License —
Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Charge — Possession of Cocaine & Paraphernalia/ Driving On a Suspended License, VIII-3381.
Criminal Charge — Possession of Cocaine & Paraphernalia/DUI, VIII-3382.
Criminal Charge — Violation of Probation, VIII-3383.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Paraphernalia, VIII-3384.
Failure to Comply With PRN Contract, VIII-3385.
Inability In Profession (Alcohol & Controlled Substance Abuse), VIII-3386.
Inability In Profession (Controlled Substance Abuse), VIII-3387.
Inability In Profession (Mental Condition), VIII-3388.
Inability In Profession (Polysubstance Abuse), VIII-3389.
Positive Drug Screen (Alcohol & Benzodiazepine), VIII-3390.
Refusal to Submit to Drug Screen — Sample Dilute, VIII-3391.


Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Licensure —
Exam —
Challenge to Grading — Failure to Satisfy 10% Standing Requirement, VIII-3392.


Declaratory Statement (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
License —
Emergency Restriction —
Criminal Plea — Indecent Exposure, VIII-3393.
Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine, VIII-3394.
Licensure —
Exam —
Clinical — Challenge to Grading, VIII-3395.


Declaratory Statement (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Licensure —
False Statements On Licensure Application, VIII-3396.


Circuit Court Judgment Against County In Inverse Condemnation Suit —
Construction & Demolition Debris Landfill Closed Due to Foul Odors —
Circuit Court Judgment Affirmed, VIII-3397.



Declaratory Statement (See DECLARATORY STATEMENT)
Discipline (See Also DISCIPLINE) —
Reimbursement For the Patient Is Not Contemplated, VIII-3398.
License —
Emergency Restriction —
Administration of Adulterated or Improperly Stored Medications, VIII-3399.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, VIII-3400.
Gross or Repeated Malpractice, VIII-3401.
Imposed After Appellate Reversal of Suspension, VIII-3402.
Prescription of Controlled Substances Other Than In Course of Practice, VIII-3403.
Unacceptable Level of Care, VIII-3404.
Violation of Board Order Restricting License, VIII-3405.
Emergency Suspension —
Bd. Denial of Petition to Lift Emergency Suspension As Untimely — Emergency Suspension Delivered to Wrong Address — Reversed, VIII-3406.
Controlled Substances — Administration of An Unapproved Legend Drug (Botulinum Toxin Type A), VIII-3407.
Controlled Substances — Administration of Unapproved Legend Drug From An Unlicensed Supplier, VIII-3408.
Controlled Substances — Distribution of Adulterated or Misbranded Substances, VIII-3409.
Controlled Substances — Improperly Allowing Name & License Number to Be Used to Order, VIII-3410.
Controlled Substances — Inappropriate or Excessive Prescriptions, VIII-3411.
Controlled Substances — Inappropriate or Excessive Prescriptions — Order Reversed For Failure to Narrowly Tailor the Remedy to the Stated Harm, VIII-3412.
Controlled Substances — Prescription Other Than In Course of a Professional Practice, VIII-3413.
Controlled Substances — Prescription Without An Adequate Physical Exam, VIII-3414.
Controlled Substances — Presigning Blank Prescription Forms, VIII-3415.
Controlled Substances — Self-Prescription, VIII-3416.
Controlled Substances — Unauthorized Administering, Storing & Handling, VIII-3417.
Criminal Charge — Aggravated Assault/ False Imprisonment/ Impersonating a Police Officer, VIII-3418.
Criminal Charge — Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substances, VIII-3419.
Criminal Charge — Practicing Medicine Without a License/ Racketeering In Narcotics/Trafficking In Oxycodone, VIII-3420.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking In Hydrocodone, VIII-3421.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking In Illegal Drugs, VIII-3422.
Criminal Conviction — Dispensing Controlled Substances Outside the Course of a Professional Practice, VIII-3423.
Criminal Plea — Battery, VIII-3424.
Criminal Plea — Driving Under the Influence (DUI), VIII-3425.
Criminal Plea — Lewd or Lascivious Battery On a Minor, VIII-3426.
Failure to Comply With Monitoring Contract, VIII-3427.
Failure to Enter Into PRN Contract, VIII-3428.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, VIII-3429.
Failure to Perform Statutory or Legal Obligation, VIII-3430.
Failure to Report Impaired Physician, VIII-3431.
Inability In Profession (Alcohol Abuse), VIII-3432.
Inability In Profession (Alcohol & Ativan Abuse), VIII-3433.
Inability In Profession (Bipolar Disorder), VIII-3434.
Inability In Profession (Major Depression), VIII-3435.
Inability In Profession (Mental Condition), VIII-3436.
Positive Drug Screen (Marijuana), VIII-3437.
Practicing In Violation of Emergency Restriction On License, VIII-3438.
Practicing In Violation of Emergency Suspension Order, VIII-3439.
Refusal to Submit to An Examination, VIII-3440.
Sexual Abuse of Minor Patient, VIII-3441.
Unacceptable Level of Care, VIII-3442.
Violation of Board Order, VIII-3443.
Violation of Board Order Imposing Restriction — Review Denied, VIII-3444.
Violation of Board-Imposed Probation, VIII-3445.
Gross or Repeated Malpractice, VIII-3446.
Out-of-State Discipline, VIII-3447.
Permanent Revocation Based On Out-of-State Discipline —
Reversed On Basis of a Defective Complaint, VIII-3448.
Unacceptable Level of Care, VIII-3449.
License — Physician Assistant —
Fraudulent Conduct, VIII-3450.
Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, VIII-3451.
Operating Beyond Scope of License, VIII-3452.
Order On Appellant Remand: Health v. Cone, VIII-3453.


550.615(6) Prohibition On In Intertrack Wagering In Certain Geographic Areas —
Circuit Court Declaration of As Unconstitutional Affirmed —
Statute Found to Be Improperly Adopted Special Law, VIII-3454.
Declaratory Statement —
Statement Requested Regarding Effect of Absence of Implementing Legislation On Slot Machine Operation At Pari-Mutuel Facility —
Writ of Prohibition to Prevent Div. Ruling On, VIII-3455.
Emergency Rule — No-Limit Poker Tournaments — Repeal —
Reversed & Remanded On Basis of Absence of Immediate Danger, VIII-3456.
License — Horse Track —
Revocation of Hialeah’s Permit & Denial of Its 2003-2004 Application Affirmed, VIII-3457.
License — Intertrack Wagering —
Circuit Court Declaration That 550.615(6) Was Unconstitutional As a Special Law Not Duly Promulgated —
District Court of Appeal Affirmance Upheld By Supreme Court, VIII-3458.



After-the-Fact —
Concrete Batching Plant — General —
Continued Operation During Processing of Application Found Proper, VIII-3459.
Air Pollution —
After-the-Fact —
Concrete Batching Plant — General, VIII-3460.
Third Party Challenge Dismissed For Lack of Standing, VIII-3461.
Applicant’s Burden of Proof (See Also Reasonable Assurances) —
All Facts Within Need Not Be Proven, VIII-3462.
Applicant Has Burden of Proof, VIII-3463.
Has Both the Initial & Ultimate Burdens of Proof, VIII-3464.
Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-3465.
Shift to Intervenor After Establishment of Prima Facie Case, VIII-3466.
Application (See Also Applicant’s Budren of Proof) —
Agency Action On Must Be Based On Applicable Environmental Rules & Statutes Only, VIII-3467.
Alternative Sites Cannot Be Considered, VIII-3468.
Consideration of An Applicant’s Past Misconduct, VIII-3469.
Consideration of Must Be Based Solely On Compliance With Applicable Permit Criteria, VIII-3470.
DOAH Can Consider Evidence Outside of, VIII-3471.
Expedited Proceeding, VIII-3472.
Insufficient Information, VIII-3473.
Modification of Permit —
Conditions of Permit Can Be Changed, VIII-3474.
Entire Application Is Not Reviewed Anew, VIII-3475.
Further Cumulative Impact Analysis Found Not Required, VIII-3476.
Modification of Permit — Substantial Changes —
Can Constitute a Due Process Problem, VIII-3477.
Only That Portion of the Existing Permit Proposed For Modification Is Reviewed, VIII-3478.
Reviewed As of the Time of Hearing to Determine Compliance With Applicable Permitting Criteria, VIII-3479.
Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of (DEP)) —
30-Year Erosion Projection, VIII-3480.
Condominium Building — Four (4) Story — Related Structures, VIII-3481.
Consideration of Future Beach Renourishment Projects, VIII-3482.
Frontal Dune Defined & Discussed, VIII-3483.
Landward Rebuilding & Relocation Discussed, VIII-3484.
Line of Construction Discussed, VIII-3485.
Local Governmental Determinations Regarding Cannot Be Collaterally Attacked In Parallel 120 DEP Proceeding, VIII-3486.
Public Beach Access Parking Areas, VIII-3487.
Replacing Existing Damaged Structures With Larger More Landward Structure Constitutes “Rebuilding”, VIII-3488.
Residence, VIII-3489.
Residence — Additions to, VIII-3490.
Residence — DEP Has Not Permitted Structures Seaward of the Dunes In Twenty (20) Years, VIII-3491.
Residence — Multi-Family, VIII-3492.
Sand-Filled Geotube Textile As Armoring, VIII-3493.
Significant Adverse Impacts Discussed, VIII-3494.
Third Party Challenge, VIII-3495.
Conceptual —
Detailed Construction Plans Not Required — Modifications Are Contemplated, VIII-3496.
Conditions —
DEP Has Authority to Impose Additional Conditions, VIII-3497.
Default Permit — DEP Has the Burden of Proof Regarding, VIII-3498.
Consent Order (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of (DEP)) —
Defined & Discussed, VIII-3499.
Third Party Standing to Challenge (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of; PERMITS, Third Party Intervenors), VIII-3500.
Two (2) Classes of Examined, VIII-3501.
Unilateral Changes to Cannot Be Compelled, VIII-3502.
Construction (See Also General Permits) —
Construction & Demolition Debris Disposal Facility, VIII-3503.
Conversion of Exploratory Well to Injection Well — Construction of New Injection Well, VIII-3504.
Injection Well — Wastewater From Power Plant, VIII-3505.
Wastewater Collection/Transmission System — Domestic — County, VIII-3506.
Wastewater Treatment — Modification & Expansion — Municipal, VIII-3507.
Consumptive Use —
Compliance With Local Comprehensive Plan or Land Development Regulations Not Considered, VIII-3508.
Reasonable Beneficial Use Standard Examined, VIII-3509.
Three (3) Part Test Governing Grants of, VIII-3510.
Cumulative Impact (See Also Secondary Impacts) —
Applicability of — Discussed, VIII-3511.
Consideration of Reasonably Foreseeable Projects Is Normally Clearly Mandated By Statutes, VIII-3512.
Defined & Discussed, VIII-3513.
Permit Modification — Found Not Required, VIII-3514.
Related to Public Interest Test, VIII-3515.
Standard Governing This Analysis — Examined, VIII-3516.
Two (2) Components of This Analysis Examined, VIII-3517.
Default Permit (120.60(2)) (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
DEP Imposition of Conditions On a Default Permit Without a Hearing — Reversed, VIII-3518.
Hearing Must Be Held Prior to Issuance of, VIII-3519.
There Are No Statutory or Rule Provisions For Implementation of, VIII-3520.
Dredge & Fill (See Also Environmental Resource Permit (ERP); ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of (DEP)) —
Beach Renourishment — Establishment of An Erosion Control Line, VIII-3521.
Beach Renourishment — Walton County, VIII-3522.
Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) (See Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) —
Exemption — Mosquito Ditch, VIII-3523.
Expansion of Residential Development In Bay County, VIII-3524.
Public Interest Test —
Seven (7) Part Test Is Exhaustive, VIII-3525.
Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) (See Also Dredge & Fill; General Permits) —
Boardwalk, VIII-3526.
Canal —
Default Permit — Conditions Imposed Over Objections, VIII-3527.
Cannot Be Granted Unless the Appurtenant Consent of Use Is Granted, VIII-3528.
Channel — Enlargement of Main Access Channel At Port Manatee — Modification, VIII-3529.
Channel — Maintenance Dredging, VIII-3530.
Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) (See Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) —
Commercial Shipyard Expansion, VIII-3531.
DEP & the Water Management Districts Have Concurrent Jurisdiction, VIII-3532.
Deadhead Logging, VIII-3533.
Dock —
Addition — Residential, VIII-3534.
Marina — Private — Modification — After-the-Fact, VIII-3535.
Navigational Hazards Found Lacking, VIII-3536.
Residence, VIII-3537.
Dock, VIII-3538.
Exemption —
Boat Lift On Dock — Residential, VIII-3539.
Dock — Residential, VIII-3540.
Strictly Construed Against Applicant, VIII-3541.
Marina — Dock Expansion, VIII-3542.
Marina — Managed Mooring Field, VIII-3543.
Retaining Wall & Riprap, VIII-3544.
General Permits (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of (DEP)) —
Concrete Batch Plant — Operating, VIII-3545.
Construction (See Also Construction) —
Construction & Demolition Debris Disposal Facility, VIII-3546.
Dock — Access Pier — Terminal Platform — Boatlift With Catwalk — Residential, VIII-3547.
Dock — Boatlift — Private, VIII-3548.
Environmental Resource (See Also Environmental Resource Permit (ERP)) —
Retaining Wall & Riprap, VIII-3549.
Qualifying Activities Within Outstanding Fla. Waters or Aquatic Preserves, VIII-3550.
Removal of An Existing Dock & Construction of a New Dock In a Manmade Canal, VIII-3551.
Sand-Filled Geotube Textile As Armoring, VIII-3552.
Mitigation Plans —
Mitigation — Defined, VIII-3553.
Mitigation Banks — Appropriate Utilization of Examined, VIII-3554.
Practicability of Examined, VIII-3555.
Public Benefit (Funds to Construct Public Boat Ramp) Distinguished From, VIII-3556.
Scientific, Technical, Site-Specific Determination, VIII-3557.
Operating —
Incidental Process Water & Stormwater From Mine Discharging Into a Creek, VIII-3558.
Papermill — Authorization For Experimental Use of Wetlands — Pipeline — Rule Waiver — Denied, VIII-3559.
Renewal —
Wastewater Treatment Plant — Dept. Lacks Authority to Require Connection to Centralized Plant, VIII-3560.
Wastewater Treatment Plant — Package Plant Defined & Discussed, VIII-3561.
Outstanding Florida Waters —
Aquatic Preserves Generally Are Included Within, VIII-3562.
Public Interest Test —
Adverse Cumulative Impacts, VIII-3563.
Balancing of Relevant Statutory Factors Is Required, VIII-3564.
Beach Renourishment — Has Been Declared to Be In the Public Interest By the Fla. Legislature, VIII-3565.
Examined, VIII-3566.
Navigation — Delay In Ingress or Egress Does Not Adversely Affect, VIII-3567.
Navigational Impediment — Mere Inconvenience Does Not Constitute, VIII-3568.
Project Found Not Contrary to the Public Interest, VIII-3569.
Seven (7) Part Test, VIII-3570.
Reasonable Assurances (See Also Applicant’s Burden of Proof) —
Applicant Has the Ultimate Burden of Proof Regarding, VIII-3571.
Applicant Must Address Reasonably Foreseeable Contingencies, VIII-3572.
Aquatic Preserves, VIII-3573.
Burden of Proof (See Also Applicant’s Burden of Proof) —
Competent Substantial Evidence Establishing — Discussed, VIII-3574.
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case Regarding, VIII-3575.
On Applicant, VIII-3576.
DEP Has Ultimate Responsibility Regarding, VIII-3577.
Defined & Discussed, VIII-3578.
Development Rights Are Not Relevant to This Inquiry, VIII-3579.
District Has the Ultimate Responsibility Regarding, VIII-3580.
Economic Viability Is Relevant, VIII-3581.
Exemption Requests — Found Inapplicable, VIII-3582.
Mere Speculation Over What Might Occur Is Irrelevant, VIII-3583.
Mixed Question of Fact & Law, VIII-3584.
Modification of Permit —
Compliance With Existing Permit Conditions Does Not Constitute “Additional Reasonable Assurances”, VIII-3585.
Modification of Permit, VIII-3586.
Never Absolute, VIII-3587.
Process Knowledge Can Be a Basis For Regarding Discharge of Hazardous Waste, VIII-3588.
Worse Case Scenario — Not Presumed, VIII-3589.
Secondary Impacts (See Also Cumulative Impacts) —
Cannot Be Speculative or Consist of Unproven Allegations, VIII-3590.
Close Cause & Effect or But-For Relationship Must Exist, VIII-3591.
Defined & Discussed, VIII-3592.
Mitigation Plan Found to Offset, VIII-3593.
Septic Tank —
Church — Expansion — Application For Reapproval Denied, VIII-3594.
Commercial — Variance — Additional Cottages & Clubhouse At Marina — Denied, VIII-3595.
Residential —
Application Deemed Active But Incomplete Until Lot Is Suitably Cleared, VIII-3596.
Variance — Utility Easement — Third Party Challenge Dismissed, VIII-3597.
Variance — Intentionally Created Hardship — Found, VIII-3598.
Surface Water Management System (See Also ST. JOHNS RIVER WATER MANAGEMENT Dist.) —
Landfill — Modification — Intervenor Challenge Dismissed For Lack of Standing, VIII-3599.
Third Party Intervenors (See Also Consent Order; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) —
Cannot Inject New Issues Into the Proceeding, VIII-3600.
Failure to Appear At Hearing — Petition Deemed Withdrawn, VIII-3601.
Notice — Actual Notice Can Be Requested, VIII-3602.
Notice — Right to Examined, VIII-3603.
Notice — Use of Different Newspapers In Regard to the Same Permit, VIII-3604.
Notice (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Formal Hearing (120.57(1)), Clear Point of Entry)
Standing —
403.412(5) — 2002 Amendment Found Not Violative of the Single Subject Rule, VIII-3605.
403.412(5) — 2002 Amendment Found to Substantially Limit Third Party Participation In Permitting In Two (2) Ways, VIII-3606.
Administrative Efficiency Found Served By Ruling On All Issues After a Hearing Revealed That Standing Was Lacking, VIII-3607.
Adversely “Affected” Distinguished From Adversely “Impacted”, VIII-3608.
Association — Three (3) Part Test For, VIII-3609.
Association, VIII-3610.
Burden of Proof (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of (DEP)) — On Petitioner By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-3611.
Cannot Be Established By Mere Speculation, VIII-3612.
Consent Order (See Also ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of (DEP); Consent Order) — Consulting Engineers For the Project Cited, VIII-3613.
Consent Order — Penalties, VIII-3614.
Consent Order, VIII-3615.
Death of Sole Petitioner — Substitution of Wife/Widow Not Allowed, VIII-3616.
Death of Sole Petitioner Found to Moot Case & Also Divest Intervenors, VIII-3617.
Economic Injury Alone Is Insufficient, VIII-3618.
Environmental Not Property Interests Must Be Asserted, VIII-3619.
Failure to Appear At Hearing Vitiates, VIII-3620.
Failure to Properly Allege Basis For, VIII-3621.
Injury — Must Be Real & Immediate-Not Hypothetical, VIII-3622.
Injury In Fact — Degree of Injury, VIII-3623.
Intervenor Rights Found Subordinate to & Dependent On Those of Petitioner, VIII-3624.
Prisoner, VIII-3625.
Question of Law, VIII-3626.
Riparian Rights — Artificial Water Bodies — None, VIII-3627.
Special Injury Different In Kind From the General Public Is Required, VIII-3628.
Special Injury Not Required, VIII-3629.
Substantial Interest Test — Defined, VIII-3630.
Substantial Interest Test — Found Not Satisfied, VIII-3631.
Substantial Interest Test — Found Satisfied, VIII-3632.
Substantial Interest Test — Interest Cannot Be Speculative, VIII-3633.
Substantial Interests Defined & Discussed, VIII-3634.
Substitution of Parties, VIII-3635.
Two (2) Prong Test, VIII-3636.
Zone of Interest — Defined & Discussed, VIII-3637.
Zone of Interest — Economic Interests, VIII-3638.
Zone of Interest — Nature of Injury, VIII-3639.
Zone of Interest — Scenic Views of the Water, VIII-3640.
Zone of Interest, VIII-3641.



Agency Does Have Some Responsibility to Ensure That Providers Actually Deliver Services That Are Billed, VIII-3642.
Central Abuse Registry (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of; JUVENILE JUSTICE, Dept. of) —
Exemption From Disqualification —
Applicant Has No Entitlement to An Exemption, VIII-3643.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, VIII-3644.
Criminal Charges — Domestic Battery/Resisting Arrest Without Violence, VIII-3645.
Criminal Conviction — Battery On a Law Enforcement Officer/Violation of Probation/Retail Theft/Resisting Arrest Without Violence, VIII-3646.
Criminal Conviction — Disorderly Conduct, VIII-3647.
Criminal Conviction — Domestic Violence, VIII-3648.
Criminal Conviction — Grand Larceny, VIII-3649.
Criminal Conviction — Importation of Cocaine, VIII-3650.
Criminal Conviction — Passing Worthless Checks, VIII-3651.
Criminal Conviction — Resisting Arrest With Violence, VIII-3652.
Criminal Conviction — Trespass, VIII-3653.
Criminal Plea — Arson, VIII-3654.
Criminal Plea — Attempted Burglary, VIII-3655.
Criminal Plea — Domestic Violence, VIII-3656.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine, VIII-3657.
Criminal Plea — Resisting Arrest Without Violence/Passing Worthless Checks/Bank Fraud/Aggravated Assault, VIII-3658.
Denied, VIII-3659.
Domestic Violence (See Also Criminal Charges, Criminal Plea), VIII-3660.
Eligibility For Distinguished From Entitlement, VIII-3661.
Exemption From Disqualification — Denied, VIII-3662.
Exemption From Disqualification — Granted, VIII-3663.
Rehabilitation — Lapse of Time or Remorse Not Specified, VIII-3664.
Rehabilitation — Proof of, VIII-3665.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Long & Involved Criminal History, VIII-3666.
Challenge By Guardian to Proposed Relocation of a Client to Another Group Home —
Petition For Hearing Dismissed As Premature, VIII-3667.
Circuit Court Order For APD to Provide Services to An Autistic Retarded Juvenile —
Appellate Court Grants APD a Writ of Prohibition Finding the Circuit Court Exceeded Its Jurisdiction, VIII-3668.
Community-Based Services Waiver Program (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of; MEDICAID) —
Agency Denial of Petition Challenging Placement On a Waiting List Affirmed, VIII-3669.
Dept. of Children & Families Provides APD With Administrative & Operational Services Including Legal Support Pursuant to An Interagency Agreement, VIII-3670.
Developmental Services (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of; MEDICAID) —
Accessibility Modifications to Recipient’s Home —
Contractual Dispute — Breach of Contract By Provider Alleged — Petition For Hearing Denied, VIII-3671.
Agency Denial of Services Solely On the Basis of An IQ Test Reversed, VIII-3672.
Agency Denies Placement On Crises Tier Waiting List —
Foster Children Are Not Excluded From Consideration, VIII-3673.
Medicaid Is the Primary Funding Source, VIII-3674.
Reversed & Remanded, VIII-3675.
Thirteen (13) Part Test For Eligibility For Crises Status, VIII-3676.
Trend Toward Moving Individuals From Institutional to Home Settings, VIII-3677.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, VIII-3678.
Developmental Disability Defined, VIII-3679.
Dissatisfaction With Providers of Services —
Petition For Hearing Denied, VIII-3680.
Mental Disability — Longitudinal Evidence Must Be Utilized — Variation Over Time Must Be Considered, VIII-3681.
Environmental Accessibility Adaptations —
Denial of Funding Affirmed, VIII-3682.
Medicaid (See MEDICAID)
Petition For Hearing Challenging Services Received Through a Support Coordinator and Direct Services Providers —
Agency Dismissal of Petition For Lack of Jurisdiction Affirmed, VIII-3683.


Declaratory Statement (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
License —
Citation Final Order Modified, VIII-3684.
Community Pharmacy Must Be Open At Least Forty (40) Hours Per Week, VIII-3685.
Emergency Suspension —
Absence From Work Without Leave, VIII-3686.
Alcohol Abuse/Bipolar Disorder/Controlled Substance Abuse, VIII-3687.
Criminal Charge — Conspiracy to Traffic In Controlled Substances & Attempting to Obtain Controlled Substances By Fraud, VIII-3688.
Criminal Charge — Dispensing Controlled Substances Without First Being Furnished a Prescription, VIII-3689.
Criminal Charge — Driving Under the Influence/Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substances/Carrying a Concealed Firearm/No Proof of Insurance While Driving, VIII-3690.
Criminal Charge — Illegal Possession of Alprazolam/Diazepam/ Triazolam/Chlorotestosterone/Drug Paraphernalia, VIII-3691.
Criminal Charge — Marijuana Possession, VIII-3692.
Criminal Charge — Obtaining a Controlled Substance By Fraud, VIII-3693.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking In Controlled Substances/ Possession of Cocaine/Tampering With Evidence, VIII-3694.
Criminal Charge — Trafficking In Controlled Substances, VIII-3695.
Criminal Plea — Attempted Trafficking In Controlled Substances, VIII-3696.
Criminal Plea — Dispensing Controlled Substances Without a Prescription, VIII-3697.
Criminal Plea — Distribution of Controlled Substances, VIII-3698.
Criminal Plea — Driving Under the Influence (DUI), VIII-3699.
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft/Sale of Controlled Substance, VIII-3700.
Criminal Plea — Health Care Fraud/Money Laundering, VIII-3701.
Criminal Plea — Improper Dispensing, VIII-3702.
Criminal Plea — Obtaining Controlled Substance By Fraud, VIII-3703.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Controlled Substances, VIII-3704.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Ecstacy, Anabolic Steroids & Cocaine, VIII-3705.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Hydrocodone/ Alprazolam/Phentermine/ Driving Under the Influence (DUI), VIII-3706.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Oxycodone Without a Prescription, VIII-3707.
Criminal Plea — Providing False Information, VIII-3708.
Criminal Plea — Trafficking In Hydrocodone, VIII-3709.
Criminal Plea — Trafficking In Hydrocodone/Possession of Carisoprodol/Alprazolam/Diazepam/Cocaine/Cannabis, VIII-3710.
Dispensing Anabolic Steroids & Human Growth Hormones Over the Internet, VIII-3711.
Dispensing Controlled Substances Outside the Course of the Professional Practice, VIII-3712.
Dispensing Controlled Substances to Oneself Based Upon a Fraudulent Prescription, VIII-3713.
Dispensing Controlled Substances to Oneself, VIII-3714.
Dispensing Controlled Substances Wholesale Without Authorization, VIII-3715.
Dispensing Controlled Substances Without First Being Furnished a Prescription, VIII-3716.
Dispensing Drugs In An Unlabeled Bottle, VIII-3717.
Dispensing Misbranded or Adulterated Drugs, VIII-3718.
Diversion of Controlled Substances, VIII-3719.
Failure to Comply With PRN Contract, VIII-3720.
Failure to Open At Least Forty (40) Hours Per Week, VIII-3721.
Failure to Situate the Pharmacy So That It Was Available For Inspection, VIII-3722.
False Advertising, VIII-3723.
False Statements On Licensure Application, VIII-3724.
Filing a False Report, VIII-3725.
Fraudulent Prescriptions, VIII-3726.
Importing a Legend Drug Except As Otherwise Provided By Federal Law, VIII-3727.
Inability In Profession (Alcohol Abuse & Depression), VIII-3728.
Inability In Profession (Alcohol Abuse), VIII-3729.
Inability In Profession (Alcohol Abuse/Eating Disorder/ Occupational Facilities), VIII-3730.
Inability In Profession (Controlled Substance Abuse/Mental Condition/Medical Problems/Work & Finance Problems), VIII-3731.
Inability In Profession (Controlled Substance Abuse), VIII-3732.
Inability In Profession (Impaired At Work), VIII-3733.
Inability In Profession (Mental Condition), VIII-3734.
Inability In Profession (Opiates, Benzodiazepine, Alcohol & Nicotine), VIII-3735.
Inability In Profession (Opioid Dependence), VIII-3736.
Inability In Profession (Polysubstance Abuse), VIII-3737.
Misbranding of Controlled Substances, VIII-3738.
Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, VIII-3739.
Operating An Internet Pharmacy Without the Requisite Permit, VIII-3740.
Operating Without a License, VIII-3741.
Operating Without a Licensed Pharmacist, VIII-3742.
Organized Scheme For Illegal Distribution of Controlled Substances, VIII-3743.
Organized Scheme For Illegal Distribution of Controlled Substances Utilizing Various Permits, VIII-3744.
Out-of-State Discipline, VIII-3745.
Positive Drug Screen (Alcohol & Opiates), VIII-3746.
Positive Drug Screen (Alcohol), VIII-3747.
Positive Drug Screen (Benzodiazepines/Oxazepam/Alprazolam), VIII-3748.
Positive Drug Screen (Butalbital), VIII-3749.
Positive Drug Screen (Butalbital/Hydromorphone/Hydrocodone), VIII-3750.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine & Marijuana), VIII-3751.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine), VIII-3752.
Positive Drug Screen (Hydrocodone), VIII-3753.
Possession of Controlled Substances Outside the Course of a Practice, VIII-3754.
Purchasing or Receiving a Legend Drug From Unauthorized Persons, VIII-3755.
Refusal to Permit Dept. Inspection, VIII-3756.
Refusal to Submit to Drug Screen, VIII-3757.
Self-Medication, VIII-3758.
Transferring Drugs to An Unlicensed Facility, VIII-3759.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, VIII-3760.
Violation of Board Order, VIII-3761.
Issued to a Single Entity At a Single Location — Nontransferable, VIII-3762.
Pharmacy Permit Is Issued to a Single Entity At a Single Location, VIII-3763.
Violation of Board Order, VIII-3764.
License — Intern —
Criminal Plea — Reckless Driving/Refusal of Citation For Civil Summons/Resisting Officer Without Violence/Violation of Probation, VIII-3765.
Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine, VIII-3766.
Licensure —
Application of University Pharmacy As a Non-Resident Pharmacy, VIII-3767.
By Endorsement —
Criminal History, VIII-3768.
Negative Drug Formulary —
The Legislature Has Left It to the Professional Judgment of Licensed Pharmacists to Determine What Substitutions Are Appropriate, VIII-3769.
Petition to Initiate Rulemaking —
Rules Governing Reapplication For Licenses Previously Revoked —
Bd. Denial Reversed — 456.072(6) Declared Unconstitutional As a Violation of the Separation of Powers, VIII-3770.
Rule —
Exemption — Requirement That Community Pharmacy Be Open At Least Forty (40) Hours & At Least Five (5) Days Per Week — Denied, VIII-3771.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Issuance of Pharmacy Permit to Only a Single Entity At a Single Location — Denied, VIII-3772.
Prohibition On the Issuance of More Than One Pharmacy Permit For a Specific Location — Granted, VIII-3773.


License —
Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Plea — Neglect of An Elderly Person, VIII-3774.
Failure to Comply With PRN Contract, VIII-3775.
Inability In Profession (Polysubstance Abuse/Suicidal Tendencies/Mood Disorder), VIII-3776.
Positive Drug Screen — Cocaine, VIII-3777.
Filing a False Report, VIII-3778.
Operating Beyond Scope of License, VIII-3779.
Unacceptable Level of Care, VIII-3780.
License — Physician Assistant —
Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Plea — Battery, VIII-3781.
Sexual Abuse of Patient, VIII-3782.
Licensure —
By Endorsement —
Educational Requirements Found Lacking, VIII-3783.
Educational Requirements Found Lacking, VIII-3784.
Rule Variance or Waiver
Licensure By Endorsement — Exam — National — Limit On Retakes, VIII-3785.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Continuing Education Requirements — Active Military Service — Waiver Granted In Part, VIII-3786.
Continuing Education Requirements — Granted, VIII-3787.
Continuing Education Requirements — Granted In Part, VIII-3788.
Licensure By Endorsement — Proof of Successful Passage of the Test of English As a Foreign Language, VIII-3789.
Requirements For Passage of Test For English As a Foreign Language — Granted, VIII-3790.


Declaratory Statement (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)


Declaratory Statement (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)



Agency Cannot Declare Itself Exempt By Implication, VIII-3791.
Agency Cannot Declare Itself Exempt From Absent Express Statutory Authority, VIII-3792.
Agency Failure to Follow Procedural Requirements Is Not Dispositive Unless Prejudicial, VIII-3793.
Dept. of Education (DOE) College Scholarship Decisions Are Subject to, VIII-3794.
Expanded Upon Pre-1974 Rights, VIII-3795.
Impressive Arsenal of Varied & Abundant Remedies —
Exceptions — Preliminary Statement — Improper, VIII-3796.
Impressive Arsenal of Varied & Abundant Remedies, VIII-3797.
Intended to Expand Public Access to Agency Activities, VIII-3798.
Intended to Give Affected Parties An Opportunity to Change the Agency’s Mind, VIII-3799.
Presumptively Governs the Exercise of All Authority Statutorily Vested In the Executive Branch, VIII-3800.
Primary Purpose —
To Afford Affected Persons the Opportunity to Challenge Proposed Rules, VIII-3801.
To Expand Public Participation In the Process, VIII-3802.
To Expose Policy Errors, VIII-3803.
To Give Affected Parties An Opportunity to Change the Agency’s Mind, VIII-3804.
To Give Affected Parties a Meaningful Opportunity to Change the Agency’s Decision, VIII-3805.
Related Statutes Must Be Read In Pari Materia Not As Repealers, VIII-3806.
Agency (See Also DOAH, Jurisdiction) —
Agency Action — Defined By Statute, VIII-3807.
Agency Statement — Not Defined By Statute, VIII-3808.
Area Agencies Under Dept. of Elder Affairs Constitute, VIII-3809.
Canaveral Port Authority Found Not to Constitute, VIII-3810.
Creature of Statute — No Inherent Powers, VIII-3811.
Defined & Discussed, VIII-3812.
Elder Affairs — Area Agency On Aging Found to Be An “Agency”, VIII-3813.
Legislature Cannot Authorize An Agency to Exercise Judicial Powers, VIII-3814.
Name or Labelling Assigned to An Entity Is Not Dispositive, VIII-3815.
Private Entry Contracting With the State Found Not to Constitute, VIII-3816.
Tampa Port Authority Found Not to Constitute, VIII-3817.
Territorial Test For Geographic Scope, VIII-3818.
Test For — Statewide or Regional Jurisdiction, VIII-3819.
Three (3) Types of Discussed, VIII-3820.
Answers or Affirmative Defenses Need Not Be Plead By a Respondent, VIII-3821.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also ADMINSTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of (DOAH), Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan; APPELLATE REVIEW, Mandamus; CHILDREN & FAMILES, Dept. of; COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of, Comprehensive Plan, 163.3184(12); ETHICS, Comm. On; HEALTH, Dept. of; HIGHWAY SAFETY & MOTOR VEHICLES, Dept. of, Driver’s License Suspension; MEDICINE, Bd. of; UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA) —
57.105 —
1999 Statutory Amendment Lowered the Bar In a Manner Difficult to Define — Case-By-Case Analysis, VIII-3822.
1999 Statutory Amendments Greatly Expanded the Statute’s Potential Use, VIII-3823.
2003 Amendment Made Expressly Applicable to Administrative Proceedings, VIII-3824.
Agency Denial of Motion For Reversed & Remanded to DOAH, VIII-3825.
Appellate Court Awards to Agency Sua Sponte In Challenge to DOAH Nonfinal Order Expelling Counsel From Hearing For Unruly Conduct, VIII-3826.
Applicable to Any Claim or Defense, VIII-3827.
Attorney & Client Must Be Held Jointly & Severally Liable, VIII-3828.
Available For Sanction of Frivolous Claims or Defenses, VIII-3829.
Award Constitutes Final Agency Action Subject to Appellate Review, VIII-3830.
Award For Fees Litigating Entitlement to But Not Amount Recoverable, VIII-3831.
Award Must Be Supported By “Some” Competent Substantial Evidence, VIII-3832.
Award of Cannot Be Made Solely Against Counsel, VIII-3833.
Award of Is Proper Whether Claim or Defense Was Frivolous When Filed or If It Became Frivolous Any Time After the Suit Was Filed, VIII-3834.
Awarded, VIII-3835.
Awarded Against Counsel & Their Client In Equal Amounts, VIII-3836.
Awarded For Only One of Several Claims — Apportionment of Fees & Costs Discussed, VIII-3837.
Burden of Proof Is On Petitioner By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-3838.
Claim For Is to Be Considered By DOAH ALJ, VIII-3839.
DOAH Has Exclusive Final Order Jurisdiction, VIII-3840.
DOT Bid Protest, VIII-3841.
Denied, VIII-3842.
Discussed, VIII-3843.
Entire Action Need Not Be Devoid of Merit, Only a Portion of It, VIII-3844.
Entire Action, Not Just a Portion of It, Must Be Devoid of Merit, VIII-3845.
Frivolousness Is to Be Determined As of When the Claim Was Originally Filed, VIII-3846.
Interlocutory Awards Are Contemplated, VIII-3847.
Last Clear Chance to Retract or Amend Offending Claims Required, VIII-3848.
Last Clear Chance to Withdraw a Frivolous Position Found Afforded, VIII-3849.
Mandatory Nature of Award After Requisite Showing Examined, VIII-3850.
Motion For Must Be Served On Opposing Party At Least 21 Days Before It Is Filed, VIII-3851.
Motion For to Be Addressed In Separate DOAH Order Issued Contemporaneously With Recommended Order, VIII-3852.
Prejudgment Intent Found Recoverable, VIII-3853.
Request For Found to Be Untimely, VIII-3854.
Segregation of Attorney’s Fees By Issue Discussed, VIII-3855.
Standard Governing Awards Examined, VIII-3856.
Subsection (4) Provides a Safe Harbor, VIII-3857.
Twenty-One (21) Day Notice Requirement Is Mandatory, VIII-3858.
Typically Applies Only to Proceedings Referred to DOAH, VIII-3859.
112.317(8) (See Also ETHICS, Comm. On) —
Against Claimant — Granted — Appellate Fees Also Awarded, VIII-3860.
120.569(2)(c) —
120.57(1)(b)(5) Was the Predecessor Provision, VIII-3861.
Analogous Federal Caselaw Is Pertinent, VIII-3862.
Awarded, VIII-3863.
Burden of Proof — Petitioner, VIII-3864.
DOAH Has Exclusive Final Order Jurisdiction, VIII-3865.
Delay In Seeking Sanctions Militates Against Grant of Petition For, VIII-3866.
Denied, VIII-3867.
Determined Based On Circumstances As of Time of Filing of Offending Document, VIII-3868.
Education Practices Comm., VIII-3869.
Failure to Properly Serve Alone Found to Preclude Award, VIII-3870.
Federal Caselaw Under Analagous Provision Is Pertinent, VIII-3871.
Frivolous Purpose Defined & Discussed, VIII-3872.
Granted, VIII-3873.
Granted In Favor of Agency Against Third Party Protestant, VIII-3874.
Improper Purpose — Defined & Discussed, VIII-3875.
Improper Purpose — Found Lacking, VIII-3876.
Improper Purpose — Objective Standard Is Utilized In Determining, VIII-3877.
Petitioner’s Duty to Make a Reasonable Inquiry Prior to Filing, VIII-3878.
Presiding Officer Other Than DOAH ALJ Has Authority to Award, VIII-3879.
Voluntary Dismissal Prior to Hearing, VIII-3880.
120.595 —
Agency Cannot “Review” Adverse DOAH Award, VIII-3881.
Agency Has the Burden to Prove Either Substantial Justification or Special Circumstances, VIII-3882.
Agency Hearing Officer Cannot Award — Only DOAH ALJ’s Can Award, VIII-3883.
Agency Initiation of Rulemaking Prior to Issuance of DOAH Final Order Is of No Consequence In Challenge to Existing Rule, VIII-3884.
Agency Lacks Substantive Jurisdiction Over DOAH Recommendation Regarding, VIII-3885.
Appellate Fees — Awarded, VIII-3886.
Appellate Fees — Frivolous Appeal Defined & Discussed, VIII-3887.
Appellate Remand Vacates DOAH Default Award Due to DOAH Clerical Errors, VIII-3888.
Awarded, VIII-3889.
Burden of Proof — Petitioner — Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-3890.
Burden of Proof — Petitioner, VIII-3891.
DOAH Award of — Reversed As Excessive In View of Only Partial Success of Petitioner, VIII-3892.
DOAH Has Only Recommended Order Authority — Referring Agency Renders the Final Order, VIII-3893.
DOAH Is Without Jurisdiction Over — Agency Only Passes On In 120.57(1) Proceeding Final Order, VIII-3894.
DOAH Lacks Jurisdiction Over After Entry of Recommended Order, VIII-3895.
Denied, VIII-3896.
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case, VIII-3897.
Fee Awarded Cannot Exceed That Provided For By Contract, VIII-3898.
Full Evidentiary Hearing Is Not a Jurisdictional Prerequisite to Award, VIII-3899.
Improper Purpose — Defined & Discussed, VIII-3900.
Improper Purpose — Direct Evidence Seldom Available — Permissible Inferences Utilized, VIII-3901.
Improper Purpose — Found Lacking, VIII-3902.
Improper Purpose — Objective Standard Utilized, VIII-3903.
Improper Purpose — Question of Fact, VIII-3904.
Improper Purpose — Subjective Intent or Good Faith – Bad Faith Analysis Inapposite, VIII-3905.
Interest On Award Discussed, VIII-3906.
Limited to Administrative & Appellate Proceeding, VIII-3907.
Litigation Over the Amount of Fees or Costs — Not Recoverable, VIII-3908.
Nonprevailing Adverse Party Defined & Discussed, VIII-3909.
Objective Standard Utilized, VIII-3910.
Prevailing Party — Measured Against Remand Proceeding Only — Not the Entire Proceeding, VIII-3911.
Prevailing Small Business Party — Corporation Dissolved At Time Complaint Was Filed, VIII-3912.
Prevailing Small Business Party — Defined & Discussed, VIII-3913.
Pro Se Petitioner Is Not Entitled to, VIII-3914.
Request For Must Be Made Prior to Issuance of the Final Order, VIII-3915.
Settlement Agreement Regarding Divests Agency Jurisdiction — DOAH Cannot Enforce a Settlement, VIII-3916.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Agency Has the Burden of Proof Regarding, VIII-3917.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Defined & Discussed, VIII-3918.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Procedural Error Found Insufficient to Trump, VIII-3919.
Substantially Justified Agency Action Found Lacking, VIII-3920.
Voluntary Dismissal Does Not Render Opposing Party “Prevailing” Per Se, VIII-3921.
163.3184(12) (See COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of, Comprehensive Plan)
403.412(2)(f) —
Denied, VIII-3922.
Agency Has No Authority to Rule On After a Final Order Is Entered, VIII-3923.
Attorney’s Fees Associated With Proving Entitlement to Fees Are Recoverable — Fees Associated With Amount Due Not Recoverable, VIII-3924.
Award Does Not Become Final Until the Amount of Fees Is Set, VIII-3925.
Award Must Be Supported By a Particular Contractual, Statutory or Substantive Basis, VIII-3926.
Bond —
Facts to Be Considered Discussed, VIII-3927.
Good & Sufficient Bond Defined & Discussed, VIII-3928.
Motion For Stay Pending Appeal — Environmental Permit — Large Development — Third Party Challenge, VIII-3929.
Burden of Proof —
On Fee Applicant — Opponent However Has Burden to Specify Which Fees Should Be Disallowed, VIII-3930.
Costs —
456.072(4) Effective Date Examined, VIII-3931.
456.072(4) Requires Detailed Proof In Support of An Award, VIII-3932.
Actual Costs Divided By Four (4) After Agency Prevails On Only One of Four (4) Counts, VIII-3933.
Award of Reversed For Failure to Provide Requisite Proof, VIII-3934.
Recoverable Costs Exhaustively Explored, VIII-3935.
Recoverable Costs Identified, VIII-3936.
DOAH Authority to Award Is Limited to That Explicitly Prescribed By Statute, VIII-3937.
DOAH Has No Common Law Authority to Award & Is Not a Court of Equity, VIII-3938.
Distinction Between Hours Actually Worked & Hours Reasonably Expected, VIII-3939.
Equal Access to Justice Act (57.111) —
$15,000 Cap — Increased to $50,000 In 2003, VIII-3940.
$15,000 Cap — Statutory Increase Cannot Be Applied Retroactively, VIII-3941.
$50,000 Cap — Increase In During Pendency of the Proceeding Utilized, VIII-3942.
$50,000 Cap On Each Proceeding, VIII-3943.
AHCA — Medicaid Recoupment Calculation, VIII-3944.
Agency Defined, VIII-3945.
Agency Probable Cause Assessment of Expert Opinions, VIII-3946.
Bifurcation of Issues Denied, VIII-3947.
Burden of Proof — Petitioner By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-3948.
Burden of Proof — Petitioner, VIII-3949.
Caselaw Under Analogous Federal Provision Is Pertinent, VIII-3950.
DOAH Award of Reversed — Medicine — Substantially Justified Agency Action Found Over Contrary DOAH Finding, VIII-3951.
DOAH Denial of Reversed — AHCA — Nursing Home Complaint, VIII-3952.
Establishment & Effect of Prima Facie Case, VIII-3953.
Human Relations — Housing Discrimination, VIII-3954.
Includes Individuals Pursuant to 2006 Statutory Amendment, VIII-3955.
Prevailing Party — Defined, VIII-3956.
Probable Cause Panel — Requisite Proof, VIII-3957.
Purpose of Examined, VIII-3958.
Small Business Party — 2005 Statutory Amendment of Definition Examined, VIII-3959.
Small Business Party — Business Defined, VIII-3960.
Small Business Party — Defined & Discussed, VIII-3961.
Small Business Party — Does Not Include Employees, VIII-3962.
Small Business Party — Does Not Include Licensed Individual Operating As a Sole Proprietor, VIII-3963.
Small Business Party — Does Not Include Professional Practicing Through a Professional Service Corporation, VIII-3964.
Small Business Party — Employee of Partnership or Corporation Does Not Constitute If the Complaint Is Against the Individual Personally, VIII-3965.
Small Business Party — Owner of Partnership or Corporation Does Not Constitute If the Complaint Is Against the Individual Personally, VIII-3966.
Small Business Party — Status As Found Not Established, VIII-3967.
Small Business Party — Supreme Court Resolves Conflict When the Business Owner Is Prosecuted Personally, VIII-3968.
Special Circumstances — Defense Discussed, VIII-3969.
Statutory Amendments Apply Prospectively, VIII-3970.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Agency Has Burden of Proof Regarding, VIII-3971.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Basis For Must Be Solid But Not Necessarily Correct — Expert Testimony, VIII-3972.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Defined & Discussed, VIII-3973.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Failure to Prove Allegations Below Does Not Raise a Presumption Regarding, VIII-3974.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Found, VIII-3975.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Found Lacking, VIII-3976.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — License Disciplinary Proceedings — Focus Is On Information Before the Probable Cause Panel, VIII-3977.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Quality of the Evidence Is Dispositive, VIII-3978.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Requires a Solid Basis In Both Fact and Law, VIII-3979.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Supplementation of Record After the Underlying Hearing Was Conducted, VIII-3980.
Substantially Justified Agency Action — Test For Examined, VIII-3981.
Substantially Justified Agency Action Is Measured As of Time Action Is Initiated, VIII-3982.
Time Limit For Filing — Petition Timely Filed In the Wrong Forum Found Timely Nonetheless, VIII-3983.
Worker’s Compensation, VIII-3984.
Interest — Prejudgment — Post-Judgment — Availability Discussed, VIII-3985.
Methodology For Determining —
$400/Hr Fee Found to Be Reasonable, VIII-3986.
Discussed, VIII-3987.
Factors Which May Be Considered — Examined, VIII-3988.
Federal Lodestar Approach Is Utilized In Fla., VIII-3989.
Lodestar Must Be Reduced to An Amount That Is Not Excessive — Partial or Limited Success, VIII-3990.
Reasonableness Must Be Supported By Competent Substantial Evidence, VIII-3991.
Reasonableness Not Subject to Judicial Notice, Local Custom, Guesswork or Conjecture, VIII-3992.
Recording Gross Number of Hours Each Day For Multiple Tasks Disfavored, VIII-3993.
Recoverable Fees Are Not Limited to Those Incurred After Motion For, VIII-3994.
Requisite Proof In Support of — Expert Testimony — Actual Time Slips or Testimony of Billing Attorney, VIII-3995.
Risk Multiplier — Entitlement to Use of — Discussed, VIII-3996.
Statutes Authorizing Create Substantive Rights & Must Be Applied Prospectively, VIII-3997.
Not Within An Agency’s Substantive Jurisdiction, VIII-3998.
Order Granting Must Reference the Legal Authority For Such An Award, VIII-3999.
Petitioner Has the Burden of Proof, VIII-4000.
Right to Recover Attorney’s Fees Is a Substantive Right — Statutory Amendment Regarding Not Applied Retroactively, VIII-4001.
Right to Recover Attorneys’s Fees Accrues At Time of Underlying Cause of Action, VIII-4002.
Statutes Providing For Award of Are In Derogation of Common Law & Strictly Construed, VIII-4003.
Burden of Proof (See Also Evidence, Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding) —
On Party Asserting the Affirmative of An Issue, VIII-4004.
Class Action —
Circuit Court Certification & Non-Certification Affirmed, VIII-4005.
Circuit Court Has Discretion to Shift Cost of Notice to Class Members to the Defendant, VIII-4006.
Collateral Estoppel (See Also Equitable Estoppel, Estoppel, Estoppel By Judgment, Res Judicata) —
Also Known As Issue Preclusion & Estoppel By Judgment, VIII-4007.
Applicable to Administrative Proceedings, VIII-4008.
Applicable, VIII-4009.
Defined & Discussed, VIII-4010.
Determination In Prior Case Will Be Given Preclusive Effect Even If Not Subjected to Appellate Review, VIII-4011.
Determination Must Be Essential to the Prior Determination In Order to Be Given Preclusive Effect, VIII-4012.
Found Applicable, VIII-4013.
Inapplicable If Two (2) Separate & Distinct Governmental Units Independently Consider Similar Factual Allegations, VIII-4014.
Inapplicable, VIII-4015.
Constitutional Issues (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.) (U.S); RULES & RULEMAKING) —
Agencies Cannot Adjudicate, VIII-4016.
DOAH (See Also Agency, Attorney’s Fees & Costs, Evidence, Harmless Error; ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of (DOAH); CONTRACTS (Bids/Protest), Protest, Standard of DOAH Review; PERMITS, Application; RULES & RULEMAKING) —
Hearing Officer (See Also Hearing Officer) —
Continuance — Agency Motion For Denied, VIII-4017.
Continuance — Medical Problems — Denied Due to Lack of Documentation, VIII-4018.
Continuance — Motion For Denied, VIII-4019.
Continuance — To Facilitate Settlement — Favored, VIII-4020.
Denial of Motion to Limit Subpoena & For Protective Order Reversed — Medical Peer Review, VIII-4021.
Expulsion of Counsel From Hearing For Unruly Conduct Affirmed, VIII-4022.
Has Duty to Go Beyond Making Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law and to Encourage Responsible Policymaking, VIII-4023.
Joinder of Interested Parties, VIII-4024.
Motion For View Denied, VIII-4025.
Recusal (See Recusal)
Jurisdiction (See Also Agency, Jurisdiction) —
Bankruptcy Proceeding Stayed Administrative Process, VIII-4026.
Cannot Award Attorney’s Fees Without Explicit Statutory Authority (See Also Attorney’s Fee & Costs), VIII-4027.
Cannot Award Prejudgment Interest, VIII-4028.
Cannot Confer Equitable Remedies, VIII-4029.
Cannot Dismiss a Case Due to Prosecutorial Delay, VIII-4030.
Cannot Enforce Settlement Agreements, VIII-4031.
Cannot Issue Summary Recommended Order, VIII-4032.
Cannot Order Release From Existing Confinement, VIII-4033.
Cannot Reach Constitutional Questions — Yet Does Not Allow a Record to Be Built Regarding These Issues For Appeal, VIII-4034.
Cannot Reach Constitutional Questions, VIII-4035.
Cannot Reach Sunshine Law Violations, VIII-4036.
Cannot Review Recommended Orders Entered By Agency Hearing Officers, VIII-4037.
Cannot Revisit Prior Orders, VIII-4038.
Child Support — Neither DOAH Nor DOR Can Adjudicate Paternity Issue, VIII-4039.
Child Support — None to Hear or Determine Issue of Paternity, VIII-4040.
Corporation Failing to File Annual Report — Can Still Maintain or Defend DOAH Case, VIII-4041.
DOAH Is Not a Court of Equity, VIII-4042.
DOAH Is Not a Court, VIII-4043.
Has No Common Law Authority, VIII-4044.
None to Require An Agency to Conduct An Informal Hearing, VIII-4045.
Summary Final Orders, VIII-4046.
Recommended Order —
Agency Cannot Make Additional Findings, VIII-4047.
Conclusions of Law (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW)
Conclusions of Law — 1999 APA Amendments Restrict Agency Authority to Reject, VIII-4048.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Free to Reject, VIII-4049.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Rejection of — Affirmed, VIII-4050.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Rejection of — Reversed, VIII-4051.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Rejection of, VIII-4052.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Rejects — Sua Sponte, VIII-4053.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Rejects, VIII-4054.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Restricted In Rejecting, VIII-4055.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Restricted In Rejecting — Substantive Jurisdiction Limitation Explored, VIII-4056.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Review Is De Novo, VIII-4057.
Conclusions of Law — Agency Special Expertise As Basis For Rejection, VIII-4058.
Conclusions of Law — Appellate Review (See APPELLATE REVIEW)
Conclusions of Law — Attorney’s Fees & Costs — 120.595 — Agency Finds Lack of Substantive Jurisdiction (See Also Attorney’s Fees & Costs), VIII-4059.
Conclusions of Law — Collateral Estoppel — DOAH Recommendation Cannot Be Rejected, VIII-4060.
Conclusions of Law — DOAH Labeling As Fact Findings Is Immaterial, VIII-4061.
Conclusions of Law — Evidence — Hearsay — DOAH Recommendation Cannot Be Rejected, VIII-4062.
Conclusions of Law — Evidentiary Issue Outside Agency’s Substantive Jurisdiction, VIII-4063.
Conclusions of Law — Evidentiary Issues, VIII-4064.
Conclusions of Law — Limited to Facts of the Case, VIII-4065.
Conclusions of Law — Public Interest Test & Reasonable Assurances Environmental Standards, VIII-4066.
Conclusions of Law — Question Involving Admissibility of Evidence, VIII-4067.
Conclusions of Law — Question Involving Availability of Attorney’s Fees, VIII-4068.
Conclusions of Law — Question Involving Collateral Estoppel or Laches, VIII-4069.
Conclusions of Law — Question Involving Collateral Estoppel, VIII-4070.
Conclusions of Law — Question Involving Substitution of Parties, VIII-4071.
Conclusions of Law — Res Judicata — DOAH Recommendation Cannot Be Rejected, VIII-4072.
Conclusions of Law — Rule & Statutory Interpretations Constitute, VIII-4073.
Conclusions of Law — Standing — Agency Finds Substantive Jurisdiction, VIII-4074.
DOAH Fact Findings — Agency Rejection of — Reversed Despite Dismissal of Complaint Due to Adverse Legal Consequences, VIII-4075.
Exceptions — A Party Must Alert the Reviewing Agency to Any Perceived Defects In the Hearing Process By the Proper Filing of, VIII-4076.
Exceptions — Cannot Be Purely Argumentative, VIII-4077.
Exceptions — Cannot Be Used to Assail Preliminary Statement, VIII-4078.
Exceptions — Cannot Be Used to Raise New Issues, VIII-4079.
Exceptions — Cannot Merely Be Conclusory, VIII-4080.
Exceptions — DOAH Recommendation — Not Allowed, VIII-4081.
Exceptions — Evidentiary Issues, VIII-4082.
Exceptions — Fact Findings — Must Be Accompanied By Official Typed Transcript, VIII-4083.
Exceptions — Fact Findings — Must Cite With Particularity to Specific Portions of a Transcript, VIII-4084.
Exceptions — Fact Findings — Unresponsive — Immaterial — Argumentative, VIII-4085.
Exceptions — Failure to File Precludes Appellate Review, VIII-4086.
Exceptions — Failure to File Waiver Objections, VIII-4087.
Exceptions — Failure to Identify the Legal Basis, VIII-4088.
Exceptions — Must Contain Citations to Specific Findings of Fact or Conclusions of Law, VIII-4089.
Exceptions — Oral Argument On Not Contemplated, VIII-4090.
Exceptions — Time Limit For Filing — Calculation of, VIII-4091.
Exceptions — Time Limit For Filing — Extended By Agency, VIII-4092.
Exceptions — Untimely — Need Not Be Considered, VIII-4093.
Exceptions — Untimely Motion For Extension of Time to File — Denied, VIII-4094.
Fact Findings (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW)
Fact Findings — Agency “Corrects”, VIII-4095.
Fact Findings — Agency Acceptance of — Reversed, VIII-4096.
Fact Findings — Agency Cannot Consider Relevancy of, VIII-4097.
Fact Findings — Agency Cannot Make Additional Findings, VIII-4098.
Fact Findings — Agency Cannot Review the Quality or Quantity of Evidence In Support of, VIII-4099.
Fact Findings — Agency Labeling As Conclusion of Law Is Immaterial, VIII-4100.
Fact Findings — Agency Rejection of — Reversed, VIII-4101.
Fact Findings — Agency Rejection of Cannot Be Based On Rejection of Conclusions of Law, VIII-4102.
Fact Findings — Agency Rejection of Requires Statement of Reasons With Particularity, VIII-4103.
Fact Findings — Agency Rejection of When Susceptible to Ordinary Methods of Proof, VIII-4104.
Fact Findings — Agency Rejects, VIII-4105.
Fact Findings — Agency Special Expertise As Basis For Rejection, VIII-4106.
Fact Findings — Appellate Review (See APPELLATE REVIEW)
Fact Findings — Cannot Be Rejected If Supported By “Some” Competent Substantial Evidence, VIII-4107.
Fact Findings — DOAH Fact Findings In A Final Order Reversed, VIII-4108.
Fact Findings — DOAH Labeling As Conclusion of Law Is Immaterial, VIII-4109.
Fact Findings — Evidentiary Ruling, VIII-4110.
Fact Findings — Gross Immorality — Moral Turpitude, VIII-4111.
Fact Findings — Improper Purpose, VIII-4112.
Fact Findings — Standard of Conduct, VIII-4113.
Fact Findings — Statement That a Statutory Violation Has Occurred Constitutes, VIII-4114.
Fact Findings — Ultimate Fact Findings Defined & Discussed, VIII-4115.
Fact Findings — Unacceptable Level of Care, VIII-4116.
Mixed Question of Fact & Law, VIII-4117.
Need Not Address Every Evidentiary Issue Raised At Hearing, VIII-4118.
Penalty — Agency “Clarifies”, VIII-4119.
Penalty — Agency Acceptance of — Affirmed, VIII-4120.
Penalty — Agency Increase In During Appellate Relinquishment of Jurisdiction to “Correct” the Final Order Reversed, VIII-4121.
Penalty — Agency Rejection of — Reversed, VIII-4122.
Penalty — Agency Rejection of Requires Adequate Explanation, VIII-4123.
Penalty — Court Cannot Review If Within Statutory Range, VIII-4124.
Penalty — Agency Rejection of, VIII-4125.
Preliminary Statement — Neither a Fact Finding Nor Conclusion of Law — No Exceptions to, VIII-4126.
Proposed Recommended Order — Cannot Be Used to Raise New Arguments, VIII-4127.
Statement of Issues — Agency Rejects, VIII-4128.
Statement of Issues — Is Neither a Finding of Fact or Conclusion of Law, VIII-4129.
Remand From —
Request From Referring Agency — Granted, VIII-4130.
Remand to —
Agency Authority For Is Limited, VIII-4131.
Appellate Court — Additional Fact Findings Relating to Standing of An Intervenor — CON, VIII-4132.
Available Only In Exceptional Circumstances, VIII-4133.
Denied, VIII-4134.
Disfavored, VIII-4135.
For Further Fact Finding — DOAH Denial Affirmed, VIII-4136.
For Further Fact Finding, VIII-4137.
Scope of Remand Found to Be Limited, VIII-4138.
Stipulation For, VIII-4139.
Sanctions, VIII-4140.
Default (120.60(2)) (See Also PERMITS) —
Incomplete Applications — Discussed, VIII-4141.
Licensure — DOAH Sua Sponte Recommendation Regarding Post-Hearing Reversed, VIII-4142.
Licensure — Denied, VIII-4143.
Misstatements In Denial Letter Found to Be Immaterial, VIII-4144.
Time Limit Does Not Require Written Agency Action, VIII-4145.
Discovery —
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW, Nonfinal Order) —
Certiorari Review Available Due to Absence of Otherwise Adequate Remedy, VIII-4146.
Nonfinal Order — Appellate Review Denied, VIII-4147.
Nonfinal Order — Generally Not Reviewable — But Review Accorded Due to Irreparable Harm, VIII-4148.
Nonfinal Order — Generally Not Reviewable — But Review Accorded On Unusual Facts, VIII-4149.
Informal Proceeding —
Limited Discovery Is Available, VIII-4150.
Investigative Subpoena of An Agency —
Computer Hard Drives At Home — Protection of Privileged Materials, VIII-4151.
Hospital Peer Review Records Regarding a Physician, VIII-4152.
Licensee Cannot Control the Scope of An Investigation, VIII-4153.
Objections to Must Be Asserted By the Person Subject to the Subpoena, VIII-4154.
Physician Motion to Quash Subpoena Directed to a Hospital — Denied, VIII-4155.
Requisite Specificity, VIII-4156.
Sanctions For Failure to Comply Affirmed, VIII-4157.
Trade Secrets, VIII-4158.
Investigative Subpoena of An Agency, VIII-4159.
Protective Order —
Entered After DOAH In Camera Inspection, VIII-4160.
Peer Review Records — Medical, VIII-4161.
Rules Governing Are Designed to Prevent Surprise, VIII-4162.
Due Process (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.))–
Adequate Notice & An Opportunity to Be Heard, VIII-4163.
Essential Elements of — Outlined, VIII-4164.
Fair Hearing, VIII-4165.
Inadequate Evidence — Secondary School Student, VIII-4166.
Procedural — Fair Notice & a Real Opportunity to Be Heard, VIII-4167.
Procedural — Protections Are Fully Applicable to the Penalty Phase of a Proceeding, VIII-4168.
Procedural — Violation Found, VIII-4169.
Emergency Procedures (See Also DISCIPLINE, Emergency Suspension of License) —
All Requisite Factual & Legal Allegations Must Appear On the Face of the Order, VIII-4170.
Conclusory Findings Without Statement of Facts With Particularity — Reversed, VIII-4171.
Criminal Plea — Statutory Requirement For Emergency Suspension Alleviates Need For Other Fact Findings, VIII-4172.
Emergency Suspension Lifted, VIII-4173.
Emergency Suspension of Authority to Transact New Insurance Business Upheld, VIII-4174.
Explanation of Why Less Harsh Remedies Such As Fine, Probation or Notice of Non-Compliance — Found to Be Required, VIII-4175.
Facts Sufficient to Demonstrate Immediate Danger Found Lacking, VIII-4176.
Factual Matters Relied Upon May Be Contested, VIII-4177.
Futile Circuit Court Enforcement Found Not Required, VIII-4178.
General & Conclusory Allegations of Actions In Excess of Two (2) Years Old Found to Be Insufficient, VIII-4179.
General Conclusory Prediction of Harm Alone Is Insufficient, VIII-4180.
Immediacy of Harm — Widespread Personal Monetary Loss Constitutes, VIII-4181.
Immediacy of the Harm Must Be Alleged, VIII-4182.
Immediate Serious Danger Must Be Shown, VIII-4183.
Likelihood of Reoccurrence of Conduct Complained of Is Important, VIII-4184.
Merely Reciting Allegations In a Parallel Criminal Case Found Insufficient, VIII-4185.
Must Be Narrowly Tailored to Address the Harm, VIII-4186.
Notice of Emergency Suspension Mailed to the Wrong Address, VIII-4187.
Order Found to Be Facially Insufficient For Lack of Allegation of Immediate Harm, VIII-4188.
Prompt Post-Suspension Institution of Formal Proceedings Is Statutorily Required —
Imminent Expiration of the License Found to Be Immaterial, VIII-4189.
Remedy Must Be Narrowly Tailored to Properly Address the Alleged Harm — Reversed, VIII-4190.
Remedy Must Be Narrowly Tailored to Properly Address the Alleged Harm — There Must Be a Provision For a Hearing, VIII-4191.
Remedy Must Employ Least Restrictive Means of Protecting the Public, VIII-4192.
Requirements Governing — Examined, VIII-4193.
Requisite Level of Urgency — Found Lacking, VIII-4194.
Three (3) Part Test For Propriety of, VIII-4195.
Equitable Estoppel (See Also Collateral Estoppel, Estoppel, Estoppel By Judgment, Res Judicata) —
Cannot Be Utilized to Sanction Actions Prohibited By Law, VIII-4196.
Defensive Doctrine Rather Than a Cause of Action, VIII-4197.
Defined, VIII-4198.
Does Not Apply to Transactions That Are Contrary to Public Policy, VIII-4199.
Error On Part of Government Employee Cannot Give Rise to, VIII-4200.
Inapplicable, VIII-4201.
Mistaken Statement of Law Insufficient For, VIII-4202.
Positive Act Beyond Oral Advice In Writing Found Required, VIII-4203.
Rarely Applies Against State, VIII-4204.
Three (3) Part Test For, VIII-4205.
Estoppel (See Also Collateral Estoppel, Equitable Estoppel, Estoppel, Res Judicata) —
Applies Only In Rare Instances Under Exceptional Circumstances, VIII-4206.
Cannot Be Altered or Expunged Absent Statutory Authority, VIII-4207.
Functions As a Shield Rather Than a Sword, VIII-4208.
Inapplicable, VIII-4209.
Mistaken Statement of Law Alone Is Insufficient, VIII-4210.
Estoppel By Judgment (See Also Collateral Estoppel, Equitable Estoppel, Estoppel, Res Judicata) —
Agency Finding of Applicability Reversed With Analysis, VIII-4211.
Evidence (See Also Burden of Proof, Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding, Res Judicata) —
Admissibility —
Attorney-Client Privilege — Fact Question — Test For, VIII-4212.
Attorney-Client Privilege — “Legal Advice” Distinguished From “Political Advice”, VIII-4213.
Broader In Administrative Proceeding Than For Civil Courts, VIII-4214.
Character Evidence — Probative Value, VIII-4215.
Failure to Timely Disclose, VIII-4216.
Test For In Administrative Proceedings Is Relevance, VIII-4217.
Attorney’s Opening Statements Do Not Constitute, VIII-4218.
Authentication of Documents Discussed, VIII-4219.
Clear & Convincing Evidence (See Also Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding) —
Defined, VIII-4220.
Competent Substantial Evidence —
Competency of Evidence — Defined & Discussed, VIII-4221.
DOAH Credibility Assessments (See Also Expert Testimony), VIII-4222.
Defined, VIII-4223.
Deposition Testimony In Lieu of Live Testimony, VIII-4224.
Exculpatory Testimony of Respondent, VIII-4225.
Found Lacking, VIII-4226.
One (1) Witness Vis Numerous Countervailing Witnesses, VIII-4227.
Substantial Evidence Defined & Discussed, VIII-4228.
Uncorroborated Self-Serving Testimony, VIII-4229.
Unsworn Statements From Unidentified Persons, VIII-4230.
Expert Testimony —
Agency Rejection of Reversed, VIII-4231.
Can Be Based On Hearsay, VIII-4232.
Cannot Be a Conduit For Inadmissible Testimony, VIII-4233.
DOAH Credibility Assessments (See Also Competent Substantial Evidence), VIII-4234.
May Rest On Facts or Data Not Admissible In Evidence, VIII-4235.
Must Be Based On Facts or Data, VIII-4236.
Not Pertinent to Domain of Statutory Construction, VIII-4237.
Hearsay —
Admissible & Probative With Other Proof, VIII-4238.
Admission Against Interest Exception, VIII-4239.
Alone Is Not Probative — Exception: 400.23(7)(c) Mandate to AHCA — Nursing Home Survey Report, VIII-4240.
Alone Is Not Probative, VIII-4241.
Alone Is Probative If Admissible Over Objection In Civil Proceedings, VIII-4242.
Business Records Exception, VIII-4243.
Defined & Discussed, VIII-4244.
Expert Witness Can Rely On, VIII-4245.
Letter of Reference Without Live Testimony Subject to Cross-Examination, VIII-4246.
May Be Used to Supplement or Explain Other Evidence, VIII-4247.
Minor’s Out-of-Court Testimony — Physical Abuse, VIII-4248.
Minor’s Out-of-Court Testimony, VIII-4249.
Past Recollection Recorded Statements Exception, VIII-4250.
Preponderance of the Evidence —
Defined & Discussed, VIII-4251.
Presumptions —
Defined & Discussed, VIII-4252.
Neither Evidentiary Nor Probative, VIII-4253.
Rebuttable — Defined — Permissible, VIII-4254.
Rebuttable — Discussed, VIII-4255.
Final Order (See Also Emergency Procedures) —
Agency Can Reopen a Case to Reconsider Its Action or Correct Mistakes, VIII-4256.
Agency Denial of Motion to Vacate Reversed —
One (1) Year Delay In Agency Settlement Proposal — Failure to Appear At Informal Hearing On Short Notice, VIII-4257.
Agency Refuses to Reopen, VIII-4258.
An Agency Can Vacate, VIII-4259.
Concurrent Jurisdiction of Another Agency Is Immaterial, VIII-4260.
Distinguished From Mere Intention to Take a Particular Final Action, VIII-4261.
Doctrine of Administrative Finality (See Also Res Judicata)
Finality — Test For, VIII-4262.
Found to Lack Requisite Detailed Analysis of Legal Issues, VIII-4263.
Found to Lack Requisite Foundation, VIII-4264.
Letter Found Not to Constitute, VIII-4265.
Motion For Clarification — Denied, VIII-4266.
Motion to Vacate Denied, VIII-4267.
Must Fully Explicate the Basis For Agency Action, VIII-4268.
Formal Hearing (120.57(1)) (See Also Intervenors) —
Agency Action Must Be Final In Order to Be Assailable (See Also Final Order), VIII-4269.
Agency Head Testified At Formal Hearing —
Recommended Order Must Be Undertaken By a Neutral Third Party, VIII-4270.
Amendment of Defective Petition, VIII-4271.
Clear Point of Entry —
Must Be Accorded to Persons Whose Substantial Interests Are Affected, VIII-4272.
Notice (See Also PERMITS, Third Party Intervenors)
Notice of Mailed to Wrong Address, VIII-4273.
Notice of Right to — By Email, VIII-4274.
Notice of Right to — Is Required, VIII-4275.
Writ of Mandamus Issued Compelling Agency Action Within Fifteen (15) Days, VIII-4276.
Continuance (See DOAH, Hearing Officer)
De Novo In Nature —
Issues Must Be Specifically Identified, VIII-4277.
New Evidence Can Be Considered, VIII-4278.
No Presumption of Correctness, VIII-4279.
Not to Review Preliminary Agency Action, VIII-4280.
De Novo In Nature, VIII-4281.
Dismissal of Petition As Deficient — Opportunity to Cure By Amendment Discussed, VIII-4282.
Entitlement to Formal 120.57(1) Hearing, VIII-4283.
Expedited DOAH Hearing Accorded, VIII-4284.
Expulsion of Counsel From Hearing Due to Unruly Conduct Affirmed, VIII-4285.
Issue Not Properly Raised Cannot Be Considered, VIII-4286.
Petition For —
Agency Cannot Ignore — Writ of Mandamus Issued Compelling Agency Action Within Fifteen (15) Days, VIII-4287.
Agency Denial of Petition For — Reversed, VIII-4288.
Agency Failure to Act On Does Not Nullify Underlying Action Per Se, VIII-4289.
Amendment of — Leave to Amend Should Be Liberally Accorded, VIII-4290.
Deficient Petition Should Not Be Referred to DOAH, VIII-4291.
Dismissal of Petition For Requires Statement of Reasons With Particularity, VIII-4292.
Explication of Agency Policy Should Be Fostered, VIII-4293.
Letter From Pro Se Petitioner Found to Trigger Right to Despite Allegedly Untimely Answer, VIII-4294.
Pro Se Petitioner (See Pro Se Petitioners)
Pleadings — Issues Outside of Cannot Be Reached, VIII-4295.
Post-Hearing Supplementation of Record —
Allowed, VIII-4296.
Denied, VIII-4297.
Purpose of —
Opportunity to Change the Agency’s Mind, VIII-4298.
Rehearing —
Petition For Denied, VIII-4299.
Requires Disputed Issue of Material Fact, VIII-4300.
Right to Is Statutory Unless a Fundamental Interest Triggers a Constitutional Right, VIII-4301.
Service of the Complaint —
Corporation — President or Vice-President, VIII-4302.
Substantial Interest (See Also Intervenors) —
Two (2) Prong Test For, VIII-4303.
Time Limit For Requesting Is Not Jurisdictional —
Calculation of Time Limit When Notice Is Not Published, VIII-4304.
Equitable Tolling — Burden of Proof — On Party Asserting By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-4305.
Equitable Tolling — Discussed, VIII-4306.
Equitable Tolling — Disputed Issues of Material Fact — Hearing On Is Required, VIII-4307.
Equitable Tolling — Does Not Apply If a Third Party Was Lulled Into Inaction By the Conduct of the Permit Applicant – Rather Than the Agency, VIII-4308.
Equitable Tolling — Focus On Excusable Ignorance & Lack of Prejudice – Not Misconduct of Respondent, VIII-4309.
Equitable Tolling — Found Applicable, VIII-4310.
Equitable Tolling — Found Inapplicable, VIII-4311.
Equitable Tolling — Inapplicable to Application For Licensure, VIII-4312.
Equitable Tolling — Medical Issues, VIII-4313.
Equitable Tolling — Misled or Lulled Into Inaction, VIII-4314.
Equitable Tolling — Untimely Action By Counsel Does Not Give Rise to, VIII-4315.
Equitable Tolling — Untimely Overnight Delivery Does Not Give Rise to, VIII-4316.
Excusable Neglect — Found Applicable, VIII-4317.
Excusable Neglect — Found Inapplicable, VIII-4318.
Excusable Neglect — Inapplicable to Administrative Proceedings, VIII-4319.
Excusable Neglect — No Longer Applicable to Administrative Proceedings Due to Amendment of 120.569(2)(c), VIII-4320.
Filing Occurs When a Petition Is Received By An Agency Clerk, VIII-4321.
Mail Properly Addressed, Stamped & Mailed Presumed to Have Been Received, VIII-4322.
Motion For Reconsideration — Tolling of Time Limit, VIII-4323.
Newly Discovered Evidence, VIII-4324.
Notice of Right to (See Clear Point of Entry)
Time Limit — Filing of Petition In Wrong Forum, VIII-4325.
Timeliness of Petition Found to Involve Disputed Issue of Material Fact Precluding Summary Dismissal, VIII-4326.
Untimely Request For — Facts In the Complaint Are Deemed Admitted, VIII-4327.
Untimely Request For — Found Not Curable, VIII-4328.
Untimely Request For Operates As Waiver, VIII-4329.
Free Form Agency Action —
Defined & Discussed, VIII-4330.
Preliminary Per Se, VIII-4331.
Harmless Error —
Circuit Court Exceeds Scope of Appellate Remand, VIII-4332.
Clerical or Technical Error, VIII-4333.
Erroneous Conclusions of Law, VIII-4334.
Erroneous Fact Finding, VIII-4335.
Erroneous Labelling of Fact Finding, VIII-4336.
Mischaracterization of Agency Contention, VIII-4337.
Discussed, VIII-4338.
Extension of Deadline For Filing Exceptions, VIII-4339.
Failure to Comply With Statutorily Mandated Time Limit For Which the Statute Provides No Express Sanction, VIII-4340.
Failure to Notice Rule Variance Review Hearing, VIII-4341.
Failure to Strictly Comply With Procedural Requirements — University, VIII-4342.
Improper Reliance On Withdrawn Violation In Establishing a Penalty Does Not Constitute, VIII-4343.
Incorrect Standard of Proof, VIII-4344.
Ruling On Untimely Exception, VIII-4345.
Untimely Agency Preparation of Statement of Estimated Regulatory Costs When Promulgating a Proposed Rule, VIII-4346.
Hearing Officers (See Also DOAH) —
Agencies Have Great Flexibility In Utilizing Staff, VIII-4347.
Dept. of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles Use of Nonlawyers As Authorized By Statute Upheld, VIII-4348.
Informal Hearing (120.57(2)) —
Decision to Grant Is a Matter of Agency Discretion, VIII-4349.
Discovery Is Not Automatically Precluded, VIII-4350.
Disputed Issue of Material Fact Reached By Stipulation, VIII-4351.
Notice of Proposed Agency Action Must Be Given, VIII-4352.
Reasonable Advance Notice of Is Required & Found to Have Been Provided, VIII-4353.
Intervenors (See Also ADMINISTRATION Comm.; APPELLATE REVIEW, Standing; COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of, Binding Letter, Stautus of; Comprehensive Plan, Standing; Consistency of Local Ordinance with Local Comprehensive Plan, Standing Requirements; CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests), Minor Irregularities, Standing; CONSTITUTION (Fla.), Statutes; COUNTY GOVERNMENT, Local Comprehensive Plan, Challenge to Development Order as Inconsistent With; DECLARATORY STATEMENTS, Standing; FISH & WILDLIFE CONSERVATION Comm., Permit, Waterway Marker; HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency For, Certificate of Need; PERMITS, Third Party Intervenors; RULES & RULEMAKING, Standing) —
Standing —
Doctrine Governing In Fla. Is Much Broader Than In Federal System, VIII-4354.
Employees of Cited Facility, VIII-4355.
Erroneous Ruling On Standing, VIII-4356.
Injury-In-Fact — Damage to Reputation Alone Is Insufficient, VIII-4357.
Injury-In-Fact — Degree of Injury, VIII-4358.
Injury-In-Fact — Must Be Sufficiently Inadequate, VIII-4359.
Issue Regarding Becomes Moot If Some of Multiple Intervenors Establish, VIII-4360.
Mootness (See Moot Case)
Substantial Interests — Defined & Discussed, VIII-4361.
Substantial Interests — Found Lacking, VIII-4362.
Substantially Affected — Defined & Discussed, VIII-4363.
Two (2) Prong Test, VIII-4364.
Verbal Permission to Use Affected Land As a Basis For, VIII-4365.
Zone of Interest — Nature of Injury, VIII-4366.
Jurisdiction (See Also Agency, DOAH) —
Arises Only As a Matter of Law, VIII-4367.
Cannot Be Created By Waiver, Acquiescence, or Agreement, VIII-4368.
Limited to That Conferred By Statute, VIII-4369.
Limited to That Properly Conferred — Agency Cannot Expand Upon Unilaterally, VIII-4370.
None to Interpret or Enforce Private Contracts, VIII-4371.
Laches (See Also Statute of Limitations) —
Inapplicable, VIII-4372.
Moot Case —
Abandonment of Assailed Unpromulgated Rule — Possible Attorney’s Fee Recovery, VIII-4373.
Circuit Court Finding of Reversed, VIII-4374.
DOAH Finding of a Conflict of Interest In a Bid Protest Case, VIII-4375.
Defined & Discussed, VIII-4376.
Defined & Discussed — Rule Challenge, VIII-4377.
Dismissal As, VIII-4378.
Dismissal of Complaint Found Not to Moot Case Due to Improper Rejection of DOAH Recommended Fact Findings Creating Collateral Legal Consequences, VIII-4379.
Doctrine Does Not Preclude Explanation of a Judiciary Decision Issued In Expedited Fashion, VIII-4380.
Exception Denied As, VIII-4381.
Found, VIII-4382.
Legislative Enactment Intended to Settle An Issue —
Opinion Issued Anyway Due to Issues of Retroactivity & Mootness, VIII-4383.
Not Found, VIII-4384.
Standing Issue After One of Multiple Parties Establishes Standing, VIII-4385.
Standing Issue After a Party Is Afforded Full Participation At Hearing, VIII-4386.
Suggestion of By Third Party Denied, VIII-4387.
Three (3) Exceptions to Rule Against Consideration of, VIII-4388.
Motion In Limine —
Denied, VIII-4389.
Granted — In Part, VIII-4390.
Granted, VIII-4391.
Nonrule Policy (See Also Stare Decisis; RULES & RULEMAKING, Unpromulgated Rule) —
Agency Burden When Relying On, VIII-4392.
Agency Decision Based On Nonrule Policy Without Explanation — Found Reversible Error, VIII-4393.
Deviation From Discussed, VIII-4394.
Distinguished From a Rule, VIII-4395.
Incipient Agency Policy Defined & Discussed, VIII-4396.
Repeal of Rule — Improper Procedures — Found to Constitute a Statement of General Applicability, VIII-4397.
Official Recognition —
Denied, VIII-4398.
Equivalent to Judicial Notice, VIII-4399.
Granted Sua Sponte, VIII-4400.
Granted, VIII-4401.
Penal Nature of Revocation Proceeding (See Also Burden of Proof, Evidence) —
Failure to Properly Notice Meeting Renders All Actions Taken Null & Void, VIII-4402.
Not All Regulatory Actions With a Penal Effect Are Penal In Nature, VIII-4403.
Standard of Proof (See Also Burden of Proof, Evidence) —
Clear & Convincing Evidence — Found Not Provided, VIII-4404.
Clear & Convincing Evidence Defined & Discussed, VIII-4405.
Clear & Convincing Evidence Is An Intermediate Level of Proof That Entails Both Qualitative & Quantitative Elements, VIII-4406.
Clear & Convincing Evidence May Be Met Where Evidence Is In Conflict — Ambiguous Evidence Seems Precluded, VIII-4407.
Clear & Convincing Evidence Not Required If Revocation Is Not Sought, VIII-4408.
Clear & Convincing Evidence (See Also Evidence), VIII-4409.
Preponderance of the Evidence Is the Minimum Standard, VIII-4410.
Varying Standards of Proof Depending On the Nature of the Proceedings — Examined, VIII-4411.
Pro Se Petitioners —
Need Not Utilize Buzz Words Such As “Request” or “Hearing”, VIII-4412.
Permissible, VIII-4413.
Probable Cause Panel —
Conflicting Expert Testimony, VIII-4414.
Requisite Proof to Support Filing of a Complaint, VIII-4415.
Reconsideration —
Denied, VIII-4416.
Granted In Part, VIII-4417.
Tolling of Time Limit For Filing Notice of Appeal, VIII-4418.
Tolling of Time Limit For Reconsideration, VIII-4419.
Recusal —
DOAH ALJ Can Only Look At Legal Sufficiency of Motion For —
Attempt to Refute the Charges Is Reversible Error, VIII-4420.
DOAH ALJ Denial of Motion For — Reversed, VIII-4421.
DOAH ALJ Denial of Motion For — Writ of Prohibition Reverses, VIII-4422.
DOAH ALJ Grant of Motion For — Affirmed, VIII-4423.
DOAH ALJ Grant of Motion For, VIII-4424.
Motion For Denied, VIII-4425.
Petition For Found to Be Untimely, VIII-4426.
Res Judicata (See Also Collateral Estoppel, Estoppel, Estoppel By Judgment; APPELLATE REVIEW, Law of the Case) —
Agency Finding of Applicability Reversed With Analysis, VIII-4427.
Applicable, VIII-4428.
Applied With Great Caution In Administrative Proceedings, VIII-4429.
Defined & Discussed, VIII-4430.
Distinguished From Collateral Estoppel, VIII-4431.
Doctrine of Administrative Finality — Examined, VIII-4432.
Four (4) Part Test For, VIII-4433.
Identical Causes of Action Are Required, VIII-4434.
Inapplicable, VIII-4435.
Inapplicable If Two (2) Separate & Distinct Governmental Units Independently Consider Similar Factual Allegations, VIII-4436.
Law of the Case Doctrine (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW), VIII-4437.
Stare Decisis (See Also Nonrule Policy; Subject Matter Index Requirement) —
Core Principle of Our System of Justice, VIII-4438.
Deviation From Established Policy & Precedent Needs to Be Explained, VIII-4439.
Deviation From Precedent Must Be Explained, VIII-4440.
Discussed, VIII-4441.
Failure to Implement Reversible Error, VIII-4442.
Gessler Decision Discussed, VIII-4443.
Mere Acknowledgement of Previous Conflicting Decisions Found Sufficient to Explain Deviation, VIII-4444.
Statute of Limitations (See Also Laches) —
Nonclaim Statute Distinguished From, VIII-4445.
None to Bar Recoupment of Overpayment — Food Stamps, VIII-4446.
Operative As An Affirmative Defense, VIII-4447.
Statute of Nonclaim Distinguished From, VIII-4448.
Stipulations —
Agency Agreement to Does Not Constitute “Agency Action” Subject to Third Party Challenge, VIII-4449.
Agency Not Bound By Stipulation Erroneous As a Matter of Law, VIII-4450.
All Parties Including Agencies Are Bound By Absent Fraud —
DEP Repudiation of Reversed, VIII-4451.
Found to Lack An Expiration Date, VIII-4452.
Parties Are Bound By, VIII-4453.
Subject Matter Index Requirement (See Also Stare Decisis) —
Assailed Deficiencies Found to Be Nonprejudicial, VIII-4454.
Ascertained By DOAH ALJ Due to Disagreement Among the Parties, VIII-4455.
Voluntary Dismissal —
Final Order Vacated to Facilitate, VIII-4456.
Third Party — Does Not Divest Agency Jurisdiction, VIII-4457.
Usually Is With Prejudice, VIII-4458.


Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
License —
Dual Relationship — Loaning Client Money, VIII-4459.
Dual Relationship — To Be Avoided, VIII-4460.
Emergency Restriction —
Heterosexual Misconduct, VIII-4461.
Homosexual Abuse of Minor Relative, VIII-4462.
Inability In Profession (Smoked Marijuana/Prominent Antisocial Personality Traits), VIII-4463.
Pedophilia, VIII-4464.
Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Charge — Driving Under the Influence, VIII-4465.
Criminal Charge — Identity Theft/Possession of a Controlled Substance/Attempt to Acquire a Controlled Substance, VIII-4466.
Criminal Charge — Possession of Marijuana & Cocaine, VIII-4467.
Criminal Charge — Resisting An Officer With Violence, VIII-4468.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Methamphetamine/Driving Under the Influence (DUI)/Possession of Marijuana & Paraphernalia, VIII-4469.
Criminal Plea — Reckless Driving, VIII-4470.
Criminal Plea — Refusing to Accept & Sign a Summons, VIII-4471.
Failure to Comply With IPN Contract, VIII-4472.
Failure to Comply With PRN Contract, VIII-4473.
Failure to Contact PRN, VIII-4474.
Inability In Profession (Alcohol & Controlled Substance Abuse), VIII-4475.
Inability In Profession (Baker Act Involuntary Commitment), VIII-4476.
Inability In Profession (Controlled Substance Abuse), VIII-4477.
Inability In Profession (Mental Condition), VIII-4478.
Inability In Profession (Opioid Dependence/Personality Disorder), VIII-4479.
Lifted: In Re: Miriam Acosta, VIII-4480.
Positive Drug Screen — Alcohol, VIII-4481.
Positive Drug Screen — Cocaine, VIII-4482.
Positive Drug Screen — Marijuana, VIII-4483.
Positive Drug Screen — Tramadone, VIII-4484.
Question As to Whether Certain Post-Doctoral Work Experience Out-of-State Is Acceptable, VIII-4485.
Sexual Battery On Patient, VIII-4486.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, VIII-4487.
Failure to Maintain Proper Physical & Personal Boundaries, VIII-4488.
Unacceptable Level of Care, VIII-4489.
Licensure —
Educational Requirement — Ph.D. In Guidance & Counseling Found Not to Constitute Degree In Psychology, VIII-4490.



Career Service Employee (See Also PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RELATIONS Comm. (PERC)) —
At Will Employee —
Cannot Challenge Demotion, Transfer, or Termination, VIII-4491.
No Property Interest In Continued Employment, VIII-4492.
Dismissal of Appeal Based On Alleged Involuntary Resignation As Untimely Affirmed, VIII-4493.
Vested Employees Only May Challenge the Basis of, VIII-4494.
Property Interest In Employment Explored, VIII-4495.
Reclassification From Career Service to Selected Exempt Status —
Agency Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-4496.
Attorney’s Fees Awarded Pursuant to 57.105(5) & 120.569(2)(e), VIII-4497.
Dept. of Management Services Legislative Mandate, VIII-4498.
Employee Status As “Marginal” Is a Fact Finding, VIII-4499.
Employer Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-4500.
Found to Require a Clear Point of Entry to Request a Hearing, VIII-4501.
PERC Does Not Have Exclusive Jurisdiction Over Challenges, VIII-4502.
Reclassification From Career Service to Selected Exempt Status, VIII-4503.
Children & Families (See CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of)
Education (See EDUCATION, Dept. of (DOE))
Health (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Juvenile Justice (See JUVENILE JUSTICE, Dept. of)
Qualified Immunity Against Personal Civil Liability For Acts On the Job —
Petitioner’s Burden of Proof Examined, VIII-4504.
Standard of Proof Examined, VIII-4505.
Salary Overpayment —
Recoupment — DOAH Lacks Jurisdiction to Recommend a Repayment Plan, VIII-4506.
Recoupment — Gross vs. Net Pay, VIII-4507.
Recoupment — Ordered, VIII-4508.
South Florida Water Management Dist. (See SOUTH FLORIDA WATER MANAGEMENT Dist.)
University of South Florida (UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA)
Whistle-Blower Act —
Explicitly Waives Sovereign Immunity Independent of 768.28, VIII-4509.
To Be Liberally Construed, VIII-4510.



Career Service Employees (See Also PUBLIC EMPLOYEES) —
Reclassification to Selected Exempt Status —
PERC Does Not Have Exclusive Jurisdiction Over Challenges to, VIII-4511.
Discharge For Alleged Misconduct —
PERC Order of Reinstatement of DCF Employee Found Supported By a Preponderance of the Evidence & Affirmed, VIII-4512.
Labor Union Acting As Bargaining Agent —
PERC Policy Requiring Provision of Copies Without Charge Reversed, VIII-4513.
Statutorily-Established Entity, VIII-4514.


119 Construed —
Agency Need Not Create New Records In Order to Accommodate a Request, VIII-4515.
Constitutionally Based, VIII-4516.
Pervasive Nature of This Regulatory Scheme Examined, VIII-4517.
Charges For —
Advanced Deposit of Estimated Charges May Be Required, VIII-4518.
Cost of Labor May Include Both Salary & Benefits, VIII-4519.
Limited to Actual Cost Absent Express Statutory Mandate Otherwise, VIII-4520.
Special Service Charges Applicable to Requests For Both Inspection & Copies, VIII-4521.
Special Service Charges For Extensive Requests Examined, VIII-4522.
Children & Families (DCF) —
DCF Refusal to Grant Access to Legislatively – Created Council Comprised of Citizen Volunteers Directed to Investigate DCF —
Circuit Court Order For DCF to Produce the Records Affirmed, VIII-4523.
Circuit Court Certiorari Challenge to Denial of Request Denied, VIII-4524.
Exemption —
Labor Union Engaged In Collective Bargaining — Not Exempt, VIII-4525.
Legislative Authority to Create Examined, VIII-4526.
Security Alarm Permit Holders’ Identities, VIII-4527.
Security Plans – Both Public & Private – Are a Vital Part of Public Safety, VIII-4528.
Social Security Numbers of Public School Teachers, VIII-4529.
Federal Copyright Law —
Public Records Cannot Be Copyrighted Absent Express Statutory Authority, VIII-4530.
Federal Freedom of Information Act —
Conflict Between Federal Law & 119 Resolved In Favor of Federal Provision, VIII-4531.
Public Records —
Commercial Use Entitled to Exact Same Protection As Private Use, VIII-4532.
Defined, VIII-4533.
Right of Access Is Protected Both By the Constitution & Statute, VIII-4534.
Right of Access Is a Substantive Right, VIII-4535.
Trade Secrets —
Circuit Court Holding That Contractor Failed to Adequately Protect Trade Secrets Affirmed —
Conservation With State Employee Alone Is Insufficient, VIII-4536.
Contractor Must Mark As Confidential In Writing Prior to Filing to Be Exempt From Public Records Act, VIII-4537.