Appraiser —
Dept. Suspension of License Affirmed — No Right to Collaterally Challenge Effectiveness of Counsel, IAS_VI-4366-001.
Broker —
Failure to Deliver Commission Check to Former Employer —
Comm. Discipline Reversed On Basis That This Was a Contractual Issue Justiciable In Circuit Court Only, IAS_VI-4367-002.
Relationship Between Broker & Salesperson Is Contractual In Nature, IAS_VI-4368-001.
Salesperson —
Failure to Deliver Commission Check to Former Employer —
Comm. Discipline Reversed On Basis That This Was a Contractual Issue Justiciable In Circuit Court Only, IAS_VI-4369-001.
Failure to Disclose Criminal History On Licensure Application, IAS_VI-4370-001.
Relationship Between Broker & Salesperson Is Contractual In Nature, IAS_VI-4371-001.

License —
Emergency Suspension —
Alcohol Dependency, IAS_VI-4372-002.
Alcoholism, IAS_VI-4373-001.
Chemical Dependency (Oxycontin & Vicodin), IAS_VI-4374-001.
Criminal Charge — Attempting to Obtain a Controlled Substance By Fraud, IAS_VI-4375-001.
Criminal Plea — Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, IAS_VI-4376-001.
Depression, IAS_VI-4377-001.
Depression/Schizoid Personality Disorder, IAS_VI-4378-001.
Driving Under the Influence (DUI), IAS_VI-4379-001.
Failure to Comply With IPN Contract, IAS_VI-4380-002.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IAS_VI-4381-001.
Failure to Perform Statutory or Legal Obligation, IAS_VI-4382-001.
Falsification of Patient Records, IAS_VI-4383-001.
Gross or Repeated Malpractice, IAS_VI-4384-001.
Marijuana Use, IAS_VI-4385-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Alcohol, Propoxyphene, Cocaine & Morphine), IAS_VI-4386-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Benzodiazepines & Proposyphene), IAS_VI-4387-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Marijuana), IAS_VI-4388-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Opiates & Methadone), IAS_VI-4389-001.
Positive Drug Screen (Opiates/Codeine/Morphine), IAS_VI-4390-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_VI-4391-001.
Violation of PRN Monitoring Contract, IAS_VI-4392-001.
Inability In Profession (Cocaine & Alcohol Dependency), IAS_VI-4393-001.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IAS_VI-4394-001.

Ad Valorem (See Also TAXATION)
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Necessity For Consistency In Judicial Decisions — Noted, IAS_VI-4395-001.
Writ of Prohibition Granted to Prevent DOAH §120.56 Challenge to Repealed DOR Rule, IAS_VI-4396-001.
Assessment —
§72 Circuit Court Challenge to Assessment —
Court Has Discretion to Approve or Reject An Alternative Security Arrangement, IAS_VI-4397-001.
Denial of Motion For Alternative Security Arrangement — Affirmed, IAS_VI-4398-001.
Accord & Satisfaction —
Taxpayer Bound By Absent Fraud, IAS_VI-4399-003.
Challenge to Assessment —
Challenger’s Burden of Proof, IAS_VI-4400-004.
Sixty (60) Day Time Limit For — Found Violated, IAS_VI-4401-001.
Untimely Challenge — DOR Lacks Jursidiction, IAS_VI-4402-001.
DOR Burden of Proof — Examined, IAS_VI-4403-009.
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case, IAS_VI-4404-013.
Presumption of Correctness, IAS_VI-4405-002.
Statute of Limitations — Examined, IAS_VI-4406-001.
Taxpayer’s Burden of Proof When Challenging — Explored, IAS_VI-4407-008.
Untimely Challenge — DOR Lacks Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-4408-001.
Audits —
Absence of Adequate Available Taxpayer Records, IAS_VI-4409-001.
Five (5) Year Time Limit For, IAS_VI-4410-001.
Found to Have Been Timely, IAS_VI-4411-001.
Sampling — Taxpayer Cannot Complain of Results After Agreeing to, IAS_VI-4412-001.
Sampling Is Appropriate If Taxpayer Fails to Maintain Adequate Records, IAS_VI-4413-002.
Child Support Obligation —
DOR Dismissal of Petition For Hearing — Reversed, IAS_VI-4414-001.
Dismissal of Inmate’s Petition Challenging Notice of Report to Consumer Credit Reporting Agency As Untimely — Reversed, IAS_VI-4415-001.
Circuit Court (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Class Action Certification Rescinded —
Bailbondsmen — Documentary Stamp Tax On Note & Mortgage — Numerosity Requirement Found Not Satisfied (7), IAS_VI-4416-001.
Order Granting DOR Motion to Change Venue Reversed, IAS_VI-4417-001.
Order Transferring Venue to Leon County — Affirmed, IAS_VI-4418-001.
Constitutional Challenges (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.); PRACTICE & PROCEDURE; TAXATION) —
Refund Request — Is Not a Prerequisite If Challenge Is to a Statute, IAS_VI-4419-001.
Refund Request — Is a Prerequisite If Challenge Is to a Rule, IAS_VI-4420-001.
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Documentary Stamp Tax —
§201.08(1) —
Bailbondsmen — Documentary Stamp Tax On Note & Mortgage Class Decertified, IAS_VI-4421-001.
Conveyance of — Encumbered Real Property to Corporation From Its Shareholders — Circuit Court Reversal of Assessment — Reversed, IAS_VI-4422-001.
Conveyance of — Real Property From a Parent Company to a Newly Created Subsidiary LLC, IAS_VI-4423-001.
Consideration —
Four (4) Types of Exchange Mediums — Examined, IAS_VI-4424-001.
Nonmonetary Consideration Presumed to Be Equivalent to Fair Market Value, IAS_VI-4425-001.
Excise Tax On Documents – Not a Tax On Transactions, IAS_VI-4426-001.
Liability For Determined Solely By the Form & Face of the Instrument – Not By Extrinsic Facts, IAS_VI-4427-001.
Fuel Dealer License —
Criminal Conviction — License Denied, IAS_VI-4428-001.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Lbs. of Marijuana, IAS_VI-4429-001.
Failure to Remit, IAS_VI-4430-001.
Fuel Tax —
Kerosene —
Aviation Fuel Tax Found Applicable Even If Not Used For Kerosene, IAS_VI-4431-001.
Exemptions From Taxation Found “Quite Limited”, IAS_VI-4432-001.
Found Taxable Whether or Not It Is Used As Aviation Fuel, IAS_VI-4433-001.
Penalty —
Compromise of — Taxpayer Has Burden of Proof Regarding, IAS_VI-4434-001.
Compromise of — Rejected, IAS_VI-4435-002.
DOR Discretion to Compromise — Examined, IAS_VI-4436-001.
Refund (See Also Constitutional Challenges) —
Consent Agreement With DOR —
Cannot Extend Limitations Period For Filing, IAS_VI-4437-001.
DOR Is Bound By, IAS_VI-4438-001.
Statute of Limitations — Contrary Provision In DOR Consent Agreement, IAS_VI-4439-001.
Sales Tax (See Also Use Tax; TAXATION) —
Assessment —
Admissions — Lingerie Modeling Fees, IAS_VI-4440-001.
Allocation Between Taxable & Nontaxable Items Within a Single Transaction, IAS_VI-4441-001.
Automobile (Antique) Dealer, IAS_VI-4442-001.
Automotive Paint & Body Shop, IAS_VI-4443-001.
Bad Debt Credit — Time Limit For Filing, IAS_VI-4444-001.
Computer Dealer — Internet Provider, IAS_VI-4445-001.
County Lease of Park For Tennis Tournament, IAS_VI-4446-001.
County-Sponsored Tennis Tournament At County Park — Lease Fees, IAS_VI-4447-001.
Cruise to Nowhere — Gambling — Concessions — Leased Gambling Equipment — Food — Rental Property, IAS_VI-4448-001.
Decorator Leasing Plants, IAS_VI-4449-001.
Floor Covering — Carpet & Tile — Sales & Installation, IAS_VI-4450-001.
Food Concession On Cruise to Nowhere, IAS_VI-4451-001.
Furniture Store — Retail — Bad Debt Credit, IAS_VI-4452-001.
Grocery & Seafood Store — Underreported Taxable Sales, IAS_VI-4453-001.
Ice Vending Machine, IAS_VI-4454-001.
Landscape/Maintenance & Construction Co. Purchases of Tangible Personal Property, IAS_VI-4455-001.
Lingerie Modeling Session Fees, IAS_VI-4456-001.
Mailing Lists On Magnetic Tape, IAS_VI-4457-001.
Motor Vehicle Dealer — Retail & Wholesale — Repossession Credits, IAS_VI-4458-001.
Motor Vehicles Purchased Primarily For Resale — Lack of Documentation, IAS_VI-4459-001.
Natural Gas, IAS_VI-4460-001.
Purchases From Out-of-State Vendors, IAS_VI-4461-001.
Rental Real Property — License to Distribute Free Publication, IAS_VI-4462-001.
Rental of Commercial Real Property —
Failure to Remit, IAS_VI-4463-002.
Grantor Trust Status Found Totally Irrelevant, IAS_VI-4464-001.
Number of Rental Units Is Immaterial, IAS_VI-4465-001.
Occupancy & Indemnity Agreement With Mortgagee, IAS_VI-4466-001.
Transient Housing, IAS_VI-4467-001.
Written Lease Is Not Required, IAS_VI-4468-001.
Rental of Residential Real Property —
Six (6) Month Duration Requirement — Month-to-Month Lease — Students, IAS_VI-4469-001.
Transient Housing, IAS_VI-4470-001.
Restaurant — Failure to Collect On Prepared Food, IAS_VI-4471-001.
Restaurant — Inadequate Records, IAS_VI-4472-001.
Slot Machine Lease — Oral — Cruise to Nowhere, IAS_VI-4473-001.
Telecommunications — Bracket Methodology Assailed, IAS_VI-4474-001.
Yacht — Bare Boat Charter (See Also Exemption)
Yacht — Bare Boat Charter — Fueling & Provisioning Services, IAS_VI-4475-001.
Yacht — Bare Boat Charter — Personal Use Also, IAS_VI-4476-001.
Yacht — Bare Boat Charter — Provision of a Crew Must Be Under a Separate Contract to Preserve the Exemption, IAS_VI-4477-001.
Yacht Dealer — Failure to Register As Reseller, IAS_VI-4478-001.
Exemption —
Applicability of Sales Tax Not Limited to “Profitable” Endeavors, IAS_VI-4479-001.
Consumer’s Certificate of — Philippines Culture, Music Dance, etc. — Dept. Denial of Reversed, IAS_VI-4480-001.
Consumer’s Certificate of — Purchase of Land & Building Counted As Eligible Expenditure, IAS_VI-4481-001.
Consumer’s Certificate of — Seminole Tribe — Revocation Reversed, IAS_VI-4482-001.
Interstate Commerce Exemption — Gambling Cruise to Nowhere, IAS_VI-4483-001.
Municipal Electric Utility — Repair/Replacement/Refurbishment of Transmission or Distribution Systems, IAS_VI-4484-001.
Municipalities & Political Subdivisions, IAS_VI-4485-001.
Out-of-State Sellers, IAS_VI-4486-001.
Printed Advertising Materials Distributed By Direct Mail — Format Found Dispositive, IAS_VI-4487-001.
Public Purpose Exemption — None, IAS_VI-4488-001.
Publication — Free — Advertising Materials — Format of Found to Be Crucial, IAS_VI-4489-001.
Resale — Duty to Properly Register, IAS_VI-4490-002.
Vessels Engaged In Interstate or Foreign Commerce, IAS_VI-4491-001.
Yacht — Bare Boat Charter (See Also Sales Tax, Assessment)
Yacht — Bare Boat Charter — Furnishing a Crew Must Be Under Separate Contract, IAS_VI-4492-001.
Yacht — Bare Boat Charter — Personal Use — In Florida vs. Outside Florida, IAS_VI-4493-001.
Local Government Infrastructure Surtax —
Discussed, IAS_VI-4494-001.
Status As An Excise Tax On Activity Intended For Financial Gain, IAS_VI-4495-001.
Ultimate Consumer Bears the Economic Burden — Seller Must Collect & Properly Remit, IAS_VI-4496-001.
Taxing Enactment (See Also STATUTES; TAXATION) —
Exemptions Are Strictly Construed Against the Taxpayer, IAS_VI-4497-008.
Tax Statutes Are to Be Strictly Construed In Favor of Taxpayer, IAS_VI-4498-003.
Technical & Complex Provision, IAS_VI-4499-001.
Use Tax (See Also Sales Tax) —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4500-003.
Good Faith Belief That Tax Was Paid Is Not Probative, IAS_VI-4501-001.
Materials Used In Fabricating Control Panels That Were Used In Real Property Improvement Contracts, IAS_VI-4502-001.
Sales & Use Tax — Are Separate But Complimentary Taxes, IAS_VI-4503-001.
Sales & Use Tax — Is An Excise Tax On the Privilege of Engaging In Business, IAS_VI-4504-001.
Slot Machine Lease — Oral — Cruise to Nowhere, IAS_VI-4505-001.
Trucking Company — Interstate Commerce — Failure to Be Licensed As a Common Carrier Vitiates Exemption, IAS_VI-4506-001.

Circuit Court Denial of Claim For Attorney’s Fees & Costs In a Public Records Case — Affirmed, IAS_VI-4507-001.

Agency Bound By Own Rule, IAS_VI-4508-015.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Conclusions of Law — De Novo Standard (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW), IAS_VI-4509-001.
Cost of Transcript — Interlocutory Review — Denied, IAS_VI-4510-001.
DOAH Lacks Jurisdiction to Dismiss An Otherwise Cognizable Rule Challenge Based On a Parallel Court Proceeding, IAS_VI-4511-001.
Direct Review Is Not Available, IAS_VI-4512-002.
Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies Doctrine — Found to Be Applicable, IAS_VI-4513-001.
Fact Findings — Competent Substantial Evidence Standard (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW), IAS_VI-4514-001.
Transfer of Rule Challenge From DOAH to Circuit Court — Discussed, IAS_VI-4515-001.
Applicability —
Those In Effect — At Hearing, IAS_VI-4516-001.
Those In Effect — At Time of Alleged Violation, IAS_VI-4517-001.
Those In Effect — When Services Were Rendered, IAS_VI-4518-001.
Arbitrary & Capricious —
Defined, IAS_VI-4519-013.
Proposed Rule — Found Not to Be, IAS_VI-4520-008.
Proposed Rule — Found to Be, IAS_VI-4521-001.
Retroactive Repeal of a Rule — Found to Be, IAS_VI-4522-001.
Rule — Found Not to Be, IAS_VI-4523-006.
Rule — Found to Be, IAS_VI-4524-003.
Standard For Determining — Discussed, IAS_VI-4525-001.
As Applied —
Challenge to Must Be In §120.57(1) Proceeding, IAS_VI-4526-005.
Erroneous or Wrongful Application of a Rule Does Not Invalidate It, IAS_VI-4527-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See PRACTICE & PROCEDURE)
Burden of Proof (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Agency Has Burden of Proving That Rulemaking Is Feasible & Practicable In An Unpromulgated Rule Challenge, IAS_VI-4528-001.
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case, IAS_VI-4529-003.
On Petitioner By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-4530-001.
On Those Who Challenge Validity, IAS_VI-4531-020.
Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-4532-008.
Stringent Indeed, IAS_VI-4533-001.
Constitutional Challenge (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.); PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
DOAH Can Consider For Proposed Rules, IAS_VI-4534-001.
DOAH Cannot Consider, IAS_VI-4535-007.
Unconstitutionality of Enabling Statute Void Rules Predicated Thereon, IAS_VI-4536-001.
Constitutionally-Created Agency —
Rules Are Not Subject to a §120 Challenge, IAS_VI-4537-001.
Construction (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.); STATUTES) —
Agency Construction — Cannot Contravene Clear Language of the Rule, IAS_VI-4538-001.
Agency Construction — Entitled to Great Weight, IAS_VI-4539-019.
Cannot Contradict Plain Language of Rule, IAS_VI-4540-001.
Change In Longstanding Rule Interpretation Found to Require Rulemaking, IAS_VI-4541-001.
Penal Provisions Strictly Construed, IAS_VI-4542-002.
Plain & Unambiguous Language — No Room For Construction, IAS_VI-4543-002.
Plain Meaning of Ordinary Terms Is the First Consideration, IAS_VI-4544-002.
Retroactive Application Found Improper, IAS_VI-4545-001.
Substantive Provision Will Not Operate Retroactively Absent Express Intent to the Contrary, IAS_VI-4546-001.
DOAH Review Found Analogous to Certiorari Review In Circuit Court of Quasi-Judicial Action — Scope of Examined, IAS_VI-4547-001.
Emergency Rule (See Also Invalidity (§120.56), Emergency Rule) —
Reasons As Stated — Found to Be Vague, IAS_VI-4548-001.
Reasons Expressed Must Be Factually Explicit & Persuasive, IAS_VI-4549-001.
Scope of DOAH Review, IAS_VI-4550-001.
Invalidity (§120.54(4)), Proposed Rule (See Also Proposed Rules, Rule) —
Alcoholic Beverage License —
Procedure For Issuing Revoked Quota Licenses, IAS_VI-4551-001.
Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) —
Div. of Alcoholic Beverages — Inclusion of Bowling Facilities & Race Tracks In Definition of Stand Alone Bar Status For Purposes of Indoor Smoking Prohibition, IAS_VI-4552-001.
Citrus —
Equalization Tax On Non-Florida United States Juice, IAS_VI-4553-001.
Education —
Preferences In Admission to State Universities, IAS_VI-4554-001.
Fish & Wildlife Conservation Comm. —
Commercial Pompano Size, Bag & Gear Regulations, IAS_VI-4555-001.
Rules Promulgated Pursuant to Constitutional Powers Are Not Subject to Size Challenge, IAS_VI-4556-001.
Hillsborough County School Bd. —
Policies & Summaries of Procedures of the Board Policy Manual, IAS_VI-4557-001.
Hotels & Restaurants —
Food Service Managers — Standards Governing Training & Certification, IAS_VI-4558-001.
Internal Improvement Trust Fund —
Order On Motion For Clarification, Rehearing, Certification or Rehearing En Banc: Internal Improvement Trust Fund v. Day Cruise Assoc., Inc., IAS_VI-4559-002.
Medicine —
Requirement That Physician Performing Outpatient Surgeries Have Transfer Agreement With Hospital, IAS_VI-4560-001.
Restrictions On Office-Based Surgery — Hospital Privileges, IAS_VI-4561-001.
Podiatry —
Standards & Scope of Podiatric Medicine — Reversed, IAS_VI-4562-001.
Public Service Comm. —
Telecommunications — Alternative Local Exchange Carrier Fresh Look Rule, IAS_VI-4563-001.
S.W. Fla. Water Management Dist. —
Criteria Governing Issuance of Water Use Permits In Southern Water Use Caution Area — Substitute Opinion, IAS_VI-4564-001.
Permit Exemption For Drawdowns of Lakes, IAS_VI-4565-001.
Standard Governing Review of, IAS_VI-4566-011.
Invalidity (§120.56), Adopted Rule (See Also Rule, Unpromulgated Rule) —
Acupuncture —
Continuing Education Provider — Application For Course Approval, IAS_VI-4567-001.
Agriculture & Consumer Services —
Citrus Canker Policy Governing Removal of Exposed Trees, IAS_VI-4568-001.
Appellate Court Does Not Defer to DOAH ALJ, IAS_VI-4569-001.
Banking & Finance —
Check Cashing — Deferred Presentment Transactions, IAS_VI-4570-001.
Building Comm. —
Pool Alarm Rule — Doors & Windows Providing Access — Reversed, IAS_VI-4571-001.
Children & Families —
Adoption Applications — Complaints, Dispute Resolutions & Appeals, IAS_VI-4572-001.
Medicaid — Post-Eligibility Treatment of Income, IAS_VI-4573-001.
Community Affairs —
Building Comm. — Pool Access Doors & Windows Alarm Requirements, IAS_VI-4574-001.
Health —
Alcohol Breath Test, IAS_VI-4575-001.
Correctional Facilities — Health & Safety Condition — Circuit Court Dismissal of Inmate Suit Assailing Rule Repeal — Reversed, IAS_VI-4576-001.
Health Care Administration, Agency For (AHCA) —
Corrected Opinion: A Choice for Women, Inc. v. AHCA, IAS_VI-4577-001.
Medicaid — Mobile Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) Coverage & Limitations Handbook, IAS_VI-4578-001.
Medicaid — Prohibition On Funding of Abortions Except In Limited Circumstances, IAS_VI-4579-001.
Insurance —
Sale or Lease of Business Opportunities, IAS_VI-4580-001.
Medicine —
Requirement That Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Be Directly Supervised By a Licensed Physician Other Than Surgeon In Level III Office Surgeries, IAS_VI-4581-001.
Requirement That a Surgeon In An Outpatient Facility Utilize An Anesthesiologist (M.D. & D.O.) to Supervise Administration of Anesthesia, IAS_VI-4582-001.
Rule-Required Denial of Licensure For Out-of-State Discipline, IAS_VI-4583-001.
Pari-Mutuel Wagering —
Horse Trainers Designated Absolute Insurers of Drug-Free Status of Race Animals, IAS_VI-4584-001.
S.W. Fla. Water Management Dist. —
Criteria Governing Issuance of Water Use Permits In Southern Water Use Caution Area — Substitute Opinion, IAS_VI-4585-001.
Exemptions From Environmental Resource Permitting, IAS_VI-4586-001.
St. Johns River Water Management Dist. —
Maintenance Dredging Exemption — DOAH Finding of Invalidity — Reversed, IAS_VI-4587-001.
Standard Governing Review of, IAS_VI-4588-008.
Invalidity (§120.56), Emergency Rule (See Also Emergency Rule) —
Citrus — Mechanism For the Collection of Equalization Tax On Non-Fla. U.S. Juice For Years 1997-2002, IAS_VI-4589-001.
Standards Governing Determination of the Validity of, IAS_VI-4590-001.
Proposed Rules (See Also Invalidity (§120.54(4)), Rule, Validity (§120.54(4)) —
Agency Has Ultimate Burden of Proof — Regarding Validity Pursuant to 10/96 Amendment to §120, IAS_VI-4591-007.
Agency Has the Burden of Proof — By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-4592-001.
Changes — Material — Off-the-Record Negotiations, IAS_VI-4593-001.
DOAH Can Invalidate On Constitutional Grounds, IAS_VI-4594-001.
No Presumption of Validity, IAS_VI-4595-005.
Notice of Change — Found Adequate, IAS_VI-4596-001.
Presumption of Validity, IAS_VI-4597-001.
Windows For Challenging the Validity of — Examined, IAS_VI-4598-001.
Rule (See Also Invalidity (§120.56), Unpromulgated Rule, Validity (§120.56)) —
§120.57 Cannot Be Used to Challenge Validity (See Also As Applied), IAS_VI-4599-005.
Agency Statement Regarding Application of — Found Not to Be a Rule, IAS_VI-4600-001.
Cannot Enlarge, Modify or Contravene a Statute, IAS_VI-4601-001.
Defined, IAS_VI-4602-014.
Definition of — Found to Turn On the Kind of Governmental Power Exercised, IAS_VI-4603-001.
Failure to — Adopt Statutorily-Mandated Rules, IAS_VI-4604-001.
Failure to — Establish Adequate Standards, IAS_VI-4605-002.
Failure to — Establish Adequate Standards —
Claim of — Examined & Rejected, IAS_VI-4606-005.
General Applicability — Requirement For — Discussed, IAS_VI-4607-004.
Interpretation of a Rule — Contrary to Its Unambiguous Language Constitutes, IAS_VI-4608-001.
Invalidated Rule — Is Inoperative As to Pending Applications, IAS_VI-4609-001.
Practical Limit to Requisite Specificity — Discussed, IAS_VI-4610-002.
Presumption of Validity, IAS_VI-4611-002.
Repeal — Challenge to Validity — Writ of Prohibition Precludes, IAS_VI-4612-001.
Repeal — Challenges to, IAS_VI-4613-001.
Repeal — Test For Whether Itself Is a “Rule” Subject to Challenge, IAS_VI-4614-001.
Rule Challenge Cannot Be Used to Collaterally Attack Disciplinary Action Against a License, IAS_VI-4615-001.
Serve to Implement, Interpret & Flesh Out Broad Statutory Mandates, IAS_VI-4616-001.
Statute — Rules May Clarify & Flesh Out, IAS_VI-4617-001.
Statutory Interpretation Can Constitute If Not Literal, IAS_VI-4618-001.
Tracking of Statutory Language Counters Claim of Contravention, IAS_VI-4619-001.
Rulemaking (See Also Rulemaking Authority) —
§120.54(5) Petition to Initiate —
Agency Has Absolute Discretion Over Absent a Statutory Mandate, IAS_VI-4620-001.
Denied, IAS_VI-4621-001.
Consideration of Lower Cost Regulatory Alternatives — Discussed, IAS_VI-4622-001.
Draw Out — Denial of Found Not Appealable, IAS_VI-4623-001.
Legislative Function Subject to Legislative Standards, IAS_VI-4624-001.
Material Defect In Procedure — Discussed, IAS_VI-4625-001.
Procedures Governing — Examined, IAS_VI-4626-001.
Public Input Is Now Required During the Rule Development Phase, IAS_VI-4627-001.
Small Business Impact — Failure to Consider Found Harmless, IAS_VI-4628-001.
Stay of — Denied, IAS_VI-4629-001.
Rulemaking Authority —
1996 APA Amendment —
Amendments to §120 — Examined At Length, IAS_VI-4630-002.
Requisite Authority — Found, IAS_VI-4631-007.
Requisite Authority — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-4632-005.
1999 APA Amendment —
Examined & Found to Have Clarified & Further Tightened 1996 Amendments, IAS_VI-4633-002.
Analytical Framework For Resolving Questions Regarding Rulemaking Authority, IAS_VI-4634-001.
Case-By-Case Determination, IAS_VI-4635-001.
Consideration of Facts At Least Up to the Time of Rule Challenge Filing Is Warranted, IAS_VI-4636-001.
Explicit Authority — Absent Per Se If the Underlying Statute Is Properly Declared Unconstitutional & Void Ab Initio, IAS_VI-4637-001.
Explicit Authority — Requirement For Exhaustively — Explained, IAS_VI-4638-003.
Explicit Rulemaking Authority — Is Now Required, IAS_VI-4639-015.
Found Exceeded, IAS_VI-4640-002.
Has Been Limited By Statute, IAS_VI-4641-009.
Language of a Rule Which Tracks the Statutory Language, IAS_VI-4642-001.
Legislature Is the Ultimate Policymaker, IAS_VI-4643-001.
May Be Implied to Properly Implement a Statute, IAS_VI-4644-002.
Must Be Determined On a Case-By-Case Basis, IAS_VI-4645-002.
No Agency Has Inherent Authority, IAS_VI-4646-002.
Requisite Authority — Standard For Determining Distinguished From That For Constitutionality, IAS_VI-4647-001.
School Board — Home Rule Powers — Standard of DOAH Review, IAS_VI-4648-001.
Should Extend No Further Than Implementing or Interpreting Specific Powers & Duties Conferred By the Same Statute, IAS_VI-4649-001.
Statutory Amendment Does Not Require Readoption of Rules, IAS_VI-4650-001.
Statutory Restrictions On Rulemaking In Another Section Cannot Be Negated, IAS_VI-4651-001.
Standing (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) —
Association — Expansion of APA Standing — Examined, IAS_VI-4652-001.
Associations —
Immediate & Actual Harm — Not Required, IAS_VI-4653-001.
NAACP — 1st DCA Finding Regarding Lack of — Reversed By Supreme Ct., IAS_VI-4654-001.
NAACP — Found to Lack On Basis of Lack of Regulation By Ban On Quotas In College Admissions, IAS_VI-4655-001.
Professional, IAS_VI-4656-004.
Three (3) Part Test For, IAS_VI-4657-007.
Burden of Proof —
Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-4658-001.
Examined, IAS_VI-4659-001.
Direct Regulation By a Rule — Is Not Required, IAS_VI-4660-001.
Economic Interest —
Can Be Sufficient For, IAS_VI-4661-002.
Found Outside of the Zone of Interest, IAS_VI-4662-001.
Injury-In-Fact — Discussed, IAS_VI-4663-007.
Intra-Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) Board Disputes — Examined, IAS_VI-4664-001.
Substantial Interest Test, IAS_VI-4665-003.
Substantially Affected — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4666-011.
Test For the Same Regardless of Whether a Challenge to a Proposed, Existing or Unpromulgated Rule, IAS_VI-4667-001.
Threshold Issue, IAS_VI-4668-001.
Two (2) Prong Test, IAS_VI-4669-008.
Violation of Rule At One’s Peril Not Prerequisite to, IAS_VI-4670-001.
Zone of Interest — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4671-003.
Unpromulgated Rule —
§120.535 Is the Exclusive Mechanism For Assailing Allegedly Unpromulgated Rules, IAS_VI-4672-002.
§120.57 Cannot Be Used to Challenge, IAS_VI-4673-001.
Agriculture & Consumer Services —
Citrus Canker — Policy Governing Removal of Exposed Trees, IAS_VI-4674-001.
Alcoholic Beverages —
Inclusion of Revoked Quota Licenses In Double-Random Selection Drawing, IAS_VI-4675-001.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, §120.595)
Banking & Finance — Div. of Finance —
Div. of Finance — Requirements Governing Principal Representatives of Mortgage Brokers, IAS_VI-4676-001.
Fees Imposed On Claims Regarding Unclaimed Property, IAS_VI-4677-001.
Burden of Proof (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Establishment & Effect of Prima Facie Case, IAS_VI-4678-001.
On Petitioner By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_VI-4679-002.
Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) (See Alcoholic Beverages).
Challenge Becomes Moot If Agency Commences Rulemaking Prior to Entry of DOAH — Final Order, IAS_VI-4680-001.
Children & Families —
Public Assistance Fraud Unit Economic Self Sufficiency Manual, IAS_VI-4681-001.
DEP (Environmental Protection, Dept. of) —
Coastal Construction Control Line — Determination of Continuous Construction Line — Mean High Water Line — 1000 Ft. Distance to Adjacent Structures, IAS_VI-4682-001.
Modification to Permit Conditions For All Wastewater Treatment Plant Permittees, IAS_VI-4683-001.
Unavailability of Mediation Under §120.573, IAS_VI-4684-001.
DOAH ALJ Cannot Initiate An Unpromulgated Rule Challenge Proceeding Sua Sponte, IAS_VI-4685-001.
DOAH Authority to Consider In the Context of a §120.57(1) Proceeding, IAS_VI-4686-001.
Defined, IAS_VI-4687-003.
Education —
Available Educational Options For Sensory-Impaired Children, IAS_VI-4688-001.
Fla. Fish & Wildlife Conservation Comm. —
Feral Or Domestic Cats — Policy Regarding Impact On Native Wildlife, IAS_VI-4689-001.
Gopher Tortoise Relocation Guidelines, IAS_VI-4690-001.
Health (Dept. of) —
Broward County Trauma Agency Plan Amendment, IAS_VI-4691-001.
Health Care Administration, Agency For (AHCA) —
Certificate of Need (CON) — Not Normal Exception to Rule Need Methodology For Hospices, IAS_VI-4692-001.
Nursing Home — Skilled — Disciplinary Guidelines, IAS_VI-4693-001.
Insurance —
Health Insurance — Premium Classification, IAS_VI-4694-001.
Life Insurance — Disapproval Letters For Policies of Life Insurance, IAS_VI-4695-001.
Property Insurer — Recoupment of Reimbursement Premiums Paid to the Hurricane Catastrophe Fund, IAS_VI-4696-001.
Workers’ Compensation — Certificates of Exemption — Bulletin Regarding Dept. Policy, IAS_VI-4697-001.
Internal Management Memorandum —
Distinguished From, IAS_VI-4698-001.
Exception — Examined, IAS_VI-4699-001.
Exception — Found Applicable, IAS_VI-4700-001.
Management Services —
Letter Suspending Law Enforcement Officer Who Was Also a Senior Management Employee, IAS_VI-4701-001.
Medicine —
Assessment of Costs Related to the Investigation & Prosecution of Disciplinary Cases, IAS_VI-4702-001.
Mere Restatement of Rule Requirements Does Not Constitute, IAS_VI-4703-001.
Need Not Be Reduced to Writing In Order to Be Invalid As Such, IAS_VI-4704-001.
Repeal of a Prior Interpretation of a Rule, IAS_VI-4705-001.
Retirement (Div. of) —
Authority to Have Service With a City Credited to State of Fla. Retirement System, IAS_VI-4706-001.
Rulemaking Found Not to Be Feasible & Practicable, IAS_VI-4707-001.
S.W. Fla. Water Management Dist. —
Criteria Governing Issuance of Water Use Permits In Southern Water Use Caution Area — Substitute Opinion, IAS_VI-4708-001.
South Florida Water Management Dist. —
Policy Governing Lake Drawdowns, IAS_VI-4709-001.
St. Johns River Water Management Dist. —
Maintenance Dredging Exemption — DOAH Finding of Invalidity — Affirmed, IAS_VI-4710-001.
Standards Governing — Determination of, IAS_VI-4711-005.
Statement of — How An Existing Rule Will Be Applied Does Not Constitute, IAS_VI-4712-001.
Statutory Interpretation Not Readily Apparent Constitutes, IAS_VI-4713-001.
Suwanee River Water Management Dist. —
Dist. Reliance on FEMA Floodmaps For the Purpose of Establishing Floodway For Dist. Works, IAS_VI-4714-001.
FEMA Floodmaps — Reliance On For Establishment of Floodway For Works of the Dist., IAS_VI-4715-001.
Vagueness (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.), Statutes, STATUTES) —
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4716-002.
Proposed Rule — Found Not Vague, IAS_VI-4717-002.
Rule — Found Not Vague, IAS_VI-4718-004.
Rule — Found to Be Vague, IAS_VI-4719-001.
Test For — Examined, IAS_VI-4720-002.
Validity (§120.54(4)), Proposed Rule (See Also Invalidity (§120.54(4), Proposed Rules) —
Agriculture & Consumer Services —
Citrus Canker Eradication Program, IAS_VI-4721-001.
Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) —
Div. of Alcoholic Beverages — Inclusion of Bowling Facilities & Race Tracks In — Definition of — Stand Alone Bar Status For Purposes of Indoor Smoking Prohibition, IAS_VI-4722-001.
Citrus —
Manifest Requirements For Transport of Processed Citrus Products, IAS_VI-4723-001.
Mechanism For the Collection of Equalization Tax On Non-Fla. U.S. Juice For Years 1997-2002, IAS_VI-4724-001.
Education —
Preferences In Admission to State Universities, IAS_VI-4725-001.
Fish & Wildlife Conservation Comm. —
Manatee Protection Boat Speed Zone In Brevard County, IAS_VI-4726-001.
Health Care Administration (AHCA) —
Certificate of Need (CON) — Hospital — Open Heart Surgical — Need Methodology, IAS_VI-4727-001.
Notice of Change to Proposed Rule Amendments Upheld As Proper, IAS_VI-4728-001.
Management Services — Div. of Retirement —
Use of Premium Tax Revenues, IAS_VI-4729-001.
Regents, Bd. of —
Admissions Policy For Universities — Race — 1st DCA Reversal of DOAH Finding of Standing — Reversed By Supreme Ct., IAS_VI-4730-001.
Revenue, Dept. of (DOR) —
Ad Valorem Assessments — Challenges to — Rescheduling of Hearings — Correspondence Regarding, IAS_VI-4731-001.
Taxability of Public Works Contracts For Repair, Alteration, Improvement or Construction of Real Property, IAS_VI-4732-001.
Standards Governing Challenges — Discussed, IAS_VI-4733-009.
Transportation (DOT) —
Comprehensively Enacted Zoning to Permit Signs, IAS_VI-4734-001.
Validity (§120.56), Adopted Rule (See Also Invalidity (§120.56), Rule, Unpromulgated Rule) —
Acupuncture —
Continuing Education Provider Course Approval Fee, IAS_VI-4735-001.
Definition of Acupuncture Challenged By Fla. Medical Assoc., IAS_VI-4736-001.
Agriculture & Consumer Services —
LP Gas Distributor — Two (2) Working Day Notice Requirement Prior to Disconnection, IAS_VI-4737-001.
Pest Control — Prohibition On Installation of Insulation Containing Borate By Unlicensed Personnel, IAS_VI-4738-001.
Sale or Lease of Business Opportunities, IAS_VI-4739-001.
Banking & Finance —
Deferred Deposit of Check Regulations, IAS_VI-4740-001.
Boxing Comm. —
Requirements Governing Manager’s Contracts, IAS_VI-4741-001.
Children & Families —
Baker Act — Certificate of Patient’s Incapacity to Consent & Notification of Health Care Surrogate/Proxy Certificate, IAS_VI-4742-001.
Chiropractic —
Deceptive & Misleading Advertising — Listing of Professional Achievements — Disclaimer, IAS_VI-4743-001.
Prohibition On Administration of Vitamins & Nutrients By Injection — Affirmed, IAS_VI-4744-001.
Standard of Practice For Phlebotomy, Physiotherapy, Administration of Non-Prescription & Legend Drugs, IAS_VI-4745-001.
Community Affairs —
Building Comm. — Pool Access Doors & Windows Alarm Requirements, IAS_VI-4746-001.
DEP (Environmental Protection, Dept. of) —
Coastal Construction Control Line — Requirement For Proof of Compliance With Local Requirements, IAS_VI-4747-001.
Div. of Recreation & Parks — Anti-Nudity Rule, IAS_VI-4748-001.
Free Speech Activities At State Parks — Affirmed, IAS_VI-4749-001.
Education —
Prohibition On Use of Racial or Gender Set Asides, Preferences or Quotas In Admissions to All Fla. Institutions of Higher Education, IAS_VI-4750-002.
Engineers (Bd. of Professional) —
Challenge to Denial of Application to Sit For Licensure Exam — Dismissed For Lack of Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-4751-001.
Fla. Fish & Wildlife Conservation Comm. —
Manatee Speed Zones In Brevard County, IAS_VI-4752-001.
Health Care Administration, Agency For (AHCA) —
Affirmed, IAS_VI-4753-001.
Certificate of Need (CON) — Procedure For Invoking Comparative Review of Co-Batched CON Applications, IAS_VI-4754-001.
Certificate of Need (CON) — Not Normal Exception to Rule Need Methodology For Hospices, IAS_VI-4755-001.
Medicaid — Prohibition On Funding For Abortions, IAS_VI-4756-001.
Hillsborough County School Bd. —
Requirement That Full Time Non-Degreed Teachers of Vocational Programs Pass a Basic Skills Test, IAS_VI-4757-001.
Insurance —
Fla. Windstorm Underwriting Assoc. — Review of Offers of Coverage, IAS_VI-4758-001.
Medicine —
Sexual Misconduct With Patients, IAS_VI-4759-001.
Pari-Mutuel Wagering —
Horse Trainers — Absolute Insurer Rule, IAS_VI-4760-001.
Strict Liability For Horse Trainers When Impermissible Drugs Are Found In Race Horses, IAS_VI-4761-001.
Physical Therapy Practice —
Five (5) Failures of Licensure Exam Regardless of Jurisdiction As Bar to Licensure By Endorsement, IAS_VI-4762-001.
St. Johns River Water Management Dist. —
Cumulative Impact Analysis — Mitigation — Presumption of No Adverse Impact, IAS_VI-4763-001.
Standards For Determining — Discussed, IAS_VI-4764-015.
Variance or Waiver —
Administration Comm. (See ADMINISTRATION Comm.)
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IAS_VI-4765-002.
Cannot Be Used to Subvert the Competitive Bidding Process, IAS_VI-4766-001.
Children & Families (See CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of)
Community Affairs, Dept. of (See COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of)
Default By Virtue of Agency Failure to Act Within 90 Days (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Default), IAS_VI-4767-001.
Environmental Protection (See ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of (DEP))
Fish & Wildlife Conservation Comm. (See FISH & WILDLIFE CONSERVATION Comm.)
Hardship — Found, IAS_VI-4768-002.
Hardship — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-4769-001.
Hardship — Found Self-Inflicted, IAS_VI-4770-001.
Health (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Health Care Administration (AHCA) (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA))
Internal Improvement Trust Fund (See INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT TRUST FUND)
Medicine (See MEDICINE, Bd. of)
Only a Rule or Portion of a Rule Can Be the Subject of-Not the Entire Chapter, IAS_VI-4771-001.
Osteopathic Medicine (See OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE, Bd. of)
Petition Denied As Legally Insufficient, IAS_VI-4772-001.
Petition For Must Identify Rules From Which Relief Is Requested & the Relief Sought, IAS_VI-4773-001.
Proposed Rule — Variance From Is Unavailable, IAS_VI-4774-001.
Psychological Examiners (See PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAMINERS, Bd. of)
South Florida Water Management Dist. (See SOUTH FLORIDA WATER MANAGEMENT Dist.)
Standing — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-4775-002.
Standing — Third Party Petition For Is Not Contemplated, IAS_VI-4776-002.
Statutes Cannot Be Waived, IAS_VI-4777-003.
Substantial Hardship — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4778-001.
Substantial Hardship — Found, IAS_VI-4779-003.
Substantial Hardship — Found Lacking, IAS_VI-4780-003.

Brevard County —
Circuit Court Denial of Temporary Injunction Against Alleged Sunshine Law Violation — Affirmed, IAS_VI-4781-001.
Charter School —
§119 Public Records Act & §286 Sunshine Law Applicable From Inception & Before Students Are Admitted, IAS_VI-4782-001.
Denial of Application to Establish — Franklin County — Reversed By DOE, IAS_VI-4783-001.
Constitutional Amendment Initiative to Limit Class Size —
Found Not to Alter Functions of School Boards, IAS_VI-4784-001.
Disabilities Education Act —
DOAH ALJ Found to Have Exceeded Her Authority to Compel Discovery Against Parents — Reversed & Remanded, IAS_VI-4785-001.
Parent’s Challenge to Individual Plan — Settlement — DOAH Is Without Jurisdiction Over Alleged Breach of Settlement Claim, IAS_VI-4786-001.
School Bd. Challenge to DOAH Imposed Individual Education Plan — Affirmed In Part, IAS_VI-4787-001.
Facilities — New —
Fire Safety Inspection Requirements — Examined, IAS_VI-4788-001.
Fla. High School Athletic Assoc. —
Circuit Court Temporary Injunction Prohibiting Ineligibility For a Football Player — Reversed, IAS_VI-4789-001.
Ineligibility Based On Improper Recruiting, IAS_VI-4790-001.
Franklin County —
Denial of Application to Establish a Charter School — Reversed, IAS_VI-4791-001.
Pinellas County —
Circuit Court Final Judgment Finding a Sunshine Law Violation — Affirmed, IAS_VI-4792-001.
Public Records Act (See Also PUBLIC RECORDS ACT (§119, Fla. Stat.) —
Circuit Court Order Vacating Jury Conviction & Finding §119.07(1)(a) Facially Unconstitutional — Reversed, IAS_VI-4793-001.
Rulemaking —
§120 Exemptions From Certain Procedures — Examined, IAS_VI-4794-001.
School Readiness Coalition —
§119 Is Applicable, IAS_VI-4795-001.
Comptroller Is Authorized to Require Documentation Prior to Releasing Funds, IAS_VI-4796-001.
Comptroller Is Required to Follow Competitive Procurement Requirements, IAS_VI-4797-001.
Contract With “Partnership” — Found Not Required, IAS_VI-4798-001.
Student —
Expulsion Hearing —
Both Informal & Formal Proceedings Are Available, IAS_VI-4799-001.
Hearing Officer Can Conduct a Hearing But the Board Must Make the Decision, IAS_VI-4800-001.
Suspension — §120 Is Inapplicable — Relaxed Due Process Standard, IAS_VI-4801-001.

Calpine Construction Finance Co. (Osprey Energy Center), IAS_VI-4802-001.
JEA Brandy Branch Combined Cycle Conversion Power Plant, IAS_VI-4803-001.
Modification of Conditions of Certification —
Deerhaven Generating Station, IAS_VI-4804-001.
Tampa Elec. Co. Polk Power Station, IAS_VI-4805-001.
Wheelabrator North Broward, Inc. — Approved, IAS_VI-4806-001.
Wheelabrator South Broward, Inc. — Approved, IAS_VI-4807-001.

Order On Motion For Rehearing: So. Broward Hospital Dist. v. Brooks, IAS_VI-4808-001.
Writ of Mandamus Issued to Compel Approval For Designation As a Cardiac Care Provider For the Children’s Medical Services Network, IAS_VI-4809-001.

§373 Should Be Broadly & Liberally Construed So As to Effect Its Environmental Purposes, IAS_VI-4810-001.
Affirmed Per Curiam: Slater v. Orange County, IAS_VI-4811-001.
Approval of Kissimmee Basin Regional Water Supply Plan, IAS_VI-4812-001.
Approval of Lower East Coast Regional Water Supply Plan, IAS_VI-4813-001.
Approval of Lower West Coast Regional Water Supply Plan, IAS_VI-4814-001.
Certification As a Minority Business Enterprise — Denied, IAS_VI-4815-001.
Circuit Court Challenge By Lee County Seeking to Enjoin Emergency Plan to Discharge a Large Volume of Fresh Water From Lake Okeechobee Into the Caloosahatchee River —
Circuit Court Denial of Injunction — Affirmed, IAS_VI-4816-001.
Nature Itself Found Not to Maintain Optimum Conditions Sought By the County, IAS_VI-4817-001.
Comprehensive Everglades Rehabilitation Plan —
District Enjoys Wide Discretion In Determining What Lands to Acquire In Fee Simple & Where to Risk Takings Litigation, IAS_VI-4818-001.
Flowage Easement & New Special Conditions Imposed On Environmental Resource Permit For Residential Development, IAS_VI-4819-001.
Implementation of — Discussed, IAS_VI-4820-001.
Contract (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests)) —
Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certification —
Certification — Not Revoked, IAS_VI-4821-001.
Declaration of Water Shortage —
Temporary Variance From — Approved, IAS_VI-4822-001.
Permit (See Also PERMITS) —
Environmental Resource (ERP) (See Also Rule Variance or Waiver; PERMITS) —
Commercial Development, IAS_VI-4823-001.
Harm to Water Resources Test, IAS_VI-4824-001.
Modification — Residential Development, IAS_VI-4825-001.
Public Boat Ramp On Lake, IAS_VI-4826-001.
Residential Development, IAS_VI-4827-002.
Potable Water Well —
Pond — Found to Be a Presently Existing Legal Use, IAS_VI-4828-001.
Third Party Challenge to Permit Issued to County That Causes a Pond to Drain — Dist. Denial of Challenge — Reversed, IAS_VI-4829-001.
Surface Water Management System —
Commercial Development, IAS_VI-4830-001.
Modification — Golf Club, IAS_VI-4831-001.
Well Construction —
Applicant Need Not Identify Each Existing Legal Use Separately, IAS_VI-4832-001.
Modification — Third Party Protest, IAS_VI-4833-001.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Environmental Resource Permit — Basis of Review — High School — Granted, IAS_VI-4834-001.
Right of Way Occupancy Permit —
Above Ground Encroachments — Granted, IAS_VI-4835-001.
After the Fact — Structures & Docks Within — Granted, IAS_VI-4836-001.
Authorization For Extension of Pile-Supported Utility Bridge & Main Lines — Granted, IAS_VI-4837-001.
Authorization For Installation of Guardrail Along Canal — Granted, IAS_VI-4838-001.
Authorization For Location of Various Trees, Fences, Pavers, Lines & Structures Within — Granted, IAS_VI-4839-001.
Authorization For Palm Beach County to Assume Responsibility of As An Extension of a Public Road — Granted, IAS_VI-4840-001.
Authorization For Replacement of Existing Culvert Bridge — Granted, IAS_VI-4841-001.
Boat Dock/Fencing/Trees/Landscaping/Gazebo & Shed In Right-of-Way — Granted, IAS_VI-4842-001.
Brick Pavers/Gravel Walkway/Landscaping — Granted, IAS_VI-4843-001.
Conditions For Issuance of Consumptive Use Permits, IAS_VI-4844-001.
Dock/Electrical Lines/Concrete Bulkhead/Fencing/Landscaping, IAS_VI-4845-001.
Dock/Fencing/Landscaping, IAS_VI-4846-001.
Dock/Walkway — Granted, IAS_VI-4847-002.
Electrical Transmission Line — Third Party Protest, IAS_VI-4848-001.
Encroachments, IAS_VI-4849-001.
Minimum Low Member Elevation of Dock/Encroachments, IAS_VI-4850-001.
Replacement Culverts, IAS_VI-4851-001.
Surface Water Management System — Lake Side Slope Requirements, IAS_VI-4852-001.
Tri-Rail Bridge Crossings, IAS_VI-4853-001.
Waiver of Criteria Governing Bridge Widening, Rip-Rap & Dredging — Granted, IAS_VI-4854-001.
Waiver of Criteria Governing Installation of Culvert Bridge — Granted, IAS_VI-4855-001.
Waiver of Criteria Governing Minimum Low Member Elevation of Pile-Supported Dock — Granted, IAS_VI-4856-001.

Dismissal of Women’s Head Basketball Coach — Affirmed & Reversed In Part, IAS_VI-4857-001.

History of Florida Water Use Law — Surveyed, IAS_VI-4858-001.
Permit (See Also PERMITS) —
Consumptive Use —
Desalinization & Reuse — Discussed, IAS_VI-4859-001.
Modification — Agricultural Operating — Tripling of Consumption — Dist. Denial Affirmed, IAS_VI-4860-001.
Rules Governing — Examined, IAS_VI-4861-001.
Supervisory Role of DEP — Examined, IAS_VI-4862-001.

Rule Variance or Waiver —
Requirement For a 600 Passing Score On the Licensure Exam Within Three (3) Years of Application — Granted, IAS_VI-4863-001.

Land Purchase —
Dairy Farm — District Denial of Reimbursement of Relocation Expense — Affirmed, IAS_VI-4864-001.

License —
Class B Security Guard Agency —
Carrying Semi-Automatic Weapons, IAS_VI-4865-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-4866-001.
Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer, IAS_VI-4867-001.
Class C Private Investigator —
Failure to Properly Certify An Intern, IAS_VI-4868-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-4869-001.
Class D Guard —
Carrying Semi-Automatic Weapons, IAS_VI-4870-001.
Carrying a Semi-Automatic Pistol At An Unarmed Post, IAS_VI-4871-001.
Div. Denial of Petition For Hearing — Reversed, IAS_VI-4872-001.
Failure to Perform Assigned Duties, IAS_VI-4873-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_VI-4874-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-4875-001.
Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer, IAS_VI-4876-001.
Lack of Good Moral Character, IAS_VI-4877-001.
Threatening Another Security Guard, IAS_VI-4878-001.
Class E Recovery Agent —
Failure to Properly Certify An Intern, IAS_VI-4879-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-4880-001.
Class G Gun Permit —
Carrying Semi-Automatic Weapons, IAS_VI-4881-002.
Carrying a Semi-Automatic Pistol At An Unarmed Post, IAS_VI-4882-001.
Domestic Violence, IAS_VI-4883-001.
Failure to Perform Assigned Duties, IAS_VI-4884-001.
Failure to Properly Supervise Employees, IAS_VI-4885-001.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IAS_VI-4886-001.
Fraudulent Conduct, IAS_VI-4887-001.
Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer, IAS_VI-4888-001.
Lack of Good Moral Character, IAS_VI-4889-001.
Threatening Another Security Guard, IAS_VI-4890-001.

Appellate Review (See APPELLATE REVIEW)
Applicability —
Amendment —
During Pendency of — Licensure Application, IAS_VI-4891-002.
During Pendency of — Medicaid Overpayment Case, IAS_VI-4892-001.
Presumed to Apply Prospectively, IAS_VI-4893-001.
Law At Time Grounds For Disciplinary Action Arise, IAS_VI-4894-004.
Presumed to Apply Prospectively Absent Contrary Legislative Intent, IAS_VI-4895-001.
Constitutionality (See Also Amendments by Voter Initiative, Statutes; APPELLATE REVIEW; CONSTITUTION (Fla.)) —
As Applied Challenge —
Standard For Determining, IAS_VI-4896-001.
Challenge to Can Be Raised For the First Time On Appeal, IAS_VI-4897-001.
Courts Should Not Pass On Constitutional Questions If the Case Can Be Disposed Effectively On Other Grounds, IAS_VI-4898-001.
Facial Constitutionality —
May Be Raised For the First Time On Appeal, IAS_VI-4899-001.
Standard For Determining, IAS_VI-4900-002.
Failure of Agency With Jurisdiction & the Attorney General to Participate In An Appeal Has No Effect, IAS_VI-4901-001.
General Vis Special Laws, IAS_VI-4902-001.
General Vis Special Laws — General Law Defined, IAS_VI-4903-001.
General Vis Special Laws — Special Law Defined, IAS_VI-4904-001.
Presumption of Constitutionality, IAS_VI-4905-002.
Purely An Issue of Law Subject to De Novo Appellate Review, IAS_VI-4906-001.
State Officers & Agencies Lack Standing to Challenge Constitutionality of, IAS_VI-4907-001.
Construction (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.); RULES & RULEMAKING) —
Agency Construction Cannot Be Contrary to Express Terms of the Statute, IAS_VI-4908-001.
Agency Construction Entitled to Great Weight, IAS_VI-4909-056.
Agency Construction Entitled to Great Weight —
Agency Found to Have Erroneously Interpreted a Provision of Law, IAS_VI-4910-003.
Agency Special Expertise Is Germane, IAS_VI-4911-004.
Applies to General Appropriations Bills, IAS_VI-4912-001.
Clearly Erroneous Construction — Reversed, IAS_VI-4913-002.
Especially When the Subject Matter Is Technical & Complex, IAS_VI-4914-001.
Exception Exists For Jurisdictional Provisions Especially When Traditional Concepts Are Departed From, IAS_VI-4915-001.
Found Arbitrary & Capricious, IAS_VI-4916-001.
Found Illogical & Unreasonable, IAS_VI-4917-001.
Is Not Entitled to Great Weight If It Has No Substantive Jurisdiction Over the Statutory Provision, IAS_VI-4918-001.
Limited to Matters Over Which the Agency Has Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-4919-001.
Need Merely Be Within Permissible Range, IAS_VI-4920-003.
Testimony of Permit Applicant’s Executive Officer Is Not Entitled to Deference, IAS_VI-4921-001.
Amendment (See Also Applicability) —
Does Not Necessarily Change Meaning — Can Be In Clarification, IAS_VI-4922-002.
Presumed to Change Meaning — If Passed Ten (10) Years After Original Enactment, IAS_VI-4923-001.
Presumed to Change Meaning — Unless Contrary Intent Is Clearly Expressed, IAS_VI-4924-001.
Attorney’s Fees Provisions Are to Be Strictly Construed, IAS_VI-4925-002.
Common Law —
Deviation From — Must Be Stated In Clear & Unequivocable Terms, IAS_VI-4926-001.
Statutes In Derogation of Are Strictly Construed, IAS_VI-4927-014.
Statutes Should Be Construed In Harmony With, IAS_VI-4928-001.
Common Sense Should Be Applied, IAS_VI-4929-001.
Conflict —
Does Not Alone Raise An Issue of Constitutionality, IAS_VI-4930-001.
Implied Preemption Requires a Positive Repugnancy, IAS_VI-4931-001.
Latest Enactment Controls, IAS_VI-4932-003.
Most Specific Controls, IAS_VI-4933-004.
Special Statute Controls Over General Provision, IAS_VI-4934-002.
Statute Both In Derogation of Common Law & Remedial, IAS_VI-4935-001.
Statute Takes Precedence Over Conflicting Rules, IAS_VI-4936-001.
Courts Cannot Add Words, IAS_VI-4937-002.
Courts Cannot Judicially Alter the Wording of Statutes, IAS_VI-4938-002.
Courts Should Interpret Legislation – Not Rewrite It, IAS_VI-4939-001.
Courts Will Not Decide Constitutional Questions If Other Issues Are Determinative, IAS_VI-4940-001.
Different Terms In Different Sections Imply Different Meanings, IAS_VI-4941-001.
Entitlement Provisions Are Strictly Construed Against the Applicant, IAS_VI-4942-001.
Enumeration of Grounds — Excludes Those Not Mentioned, IAS_VI-4943-002.
Every Word or Phrase Must Be Given Meaning, IAS_VI-4944-007.
Exact Words or Phrases In Different Sections Have the Same Meaning, IAS_VI-4945-001.
Exemptions —
Are to Be Narrowly Construed Against Party Seeking to Utilize, IAS_VI-4946-010.
Should Not Be Inferred, IAS_VI-4947-001.
Strictly Construed Against Taxpayer, IAS_VI-4948-004.
Extrinsic Matter Considered Only In Event of Doubts or Conflicts, IAS_VI-4949-001.
Federal Statute & Caselaw —
Fla. Statute Modeled Upon Federal Provision — Federal Caselaw Is Analogous, IAS_VI-4950-006.
Federal Statute — Preempts Conflicting State Provisions, IAS_VI-4951-001.
General Language Limited By Subsequent Specific Language, IAS_VI-4952-001.
Legislative Intent —
Arrangement of & Classification of Laws Is Not Determinative of, IAS_VI-4953-001.
Derived Primarily From the Words Expressed In the Statute, IAS_VI-4954-002.
Determined From the Statute as a Whole, IAS_VI-4955-001.
Determined Primarily From the Language of The Statute, IAS_VI-4956-004.
Headings & Titles Are Determinative of Intent, IAS_VI-4957-001.
Is the Polestar, IAS_VI-4958-012.
Provides Guidance But Does Not Create Separate Rights Or Duties, IAS_VI-4959-001.
Legislature Is Presumed to Know of Existing Law, IAS_VI-4960-002.
Legislature’s Consideration of & Refusal to Enact Proposed Legislation Is Not Probative, IAS_VI-4961-001.
Literal Meaning Must Be Considered In Context of Purpose of Statute, IAS_VI-4962-009.
Meaning Must Be Accorded Every Word, IAS_VI-4963-005.
Meaning Should Be Accorded to All Parts of a Statute, IAS_VI-4964-005.
Mention Of One Thing Implies Exclusion of Another, IAS_VI-4965-004.
Or — Generally Signifies the Disjunctive — Alternatives, IAS_VI-4966-001.
Or — Generally Signifies the Disjunctive — Alternatives — But Can Be Conjunctive, IAS_VI-4967-001.
Penal Statutes Are Strictly Construed, IAS_VI-4968-033.
Plain & Ordinary Terms — Defined By Dictionary, IAS_VI-4969-003.
Plain & Unambiguous Language —
No Room For Construction, IAS_VI-4970-020.
Plain Meaning of Ordinary Words Is the First Consideration, IAS_VI-4971-018.
Preemption —
Express Preemption — Cannot Be Implied or Inferred, IAS_VI-4972-001.
Express Preemption — Requires Express & Unambiguous Language, IAS_VI-4973-001.
Implied Preemption — Is Disfavored Under Florida Law, IAS_VI-4974-001.
Implied Preemption — Requires a Positive Repugnancy, IAS_VI-4975-001.
Presumption of — Constitutionality, IAS_VI-4976-003.
Presumption of — Effectuality, IAS_VI-4977-006.
Public Protection Liberally Construed, IAS_VI-4978-004.
Punctuation Is the Most Fallible & Least Reliable Indication of Legislative Intent, IAS_VI-4979-001.
Qualifying Phrase Is Read As Limited to the Last Item In a Series When the Phrase Follows That Item Without a Comma, IAS_VI-4980-001.
Related Provisions Construed In Pari Materia, IAS_VI-4981-022.
Relative or Qualifying Phrase Construed to Refer to Nearest Antecedent, IAS_VI-4982-001.
Remedial Statutes Are Liberally Construed, IAS_VI-4983-003.
Repeal By Implication — Is Disfavored, IAS_VI-4984-002.
Ridiculous Result Necessarily Erroneous, IAS_VI-4985-009.
Shall — Meaning Can Be Directory or Mandatory Depending On the Context, IAS_VI-4986-001.
Statutes — Found to Be Self-Executing, IAS_VI-4987-001.
Subsequently Enacted Legislation May Indicate An Intent to Clarify Rather Than Change a Law, IAS_VI-4988-001.
Subsequently Enacted Legislation — Must Be Considered, IAS_VI-4989-001.
Taxing Enactment (See REVENUE, Dept. of; TAXATION)
Term Mentioned In One Section But Omitted In Another — Should Not Be Implied, IAS_VI-4990-002.
Undefined Statutory Terms — A Dictionary May Be Utilized to Ascertain the Plain Meaning, IAS_VI-4991-001.
Words Cannot Be Added, IAS_VI-4992-001.
Words of Common Usage Given Plain & Ordinary Meaning, IAS_VI-4993-004.
Retroactive Application —
Amendment — Applied Retroactively As In Clarification, IAS_VI-4994-001.
Constitutional Restriction Governing, IAS_VI-4995-001.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-4996-001.
Presumption of Prospective Application, IAS_VI-4997-001.
Procedural — Permissible, IAS_VI-4998-003.
Remedial Statutes —
Can & Should Be Retroactively Applied, IAS_VI-4999-001.
Substantive Statutes —
Apply Prospectively, IAS_VI-5000-005.
Prohibited Absent Express Language, IAS_VI-5001-001.
Retroactive Application of — Reversed, IAS_VI-5002-001.
Vagueness (See Also CONSTITUTION, (Fla.), Statutes) —
Statute Found Not to Violate Prohibition On, IAS_VI-5003-001.

§286 Is to Be Liberally Construed, IAS_VI-5004-001.
Exemption —
Advisory Committee — Fact Finding Only, IAS_VI-5005-001.
Attorney/Client Meeting — Federal Litigation, IAS_VI-5006-001.
Attorney / Client Meetings to Discuss Pending Litigation & Settlement, IAS_VI-5007-001.
Meeting of Public Hospital Board —
Circuit Court Holding That §395.3036 Is Unconstitutional — Affirmed, IAS_VI-5008-001.
Narrowly Construed Against Party Seeking to Utilize, IAS_VI-5009-001.
Staff Are Not Generally Subject to the Sunshine Law, IAS_VI-5010-001.
Public Meeting —
Applicability to School Boards — Found, IAS_VI-5011-001.
Entitlement to Videotape the Proceeding — Found, IAS_VI-5012-001.
Purpose of §286 — Examined, IAS_VI-5013-002.
Remedies —
Full Open Meeting, IAS_VI-5014-001.
Violations Can Be Cured By Independent, Subsequent Final Action Completely In the Sunshine, IAS_VI-5015-001.

Circuit Court Non-Final Order Regarding —
§70.001(6)(a) Provision For Appellate Review — Held to Be Unconstitutional, IAS_VI-5016-001.
Appellate Jurisdiction Over — Found to Have Been Abolished, IAS_VI-5017-001.
Citrus Canker (See Also AGRICULTURE & CONSUMER SERVICES, Dept. of) —
Destruction of Apparently Healthy Trees — Compensation Found Owed — Just & Full, IAS_VI-5018-001.
Emergency Destruction of Exposed Trees w/o Consent, IAS_VI-5019-001.
Inverse Condemnation Claims —
Amount to Action to Compel the Exercise of Power of Eminent Domain, IAS_VI-5020-001.
Venue — Determination of, IAS_VI-5021-001.
Just & Full Compensation —
Citrus Canker — Order to Destroy Healthy Trees — Replacement Cost, IAS_VI-5022-001.
Varied Nature of Damages In Inverse Condemnation Claims — Examined, IAS_VI-5023-001.
Order On Motion For Rehearing En Banc: VLX Properties v. So. States Utilities, Inc., et al., IAS_VI-5024-001.
Regulatory Taking —
DEP Denial of General Permit For a Landfill, IAS_VI-5025-001.
Osceola County Denial of Zoning Application For a Landfill, IAS_VI-5026-001.
Statute of Limitations —
Continuing Tort Theory, IAS_VI-5027-001.
Dickinson Doctrine, IAS_VI-5028-001.

Ad Valorem —
Assessment — Confidentiality of Taxpayer Information Submitted to a Value Adjustment Bd., IAS_VI-5029-001.
Assessment (See REVENUE, Dept. of)
Constitutional Challenges (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S.); PRACTICE & PROCEDURE; REVENUE, Dept. of) —
Exemption Ruled Unconstitutional Found to Be Void Ab Initio, IAS_VI-5030-001.
Standard Governing, IAS_VI-5031-001.
Public Medical Assistance Trust Fund (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For (AHCA))
Sales Tax (See REVENUE, Dept. of; Use Tax)
Taxing Enactments —
Credit — Strictly Construed Against Taxpayer, IAS_VI-5032-002.
Exemptions — Strictly Construed Against Taxpayer, IAS_VI-5033-002.
To Be Strictly Construed Against the Government, IAS_VI-5034-002.

Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Order On Motion For Clarification: Chancellor Media Whiteco Outdoor Corp. v. DOT, IAS_VI-5035-001.
Permit —
Billboard —
Dept. Denial of Grandfather Status — Reversed, IAS_VI-5036-001.
Grandfather Status — Abandonment — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-5037-001.
Grandfather Status — Found Not Lost By Temporary Abandonment or Transfer of Ownership, IAS_VI-5038-001.
Off-Premises — Permit Required — 1st Amendment Free Speech Challenge Rejected, IAS_VI-5039-001.
Repair of Sign Destroyed By Wildfire Without a Permit — DOT Revocation Reversed, IAS_VI-5040-001.
Requirement For Off-Premises Sign Permit Upheld, IAS_VI-5041-001.
Rules 14-10.004-.006 Found Not to Impose a Facially Unconstitutional Prior Restraint On Speech, IAS_VI-5042-001.
Statutes & Rules Governing — Do Not Impose An Impermissible Restraint On Free Speech, IAS_VI-5043-001.
Wildfire Act & Federal Regulations — Examined, IAS_VI-5044-001.

Order Assailed — Found Not Final Due to Lack of Filing With Agency Clerk —
Appeal — Dismissed For Lack of Jurisdiction, IAS_VI-5045-001.

Petition For Hearing From Associate Professor With Tenure After Denial of Promotion to Full Professor —
Denial of Petition — Affirmed For Lack of Standing, IAS_VI-5046-001.
Student Suspension Reversed Because of Denial of Cross-Examination of Adverse Witnesses, IAS_VI-5047-001.

County Development Order Approved A Beachfront Condo DRI & Then Approved Some Modifications —
Circuit Court Finding of No Substantial Deviation — Affirmed, IAS_VI-5048-001.
Order On Motion For Rehearing & Certification: Edgewater Beachowner’s Assoc. Inc. et al. v. Walton County, et al., IAS_VI-5049-001.

Manufactured Housing — Statutes Prohibit Discrimination Against, IAS_VI-5050-001.
Nonconforming Use — Defined & Discussed, IAS_VI-5051-001.