS_VI-2417-001.
Variance — Setback From Septic Tank — Granted, IAS_VI-2418-001.
Prescription Drug Wholesaler — Out-of-State —
Petition For Hearing Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_VI-2419-001.
Public Swimming Pool —
Local Governmental Decisions Do Not Bind the Dept., IAS_VI-2420-001.
Minimum Overhead Clearance From Pool Floor — Water Slide Feature — Denied, IAS_VI-2421-001.
Septic Tank (See Rule Variance or Waiver; PERMITS, Septic Tank)
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & First Aid Training — Denied, IAS_VI-2422-002.
Denied As Legally Insufficient, IAS_VI-2423-001.
Depth of Underwater Light, Depth of Underwater Light, IAS_VI-2424-001.
Emergency — Use of Non-Permitted Fire Service Vehicles to Respond to Medical Emergencies As Advanced Life Support — Denied, IAS_VI-2425-001.
Emergency Medical Services — Medical Director Work Requirements, IAS_VI-2426-001.
Emergency Medical Services — Minimum Equipment & Supplies On Permitted Advanced Life Support Vehicles, IAS_VI-2427-002.
Emergency Medical Services — Reporting Requirements — Denied, IAS_VI-2428-001.
Food Irradiator — Financial Security Requirements — Granted, IAS_VI-2429-001.
Food Irradiator — Requirement For Fire Suppression System — Granted, IAS_VI-2430-001.
Food Irradiator — Substitute Financial Security, IAS_VI-2431-001.
Lifeguard & Swimming Instructor Training — First Aid & Cardiopulmonary Training — Granted, IAS_VI-2432-001.
Medical — Mammography Medical Physicist — Requirement For a Master’s Degree — Denied, IAS_VI-2433-002.
Pediatric Trauma Referral Center — Requirement For Availability of In Hospital Specialty Care — Granted, IAS_VI-2434-001.
Petition Dismissed As Legally Insufficient, IAS_VI-2435-001.
Potable Water Well — Residence — Setback From Septic Tank — Granted, IAS_VI-2436-001.
Public Drinking Water Well — Setback From Septic Tank — Granted, IAS_VI-2437-001.
RV Campground — Sanitary Dump Station — Denied, IAS_VI-2438-001.
RV Campground — Sanitary Dump Station — Granted, IAS_VI-2439-003.
Radioactive Materials Licensee — Bonding Requirements — Denied, IAS_VI-2440-001.
Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park & Sanitary Dump Station Requirement — Granted, IAS_VI-2441-001.
Septic Tank — Compression Set Requirements — Granted, IAS_VI-2442-001.
Septic Tank — Reduced Drainfield Sizing — Denied, IAS_VI-2443-001.
Septic Tank — Setback From Public Water System — Denied, IAS_VI-2444-001.
Supplemental Nutrition Program For Women, Infants & Children —
Alleged Overcharging — Proposed Disqualification — Rescinded, IAS_VI-2445-001.

Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
License —
Advertising — False or Misleading, IAS_VI-2446-002.
Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_VI-2447-001.
Bd. Licenses Individuals Not Establishments, IAS_VI-2448-001.
Emergency Suspension —
Failure to Maintain Regular Place of Business, IAS_VI-2449-001.
Failure to Make Required Refund, IAS_VI-2450-001.
Numerous Consumer Complaints — Pending, IAS_VI-2451-001.
Violation of Bd. Order, IAS_VI-2452-001.
Employing Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_VI-2453-001.
Failure to Direct Disgruntled Client to Dept. With Their Complaint, IAS_VI-2454-001.
Failure to Identify Guarantee At the Time of Delivery, IAS_VI-2455-001.
Failure to Obtain Medical Clearance For Wax & Fungus Prior to Fitting, IAS_VI-2456-001.
Failure to Provide Dept. Address On Sales Receipt, IAS_VI-2457-001.
Failure to Provide a Refund, IAS_VI-2458-005.
Failure to Provide a Sales Receipt With Terms of the Guarantee, IAS_VI-2459-001.
Failure to Use Pure Tone Audiometric Testing By Air & Bone, IAS_VI-2460-001.
False & Misleading Representations, IAS_VI-2461-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-2462-003.
Incompetence, IAS_VI-2463-002.
Negligence, IAS_VI-2464-001.
Previous Order Vacated Due to Lack of Notice — License Revoked, IAS_VI-2465-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_VI-2466-001.
Violation of Rules, IAS_VI-2467-001.

Chapter 98-223 Upheld As Unconstitutional By the Supreme Court —
Provision Regarding Assignment of Bad Check Debt to a Private Collector Found to Violate Single Subject Rule, IAS_VI-2468-001.
Class Action Challenge to Constitutionality of §325.214(2) —
1st D.C.A. Reversal of Circuit Ct. Class Certification Affirmed By Supreme Court, IAS_VI-2469-001.
Declaratory Statements (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Driver’s Hardship License —
Circuit Court Denial of a Petition Challenging Dept. Denial of Reversed On Basis That Chapter 98-223 Was Unconstitutional, IAS_VI-2470-001.
Driver’s License Suspension —
Circuit Court Review of Examined — Right of Cross-Examination Found — Denied, IAS_VI-2471-001.
DUI Statute —
Alcohol, Blood & Urine Testing Compared & Contrasted, IAS_VI-2472-001.
Circuit Court — Limited Scope of Review, IAS_VI-2473-001.
Circuit Court Reversal of Dept. Hearing Officer — Reversed, IAS_VI-2474-001.
Circuit Court Reversal of Dept. Permanent Revocation — Reversed, IAS_VI-2475-001.
Dept. Burden of Proof Regarding Prior Out-of-State Conviction — Certified Copy of Computer Printout, IAS_VI-2476-001.
Dept. Hearing Officer Need Not Make Any Fact Findings, IAS_VI-2477-001.
Failure of Officer to Properly Mark Suspension Portion of Citation, IAS_VI-2478-001.
Urine Samples — Collection, Preservation & Testing — Rulemaking Found Not Required By the Supreme Court, IAS_VI-2479-001.
Highway Patrol —
Dismissal of Officer Upheld By Both PERC & On Appeal, IAS_VI-2480-001.
Motor Vehicle Dealer Franchise —
Additional Location — Notice of Intent — Susceptibility to Protest, IAS_VI-2481-001.
Adequate Representation — Determination of, IAS_VI-2482-002.
Community or Territory — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2483-001.
Emergency Order Revoking Recreational Vehicle (RV) Dealer License Quashed, IAS_VI-2484-001.
Failure to Be Insured Under a Garage Liability Policy, IAS_VI-2485-001.
Failure to Have a Surety Bond Effective, IAS_VI-2486-001.
Failure to Timely File An Application For Certificate of Title to a Motor Vehicle, IAS_VI-2487-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_VI-2488-001.
Felony Conviction, IAS_VI-2489-001.
Felony Conviction — Out-of-State —
Dealing In Stolen Motor Vehicles, IAS_VI-2490-001.
Identifiable Plot — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2491-001.
Motor Vehicle Dealer — Does Not Include Ambulances, School Buses or Fire Engines, IAS_VI-2492-001.
Motor Vehicle Dealer — Intervenor Protest, IAS_VI-2493-001.
Motorcycle Dealer — Additional Dealership — Protest, IAS_VI-2494-001.
New Dealer Within a Multiple Dealer Area (MDA) —
Adequate Representation — Determination of, IAS_VI-2495-001.
Financial Impact On Existing Dealers Is Considered, IAS_VI-2496-001.
Nonfinal Order Sua Sponte Abating Further Administrative Action Pending Outcome of Appellate Review — Reversed, IAS_VI-2497-001.
Relocation of Existing Dealer, IAS_VI-2498-001.
Relocation of Existing Dealer —
Backfill — Exemption From Protest — Notice Requirements, IAS_VI-2499-001.
Contiguous Property Treated Differently Than Noncontiguous Property For Purposes of Notice, IAS_VI-2500-001.
Exemption — Calculation of Two (2) Mile Separation, IAS_VI-2501-001.
Impacts Discussed, IAS_VI-2502-001.
Protest — (c) Exemption Found to Be Applicable, IAS_VI-2503-001.
Unlawfully Issuing Temporary Tags, IAS_VI-2504-001.
Registration of Motor Vehicle —
Impact Fee On Vehicles Purchased In Air Pollution (Ozone) Nonattainment Area, IAS_VI-2505-001.

§760 —
To Be Liberally Construed, IAS_VI-2506-001.
Age Discrimination —
Circuit Court Finding of a Timely Filing — Reversed, IAS_VI-2507-001.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Nonfinal Comm. Order Denying Motion to Dismiss — Petition For Review Denied, IAS_VI-2508-001.
Circuit Court Action —
Equal Employment Opportunity Comm. (EEOC) Inability to Reach a Conclusion Found Not to Warrant Dismissal of Civil Case, IAS_VI-2509-001.
Statute of Limitations — Untimely Comm. Reasonable Cause Determination, IAS_VI-2510-001.
Untimely Comm. Reasonable Cause Determination — Exhaustion of Administrative Remedy — Found Required, IAS_VI-2511-001.
Damages —
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, IAS_VI-2512-001.
Order On Motion For Rehearing: Wells Fargo v. Lehman, IAS_VI-2513-001.
Order of Remand to DOAH —
Held Not to Be An Appealable Final Order, IAS_VI-2514-001.
Physical Handicap Discrimination, IAS_VI-2515-001.
Physical Handicap Discrimination —
Circuit Court Dismissal — Affirmed & Reversed In Part, IAS_VI-2516-001.
Reasonable Cause Determination —
Delegation to Executive Director — Found Proper, IAS_VI-2517-001.
Sex Discrimination —
Female, IAS_VI-2518-001.
Time Limit For Filing of Complaint —
Circuit Court Action — Effect of Untimely Comm. Determination of Cause, IAS_VI-2519-001.
Comm. Order of Reinstatement Reversed — Complaint Found to Be Untimely, IAS_VI-2520-001.
Complaint Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_VI-2521-001.
Dual Filing With Both EEOC & Comm., IAS_VI-2522-001.
Whistle-Blower Act —
Comm. Order of Reinstatement Reversed — Complaint Found to Be Untimely, IAS_VI-2523-001.

Agent —
Bd. Discipline Reversed For Due Process Violations At the Hearing, IAS_VI-2524-001.
Dept. Denies Motion to Set Aside Revocation of License On Basis of Inadequate Service of Complaint — Reversed, IAS_VI-2525-001.
Discipline Reversed In Part Due to Improper Calculation In Regard to a Multiple Count Complaint, IAS_VI-2526-001.
Company —
Cease & Desist Order —
Sale of Legal Expense Insurance In Florida — Reversed, IAS_VI-2527-001.
Cease & Desist Order — Emergency —
Health Insurance Company Alleged to Have Sold An Unauthorized Product — Affirmed, IAS_VI-2528-001.
Life Insurance Companies Alleged to Have Discriminated Against African-Americans — Reversed, IAS_VI-2529-001.
Operating Without a License — Requisite Factual Basis Found Lacking, IAS_VI-2530-001.
Predicates For Emergency Vis Nonemergency Orders — Examined, IAS_VI-2531-001.
Viatical Provider Allegedly Operating Without a License — Affirmed, IAS_VI-2532-001.
Declaratory Statements (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Employee Healthcare Access Act —
Immediate Final Order Regarding — Reversed, IAS_VI-2533-001.
Life Insurance —
§626.9541 Does Not Prohibit a Practice Not Specifically Delineated As “Unfair” In the Act or Admin. Code, IAS_VI-2534-001.
Actuarially Supportable Class or “Essentially the Same Hazard” — Discussed, IAS_VI-2535-001.
Annual Reclassification — Tier Rating — Dept. Citation For — Reversed, IAS_VI-2536-001.
Annual Reclassification — Tier Rating — Found Not Necessarily Violative of Fla. Insurance Code, IAS_VI-2537-001.
Revised Opinion: United Wisconsin Life Insurance Co. v. Insurance, IAS_VI-2538-001.
Declaratory Statement (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Fla. Windstorm Underwriting Assoc. —
Found Not to Constitute An “Agency” For Purposes of §120, IAS_VI-2539-001.
Powers & Functions of — Examined, IAS_VI-2540-001.
Statutory History Behind — Examined, IAS_VI-2541-001.
Viatical Settlement Provider —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2542-001.
Dept. Revocation of License — Affirmed, IAS_VI-2543-001.

DEP Is Staff to the Bd. of Trustees, IAS_VI-2544-001.
Sovereign Submerged Land —
Applicant — Burden of Proof In a Contested Proceeding — Examined, IAS_VI-2545-001.
Bd. Denial of City of Key West Request to Acquire Land Beneath Houseboat Row —
Circuit Court Final Ejectment Action — Affirmed, IAS_VI-2546-001.
Butler Act —
Application For Disclaimer — Denied, IAS_VI-2547-001.
Legislative History Behind — Discussed, IAS_VI-2548-001.
Challenge to Correspondence With DOT Dismissed As Premature, IAS_VI-2549-001.
Consent of Use —
Bd. Denial of Compels Denial of Analogous Environmental Resource Permit, IAS_VI-2550-001.
Bd. Rule Regarding Found More Stringent Than Analogous DEP Environmental Resource Permit Rules, IAS_VI-2551-001.
Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve (BBAP) — Extreme Hardship, IAS_VI-2552-001.
Channel — Residence, IAS_VI-2553-001.
Dock — Private, IAS_VI-2554-004.
Dock — Residential, IAS_VI-2555-001.
Dock — Residential — After-the-Fact, IAS_VI-2556-002.
Marina — Private, IAS_VI-2557-001.
Marina — Private — Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve (BBAP), IAS_VI-2558-001.
Marina — Repair & Expansion, IAS_VI-2559-001.
Not Required After Quit Claim of, IAS_VI-2560-001.
Revocation of, IAS_VI-2561-001.
Riparian Rights — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-2562-001.
Temporary Floating Weed Barrier, IAS_VI-2563-001.
Denial of Modification Then Cancellation of Lease —
Denial of Hearing — Transfer of Disputed Interest In the Interim — Reversed, IAS_VI-2564-001.
Local Governmental Authority to Regulate Floating Structures & Live-Aboard Vessels Does Not Usurp Superior Proprietary Powers of the Bd., IAS_VI-2565-001.
Maintenance Dredging — Municipal, IAS_VI-2566-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Dock — Bd. of Trustees — Setback From Adjacent Property Owner, IAS_VI-2567-001.
Rulemaking Requirements of the APA —
Applicable to Even Purely Proprietary Functions, IAS_VI-2568-001.
Rules Governing Afford Greater Latitude Than Corresponding Regulatory Rules, IAS_VI-2569-001.
Ski Slalom Course — Not Required For, IAS_VI-2570-001.

Sunshine Law —
Circuit Court Temporary Injunction Against Shade Meeting to Discuss a Land Use Amendment — Reversed, IAS_VI-2571-001.

Small Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment —
Supreme Court Finds to Be Legislative — Affirms 1st DCA Reversal of Circuit Court Reversal of the City Denial, IAS_VI-2572-001.

Abuse Registry Report (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of; HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For; NURSING, Bd. of) —
Exemption From Disqualification —
An Agency’s Determination Is Not Binding Upon Another Agency, IAS_VI-2573-001.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_VI-2574-006.
Applicant Must Be Both “Exemptible” & Rehabilitated, IAS_VI-2575-001.
Candid Disclosure of Misconduct & Remorse Is Probative, IAS_VI-2576-003.
Criminal Charges — Assault & Battery On a Minor, IAS_VI-2577-001.
Criminal Charges — Possession of Marijuana/Reckless Driving Without License, IAS_VI-2578-001.
Criminal Conviction — Conspiracy to Traffic In Cocaine, IAS_VI-2579-001.
Criminal Conviction — Felony — Three (3) Year Time Limit, IAS_VI-2580-001.
Criminal Plea — 45 Offenses, IAS_VI-2581-001.
Criminal Plea — Aggravated Assault With a Firearm/Carrying a Concealed Weapon, IAS_VI-2582-001.
Criminal Plea — Armed Robbery & Possession of Stolen Property, IAS_VI-2583-001.
Criminal Plea — Battery, IAS_VI-2584-001.
Criminal Plea — Domestic Violence, IAS_VI-2585-003.
Criminal Plea — Fraud/Grand Theft, IAS_VI-2586-001.
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft, IAS_VI-2587-001.
Criminal Plea — Lewd & Lascivious Assault On a Child, IAS_VI-2588-001.
Denied, IAS_VI-2589-012.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine With Intent to Distribute, IAS_VI-2590-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of a Weapon, IAS_VI-2591-001.
Criminal Plea — Theft/Narcotics/Domestic Violence, IAS_VI-2592-001.
Dept. Discretion Regarding Is Broad But Not Absolute, IAS_VI-2593-001.
Dept. Has Been Granted Broad Discretion Regarding, IAS_VI-2594-001.
Dept. Would Rather Improperly Deny An Exemption Than Mistakenly Grant One, IAS_VI-2595-001.
Entitlement to Is Ultimately a Conclusion of Law, IAS_VI-2596-001.
Exemptions Cannot Be Facility-Specific or Limited to Working With Those of a Particular Sex, IAS_VI-2597-001.
Failure to Disclose Criminal History, IAS_VI-2598-002.
False Statements On Employment Application, IAS_VI-2599-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_VI-2600-003.
Five (5) Years Lapsed Since Misconduct & Exemplary Work Record, IAS_VI-2601-001.
Granted, IAS_VI-2602-004.
Rehabilitation — Candor Is a Critical Concern, IAS_VI-2603-003.
Rehabilitation — Dishonesty On Application For, IAS_VI-2604-002.
Rehabilitation — Involves Proof of More Than That the Petitioner Would Not Be Violent, IAS_VI-2605-002.
Rehabilitation — Mixed Question of Fact & Law, IAS_VI-2606-001.
Rehabilitation — Proof of, IAS_VI-2607-004.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Blanket Rule Establishing Set Time Periods Free of Misconduct Disfavored, IAS_VI-2608-001.
Rehabilitation — Receipt of Exemption From Disqualification From Another Agency Is Not Disposit, IAS_VI-2609-001.
Contract (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Employee (See Also PUBLIC EMPLOYEES) —
Garnishment — Recoupment of Overpayment —
Withdrawal of Resignation Denied — Recoupment Ordered, IAS_VI-2610-001.
Recoupment of Salary Overpayment Ordered, IAS_VI-2611-002.

Internal Improvement Trust Fund Denial of City Request to Acquire Land Beneath Houseboat Row —
Circuit Court Final Ejectment Action — Affirmed, IAS_VI-2612-001.

Age Discrimination, IAS_VI-2613-012.
Burden of Proof (See Also Employment Discrimination, Prima Facie Case; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Employee Carries the Ultimate Burden of Proof At All Times, IAS_VI-2614-003.
Employee’s Ultimate Burden of Proof — Examined, IAS_VI-2615-003.
Damages —
Back Pay Awards — Unemployment Compensation Benefits Are Not Offset, IAS_VI-2616-001.
Compensatory Damages For “Mental Anguish” Cannot Be Awarded, IAS_VI-2617-001.
Employment Discrimination (See Also Burden of Proof) —
Circumstantial Evidence — Role of Examined, IAS_VI-2618-003.
Commission Fails to Complete Its Investigation Within 180 Days, IAS_VI-2619-001.
Complaint — Matters Not Included Cannot Be Contained In Prayer For Relief, IAS_VI-2620-001.
Direct Evidence — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2621-002.
Disparate Treatment — Procedure For Establishing, IAS_VI-2622-001.
Disparate Treatment — Test For, IAS_VI-2623-001.
Employee/Petitioner Imputed Constructive Knowledge of Applicable Statutes & Rules, IAS_VI-2624-001.
Employers Are Presumed Not to Unfairly Discriminate In a Business Setting, IAS_VI-2625-002.
Evidentiary Standards Discussed, IAS_VI-2626-001.
Failure to Hire, IAS_VI-2627-001.
Failure to Promote — Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_VI-2628-001.
Harsh Treatment of Employees Distinguished From, IAS_VI-2629-001.
Hostile Work Environment — Test For, IAS_VI-2630-003.
Termination — Burden of Proof — Examined, IAS_VI-2631-001.
Termination — Four (4) Part Test For Prima Facie Case, IAS_VI-2632-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_VI-2633-001.
Executive Director No Cause Determination —
Implications of — Examined, IAS_VI-2634-001.
Failure to Appear At Hearing Results In Dismissal, IAS_VI-2635-001.
Fair Housing Law —
Physical Handicap Discrimination —
Wheel Chair Bound, IAS_VI-2636-001.
Race Discrimination, IAS_VI-2637-001.
Federal Caselaw Is Applicable, IAS_VI-2638-013.
National Origin Discrimination —
Asian, IAS_VI-2639-001.
Hispanic, IAS_VI-2640-001.
Jewish, IAS_VI-2641-001.
Physical Handicap Discrimination —
Back Injury, IAS_VI-2642-002.
Defined, IAS_VI-2643-001.
Dyslexic, IAS_VI-2644-001.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_VI-2645-001.
Numbness, IAS_VI-2646-001.
Obstructive Sleep Apnea, IAS_VI-2647-001.
Proof of Prima Facie Case, IAS_VI-2648-001.
Surgery, IAS_VI-2649-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_VI-2650-003.
Various Pains, IAS_VI-2651-001.
Prima Facie Case (See Also Burden of Proof, Retaliatory Action Discrimination) —
Establishment & Effect of, IAS_VI-2652-026.
Race Discrimination —
Asian, IAS_VI-2653-001.
Black, IAS_VI-2654-015.
Reverse Discrimination Claims — Examined, IAS_VI-2655-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_VI-2656-002.
White, IAS_VI-2657-001.
Religious Discrimination —
Christian (Trying to Convert Others), IAS_VI-2658-001.
Retaliatory Action Discrimination, IAS_VI-2659-006.
Retaliatory Action Discrimination —
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case, IAS_VI-2660-001.
Sex Discrimination —
Female, IAS_VI-2661-005.
Female — Pregnancy, IAS_VI-2662-001.
Hostile Work Environment — Five (5) Part Test For, IAS_VI-2663-001.
Male, IAS_VI-2664-006.
Sexual Harassment, IAS_VI-2665-001.
Time Limit For Filing of Complaint —
Calculation of Deadline, IAS_VI-2666-002.
Comm. Failure to Make a Reasonable Cause Determination, IAS_VI-2667-002.
In Nature of Statute of Limitations Rather Than a Jurisdictional Requirement, IAS_VI-2668-001.

Appeals (§380.07(3)) —
Intervenor Challenge Pursuant to §380.07(2) —
Adjacent Property Owner — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-2669-001.
Time Limit For Examined, IAS_VI-2670-001.
Challenge to Islamorada Moratorium Waiver Dismissed As Untimely, IAS_VI-2671-001.
Challenge to Notice of Proposed Change to Bay County DRI —
County Denial of Application For Proposed Change — Affirmed, IAS_VI-2672-001.
Challenge to Osceola County Building Permit, IAS_VI-2673-001.

Requirement For Rulemaking In Regard to Collection, Preservation & Analysis of Urine Samples —
Supreme Court Certified Question Jurisdiction — Rulemaking Found Not Required, IAS_VI-2674-001.

§120.52(9) Definition of License — Examined, IAS_VI-2675-001.
Adult Family Care Home (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency for)
Assisted Living Facility (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA))
Certificate (Teaching) (See CERTIFICATE (Teaching))
Charter School (See EDUCATION, Dept. of)
Child Care (See CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of)
Chiropractor (See CHIROPRACTIC, Bd. of)
Clinical Laboratory (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency for)
Clinical Social Worker (See PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAMINERS, Bd. of)
Controlled Substances —
Inappropriate or Excessive Prescriptions, IAS_VI-2676-002.
Prescription Other Than In Course of Practice, IAS_VI-2677-001.
Criminal Plea —
Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-2678-001.
Dental Hygienist (See DENTISTRY, Bd. of)
Dentist (See DENTISTRY, Bd. of)
Developmental Disability Service Provider (See CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of)
Emergency Medical Technician (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Failure to —
Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_VI-2679-002.
Foster Parent (See CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of)
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-2680-001.
Fuel Dealer (See REVENUE, Dept. of)
Group Home (See CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of)
Health Care Risk Manager (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency for)
Hearing Aid Specialists (See HEARING AID SPECIALISTS, Bd. of)
Home Medical Equipment Provider (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency for)
Improper Kickback For Referral of Patients, IAS_VI-2681-001.
Incompetence, IAS_VI-2682-002.
Independent Waiver Support Coordinator (See CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of)
Insurance Agent (See FINANCIAL REGULATION, Dept. of; INSURANCE, Dept. of)
License —
Medicaid Provider Number Does Not Constitute, IAS_VI-2683-001.
Massage Therapist (See MASSAGE, Bd. of)
Motor Vehicle Dealer Franchise (See HIGHWAY SAFETY & MOTOR VEHICLES, Dept. of (HSMV)), IAS_VI-2684-001.
Negligence, IAS_VI-2685-002.
Nurse (See Also NURSING, Bd. of)
Nursing Home Administrator (See NURSING HOME ADMINISTRATORS, Bd. of)
Occupational Therapist (See OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, Bd. of)
Optician (See OPTICIANRY, Bd. of)
Optometrist (See OPTOMETRY, Bd. of)
Osteopathic Physician (See OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE, Bd. of)
Paramedic (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Pharmacist (See PHARMACY, Bd. of)
Physical Therapist (See PHYSICAL THERAPY PRACTICE, Bd. of).
Physician (See MEDICINE, Bd. of)
Physician Assistant (See MEDICINE, Bd. of)
Piercing Salon (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Podiatrist (See PODIATRIC MEDICINE, Bd. of)
Private Investigator (See AGRICULTURE & CONSUMER SERVICES, Dept. of; STATE, Dept. of)
Psychologist (See PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAMINERS, Bd. of)
Radiographer (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Real Estate Appraiser, Broker, Salesperson (See REAL ESTATE Comm.)
Renewal —
Denial — Burden of Proof, IAS_VI-2686-003.
Denial — Burden of Proof —
Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_VI-2687-002.
Distinguished From Revocation, IAS_VI-2688-001.
Expired License Cannot Be Renewed, IAS_VI-2689-001.
On Applicant, IAS_VI-2690-006.
Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-2691-004.
Deviation From Statutory Timeframes Governing — Found Unauthorized, IAS_VI-2692-001.
Expiration of License Precludes Renewal, IAS_VI-2693-001.
Late Fees — DOAH ALJ Found to Lack Authority to Waive, IAS_VI-2694-001.
Repossessor (See AGRICULTURE & CONSUMER SERVICES, Dept. of; STATE, Dept. of)
Respiratory Therapist (See MEDICINE, Bd. of ; RESPIRATORY THERAPY, Bd. of)
Security Guard (See AGRICULTURE & CONSUMER SERVICES, Dept. of ; STATE, Dept. of)
Septic Tank Contractor (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Sexual Misconduct —
No Right to Confront Accuser In Person, IAS_VI-2695-001.
Teacher (See CERTIFICATE (Teaching))
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_VI-2696-007.
Unprofessional Conduct, IAS_VI-2697-001.
X-Ray Technician (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Yacht Broker (See DBPR)

Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_VI-2698-015.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof —
Agency Denial of Otherwise Qualified Applicant Requires Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_VI-2699-002.
By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-2700-018.
Challenge to Grading —
Bd. Award of Passing Score — Reversed, IAS_VI-2701-001.
Dept. of Health, IAS_VI-2702-001.
Discretionary Authority of State Agencies Noted, IAS_VI-2703-002.
Application —
Agency Has Authority to Allow Withdrawal of, IAS_VI-2704-001.
Agency Is Not Vested With “Arbitrary Hegemony”, IAS_VI-2705-001.
Educational Requirements Found Lacking — Foreign Student, IAS_VI-2706-001.
Failure to Disclose Criminal History, IAS_VI-2707-001.
False or Misleading Information, IAS_VI-2708-001.
Found Deficient, IAS_VI-2709-001.
Requisite Educational Requirements — Foreign Graduate — Comparable Defined, IAS_VI-2710-001.
Requisite Educational Requirements — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-2711-004.
By Endorsement, IAS_VI-2712-002.
By Endorsement —
Accreditation Requirement For College Is Not An Abdication of Supervisory Responsibilities Over Admissions, IAS_VI-2713-001.
Bd. Denial On Basis That Out-of-State College Was Not Accredited — Reversed, IAS_VI-2714-001.
Bd. Failure to Adopt Statutorily-Mandated Rules, IAS_VI-2715-001.
Equivalency Between Testing Regimes — Found Not Established, IAS_VI-2716-002.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_VI-2717-001.
Examination —
Challenge to Grading, IAS_VI-2718-008.
Challenge to Grading (See Also Applicant Has the Burden of Proof) —
Alleged Adverse Conditions, IAS_VI-2719-001.
Alleged Distraction, IAS_VI-2720-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_VI-2721-005.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-2722-014.
Arbitrary Agency Action — Defined & Discussed — Proof of, IAS_VI-2723-001.
Clinical Portion, IAS_VI-2724-007.
DOAH Order Compelling Discovery of All Questions & Answers — Reversed, IAS_VI-2725-001.
Denied, IAS_VI-2726-004.
Evaluator Deviation From Grading Procedures Is Significant, IAS_VI-2727-001.
Exam Questions & Answers Are Confidential — DOAH Order to Seal Transcript, IAS_VI-2728-001.
Granted, IAS_VI-2729-001.
Granted Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation, IAS_VI-2730-001.
Language Problem, IAS_VI-2731-001.
Laws & Rules Part, IAS_VI-2732-001.
Noise During Exam Found Not to Void Results, IAS_VI-2733-001.
Petition Dismissed As Moot, IAS_VI-2734-001.
Petitioner Can Testify As His Own Expert, IAS_VI-2735-001.
Physical Diagnosis Portion, IAS_VI-2736-002.
Production of Exam Questions Limited to Those In Dispute, IAS_VI-2737-001.
Remedy — Free Retake — Not Passing Score, IAS_VI-2738-001.
Results Will Not Be Disturbed Unless Arbitrary or Devoid of Logic or Reason, IAS_VI-2739-003.
Standing — 10% Rule — Applies to Minimum Passing Score Not Perfect Score of 100, IAS_VI-2740-001.
Reinstatement — Application For —
Denied, IAS_VI-2741-001.
Standards Governing, IAS_VI-2742-001.

Motion For Rehearing & Certification Granted As to Certification Only: Lottery & Automated Wagering International, Inc. v. Gtech Corp., IAS_VI-2743-001.