License —
Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Conviction — DUI, VIII-4538.
Criminal Charge — Sexual Battery, VIII-4539.
Diversion of Controlled Substances, VIII-4540.
Failure to Comply With PRN Contract, VIII-4541.
Impaired At Work (Alcohol), VIII-4542.
Inability In Profession (Alcohol/Controlled Substance Abuse/Major Depression), VIII-4543.
Inability In Profession (Impaired At Work), VIII-4544.
Positive Drug Screen (Alcohol/Marijuana/Cocaine), VIII-4545.
Positive Drug Screen (Alcohol), VIII-4546.
Positive Drug Screen (Cocaine), VIII-4547.
Sexual Abuse of Patient, VIII-4548.


Appraiser —
Circuit Court Denial of Preliminary Injunction & Dismissal of Suit Challenging Rules Regulating Supervision of Trainees —
Home Venue Found Properly Established & Circuit Court Order Affirmed, VIII-4549.
Dept. Imposition of Probation & Fine After Denying Requested Formal Hearing Reversed, VIII-4550.
Dept. Increase In Penalty Over DOAH Recommendation Reversed — Unintentional Rule Violations, VIII-4551.
Dept. Suspension of License Affirmed, VIII-4552.
Broker —
Div. Imposition of Suspension & Probation Increased From DOAH Recommendation Reversed —
Failure to Explain Reasons For Deviation From DOAH Recommendation Found, VIII-4553.
Div. Revocation of License Affirmed —
Challenge to Failure to Terminate Informal Hearing Rejected On Basis That Issue Was Not Properly Preserved For Review, VIII-4554.
Technical Accounting Violations —
Div. Increase In Penalty During Appellate Relinquishment of Jurisdiction to “Correct” the Final Order Reversed, VIII-4555.
Salesperson —
475.278 Creates a Presumption That All Licensees Are “Transaction Brokers” With a Narrowly-Defined Fiduciary Duty to the Client, VIII-4556.
Criminal Plea —
Grand Theft/Arson/Insurance Fraud/False Statements, VIII-4557.
Failure to Deliver Commission Check to Former Employer —
Div. Denial of Motion to Vacate Final Order Reversed — Delay In Submitting Settlement Proposal, VIII-4558.
Failure to Report Criminal Charges to Comm., VIII-4559.
Requirement For Written Notification to Client of Narrowly-Defined Fiduciary Duty Examined, VIII-4560.


Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
License —
Emergency Suspension —
Criminal Charge — Resisting Arrest Without Violence, VIII-4561.
Criminal Charge — Sexual Assault On Victim Over 12 Years of Age, VIII-4562.
Criminal Charge — Sexual Battery to a Person Under Twelve (12)/Violation of Probation, VIII-4563.
Criminal Plea — Doctor Shopping For Prescriptions For Controlled Substances, VIII-4564.
Criminal Plea — Employing a Child In a Sexual Performance/Possession of Child Pornography, VIII-4565.
Criminal Plea — Obtaining Controlled Substances By Fraud, VIII-4566.
Criminal Plea — Possession of Cocaine/Drug Paraphernalia/Trespass, VIII-4567.
Diversion of Controlled Substances, VIII-4568.
Excessive Absenteeism, VIII-4569.
Failure to Comply With PRN Contract, VIII-4570.
Failure to Contact PRN, VIII-4571.
Failure to Report For Work, VIII-4572.
Failure to Submit to Drug Screen, VIII-4573.
Inability In Profession (Cocaine & Alcohol Dependency), VIII-4574.
Inability In Profession (Cocaine/Opioid/Nicotine Dependence), VIII-4575.
Inability In Profession (Controlled Substance Abuse), VIII-4576.
Inability In Profession (Heroin Addiction), VIII-4577.
Inability In Profession (Mental Condition), VIII-4578.
Inability In Profession (Opiate Abuse), VIII-4579.
Inability In Profession (Opioid Dependence/Anxiolytic Dependence/Spinal Disc Disease), VIII-4580.
Positive Drug Screen (Alprazolam/Butalbital/Lorazepam), VIII-4581.
Positive Drug Screen (Barbiturates), VIII-4582.
Positive Drug Screen (Benzodiazepines & Methadone), VIII-4583.
Positive Drug Screen (Hydromorphone/Hydrocodone/Morphine/Valium), VIII-4584.
Positive Drug Screen (Marijuana & Benzodiazepine), VIII-4585.
Positive Drug Screen (Marijuana), VIII-4586.
Positive Drug Screen (Morphine), VIII-4587.
Positive Drug Screen (Oxycodone), VIII-4588.
Positive Drug Screen — Cocaine, VIII-4589.
Refusal to Submit to Drug Screen, VIII-4590.
Urine Sample Tested Positive For Marijuana, VIII-4591.
Violation of PRN Monitoring Contract, VIII-4592.
Informal Hearing — Emergency Telephone Hearing Conducted Due to Failure to Properly Notice Regular Meeting, VIII-4593.


Petition For Hearing Dismissed As Untimely —
Notice of Appeal Dismissed As Untimely — Motion For Rehearing Found Not to Toll Time Limit, VIII-4594.


REVENUE, Dept. of (DOR) (See Also TAXATION)

Ad Valorem —
Exemption —
Exemption Distinguished From Immunity, VIII-4595.
Governmentally-Owned Property — Examined, VIII-4596.
Municipal or Public Purpose Defined & Discussed, VIII-4597.
Municipalities Are Not Subdivisions of the State Thus Do Not Enjoy the Constitutionally Exempt Status of Counties, VIII-4598.
Statute Imposing On Municipally-Owned Telecommunications Services —
Supreme Court Reverses District Court of Appeal Affirmance of Circuit Court Judgment Finding the Tax Facially Unconstitutional, VIII-4599.
Assessment —
72 Circuit Court Challenge to Assessment —
72.011 Is a Non-Claim Statute, VIII-4600.
Alternative Security Arrangement — Circuit Court Finding That It Lacked Authority to Consider Absent DOR Consent Reversed, VIII-4601.
Statute of Limitations Distinguished From Statute of Nonclaim, VIII-4602.
120 Challenge to Assessment —
Challenger’s Burden of Proof, VIII-4603.
DOR Burden of Proof — Examined, VIII-4604.
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case, VIII-4605.
Untimely Challenge — DOR Lacks Jurisdiction, VIII-4606.
DOR Burden of Proof — Examined, VIII-4607.
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case, VIII-4608.
Failure to Prepay Uncontested Portion of Assessment Prior to Challenge — Petition Dismissed, VIII-4609.
Levy On Bank Account Upheld, VIII-4610.
Presumption of Correctness, VIII-4611.
Principles May Be Bound By Acts of Agents, VIII-4612.
Audits —
Absence of Adequate Available Taxpayer Records, VIII-4613.
Dept. Authority to Impose Record Keeping Requirements Examined, VIII-4614.
Sampling Distinguished From Estimate, VIII-4615.
Child Support Obligation —
409.2563 Upheld As Constitutional, VIII-4616.
Administrative Proceeding Must Be Terminated In the Event of Disputed Paternity, VIII-4617.
Appellate Order On Motion For Rehearing: Revenue v. Long, VIII-4618.
Child Support Obligations Are Not Suspended During Pendency of Challenge to Paternity, VIII-4619.
Child Support Obligations Sometimes Are Not Suspended By Disestablishment of Paternity, VIII-4620.
Contempt Citation For Failure to Pay Affirmed, VIII-4621.
DOAH & DOR Lack Jurisdiction to Determine Issues of Disputed Paternity —
DOAH Order For Genetic Testing & Temporary Support Order Quashed, VIII-4622.
DOR & DOAH Lack Jurisdiction to Determine Issues of Disputed Paternity, VIII-4623.
DOR & Mother Challenge Modification — Affirmed & Reversed In Part, VIII-4624.
DOR Administrative Procedure Assumes & Requires Prior Establishment of Paternity, VIII-4625.
DOR Dismissal of Petition For Hearing — Reversed, VIII-4626.
DOR Dismissal of Petition For Hearing As Untimely — Reversed, VIII-4627.
DOR Final Administrative Support Order Entered Over Denial of Paternity Affirmed, VIII-4628.
Separate Circuit Court Action Is Required to Disestablish Paternity, VIII-4629.
Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Corporate Income Tax —
Analogous Federal Income Tax Concepts Are Applicable, VIII-4630.
Circuit Court Denial of Refund Reversed —
Net Operating Losses of Affiliated Corporations — Rule 12C-1.013(14)(j) Found Invalid, VIII-4631.
Florida Is Under No Legal Obligation to Precisely Mimic the Federal Tax Scheme, VIII-4632.
Limitation On Net Operating Loss Carryovers to Federal Net Losses Under 172 of the I.R.C. Affirmed, VIII-4633.
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Documentary Stamp Tax —
201.08(1) —
Conveyance of Real Property Between Related Entities to Secure Financing, VIII-4634.
Consideration —
Book Transaction Found Not to Involve, VIII-4635.
Found Lacking — Transfer of Real Property Between Related Entities — Supreme Court Conflict Jurisdiction, VIII-4636.
Fuel Tax —
Application For Refund On Exported Fuel —
Failure to Obtain Requisite License — Denied, VIII-4637.
Gross Receipts Tax —
Hotel — Imposed Telecommunications Charges, VIII-4638.
Intangible Tax —
Bank — Application For Refund Denied As Untimely, VIII-4639.
Jeopardy Tax —
Class Action Suit For Refund After 212.0505 Was Declared Unconstitutional —
Circuit Court Ruling On Class Membership and Other Issues Affirmed & Reversed In Part, VIII-4640.
Levy On Bank Account — Upheld, VIII-4641.
Penalty —
Compromise of — Rejected, VIII-4642.
Compromise of — Taxpayer Good Faith Reliance On Erroneous Advice, VIII-4643.
Refund —
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-4644.
Denied — Intangible Tax — Untimely, VIII-4645.
Denied — Sales Tax — Valet Parking, VIII-4646.
Time Limit of 72.011(6) Is Expressly Inapplicable, VIII-4647.
Sales Tax (See Also Use Tax) —
Assessment —
Bait Shop, VIII-4648.
Building — Prefabricated — Steel, VIII-4649.
Circuit Court Reversal of DOR Assessment On Gifts Sold At Naval Museum Reversed, VIII-4650.
Cruise to Nowhere — Concessions & Equipment — Apportionment For Travel Outside Fla. Territory, VIII-4651.
General & Fixed Asset Purchases — Commercial Lease — Surface Preparation Equipment, VIII-4652.
Gifts Sold At Museum On Naval Base In Pensacola, VIII-4653.
Interior Design & Decorating, VIII-4654.
Mobile Home — Applicability of Sales Tax to Purchase of Exhaustively Explored, VIII-4655.
Mobile Home — Diverted From Resale to Residential Rental Units, VIII-4656.
Must Be Stated Separately From Purchase Price, VIII-4657.
Purchaser Is Ultimately Liable For, VIII-4658.
Rental of Commercial Property — Circuit Court Summary Judgment In Favor of DOR Reversed, VIII-4659.
Rental of Commercial Real Property — Multiple-Use Hotel & Land, VIII-4660.
Rental of Commercial Real Property — Physician Group Rent Improperly Includes Employee Leasing, VIII-4661.
Rental of Commercial Real Property — Pyramiding of Taxes Not Found, VIII-4662.
Rental of Commercial Real Property — Related Entities, VIII-4663.
Satellite Television Subscribers — Constitutional Challenge to Differential Between Satellite & Cable Television Taxes — Circuit Court Dismissal Reversed, VIII-4664.
Valet Parking Transactions — Failure to Separately State Fee For Service, VIII-4665.
Vending Machines, VIII-4666.
Vendor Must Collect & Remit, VIII-4667.
Water Tank Distributor — Domestic & Foreign, VIII-4668.
Yacht — Florida Resident, VIII-4669.
Bailment — Defined & Discussed — Found Not Involved, VIII-4670.
Certificate of Registration Revoked Due to Noncompliance With 212, VIII-4671.
Exemption —
Apportionment Between Exempt & Nonexempt Uses — Taxpayer Allowed to Offer Alternative Methods, VIII-4672.
Apportionment Methodology Utilized By DOR Believed Not to Constitute An Unpromulgated Rule, VIII-4673.
Consumer’s Certificate of — Challenge to DOR Denial of, VIII-4674.
Federal Instrumentalities Exemption Exhaustively Explored, VIII-4675.
Hotel — Dwelling Units, VIII-4676.
Out-of-State Commerce — Proration For Transaction That Extends Beyond Fla. Territory, VIII-4677.
Research & Development Costs — Lockheed Martin Corp. — Tangible Personal Property, VIII-4678.
Yacht — Dealer — Nonresident, VIII-4679.
Ultimate Consumer Bears the Economic Burden — Seller Must Collect & Properly Remit, VIII-4680.
Taxing Enactment (See Also STATUTES; TAXATION) —
Exemptions Are Strictly Construed Against the Taxpayer, VIII-4681.
Tax Statutes Are to Be Strictly Construed In Favor of Taxpayer, VIII-4682.
Technical Assistance Advisements (TAA) —
Not Considered Rules or Policies — Need Not Be Promulgated As Rules, VIII-4683.
Use Tax (See Also Sales Tax) —
Sales & Use Tax — Are Separate But Complimentary Taxes, VIII-4684.
Tax Is to Be Paid By the Ultimate Consumer, VIII-4685.


Agency Bound By Own Rule, VIII-4686.
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Concerned With 120.54(4)(a) Mandates Not Substantive Validity, VIII-4687.
Declared Void Ab Initio, VIII-4688.
Emergency Rule (See Emergency Rule)
Failure to Provide the Required Factual Statement, VIII-4689.
Partial Validation Is Not Contemplated Under the APA, VIII-4690.
Reasons As Stated — Found to Be Insufficient, VIII-4691.
Requisite Immediate Danger Found Lacking, VIII-4692.
Standards Governing Determination of the Validity of, VIII-4693.
Standing (See Standing)
Arbitrary & Capricious —
Defined, VIII-4694.
Proposed Rule — Found Not to Be, VIII-4695.
Proposed Rule — Found to Be, VIII-4696.
Proposed Rule Repeal — Found Not to Be, VIII-4697.
Rule — Found Not to Be, VIII-4698.
Rule — Found to Be, VIII-4699.
Standard For Determining — Discussed, VIII-4700.
As Applied —
Challenge to Must Be In 120.57(1) Proceeding, VIII-4701.
Erroneous or Wrongful Application of a Rule Does Not Invalidate It, VIII-4702.
Burden of Proof (See Also Unpromulgated Rule, PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case, VIII-4703.
On Petitioner By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-4704.
On Those Who Challenge Validity, VIII-4705.
Preponderance of the Evidence Defined & Discussed (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Evidence), VIII-4706.
Stringent Indeed, VIII-4707.
Constitutional Challenge (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.)) —
Agency Cannot Consider Facial Challenge, VIII-4708.
DOAH Can Consider For Proposed Rules, VIII-4709.
DOAH Cannot Consider, VIII-4710.
Construction (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.); STATUTES) —
Agency (FWCC) Construction Found to Be Clearly Erroneous, VIII-4711.
Agency Construction — Entitled to Great Weight — Especially When Regulation Is Complex & Involves Technical or Scientific Matters, VIII-4712.
Agency Construction — Entitled to Great Weight, VIII-4713.
Available Viable Interpretation Utilized, VIII-4714.
Conflict Between Literal Meaning of a Rule & a Statute Must Be Resolved In Favor of the Statute, VIII-4715.
Plain Meaning of Ordinary Terms Is the First Consideration, VIII-4716.
Presumption of Constitutionality, VIII-4717.
Emergency Rule (See Also Invalidity (120.56), Emergency Rule, Standing) —
An “Emergency” Cannot Be Created By An Agency’s Failure to Take Timely Action, VIII-4718.
Appellate Review Denied, VIII-4719.
Immediate Danger to Public Found Lacking, VIII-4720.
Reasons Expressed Must Be Factually Explicit & Persuasive, VIII-4721.
Invalidity (120.54(4)), Proposed Rule (See Also Proposed Rules, Rule, Validity (120.54(4), Proposed Rule) —
Chiropractic —
Continuing Education — Definition of “Approved Provider”, VIII-4722.
Construction Industry Lic. Bd. —
Increase In Net Worth Requirements For Licensure, VIII-4723.
DBPR (Business & Professional Regulation, Dept. of) (See Also Name of Board) —
Div. of Pari-Mutuel Wagering — Poker Tournament — Rule Repeal, VIII-4724.
DEP (Environmental Protection, Dept. of) —
Petroleum Product Spills — Constructive Notice to Residential or Business Tenants, VIII-4725.
Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) For Total Phosphorus In the Lake Okeechobee Basin, VIII-4726.
Financial Regulation — Office of Insurance Regulation —
Electronic Filing For a Variety of Insurance Rates, VIII-4727.
Employers Health Care Access Act — Updated Standard & Basic Plans, VIII-4728.
Filing Procedures For a Variety of Insurance Rates, VIII-4729.
Insurance Coverage By Property & Casualty Insurers Under the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA), VIII-4730.
Premium Rates For Junior Loan Title Insurance Policies, VIII-4731.
Use of Consumer Credit Information For Auto & Residential Property Insurance Underwriting, VIII-4732.
Pari-Mutuel Wagering —
Cardroom — Limitation On Hours of Operation, VIII-4733.
Pharmacy —
Drug Therapy Management, VIII-4734.
Standard Governing Review of, VIII-4735.
Invalidity (120.56), Adopted Rule (See Also Rule, Unpromulgated Rule, Validity (120.56) Adopted Rule) —
120.56 Action Does Not Diminish Parallel Rights Under 120.57 & 120.569, VIII-4736.
120.56 Adopted Rule Challenge —
Law Enforcement —
Fees For Criminal Records, VIII-4737.
Children & Families —
Adoption — Applicant Divested of 120 Hearing to Challenge Denial, VIII-4738.
Construction Industry Lic. Bd. —
False Statements On Licensure Application — Intent, VIII-4739.
Increase In Net Worth Requirements For Licensure, VIII-4740.
Licensure Application Committee Process, VIII-4741.
DBPR (Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation) (See Name of Board; Pari-Mutuel Wagering)
Elections —
Prohibition On “Bundling” of Initiative Petitions, VIII-4742.
Engineers —
Administrative Complaint Assailing Allegedly Unlicensed Practice of Engineering, VIII-4743.
Requirement That a Continuing Education Provider Have No Financial or Commercial Interest In Any Technology That Is the Subject of the Course, VIII-4744.
Declaration That Certain Tests Will Not Be Considered “Medically Necessary” For Those Injured In Automobile Accidents, VIII-4745.
Exclusion of Surface EMG Testing From Definition of Medically Necessary — Auto Accident Injury — DOAH Finding of Invalidity Affirmed, VIII-4746.
Health & Safety Condition — Repeal of Rule Found to Be Void, VIII-4747.
Rule Disqualifying Current Florida Residents (Illegal Immigrants) From Consideration For the Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Program, VIII-4748.
Standard Governing Review of — 120 Amendment Mandated Preponderance of the Evidence Standard, VIII-4749.
Health Care Administration, Agency For (AHCA) —
Certificate of Need (CON) — Not Normal Exception to Rule Need Methodology For Hospices, VIII-4750.
Medicaid — Requirement That Durable Medical Equipment Supplier Establish a Place of Business In Florida or Within 50 Miles of the State Line, VIII-4751.
Medicine —
Office Surgery Accreditation Organization — Requirement That Application For Include All Incident Reports & Have Quality Assurance Program, VIII-4752.
Orange County School Bd. —
High School Attendance Zones, VIII-4753.
Pari-Mutuel Wagering —
Regulation of Cardrooms, VIII-4754.
Pharmacy —
Inclusion of Levothyroxine Sodium On the Negative Drug Formulary, VIII-4755.
Revenue —
Net Operating Losses of Affiliated Corporations, VIII-4756.
Standard Governing Review of, VIII-4757.
Invalidity (120.56), Emergency Rule (See Also Emergency Rule) —
Orthotists & Prosthetists —
Fees For Licensure Without Examination, VIII-4758.
Pari-Mutuel Wagering —
No-Limit Poker Tournaments, VIII-4759.
Standards Governing Determination of the Validity of, VIII-4760.
Proposed Rules (See Also Invalidity (120.54(4), Proposed Rule, Rule, Validity (120.54(4), Proposed Rule) —
Agency Has Ultimate Burden of Proof Regarding Validity Pursuant to 10/96 Amendment to 120, VIII-4761.
Agency Has the Burden of Proof — By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-4762.
Agency Has the Burden of Proof — Does Not However Negate Historical Degree of Deference to Be Accorded, VIII-4763.
Agency Head Must Approve Prior to Publication of Notice In the FAW —
Delegation of This Authority Found to Be Improper, VIII-4764.
Burden of Proof —
Establishment & Effect of the Prima Facie Case, VIII-4765.
Cannot Take Effect Until Adopted, VIII-4766.
Considered Adopted When Filed With the Secretary of State, VIII-4767.
Failure to Afford a Clear Point of Entry to Challengers, VIII-4768.
No Presumption of Validity, VIII-4769.
Nonpenal Rules Reviewed Under a Less Demanding Standard, VIII-4770.
Windows For Challenging the Validity of — Examined, VIII-4771.
Windows For Challenging the Validity of — Tolling For Review By JAPC Upon Objection, VIII-4772.
Rule (See Also Invalidity (120.56) Adopted Rule, Unpromulgated Rule, Validity (120.56), Adopted Rule) —
120.56 & 120.57 Authorize Joint & Severable Procedures For Challenging Agency Action, VIII-4773.
120.56 — There Is No Authority For a Dismissal of a Challenge Without Prejudice, VIII-4774.
120.56 Proceeding Is De Novo, VIII-4775.
Can Implement More Than One Statute, VIII-4776.
Cannot Be Filed With the Dept. of State While a 120.54 Challenge Is Pending, VIII-4777.
DOAH Hearing In Rule Challenge Proceeding Is De Novo, VIII-4778.
DOAH Standard of Review Is De Novo, VIII-4779.
Defined, VIII-4780.
Effect Not Label Is Determinative of Status of a Policy As, VIII-4781.
Failure to — Establish Adequate Standards —
Claim of — Examined & Rejected, VIII-4782.
Failure to — Establish Adequate Standards, VIII-4783.
Failure to Follow Applicable Rulemaking Procedures, VIII-4784.
Incorporation of Documents By Deference, VIII-4785.
Invalid Portion of Rule Found to Be Severable, VIII-4786.
Legal Memorandum Prepared By An Agency Is Specifically Excluded From the Definition of, VIII-4787.
Licensure Application Form — Status As, VIII-4788.
Need Not Be Reduced to Writing, VIII-4789.
Presumption of Validity, VIII-4790.
Presumption of Validity — Grows Stronger Over Time, VIII-4791.
Repeal — By Statute Which Vitiates Authority, VIII-4792.
Repeal — Challenge to Validity — DOAH Lacks Jurisdiction Over, VIII-4793.
Repeal — Challenge to Validity of — Not Contemplated, VIII-4794.
Repeal — Challenges to, VIII-4795.
Repeal — Challenges to — Same Standard As For Proposed Rules, VIII-4796.
Repeal — Enabling Statute — Vitiates Rules Derived From, VIII-4797.
Repeal — For Failure to Follow Applicable Rulemaking Procedures, VIII-4798.
Repeal — Found to Be Invalid, VIII-4799.
Repeal — Found to Constitute a Statement of General Applicability, VIII-4800.
Repeal — Found to Render Challenge Moot, VIII-4801.
Repeal — Rulemaking Requirements Applicable to, VIII-4802.
Repeal — Test For Whether Itself Is a “Rule” Subject to Challenge, VIII-4803.
Rule Challenge — Relief Available Examined, VIII-4804.
Rule Challenge — Rule Cannot Be Declared Void Ab Initio By DOAH, VIII-4805.
Rule Challenge — Rule Cannot Be Declared Void Retroactively By DOAH, VIII-4806.
Rule Challenge — Superseding Statute Vitiates All Force & Effect of a Rule Immediately, VIII-4807.
Scientific Determinations At the Frontiers of Science Are Entitled to Special Deference At DOAH, VIII-4808.
Substantive Amendments to Are Contemplated, VIII-4809.
Rulemaking (See Also Rulemaking Authority) —
Administrative Procedures Committee —
Agency Statement Provided to Not Subject to Public Comment — Strictly For Internal Use By the Committee, VIII-4810.
Disciplinary Violations (See DISCIPLINE, Rulemaking)
Legislative Incentives For Rulemaking Examined, VIII-4811.
Legislative Preference For Adoption of Policies As Rules Examined, VIII-4812.
Legislature Has Selected Rulemaking Over Adjudication As the Primary Means of Policy Development, VIII-4813.
Mandatory Nature of Where Feasible & Practicable Examined, VIII-4814.
Material Defect In Procedure — Discussed, VIII-4815.
No Longer a Matter of Agency Discretion, VIII-4816.
Not Required When the Agency Finds That a Function Is Beyond Its Responsibilities, VIII-4817.
Pendency of Resistant Litigation Does Not Preclude, VIII-4818.
Presumption of Feasibility — Rebuttable, VIII-4819.
Procedures Governing — Failure to Follow Is Material, VIII-4820.
Required Whenever Possible, VIII-4821.
Statutory Authority For & Statute to Be Implemented Must Be Identified, VIII-4822.
Statutory Requirement For Examined, VIII-4823.
Rulemaking Authority (See Also Rulemaking) —
1996 APA Amendment —
Delegation of Found to Be Improper, VIII-4824.
Requisite Authority Found Lacking, VIII-4825.
Analytical Framework For Resolving Questions Regarding Rulemaking Authority, VIII-4826.
Complex & Fluid Conditions May Require Regulatory Flexibility, VIII-4827.
Expiration of Vitiates Rules Promulgated Thereunder, VIII-4828.
Explicit Authority — Is Now Required, VIII-4829.
Explicit Authority — Requirement For Exhaustively Explored, VIII-4830.
Found Not Exceeded, VIII-4831.
Must Be Properly Cited In Each Rule, VIII-4832.
Must Be Referenced In the Rule — Cannot Be Relied Upon If Not Referenced, VIII-4833.
No Agency Has Inherent Authority, VIII-4834.
Repeal of Expired Appurtenant Rules, VIII-4835.
Repeal of Statutory Source of Results In Expiration of Appurtenant Rules, VIII-4836.
Statutory Elimination of Authority to Regulate Expiring Appurtenant Rules, VIII-4837.
Superseding Statute Vitiates All Force & Effect of a Rule Immediately, VIII-4838.
Standing (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) —
Associations —
Discussed, VIII-4839.
Immediate & Actual Harm — Not Required, VIII-4840.
Home Builders Found to Lack In Challenge to School Bd. Impact Fee Increase, VIII-4841.
Professional, VIII-4842.
Substantial Number Test, VIII-4843.
Substantially Affected — Defined & Discussed, VIII-4844.
Three (3) Part Test For, VIII-4845.
Burden of Proof (See Also Burden of Proof) —
Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-4846.
Dismissal of Petition For Alleged Lack of Reversed, VIII-4847.
Economic Interest —
Ability to Pass Costs On Is Not Relevant, VIII-4848.
Can Be Sufficient For, VIII-4849.
Emergency Rule (See Also Emergency Rule) —
Agency Challenge to Rejected, VIII-4850.
Two (2) Prong Test, VIII-4851.
Equated With Subject Matter Jurisdiction, VIII-4852.
Injury-In-Fact — DOAH Finding of Reversed, VIII-4853.
Injury-In-Fact — Discussed, VIII-4854.
Injury-In-Fact — Found Lacking, VIII-4855.
Injury-In-Fact — Injury Cannot Be Based On Speculation or Conjecture, VIII-4856.
Injury-In-Fact — Potential Injury Is Sufficient — Actual Injury Is Not Required, VIII-4857.
Issue Regarding Must Be Timely Raised As An Affirmative Defense, VIII-4858.
Standard Governing Rule Challenges “Is Less Demanding” Than For Actions of Law, VIII-4859.
Standing Can Extend Beyond the Profession Being Regulated By a Rule, VIII-4860.
Substantial Interest Test, VIII-4861.
Substantially Affected — Defined & Discussed, VIII-4862.
Substantially Affected — Direct Regulation of the Profession Per Se Is Not Required, VIII-4863.
Test For In Florida Is More Liberal Than Under the Federal System, VIII-4864.
Two (2) Prong Test, VIII-4865.
Zone of Interest — Defined & Discussed, VIII-4866.
Zone of Interest — Petitioner Found Within, VIII-4867.
Zone of Interest — Test Found Not Satisfied, VIII-4868.
Statement of Estimated Regulatory Costs (SERC) —
Agency Is Encouraged to Prepare, VIII-4869.
Agency Is Required to Prepare When Affected Party Timely Submits Bona Fide Lower Cost Alternative, VIII-4870.
Good Faith Estimate of Economic Impacts Is All That Is Required, VIII-4871.
Untimely Agency Preparation of Found Not a Material Error, VIII-4872.
Unpromulgated Rule (See Also Rule; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Nonrule Policy) —
120.57 Cannot Be Used to Challenge, VIII-4873.
Agency Cannot Rely On a Policy Declared By DOAH to Be An Unpromulgated Rule, VIII-4874.
Agency Contractor’s Procedures Are Not Subject to Challenge As, VIII-4875.
Agriculture & Consumer Services —
Pest Control — Enforcement Response Guidelines, VIII-4876.
Pest Control — Procedures Governing Investigative Activities, VIII-4877.
Veterinarian Issuance of Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection Form In Connection With the Sale of Pets, VIII-4878.
Alcoholic Beverages —
Invalidation of Special Restaurant Licenses Issued Prior to 1/1/58 That Have Not Been In Continuous Operation, VIII-4879.
Prohibition On In-Store Servicing of Distilled Spirits, VIII-4880.
Appellate Court Declares Policy to Be Invalid As Such Outside the Scope of 120.535, VIII-4881.
Burden of Proof (See Also Burden of Proof; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Establishment & Effect of Prima Facie Case, VIII-4882.
On Petitioner By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-4883.
Cannot Accomplish That Which Is Prohibited In An Adopted Rule, VIII-4884.
Challenge Becomes Moot If Agency Is Abolished, VIII-4885.
Children & Families —
DOAH Issuance of Summary Final Order In Favor of Dept. Without Allowing Time For Appellant’s Response to the Motion For Reversed, VIII-4886.
Florida Civil Commitment Center — Resident Handbook & C.A.R.E. Program, VIII-4887.
Home & Community-Based Services Waiver — Ineligibility of Facilities With More Than Fifteen (15) Persons, VIII-4888.
Institutional Care Program — Countable Income, VIII-4889.
Procedures Governing Confinement of Sexually Violent Predators, VIII-4890.
Procedures Governing Operating Procedures at the Fla. Civil Commitment Center, VIII-4891.
Prohibition On Rehiring of Employee Terminated For Cause, VIII-4892.
Community Affairs —
Criteria Utilized to Review Amendments to City of Parker’s Comprehensive Plan, VIII-4893.
Dept. Failure to Initiate An Administrative Proceeding Against a Local Government That Fails to Timely Adopt Comprehensive Plan Amendments, VIII-4894.
Conducting & Reporting On An Investigation Alone Does Not Constitute, VIII-4895.
Construction Industry Lic. Bd. —
False Statements On Licensure Application — Intent, VIII-4896.
Licensure — Requirement For Restoration of Civil Rights After Felony Conviction, VIII-4897.
Licensure Application Committee Process, VIII-4898.
DBPR (Business & Professional Regulation, Dept. of) (See Pari-Mutuel Wagering, Div. of; Name of Board)
DEP (Environmental Protection, Dept. of) (See Also Internal Improvement Trust Fund) —
Petroleum Product Spill Cleanup — Requirement That Cited Person Conduct Analytical Testing, VIII-4899.
DOAH ALJ Cannot Rule On the Validity of a Policy Were It Promulgated As a Rule, VIII-4900.
Defined, VIII-4901.
Denial of Licensure Application Does Not Constitute, VIII-4902.
Education (DOE) —
Application Form For a Teaching Certificate, VIII-4903.
English For Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) — Certification — Training & Continuing Education Requirement, VIII-4904.
Engineers —
Administrative Complaint Assailing Allegedly Unlicensed Practice of Engineering, VIII-4905.
Financial Regulation (See Also Insurance) —
Bail Bond Agents — Policy Governing Approval of On-Line Continuing Education Courses, VIII-4906.
Bureau of Unclaimed Property — Fast Track Claims Process, VIII-4907.
DOAH Ruling That Recommendation By Legal Staff That Dept. Initiate Legal Action to Recover Lobbying Fees Expended By Capital Collateral Regional Counsel Constitutes Reversed, VIII-4908.
Fla. Workers’ Compensation Reimbursement Manual Provision For Inpatient Services At An Acute Care Hospital or Trauma Center, VIII-4909.
Informational Memo Requiring Compliance With Proposed Rule Prohibiting Property & Casualty Insurers From Using Credit Reports of the Insured, VIII-4910.
Status of Ownership Interests In Viatical Settlement Contracts As Securities, VIII-4911.
Use of Outside Lobbyists to Engage In Prohibited Lobbying, VIII-4912.
Viatical Settlement Contracts, VIII-4913.
Health (See Medical Quality Assurance Boards: By Board Name)
Health Care Administration, Agency For (AHCA) —
Developmental Services Waiver, Coverages & Limitations Handbook, VIII-4914.
Medicaid — Coverage For Use of the Drug “Actiq”, VIII-4915.
Medicaid — Statistical Formula For Cluster Sampling to Calculate Medicaid Overpayments, VIII-4916.
Insurance (See Also Financial Regulation) —
Florida Windstorm Underwriting Assoc. — Exemption From Notice & Public Hearings Prior to Increase, VIII-4917.
Internal Improvement Trust Fund —
Policies Governing Regulation, Fees, & Consent of Use For Beach Driving, VIII-4918.
Internal Management Memorandum —
Exception — Found Applicable, VIII-4919.
Law Enforcement (FDLE) —
Fee Charged For Conducting a State-Level Criminal History Check, VIII-4920.
Forms Related to Inspection & Operation of Breath Test Instruments, VIII-4921.
Medicine —
Denial of Licensure to Anyone On Probation, VIII-4922.
Disciplinary Guidelines, VIII-4923.
Providing a Corroborating Affidavit In a Civil Proceeding Without First Conducting a Prior Reasonable Investigation, VIII-4924.
Miami-Dade Community College —
Alleged Policy of Not Referring Employee Dismissal Cases For DOAH Administrative Review, VIII-4925.
Need Not Be Reduced to Writing In Order to Be Invalid As Such, VIII-4926.
Pari-Mutuel Wagering —
Policy Regarding Hours of Cardroom Operation At Dog Tracks, VIII-4927.
Petition Assailing Found to Be Deficient, VIII-4928.
Pinellas County School Board —
Allowing Withdrawal of Portions of a Proposal After Bid Opening, Evaluation and Notice of Intent to Protest, VIII-4929.
Remedy Is Limited to Prospective Injunctive Relief, VIII-4930.
Retirement (Div. of) —
Requirement That 50 Percent or More of the Duties Performed By An EMT Are On-the-Scene Emergency Medical Care to Be Eligible For the Special Risk Class, VIII-4931.
Rulemaking As Feasible & Practical — Presumption Regarding — Standard For Determining, VIII-4932.
Rulemaking Found Not to Be Feasible & Practicable, VIII-4933.
Rulemaking Found to Be Feasible & Practicable, VIII-4934.
St. Johns River Water Management Dist. —
Policy Allegedly Not to Review Cumulative Impacts In Conjunction With Consumptive Use Permits, VIII-4935.
Strategy to Use Various Means to Negate the Agricultural Exemption From Management & Storage of Surface Waters Regulation, VIII-4936.
Standards Governing — Determination of, VIII-4937.
State —
Webpage Statement Regarding Translation of Petitions For Constitutional Amendment Initiatives, VIII-4938.
Tampa Port Authority —
Submerged Lands Management Rules, VIII-4939.
Use of Consumer Credit Information For Auto & Residential Property Insurance Underwriting, VIII-4940.
Voluntary Abandonment of Policy Renders Challenge Moot, VIII-4941.
Volusia County School Bd. —
School Impact Fee Increase — DOAH Invalidation of Reversed, VIII-4942.
Vote Calling For a Set, Single Impact Fee On Newly Constructed Housing, VIII-4943.
Vagueness (See Also Invalidity (120.54(4), Proposed Rule; STATUTES) —
Defined & Discussed, VIII-4944.
Proposed Rule — Found Not Vague, VIII-4945.
Proposed Rule — Found to Be Vague, VIII-4946.
Proposed Rule Found to Be Vague, VIII-4947.
Rule — Found Not Vague, VIII-4948.
Rule — Found to Be Vague, VIII-4949.
Test For — Examined, VIII-4950.
Validity (120.54(4)), Proposed Rule (See Also Proposed Rules, Rule) — —
Agriculture & Consumer Services —
Status of Ownership Interests In Viatical Settlement Contracts As Securities, VIII-4951.
Alcoholic Beverages —
Records Required to Maintain Designation As a Stand-Alone Bar Exempt From Prohibition On Indoor Smoking, VIII-4952.
Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) (See Alcoholic Beverages, Div. of; Pari-Mutuel Wagering, Div. of; Name of Board)
Chiropractic —
Continuing Education — Definition of “Approved Provider”, VIII-4953.
Construction Industry Lic. Bd. —
Certification, Registration & Licensure Requirements — Petition Dismissed For Lack of Standing, VIII-4954.
DEP (Environmental Protection, Dept. of) —
Phosphorous Standards For Everglades Runoff, VIII-4955.
Procedures & Requirements For Implementation of the Clean Air Interstate Rule — Affirmed, VIII-4956.
Procedures & Requirements For Implementation of the EPA Clean Air Interstate Rule, VIII-4957.
Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) For Total Phosphorus In the Lake Okeechobee Basin, VIII-4958.
Reservation of Water From Use to Protect Fish & Wildlife — Affirmed, VIII-4959.
Financial Services — Office of Insurance Regulation —
Title Insurance Statistical Gathering, VIII-4960.
Health (See Also MEDICAL QUALITY ASSURANCE (MQA) BOARDS: By Board Name) — Div. of Medical Quality Assurance —
Definition of “Approved Provider” For Purposes of Continuing Education Credit, VIII-4961.
Health Care Administration (AHCA) —
Developmental Services, Waiver, Coverages & Limitations Handbook, VIII-4962.
Hospital — Cardiac Care — Adult Interventional Services — Technical Advisory Panel — Measurement of Outcomes, VIII-4963.
Hospital — Physician Challenge to Requirements For Reporting of Surgical Infection Prevention (SIP) Measures For Consumers, VIII-4964.
Marathon —
Modifications to Building Permit Allocations, VIII-4965.
Monroe County —
Amendment of Local Comprehensive Plan & Land Development Regulations — Affirmed, VIII-4966.
Orthotists & Prosthetists —
Direct Supervision of Support Personnel — Affirmed, VIII-4967.
Direct Supervision of Support Personnel, VIII-4968.
Pari-Mutuel Wagering —
Div. of Pari-Mutuel Wagering — Poker Tournament — Rule Repeal, VIII-4969.
Regulation of the Cashing of Winning Tickets, VIII-4970.
Seminole County School Bd. —
High School Attendance Zone, VIII-4971.
Standards Governing Challenges — Discussed, VIII-4972.
Validity (120.56), Adopted Rule (See Also Invalidity (120.56), Adopted Rule, Rule, Unpromulgated Rule) —
Alcoholic Beverages —
Advertising & Promotional Gifts, VIII-4973.
Chiropractic —
Deceptive & Misleading Advertising, VIII-4974.
Clinical Laboratory Personnel —
Licensure Requirement For Passing a Specialty Exam In Clinical Cytogenetics, VIII-4975.
DBPR (Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation) (See Name of Board)
DEP (Environmental Protection, Dept. of) —
Coastal Construction Control Line — Cumulative Impact Test, VIII-4976.
Education —
Application Form For a Teaching Certificate, VIII-4977.
Elections Comm. —
Authority of Executive Director to Determine the Legal Sufficiency of Complaints, VIII-4978.
Definition of Willful, VIII-4979.
Engineers, Bd. of Professional —
Licensure By Endorsement — Requirements For, VIII-4980.
Financial Regulation —
Bureau of Fire Standards — Requirements For Maintaining Interior Firefighter Status, VIII-4981.
Denial of Application For Licensure of Agents On Basis of a Criminal Record, VIII-4982.
Status of Ownership Interests In Viatical Settlement Contracts As Securities, VIII-4983.
Workers’ Compensation Reimbursement Manual For Hospitals, VIII-4984.
Geology —
Disciplinary Guidelines, VIII-4985.
Health (See Medical Quality Assurance Boards: By Name of Board)
Health Care Administration, Agency For (AHCA) —
Medicaid — Methodology Governing Amounts Payable to Pharmacies For Drugs Dispensed to Medicaid Beneficiaries, VIII-4986.
Medicine —
Board-Certified Specialist Designation — Procedures Governing, VIII-4987.
Licensure — Mandatory Denial of For Those With a Probationary License In Another State, VIII-4988.
Office Surgery Accreditation Organization — Requirement That Application For Include All Filed Incident Reports & Have Quality Assurance Program, VIII-4989.
Orange County School Bd. —
School Attendance Zone Change, VIII-4990.
South Florida Water Management Dist. —
Published Notice of Administrative Hearings, VIII-4991.
St. Johns River Water Management Dist. —
Strategy to Use Various Means to Negate the Agricultural Exemption From Management & Storage of Surface Waters Regulation, VIII-4992.
Surface Water Management Permits — Mitigation, VIII-4993.
Standards For Determining — Discussed, VIII-4994.
Validity (120.56), Emergency Rule (See Also Emergency Rule) —
State —
Manual Election Recount Procedures, VIII-4995.
Variance or Waiver —
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, VIII-4996.
Applicant’s Burden of Proof Examined, VIII-4997.
Children & Families, Dept. of (See CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of)
Community Affairs, Dept. of (See COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of)
Emergency Petition —
Allegation of Specific Facts to Show That An Emergency Exists Found Lacking, VIII-4998.
Contemplated, VIII-4999.
Found Lacking, VIII-5000.
Environmental Protection (See ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of (DEP))
Failure to Achieve Purpose of Underlying Statutes, VIII-5001.
Fish & Wildlife Conservation Comm. (See FISH & WILDLIFE CONSERVATION Comm.)
Hardship — Found, VIII-5002.
Hardship — Found Lacking, VIII-5003.
Hardship — Prospect of Denial of Licensure Found Not to Constitute, VIII-5004.
Health (See HEALTH, Dept. of)
Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (See HIGHWAY SAFETY & MOTOR VEHICLES, Dept. of)
Massage Therapist (See MASSAGE THERAPY, Bd. of)
Petition Denied As Untimely, VIII-5005.
Pharmacy (See PHARMACY, Bd. of)
Physical Therapist (See PHYSICAL THERAPY PRACTICE, Bd. of)
Statutes Cannot Be Waived, VIII-5006.
Substantial Hardship — Defined & Discussed, VIII-5007.
Substantial Hardship — Found, VIII-5008.
Substantial Hardship — Found Lacking, VIII-5009.


Circuit Court Final Judgment Upholding Constitutionality of Charter Amendment Regarding the Conduct of Elections Reversed —
State Preemption Found, VIII-5010.



120 Applicability —
School Boards Are Exempt From the Notice & Agenda Requirements, VIII-5011.
Are Agencies Subject to 120, VIII-5012.
Broward County —
DOAH Nonfinal Discovery Order For Production of All Household Computer Hard Drives —
Discovery Order Quashed As Overbroad & For Failure to Protect Privileged Information, VIII-5013.
Teacher Suspended Due to Allegations of Exchanging Sexually-Explicit E-Mails With Minor Students, VIII-5014.
Charter Schools —
Application For Can Be Denied For Good Cause, VIII-5015.
Immediate Termination —
Appropriate Only After Good Cause Is Shown Following 14 Days Notice & a 120 Hearing, VIII-5016.
School Boards Are Authorized to Adopt & Enforce Policies Regarding Creation, Renewal or Termination, VIII-5017.
School Boards Have Primary Decision-Making Authority, VIII-5018.
Constitutional Entities —
Authority to Maintain a Statewide Uniform System of Education Is Reposed In the Legislature, VIII-5019.
Authority to Operate, Control & Supervise Schools Is Constitutionally Reposed in School Boards, VIII-5020.
Dade County —
Dismissal of Teacher Due to Plea to Criminal Charge of Vehicular Homicide —
Reversed & Remanded On Basis That “Moral Turpitude” Was Not Established, VIII-5021.
Disabilities Education Act (See Also ADMINISTRATION Comm.; ADMINSTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of (DOAH), Exceptional Education Student) —
Administration Comm. Is Without Jurisdiction Over Appeals, VIII-5022.
DOAH ALJ Denial of Request For Compensatory Speech Therapy For Autistic Home-Schooled Child, VIII-5023.
Indian River —
Appeal of Suspension of Student For Violation of Zero Tolerance Weapon Policy Reversed, VIII-5024.
Nassau County —
Appeal From DOAH Order Finding That Special Needs Student Was Properly Served —
DOAH Fact Finding That the Parent Did Not Consent to a Comprehensive Evaluation Rejected — Reversed & Remanded, VIII-5025.
Osceola County —
DOE Denial of Two (2) Applications For Charter Schools Approved By the School Board Affirmed, VIII-5026.
Proper Notice Prior to Expulsion of Students Found Lacking — Reversed, VIII-5027.
Palm Beach County —
Denial of Charter School Application —
Academic and Financial Viability of Predecessor — Affirmed, VIII-5028.
Statutorily Exempt From Statutory Cap On Number of Charter Schools In the County, VIII-5029.
Termination of Charters For Charter Schools Reversed Due to Failure to Provide Appropriate 120 Hearing, VIII-5030.
School Attendance Zones —
Adoption of Constitutes Rulemaking, VIII-5031.
Challenges to Discussed, VIII-5032.
Change Constitutes Rulemaking, VIII-5033.
Students Have No Legal or Constitutional Right to Attend a Particular School, VIII-5034.
School Facilities —
Bd. Has Authority to Establish Non-Binding Level of Service Criteria, VIII-5035.
Prescription of a Set, Single Impact Fee On Newly Constructed Housing —
Found to Constitute An Unpromulgated Rule, VIII-5036.
Student —
Expulsions — Reversed Due to Inadequate Notice to Counsel of Record, VIII-5037.
Suspension — 120 Is Inapplicable — Possibility of Expulsion Is Not Germane, VIII-5038.
Suspension — Not a De Minimus Punishment — Consequences Noted, VIII-5039.
Suspension — Reversed For Lack of Evidence, VIII-5040.
Volusia County —
DOAH Invalidation of School Impact Fee Increase As An Unpromulgated Rule Reversed, VIII-5041.



DEP Denial of Site Certification of Seminole Electric Generating Power Plant After Stipulation For Approval Reversed, VIII-5042.
F.P.&L. St. Johns-Pellicer-Pringle Transmission Line, VIII-5043.
F.P.&L. West County Energy Center Power Plant, VIII-5044.
F.P.&L. West County Energy Plant, VIII-5045.
Florida Municipal Power Agency Treasure Coast Energy Center, VIII-5046.
Hillsborough Resource Recovery Facility Expansion, VIII-5047.
Orlando Utilities Comm. Stanton Energy Center Unit B, VIII-5048.
Power Plant Siting Act —
2006 Statutory Amendments Examined, VIII-5049.
Establishes a Centrally Coordinated One-Stop Licensing Process, VIII-5050.
Seminole Electric Coop Generating Unit 3 — Certification Denied, VIII-5051.
Seminole Electric Coop Generating Unit 3, VIII-5052.


Contractor —
Breach of Contract For Invasive Exotic Plant Control — Suspension, VIII-5053.
Material Beach Defined, VIII-5054.
Employee —
Challenge to Dismissal — At Will Employee, VIII-5055.
District Dismissal of Petition By At Will Employee Challenging Termination Affirmed, VIII-5056.
Jurisdiction —
Bd. of Trustees of Internal Improvement Trust Fund —
Delegation of Authority to Issue Consent of Use, VIII-5057.
Permit (See Also PERMITS) —
Environmental Resource (ERP) (See Also PERMITS) —
Alternative Sites Cannot Be Considered, VIII-5058.
Biotechnology Research Park, VIII-5059.
Dock — Condo Complex, VIII-5060.
Mixed Use Development, VIII-5061.
Modification — Multi-Use Development, VIII-5062.
Modification — Residential Development, VIII-5063.
Road Widening Project — Modification, VIII-5064.
Surface Water Management System —
Biotechnology Research Park, VIII-5065.
Mixed Use Development, VIII-5066.
Modification — Residential Development, VIII-5067.


Declaratory Statement (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)


Circuit Court Denial of Temporary Injunction Against Enforcement of Local Ordinance Requiring Local Specialty Contractor’s License —
Appellate Court Affirms But Also Remands For Further Fact Findings, VIII-5068.


Permit (See Also PERMITS) —
Consumptive Use —
Drinking Water Bottling Plant, VIII-5069.
Surface Water Management —
373.113 Is “Very Broad”, VIII-5070.
Circuit Court Reversal of Permit Denial On Basis of Undue Influence From Private Interests Affirmed & Reversed In Part, VIII-5071.


Applicability (See Also Retroactive Application) —
Amendment (See Also Construction) —
During Pendency of — 57.111 Attorney’s Case, VIII-5072.
During Pendency of — License Disciplinary Proceeding, VIII-5073.
During Pendency of — Licensure Application, VIII-5074.
Presumed to Apply Prospectively, VIII-5075.
Procedure or Remedies — Retrospective Effect Presumed, VIII-5076.
Cannot Be Waived, VIII-5077.
Law At Time Grounds For Disciplinary Action Arise, VIII-5078.
Law At Time of Final Agency Action, VIII-5079.
Law At Time of Hearing, VIII-5080.
Constitutionality (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.); CONSTITUTION (U.S)) —
As Applied Challenge —
Standard For Determining, VIII-5081.
Courts Should Not Pass On Constitutional Questions If the Case Can Be Disposed Effectively On Other Grounds, VIII-5082.
Facial Constitutionality —
May Not Be Raised For the First Time On Appeal Unless the Defect Is Fundamental, VIII-5083.
Standard For Determining, VIII-5084.
Failure to Establish Adequate Standards — Found, VIII-5085.
Failure to Establish Adequate Standards — Not Found, VIII-5086.
Failure to Establish Adequate Standards — Specificity Required Depends On Subject Matter & Degree of Difficulty, VIII-5087.
General Vis Special Laws — Special Law Defined, VIII-5088.
General Vis Special Laws, VIII-5089.
Presumption of Constitutionality, VIII-5090.
Severability of Defective Provision —
Doctrine Governing Examined, VIII-5091.
Found Not Possible, VIII-5092.
Four (4) Part Test For, VIII-5093.
Construction (See Also COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Dept. of Comprehensive Plan; CONSTITUTION (Fla.); RULES & RULEMAKING) —
AHCA Is Not Accorded Greater Deference In CON Cases Under 408.039(6)(b), VIII-5094.
Agency Construction Entitled to Great Weight —
Agency Found to Have Erroneously Interpreted a Provision of Law, VIII-5095.
Agency Special Expertise Is Germane, VIII-5096.
Appellate Review Is An Important Function of the Judiciary, VIII-5097.
Appellate Review Is De Novo, VIII-5098.
Clearly Erroneous Construction Reversed, VIII-5099.
Exception Exists From Attorney’s Fees, VIII-5100.
Exception Exists For Interpretation of General Law, VIII-5101.
Exception Exists For Penal Provisions, VIII-5102.
Exception Exists For Statutes Outside the Agency’s Jurisdiction, VIII-5103.
Less Deference Accorded When An Agency Departs From a Traditional Definition of a Term, VIII-5104.
Agency Construction Entitled to Great Weight, VIII-5105.
Ambiguity In Statute Defined & Discussed, VIII-5106.
Amendment (See Also Applicability) —
Does Not Necessarily Change Meaning — Can Be In Clarification, VIII-5107.
Presumed to Change Meaning — Unless Contrary Intent Is Clearly Expressed, VIII-5108.
Appellate Review Is De Novo, VIII-5109.
Common Law —
Deviation From — Must Be Stated In Clear & Unequivocable Terms, VIII-5110.
Statutes In Derogation of Are Strictly Construed, VIII-5111.
Common Sense Approach Is Utilized, VIII-5112.
Conflict —
Federal Statute Preempts Conflicting State Provisions, VIII-5113.
Latest Enactment Controls, VIII-5114.
Local Ordinances In Conflict With State Statutes Must Fail, VIII-5115.
Most Specific Controls, VIII-5116.
Provisions Must Be Reconciled If Possible, VIII-5117.
Special Statute Controls Over General Provision, VIII-5118.
Statute Controls Over Conflicting Rule, VIII-5119.
Courts Have More Power to Limit Than Expand Operation of a Statute, VIII-5120.
Courts Will Not Decide the Wisdom of Legislation, VIII-5121.
Different Terms In Different Sections Imply Different Meanings, VIII-5122.
Distinction Between Civil & Criminal Provisions Is a Matter of Statutory Construction, VIII-5123.
Economic Grants or Entitlements Are Strictly Construed In Favor of the Government, VIII-5124.
Enumeration of Grounds — Excludes Those Not Mentioned, VIII-5125.
Exact Words or Phrases In Different Sections Have the Same Meaning, VIII-5126.
Exemption Exists From Attourney’s Fees, VIII-5127.
Exception Exists For Attorney’s Fees, VIII-5128.
Exemptions —
Are to Be Narrowly Construed Against Party Seeking to Utilize, VIII-5129.
Strictly Construed Against Taxpayer, VIII-5130.
Expert Testimony Is Not Pertinent, VIII-5131.
Extrinsic Matter Considered Only In Event of Doubts or Conflicts, VIII-5132.
Federal Statute & Caselaw —
Fla. Statute Modeled Upon Federal Provision — Federal Caselaw Is Analogous, VIII-5133.
Legislative Intent —
Derived Primarily From the Words Expressed In the Statute, VIII-5134.
Determined From the Statute as a Whole, VIII-5135.
Is the Polestar, VIII-5136.
Provides Guidance But Does Not Create Separate Rights or Duties, VIII-5137.
Legislature Is Presumed to Have Adopted Prior Judicial Constructions Unless a Contrary Intention Is Expressed, VIII-5138.
Legislature Is Presumed to Know of Existing Law, VIII-5139.
Legislature Is Presumed to Know the Meaning of Words Used, VIII-5140.
Literal Meaning Must Be Considered In Context of Purpose of Statute, VIII-5141.
May Usually Denotes a Permissive Term — Use As a Mandatory Term Discussed, VIII-5142.
Meaning Can Be Ascertained By An Examination of Other Uses of a Word In Similar Contexts, VIII-5143.
Meaning Can Be Ascertained By Reference to a Dictionary, VIII-5144.
Meaning Must Be Accorded Every Word, VIII-5145.
Meaning Should Be Accorded to All Parts of a Statute, VIII-5146.
Mention of One Thing Implies Exclusion of Another, VIII-5147.
Mention of a Term In One Section But Not In Another — Should Not Be Implied, VIII-5148.
Mention of a Term In One Section But Not In Another, VIII-5149.
Or — Generally Signifies the Disjunctive — Alternatives, VIII-5150.
Penal Statutes Are Presumed to Include a Broad Scienter (Intent) Requirement, VIII-5151.
Penal Statutes Are Strictly Construed, VIII-5152.
Phrases Are to Be Read In Context, VIII-5153.
Plain & Unambiguous Language —
Defined By Dictionary, VIII-5154.
Inconsistent Agency Interpretations Do Not Justify Resort to Rules of Construction, VIII-5155.
No Room For Construction, VIII-5156.
Plain Meaning of Ordinary Words Is the First Consideration, VIII-5157.
Preemption —
Express Preemption — Cannot Be Implied or Inferred, VIII-5158.
Implied Preemption — Narrowly Drawn, VIII-5159.
Test For, VIII-5160.
Presumptions (See PRACTICE & PROCEDURE)
Presumption of — Constitutionality, VIII-5161.
Presumption of — Effectuality, VIII-5162.
Related Provisions Construed In Pari Materia, VIII-5163.
Remedial Statutes Are Liberally Construed, VIII-5164.
Repeal By Implication Is Disfavored, VIII-5165.
Ridiculous Result Necessarily Erroneous, VIII-5166.
Rules of Statutory Construction Distinguished From Burdens of Proof, VIII-5167.
Shall — Meaning Found to Be Mandatory, VIII-5168.
Subsequently Enacted Legislation — Legislature Is Presumed to Know & Adopt Agency’s Previous Construction Unless Otherwise Indicated, VIII-5169.
Subsequently Enacted Legislation May Indicate An Intent to Clarify Rather Than Change a Law, VIII-5170.
Taxing Enactment (See REVENUE, Dept. of; TAXATION)
Term Mentioned In Different Sections Imply Same Meaning, VIII-5171.
Undefined Statutory Terms — A Dictionary May Be Utilized to Ascertain the Plain Meaning, VIII-5172.
Words of Common Usage Given Plain & Ordinary Meaning, VIII-5173.
Retroactive Application (See Also Applicability) —
Amendment — 57.111 Attorney’s Fee Provision, VIII-5174.
Penalty Provisions — Prohibited Absent Express Language, VIII-5175.
Presumption of Prospective Application, VIII-5176.
Procedural — Permissible, VIII-5177.
Substantive Statutes —
Apply Prospectively, VIII-5178.
Defined & Discussed, VIII-5179.
Prohibited Absent Express Language, VIII-5180.
Retroactive Application of — Two (2) Part Test For, VIII-5181.
Vagueness (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.), Statutes; RULES & RULEMAKING) —
Statute Found Not to Violate Prohibition On, VIII-5182.


Exemption —
Staff Are Not Generally Subject to the Sunshine Law, VIII-5183.


Licensure —
Educational Requirements Found Lacking —
Bd. Denial of License Reversed On Basis of Holding That a Four (4) Year Degree Not Required, VIII-5184.