Abolition of Unwritten Rules Is a Principal Goal, IAS_VI-3625-001.
Educational Units Not Subject to, IAS_VI-3626-001.
Impressive Arsenal of Varied & Abundant Remedies, IAS_VI-3627-001.
Intended to Expand Public Access to Agency Activities, IAS_VI-3628-001.
Primary Purpose —
To Create Transparency In Administrative Decision-Making, IAS_VI-3629-001.
Agency —
Creature of Statute — No Inherent Powers, IAS_VI-3630-004.
Fla. Windstorm Underwriting Assoc. Does Not Constitute For Purposes of §120, IAS_VI-3631-001.
Answers or Affirmative Defenses Need Not Be Plead By a Respondent, IAS_VI-3632-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests); DENTISTRY, Bd. of; ETHICS, Fla. Comm. On; HEALTH, Dept. of; HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For, License, Nursing Home; MEDICAID; PUBLIC RECORDS ACT (§119, Fla. Stat.); STATUTES, Construction) —
§57.105 —
Applicable to Administrative Actions As of 6/04/03 — Not to Be Applied Retroactively, IAS_VI-3633-001.
Awarded, IAS_VI-3634-001.
DOAH Has Exclusive Final Order Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-3635-001.
DOAH Lacks Jurisdiction to Award, IAS_VI-3636-001.
Denied, IAS_VI-3637-005.
Discussed, IAS_VI-3638-002.
§120.569(2)(c) —
Agency Cannot “Review” Adverse DOAH Award, IAS_VI-3639-001.
Agency Motion For Summary Final Order Held to Have Been Filed For Improper Purpose, IAS_VI-3640-002.
Aimed At Conduct of Counsel Not the Outcome, IAS_VI-3641-001.
Aimed At Deterrence Not Fee Shifting Or Compensation, IAS_VI-3642-001.
DOAH – Not the Referring Agency – Has Exclusive Jurisdiction to Award, IAS_VI-3643-003.
DOAH Award of — Affirmed, IAS_VI-3644-001.
DOAH Denial of — Reversed, IAS_VI-3645-001.
DOAH Lacks Jurisdiction to Award After Entry of a Recommended Order, IAS_VI-3646-001.
Denied, IAS_VI-3647-006.
Frivolous Purpose — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-3648-001.
Good Faith/Bad Faith Analysis — Not Undertaken, IAS_VI-3649-001.
Granted, IAS_VI-3650-001.
Improper Purpose — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-3651-003.
Improper Purpose — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-3652-005.
Improper Purpose — Objective Standard Is Used, IAS_VI-3653-003.
Improper Purpose — Proof of, IAS_VI-3654-001.
Improper Purpose — Question of Fact, IAS_VI-3655-002.
Requires Identification of a Specific Document Improperly Filed, IAS_VI-3656-001.
Subjective Intent of Party — Not Considered, IAS_VI-3657-001.
§120.595 —
Agency Can Avoid By Instituting Rulemaking Prior to Entry of Adverse DOAH Ruling, IAS_VI-3658-001.
Agency Cannot “Review” Adverse DOAH Award, IAS_VI-3659-003.
Agency Finds a Lack of Substantive Jurisdiction Over Thus No Authority to Reject DOAH Conclusion Regarding, IAS_VI-3660-001.
Agency Initiation of Rulemaking Prior to Issuance of DOAH Final Order Vitiates Right to, IAS_VI-3661-001.
Appellate Review of — Examined, IAS_VI-3662-001.
Awarded, IAS_VI-3663-009.
Burden of Proof — Petitioner — Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-3664-001.
Challenge to Validity of Rule Must Be In §120.56 DOAH Proceeding — Collateral Attack In §120.57 or Court Proceeding Is Insufficient Even If Successful, IAS_VI-3665-001.
Claim For Fees Under This Provision (Approved By DOAH) Found to Improperly Contain Fees & Costs For Extraneous Lobbying & Civil Litigation — Reversed & Remanded, IAS_VI-3666-001.
Costs-Only Awarded to Pro Se Petitioner, IAS_VI-3667-001.
DOAH Award Is a Final Order Subject to Appellate Review, IAS_VI-3668-001.
DOAH Award of — Affirmed, IAS_VI-3669-001.
DOAH Conclusions Regarding Found Not Within the Substantive Jurisdiction of Referring Agency, IAS_VI-3670-001.
DOAH Denial of — Affirmed, IAS_VI-3671-001.
DOAH Formal Hearing Not Prerequisite to An Award, IAS_VI-3672-001.
DOAH Has Exclusive Final Order Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-3673-003.
DOAH Has Only Recommended Order Authority — Referring Agency Renders the Final Order, IAS_VI-3674-001.
DOAH Is Without Jurisdiction Over — Agency Only Passes On In §120.57(1) Proceedings Final Order, IAS_VI-3675-002.
DOAH Lacks Jurisdiction to Award After Entry of a Recommended Order, IAS_VI-3676-001.
Denied, IAS_VI-3677-025.
Dismissal of Petition For Hearing the Day Before — Substantial Modification of Proposed Project, IAS_VI-3678-001.
Expert Witness Fee Reversed — Found Unsubstantiated, IAS_VI-3679-001.
Good Faith/Bad Faith Analysis — Not Undertaken, IAS_VI-3680-001.
Granted, IAS_VI-3681-001.
Improper Purpose — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-3682-004.
Improper Purpose — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-3683-005.
Improper Purpose — Party’s Subjective Intent or Motive Not Considered, IAS_VI-3684-005.
Improper Purpose — Precluded By Presence of Justiciable Issues of Fact Or Law Precludes Finding of, IAS_VI-3685-001.
Improper Purpose — Question of Fact, IAS_VI-3686-005.
Issue Must Be Properly Raised In §120.57(1) Proceeding or It Is Waived, IAS_VI-3687-002.
Mere Reargument of the Facts On Appeal Constitutes An Abuse of the Process, IAS_VI-3688-001.
Motion For Must Be Filed At the Earliest Possible Opportunity, IAS_VI-3689-001.
Nonprevailing Adverse Party Distinguished From Losing Party, IAS_VI-3690-001.
Nonprevailing Party — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-3691-001.
Not Available For Failure to Make An Inquiry Before Signing a Pleading, IAS_VI-3692-001.
Petition For Found Untimely, IAS_VI-3693-001.
Strictly Construed, IAS_VI-3694-001.
Subjective Intent of Party — Not Considered, IAS_VI-3695-001.
Substantial Justification For Agency Action — Discussed, IAS_VI-3696-001.
Substantial Justification For Agency Action — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-3697-001.
Untimely County Motion For — Denied, IAS_VI-3698-001.
Voluntary Dismissal Immediately Prior to Hearing Does Not Vitiate Right to Recovery, IAS_VI-3699-001.
Voluntary Dismissal Means No Party “Prevails”, IAS_VI-3700-001.
§120.69 —
Award of to Dept. of Health Reduced Due to Improper Use of a Risk Multiplier, IAS_VI-3701-001.
§163.3184(12) —
Denied, IAS_VI-3702-001.
§400.121(10) —
Denied, IAS_VI-3703-001.
Denied — DOAH Is Without Jurisdiction to Award, IAS_VI-3704-001.
§403.412(2)(f) —
Denied, IAS_VI-3705-001.
Against the State —
Proper Notice Under §284.30 Found to Be Prerequisite, IAS_VI-3706-001.
Agency Finds a Lack of Substantive Jurisdiction Over Thus No Authority to Reject DOAH Conclusion of Law Regarding, IAS_VI-3707-001.
Appellate Review of Award —
Abuse of Discretion Standard Utilized, IAS_VI-3708-001.
Award Must Be Expressly Authorized By Statute, IAS_VI-3709-001.
Bond to Secure Award of Against Third Party Intervenor — Denied, IAS_VI-3710-001.
Costs —
§456.072(4) Award Does Not Require Proof of An Improper Purpose, IAS_VI-3711-001.
Agency Recovery of Found Best Addressed In a Separate & Supplemental Final Order, IAS_VI-3712-001.
Request For More Discovery & Detailed Breakdown — Denied, IAS_VI-3713-001.
Dept. of Health Cannot Recover In Bd. of Medicine Disciplinary Prosection, IAS_VI-3714-001.
Equal Access to Justice Act (§57.111) —
$15,000 Cap Can Be Doubled For Two (2) Consolidated Yet Separate Cases Heard At the Same Time, IAS_VI-3715-002.
$15,000 Cap On Each Proceeding, IAS_VI-3716-001.
AHCA — Medicaid Provider, IAS_VI-3717-001.
AHCA — Nursing Home — Challenge to Rating, IAS_VI-3718-001.
AHCA — Pharmacy — Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-3719-001.
Agency Concedes Liability For After Confessing Error, IAS_VI-3720-001.
Agency Partial Dismissal of the Most Serious Charge, IAS_VI-3721-001.
Attorney’s Fees Associated With Entitlement Recoverable — Fees Associated With Amount Not, IAS_VI-3722-001.
Attorney’s Fees Associated With Prosecution of §57.111 Action Not Recoverable, IAS_VI-3723-001.
Bid Protest, IAS_VI-3724-001.
Bid Protest — Request For Qualifications, IAS_VI-3725-001.
Bifurcation of Issues Denied, IAS_VI-3726-001.
Burden of Proof — Petitioner, IAS_VI-3727-002.
Caselaw Under Analogous Federal Provision — Fla. Act Is Similar But Not Identical, IAS_VI-3728-002.
Caselaw Under Analogous Federal Provision Is Pertinent, IAS_VI-3729-004.
Children & Families — Central Abuse Registry, IAS_VI-3730-001.
DEP — Dry Cleaning Solvent Cleanup Program, IAS_VI-3731-001.
Does Not Include Petitioner Personally or Individually, IAS_VI-3732-001.
Establishment & Effect of Prima Facie Case, IAS_VI-3733-008.
Includes Professional Practicing Through a Professional Service Corporation, IAS_VI-3734-001.
Letter of Warning As a Penalty, IAS_VI-3735-001.
Prevailing Party — Agency Action Must Be Initiated By the State Agency, IAS_VI-3736-001.
Prevailing Party — Defined, IAS_VI-3737-003.
Prevailing Party — Rule Challenges — §57.111 Inapplicable, IAS_VI-3738-001.
Prevailing Party — Successful Challenge to Grant of Conditional Licensure, IAS_VI-3739-001.
Probable Cause Panel — Requisite Proof, IAS_VI-3740-002.
Purpose of — Examined, IAS_VI-3741-006.
School Boards — §57.111 Applicable to, IAS_VI-3742-001.
Small Business Party — Business Defined, IAS_VI-3743-001.
Small Business Party — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-3744-003.
Small Business Party — Does Not Include Employees, IAS_VI-3745-002.
Small Business Party — Does Not Include Individuals Operating Professionally Under a Corporate Structure, IAS_VI-3746-001.
Small Business Party — Does Not Include Professional Practicing Through a Professional Service Corporation, IAS_VI-3747-001.
Small Business Party — Does Not Include Unsuccessful Applicant For Licensure, IAS_VI-3748-001.
Small Business Party — Limited Liability Co. Does Not Constitute, IAS_VI-3749-001.
Small Business Party — Sole Proprietor of a Professional Association, IAS_VI-3750-001.
Small Business Party — Status As Found Not Established, IAS_VI-3751-001.
Special Circumstances Defense — Discussed, IAS_VI-3752-001.
Special Circumstances — Found, IAS_VI-3753-001.
Special Circumstances — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-3754-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-3755-006.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Evidence Discovered After Initiation of Proceeding Cannot Be Discovered, IAS_VI-3756-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Found, IAS_VI-3757-002.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-3758-002.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Found Over Contrary DOAH Finding, IAS_VI-3759-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Grounds Utilized Must Have Been Asserted Originally, IAS_VI-3760-001.
Substantially Justified Agency Action Is Measured As of Time Action Is Initiated, IAS_VI-3761-012.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Test For Examined, IAS_VI-3762-003.
Time Limit For Filing, IAS_VI-3763-001.
Time Limit For Filing — Calculation of — Appellate Review of Underlying Proceeding, IAS_VI-3764-001.
Fla. R. Civ. Pro. 1.380(a)(4)(c) (Request For Admissions) —
Awarded, IAS_VI-3765-001.
Lack of Sufficient Evidence to Support Hourly Fee, IAS_VI-3766-001.
Methodology For Determining —
Discussed, IAS_VI-3767-001.
Factors Which May Be Considered — Examined, IAS_VI-3768-001.
Risk Multiplier — Entitlement to Use of — Discussed, IAS_VI-3769-001.
Risk Multiplier Found Improper For Award In Favor of Dept. of Health, IAS_VI-3770-001.
Moot Case —
Collateral Legal Consequences — Possible Award of Attorney’s Fees Found to Constitute, IAS_VI-3771-001.
Non-Attorney Is Not Held to a Lesser Standard, IAS_VI-3772-001.
Prehearing Order, IAS_VI-3773-001.
Statutes Providing For Must Be Strictly Construed, IAS_VI-3774-002.
Burden of Proof (See Also Evidence, Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding; DISCIPLINE; RULES & RULEMAKING) —
Both Parties Assigned Equal Burdens In Novel Case Involving Appraisal of Novel Septic Drainfield System, IAS_VI-3775-001.
On Party Asserting the Affirmative of An Issue, IAS_VI-3776-127.
Class Action —
Circuit Court Certification — Affirmed In Part, IAS_VI-3777-001.
Circuit Court Certification — Rescinded For Failure to Satisfy the Numerosity Requirement (7), IAS_VI-3778-001.
Circuit Court Certification — Reversed, IAS_VI-3779-001.
Circuit Court Certification — Standard Governing Appellate Review, IAS_VI-3780-001.
Circuit Court Certification — Validity of the Claim — Not Reached, IAS_VI-3781-001.
Clear Point of Entry (See Formal Hearing §120.57(1))
Collateral Estoppel (See Also Equitable Estoppel, Estoppel, Res Judicata) —
Agency Finds Lack of Jurisdiction Over DOAH Determinations Regarding, IAS_VI-3782-001.
An Affirmative Defense — Need Not Be Plead As, IAS_VI-3783-001.
Applicable to Administrative Proceedings, IAS_VI-3784-002.
Facts Drive the Analysis, IAS_VI-3785-001.
Five (5) Part Test For, IAS_VI-3786-001.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_VI-3787-001.
Inapplicable, IAS_VI-3788-006.
Inapplicable In Event of a Material Change In Circumstances, IAS_VI-3789-001.
Res Judicata Distinguished From, IAS_VI-3790-001.
Constitutional Issues (See Also DOAH, Jurisdiction; Due Process; CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.)) —
Agencies Cannot Adjudicate, IAS_VI-3791-013.
As Applied Challenge — Latitude For Agency Deliberations –Found, IAS_VI-3792-001.
Cannot Be Raised For the First Time In An Exception to a DOAH Recommended Order, IAS_VI-3793-001.
DOAH (See Also Attorney’s Fees & Costs, Evidence, Harmless Error, Motion In Limine; ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of; CONTRACTS (Bids/Protest), Standard of Review; PERMITS, Application; RULES & RULEMAKING) —
Hearing Officer —
Consolidation of Related Licensure Exam Grading Challenges –Denied, IAS_VI-3794-001.
Consolidation of Related Matters Granted, IAS_VI-3795-001.
Continuance — Grant or Denial of Within the Sound of Discretion of DOAH — Not a Substantive Agency Issue, IAS_VI-3796-001.
Continuance — Unavailability of Witness — Vacation — Last Minute Notification, IAS_VI-3797-001.
Denial of Continuance — Affirmed, IAS_VI-3798-001.
Denial of Continuance — Parallel Criminal Case — Right Against Self-Incrimination, IAS_VI-3799-001.
Denial of Continuance — Pro Se Petitioner Had Oral Surgery — Reversed As Abuse of Discretion, IAS_VI-3800-001.
Has Wide Discretion In Ruling On Evidentiary Matters, IAS_VI-3801-001.
Interlocutory Order — Agency Cannot Review — Appellate Review Only, IAS_VI-3802-001.
Judicial Generalists Trained In the Law But Not Necessarily In Any Specific Profession, IAS_VI-3803-001.
Summary Final Order, IAS_VI-3804-001.
Jurisdiction (See Also Jurisdiction; DISCIPLINE) —
Cannot Be Created Or Vitiated By Party Litigants, IAS_VI-3805-001.
Cannot Consider Contractual Disputes, IAS_VI-3806-002.
Cannot Enforce Settlement Agreements, IAS_VI-3807-001.
Cannot Reach Constitutional Questions, IAS_VI-3808-007.
Cannot Reach Constitutional Questions — Yet Must Interpret Statutes When Possible In a Manner That “Preserves” Constitutionality, IAS_VI-3809-001.
Cannot Reach Equitable Estoppel Issues, IAS_VI-3810-001.
Cannot Reach Motion to Dismiss Absent Final Order Authority, IAS_VI-3811-001.
DOAH Referral Divests An Agency of All Jurisdiction & the Agency Becomes a Mere Party Litigant, IAS_VI-3812-001.
Divested After Entry of a Recommended Order, IAS_VI-3813-001.
Limited to Those Matters Properly Framed In the Pleadings, IAS_VI-3814-001.
Recommended Order —
Agency Rejection of, IAS_VI-3815-002.
Agency Rejection of Requires a Review of the Complete Record — Exception — Central Abuse Registry, IAS_VI-3816-001.
Agency Rejects, IAS_VI-3817-007.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW)
Appellate Review of — Standards Governing, IAS_VI-3818-002.
Cannot Be Raised By Reference, IAS_VI-3819-001.
Cannot Be Used to Raise Constitutional Issues For the First Time, IAS_VI-3820-001.
Competent Substantial Evidence — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-3821-003.
Conclusions of Law (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW)
Conclusions of Law — 1999 APA Amendments Restrict Agency Authority to Reject, IAS_VI-3822-001.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Free to Reject, IAS_VI-3823-003.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Recourse to Appellate Review –Examined, IAS_VI-3824-003.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Rejection of, IAS_VI-3825-002.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Rejection of — Reversed, IAS_VI-3826-002.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Rejection of — With Explanation, IAS_VI-3827-003.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Rejects, IAS_VI-3828-100.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Rejects — Affirmed, IAS_VI-3829-001.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Restricted In Rejecting, IAS_VI-3830-045.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Restricted In Rejecting — There Is No Bright-Line Test, IAS_VI-3831-001.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Restrictions On Rejection of — Exhaustively Explored, IAS_VI-3832-001.
Conclusions of Law — Attorney’s Fees & Costs — §120.595 — Agency Finds Lack of Substantive Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-3833-001.
Conclusions of Law — Collateral Estoppel — DOAH Recommendation Cannot Be Rejected, IAS_VI-3834-001.
Conclusions of Law — Court Defers to Agency Construction Unless Clearly Erroneous, IAS_VI-3835-001.
Conclusions of Law — DOAH Labeling As Fact Findings Is Immaterial, IAS_VI-3836-048.
Conclusions of Law — DOAH Not Intended to Be “Final Decision- Maker”, IAS_VI-3837-002.
Conclusions of Law — Found Instead to Be a Recommendation & Rejected, IAS_VI-3838-001.
Conclusions of Law — Public Interest Test & Reasonable Assurances Environmental Standards, IAS_VI-3839-001.
Conclusions of Law — Question Involving Interpretation of Written Instrument, IAS_VI-3840-001.
Conclusions of Law — Rule & Statutory Interpretations Constitute, IAS_VI-3841-001.
Conclusions of Law — Standing — Agency Finds Lack of Substantive Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-3842-001.
Conclusions of Law — Waiver of Right to Object, IAS_VI-3843-001.
DOAH Must Make Specific Findings Based On Record Evidence, IAS_VI-3844-002.
Exceptions — A Party Must Alert the Reviewing Agency to Any Perceived Defects In the Hearing Process By the Proper Filing of, IAS_VI-3845-011.
Exceptions — Alleged Irregularities In DOAH Proceeding Cannot Be Raised In Exceptions For the First Time, IAS_VI-3846-001.
Exceptions — Cannot Be Purely Argumentative, IAS_VI-3847-009.
Exceptions — Cannot Be Used to Raise New Issues, IAS_VI-3848-001.
Exceptions — Corrections to, IAS_VI-3849-001.
Exceptions — DOAH Statement of Issues, IAS_VI-3850-001.
Exceptions — Fact Findings — Must Be Accompanied By Official Typed Transcript, IAS_VI-3851-010.
Exceptions — Fact Findings — Must Cite With Particularity to Specific Portions of a Transcript, IAS_VI-3852-008.
Exceptions — Fact Findings — Unresponsive — Immaterial — Argumentative, IAS_VI-3853-001.
Exceptions — Fact Findings or Conclusions of Law — Must Be Accompanied By Official Typed Transcript, IAS_VI-3854-001.
Exceptions — Failure to File Precludes Appellate Review, IAS_VI-3855-002.
Exceptions — Limited to Matters Set Forth In DOAH Recommended Order, IAS_VI-3856-001.
Exceptions — May Be Adopted & Incorporated By Reference, IAS_VI-3857-001.
Exceptions — Oral Argument On Not Contemplated, IAS_VI-3858-001.
Exceptions — Post-Hearing Letter Found Not to Constitute, IAS_VI-3859-001.
Exceptions — Response To — Cannot Be Entertained If Untimely, IAS_VI-3860-001.
Exceptions — Response to — Not Allowed, IAS_VI-3861-001.
Exceptions — Supplemental — Contested — Not Allowed, IAS_VI-3862-001.
Exceptions — Time Limit For Filing, IAS_VI-3863-002.
Exceptions — Time Limit For Filing — Controlled By Date of Receipt, IAS_VI-3864-001.
Exceptions — Time Limit For Filing — Extended By Agency, IAS_VI-3865-001.
Exceptions — Time Limit For Filing — Filing At DOAH Instead of Agency, IAS_VI-3866-001.
Exceptions — Untimely — Need Not Be Considered, IAS_VI-3867-001.
Fact Findings (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) — Agency Cannot Make Additional Findings, IAS_VI-3868-026.
Fact Findings — Agency Rejection of Requires Review of the Entire Record, IAS_VI-3869-003.
Fact Findings — Agency Rejection of Requires Statement of Reasons With Particularity, IAS_VI-3870-004.
Fact Findings — Agency Rejection of — Reversed, IAS_VI-3871-010.
Fact Findings — Agency Rejection of When Susceptible to Ordinary Methods of Proof, IAS_VI-3872-003.
Fact Findings — Agency Rejects, IAS_VI-3873-028.
Fact Findings — Agency Special Expertise As Basis For Rejection, IAS_VI-3874-006.
Fact Findings — Cannot Be Rejected If Supported By “Some” Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_VI-3875-130.
Fact Findings — Cannot Be Rejected On Basis of Rejection of Conclusion of Law, IAS_VI-3876-001.
Fact Findings — Credibility Assessments of Expert Witnesses, IAS_VI-3877-003.
Fact Findings — DOAH Labeling As Conclusion of Law Is Immaterial, IAS_VI-3878-051.
Fact Findings — DOAH Must Make Specific Findings On Substantial Issues — Fact Findings Found to Be Incomplete, IAS_VI-3879-001.
Fact Findings — DOAH Not Required to Make Specific Citations to the Record, IAS_VI-3880-001.
Fact Findings — Intent — Question of Fact, IAS_VI-3881-001.
Fact Findings — Standard of Conduct, IAS_VI-3882-001.
Fact Findings — Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_VI-3883-001.
Mixed Question of Fact & Law, IAS_VI-3884-005.
Penalty — Agency Imposition of Is a Complex Task Requiring Consideration of Numerous Factors, IAS_VI-3885-001.
Penalty — Agency Rejection of, IAS_VI-3886-008.
Penalty — Agency Rejection of Requires Adequate Explanation, IAS_VI-3887-003.
Penalty — Agency Rejection of Requires a Review of the Complete Record, IAS_VI-3888-001.
Penalty — Agency Rejection of — Reversed, IAS_VI-3889-005.
Penalty — Agency Rejection of — Reversed — Agency Rejects Again With Explanation, IAS_VI-3890-001.
Penalty — Agency Rejection of — Upheld, IAS_VI-3891-001.
Penalty — Agency Rejection of — Upheld — Erroneous DOAH Conclusion of Law, IAS_VI-3892-001.
Penalty — Appellate Review (See APPELLATE REVIEW, Penalty)
Penalty — DOAH Reduction In — Affirmed, IAS_VI-3893-001.
Penalty — Reversed Due to Failure to Properly Recuse a Commission Member, IAS_VI-3894-001.
Proposed Fact Findings — 10/96 Amendment to §120 — Relieved DOAH Hearing Officer of Responsibility to Rule On, IAS_VI-3895-002.
Remand From —
Request From Referring Agency — Denied, IAS_VI-3896-001.
Remand to —
Agency Denial of Request For — Appellate Review Is the Appropriate Remedy, IAS_VI-3897-001.
Agency’s Inherent Authority For — Examined, IAS_VI-3898-002.
Costs — Determination of Amount, IAS_VI-3899-001.
DOAH — Not An Appealable Final Order, IAS_VI-3900-001.
Denied, IAS_VI-3901-007.
For Further Fact Finding, IAS_VI-3902-007.
Found Appropriate, IAS_VI-3903-004.
Sanctions —
Authority to Impose For Discovery Abuses, IAS_VI-3904-001.
Default (§120.60(2)) (See Also PERMITS, Default Permit) —
Completeness of An Application — Examined, IAS_VI-3905-001.
Failure to Request A Hearing —
Agency Need Not Serve Notice of Complaint On Attorney of Record, IAS_VI-3906-001.
Incomplete Applications — Discussed, IAS_VI-3907-001.
Licensure — Denied, IAS_VI-3908-002.
Licensure — Granted, IAS_VI-3909-003.
Rules Regarding Are the Domain of the Legislature & Agencies – Not the Courts, IAS_VI-3910-001.
Time Limit Applies to Actual Decision Not to Reduction of That Decision to Written Notification, IAS_VI-3911-001.
Time Limit Pertains to Agency Action Not Rendition In a Written Decision, IAS_VI-3912-001.
Waiver of Right to — Found, IAS_VI-3913-001.
Discovery —
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Nonfinal Order — Generally Not Reviewable — But Review Accorded On Unusual Facts, IAS_VI-3914-001.
Attorney-Client Privilege As Bar, IAS_VI-3915-002.
Deposition —
Admissibility — Unavailability of Witness to Testify At Hearing Not Proven, IAS_VI-3916-001.
Failure to Appear — Attorney’s Fees, IAS_VI-3917-001.
Failure to Appear — Sanctions Imposed, IAS_VI-3918-001.
Introduction of In Lieu of Live Testimony, IAS_VI-3919-001.
Dismissal of Petition For Hearing As a Sanction For Violations — Reversed, IAS_VI-3920-001.
Investigative Subpoena of An Agency —
Hospital’s Motion to Quash — Denied, IAS_VI-3921-001.
Objection to As Overbroad — Denied, IAS_VI-3922-001.
Public Employee Drug Test Results, IAS_VI-3923-001.
Licensure Exam Questions —
Production of Exam Questions Limited to Those In Dispute, IAS_VI-3924-001.
Protective Order —
Accountant/Client Privilege, IAS_VI-3925-001.
Agency Attorney Work Product, IAS_VI-3926-001.
DOAH Hearing Officer Denial of — Reversed, IAS_VI-3927-003.
Denied, IAS_VI-3928-001.
Deposition of Agency Head, IAS_VI-3929-001.
Names of Patient Not Redacted, IAS_VI-3930-001.
Retainer Agreement With Respondent’s Attorney, IAS_VI-3931-001.
Due Process (See CONSTITUTION (Fla.)) —
Cross-Examination of Adverse Witnesses, IAS_VI-3932-001.
Emergency Procedures, IAS_VI-3933-001.
Essential Elements of — Outlined, IAS_VI-3934-002.
Impartial Decision-Maker, IAS_VI-3935-001.
Notice of the Disciplinary Charges, IAS_VI-3936-004.
Procedural — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-3937-001.
Procedural — Violation Found, IAS_VI-3938-002.
Right to Cross-Examine Adverse Witness — §90.803(2) Declared Unconstitutional, IAS_VI-3939-001.
Safeguards Extended to Third Parties, IAS_VI-3940-001.
Statement of Reasons For Agency Action With Particularity, IAS_VI-3941-001.
Use of Mailed Notice Alone — Found Satisfactory, IAS_VI-3942-001.
Emergency Procedures (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW, Emergency Final Order; DISCIPLINE, Emergency Suspension of License) —
Agency Proof Must Be By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_VI-3943-001.
All Requisite Factual & Legal Allegations Must Appear On the Face of the Order, IAS_VI-3944-001.
Conclusory Findings Without Statement of Facts With Particularity — Reversed, IAS_VI-3945-003.
DOAH Challenges to Are Not Available, IAS_VI-3946-002.
Drug Test Result –Rejected, IAS_VI-3947-001.
Due Process Found Not to Require a Pre-Suspension Hearing – Merely An Expedited Post-Suspension Hearing, IAS_VI-3948-001.
Expedited Hearing On the Underlying Complaint — Found Not Warranted, IAS_VI-3949-001.
Explanation of Why Less Harsh Remedies Such As Fine, Probation or Notice of Non-Compliance — Found to Be Required, IAS_VI-3950-001.
Hearing Conducted On Underlying Complaint — Not the Emergency Order, IAS_VI-3951-001.
Immediate Final Order — Found to Be Facially Insufficient, IAS_VI-3952-001.
Remedy Must Be Tailored to Properly Address the Alleged Harm — There Must Be a Provision For a Hearing, IAS_VI-3953-001.
Requirements Governing — Examined, IAS_VI-3954-001.
Requisite Level of Urgency — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-3955-001.
Scope of Initial Review Is Limited to Whether the Facts Alleged Are Sufficient, IAS_VI-3956-001.
Three (3) Part Test For Propriety of, IAS_VI-3957-001.
Equitable Estoppel (See Also Collateral Estoppel, Estoppel, Res Judicata) —
Cannot Be Assailed As Inconsistent With Another Rule, IAS_VI-3958-001.
DOAH Lacks Jurisdiction Over Claim of, IAS_VI-3959-001.
Equitable Tolling Distinguished From, IAS_VI-3960-001.
Found Applicable, IAS_VI-3961-001.
Inapplicable, IAS_VI-3962-004.
Mistaken Statement of Law Insufficient For, IAS_VI-3963-003.
Must Be Specifically Plead, IAS_VI-3964-001.
Rarely Applies Against State, IAS_VI-3965-003.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_VI-3966-001.
Estoppel (See Also Collateral Estoppel, Equitable Estoppel, Res Judicata) —
Applies Only In Rare Instances Under Exceptional Circumstances, IAS_VI-3967-001.
Distinction Between Procedural & Substantive Rules — Examined, IAS_VI-3968-001.
Facts Regarding Must Be Established By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IAS_VI-3969-001.
Found Applicable, IAS_VI-3970-001.
Inapplicable, IAS_VI-3971-005.
Issues In Each Case Must Be Identical, IAS_VI-3972-001.
Mistaken Statement of Law Alone Is Insufficient, IAS_VI-3973-001.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_VI-3974-001.
Three (3) Part Test For —
Attorney’s Fees Award For Failure to Respond, IAS_VI-3975-001.
Evidence (See Also Burden of Proof, Discovery, Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding, Res Judicata) —
Admissibility —
Addition of Document to An Exhibit List On the Eve of Hearing — Found to Be Reversible Error, IAS_VI-3976-001.
Agency Finds Lack of Substantive Jurisdiction Over, IAS_VI-3977-001.
Authorative Texts, IAS_VI-3978-001.
DOAH Exclusion of Testimony of a Witness Not Disclosed In Prehearing Order, IAS_VI-3979-001.
DOAH Is to Determine Relevance, IAS_VI-3980-001.
Discretionary Matter For Hearing Officer, IAS_VI-3981-003.
Failure to Object to Waives the Challenge, IAS_VI-3982-001.
Out-of-Court Statements By Children/Victims, IAS_VI-3983-001.
Out-of-Court Statements By Children/Victims — Conditions Governing Testimony, IAS_VI-3984-001.
Out-of-Court Statements By a Minor, IAS_VI-3985-001.
Parole Evidence Rule — Consent Agreement, IAS_VI-3986-001.
Standards Are More Relaxed Than For Judicial Proceedings, IAS_VI-3987-001.
Testimony Of Children On Tape, IAS_VI-3988-001.
Uncontroverted Evidence Generally Must Be Accepted, IAS_VI-3989-002.
Videotape of Site of Alleged Environmental Violations, IAS_VI-3990-001.
Witness Testimony Must Be Sworn, IAS_VI-3991-001.
Clear & Convincing Evidence (See Also Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding) —
Defined, IAS_VI-3992-007.
Competent Substantial Evidence, IAS_VI-3993-001.
Competent Substantial Evidence —
Central Abuse Registry Reports, IAS_VI-3994-001.
Certified Copy of Out-of-State Public Record, IAS_VI-3995-001.
Circumstantial Evidence Alone Can Suffice, IAS_VI-3996-001.
Competency of Evidence — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-3997-003.
Competency of Evidence — Refers to Admissibility, IAS_VI-3998-001.
DOAH Credibility Assessments (See Also Expert Testimony), IAS_VI-3999-001.
Defined, IAS_VI-4000-015.
Found Lacking, IAS_VI-4001-001.
Incompetent Person, IAS_VI-4002-001.
Respondent’s Exculpatory Testimony Can Constitute, IAS_VI-4003-001.
Substantiality of Evidence — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4004-002.
Urine Drug Screen — Failure to Establish That Sample Was Properly Collected, IAS_VI-4005-001.
Expert Testimony —
DOAH Credibility Assessments (See Also Competent Substantial Evidence), IAS_VI-4006-020.
DOAH Rejection of — Found Not to Require a “Qualified, Contrary Expert Testimony”, IAS_VI-4007-001.
Need Not Be Accepted In Whole or Part Even If Uncontroverted, IAS_VI-4008-001.
One (1) Interested Witness — Found Not Probative, IAS_VI-4009-001.
Pecuniary or Proprietary Interest In the Outcome Does Not Nullify Admissibility Alone, IAS_VI-4010-001.
Reasonable Fees — Physicians — Issue Examined In Detail, IAS_VI-4011-001.
Rebuttal Testimony — Propriety of, IAS_VI-4012-001.
Requisite Facts In Support of — Examined, IAS_VI-4013-003.
Self-Serving Testimony Can Be Probative Nonetheless, IAS_VI-4014-001.
Specialist In One Medical Field — Found Qualified to Testify Against a Specialist In Another, IAS_VI-4015-001.
Treating Physician — Status As, IAS_VI-4016-001.
Hearsay —
Admissible & Probative With Other Proof, IAS_VI-4017-008.
Admission Against Interest Exception, IAS_VI-4018-002.
Alone Is Not Probative, IAS_VI-4019-015.
Alone Is Probative If Admissible Over Objection In Civil Proceedings, 24-2011-2, IAS_VI-4020-005.
Business Records Exception, IAS_VI-4021-004.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4022-001.
Excited Utterance Exception, IAS_VI-4023-001.
Market Analysis, IAS_VI-4024-001.
Minor’s Testimony — Sex Abuse Victim, IAS_VI-4025-001.
Public Records & Reports, IAS_VI-4026-001.
Preponderance of the Evidence —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4027-002.
Presumptions (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.) Presumptions) —
Affecting the Burden of Producing Evidence, IAS_VI-4028-001.
Conclusive — Defined — Proscribed By Law, IAS_VI-4029-001.
Distinguished From Inferences, IAS_VI-4030-001.
Primarily Expressions of Public Policy, IAS_VI-4031-001.
Rebuttable — Defined — Permissible, IAS_VI-4032-002.
Privilege Against Self-Incrimination (See CONSTITUTION (U.S.))
Final Order (See Also Emergency Procedures) —
Agency Action — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4033-001.
Agency Can Reopen a Case to Reconsider Its Action or Correct Mistakes, IAS_VI-4034-001.
Agency Orders Expungement of All Records Regarding Discipline Imposed, IAS_VI-4035-001.
Agency Refuses to Reopen, IAS_VI-4036-004.
An Agency Can Vacate, IAS_VI-4037-002.
An Agency Cannot Vacate After a Notice of Appeal Is Filed, IAS_VI-4038-001.
An Agency Refuses to Vacate & Reenter Based On Alleged Nonreceipt of Order, IAS_VI-4039-001.
Challenge to On the Sole Basis of Timeliness — Examined, IAS_VI-4040-001.
Contradictory Oral Pronouncements At a Duly Noticed Hearing Control Over the Written Final Order, IAS_VI-4041-001.
Costs — Agency Recovery of — Issue Found Best Addressed In a Separate & Supplemental Order, IAS_VI-4042-001.
Denial Alleging That Copy of Was Not Received — Presumption That Copy Mailed Was Received Is Rebuttable, IAS_VI-4043-001.
Distinguished From Mere Intention to Take a Particular Final Action, IAS_VI-4044-001.
Expedited Final Order Entered — DEP, IAS_VI-4045-001.
Expedited Final Order Entered — DEP Rule Variance, IAS_VI-4046-001.
Finality — Test For, IAS_VI-4047-004.
Fact Findings & Conclusions of Law Found Inadequate For Appellate Review, IAS_VI-4048-001.
Found to Lack Requisite Foundation, IAS_VI-4049-002.
Motion For Clarification — Granted, IAS_VI-4050-001.
Must State the Basis For the Agency’s Decision, IAS_VI-4051-001.
Not “Rendered” Until Filed With Agency Clerk, IAS_VI-4052-002.
Notice of Proposed Agency Action — Telephone Message the Day Before Found Insufficient, IAS_VI-4053-001.
Remand to DOAH Does Not Constitute, IAS_VI-4054-001.
Reversed For Failure to Comply With §120.59(4), IAS_VI-4055-001.
Time Limit For Rendering — Examined, IAS_VI-4056-001.
Time Limit For Rendering — Motion to Dismiss Based On Violation Of, IAS_VI-4057-001.
Time Limit For Rendering — Standard Governing Finding of Reversible Error Examined, IAS_VI-4058-001.
Time Limit For Rendering — Violation of Held to Be Reversible Error, IAS_VI-4059-001.
Formal Hearing (§120.57(1)) (See Also Informal Hearing, Intervenors) —
Agency Action Must Be Final In Order to Be Assailable, IAS_VI-4060-001.
Agency Denial of Request For — Found to Be Reversible Error, IAS_VI-4061-001.
Amended Petition —
No Right to File, IAS_VI-4062-001.
Amendment of Petition During Hearing, IAS_VI-4063-001.
An Agency Cannot Divest DOAH of Jurisdiction After a Proper Referral, IAS_VI-4064-001.
Before Either Agency Head or DOAH, IAS_VI-4065-001.
Can Be Converted to Informal §120.57(2) Proceeding, IAS_VI-4066-001.
Clear Point of Entry —
Actual Notice — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4067-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4068-002.
Failure to Provide Means Agency Action Never Becomes “Final”, IAS_VI-4069-001.
Must Be Accorded to Persons Whose Substantial Interests Are Affected, IAS_VI-4070-010.
Purpose of This Requirement — Examined, IAS_VI-4071-001.
Reasonableness of — Examined, IAS_VI-4072-001.
Consolidation — Granted, IAS_VI-4073-001.
Continuance (See DOAH, Hearing Officer)
DOAH ALJ Cannot Initiate An Unpromulgated Rule Challenge Proceeding Sua Sponte, IAS_VI-4074-001.
De Novo In Nature, IAS_VI-4075-012.
De Novo In Nature —
Designed to Give Affected Parties An Opportunity to Change the Agency’s Mind, IAS_VI-4076-001.
Not Every Agency Action Ever Taken In Regard to a Petitioner Can Be Considered, IAS_VI-4077-001.
Not Limited to Circumstances Which Existed Prior to the Formal Hearing, IAS_VI-4078-002.
Not to Review Preliminary Agency Action, IAS_VI-4079-021.
Dismissal of Petition For As Sanction For Discovery Violations — Reversed, IAS_VI-4080-001.
Entitlement to Formal §120.57(1) Hearing, IAS_VI-4081-001.
Failure to Appear, IAS_VI-4082-001.
Hearsay (See Evidence)
Impartial Fact-Finder Is Fundamental, IAS_VI-4083-001.
Motion to Postpone — Denied, IAS_VI-4084-001.
Notice of Right (See Time Limit For Requesting Is Not Jurisdictional)
Official Recognition, IAS_VI-4085-001.
Petition For —
Agency Dismissal of Petition For — Reversed, IAS_VI-4086-001.
Amendment of — Leave to Amend Should Be Liberally Accorded, IAS_VI-4087-001.
Deficient Petition Should Not Be Referred to DOAH, IAS_VI-4088-001.
Found to Be Legally Insufficient — Failure to Provide a Concise Statement of Ultimate Facts, IAS_VI-4089-001.
Requisite Statement of the Facts — Outlined, IAS_VI-4090-001.
Specific Reference to Applicable Statute Or Rule Number — Found Not Required, IAS_VI-4091-001.
Time Extensions Generally Should Be Made Available, IAS_VI-4092-001.
Petition For By Pro Se Petitioner Need Not Utilize Buzz Words Such As “Request” or “Hearing” (See Also Pro Se Petitioner), IAS_VI-4093-001.
Petition For Denied As Defective — Reversed, IAS_VI-4094-002.
Petitioner Cannot Proceed “Anonymously”, IAS_VI-4095-002.
Pleadings — Issues Outside of Cannot Be Reached, IAS_VI-4096-001.
Post-Hearing Supplementation of Record —
Allowance of After Conclusion of Parallel Criminal Case — Affirmed, IAS_VI-4097-001.
Allowed, IAS_VI-4098-001.
Denied, IAS_VI-4099-008.
Disfavored, IAS_VI-4100-001.
Requirement For a Verified Pleading, IAS_VI-4101-001.
Requires Disputed Issue of Material Fact, IAS_VI-4102-004.
Service of the Complaint —
Dispute Over — Found to Require a Hearing Prior to Entry of Default, IAS_VI-4103-001.
Stay of Proceeding Pending Outcome of Parallel Criminal Case — Denied, IAS_VI-4104-001.
Time Limit For Requesting Is Not Jurisdictional —
Amended Petition Accepted Though Untimely, IAS_VI-4105-001.
DEP Finds No Substantive Jurisdiction to Reject DOAH Holding Regarding, IAS_VI-4106-001.
Equitable Tolling — Discussed, IAS_VI-4107-006.
Equitable Tolling — Distinguished From Equitable Estoppel, IAS_VI-4108-001.
Equitable Tolling — Does Not Apply If Agency Is Merely a Nominal Party, IAS_VI-4109-001.
Equitable Tolling — Found Applicable, IAS_VI-4110-004.
Equitable Tolling — Found Inapplicable, IAS_VI-4111-009.
Equitable Tolling — Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_VI-4112-003.
Excusable Neglect — Discussed, IAS_VI-4113-002.
Excusable Neglect — Found Inapplicable, IAS_VI-4114-005.
Excusable Neglect — Requires More Than a Conclusionary Statement of Counsel, IAS_VI-4115-001.
Mailbox Rule For Inmate Petitions — Examined & Found Applicable, IAS_VI-4116-001.
Notice of Right to — Is Required, IAS_VI-4117-001.
Notice of Right to Not Irrefutably Presumed Upon Allegation of Agency Mailing, IAS_VI-4118-001.
Opportunity to Explain Reasons For Late Filing Must Be Accorded, IAS_VI-4119-001.
Time Limit — Filing of Petition In Wrong Forum, IAS_VI-4120-001.
Timeliness of Petition Found to Involve Disputed Issue of Material Fact Precluding Summary Dismissal, IAS_VI-4121-001.
Untimely Request For — Found Not Curable, IAS_VI-4122-001.
Untimely Request For Operates As Waiver, IAS_VI-4123-004.
Free Form Agency Action —
Nonfinality Implies No Right to Hearing On, IAS_VI-4124-002.
Tentative Nature of — Examined, IAS_VI-4125-001.
Harmless Error —
Erroneous Conclusions of Law, IAS_VI-4126-005.
Erroneous Fact Finding, IAS_VI-4127-002.
Failure to Rule On An Issue, IAS_VI-4128-001.
Incorrect Standard of Proof Is Not But Rather Is Reversible Error, IAS_VI-4129-001.
Small Business Impact — Failure to Consider In Proposed Rule Challenge, IAS_VI-4130-001.
Defect In Application For Permit Renewal, IAS_VI-4131-001.
Discussed, IAS_VI-4132-003.
Failure to Cite Exact Violation In the Complaint, IAS_VI-4133-001.
Improper Finding of Third Party Standing, IAS_VI-4134-001.
Procedural Time Limit Violation Without Prejudice, IAS_VI-4135-001.
Scrivener’s Error, IAS_VI-4136-001.
Technical Pleading Defect, IAS_VI-4137-001.
Informal Hearing (§120.57(2)) (See Also Formal Hearing (§120.57 (1)) —
Absence of Disputed Issue of Material Fact, IAS_VI-4138-001.
Appellate Review Is Available, IAS_VI-4139-001.
Can Be Converted to Formal §120.57(1) Proceeding, IAS_VI-4140-002.
Right to a Formal Hearing Found Waived, IAS_VI-4141-001.
Intervenors (See Also ADMINISTRATION Comm. Comprehensive Plan — Local; APPELLATE REVIEW, Standing; COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of, Local Comprehensive Plan; CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests); DECLARATORY STATEMENTS, Requirements For, Standing; HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For, Certificate of Need (CON); LAND & WATER ADJUDICATORY Comm., Appeals; PERMITS, Third Party Intervenors; RULES & RULEMAKING; Standing) —
Standing —
Agency Has Substantive Jurisdiction Over DOAH Conclusions Regarding, IAS_VI-4142-001.
Allegations Contained In Petition Must Be Taken As True, IAS_VI-4143-001.
Association — Test For, IAS_VI-4144-002.
Association — Three (3) Part Test, IAS_VI-4145-002.
Concept of Examined At Length, IAS_VI-4146-001.
Conclusion of Law — Appellate Review Is De Novo, IAS_VI-4147-001.
Failure to Properly Plead Facts Relevant to, IAS_VI-4148-001.
Injury In Fact — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4149-002.
Jurisdictional Issue That Can Result In Dismissal Whenever Properly Established, IAS_VI-4150-001.
Must Be Proven By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-4151-002.
Predicated On Alleged Misconduct of Third Parties, IAS_VI-4152-001.
Purpose Behind This Requirement — Examined, IAS_VI-4153-002.
Substantial Interests — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4154-002.
Substantially Affected — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4155-001.
Third Party — Explored, IAS_VI-4156-001.
Two (2) Prong Test, IAS_VI-4157-014.
DOAH Referral Divests An Agency of All Jurisdiction & the Agency Becomes a Mere Party Litigant, IAS_VI-4158-001.
None to Interpret Fla. Bar Rules, IAS_VI-4159-001.
Laches (See Also Statute of Limitations) —
Applicable to Administrative Proceedings, IAS_VI-4160-001.
Inapplicable, IAS_VI-4161-001.
Waiver of Claim, IAS_VI-4162-001.
Moot Case, IAS_VI-4163-003.
Moot Case —
Cessation of Allegedly Unlicensed Activities, IAS_VI-4164-001.
Collateral Legal Consequences —
Possible Award of Attorney’s Fees, IAS_VI-4165-001.
Constitutional Amendment Converting An Agency From Legislative to Constitutional Moots Pending Rule Challenge, IAS_VI-4166-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4167-003.
Dismissal of As, IAS_VI-4168-001.
Found, IAS_VI-4169-001.
Standing Issue After a Party Is Afforded Full Participation At Hearing, IAS_VI-4170-001.
Motion In Limine —
Agency Cannot Review DOAH Ruling On, IAS_VI-4171-001.
DOAH Has Exclusive Jurisdiction Over, IAS_VI-4172-001.
Denied, IAS_VI-4173-009.
Granted, IAS_VI-4174-009.
Granted — Reversed, IAS_VI-4175-001.
Motion In to Limit Issues, IAS_VI-4176-003.
Purpose of — Examined, IAS_VI-4177-001.
Motion to Dismiss —
All Well-Pleaded Allegations Are Assumed to Be True, IAS_VI-4178-002.
DOAH Cannot Reach Absent Final Order Authority, IAS_VI-4179-001.
Grant of Reversed Due to Disputed Issues of Fact, IAS_VI-4180-001.
Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding, IAS_VI-4181-002.
Review Limited to Four (4) Corners of Petition, IAS_VI-4182-001.
Nonfinal Order (See Free Form Agency Action; APPELLATE REVIEW)
Nonrule Policy —
Agency Burden When Relying On, IAS_VI-4183-003.
Agency Decision Based On Nonrule Policy Without Explanation — Found Reversible Error, IAS_VI-4184-001.
DOAH Authority to Rule On, IAS_VI-4185-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4186-001.
Official Recognition —
Denied, IAS_VI-4187-003.
Equivalent to Judicial Notice, IAS_VI-4188-001.
Granted, IAS_VI-4189-009.
Purely Evidentiary Matter — DOAH Discretion — Agency Has No Substantive Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-4190-001.
Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding, IAS_VI-4191-083.
Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding (See Also Burden of Proof, Evidence) —
Agency Action — Seeking Fines Alone Is Penal Nonetheless, IAS_VI-4192-001.
Agency Action — Which Affects Reputation & Good Name Constitutes, IAS_VI-4193-001.
Penal Defined, IAS_VI-4194-001.
Standard of Proof, IAS_VI-4195-001.
Standard of Proof (See Also Evidence) —
Clear & Convincing Evidence (See Also Evidence), IAS_VI-4196-122.
Clear & Convincing Evidence — Does Not Require Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, IAS_VI-4197-001.
Clear & Convincing Evidence — Found Not Provided, IAS_VI-4198-002.
Clear & Convincing Evidence Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4199-098.
Clear & Convincing Evidence Not Required If Revocation Is Not Sought, IAS_VI-4200-005.
Clear & Convincing Evidence Required If a Fine Is Sought, IAS_VI-4201-001.
Distinguished From Burden of Proof, IAS_VI-4202-001.
Fines Alone Are Penal, IAS_VI-4203-001.
Varying Standards of Proof Depending On the Nature of the Proceedings — Examined, IAS_VI-4204-001.
Pro Se Petitioners (See Also Formal Hearing (§120.57(1)), Petition For By…) —
Bound By Same Rules That Apply to Counsel, IAS_VI-4205-001.
Held to Same Standard of Conduct As a Licensed Attorney, IAS_VI-4206-001.
Not Subject to a Lesser Standard of Conduct, IAS_VI-4207-001.
Pleading Deficiencies Not Treated Leniently, IAS_VI-4208-001.
Pleading Deficiencies Treated Leniently, IAS_VI-4209-001.
Probable Cause Panel —
Release of Names of Board Members, Release of Names of Board Members, IAS_VI-4210-001.
Requisite Proof to Support Filing of a Complaint, IAS_VI-4211-002.
Reconsideration —
Denied, IAS_VI-4212-001.
Found Authorized, IAS_VI-4213-001.
Jurisdiction For — Found, IAS_VI-4214-001.
Recusal —
DEP Secretary — Delegation to Deputy Secretary, IAS_VI-4215-001.
DOAH ALJ Denial of Motion For — Reversed, IAS_VI-4216-001.
DOAH Hearing Officer, IAS_VI-4217-002.
Denial of — Reversed, IAS_VI-4218-001.
Discussed, IAS_VI-4219-002.
Motion For Denied, IAS_VI-4220-006.
Motion For Denied — Writ of Prohibition Reverses, IAS_VI-4221-001.
Multiple Roles of Agency Head Inherent In Administrative Process Is Not Per Se Unconstitutional, IAS_VI-4222-001.
Participation In Formulation of Proposed Action Does Not Constitute Grounds For, IAS_VI-4223-001.
Post-Hearing Remarks Found to Reflect Bias & Prejudice, IAS_VI-4224-001.
Standards Governing Differ Substantially From Those Governing Judicial Branch Officials, IAS_VI-4225-001.
Truth of Allegations Cannot Be Reached — Countervailing Evidence Is Not Admissible, IAS_VI-4226-001.
Well-Grounded Fear of Lack of Impartiality — Found, IAS_VI-4227-001.
Res Judicata (See Also Collateral Estoppel, Equitable Estoppel, Estoppel) —
Appellate Review of An Order Has No Effect On Even If There Is a Stay, IAS_VI-4228-001.
Applicable, IAS_VI-4229-001.
Declaratory Statement, IAS_VI-4230-001.
Distinguished From Collateral Estoppel, IAS_VI-4231-001.
Doctrine of Administrative Finality — Examined, IAS_VI-4232-001.
Four (4) Part Test For, IAS_VI-4233-002.
Inapplicable, IAS_VI-4234-002.
Law of the Case Doctrine, IAS_VI-4235-001.
Stare Decisis —
Applicability to Administrative Proceedings, IAS_VI-4236-002.
Claim That a Permanent Revocation Violated This Doctrine — Rejected, IAS_VI-4237-001.
Conclusions of Law — DOAH — No Agency Review Due to Lack of Transcript — No Precedential Value, IAS_VI-4238-001.
Core Principle of Our System of Justice, IAS_VI-4239-001.
DOAH Ruling Not Subject to Agency Review Due to Lack of a Transcript Is Not Entitled to Precedential Value, IAS_VI-4240-001.
Deviation From Precedent Must Be — Explained, IAS_VI-4241-001.
Discussed, IAS_VI-4242-001.
Failure to Implement Reversible Error, IAS_VI-4243-001.
Gessler Decision — Discussed, IAS_VI-4244-001.
Should Not Be Used to Institutionalize or Justify An Error, IAS_VI-4245-001.
Statute of Limitations (See Also Laches) —
Claim Extinguished By Cannot Be Revived By Subsequent Court Decision, IAS_VI-4246-001.
Purpose of — Examined, IAS_VI-4247-001.
Stipulations —
DOAH Not Bound By As to Matters of Law, IAS_VI-4248-001.
Oral — When Binding, IAS_VI-4249-001.
Parole Evidence Rule Found to Prohibit Admission of Extrinsic Evidence, IAS_VI-4250-001.
Parties Are Bound By, IAS_VI-4251-001.
Parties Are Bound By Absent Fraud, IAS_VI-4252-004.
Parties Who Do Not Sign Are Not Bound By, IAS_VI-4253-001.
Third Parties Cannot Enforce, IAS_VI-4254-001.
Uniform Rules of Procedure —
Binding On Agency Unless An Exception Is Approved By the Admin. Comm. As of 7/1/98, IAS_VI-4255-001.
Voluntary Dismissal —
Agency — Incorrectly Numbered Statutory Citations — Found Not to Preclude Renumbering, IAS_VI-4256-001.
Third Party — Does Not Divest Agency Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-4257-001.


Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Final Order On Appellate Remand: Grabau v. Dept. of Health —
Deposition Ruled Inadmissible — Complaint Dismissed, IAS_VI-4258-001.
License —
Criminal Plea — Indecent Exposure/Battery & Resisting Arrest, IAS_VI-4259-001.
Criminal Plea –Medicaid Fraud, IAS_VI-4260-001.
Emergency Restriction —
Abusing Alcohol, Cocaine, Marijuana & Ecstasy With a Minor Female Client, IAS_VI-4261-001.
Criminal Charge (Lewd & Lascivious Battery/Unlawful Sexual Activity With a Minor), IAS_VI-4262-001.
Heterosexual Misconduct With Minor Female Client, IAS_VI-4263-001.
Emergency Suspension —
Alcohol & Polysubtance Abuse, IAS_VI-4264-001.
Alcoholism, IAS_VI-4265-001.
Brain Lesions, IAS_VI-4266-001.
Criminal Plea — Exposure of Sexual Organs/Child Abuse/Contributing to Delinquency, IAS_VI-4267-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine/Battery/Addiction to Controlled Substances, IAS_VI-4268-001.
Criminal Plea — Racketeering/Conspiracy/Medicaid Fraud/Grand Theft, IAS_VI-4269-001.
Criminal Plea — Sexual Activity With a Minor, IAS_VI-4270-001.
Personality Disorder — Antisocial Traits, IAS_VI-4271-001.
Polysubstance Abuse, IAS_VI-4272-001.
Sexual Contact With a Client, IAS_VI-4273-001.
Sexual Relationship With Minor, IAS_VI-4274-001.
Failure to Notify Bd. of Licensee’s Current Mailing Address, IAS_VI-4275-001.
Failure to Maintain Confidentiality of Patient Information, IAS_VI-4276-003.
Failure to Maintain Confidentiality of Patient Information —
Troubled Teenaged Child Whose Estranged Parents Are Embroiled In a Custody Dispute, IAS_VI-4277-001.
Failure to Provide Patient Records Upon Request, IAS_VI-4278-001.
Failure to Publish Notice of Termination or Relocation of Practice, IAS_VI-4279-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-4280-001.
Motion For Stay Pending Appellate Review Granted — Suspension & Other Discipline, IAS_VI-4281-001.
Operating Beyond Scope of License, IAS_VI-4282-001.
Psychotherapy Record Keeping Requirements Examined, IAS_VI-4283-001.
Sexual Misconduct With Patient, IAS_VI-4284-004.
Sexual Misconduct With Patient — Consent Is Irrelevant, IAS_VI-4285-001.
Treating a Person With Whom There Was a Prior Personal Relationship, IAS_VI-4286-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_VI-4287-002.
Licensure —
By Endorsement —
1987 New York Requirements Found Not Substantially Equivalent to Florida’s, IAS_VI-4288-001.
1995 North Carolina Requirements Found Not Substantially Equivalent to Florida’s, IAS_VI-4289-001.
Educational Requirement — Online Degree Found Comparable, IAS_VI-4290-001.
Post-Doctoral Education Requirements Found Lacking — Rule Variance Granted, IAS_VI-4291-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Licensure — Post-Doctoral Supervisor Licensed Outside of Florida — Granted, IAS_VI-4292-001.


Bargaining Rights —
Circuit Court Dismissal of Police Benevolent Assoc. Suit Challenging Legislative Refusal to Fund Governor’s Agreement Affirmed, IAS_VI-4293-001.
Courts Can Review the Final Product of the Legislative Process But Cannot Review the “Internal Workings”, IAS_VI-4294-002.
Legislature Is Not Legally Required to Fund a Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiated By the Governor, IAS_VI-4295-001.
Subject to Legislature’s Appropriations Power, IAS_VI-4296-001.
Career Service Employee —
Reclassification — Agency Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-4297-002.
Reclassification From Career Service to Selected Exempt, IAS_VI-4298-003.
Reclassification From Career Service to Selected Exempt —
Employer Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-4299-001.
Found to Require a Clear Point of Entry to Request a Hearing, IAS_VI-4300-001.
Resignation — Withdrawal of After Acceptance Denied, IAS_VI-4301-001.
Termination — Challenge to Is Outside the Scope of the Employing Agency’s Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-4302-001.
Senior Management Employees —
Hold Their Positions At-Will, IAS_VI-4303-001.
Children & Families (See CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of)
Dismissal —
Contract Employee —
Grounds For Examined, IAS_VI-4304-001.
Education, Dept. of (See EDUCATION, Dept. of (DOE))
Health Care Administration (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION)
Health (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Juvenile Justice (See JUVENILE JUSTICE, Dept. of)
Name Clearing Hearing —
Constitutional Right to Examined, IAS_VI-4305-001.
Selected Exempt Employee Not Entitled to — Staff Attorney, IAS_VI-4306-001.
Standing Requirements Examined, IAS_VI-4307-001.
Salary Overpayment —
Agency’s Burden of Proof Is By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-4308-001.
Recoupment — Burden of Proof, IAS_VI-4309-002.
Recoupment — Installment Repayment Plan Approved — Overpayment Not Employee’s Fault, IAS_VI-4310-001.
Recoupment — Ordered, IAS_VI-4311-002.
School Boards (See SCHOOL BOARDS)
Service First Initiative (Chapter 01-043) —
Found Not to Violate the Collective Bargaining Rights of Public Employees, IAS_VI-4312-002.
Related Proviso Language In General Appropriations Act Found to Improperly Contain Provisions On Substantive Matters, IAS_VI-4313-002.
Whistle-Blower Act —
Bd. of Trustees of Community College Found Not to Be An “Agency” Subject to This Act, IAS_VI-4314-001.
To Be Liberally Construed, IAS_VI-4315-001.


Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Petition For Review of Nonfinal Order Denying Motion to Dismissed — Denied, IAS_VI-4316-001.
Career Service Employees —
Discovery of Employee Drug Test Results Is Prohibited, IAS_VI-4317-001.
Name Clearing Hearing —
Petition For Hearing Denied Due to Absence of Stigmatizing Information, IAS_VI-4318-001.
Reclassification From Permanent Career Service Status to Select Exempt Service, IAS_VI-4319-001.
Discharge For Alleged Misconduct —
Agency Failure to Meet Procedural Benchmarks Such As Investigation Deadlines Not Dispositive Unless Prejudicial, IAS_VI-4320-001.
Verbal Abuse/ Profanity/ Racist or Sexist Epithets/ False Statements, IAS_VI-4321-001.
Jurisdiction —
None to Review Reclassification From Permanent Career Service Status to Select Exempt Service, IAS_VI-4322-001.


PUBLIC RECORDS ACT (§119, Fla. Stat.)
§119 Construed —
§119.07(1)(a) Upheld As Facially Constitutional, IAS_VI-4323-001.
Applicability to Private Corporation Contracting With the State, IAS_VI-4324-001.
Definition of “Public Records” — Examined, IAS_VI-4325-001.
Disclosure of Public Records Is a Mandatory Not a Discretionary Act, IAS_VI-4326-001.
There Is No Presumption In Favor of Disclosure Once a Public Interest Is Established, IAS_VI-4327-001.
To Be Liberally Construed In Favor of Open Government, IAS_VI-4328-003.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Awarded, IAS_VI-4329-001.
Circuit Court Denial of — Affirmed, IAS_VI-4330-001.
Cannot Be Circumvented By Contractually Delegating Agency Responsibilities to Private Parties, IAS_VI-4331-001.
Charges For —
Sales Tax Found Not Due On, IAS_VI-4332-001.
Computer Databases —
Status As Public Records — Examined, IAS_VI-4333-001.
Copyright Protection —
Data Processing Software — Statutory Provision Regarding, IAS_VI-4334-001.
None For County Geographic Information & Maps, IAS_VI-4335-001.
Criminal Conviction —
Circuit Court Order Vacating Jury Conviction & Finding §119.07(1)(a) Facially Unconstitutional — Reversed, IAS_VI-4336-001.
Exemption —
Absentee Ballot Envelope — Outside of — None, IAS_VI-4337-001.
Child Resource Records of Foster Children, IAS_VI-4338-001.
Confidentiality Provisions — Redact Relevant Information, IAS_VI-4339-001.
Court Discretionary Determination Is Entitled to Substantial Deference, IAS_VI-4340-001.
Courts Must Carefully Weigh Competing Interests, IAS_VI-4341-001.
Courts Must Conduct In Camera Review of Records When the Exemption Is Properly Challenged, IAS_VI-4342-001.
Courts Should Redact Sensitive Portions Only If Possible to Accommodate Public Access, IAS_VI-4343-001.
Judicial Records — Personal E-mails, IAS_VI-4344-001.
Narrowly Construed, IAS_VI-4345-002.
Personal E-Mails Stored On Government-Owned Computer, IAS_VI-4346-001.
Petitioner Has the Burden of Showing Good Cause For the Disclosure of Exempt Records, IAS_VI-4347-001.
Public Hospitals — Private Lease of, IAS_VI-4348-001.
Public Hospitals — Statewide Provider & Managed Care Dispute Resolutions, IAS_VI-4349-001.
Requirement For 2/3 Vote Applicable to Readoption of Sunsetting Exemption, IAS_VI-4350-001.
Should Not Be Inferred, IAS_VI-4351-001.
Private Corporations —
Applicability to Private Corporation Contracting With the State, IAS_VI-4352-001.
Private Organizations —
Acting On Behalf of a Public Body, IAS_VI-4353-001.
Cannot Be Delegated Responsibility For Providing Access to & Copying Services, IAS_VI-4354-001.
Reedy Creek Improvement Dist. — Disney World Co. —
School Readiness Coalition, IAS_VI-4355-001.
Public Records —
Connection Between Public Records & Official Business Found to Be Well Established, IAS_VI-4356-001.
Defined, IAS_VI-4357-001.
E-Mail Header On Personal E-Mail Is Not a “Log,” Or Public Record, IAS_VI-4358-001.
Maintenance of Off-Site, IAS_VI-4359-001.
Private Documents Cannot Be Deemed Public Records By Merely Placing Them On a Government-Owned Computer, IAS_VI-4360-001.
Right of Access Is a Substantive Right, IAS_VI-4361-001.
Status of Records As Is a Question of Law Subject To De Novo Appellate Review, IAS_VI-4362-001.
Right to Privacy Is Expressly Made Subject to, IAS_VI-4363-001.
Trade Secrets —
Contractor Must Mark As Confidential In Writing Prior to Filing to Be Exempt From Public Records Act, IAS_VI-4364-001.


Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
PSC Orders Are Presumed Correct, IAS_VI-4365-001.
Declaratory Statement (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)