Contract (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))


Circuit Court Reversed Denial of Comprehensive Plan Amendments —
Increased Multi-Use Densities — $4,750,000 In Damages Awarded — Reversed, IAS_VI-2744-001.
Health Dept. —
Denial of Attorney’s Fees to Prevailing Parties In §403.412 Action For Failure to Comply With §284.30 Notice Requirements Affirmed, IAS_VI-2745-001.
Ordinance Restricting Manufactured Housing Within Residentially Zoned Areas —
Circuit Declaration of Invalidity — Affirmed, IAS_VI-2746-001.


Declaratory Statement (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
License —
Criminal Conviction (Simple Battery), IAS_VI-2747-001.
Criminal Plea, IAS_VI-2748-001.
Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Plea (Possession of Marijuana/Possession of Paraphernalia), IAS_VI-2749-001.
Failure to Comply With IPN Contract, IAS_VI-2750-002.
Inability In Profession (Psychological Problems), IAS_VI-2751-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Darvocet), IAS_VI-2752-001.
Possession of Marijuana & Cocaine, IAS_VI-2753-001.
Use of Crack Cocaine, IAS_VI-2754-001.
Failure to Allow a Dept. Investigator to Inspect the Facility, IAS_VI-2755-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_VI-2756-001.
Gross or Repeated Malpractice, IAS_VI-2757-001.
Operating Without a License, IAS_VI-2758-001.
Sexual Misconduct, IAS_VI-2759-003.
Sexual Misconduct With Client, IAS_VI-2760-006.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_VI-2761-001.


Abortions —
Rules Excluding Medicaid Coverage For Upheld — Supreme Court, IAS_VI-2762-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Agency Costs to Be Ascertained In Separate Proceeding, IAS_VI-2763-001.
Chiropractor —
Overpayment — Free Services Provided To Non-Medicaid Patients, IAS_VI-2764-001.
Recoupment Order & Fine — Affirmed, IAS_VI-2765-001.
Recoupment of Overpayment — Medical Necessity, IAS_VI-2766-001.
Criminal Investigation —
Investigative Subpoena Seeks Medical Records of AIDS Patients —
Criminal Investigations Provide Compelling Need to Invade the Right to Privacy, IAS_VI-2767-001.
Hearing Is Not Required Before Records Are Obtained, IAS_VI-2768-001.
Patients Are Entitled to & Do Not Need a Court Order to Protect Confidentiality of These Records, IAS_VI-2769-001.
Health Care Administration, Agency For (AHCA) (See Also HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency for (AHCA)) —
AHCA Audit Report & Work Papers — Constitute Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_VI-2770-001.
AHCA Audit Report & Work Papers — Status As Hearsay Irrelevant Due to Statutory Provision, IAS_VI-2771-001.
AHCA Audit Report & Work Papers Constitute Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_VI-2772-009.
AHCA Can Recover Its Costs, IAS_VI-2773-001.
Circuit Court Judgment That AHCA Breached Provider Agreement Reversed —
Reimbursement of HMO For Emergency Outpatient Services, IAS_VI-2774-002.
Costs Incurred By AHCA Are Recoverable — DOAH Resolves Disputes Regarding, IAS_VI-2775-001.
Declines to Seek Fines or Recoup Costs, IAS_VI-2776-001.
Duty to Seek Recoupment of Overpayment, IAS_VI-2777-001.
Duty to Seek Reimbursement From Liable Third Parties, IAS_VI-2778-001.
Fla. Election to Participate Requires Compliance With Federal Regulations, IAS_VI-2779-001.
Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_VI-2780-001.
Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-2781-021.
Mechanics of the Program — Examined, IAS_VI-2782-001.
Must Apply Statutes, Rules & Regulations In Effect At Time Services Were Provided, IAS_VI-2783-001.
Order On Motion For Rehearing: AHCA v. Baker County Medical Services, IAS_VI-2784-001.
Overpayment — AHCA Duty to Recoup — Explored, IAS_VI-2785-001.
Overpayment — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2786-001.
Recoupment Order Reversed — Hearing Ordered, IAS_VI-2787-001.
Rules — Those In Effect When Services Were Provided Apply, IAS_VI-2788-001.
State Authority to Limit Freedom of Choice — Examined, IAS_VI-2789-001.
Statutes, Rules, Policies & Handbook In Effect During the Period When Services Were Provided Apply, IAS_VI-2790-004.
Home & Community Based Services Provider —
Behavioral Analysis & Consumable Medical Supplies, IAS_VI-2791-001.
Challenge to Denial of Reimbursement of Claims, IAS_VI-2792-001.
Denial of Enrollment As — §120 Is Inapplicable to, IAS_VI-2793-001.
Medicaid Waiver Certification, IAS_VI-2794-001.
Provider Status Terminated, IAS_VI-2795-001.
Recoupment of Overpayment, IAS_VI-2796-001.
Home Health Agency —
Overpayment, IAS_VI-2797-001.
Recoupment — Universal Precaution Kits For AIDS Patients, IAS_VI-2798-001.
Medical Assistance Funds (See Also HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency for, Public Medical Assistance Trust Fund) —
Available Resources Examined —
Medicaid Estate Planning — Discussed, IAS_VI-2799-001.
Medicaid Qualifying Trusts — Examined, IAS_VI-2800-001.
Trust Funds Determined to Be Unavailable to the Grantor — Dept. Denial of Benefits — Reversed, IAS_VI-2801-001.
Developmental Services Client (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of)
Institutional Care Program —
AHCA Denial On Basis That Husband Should Not Be the Attorney-In-Fact — Reversed, IAS_VI-2802-001.
Medicaid Lien —
Settlement of Claim Limited By Sovereign Immunity — No Additional AHCA Recovery From Legislative Claims Bill, IAS_VI-2803-001.
Medically Needy Program —
Denial of Benefits — Affirmed, IAS_VI-2804-001.
Denial of Benefits On Basis of Social Security Administration Determination of Ineligibility — Affirmed, IAS_VI-2805-001.
Denial of Benefits — Reversed, IAS_VI-2806-001.
Denial of Hearing to Challenge Termination of Benefits — Reversed, IAS_VI-2807-001.
Extension of Time to Submit Verification, IAS_VI-2808-001.
Mechanics of the Program — Examined, IAS_VI-2809-001.
Medical Equipment Supplier —
Overpayment, IAS_VI-2810-002.
Medical Necessity (See Also Physician) —
Absence of Records Found to Obviate Need For Peer Review, IAS_VI-2811-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2812-002.
Midwife —
Overpayment, IAS_VI-2813-001.
Nursing Home —
AIDS Clients — Reimbursement of Care For — Discussed, IAS_VI-2814-001.
Interim Rate Increase —
AHCA Enjoys Great Flexibility In Establishing Reimbursement Methodologies, IAS_VI-2815-002.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_VI-2816-001.
Burden of Proof — Provider, IAS_VI-2817-001.
Denial of Involving Rejection of DOAH Recommended Conclusions of Law, IAS_VI-2818-002.
Denial of Involving Rejection of DOAH Recommended Fact Findings — Reversed, IAS_VI-2819-001.
Liability Insurance Premium Increase — Substantial, IAS_VI-2820-001.
Mechanics of Ratemaking — Examined, IAS_VI-2821-001.
Purpose of — Examined, IAS_VI-2822-001.
Statutory Prohibition On to Cover Increased Insurance Costs — Examined, IAS_VI-2823-001.
Overpayment, IAS_VI-2824-001.
Overpayment — Recoupment of Affirmed, IAS_VI-2825-001.
Transfer of Patient —
Denial of Affirmed, IAS_VI-2826-001.
Optician —
Overpayment, IAS_VI-2827-002.
Pharmacy —
Failure to Demonstrate that Sufficient Inventory Was Available During the Pertinent Period, IAS_VI-2828-001.
Overpayment, IAS_VI-2829-007.
Physician —
Medical Necessity of a Procedure Questioned (See Also Medical Necessity), IAS_VI-2830-003.
Overpayment, IAS_VI-2831-006.
Overpayment — Billing For Unsupervised Physician Assistant, IAS_VI-2832-001.
Overpayment — Defined, IAS_VI-2833-002.
Overpayment — Four (4) Year Delay In Completing Audit, IAS_VI-2834-001.
Overpayment — Fraud, IAS_VI-2835-001.
Overpayment — Pre-Natal Care Provided By An Advanced Nurse Practitioner, IAS_VI-2836-001.
Overpayment — Recoupment Ordered, IAS_VI-2837-003.
Reimbursement For Off-Label Drugs — Examined, IAS_VI-2838-001.
Sampling & Statistical Methods Upheld, IAS_VI-2839-001.
Physician — Osteopathic —
Overpayment — Recoupment Ordered, IAS_VI-2840-001.
Provider —
AHCA Reimbursement Can Be Calculated On a Line Item By Line Item Basis In Lieu of a Per Claim Basis, IAS_VI-2841-001.
Audit — Discussion of Sampling Technique, IAS_VI-2842-001.
Audit — Four (4) Year Delay In Dept. Completion of, IAS_VI-2843-001.
Audit — Report & Work Papers Constitute Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_VI-2844-001.
Bankruptcy Discharge Found to Preclude Overpayment, IAS_VI-2845-001.
Burden of Proof When Bringing a Challenge, IAS_VI-2846-002.
Motion to Reopen Case — Denied, IAS_VI-2847-001.
Overpayment — Defined, IAS_VI-2848-001.
Overpayment — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-2849-003.
Requisite Medical Records — Found Not Provided, IAS_VI-2850-001.
Requisite Prior Authorization — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-2851-001.
Settlement — Approved, IAS_VI-2852-001.
Statistical Extrapolation — Statutory Amendment Regarding — AHCA Finds It to Be Substantive, IAS_VI-2853-001.
Termination of Voluntary Provider Agreement, IAS_VI-2854-001.
Supplemental Security Income Disability Benefits (SSI) —
Denial of Benefits Due to An Alleged Lack of Funds — Reversed, IAS_VI-2855-001.
Disability — Defined — Five (5) Part For, IAS_VI-2856-001.
Disability — Establishment & Effect of a Prima Facie Case of Impairment, IAS_VI-2857-001.
Final Order Below Found Inadequate For Appellate Review, IAS_VI-2858-001.
Support Coordination Services Provider —
Overpayment, IAS_VI-2859-001.


Alternative Health Care Treatment —
Chelation Therapy Found to Be An Acceptable Method, IAS_VI-2860-001.
Appellate Court Reverses Revocation After Improper Denial of Request For a Formal Hearing, IAS_VI-2861-001.
Appellate Remand —
Health v. Gross — Complaint Dismissed Although Bd. “Disagrees”, IAS_VI-2862-001.
Health v. Luskin — License Revoked Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation, IAS_VI-2863-001.
Health v. Shah — License Revoked Again Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation With An Explanation, IAS_VI-2864-001.
Health vs. Prysi, IAS_VI-2865-001.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Motion to Stay Suspension Pending — Granted, IAS_VI-2866-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Dept. of Health Attorney’s Fees Are Not Recoverable, IAS_VI-2867-001.
Conclusions of Law —
Bd. Rejection of — Affirmed, IAS_VI-2868-001.
Fact Findings —
Bd. Rejection of — Affirmed, IAS_VI-2869-001.
Penalty —
Bd. Rejection of — Reversed, IAS_VI-2870-001.
Declaratory Statements (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Discipline (See Also DISCIPLINE) —
Actual Harm to Patient Is Not Required, IAS_VI-2871-001.
Bd. Default Final Order — Affirmed —
Equitable Tolling Found Inapplicable, IAS_VI-2872-001.
Bd. Discipline Based On Physician’s Practice of Alternative Medicine — Reversed, IAS_VI-2873-001.
Bd. Discipline Reversed Due to Accordance of Informal Instead of Formal Hearing —
Federal Criminal Conviction For Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-2874-001.
Bd. Revocation Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation — Reversed, IAS_VI-2875-001.
Consent Agreement — Approved, IAS_VI-2876-002.
Consent Order —
Dept. Dismissal of Motion to Vacate Without a Hearing — Reversed, IAS_VI-2877-001.
Found Not Barred By Six (6) Year Statute of Limitations Found In §456.073(13), IAS_VI-2878-001.
Mitigating Factors (See DISCIPLINE)
Statute of Limitations Found In §456.073(13) Applies to Administrative Complaint Not Licensure Application Cases, IAS_VI-2879-001.
Time Limits Governing Disciplinary Proceedings — Examined, IAS_VI-2880-001.
Experimental Procedures —
Importance of Informed Patient Consent, IAS_VI-2881-001.
Final Order Modifying Previous Final Order: Health v. Schoenfield, IAS_VI-2882-001.
Final Order Vacating Emergency Suspension: Health v. Perito, IAS_VI-2883-001.
Final Order Vacating Previous Final Order & Adopting Recommended Order: Health v. Liebert, IAS_VI-2884-001.
Final Order Vacating Previous Final Order & Rejecting Recommended Penalty: Health v. McGuire, IAS_VI-2885-001.
Kickbacks For Referral of Patients (See License, Criminal Conviction)
License (See Also Licensure) —
Advertising —
False & Misleading, IAS_VI-2886-001.
Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_VI-2887-005.
Controlled Substances (See Also Inability in Profession) —
Inappropriate or Excessive Prescriptions, IAS_VI-2888-007.
Inappropriate or Excessive Prescriptions — Presumption In Aid of Proof of, IAS_VI-2889-001.
Prescription Other Than In Course of a Professional Practice, IAS_VI-2890-008.
Criminal Conviction — Driving Under The Influence, IAS_VI-2891-001.
Criminal Conviction — Kickbacks In Exchange For Medicaid Referrals —
Appellate Court Upholds Conviction But Vacates Sentence — No Harm to Medicaid Program Found — Bd. Discipline Reversed On Procedural Grounds, IAS_VI-2892-001.
Criminal Plea — Mail Fraud, IAS_VI-2893-001.
Criminal Plea — Sexual Misconduct By a Psychotherapist, IAS_VI-2894-001.
Emergency Restriction, IAS_VI-2895-001.
Emergency Restriction (See Also Emergency Suspension) —
Controlled Substances — Inappropriate or Excessive Prescriptions, IAS_VI-2896-004.
Controlled Substances — Prescription Other Than In Course of a Professional Practice, IAS_VI-2897-004.
Controlled Substances — Presigned Prescription Forms, IAS_VI-2898-001.
Controlled Substances (See Also Controlled Substances, Emergency Restriction, Failure to Submit…, Inability in Profession)
Criminal Plea — Practicing Medicine Without a License, IAS_VI-2899-001.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_VI-2900-003.
Failure to Perform Statutory or Legal Obligation, IAS_VI-2901-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-2902-001.
Gross or Repeated Malpractice, IAS_VI-2903-001.
Improper Delegation to Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_VI-2904-001.
Inappropriate or Excessive Prescription of Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-2905-001.
Prescription Other Than In Course of Professional Practice, IAS_VI-2906-001.
Sexual Misconduct With Patient, IAS_VI-2907-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care (See Also Emergency Suspension, Unacceptable Level of Care), IAS_VI-2908-006.
Emergency Suspension (See Also Emergency Restriction) —
Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_VI-2909-001.
Alcoholism, IAS_VI-2910-004.
Alcoholism & Addiction to Narcotics, IAS_VI-2911-006.
Appeal From — Dismissed, IAS_VI-2912-001.
Bipolar Disorder, IAS_VI-2913-001.
Chemical Dependency — Depression — Recurrence, IAS_VI-2914-002.
Chronic Mood Disorder/Major Depression/Borderline Personality, IAS_VI-2915-001.
Cocaine — Overdose, IAS_VI-2916-001.
Controlled Substances (See Also Emergency Restriction, Controlled Substances, Failure to Submit …, Inability In Profession)
Controlled Substances — Addiction, IAS_VI-2917-001.
Controlled Substances — Attempting to Obtain Controlled Substances By Fraud), IAS_VI-2918-002.
Controlled Substances — Crack Cocaine Addiction, IAS_VI-2919-001.
Controlled Substances — Distribution of Counterfeit or Adulterated Drugs, IAS_VI-2920-001.
Controlled Substances — Fraudulent Scheme to Sell Unapproved Prescription Drugs to Treat Impotence, IAS_VI-2921-001.
Controlled Substances — Inappropriate or Excessive Prescriptions, IAS_VI-2922-005.
Controlled Substances — Prescription Other Than In Course of a Professional Practice, IAS_VI-2923-013.
Controlled Substances — Prescription Without First Conducting Adequate Physical Examination, IAS_VI-2924-002.
Criminal Charge — Acquiring Prescription Drugs By Fraud, IAS_VI-2925-001.
Criminal Charge — Delivering & Trafficking In Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-2926-001.
Criminal Charge — Driving Under the Influence, IAS_VI-2927-001.
Criminal Charge — Lewd Or Lascivious Molestation of a Child, IAS_VI-2928-001.
Criminal Charge — Possession of Marijuana, IAS_VI-2929-001.
Criminal Charge — Reckless Driving, IAS_VI-2930-001.
Criminal Charge — Shoplifting, IAS_VI-2931-001.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking In OxyContin, IAS_VI-2932-001.
Criminal Conviction — Attempted Purchase of Crack Cocaine, IAS_VI-2933-001.
Criminal Conviction — Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-2934-001.
Criminal Conviction — Racketeering/Conspiracy/Grand Theft), IAS_VI-2935-001.
Criminal Plea — Conspiracy to Illegally Dispense a Controlled Substance, IAS_VI-2936-001.
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft/Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-2937-002.
Criminal Plea — Health Care Fraud, IAS_VI-2938-001.
Criminal Plea — Illegally Dispensing a Controlled Substance, IAS_VI-2939-001.
Criminal Plea — Introducing Misbranded Drugs Into Interstate Commerce/Money Laundering, IAS_VI-2940-001.
Criminal Plea — Mail Fraud & Money Laundering, IAS_VI-2941-001.
Criminal Plea — Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-2942-002.
Criminal Plea — Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_VI-2943-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Controlled Substances With Intent to Distribute, IAS_VI-2944-001.
Criminal Plea — Trafficking In Hydrocodone, IAS_VI-2945-001.
Depression/Attention Deficit Disorder, IAS_VI-2946-001.
Diversion of Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-2947-001.
Failure to Comply With PRN Contract (See Also Failure to Comply With PRN Contract), IAS_VI-2948-004.
Failure to Contact PRN, IAS_VI-2949-001.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_VI-2950-015.
Failure to Maintain Medical Malpractice Insurance, IAS_VI-2951-001.
Failure to Notify Bd. of Criminal Problems, IAS_VI-2952-001.
Failure to Satisfy Medical Malpractice Judgment — Vacated After Appellate Court Reverses Judgment, IAS_VI-2953-001.
Failure to Submit to Requisite Urine Drug Screen, IAS_VI-2954-003.
False & Deceptive Advertising, IAS_VI-2955-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-2956-004.
Gross or Repeated Malpractice, IAS_VI-2957-001.
Inability In Profession (Addiction to Controlled Substances), IAS_VI-2958-001.
Inability In Profession (Alcohol & Narcissistic Personality), IAS_VI-2959-001.
Inability In Profession (Alcohol Dependency), IAS_VI-2960-003.
Inability in Profession (Bipolar Disorder), IAS_VI-2961-001.
Inability In Profession (Chemical Dependency), IAS_VI-2962-001.
Inability In Profession (Crack Cocaine, Alcohol & Marijuana), IAS_VI-2963-001.
Inability In Profession (Dementia), IAS_VI-2964-001.
Inability In Profession (Failure to Comply With Physician’s Recovery Network Contract), IAS_VI-2965-001.
Inability In Profession (Major Depression/Polysubstance Abuse), IAS_VI-2966-001.
Inability In Profession (Manic Behavior/Bipolar Disorder), IAS_VI-2967-001.
Inability In Profession (Psychological Disorder), IAS_VI-2968-001.
Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-2969-002.
Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_VI-2970-001.
Obtaining a License By Fraud, IAS_VI-2971-001.
Operating Without a License, IAS_VI-2972-001.
Opioid Dependence, IAS_VI-2973-001.
Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_VI-2974-001.
Out-of-State Suspension of License, IAS_VI-2975-001.
Overprescription of Oxycontin, IAS_VI-2976-001.
Polysubstance Abuse, IAS_VI-2977-002.
Positive Drug Screen (Benzodiazepine), IAS_VI-2978-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Hydrocodone), IAS_VI-2979-002.
Positive Drug Screen (Marijuana), IAS_VI-2980-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Proxyphene), IAS_VI-2981-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Tramadol), IAS_VI-2982-001.
Sexual Misconduct, IAS_VI-2983-003.
Unacceptable Level of Care (See Also Emergency Restriction, Unacceptable Level of Care), IAS_VI-2984-012.
Exploitation Of Patient For Financial Gain, IAS_VI-2985-002.
Failure to Comply With PRN Contract (See Also Emergency Suspension), IAS_VI-2986-001.
Failure to Furnish Patient Records Upon Request, IAS_VI-2987-001.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_VI-2988-030.
Failure to Obtain Informed Consent, IAS_VI-2989-002.
Failure to Perform Statutory or Legal Obligation, IAS_VI-2990-002.
Failure to Publish Notice of Termination of Practice, IAS_VI-2991-001.
Failure to Refer Patient to a Specialist, IAS_VI-2992-001.
Failure to Report Exclusion From Participation In the Medicare, Medicaid & Federal Health Care Program —
Bd. Discipline Based On — Reversed, IAS_VI-2993-001.
Failure to Submit Notice of Termination of Practice to Bd., IAS_VI-2994-001.
False Statements On Employment Application, IAS_VI-2995-001.
Filing False Insurance Claims, IAS_VI-2996-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-2997-003.
Fraudulent Conduct —
Falsification of Medical Records, IAS_VI-2998-001.
Need Not Be Related to the Practice of Medicine, IAS_VI-2999-001.
Gross or Repeated Malpractice, IAS_VI-3000-005.
Improper Delegation to Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_VI-3001-001.
Improper Delegation to Unlicensed Personnel —
Permitting An LPN to Sign a Prescription Form, IAS_VI-3002-001.
Negligence —
Wrong Site Surgical Procedure — Culpability of Surgeon For Examined, IAS_VI-3003-001.
Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_VI-3004-001.
Out-of-State Discipline —
Failure to Obtain Informed Consent, IAS_VI-3005-001.
Performing Surgery Without Requisite Staff Privileges, IAS_VI-3006-001.
Refusal to Treat Patient At An Emergency Room, IAS_VI-3007-001.
Sexual Misconduct, IAS_VI-3008-007.
Sexual Misconduct —
Activity Prior to Establishment of a Physician-Patient Relationship, IAS_VI-3009-001.
Consensual — Patient — Preceding Physician-Patient Relationship, IAS_VI-3010-001.
Denial of Continuance During Parallel Criminal Case Resulting In Acquittal, IAS_VI-3011-001.
No Right to Confront Accuser In Person, IAS_VI-3012-001.
Psychiatrist/Patient, IAS_VI-3013-002.
Repeat Offender — Revocation Affirmed, IAS_VI-3014-001.
Supervision of Residents —
Duties of Attending Physician — Examined, IAS_VI-3015-001.
Unacceptable Level Of Care, IAS_VI-3016-062.
Unacceptable Level of Care (See Also Emergency Restriction, Emergency Suspension) —
Bd. Discipline — Affirmed, IAS_VI-3017-001.
Bd. Discipline Reversed Due to Improper Rejection of DOAH Recommended Fact Findings, IAS_VI-3018-001.
Bd. Must Present Expert Testimony As to the Applicable Standard, IAS_VI-3019-002.
Complications From Complex Surgery, IAS_VI-3020-001.
Consideration of Factual Circumstances Required, IAS_VI-3021-001.
Fact That Two (2) Physicians Arrive At Different Determinations Is Not Dispositive, IAS_VI-3022-001.
Factual Circumstances of Each Case Must Be Considered, IAS_VI-3023-001.
Question of Fact, IAS_VI-3024-003.
Standard of Care Must Be Properly Established, IAS_VI-3025-001.
Statutory Amendment — Determination of Is Now a “Conclusion of Law” to Be Determined By the Board, IAS_VI-3026-001.
Strict Liability Not Imposed, IAS_VI-3027-001.
Universal Standard of Care Must Be Established, IAS_VI-3028-001.
Violation of Board Order, IAS_VI-3029-004.
License — Office Surgery Accrediting Organization — Renewal —
Failure to Immediately Report Conditions That Posed An Immediate Threat to Patients, IAS_VI-3030-001.
Failure to Provide Accreditation Reports & Corrective Action Plans In a Timely Manner, IAS_VI-3031-001.
Improper Formulation of Inspection Check List, IAS_VI-3032-001.
Improper Issuance of Letters of Unconditional Accreditation, IAS_VI-3033-001.
License — Physician Assistant —
Emergency Restriction —
Failure to Maintain Adequate Medical Records, IAS_VI-3034-001.
Failure to Practice Within a Reasonable Proximity to the Supervising Physician, IAS_VI-3035-001.
Performing Medical Services Not Delegated, IAS_VI-3036-001.
Emergency Suspension —
Controlled Substances —
Criminal Charge — Delivering a Controlled Substance, IAS_VI-3037-001.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking a Controlled Substance, IAS_VI-3038-001.
Practicing Beyond Scope of License, IAS_VI-3039-001.
Prescription Other Than In Course of a Professional Practice, IAS_VI-3040-001.
Criminal Plea — Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-3041-001.
License — Respiratory Therapist —
Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Charges (Battery On a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Arrest With Violence & Disorderly Conduct), IAS_VI-3042-001.
Inability In Profession (Bipolar Disorder), IAS_VI-3043-001.
Violation of Board Order, IAS_VI-3044-001.
Licensure (See Also License) —
Application For Approval of On-Line Continuing Education Course —
Chiropractic — Denied — Approval of Specific Distance Learning Mechanisms In §228 & §241 Found Not Dispositive, IAS_VI-3045-001.
Application For Reinstatement — Denied, IAS_VI-3046-001.
Application For Temporary License to Practice In Communities Where There Is a Critical Need —
Default On Student Loan, IAS_VI-3047-001.
Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_VI-3048-001.
By Endorsement —
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_VI-3049-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_VI-3050-001.
Filing a False Report, IAS_VI-3051-001.
Stipulation — Approved, IAS_VI-3052-001.
Conditions On Upheld —
Criminal Charges þ Driving Under the Influence/Assault), IAS_VI-3053-001.
Exam —
Challenge to Grading — DOAH Interlocutory Order to Compel Discovery of All Questions & Answers — Reversed, IAS_VI-3054-001.
Challenge to Grading of Clinical Portion, IAS_VI-3055-001.
Medical Records —
Requisite Scope & Detail — Examined, IAS_VI-3056-002.
Overlap of Regulations Governing Practice of Advanced Nurse Practitioners & Medical Doctors —
Legislature Has Created a Specific Committee to Resolve Issues of Standard Practice & Protocol, IAS_VI-3057-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
License Renewal Late Fee — Denied, IAS_VI-3058-001.
Licensure Exam — Limitations On Retakes, IAS_VI-3059-001.
Rulemaking Authority —
The Legislature Has Circumscribed the Board’s Rulemaking Authority, IAS_VI-3060-001.
The Legislature Has Restricted the Board’s Ability to Prohibit Services Rendered By a Nurse (RN or LPN) Under the Direct Supervision of a Licensed Physician, IAS_VI-3061-001.


MONROE COUNTY (See Also COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of, Notice of Violation)
Area of Critical State Concern —
Designation As — Examined, IAS_VI-3062-001.
Regulations Pursuant to That Render Property “Practically Useless” Require Compensation to the Landowner, IAS_VI-3063-001.
Circuit Court Summary Judgment Finding That §380.05(18) Created a Vested Right to Develop Single Family Homes — Reversed & Remanded, IAS_VI-3064-001.
Vested Rights Determination (See Also COUNTY GOVERNMENT)


Termination of Teacher For Improper Touching of Students —
Bd. Rejection of DOAH Recommended Fact Findings — Reversed, IAS_VI-3065-001.


License —
Failure to Correct Deficiencies, IAS_VI-3066-001.
Failure to Ensure Acceptable Nutrition For Residents, IAS_VI-3067-001.
Failure to Investigate Alleged Abuse or Neglect, IAS_VI-3068-001.
Failure to Promulgate Requisite Procedures, IAS_VI-3069-001.
Negligence, IAS_VI-3070-001.


Central Abuse Registry (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of; HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For; JUVENILE JUSTICE, Dept. of) —
Exemption — Granted, IAS_VI-3071-001.
Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests)
Declaratory Statement (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
License (See Also Licensure) —
Controlled Substances —
Diversion Of Controlled Substance, IAS_VI-3072-001.
Improper Possession & Distribution, IAS_VI-3073-001.
Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_VI-3074-001.
Under the Influence At Work, IAS_VI-3075-001.
Criminal Conviction —
Assault/Battery/Culpable Negligence, IAS_VI-3076-001.
Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-3077-001.
Criminal Plea —
Grand Theft & Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card, IAS_VI-3078-001.
Lewd or Lascivious Assault, IAS_VI-3079-001.
Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-3080-001.
Neglect of Aged Person, IAS_VI-3081-001.
Depression/Hypertension/Hepatitis & Pot Smoking, IAS_VI-3082-001.
Diversion of Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-3083-001.
Emergency Restriction —
Diversion of Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-3084-004.
Failure to Comply With IPN Contract, IAS_VI-3085-001.
Providing Pornography to Detained & Committed Sexual Predators, IAS_VI-3086-001.
Sexual Abuse of Patient, IAS_VI-3087-001.
Unprofessional Conduct, IAS_VI-3088-001.
Emergency Suspension —
Abandonment of Patients & Duties, IAS_VI-3089-001.
Absence From Work — Excessive — Unexcused, IAS_VI-3090-001.
Abuse of Patient (See Physical…, Verbal…)
Alcohol — Under the Influence At Work, IAS_VI-3091-003.
Alcohol Dependency, IAS_VI-3092-033.
Alcohol Dependency/Attempting to Fill a Forged Prescription, IAS_VI-3093-001.
Alcohol Dependency/Major Depression/Borderline Personality Disorder, IAS_VI-3094-011.
Attempting to Obtain a Certificate By Fraud Or Deceit, IAS_VI-3095-001.
Controlled Substances — Addiction to, IAS_VI-3096-001.
Controlled Substances — Admitted to Being Lortab & Percocet Dependent, IAS_VI-3097-001.
Controlled Substances — Attempting Suicide By Overdose, IAS_VI-3098-002.
Controlled Substances — Cocaine Abuse, IAS_VI-3099-001.
Controlled Substances — Cocaine Dependent, IAS_VI-3100-002.
Controlled Substances — Crack Cocaine Use, IAS_VI-3101-001.
Controlled Substances — Improper Documentation & Administration of, IAS_VI-3102-001.
Controlled Substances — Improper Possession of, IAS_VI-3103-015.
Controlled Substances — Obtaining By Fraud, IAS_VI-3104-005.
Controlled Substances — Opiate Dependency, IAS_VI-3105-001.
Controlled Substances — Overdosing On Anti-Depressants, IAS_VI-3106-001.
Controlled Substances — Possession of Marijuana, Cocaine & Paraphernalia, IAS_VI-3107-001.
Controlled Substances — Possession of Phenobarbital & Clonazepam Without a Prescription, IAS_VI-3108-001.
Controlled Substances — Prescription Other Than In Course of a Professional Practice, IAS_VI-3109-004.
Controlled Substances (See Also Criminal…, Inability…, Controlled Substances)
Criminal Charge — Battery, IAS_VI-3110-001.
Criminal Charge — Battery On Person Over 65, IAS_VI-3111-001.
Criminal Charge — Burglary & Possession of Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-3112-001.
Criminal Charge — Burglary/Illegal Possession of Dilaudid, Demerol & Paraphernalia/Petit Theft, IAS_VI-3113-001.
Criminal Charge — Conspiracy to Possess OxyContin With Intent to Distribute, IAS_VI-3114-001.
Criminal Charge — Driving Under the Influence, IAS_VI-3115-001.
Criminal Charge — Driving With a Suspended License, IAS_VI-3116-001.
Criminal Charge — Exploitation of the Elderly, IAS_VI-3117-001.
Criminal Charge — Exploitation of the Elderly/Uttering a Forged Instrument/Grand Theft, IAS_VI-3118-001.
Criminal Charge — Forging Prescriptions, IAS_VI-3119-001.
Criminal Charge — Improper Possession of Controlled Substances/Uttering Forged Prescriptions/Attempting to Obtain Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_VI-3120-001.
Criminal Charge — Lewd & Lascivious Assault On Elderly Person, IAS_VI-3121-001.
Criminal Charge — Maintaining a Public Nuisance, IAS_VI-3122-001.
Criminal Charge — Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_VI-3123-008.
Criminal Charge — Possession of Cocaine & Paraphernalia, IAS_VI-3124-001.
Criminal Charge — Possession of Cocaine & Paraphanelia With Intent to Sell, IAS_VI-3125-001.
Criminal Charge — Possession of Cocaine & Paraphernalia With Intent to Sell — Within 1000 Feet of a School, IAS_VI-3126-001.
Criminal Charge — Possession of Cocaine/Forgery/Grand Theft/Domestic Battery, IAS_VI-3127-001.
Criminal Charge — Passing a Counterfeit Prescription/Illegal Possession of a Controlled Substance, IAS_VI-3128-001.
Criminal Charge — Possession of Counterfeit Driver’s License, IAS_VI-3129-001.
Criminal Charge — Possession of Marijuana, IAS_VI-3130-001.
Criminal Charge — Possession of Marijuana/Oxycodone/ Alprazolam, IAS_VI-3131-001.
Criminal Charge — Sexual Abuse of An Elderly Patient, IAS_VI-3132-001.
Criminal Charge — Shoplifting & Strong Arm Robbery, IAS_VI-3133-001.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking In Heroin, IAS_VI-3134-001.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking In Heroin/Possession of Cocaine & Marijuana, IAS_VI-3135-001.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking In Hydrocodone, IAS_VI-3136-001.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking In Hydrocodone/Possession of Methamphetamine, Phentermine, Cocaine & Paraphernalia/Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_VI-3137-001.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking In Oxycontin, IAS_VI-3138-001.
Criminal Conviction — Assault & Battery, IAS_VI-3139-001.
Criminal Conviction — Conspiring With Intent to Distribute At Least 1,000 Kilograms of Marijuana, IAS_VI-3140-001.
Criminal Conviction — Contempt of Court, IAS_VI-3141-001.
Criminal Conviction — Exploitation of An Elderly Person, IAS_VI-3142-001.
Criminal Conviction — Open Alcoholic Beverage Container In Public, IAS_VI-3143-001.
Criminal Conviction — Possession of Cocaine, IAS_VI-3144-001.
Criminal Conviction — Possession of Cocaine — With Intent to Sell/Illegal Possession of Demerol & Drug Paraphernalia, IAS_VI-3145-001.
Criminal Conviction — Violation of Probation, IAS_VI-3146-001.
Criminal Plea — Attempt to Obtain Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_VI-3147-002.
Criminal Plea — Conspiracy to Possess With Intent to Distribute Cocaine, IAS_VI-3148-002.
Criminal Plea — Credit Card Fraud, IAS_VI-3149-001.
Criminal Plea — Driving Under the Influence, IAS_VI-3150-006.
Criminal Plea þ Driving Under the Influence/Diversion of Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-3151-001.
Criminal Plea — Driving Vehicle While License Suspended, IAS_VI-3152-001.
Criminal Plea — Extensive Records of Felonies & Misdemeanors: Drugs & Theft With Violence, IAS_VI-3153-001.
Criminal Plea — Forgery, IAS_VI-3154-001.
Criminal Plea — Forgery/Grand Theft/Attempting to Obtain a Controlled Substance By Fraud, IAS_VI-3155-001.
Criminal Plea — Fraudulent & Illegal Possession of Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-3156-002.
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft/Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-3157-001.
Criminal Plea — Importation of Cocaine, IAS_VI-3158-002.
Criminal Plea — Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_VI-3159-017.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine, IAS_VI-3160-008.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine & Marijuana, IAS_VI-3161-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine & Paraphernalia, IAS_VI-3162-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine & Paraphernalia/Providing a False Name to Law Enforcement Officers, IAS_VI-3163-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-3164-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Controlled Substances & Paraphernalia, IAS_VI-3165-003.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Controlled Substances: Hydrocodone & Roxicet, IAS_VI-3166-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Controlled Substances: Marijuana, IAS_VI-3167-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Heroin, IAS_VI-3168-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Marijuana & Paraphernalia, IAS_VI-3169-002.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Morphine & Paraphernalia, IAS_VI-3170-001.
Criminal Plea — Purchase of Cocaine, IAS_VI-3171-002.
Criminal Plea — Trafficking In Amphetamine/Unlawful Possession of a Listed Chemical/Aggravated Child Abuse/Operating a Methamphetamine Lab In a Residence With Children, IAS_VI-3172-001.
Criminal Plea — Trafficking In Hydrocodone, IAS_VI-3173-001.
Criminal Plea — Worthless Check, IAS_VI-3174-001.
Diversion of Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-3175-118.
Driving a Vehicle In An Erratic Manner, IAS_VI-3176-001.
Emergency Suspension Lifted, IAS_VI-3177-001.
Excessive Force Utilized When Caring For An Elderly Patient, IAS_VI-3178-001.
Exploiting Patients For Financial Gain, IAS_VI-3179-010.
Failure to Appear For Court Date, IAS_VI-3180-001.
Failure to Attend Required Therapy, IAS_VI-3181-001.
Failure to Attend Support Group Meetings, IAS_VI-3182-001.
Failure to Comply With IPN Monitoring Contract, IAS_VI-3183-078.
Failure to Get Prescribed Treatment, IAS_VI-3184-014.
Failure to Keep Dept. Informed of Current Address, IAS_VI-3185-001.
Failure to Pay Fine Imposed In Previous Disciplinary Case, IAS_VI-3186-001.
Failure to Perform Statutory or Legal Obligation, IAS_VI-3187-005.
Failure to Protect Patient Confidentiality, IAS_VI-3188-001.
Failure to Report Address Change to the Board, IAS_VI-3189-001.
Failure to Report Criminal Charges to the Board, IAS_VI-3190-002.
Failure to Report to Work, IAS_VI-3191-002.
Failure to Respond to Hospital Investigation, IAS_VI-3192-001.
Failure to Submit to a Mental & Physical Exam As Required, IAS_VI-3193-001.
Failure to Take Prescribed Anti-Psychotic Medication, IAS_VI-3194-001.
False Statements On Employment Application, IAS_VI-3195-003.
Falsification of Patient Records, IAS_VI-3196-012.
Filing a False Report, IAS_VI-3197-003.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-3198-011.
Fraudulently Obtaining Prescription Medications, IAS_VI-3199-001.
Furnishing False Urine Sample, IAS_VI-3200-002.
Gross Negligence, IAS_VI-3201-001.
Inability In Profession, IAS_VI-3202-002.
Inability In Profession (Alcohol Abuse), IAS_VI-3203-001.
Inability In Profession (Attempted Suicide/Polysubstance Dependence/Antisocial Personality), IAS_VI-3204-004.
Inability In Profession (Bipolar Disorder), IAS_VI-3205-005.
Inability In Profession (Bipolar Disorder/Controlled Substance Dependency/ Noncompliance With Monitoring Requirements), IAS_VI-3206-003.
Inability In Profession (Chronic Pain), IAS_VI-3207-003.
Inability In Profession (Cocaine), IAS_VI-3208-001.
Inability In Profession (Cocaine, Alcohol & Marijuana), IAS_VI-3209-002.
Inability In Profession (Controlled Substance Abuse), IAS_VI-3210-015.
Inability In Profession (Crack Cocaine Use), IAS_VI-3211-002.
Inability In Profession (Demerol & Fentanyl), IAS_VI-3212-001.
Inability In Profession (Demerol), IAS_VI-3213-001.
Inability In Profession (Depression), IAS_VI-3214-001.
Inability In Profession (Depression — Bipolar Disorder), IAS_VI-3215-001.
Inability In Profession (Depression — Major), IAS_VI-3216-006.
Inability In Profession (Depression & Pain), IAS_VI-3217-001.
Inability In Profession (Eating Disorder), IAS_VI-3218-001.
Inability In Profession (Eccentric & Atypical Behavior), IAS_VI-3219-001.
Inability In Profession (Emotional Instability), IAS_VI-3220-001.
Inability In Profession (Erratic Behavior), IAS_VI-3221-001.
Inability In Profession (Erratic Behavior — At Work), IAS_VI-3222-005.
Inability In Profession (Grand Mal Seizure), IAS_VI-3223-001.
Inability In Profession (Impaired At Work), IAS_VI-3224-004.
Inability In Profession (Incoherent At Work), IAS_VI-3225-004.
Inability In Profession (Intoxicated At Work), IAS_VI-3226-001.
Inability In Profession (Major Depression), IAS_VI-3227-002.
Inability In Profession (Marijuana), IAS_VI-3228-001.
Inability In Profession (Mental Condition), IAS_VI-3229-010.
Inability In Profession (Opiate Dependence), IAS_VI-3230-026.
Inability In Profession (Opiate Dependence & Depression), IAS_VI-3231-009.
Inability In Profession (Opiates & Nicotine Dependence), IAS_VI-3232-002.
Inability In Profession (Opiate Dependence & Panic Disorder), IAS_VI-3233-001.
Inability In Profession (Opiates & Propoxyphene), IAS_VI-3234-001.
Inability In Profession (Pain Disorder), IAS_VI-3235-001.
Inability In Profession (Pattern of Tardiness to Work/Drowsiness & Falling Asleep), IAS_VI-3236-001.
Inability In Profession (Physical & Mental Disability), IAS_VI-3237-001.
Inability In Profession (Polysubstance Abuse), IAS_VI-3238-029.
Inability In Profession (Psychiatric Problems & Suicide Attempts), IAS_VI-3239-002.
Inability In Profession (Psychotic Break), IAS_VI-3240-001.
Inability In Profession (Seizure At Work), IAS_VI-3241-001.
Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud (See Also Criminal Conviction; Criminal Plea), IAS_VI-3242-015.
Obtaining Licensure By Fraud, IAS_VI-3243-003.
Operating Beyond Scope of License, IAS_VI-3244-004.
Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_VI-3245-001.
Physical & Verbal Abuse of Patient, IAS_VI-3246-001.
Physical Abuse — Kicking Patient, IAS_VI-3247-001.
Physical Abuse of Patients, IAS_VI-3248-010.
Positive Drug Screen (Alcohol), IAS_VI-3249-006.
Positive Drug Screen (Alprazolam & Oxycodone), IAS_VI-3250-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Alprazolam), IAS_VI-3251-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Amphetamines), IAS_VI-3252-003.
Positive Drug Screen (Amphetamines & Opiates), IAS_VI-3253-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Barbiturates & Butalbital), IAS_VI-3254-002.
Positive Drug Screen (Benzodiazepine), IAS_VI-3255-004.
Positive Drug Screen (Benzodiazepine & Cocaine), IAS_VI-3256-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Benzodiazepine & Morphine), IAS_VI-3257-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Benzodiazepine, Morphine & Meperidine), IAS_VI-3258-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Benzodiazepine & Phenobarbital), IAS_VI-3259-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Butalbital), IAS_VI-3260-004.
Positive Drug Screen (Butalbital & Barbiturates), IAS_VI-3261-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine), IAS_VI-3262-022.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine, Amphetamines & Ecstasy), IAS_VI-3263-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine & Benzodiazepines), IAS_VI-3264-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine & Hydrocodone), IAS_VI-3265-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine & Marijuana), IAS_VI-3266-002.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine & Methadone), IAS_VI-3267-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine & Proxyphene), IAS_VI-3268-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine, Opiates & Propoxyphene), IAS_VI-3269-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Darvocet), IAS_VI-3270-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Demerol), IAS_VI-3271-004.
Positive Drug Screen (Fioricet), IAS_VI-3272-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Heroin), IAS_VI-3273-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Hydrocodone), IAS_VI-3274-002.
Positive Drug Screen (Marijuana), IAS_VI-3275-016.
Positive Drug Screen (Marijuana, Cocaine & Benzodiazepines), IAS_VI-3276-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Marijuana & Codeine), IAS_VI-3277-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Marijuana & Hydromorphone), IAS_VI-3278-002.
Positive Drug Screen (Meperdine, Fentanyl), IAS_VI-3279-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Methadone), IAS_VI-3280-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Methamphetamines), IAS_VI-3281-002.
Positive Drug Screen (Morphine & Hydromorphone), IAS_VI-3282-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Morphine & Ketamine), IAS_VI-3283-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Morphine), IAS_VI-3284-007.
Positive Drug Screen (Nordiazepam & Oxazepam), IAS_VI-3285-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Opiates), IAS_VI-3286-007.
Positive Drug Screen (Opiates & Benzodiazeprine), IAS_VI-3287-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Opiates & Propoxyphene), IAS_VI-3288-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Oxazepam), IAS_VI-3289-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Oxycodone), IAS_VI-3290-006.
Positive Drug Screen (Phencyclicline & Opiates), IAS_VI-3291-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Phenobarbitral), IAS_VI-3292-002.
Positive Drug Screen (Propoxyphene), IAS_VI-3293-008.
Positive Drug Screen — Multiple Relapses, IAS_VI-3294-001.
Positive Drug Screen — Suspension Quashed, IAS_VI-3295-002.
Practicing Medicine Without a License, IAS_VI-3296-001.
Refusal to Submit to Drug Screen, IAS_VI-3297-014.
Sexual Abuse, IAS_VI-3298-002.
Sexual Abuse of Patient, IAS_VI-3299-005.
Sexual Harassment of Coworkers, IAS_VI-3300-003.
Taking Licensure Exam For Another, IAS_VI-3301-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_VI-3302-009.
Unprofessional Conduct, IAS_VI-3303-016.
Vacated, IAS_VI-3304-001.
Verbal & Physical Abuse of Patient, IAS_VI-3305-002.
Verbal Abuse of Patient, IAS_VI-3306-001.
Violation of Rule, IAS_VI-3307-001.
Exploitation of Patient For Financial Gain, IAS_VI-3308-001.
Failure to Perform Statutory Or Legal Obligation, IAS_VI-3309-002.
Improperly Interfering With An Investigation, IAS_VI-3310-001.
Negligence, IAS_VI-3311-001.
Sexual Misconduct With Patient, IAS_VI-3312-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_VI-3313-008.
Unprofessional Conduct, IAS_VI-3314-010.
Licensure (See Also License) —
Application For Reinstatement —
Voluntary Relinquishment After Numerous Violations — Denied, IAS_VI-3315-001.
Authority to Train L.P.N.’s —
Insufficient Curriculum, IAS_VI-3316-001.
Insufficient Facility Space, IAS_VI-3317-001.
Insufficient Financial & Budget Information, IAS_VI-3318-001.
By Endorsement —
Application Found Deficient, IAS_VI-3319-001.
Equivalency of Exam — Canada, IAS_VI-3320-002.
Lack of Requisite Educational Requirements, IAS_VI-3321-002.
Lack of Requisite Educational Requirements — Foreign Student, IAS_VI-3322-002.


Declaratory Statement —
Authority to Treat Pelvic Floor Disorders Found, IAS_VI-3323-001.
License —
Emergency Suspension —
Positive Drug Screen (Hydrocodone/Valium/Benzodiazepines/ Marijuana), IAS_VI-3324-001.


License —
Emergency Supervision —
Criminal Plea (Attempting to Obtain a Controlled Substance By Fraud-Oxycontin), IAS_VI-3325-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-3326-001.


Declaratory Statement (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Final Order On Appellate Remand: Health v. Fowler, IAS_VI-3327-001.
License —
Advertising —
False or Misleading, IAS_VI-3328-001.
Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Plea (Possession of Cocaine & Paraphernalia/Battery/ Resisting Arrest), IAS_VI-3329-001.
Examination —
Bd. Award of Passing Score — Reversed, IAS_VI-3330-001.
Clinical — Challenge to Grading, IAS_VI-3331-002.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-3332-001.
Improper Association With An Unlicensed Entity, IAS_VI-3333-001.
Increased Penalty Over DOAH Recommendation Reversed For Lack of “Particularity”, IAS_VI-3334-001.
Use of Optical Chain Employee to Make Appointments, IAS_VI-3335-001.
Licensure —
Exam —
Clinical — Challenge to Grading, IAS_VI-3336-001.


Declaratory Statement (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Licensure —
Appeal From Denial Referred to Circuit Court Due to An Inadequate Record, IAS_VI-3337-001.


Declaratory Statement (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
License —
Emergency Restriction —
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_VI-3338-001.
Prescription of Controlled Substances Other Than In Course of Practice, IAS_VI-3339-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_VI-3340-003.
Emergency Suspension —
Alcohol & Drug Abuse, IAS_VI-3341-001.
Alcohol Dependence — Major Depression, IAS_VI-3342-001.
Bipolar Disorder, IAS_VI-3343-001.
Controlled Substances — Improper Storing & Dispensing of, IAS_VI-3344-001.
Controlled Substances — Inappropriate or Excessive Prescription, IAS_VI-3345-003.
Controlled Substances — Prescription of Other Than In Course of a Professional Practice, IAS_VI-3346-001.
Criminal Charge (Illegal Possession & Trafficking In Hydrocodone), IAS_VI-3347-001.
Criminal Charge (Trafficking In Oxycontin), IAS_VI-3348-002.
Criminal Conviction (Medicaid Fraud/Money Laundering/Obstruction of Justice), IAS_VI-3349-001.
Criminal Plea (Attempting to Obtain Controlled Substances By Fraud), IAS_VI-3350-001.
Failure to Comply With PRN Monitoring Contract, IAS_VI-3351-001.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_VI-3352-002.
Filing a False Report, IAS_VI-3353-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-3354-001.
Gross Or Repeated Malpractice, IAS_VI-3355-002.
Inability In Profession (Mental Condition), IAS_VI-3356-001.
Inability In Profession (Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder), IAS_VI-3357-001.
Inability In Profession (Sexual Gratification From Non-Consenting Person), IAS_VI-3358-001.
Operating Without a License, IAS_VI-3359-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine), IAS_VI-3360-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Propoxyphene), IAS_VI-3361-001.
Sexual Misconduct With Patient, IAS_VI-3362-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_VI-3363-002.
Exercising Influence On Patient For Purpose of Engaging Sexual Activity, IAS_VI-3364-001.
Exploiting Patient For Sexual Gratification, IAS_VI-3365-001.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_VI-3366-001.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records — Exhaustively Explored, IAS_VI-3367-001.
Requisite Written Records —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-3368-001.
Sexual Misconduct With Patient, IAS_VI-3369-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_VI-3370-002.
Unacceptable Level of Care — Exhaustively Explored, IAS_VI-3371-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Authority For Certified Nurse Anesthetist to Administer Level III Anesthesia During Office Surgery — Denied, IAS_VI-3372-001.


Ordinance Requiring Adult Entertainment Workers to Obtain An ID Card Subject to Public Records Act (§119) — Upheld, IAS_VI-3373-001.


PARI-MUTUEL WAGERING, Div. of (See Also DBPR (Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation))
License — Intertrack Wagering —
Circuit Court Declaration That §550.615(a) Was Unconstitutional As Creating An Exclusive Monopoly Affirmed By the Supreme Court, IAS_VI-3374-001.
Order On Motion For Rehearing: Hennessey et al. v. Pari-Mutuel Wagering, IAS_VI-3375-001.


Air Pollution —
Air Curtain Incinerator, IAS_VI-3376-001.
Authority to Establish Standards For the Abatement of Excessive & Unnecessary Noise, IAS_VI-3377-001.
Cement Kiln, IAS_VI-3378-002.
Fiberglass Boat Manufacturing Facility, IAS_VI-3379-002.
Indirect Discharges Into Surface or Groundwater Not Considered, IAS_VI-3380-001.
Odors — Objectionable — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-3381-001.
Visible Emissions Test Cannot Be Performed By Viewing Photographs or a Videotape, IAS_VI-3382-001.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, IAS_VI-3383-012.
Applicant’s Burden of Proof (See Also Reasonable Assurances, Burden of Proof) —
Has Both the Initial & Ultimate Burdens of Proof, IAS_VI-3384-002.
Intervenor Protest Does Not Require An Applicant to Completely Prove Anew Everything In the Application Down to the Last Detail, IAS_VI-3385-001.
Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-3386-008.
Shift to Intervenor After Establishment of Prima Facie Case, IAS_VI-3387-005.
Application (See Also Applicant…) —
Agency Action On Must Be Based On Applicable Environmental Rules & Statutes Only, IAS_VI-3388-002.
Consideration of An Applicant’s Past Misconduct, IAS_VI-3389-001.
DEP Duty to Discuss Modification Should a Project Fail to Meet Permitting Criteria, IAS_VI-3390-001.
DOAH Can Consider Evidence Outside of, IAS_VI-3391-001.
Modification of Permit — As Built Facility — Evaluated Operationally At Time of Hearing Not At Time of Original Construction, IAS_VI-3392-001.
Modification of Permit — Substantial Changes —
Can Constitute a Due Process Problem, IAS_VI-3393-001.
Changes Found Not Substantial, IAS_VI-3394-001.
DOAH Recommendation For Relocation of Existing Dock Rejected As Improper, IAS_VI-3395-001.
DOAH Recommended Additional Conditions, IAS_VI-3396-003.
DOAH-Recommended Re-Siting of Project Rejected As Improper, IAS_VI-3397-001.
Require a De Novo Application, IAS_VI-3398-004.
Notice — Publication of — Rule Requirements — Examined, IAS_VI-3399-001.
Past Violations — Uncited — Not Pure Fact Findings, IAS_VI-3400-001.
Preliminary Agency Approval Is Not Entitled to a Presumption of Correctness, IAS_VI-3401-001.
Real Party In Interest — Satisfactory Evidence of Sufficient Upland Interest Found, IAS_VI-3402-001.
Renewal — Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-3403-001.
Reviewed As of the Time of Hearing to Determine Compliance With Applicable Permitting Criteria, IAS_VI-3404-001.
Sufficiency of An Ownership Interest of Applicant Is a Legal Matter Within DEP’s Substantive Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-3405-001.
Withdrawal of Third Party Protest Does Not Divest DEP Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-3406-001.
Billboard (See TRANSPORTATION, Dept. of (DOT))
Biomedical Waste Generator (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of, Permit) —
Applicant Must Provide Written Evidence of Compliance With Local Setback Requirements, IAS_VI-3407-001.
Condominium — Eight (8) Story — Multi-Family — Related Structure, IAS_VI-3408-001.
Major Structure Found, IAS_VI-3409-001.
Man-Made Dune — Status As a Frontal Dune — Examined, IAS_VI-3410-001.
Residence, IAS_VI-3411-002.
Residence — Clearing & Destruction of Dunes & Native Vegetation, IAS_VI-3412-001.
Sea Turtle Habitat Degradation Is Not Equivalent to a “Take”, IAS_VI-3413-001.
Conditions —
Agency Has Authority to Impose Additional Conditions, IAS_VI-3414-001.
DEP Has Authority to Impose Additional Conditions, IAS_VI-3415-002.
DEP Has Limited Authority to Impose Additional Conditions, IAS_VI-3416-001.
DOAH Hearing Officer Has Authority to Recommend Additional Conditions, IAS_VI-3417-003.
Construction —
Bioreactor Landfill — Modification, IAS_VI-3418-001.
Fluoridation Treatment Facilities At Potable Water Well, IAS_VI-3419-001.
Cumulative Impact (See Also Mitigation Plans, Reasonable Assurances, Secondary Impacts) —
Adequate Mitigation Satisfies This Test As a Matter of Law, IAS_VI-3420-001.
Applicability of — Discussed, IAS_VI-3421-003.
Found to Be Unacceptable, IAS_VI-3422-001.
Limited to Surface Waters & Wetlands In the Same Drainage Basin, IAS_VI-3423-001.
Related to Provision of Reasonable Assurances, IAS_VI-3424-001.
Seagrass Transplanting, Placing Channel Markers & Signage, IAS_VI-3425-001.
Standard Governing This Analysis — Examined, IAS_VI-3426-001.
De Minimus Impacts Discussed, IAS_VI-3427-001.
Default Permit (§120.60(2)) (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
DEP Denial of Default Permit — Reversed, IAS_VI-3428-001.
Grant of Does Not Divest Agency of Jurisdiction to Impose Reasonable Conditions, IAS_VI-3429-001.
Receipt of the Application Is the “Trigger Date”, IAS_VI-3430-001.
Transfer of An Application Back & Forth Between Agencies Found Not to Toll Time Limit, IAS_VI-3431-001.
Dredge & Fill (See Also Cumulative Impact; Environmental Resource (ERP); Secondary Impact; ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of (DEP), Permit) —
Dock, IAS_VI-3432-001.
Public Interest Test (See Also Environmental Resource Permit (ERP), Public Interest Test, Secondary Impact) —
Conclusion of Law, IAS_VI-3433-001.
Cumulative Impacts — Considered, IAS_VI-3434-001.
Discussed, IAS_VI-3435-001.
Environmental Impacts Only Are Considered, IAS_VI-3436-001.
Interpretation of Must Be On a Scale Larger Than That of An Individual Landowner, IAS_VI-3437-001.
Navigational Impediments — Discussed, IAS_VI-3438-001.
Seven (7) Part Test, IAS_VI-3439-005.
Seven (7) Part Test Is a Balancing Test, IAS_VI-3440-001.
Residence, IAS_VI-3441-001.
Secondary Impact (See Also Cumulative Impact, Secondary Impacts) —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-3442-001.
Must Be Very Closely Linked or Causally Related to the Proposed Activity, IAS_VI-3443-001.
Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) (See Also Dredge & Fill; ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of (DEP), Permit; SOUTH FLORIDA WATER MANAGEMENT Dist., Permit) —
After-the-Fact — Concrete Pad & Modular Home, IAS_VI-3444-001.
Boardwalk, Access Pier & Boathouse, IAS_VI-3445-001.
Boat Ramp — Public, IAS_VI-3446-001.
Canal —
Seawall — Backfilling, IAS_VI-3447-001.
Channel & Boat Basin — Residence, IAS_VI-3448-001.
Concrete Pad Found to Constitute “Fill”, IAS_VI-3449-001.
Dock, IAS_VI-3450-001.
Dock —
Marina — Repair & Expansion, IAS_VI-3451-001.
Residence, IAS_VI-3452-003.
Residence — Exemption, IAS_VI-3453-001.
Exemption —
Dock — Residential, IAS_VI-3454-001.
Strictly Construed Against Applicant, IAS_VI-3455-001.
Maintenance Dredging — Municipal, IAS_VI-3456-001.
Marina —
Clean Marina Program — Discussed, IAS_VI-3457-001.
Manatees — Speed Zone Found Not to Offset Impacts From Increased Boat Traffic, IAS_VI-3458-001.
Modification — Expansion, IAS_VI-3459-002.
Private, IAS_VI-3460-001.
Private — Multi-Use — Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve (BBAP), IAS_VI-3461-001.
Modification — Ski Jump & Slalom Course, IAS_VI-3462-001.
Phosphate Mine & Reclamation Activities, IAS_VI-3463-001.
Phosphate Mine & Reclamation Activities In Wetlands, IAS_VI-3464-001.
Public Interest Test (See Also Environmental Resource Permit, Public Interest Test, Secondary Impact), IAS_VI-3465-001.
Residential Lot, IAS_VI-3466-001.
Restoration of Mangrove Slough In the Fla. Keys, IAS_VI-3467-001.
Sand Mine Expansion/Road, IAS_VI-3468-001.
Seawall — Vinyl, IAS_VI-3469-001.
Separate Works Permit From the Pertinent Water Management Dist. — Found Not Required, IAS_VI-3470-001.
Exemption —
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_VI-3471-001.
General Permits (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of, Permits) —
Are Not Issued — Arise By Operation of Rule, IAS_VI-3472-001.
Construction of Bridges Across a Creek, IAS_VI-3473-001.
Solid Waste Transfer Facility — Private, IAS_VI-3474-001.
Third Party Protests (See Also Third Party Intervenors; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors)
Mitigation Plans (See Also Cumulative Impacts, Reasonable Assurances, Secondary Impacts) —
Absence of Bd. of Trustees Official Acceptance of a Proffered Conservation Easement Is Not Probative, IAS_VI-3475-001.
Agency Has Ultimate Authority Over Any Plan, IAS_VI-3476-001.
DEP Declines to Fashion An Acceptable Plan In the Absence of Record Support, IAS_VI-3477-001.
DEP Has Ultimate Authority Over Any Plan, IAS_VI-3478-003.
DOAH Resolves Factual Issues — Ultimate Decision Is the Providence of DEP As a Conclusion of Law, IAS_VI-3479-004.
DOAH Resolves Factual Issues — Ultimate Decision Is the Providence of the SFWMD As a Conclusion of Law, IAS_VI-3480-001.
De Minimus Impacts, IAS_VI-3481-001.
Like-Kind Mitigation — Favored, IAS_VI-3482-001.
Mitigation — Defined, IAS_VI-3483-001.
Quality of Wetlands Impacted Is Probative, IAS_VI-3484-001.
Well Over 90% of All Seagrass Transplantation Projects Fail, IAS_VI-3485-001.
Notice of Violation —
Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) — Residence — Destruction of Dunes & Native Vegetation, IAS_VI-3486-001.
Operating (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of, Permit) —
Air Curtain Incinerator, IAS_VI-3487-001.
Injection Wells, IAS_VI-3488-001.
Marina — Found Not Required, IAS_VI-3489-001.
Renewal —
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_VI-3490-001.
Construction & Demolition Debris Landfill, IAS_VI-3491-001.
Industrial Wastewater Discharge — Paper Mill, IAS_VI-3492-001.
Landfill — Private — Bioreactor System Installed On Retired Cells, IAS_VI-3493-001.
Wastewater Treatment Plant —
Modification — Desalination Facility, IAS_VI-3494-001.
Private, IAS_VI-3495-002.
Private — Third Party Motion to Reopen Case Denied, IAS_VI-3496-001.
Transfer — Third Party Challenge to, IAS_VI-3497-001.
Potable Water Well (See Also HEALTH, Dept. of; SOUTH FLORIDA WATER MANAGEMENT Dist.)
Public Interest Test (See Also Dredge & Fill) —
Project Found Not Contrary to the Public Interest Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation, IAS_VI-3498-001.
Public Swimming Pool (See Also HEALTH, Dept. of)
Reasonable Assurances (See Also Cumulative Impacts, Mitigation Plans, Secondary Impacts) —
Agencies Are Allowed Considerable Flexibility When Considering, IAS_VI-3499-001.
Applicable to Mining Reclamation Plans, IAS_VI-3500-001.
Applicant Must Establish Requisite Underlying Facts, IAS_VI-3501-001.
Burden of Proof (See Also Applicant’s Burden of Proof) —
Competent Substantial Evidence Establishing — Discussed, IAS_VI-3502-001.
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case Regarding, IAS_VI-3503-001.
On Applicant, IAS_VI-3504-005.
Conclusion of Law, IAS_VI-3505-002.
DEP Has Ultimate Responsibility Regarding, IAS_VI-3506-002.
DEP Not DOAH Must Make the Ultimate Determination Regarding, IAS_VI-3507-001.
De Minimus Impacts, IAS_VI-3508-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-3509-012.
Detailed Site Plans/Engineering Studies/Expert Testimony Suffice, IAS_VI-3510-001.
Found Lacking, IAS_VI-3511-002.
Mining Reclamation Plans — Discussed, IAS_VI-3512-001.
Mixed Question of Fact & Law, IAS_VI-3513-003.
Never Absolute, IAS_VI-3514-010.
Past Violations Must Be Considered, IAS_VI-3515-001.
Presumption That Citizens Will Obey the Law, IAS_VI-3516-001.
Provision of Includes Analysis of Cumulative & Secondary Impacts, IAS_VI-3517-001.
Worse Case Scenario — Not Presumed, IAS_VI-3518-007.
Residuals Management Facility —
Renewal, IAS_VI-3519-001.
Secondary Impacts (See Also Dredge & Fill) —
Analysis Limited to Four (4) Part Review, IAS_VI-3520-001.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof Regarding, IAS_VI-3521-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-3522-003.
Should Be Considered, IAS_VI-3523-002.
Septic Tank (See Also HEALTH, Dept. of, Rule Variance or Waiver) —
Industrial — Animal Crematory, IAS_VI-3524-001.
Residential —
Alternative Drainfield System — 9-Pipe Bundle Rockless Drainfield System, IAS_VI-3525-001.
Connection of Residence to Without a Permit, IAS_VI-3526-001.
Failure to Properly Inspect Existing System, IAS_VI-3527-001.
Variance — Denial Must State Grounds For With Particularity, IAS_VI-3528-001.
Variance — Financially-Created Hardship May Be Considered, IAS_VI-3529-001.
Variance — Intentionally-Created Hardship — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-3530-001.
Variance — Is a “License” As Defined In §120.52(a), IAS_VI-3531-001.
Variance — Reduced Setback From Well, IAS_VI-3532-001.
Variance — Residential — Suwannee River — Enlargement — Granted, IAS_VI-3533-001.
Variance — Tavern — Granted, IAS_VI-3534-001.
Surface Water Management System (See Also SOUTH FLORIDA WATER MANAGEMENT Dist.) —
Ski Jump & Slalom Course Found Not to Constitute, IAS_VI-3535-001.
Third Party Intervenors (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) —
Standing —
§120.569 — Proposed Action Resulting In Net Environmental Improvement Found to Preclude Standing to Challenge Pursuant to, IAS_VI-3536-001.
§120.569 — Special Injury Requirement of §120.569 — Determined On Basis of Pleadings, IAS_VI-3537-001.
§403.412(5) — 2002 Amendments Found Not to Eliminate Standing of Political Subdivisions, IAS_VI-3538-001.
§403.412(5) Does Not Require Proof of Special Injury or Environmental Damage, IAS_VI-3539-002.
After the Fact, IAS_VI-3540-001.
Association, IAS_VI-3541-002.
Association — Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_VI-3542-001.
Cannot Be Established By Mere Speculation, IAS_VI-3543-001.
Consent Order, IAS_VI-3544-002.
Easement Holder, IAS_VI-3545-001.
Environmental Not Property Interests Must Be Asserted, IAS_VI-3546-001.
Failure to Properly Allege Basis For, IAS_VI-3547-001.
General Permits, IAS_VI-3548-001.
Governmental Entity Must Demonstrate An Interest In a Proceeding That Exceeds That of Its Citizens, IAS_VI-3549-001.
Injury — Must Be Real & Immediate-Not Hypothetical, IAS_VI-3550-001.
Must Be Properly Plead, IAS_VI-3551-001.
Purpose of This Requirement — Examined, IAS_VI-3552-001.
Substantial Interest Test — Defined, IAS_VI-3553-001.
Substantial Interest Test — Found Not Satisfied, IAS_VI-3554-001.
To Seek Revocation of Existing Permit, IAS_VI-3555-001.
Two (2) Prong Test, IAS_VI-3556-002.
Zone of Interest — Economic Interests, IAS_VI-3557-001.
Wastewater Treatment Plant (See Operating)
Water Quality Standards —
Indirect Discharges, IAS_VI-3558-001.
Maintenance Dredging — Municipal, IAS_VI-3559-001.


License —
Criminal Plea —
Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-3560-001.
Obtaining Controlled Substance (Hydrocodone) By Fraud, IAS_VI-3561-001.
Dispensing a Controlled Substance Without a Prescription, IAS_VI-3562-001.
Emergency Suspension —
Alcohol Abuse/Bipolar Disorder/Controlled Substance Abuse, IAS_VI-3563-001.
Criminal Charge — Conspiracy to Traffic In Controlled Substances/ Attempting to Obtain Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_VI-3564-001.
Criminal Charge — Illegal Possession of Hydrocodone, IAS_VI-3565-001.
Criminal Charge — Marijuana Possession, IAS_VI-3566-002.
Criminal Charge — Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-3567-001.
Criminal Charge — Obtaining a Controlled Substance By Fraud, IAS_VI-3568-001.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking In Controlled Substances/Possession of Cocaine/Tampering With Evidence, IAS_VI-3569-001.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking In Hydrocodone, IAS_VI-3570-002.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking In Oxycontin, IAS_VI-3571-002.
Criminal Conviction — Drug Conspiracy, IAS_VI-3572-001.
Criminal Conviction — Medicaid Provider Fraud & Scheme to Defraud, IAS_VI-3573-001.
Criminal Plea — Careless Driving, IAS_VI-3574-001.
Criminal Plea — Obtaining Controlled Substance By Fraud, IAS_VI-3575-005.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine With Intent to Sell, IAS_VI-3576-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-3577-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Oxycodone Without a Prescription, IAS_VI-3578-001.
Dispensing Controlled Substances Outside the Course of the Professional Practice, IAS_VI-3579-007.
Dispensing Controlled Substances Without First Being Furnished a Prescription, IAS_VI-3580-013.
Dispensing Hydrocodone Via An Internet Prescription, IAS_VI-3581-001.
Diversion of Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-3582-005.
Failure to Comply With Requirements of PRN, IAS_VI-3583-004.
Failure to Get Prescribed Treatment, IAS_VI-3584-001.
Failure to Properly Label & Secure Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-3585-001.
Failure to Properly Secure Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-3586-001.
Failure to Properly Store Medications, IAS_VI-3587-002.
Failure to Report Violations of Others, IAS_VI-3588-001.
Failure to Submit to Urine Drug Screen, IAS_VI-3589-001.
Failure to Voluntarily Relinquish a License Erroneously Issued By the Bd., IAS_VI-3590-002.
Filing a False Report, IAS_VI-3591-002.
Filling Prescriptions Written On the Mere Basis of An Internet Questionnaire Without An Actual Examination, IAS_VI-3592-002.
Forgery of Signature On Prescription Forms, IAS_VI-3593-001.
Fraudulent Prescriptions, IAS_VI-3594-001.
Inability In Profession (Amphetamine Dependence/Marijuana Dependence/Depression), IAS_VI-3595-001.
Inability In Profession (Controlled Substance Abuse), IAS_VI-3596-001.
Inability In Profession (Impaired At Work), IAS_VI-3597-001.
Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-3598-002.
Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud (Hydrocodone), IAS_VI-3599-001.
Opioid Dependence, IAS_VI-3600-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine & Opiates), IAS_VI-3601-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine), IAS_VI-3602-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine/Hydrocodone/Etc.), IAS_VI-3603-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Hydromorphone), IAS_VI-3604-001.
Possession of Blank Prescription Pads, IAS_VI-3605-001.
Possession of a Controlled Substance Other Than In the Course of a Professional Practice, IAS_VI-3606-001.
Potentially Dangerous Prepackaging/Repackaging Procedure, IAS_VI-3607-001.
Self-Medication, IAS_VI-3608-002.
Utilization of a Potentially Dangerous Pre-Packing Procedure, IAS_VI-3609-002.
Violation of Pharmacist/Technician Ratio, IAS_VI-3610-002.
Failure to Execute Requisite DEA Forms, IAS_VI-3611-001.
Filing Undated Prescriptions, IAS_VI-3612-001.
Inappropriate Use of Automated Dispensing Machine, IAS_VI-3613-001.
Stocking Returned Prescription to the Active Shelf, IAS_VI-3614-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care —
Polysubstance Abuse, IAS_VI-3615-001.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, IAS_VI-3616-001.


Declaratory Statements (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
License —
Emergency Restriction —
Sexual Misconduct With Patient, IAS_VI-3617-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application (Failure to Report Criminal Conviction For Child Abuse), IAS_VI-3618-001.
Improper Delegation to Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_VI-3619-001.


Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Charge — Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_VI-3620-001.
Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_VI-3621-001.
Licensure —
Bd. Rejection of DOAH Recommended Fact Findings & the Challenge — Reversed, IAS_VI-3622-001.


License —
Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Plea — Driving Under the Influence/Unlawful Possession of Hydrocodone), IAS_VI-3623-001.
Licensure —
Exam —
Challenge to Grading, IAS_VI-3624-001.