Adoption —
Abuse Allegations, VIII-465.
Abuse Registry Report, VIII-466.
Adoption Is a Privilege — Not a Right, VIII-467.
Adoption Is the Legislatively-Preferred Permanency Goal For Children Whose Parental Rights Have Been Terminated, VIII-468.
Adoption Proceedings Are Purely Statutory — Adoption Was Unknown At Common Law, VIII-469.
Applicant – Including Relatives – Have No Fundamental Right to Adopt, VIII-470.
Applicant — “Track Record” As a Parent Is Probative, VIII-471.
Applicant — No Fundamental Right to Adopt Exists, VIII-472.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-473.
Application For — Denied — Competing Applications, VIII-474.
Application For — Denied — Grandparent, VIII-475.
Application For — Denied — Maternal Grandmother, VIII-476.
Application For — Denied, VIII-477.
Application For — Granted, VIII-478.
Application For — Multiple Applicants, VIII-479.
Background Checks of Applicant & Household Members Are a Must, VIII-480.
Best Interest of the Child Examined, VIII-481.
Best Interest of the Child Is An Amorphous Standard, VIII-482.
Best Interest of the Child Is the Paramount Concern, VIII-483.
Burden of Proof — Applicant — Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-484.
Burden of Proof — Applicant Has Ultimate Burden By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-485.
Burden of Proof — Denial — Competing Applications, VIII-486.
Burden of Proof — Denial — Dept. Must Give & Prove Specific Reasons, VIII-487.
Burden of Proof — Denial — On Dept., VIII-488.
Circuit Court — Authority to Review Dept. Placement Decision, VIII-489.
Circuit Court — May Review Dept. Placement Decision De Novo, VIII-490.
Circuit Court — Jurisdiction Under 39 & 63 Examined, VIII-491.
Circuit Court — Review of Dept. Placement Decision Is Limited, VIII-492.
Corporal Punishment (Spanking) Considered to Be An Inappropriate Disciplinary Method, VIII-493.
Corporal Punishment — Use of, VIII-494.
Criminal Conviction — Sexual Battery On Minor/Armed Robbery/Battery/ Possession of Cocaine — Residential Husband, VIII-495.
Criminal History — Violent — Multiple Counts, VIII-496.
Criminal History Is Germane to Moral Character of Applicant & Household Members, VIII-497.
Criminal History of Natural Residential Children (Extensive), VIII-498.
Criminal History of Natural Residential Children (Murder/Armed Robbery), VIII-499.
Current Custodian Not Entitled to Priority, VIII-500.
DOAH Lacks Jurisdiction Over Visitation, VIII-501.
DOAH Review of Dept. Placement Decision Found to Be De Novo, VIII-502.
Defined, VIII-503.
Delinquents In the Home, VIII-504.
Dept. Decision When There Are Competing Applications Is More Complex, VIII-505.
Dept. Decisions Regarding Are Subject to 120 Review, VIII-506.
Dept. Has Been Granted Broad Discretion, VIII-507.
Dept. Is the Legal Custodian Until An Adoption Takes Place, VIII-508.
Dept. Must Explain Denial of An Application & Provide Competent Substantial Evidence, VIII-509.
Dept. Notice of Intent to Deny — Applicant Need Only Address Matters Raised Therein, VIII-510.
Dept. Policy to Try to Keep Siblings Together, VIII-511.
Domestic Violence, VIII-512.
Exemption From Disqualification — Central Abuse Registry — Caselaw Regarding Standard of Proof Is Analogous, VIII-513.
Failure to Disclose Natural Child’s Mental & Psychiatric History, VIII-514.
Financial Instability, VIII-515.
Foster Parent —
Challenge to Denial of Application to Be Adoptive Parents Granted, VIII-516.
Grandparent — Denied, VIII-517.
Grandparent — Has No Right to Adopt, VIII-518.
Grandparent Priority — Statutory Preference Repealed But Dept. Is Not Prohibited From Exercising Appropriate Discretion, VIII-519.
Grandparent Priority Was Repealed Statutorily In 2003, VIII-520.
Grandparent, VIII-521.
Great-Grandmother, VIII-522.
Inability (Discipline Methods / Financial Situation / Foster Care Experience / Perception of Special Needs Child / Health Issues), VIII-523.
Inability (Hospitalized For Stress-Related Treatment/Alcohol Abuse/Mental Health Issues/Physical Problems), VIII-524.
Income From Nonapplicant Daughter Not Considered, VIII-525.
Judicial Deference to Dept. Placement Decisions, VIII-526.
Legislatively-Preferred Permanency Goal For Children With Terminated Parental Rights, VIII-527.
Mere Speculation Alone Is Insufficient to Support Denial of An Application, VIII-528.
Moral Character Is Questionable, VIII-529.
Past Misconduct Is Relevant, VIII-530.
Past Occurances Are Appropriate For Examination, VIII-531.
Past Problems In the Home Are Relevant, VIII-532.
Personal Problems — Numerous & Serious, VIII-533.
Physical Abuse — History of, VIII-534.
Physical Disability, VIII-535.
Preference For & Special Treatment Accorded Relative Adoptions Examined, VIII-536.
Process Is Wholly Statutory — Right Unknown At Common Law, VIII-537.
Psychological & Emotional Instability, VIII-538.
Purpose of Is to Give Applicant An Opportunity to Change the Department’s Mind, VIII-539.
Race Is Not a Factor, VIII-540.
Sex Offender Allowed to Reside In Home, VIII-541.
Sexual Abuse — History of, VIII-542.
Strict Discipline — Yelling At Child, VIII-543.
Suitability of Intended Placement Defined, VIII-544.
Verbal Abuse of Child, VIII-545.
Agency for Persons With Disabilities (See PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, Agency for (APD))
Amended Final Order — B.G. v. DCF, VIII-546.
Amended Final Order — B.J. v. DCF, VIII-547.
Amended Final Order — K.J.S. v. DCF, VIII-548.
Amended Final Order — N.W. v. DCF, VIII-549.
Amended Final Order After Appellate Remand —
Haines v. DCF — Foster Parent License Reinstated, VIII-550.
M.H. & A.H. v. DCF — Renewal of Foster Parent License Approved, VIII-551.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
120.595 Award By DCF Hearing Officer Reversed, VIII-552.
120.80(7) Does Not Provide DCF With a Blanket Exemption From Attorney’s Fees Awards, VIII-553.
Central Abuse Registry (See Also JUVENILE JUSTICE, Dept. of; PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, Agency For (APD)) —
Abuse or Neglect —
415 — 1997 Abolition of Registry & Establishment of Hotline —
Abuse Reports Are No Longer Utilized For Employment Background Screening, VIII-554.
Name Clearing Hearing Is No Longer Available, VIII-555.
There Is No Longer a Right to Challenge the Veracity of a Report, VIII-556.
415 — Provides For Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse, Abandonment or Neglect, VIII-557.
Exemption From Disqualification —
Abuse Report — Excessive Corporal Punishment, VIII-558.
Aggravated Stalking, VIII-559.
Alcohol & Drug Abuse, VIII-560.
Alcohol Abuse, VIII-561.
Applicant Has No Entitlement to An Exemption, VIII-562.
Applicant Has The Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, VIII-563.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof — Dept. Required to Prove Nothing But May Certainly Rebut Assertions, VIII-564.
Applicant Must Be Both “Exemptible” & Prove Rehabilitation By Clear & Convincing Evidence, VIII-565.
Child Abuse, VIII-566.
County Denial of Exemption Cannot Be Challenged Before DCF, VIII-567.
Criminal Behavior — Long History of, VIII-568.
Criminal Behavior Prior to Current Background Screening Law Is Actionable, VIII-569.
Criminal Charge (See Also Disqualifying Offense… ; Failure to Disclose…)
Criminal Charge — Aggravated Stalking, VIII-570.
Criminal Charge — Battery & Resisting Arrest, VIII-571.
Criminal Charge — Battery On An Elderly Person, VIII-572.
Criminal Charge — Battery On a Law Enforcement Officer, VIII-573.
Criminal Charge — Cocaine — Sale of, VIII-574.
Criminal Charge — DCF Can Require An Explanation, VIII-575.
Criminal Charge — Disorderly Conduct & Resisting Arrest, VIII-576.
Criminal Charge — Disorderly Conduct, VIII-577.
Criminal Charge — Domestic Violence, VIII-578.
Criminal Charge — Driving Under the Influence (DUI), VIII-579.
Criminal Charge — Federal Conspiracy & Mail Fraud, VIII-580.
Criminal Charge — Harboring a Fugitive, VIII-581.
Criminal Charge — Possession of Drug Paraphernalia & Marijuana, VIII-582.
Criminal Charge — Possession of Heroin, VIII-583.
Criminal Charge — Rape By Force or Fear, VIII-584.
Criminal Charge — Solicitation of Prostitution, VIII-585.
Criminal Charge — Violation of Probation & Resisting Arrest, VIII-586.
Criminal Charge — Worthless Check, VIII-587.
Criminal Conviction — 2nd Degree Felony Murder (1984), VIII-588.
Criminal Conviction — Aggravated Assault, VIII-589.
Criminal Conviction — Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon, VIII-590.
Criminal Conviction — Aggravated Battery, VIII-591.
Criminal Conviction — Armed Robbery, VIII-592.
Criminal Conviction — Battery, VIII-593.
Criminal Conviction — Battery — Misdemeanor — Involving a Minor, VIII-594.
Criminal Conviction — Child Abuse, VIII-595.
Criminal Conviction — Controlled Substances, VIII-596.
Criminal Conviction — Domestic Violence, VIII-597.
Criminal Conviction — Driving Under the Influence, VIII-598.
Criminal Conviction — Felony Murder & Armed Robbery, VIII-599.
Criminal Conviction — Fraud & Grand Theft (Worthless Checks), VIII-600.
Criminal Conviction — Grand Theft, VIII-601.
Criminal Conviction — Grand Theft/Possession of Cocaine, VIII-602.
Criminal Conviction — Lewd & Lascivious Conduct, VIII-603.
Criminal Conviction — Manslaughter, VIII-604.
Criminal Conviction — Marijuana — Possession of, VIII-605.
Criminal Conviction — Petit Larceny, VIII-606.
Criminal Conviction — Possession of Cocaine, VIII-607.
Criminal Conviction — Possession of Crack Cocaine With Intent to Distribute, VIII-608.
Criminal Conviction — Possession of Marijuana, VIII-609.
Criminal Conviction — Prostitution, VIII-610.
Criminal Conviction — Retail Theft, VIII-611.
Criminal Conviction — Robbery, VIII-612.
Criminal Conviction — Sale of Marijuana, VIII-613.
Criminal Conviction — Sexual Assault, VIII-614.
Criminal Conviction — Vehicle Grand Theft/Prostitution/Possession of Cocaine, VIII-615.
Criminal Conviction — Violation of Parole/Numerous Traffic & Vehicle Infractions, VIII-616.
Criminal Conviction — Violation of Probation, VIII-617.
Criminal Conviction — Violation of Probation/Grand Larceny/ Forgery, VIII-618.
Criminal Plea — Aggravated Assault & Battery / Shoplifting / Public Assistance Fraud / Cocaine Delivery, VIII-619.
Criminal Plea — Aggravated Assault & Battery/Shoplifting/Public Assistance Fraud/Cocaine Delivery, VIII-620.
Criminal Plea — Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon / Possession of Cocaine & Marijuana / Violation of Probation, VIII-621.
Criminal Plea — Aggravated Assault With a Firearm, VIII-622.
Criminal Plea — Aggravated Child Abuse, VIII-623.
Criminal Plea — Aggravated Assault, VIII-624.
Criminal Plea — Assault & Battery, VIII-625.
Criminal Plea — Aggravated Assault & Battery, VIII-626.
Criminal Plea — Battery, VIII-627.
Criminal Plea — Battery/Disorderly Conduct/Grand Theft/Failure to Redeliver Leased Personal Property, VIII-628.
Criminal Plea — Burglary/Grand Theft/Petit Theft, VIII-629.
Criminal Plea — Child Abuse, VIII-630.
Criminal Plea — Child Endangerment, VIII-631.
Criminal Plea — Cocaine & Cannabis — Possession of With Intent to Sell, VIII-632.
Criminal Plea — Cocaine & Paraphernalia — Possession of, VIII-633.
Criminal Plea — Cocaine — Possession of, VIII-634.
Criminal Plea — Cocaine — Sale of, VIII-635.
Criminal Plea — Contempt of Court, VIII-636.
Criminal Plea — Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, VIII-637.
Criminal Plea — Controlled Substances — Possession of, VIII-638.
Criminal Plea — Dealing In Stolen Property, VIII-639.
Criminal Plea — Disorderly Conduct / Carrying a Concealed Weapon Without a Permit, VIII-640.
Criminal Plea — Domestic Violence, VIII-641.
Criminal Plea — Driving Under the Influence, VIII-642.
Criminal Plea — Driving Under the Influence/Crashing Into Police Vehicle/Fleeing to Elude, VIII-643.
Criminal Plea — Driving Under the Influence/Speeding, VIII-644.
Criminal Plea — Exploitation of the Elderly, VIII-645.
Criminal Plea — Forgery, VIII-646.
Criminal Plea — Grand Larceny, VIII-647.
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft (Credit Card Fraud/Motor Vehicle), VIII-648.
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft (Passing a Worthless Check), VIII-649.
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft, VIII-650.
Criminal Plea — Juvenile Offense, VIII-651.
Criminal Plea — Lewd & Lascivious Behavior, VIII-652.
Criminal Plea — Lewd & Lascivious Behavior/Indecent Exposure, VIII-653.
Criminal Plea — Marijuana Distribution, VIII-654.
Criminal Plea — Marijuana Possession, VIII-655.
Criminal Plea — Open Container, VIII-656.
Criminal Plea — Petit Theft, VIII-657.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine, VIII-658.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine With Intent to Deliver, VIII-659.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine/Carrying a Concealed Firearm, VIII-660.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Crack Cocaine With Intent to Sell, VIII-661.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Alcoholic Beverages/Cannabis, VIII-662.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Marijuana, VIII-663.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Stolen Property, VIII-664.
Criminal Plea — Prostitution, VIII-665.
Criminal Plea — Public Intoxication, VIII-666.
Criminal Plea — Resisting Arrest Without Violence, VIII-667.
Criminal Plea — Theft, VIII-668.
Criminal Plea — Theft of a Check, VIII-669.
Criminal Plea — Violation of Probation, VIII-670.
Criminal Plea — Welfare Fraud, VIII-671.
Criminal Plea — Worthless Check, VIII-672.
Denial Letter Found to Be Inadequate, VIII-673.
Denied, VIII-674.
Dept. Cannot Utilize 415 Proceeding For Nonrenewal of a License, VIII-675.
Dept. Denial of Exemption Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation Reversed, VIII-676.
Dept. Discretion Is Subject to Review For Reasonableness, VIII-677.
Dept. Has Absolute Discretion to Deny, VIII-678.
Dept. Rejection of DOAH Conclusion That An Applicant Was Rehabilitated, VIII-679.
Dept. Rejection of DOAH Recommendation That It Grant the Exemption Reversed, VIII-680.
Disqualifying Offense — Can Occur Prior to 10/1/95, VIII-681.
Domestic Violence (See Also Criminal Charge, Criminal Conviction, Criminal Plea), VIII-682.
Domestic Violence — Criminal Conviction Not Required, VIII-683.
Domestic Violence — Defined & Discussed, VIII-684.
Domestic Violence — Injunction, VIII-685.
Domestic Violence — Injunction — Vacation of — Effect of, VIII-686.
Domestic Violence — Innocent Victim of, VIII-687.
Domestic Violence — Physical Injury or Death Are Not Essential Elements, VIII-688.
Domestic Violence — Violation of An Injunction Found Required For Finding of, VIII-689.
Eligibility For Distinguished From Entitlement to, VIII-690.
Failure to Disclose Criminal Charge, VIII-691.
Failure to Participate In Rehabilitation, VIII-692.
False Statements On Employment Application, VIII-693.
Filing a False Report, VIII-694.
Good Moral Character Discussed, VIII-695.
Granted, VIII-696.
Petition For Hearing Dismissed As Untimely, VIII-697.
Possession of Heroin, VIII-698.
Possession of a Concealed Firearm, VIII-699.
Purpose of These Proceedings — Protection of Frail & Vulnerable Citizens, VIII-700.
Rehabilitation — Absence of Harm to Third Parties, VIII-701.
Rehabilitation — DOAH Finding of Cannot Be Overturned Unless There Is No Competent Substantial Evidence, VIII-702.
Rehabilitation — DOAH Finding of Rejected, VIII-703.
Rehabilitation — Dishonesty, VIII-704.
Rehabilitation — Found to Have Been Properly Established, VIII-705.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Alcohol & Drug Dependence Are Not Mitigating Factors, VIII-706.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Character References By Letter From Persons Who Do Not Testify At Hearing, VIII-707.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Community Service As Penance, VIII-708.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Competent Substantial Evidence In Support of Mandates Dept. Grant of Exemption, VIII-709.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Conclusion of Law, VIII-710.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — DOAH Conclusion Regarding Cannot Be Rejected If Supported By “Some” Competent Substantial Evidence, VIII-711.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — DOAH Conclusions Regarding Rejected, VIII-712.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Dept. Is Not Required to Prove Lack of Rehabilitation, VIII-713.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Disqualifying Behavior Involved Neither Abuse Nor Neglect, VIII-714.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Eight (8) Years Lapsed Since Offense, VIII-715.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Entire Disqualifying History Is Considered, VIII-716.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Failure of Applicant to Testify, VIII-717.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Failure to Disclose Disqualifying Offenses, VIII-718.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Failure to Pay Court-Ordered Restitution, VIII-719.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Five (5) Years (25% of Life Span) Lapsed Since Offense, VIII-720.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Five (5) Years Lapsed Since Offense, VIII-721.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Found, VIII-722.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Found Insufficient, VIII-723.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Four (4) Years Lapsed Since Offense, VIII-724.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Fourteen (14) Years Elapsed Since Offense, VIII-725.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Grant of Exemption By AHCA Is Probative But Not Dispositive, VIII-726.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Juvenile — Statutory Leniency Does Not Mean a Lower Burden of Proof, VIII-727.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Lack of Candor — Failure to Complete Rehabilitation, VIII-728.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Less Than One (1) Year Since Offense Found Sufficient, VIII-729.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Letters From Individuals Who Do Not Testify Are Hearsay, VIII-730.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Long & Involved Criminal History, VIII-731.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — New Evidence Can Be Considered, VIII-732.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — On Probation Entire Time Since Last Criminal Offense, VIII-733.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — One (1) Year Waiting Period After Completion of Any Period of Supervision or Probation, VIII-734.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Poor Academic Performance, VIII-735.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Resolved As of Time of Hearing, VIII-736.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Responsibility of the Applicant, VIII-737.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Seven (7) Years Lapsed Since Offense, VIII-738.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Status As a Juvenile At Time of Offense Found Significant, VIII-739.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Sufficient Elapsed Time & Indicia Found, VIII-740.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Sufficient Elapsed Time & Indicia Found Lacking, VIII-741.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Taking Responsibility For Past Mistakes Is Important, VIII-742.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Ten (10) Years Lapsed Since Offense, VIII-743.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Test Similar to That Used By the Fla. Bar Is Utilized By DCF, VIII-744.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Thirty Five (35) Years Lapsed Since Offense, VIII-745.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Three (3) Years Lapsed Since Offense, VIII-746.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Twelve (12) Years Elapsed Since Offense, VIII-747.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Twenty (20) Years Lapsed Since Offense, VIII-748.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Twenty Two (22) Years Lapsed Since Offense, VIII-749.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Two (2) Years Too Short a Timeframe, Rehabilitation — Proof of — Very Recent Offense — Rehabilitation Found, VIII-750.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Violent Use of a Weapon Is Serious Impediment, VIII-751.
Rehabilitation — Proof of, VIII-752.
Rehabilitation — Status As a Father, Husband & Church Member Alone Is Insufficient, VIII-753.
Request For Hearing Dissmissed As Untimely, VIII-754.
Sexual Abuse, VIII-755.
Statutory List of Disqualifying Offenses — DCF Lacks Discretion to Excuse, VIII-756.
Thirteen (13) Years Lapsed Since Offense, VIII-757.
Untimely Petition For Hearing Denied, VIII-758.
Order On Motion For Rehearing: B.J. v. Children & Families, VIII-759.
Child — Parental Rights — Circuit Court Termination of —
Dept. Failure to Timely Conduct a Home Study —
Circuit Court Award of Attorney’s Fees Against Dept. Reversed As Not Substantiated, VIII-760.
Permanency Staffing Meeting —
Circuit Court Dismissal of Suit Alleging Sunshine Law Violation Affirmed, VIII-761.
Confidentiality Requirements Examined, VIII-762.
Discussed, VIII-763.
Right to Counsel Even If Indigent —
Examined, VIII-764.
Five (5) Part Test For, VIII-765.
Right Exists Under Both Federal & State Constitutions — State Protection Found to Be Broader, VIII-766.
Child Custody —
Circuit Court Invalidation of As Violative of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Affirmed, VIII-767.
Court Placement In Residential Treatment Facility —
Circuit Court Order Requiring Dept. to Disburse Funds Held In Trust Affirmed, VIII-768.
Child Support (See REVENUE, Dept. of (DOR))
Citizen Investigative Council —
Statutory Right to Make Unannounced Visits to Dept. Offices Implies Right of Access to Confidential Client Records, VIII-769.
Community Care For Disabled Adults Program (See Also MEDICAID; PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, Agency For (APD)) —
Homemaker Services Terminated After Section 8 Housing Inspection Was Passed, VIII-770.
Mechanics of the Waiting List Examined — Current Funding Allocation Is Inadequate, VIII-771.
Placement On the Waiting List Due to Lack of Available Funds Approved, VIII-772.
Program Must Operate Within Funds Appropriated By the Legislature, VIII-773.
Consumer Directed Care Program —
Corrective Payments In Event of Wrongful Denial Are Contemplated Under Both State & Federal Law, VIII-774.
DCF Hearing Officer Award of 120.595 Attorney’s Fees & Costs In Case Culminating In Reenrollment Reversed, VIII-775.
Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Developmental Services (See Also MEDICAID; PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, Agency For (APD)) —
Appellate Order On Motion For Clarification: Russell v. Children & Families, VIII-776.
Community-Based Services Waiver Program (See MEDICAID)
Dept. Denial of Benefits On Basis of Ex-Wife’s In Residence Refusal to Submit Requisite Information, VIII-777.
Dept. Denial of Benefits On Basis of Previous Denial Reversed —
New Disability Conditions Found Alleged, VIII-778.
Dept. Denial of Crises Status On the Waiting List For Services —
Dept. Order Reversed On Basis That Dept. Recommended Order Was Inadequate For Appellate Review, VIII-779.
Hearing Officer Recommended Order Found Inadequate For Appellate Review — Reversed, VIII-780.
One (1) Year Time Limit For Reapplication Examined, VIII-781.
Employee (See Also PUBLIC EMPLOYEES) —
Burden of Proof Is On the Employee, VIII-782.
Challenge to Reclassification — Denied, VIII-783.
Reclassification From Career Service to Selected Exempt Status — Challenge Upheld, VIII-784.
Food Stamps —
Overpayment —
Dept. Denial of Petition For Hearing As Untimely Affirmed, VIII-785.
Dept. Denial of Petition For Hearing As Untimely Reversed, VIII-786.
Reduction In Benefits Affirmed, VIII-787.
Guardianship —
415 Does Not Give DCF Power to Declare Acts of a Guardian In Strict Compliance With Lawful Court Orders to Constitute Abuse or Neglect, VIII-788.
Competing Powers Given Judiciary Under 744 & DCF Under 415 Examined, VIII-789.
DCF Appeal of Emergency Order Enforcing Mandate In Terry Schiavo Case Denied, VIII-790.
Institutional Care Program —
Challenge to Denial of Benefits — Power of Attorney Found Not to Authorize Daughter to Act As An Attorney/Legal Representative —
DCF Motion to Strike Brief Denied — Additional Filing Directed, VIII-791.
Involuntary Commitment —
Transport of Formerly Criminally-Charged & Currently Committed Person to Court-Ordered Evaluations —
Sheriff Is Not Responsible For Transport, VIII-792.
Transportation For Court-Appointed Expert Evaluation —
Circuit Court Order For Dept. to Arrange Quashed, VIII-793.
License (See Also Licensure)–
Child Care Facility —
402 & Rule 65C-20 — Violation of Standards Therein Create Harm Per Se, VIII-794.
Abuse Registry Report — Inadequate Supervision, VIII-795.
Abuse Registry Report — Physical Abuse — Improper Corporal Punishment, VIII-796.
Abuse Registry Report, VIII-797.
Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel, VIII-798.
Amended Final Order: Brew et al. v. DCF, VIII-799.
Appeal From County Licensing Action — DCF Role Is Limited — No De Novo Hearing, VIII-800.
Applicant Has the Ultimate Burden of Proof, VIII-801.
Corporal Punishment — Failure to Prevent By Third Party, VIII-802.
Criminal Conviction — Aggravated Child Abuse — Husband, VIII-803.
Criminal Plea — Domestic Battery — Husband, VIII-804.
Dept. Can Impose Sanctions On An Unlicensed Facility But Not On a Facility Duly Licensed By Another Entity, VIII-805.
Dept. Cannot “Stay” a Supervision, VIII-806.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-807.
Dept. Is Authorized to Use Information In the Abuse Registry, VIII-808.
Dept. Policy Has Been to Be As Flexible As Possible, VIII-809.
Emergency Suspension — Criminal Charge — Lewd or Lascivious Molestation of a Child, VIII-810.
Emergency Suspension Quashed On Basis That Alleged Facts Do Not Establish An Immediate Serious Danger, VIII-811.
Emergency Suspension/Refusal to Renew License Reversed For Failure to Promptly Accord a Formal Hearing, VIII-812.
Emergency Suspension, VIII-813.
Employee Lacks Standing to Challenge Fine Against Facility, VIII-814.
Enrollment Applications Did Not Have Dates, VIII-815.
Failure to Conduct Background Screening of Staff, VIII-816.
Failure to Conduct Monthly Fire Drills, VIII-817.
Failure to Correct Deficiencies, VIII-818.
Failure to Document Injury to Child, VIII-819.
Failure to Document Monthly Fire Drills, VIII-820.
Failure to Document Requisite Staff Training, VIII-821.
Failure to File Incident Report After An Injury, VIII-822.
Failure to File Requisite Report, VIII-823.
Failure to Follow Emergency Procedures, VIII-824.
Failure to Have a Properly Credentialed Director, VIII-825.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, VIII-826.
Failure to Maintain Children’s Health & Immunization Records, VIII-827.
Failure to Obtain Parental Permission Slips For a Field Trip, VIII-828.
Failure to Post Emergency Plan, VIII-829.
Failure to Post License In a Conspicuous Place, VIII-830.
Failure to Post Plan of Scheduled Events, VIII-831.
Failure to Properly Enclose Outdoor Play Space, VIII-832.
Failure to Properly Store Medications, VIII-833.
Failure to Properly Store Poisons, VIII-834.
Failure to Properly Train Staff, VIII-835.
Failure to Report Convicted Felon Residing On Premises, VIII-836.
Failure to Report Physical Abuse, VIII-837.
False Statements On Licensure Application, VIII-838.
Family Day Care Home — Not Subject to Licensure — Circuit Court Alone Has Power to Suspend Operations, VIII-839.
Fine — Cannot Exceed $500 Per Day, VIII-840.
Husband Residing In Home Has History of Inadequate Supervision, VIII-841.
Ignorance of the Rules Is No Excuse, VIII-842.
Inadequate & Unsafe Facility, VIII-843.
Inadequate Staffing Ratios — Found to Be a Serious Violation, VIII-844.
Inadequate Staffing Ratios — Not Established By Employee Meals or Other Such Absences, VIII-845.
Inadequate Staffing Ratios — Over Three (3) Times of Number of Children Allowed — Serious Violations, VIII-846.
Inadequate Staffing Ratios — Rule Variance Denied With Extensive Analysis of This Issue, VIII-847.
Inadequate Staffing Ratios — Single Violation Is Actionable — Cure Period Not Required, VIII-848.
Inadequate Staffing Ratios, VIII-849.
Inadequate Supervision, VIII-850.
Inadequate Supervision — Child Bitten By Another Child, VIII-851.
Inadequate Supervision — Child Left Behind In a Park On a Field Trip, VIII-852.
Inadequate Supervision — Children Playing In Mop Bucket With Water, VIII-853.
Inadequate Supervision — Failure to Count Children Transported In Van, VIII-854.
Inadequate Supervision — Infant Left Alone In Closed & Locked Facility, VIII-855.
Inadequate Supervision — Leaving Children Unattended Is a Serious Violation, VIII-856.
Inadequate Supervision — Leaving the Children In the Presence of An Unscreened Adult, VIII-857.
Inadequate Supervision — Nap Time, VIII-858.
Inadequate Supervision — Unexplained Injury, VIII-859.
Inadequate Supervision Is a Serious Violation, VIII-860.
Inappropriate Corporal Punishment, VIII-861.
Licensee Is Held to a Very High Standard of Performance, VIII-862.
Operating In Excess of Licensed Capacity, VIII-863.
Operating Without a License, VIII-864.
Operating a Foster Home For Profit, VIII-865.
Operator Is Not Strictly Liable, VIII-866.
Order Vacating Final Order: IN RE: Munchkin Manor Preschool, VIII-867.
Physical Abuse, VIII-868.
Provisional License (See Also Renewal)
Provisional License — Grant of Discussed, VIII-869.
Provisional License — Purpose of, VIII-870.
Provisional License Issued, VIII-871.
Renewal — Abuse Registry Report — Dept. Must Prove the Allegations Relied Upon By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-872.
Renewal — Abuse Registry Report — Denied, VIII-873.
Renewal — Abuse Registry Report — Granted, VIII-874.
Renewal — Abuse Registry Report, VIII-875.
Renewal — Applicable Burden of Proof Examined, VIII-876.
Renewal — Automatic Expiration of One (1) Year From Date of Renewal, VIII-877.
Renewal — Corporal Punishment — Improper Use of, VIII-878.
Renewal — Denial of — Allows Application For a New License At Any Time, VIII-879.
Renewal — Denial of — Dept. Will Not Predetermine the Merits of a New Application, VIII-880.
Renewal — Employees of Facility Found to Have Standing to Participate As Parties, VIII-881.
Renewal — Failure to Conduct Background Screening of Staff, VIII-882.
Renewal — Failure to Conduct Monthly Fire Drills, VIII-883.
Renewal — Failure to Correct Deficiencies, VIII-884.
Renewal — Failure to Keep Record of Fire Drills, VIII-885.
Renewal — Failure to Maintain Immunization, Personnel & Screening Documents On File, VIII-886.
Renewal — Failure to Maintain Records of Immunizations, VIII-887.
Renewal — Failure to Maintain Staff Personnel Records, VIII-888.
Renewal — Failure to Maintain a Land Based Telephone Line, VIII-889.
Renewal — Failure to Properly Store Poisons, VIII-890.
Renewal — Failure to Properly Train Staff, VIII-891.
Renewal — Failure to Provide Social Security Number, VIII-892.
Renewal — Failure to Screen Resident, VIII-893.
Renewal — Inability to Ensure Safety of Children, VIII-894.
Renewal — Inadequate Facility, VIII-895.
Renewal — Inadequate Staffing Ratios, VIII-896.
Renewal — Inadequate Supervision (Child Left Alone In Van Suffers a Heat Stroke), VIII-897.
Renewal — Inadequate Supervision (One Child Severely Biting Another), VIII-898.
Renewal — Inadequate Supervision, VIII-899.
Renewal — Outdoor Play Area In Parking Lot, VIII-900.
Renewal — Petition For Hearing Denied As Deficient & Untimely, VIII-901.
Renewal — Previous Violations Can Be Considered, VIII-902.
Renewal — Provisional License Denied Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation, VIII-903.
Renewal — Severity of Noncompliant Items & Refusal to Comply After Notice Are Determinative, VIII-904.
Renewal — Son In Home Has a Criminal Record (Sexual Battery), VIII-905.
Renewal — Unsafe & Unsanitary Facility, VIII-906.
Renewal — Unsafe Facility, VIII-907.
Renewal — Unsanitary Facility, VIII-908.
Renewal — Violation of Rules, VIII-909.
Transporting Children In An Unsafe Manner, VIII-910.
Unsafe Outdoor Play Area, VIII-911.
Unsanitary Facility, VIII-912.
Untimely Request For Hearing, VIII-913.
Vicarious Liability of Owner of Facility For Actions of Subordinates, VIII-914.
Child Placing Agency —
Failure to Conduct Adequate Home Study, VIII-915.
Failure to Document Financial Aid, VIII-916.
Failure to Notify Dept. That the Executive Director Had Left, VIII-917.
Failure to Properly Close the Agency, VIII-918.
Failure to Return Unearned Advanced Fees Subject to Refund, VIII-919.
Failure to Secure Confidential Files, VIII-920.
Failure to Submit Requisite Documentation, VIII-921.
Lost or Misplaced Client Paperwork, VIII-922.
Multiple Code Violations, VIII-923.
Signing a Home Study Without a Requisite Home Visit, VIII-924.
Foster Parent —
Abuse Registry Report — Alone Not Competent Substantial Evidence, VIII-925.
Abuse Registry Report — Confidentiality Rights of Victim Hamper Dept. Reliance On, VIII-926.
Abuse Registry Report — Dept. Reliance On Is Problematic But Often Necessary, VIII-927.
Abuse Registry Report — Does Not Automatically Disqualify An Applicant, VIII-928.
Abuse Registry Report — Double Hearsay, VIII-929.
Abuse Registry Report — Not Every Minor Bruise Need Be Reported, VIII-930.
Abuse Registry Report, VIII-931.
Adoption of a Foster Child By Another — Right of Foster Parent to Challenge, VIII-932.
All Persons Who Provide Services, Operate or Volunteer In a Home Must Be Background Screened, VIII-933.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-934.
Central Abuse Registry — Exemption From Disqualification Caselaw Is Analogous, VIII-935.
Central Abuse Registry Reports — Caselaw Is Analogous, VIII-936.
Child At All Times Remains In the Legal Custody of the Dept., VIII-937.
Corporal Punishment — Bruises & Welts Observed On Child, VIII-938.
Corporal Punishment — Dept. Policy Prohibiting Use of Examined, VIII-939.
Corporal Punishment — Improper Use of, VIII-940.
Corporal Punishment — Improper Use of — Hot Sauce In Eyes, VIII-941.
Criminal Plea By Husband Living In the Home (Medicaid Fraud), VIII-942.
Dept. Authority to Revoke a License Is Circumscribed By Statute, VIII-943.
Dept. Burden of Proof Is By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-944.
Dept. Cannot Be Compelled to Place a Child With a Specific Licensee, VIII-945.
Dept. Cannot Place a License On “Probationary” Status, VIII-946.
Dept. Complaint Must Provide In Writing Specific Reasons For Its Decisions Supported By “Some” Evidence, VIII-947.
Dept. Decisions Must Not Be Arbitrary or Capricious, VIII-948.
Dept. Has Particularly Broad Discretion —
Not An Occupational License, VIII-949.
Not a Right, VIII-950.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof By Competent Substantial Evidence, VIII-951.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-952.
Dept. Issuance of a Privilege — Not a Right, VIII-953.
Dept. Need Not Provide Clear & Convincing Evidence, VIII-954.
Dept. Need Only Provide Competent Substantial Evidence, VIII-955.
Dept. Payment of a Subsidy Is In No Sense Compensation, VIII-956.
Dept. Retains Legal Custody of Child At All Times, VIII-957.
Dept. Revocation For Allegedly Striking a Child Reversed — DOAH Recommendation Upheld, VIII-958.
Dept. Role In Selecting Permanent Placement Examined, VIII-959.
Different Rules Apply Than For Other Licenses, VIII-960.
Different Rules Apply Than for Other Licenses, VIII-961.
Domestic Violence, VIII-962.
Emotionally Abusive & Threatening to Foster Children, VIII-963.
Expiration of License After One (1) Year, VIII-964.
Expired License Cannot Be Renewed Even If Administrative Challenge Is Pending, VIII-965.
Failure to Cooperate With Dept., VIII-966.
Failure to Cooperate With Therapist, VIII-967.
Failure to Disclose Drug Problems, VIII-968.
Failure to Facilitate Tutoring, VIII-969.
Failure to File Income Tax Return, VIII-970.
Failure to Maintain Confidences Regarding Children, VIII-971.
Failure to Provide Appropriate Clothing & Grooming, VIII-972.
Failure to Provide Transport to Necessary Appointments, VIII-973.
Failure to Report Abuse, VIII-974.
False Statements On Licensure Application, VIII-975.
Family Members Moved Into Home Without Notice or Clearance, VIII-976.
Financial Ability Not Verified — Letter From Employer Deemed Insufficient, VIII-977.
Foster Parent License Is a Public Trust & Privilege & Not An Entitlement, VIII-978.
Foster Care Subsidies Are Intended Solely For the Benefit of Children, VIII-979.
Foster Parent License Automatically Expires Annually, VIII-980.
Foster Parent License Is Issued to the “Home” Not to An Individual, VIII-981.
Foster Parent License Is Not a “Professional License” Subject to Strict Procedural Safeguards, VIII-982.
Foster Parent License Is Not Transferable, VIII-983.
Foster Parent Subsidies Are Not Compensation, VIII-984.
Improper Use of Restraints, VIII-985.
Inability to Provide Medical Needs (Failure to Carry Health Insurance), VIII-986.
Inadequate Supervision — 24/7 Supervision Is Not Required, VIII-987.
Inadequate Supervision — Failure to Prevent Physical Abuse By a Relative, VIII-988.
Inadequate Supervision, VIII-989.
Inappropriate Comments to Foster Child, VIII-990.
Intoxicated In Presence of Foster Children, VIII-991.
Negligence — Leaving A Gasoline Container Temporarily Unattended On the Porch Found Not Constitute, VIII-992.
Negligence, VIII-993.
Paramour (Unmarried) Couple As Foster Parents, VIII-994.
Physical Abuse, VIII-995.
Placement Decisions Are Driven By the Child’s Best Interests Not By the Substitute Caregiver, VIII-996.
Poor Health, VIII-997.
Positive Drug Screen For Cocaine — Possession of Paraphernalia, VIII-998.
Provisional License (See Renewal)
Provisional License Issued & Discussed, VIII-999.
Renewal — Abuse Registry Report, VIII-1000.
Renewal — Actions of Dept. Private Contractors Imputed to Dept. By DOAH, VIII-1001.
Renewal — Applicable Burden of Proof Examined, VIII-1002.
Renewal — Applicant Has the Burden of Proof — By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-1003.
Renewal — Application For Must Be Filed At Least Ninety (90) Days Prior to Expiration, VIII-1004.
Renewal — Child-On-Child Violence, VIII-1005.
Renewal — Corporal Punishment — Improper Use of, VIII-1006.
Renewal — Dept. Denial of Renewal On Basis of Physical Abuse Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation Reversed, VIII-1007.
Renewal — Dept. Must Provide Specific Reasons For Denial, VIII-1008.
Renewal — Driver’s License Suspension, VIII-1009.
Renewal — Failure to Allow Proper Access to Home to the Case Manager, VIII-1010.
Renewal — Failure to Complete Mandatory Health Inspections, VIII-1011.
Renewal — Failure to Comply With Foster Home Agreement, VIII-1012.
Renewal — Failure to Comply With Corrective Action Plan, VIII-1013.
Renewal — Failure to Cooperate With Dept., VIII-1014.
Renewal — Failure to Document Sufficient Income, VIII-1015.
Renewal — Failure to Maintain Auto Insurance, VIII-1016.
Renewal — Failure to Meet Dietary Needs, VIII-1017.
Renewal — Failure to Meet Food Service Requirements, VIII-1018.
Renewal — Failure to Provide Medical Care, VIII-1019.
Renewal — Failure to Report Contact With Law Enforcement Agency, VIII-1020.
Renewal — Failure to Report Household Member With Criminal Record & Disqualified, VIII-1021.
Renewal — Failure to Screen Employees, VIII-1022.
Renewal — False Statements On Licensure Application, VIII-1023.
Renewal — Financial Inability to Provide For Children In the Home, VIII-1024.
Renewal — Foster Home License Automatically Expires One (1) Year From Date of Issuance, VIII-1025.
Renewal — Inability to Participate In Appointments For the Children, VIII-1026.
Renewal — Inadequate Supervision, VIII-1027.
Renewal — Inadequate Training Hours, VIII-1028.
Renewal — Inappropriate Behavior Management, VIII-1029.
Renewal — Inappropriate Discipline, VIII-1030.
Renewal — Involves More Than Mere Ministerial Act, VIII-1031.
Renewal — Medications Stored Within Reach of Children, VIII-1032.
Renewal — Missing Child Health Screening Records & Expired Immunizations, VIII-1033.
Renewal — New Address — Must Be Inspected Before New License Can Issue, VIII-1034.
Renewal — Notice of Denial — Matters Outside of Cannot Be Considered, VIII-1035.
Renewal — Physical Abuse, VIII-1036.
Renewal — Physical Abuse of Adopted Daughter — Denial Over Contrary DOAH Recommendation Reversed, VIII-1037.
Renewal — Previous Denial Rescinded After Appellate Court Remand: Thompson v. DCF, VIII-1038.
Renewal — Sex Offender Allowed to Reside In Home, VIII-1039.
Renewal — Transporting Child While Driver’s License Was Revoked For DUI, VIII-1040.
Renewal — Transporting Children In Vehicle After Consuming Alcohol, VIII-1041.
Renewal — Unlicensed Caregiver, VIII-1042.
Renewal — Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, VIII-1043.
Renewal — Untimely Request For Hearing, VIII-1044.
Renewal — Untimely Return of Required Documentation to the Dept., VIII-1045.
Renewal — Verbal Abuse, VIII-1046.
Renewal — Violation of Rules, VIII-1047.
Request For Hearing Denied As Untimely, VIII-1048.
Verbal Abuse, VIII-1049.
Voluntary Cessation of Operations — Intent to Revoke Rescinded, VIII-1050.
Licensure (See Also License) —
Abuse Registry Report —
Physical Abuse, VIII-1051.
Child Care Facility —
Absence of Linkages With Community Agencies, VIII-1052.
Abuse Registry Report — Absence of Report Is Not Determinative, VIII-1053.
Abuse Registry Report — Dept. Burden to “Prove-Up” the Allegations By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-1054.
Abuse Registry Report — Dept. May Utilize, VIII-1055.
Abuse Registry Report — Exploitation of Aged Adult, VIII-1056.
Abuse Registry Report — Inadequate Supervision, VIII-1057.
Abuse Registry Report — Problematic Nature of This Evidence Noted, VIII-1058.
Abuse Registry Report — Sexual Contact Between Children, VIII-1059.
Abuse Registry Report — Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions — Adult Residing In Home Has a Criminal History, VIII-1060.
Applicant Who Has No Intent to Actually Operate a Facility Commits Fraud By Applying, VIII-1061.
Criminal Charge — Shoplifting — Felony, VIII-1062.
Emergency Policies & Procedures Deficient, VIII-1063.
Emergency Telephone Numbers Not Posted, VIII-1064.
False Statements On Licensure Application, VIII-1065.
Granted Due to Changed Circumstances Rendering Initial Denial Moot, VIII-1066.
Inability In Profession (Mental Health Issues), VIII-1067.
Inadequate Incident Reporting Procedures, VIII-1068.
Inadequate Staff & Facilities, VIII-1069.
Inadequate Supervision, VIII-1070.
Insufficient Operating Funds, VIII-1071.
Leaving Infant & Five (5) Year Old Unattended In Running Vehicle, VIII-1072.
Registered Day Care Homes Are Not Subject to Inspection & Therefore Are Subject to Careful Scrutiny, VIII-1073.
Request For Hearing Deemed Abandoned, VIII-1074.
Unsafe Transportation, VIII-1075.
Foster Parent —
Abandonment of Own Child, VIII-1076.
Abuse Registry Report, VIII-1077.
Abuse Registry Report — Dept. May Consider, VIII-1078.
Abuse Registry Report — Inappropriate Corporal Punishment, VIII-1079.
Applicant’s Burden of Proof — Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-1080.
Applicant’s Burden of Proof, VIII-1081.
Appropriate Modes of Discipline Examined, VIII-1082.
Circuit Court Dependency Proceeding — Factual Determinations Found to Support Denial of Licensure, VIII-1083.
Corporal Punishment — Improper Use of, VIII-1084.
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft – 1986, VIII-1085.
Dept. Complaint Must Provide In Writing Specific Reasons For Its Decisions Supported By “Some” Evidence, VIII-1086.
Dept. Is the Legal Custodian At All Times & Must Protect the Best Interests of the Child, VIII-1087.
Dept. Issuance of Is a Privilege — Not a Right, VIII-1088.
Different Rules Apply Than For Other Licenses, VIII-1089.
Discarded Medication Rather Than Administering to Clients, VIII-1090.
Domestic Violence — Innocent Victim of, VIII-1091.
Domestic Violence, VIII-1092.
Failure to Demonstrate Ability to Work With the Department, VIII-1093.
Failure to Document Financial Stability, VIII-1094.
Failure to Provide Sufficient Information, VIII-1095.
False Statements On Licensure Application, VIII-1096.
Financial Stability Found Lacking, VIII-1097.
Foster Parent License Is a Public Trust Not a Professional License, VIII-1098.
Improper Use of Corporal Punishment, VIII-1099.
Inability to Communicate Effectively With Children, VIII-1100.
Inability to Have Children of Their Own Determined to Be Problematic, VIII-1101.
Inability to Properly Distinguish Between Prospective Adoptive & Foster Children, VIII-1102.
Inability to Provide Structure Needed to Promote Spiritual & Emotional Development, VIII-1103.
Inability to Recognize Strengths & Weaknesses, VIII-1104.
Inadequate Supervision, VIII-1105.
Lack of Fitness, VIII-1106.
Lack of Fitness & Trustworthiness, VIII-1107.
Negative Family Reference, VIII-1108.
Negligence, VIII-1109.
Nonpayment of Child Support, VIII-1110.
Operating a Foster Home For Profit, VIII-1111.
Pattern of Allegations of Abuse Does Not Per Se Constitute Proof of Abuse, VIII-1112.
Petition Dismissed As Untimely, VIII-1113.
Physical Abuse, VIII-1114.
Refusal to Participate In Sexual Abuse Counseling, VIII-1115.
Sexual Abuse of Daughter, VIII-1116.
Stability of Placements Must Be Maximized, VIII-1117.
There Is No Entitlement to, VIII-1118.
Unruly Natural Children In Home Found to Pose a Threat, VIII-1119.
Medicaid (See MEDICAID)
Medical Authorization (See HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency for)
Petition For Hearing —
Denied Due to Failure to Appear At Hearing, VIII-1120.
Dismissed As Untimely, VIII-1121.
Public Records (See PUBLIC RECORDS ACT, (119 Fla. Stat.))
Relative Care Benefits —
Dept. Appeals From Circuit Court Order to Pay —
Motion For Rehearing Found Not to Toll Time Limit For Notice of Appeal — Appeal Dismissed As Untimely, VIII-1122.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Child Care Facility —
Staff-Child Ratios — Denied, VIII-1123.
Child Placing Agency — Licensure —
Requirements — Denied, VIII-1124.
Requirements — Granted, VIII-1125.
Requirements — Granted & Denied, VIII-1126.
Requirements — Granted With Conditions, VIII-1127.
Requirements — Petition Dismissed, VIII-1128.
Requirements — Work Experience — Granted & Denied, VIII-1129.
Requirement to Maintain a Sufficient Number of Licensed Foster Homes — Denied, 28:1962-1963.
Child Welfare Service Provider — Licensure Requirements —
Educational & Work Experience Requirements — Granted, VIII-1130.
Requirement That Caseworker Have a Bachelor’s Degree In Social Work & Certain Work Experience — Denial Vacated/Granted, VIII-1131.
Requirement That Caseworker Have a Bachelor’s Degree In Social Work — Denied, VIII-1132.
Requirement That Caseworker Have a Bachelor’s Degree In Social Work — Petition Dismissed As Moot, VIII-1133.
Requirement That Caseworker Have a Bachelor’s Degree In Social Work — Granted, VIII-1134.
Requirement That Caseworker Have a Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree & Certain Work Experience — Granted, VIII-1135.
Requirement That Caseworker Supervisor Have a Certain Combination of Education & Experience — Granted, VIII-1136.
Requirement That Direct Counseling Staff Have a Master’s Degree In Social Work, Counseling, or a Related Field of Study — Granted, VIII-1137.
Requirement That Executive Director Have a Bachelor’s Degree & Three (3) Years of Management Experience (After 1987) — Petition Denied As Moot, VIII-1138.
Community-Based Provider of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services —
Granted, VIII-1139.
Residential Child Care Facility — Staff Qualification Requirements, VIII-1140.
Residential Treatment Facility — Renewal Application Form — Granted In Part, VIII-1141.
Subsidized Informal Child Care Benefits —
Dept. Screening Result Provided to Youth & Family Alternatives (YFA) —
Petition For Hearing Challenging Denied, VIII-1142.