Adoption —
Abuse Report — Inadequate Supervision — Unsanitary Home, IX-545.
Adoption Proceedings Are Purely Statutory — Adoption Was Unknown At Common Law, IX-546.
Adoption Review Committee Is Required to Meet Any Time There Is a Recommendation For Denial of An Application, IX-547.
Age Alone Is Not a Barrier, IX-548.
Allowed Child to Visit Home of Mother Whose Parental Rights Were Terminated Where Abuse Occurred, IX-549.
Applicant Has No Right to Adopt a Child Even If Related, IX-550.
Application For — Approved, IX-551.
Application For — Denied — Aunt, IX-552.
Application For — Denied — Competing Applications, IX-553.
Application For — Denied — Grand Aunt & Uncle, IX-554.
Application For — Denied — Grandparent, IX-555.
Application For — Denied — Great Grandparent, IX-556.
Application For — Denied — Maternal Aunt, IX-557.
Application For — Denied — Special Medical Needs, IX-558.
Application For — Denied, IX-559.
Application For — Not Limited to a Specific Child, IX-560.
Best Interest of the Child — Is the Paramount Concern, IX-561.
Best Interest of the Child — Past Performance Is a Good Barometer of Future Behavior, IX-562.
Best Interest of the Child — Past Performance Is the Best Indicator, IX-563.
Best Interest of the Child — Standard Is Amorphous & Formidable, IX-564.
Burden of Proof — Applicant Has Ultimate Burden By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IX-565.
Burden of Proof — Denial — Competing Applications, IX-566.
Burden of Proof — Limited to Issues Raised In Dept. Notice of Intent to Deny, IX-567.
Circuit Court — Dependency Proceeding Is Not Reviewable, IX-568.
Circuit Court — Jurisdiction Under 39 & 63 Examined, IX-569.
Circuit Court — May Review Dept. Action In Regard to An Application, IX-570.
Consent of Placement Agency Discussed, IX-571.
Corporal Punishment — Improper, IX-572.
Criminal Conviction — Violation of Probation (Worthless Checks), IX-573.
Denied, IX-574.
Dept. Concerns About the Safety & Well-Being of the Children In the Home, IX-575.
Dept. Decisions Regarding Are Subject to 120 Review, IX-576.
Dept. Evaluates the Suitability of An Applicant, IX-577.
Dept. Has Broad Discretion to Either Grant or Deny An Application, IX-578.
Dept. Has Broad Discretion, IX-579.
Dept. Has Ultimate Responsibility For Deciding Whether to Approve An Application, IX-580.
Dept. Policy Favoring Grandparents, IX-581.
Dept. Policy to Try to Keep Siblings Together, IX-582.
Dept. Responsibilities When Evaluating An Application Examined, IX-583.
Eighty (80) Hour Work Week, IX-584.
Failure to Provide Suitable Living Quarters, IX-585.
Financial Resources Found Lacking, IX-586.
Foster Parent —
Challenge to Denial of Application to Be Adoptive Parents Rejected, IX-587.
License Previously Revoked For Unsanitary Facility & Inadequate Supervision, IX-588.
Home Study Is Negative, IX-589.
Improper Discipline, IX-590.
Inability (Physical Problems), IX-591.
Inability (To Provide Emotional Security & Nurturing), IX-592.
Inability (To Provide For Special Individualized Needs), IX-593.
Inadequate & Unsafe Home, IX-594.
Inadequate Supervision, IX-595.
Income Constantly Fluctuating, IX-596.
Lack of Appropriate Parenting Skills, IX-597.
Lack of Cooperation With Dept., IX-598.
Maternal Aunt — Denied, IX-599.
Memory Issues, IX-600.
Mother With Record of Physical Abuse & Violent Crimes Frequently Visits the House, IX-601.
Past Conduct of An Applicant Is An Indicator of Future Behavior, IX-602.
Preference For Relatives & Keeping Children Together, IX-603.
Special Needs Child — Medical — State Subsidy Discussed, IX-604.
There Is No Entitlement to, IX-605.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Home, IX-606.
Unstable Personal Life, IX-607.
Verbal Abuse, IX-608.
Central Abuse Registry (See Also HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency for (AHCA)) —
Abuse or Neglect —
415 — 1997 Abolition of Registry & Establishment of Hotline — There Is No Longer a Right to Challenge the Veracity of a Report, IX-609.
Abuse Report Found Not to Implicate a Person’s Substantial Interests, IX-610.
Abuse or Neglect — Abuse Reports Are Not Longer Utilized For Employment Background Screening, IX-611.
Constitutional Basis For a Name Clearing Hearing Found Lacking, IX-612.
Exemption From Disqualification (See Also HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency for (AHCA); JUVENILE JUSTICE, Dept. of (DJJ); PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, Agency for (APD)) —
435 — Purpose of Examined, IX-613.
435 — Was Enacted to Protect the Public Welfare, IX-614.
Absolute Prohibition On Grant of — Six (6) Enumerated Circumstances Examined, IX-615.
Abuse Registry Report — Corporal Punishment, IX-616.
Abuse Report, IX-617.
Abuse of Discretion Standard Defined & Discussed, IX-618.
Abuse of Discretion Standard Is Highly Deferential, IX-619.
Abuse of Discretion Standard Is Now Applicable — DOAH Review Is No Longer De Novo, IX-620.
Abuse of Discretion Standard of Review, IX-621.
Agency For Persons With Disabilities — Status As An “Intervenor” Questioned, IX-622.
Agency Head Has Authority to Delegate the Final Decision, IX-623.
Alcohol & Drug Abuse, IX-624.
Analogous to Licensure Proceeding, IX-625.
Applicability of 2010 Statutory Amendments Regarding the Dept. Burden of Proof, IX-626.
Applicant Has No Entitlement to An Exemption, IX-627.
Applicant Has The Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IX-628.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof to Demonstrate That the Agency Head’s Decision Fails the Objective Test of Reasonableness, IX-629.
Applicant Must Be Both “Exemptible” & Prove Rehabilitation By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IX-630.
Child Abuse, IX-631.
Controlled Substance Abuse — Cocaine — Heroin — Crack Cocaine, IX-632.
Criminal Charge —
Aiding & Abetting Illegal Sales of Narcotics, IX-633.
Assault & Battery/Delivery of a Controlled Substance/Grand Larceny/Larceny/Forgery/Retail Fraud, IX-634.
Assault or Battery, IX-635.
Assault, IX-636.
Attempted Purchase of Cocaine, IX-637.
Battery/Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, IX-638.
Burglary, IX-639.
Child Abuse, IX-640.
Cocaine, IX-641.
Contempt of Court, IX-642.
Domestic Violence, IX-643.
Driving Under the Influence (DUI)/Violation of Parole, IX-644.
Driving Under the Influence (DUI), IX-645.
Driving With a Revoked License, IX-646.
Driving With a Suspended License, IX-647.
Grand Theft Auto, IX-648.
Grand Theft/Child Abuse, IX-649.
Grand Theft, IX-650.
Introduction of Contraband Into the County Jail, IX-651.
Leaving the Scene of An Accident Involving Property Damage, IX-652.
Lewd & Lascivious Act In Presence of a Minor Child, IX-653.
Open Container, IX-654.
Out-of-State Fugitive, IX-655.
Possession of Cocaine & Paraphernalia/Resisting Arrest Without Violence, IX-656.
Possession of Cocaine/Driving With a Suspended License, IX-657.
Possession of Cocaine, IX-658.
Possession of Crack Cocaine, IX-659.
Possession of Heroin & Paraphernalia, IX-660.
Possession of Marijuana, IX-661.
Possession of Paraphernalia, IX-662.
Possession of a Controlled Substance, IX-663.
Prostitution, IX-664.
Public Intoxication, IX-665.
Sale of Cocaine, IX-666.
Theft, IX-667.
Uttering a Forged Instrument, IX-668.
Violation of Probation, IX-669.
Worthless Check, IX-670.
Criminal Conviction —
Aggravated Assault, IX-671.
Aggravated Battery, IX-672.
Armed Robbery, IX-673.
Arson & Murder, IX-674.
Arson, IX-675.
Battery, IX-676.
Breaking & Entering, IX-677.
Burglary, IX-678.
Cannot Be Used In a Subsequent Proceeding to Determine the Truth of the Underlying Facts, IX-679.
Concealed Firearm, IX-680.
Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, IX-681.
Controlled Substances, IX-682.
Criminal Mischief, IX-683.
Dealing In Stolen Property, IX-684.
Delivery of Controlled Substance, IX-685.
Domestic Violence, IX-686.
Driving Under the Influence, IX-687.
Driving With a Suspended License & Altered Tag Decal, IX-688.
Failure to Pay Child Support, IX-689.
Grand Theft/Official Misconduct/Wire Fraud, IX-690.
Grand Theft, IX-691.
Indecent Exposure/Prostitution/Sexual Assault/Burglary of Conveyance/Lewd & Lascivious Behavior, IX-692.
Petit Larceny, IX-693.
Possession & Sale of Cocaine, IX-694.
Possession of Alprazolan, IX-695.
Possession of Cocaine, IX-696.
Possession of Heroin, IX-697.
Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Sell, IX-698.
Possession of Marijuana, IX-699.
Receiving Stolen Property, IX-700.
Resisting Officer With Violence/Child Neglect, IX-701.
Robbery/Eluding, IX-702.
Sale of Cocaine, IX-703.
Sexual Abuse of Child, IX-704.
Solicitation of Prostitution, IX-705.
Solicitation to Purchase Cocaine, IX-706.
Traffic Violation, IX-707.
Uttering a Forged Instrument, IX-708.
Violation of Probation, IX-709.
Criminal Plea —
Aggravated Assault With a Firearm, IX-710.
Aggravated Assault, IX-711.
Aggravated Battery With a Deadly Weapon, IX-712.
Aggravated Battery, IX-713.
Aggravated Stalking, IX-714.
Attempt to Deprive a Police Officer of Means of Protection or Communication, IX-715.
Bank Fraud, IX-716.
Battery On a Pregant Woman, IX-717.
Battery Upon a Law Enforcement Officer, IX-718.
Battery of a Minor, IX-719.
Battery, IX-720.
Burglary With a Battery, IX-721.
Child Abuse, IX-722.
Cocaine — Possession of With Intent to Sell, IX-723.
Cocaine — Possession of, IX-724.
Cocaine Delivery, IX-725.
Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, IX-726.
Controlled Substances — Possession of, IX-727.
Curse & Abuse, IX-728.
Dealing In Stolen Property, IX-729.
Disorderly Intoxication, IX-730.
Disqualifying Felony — Three (3) Year Waiting Period Cannot Be Waived, IX-731.
Distribution of Controlled Substances Within a School Zone, IX-732.
Domestic Violence, IX-733.
Driving Under the Influence (DUI)/Driving With a Suspended License, IX-734.
Driving Under the Influence (DUI), IX-735.
Driving While License Is Suspended, IX-736.
Driving While License Revoked — Habitual, IX-737.
Driving Without a Valid License, IX-738.
Embezzlement, IX-739.
Filing a False Police Report, IX-740.
Forgery, IX-741.
Fraud, IX-742.
Giving a False Name to a Law Enforcement Officer, IX-743.
Grand Larceny, IX-744.
Grand Theft Auto/Leaving the Scene of An Accident, IX-745.
Grand Theft Auto, IX-746.
Grand Theft, IX-747.
Indecent Exposure, IX-748.
Interference With Child Custody, IX-749.
Lewd & Lascivious Behavior, IX-750.
Marijuana Possession, IX-751.
Numerous Traffic Citations Are Relevant, IX-752.
Passing a Worthless Check, IX-753.
Petit Theft, IX-754.
Possession of Cocaine With Intent to Distribute, IX-755.
Possession of Cocaine & Burglary of a Dwelling, IX-756.
Possession of Cocaine & Heroin, IX-757.
Possession of Cocaine/Marijuana/Paraphernalia, IX-758.
Possession of Cocaine & Prostitution, IX-759.
Possession of Cocaine, IX-760.
Possession of Controlled Substances, IX-761.
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, IX-762.
Principal to Grand Theft, IX-763.
Providing False Identification to Law Enforcement Officer, IX-764.
Public Assistance Fraud, IX-765.
Public Consumption of Alcohol, IX-766.
Purchasing Counterfeit Department Store Credit Cards, IX-767.
Resisting An Officer Without Violence, IX-768.
Resisting Arrest Without Violence, IX-769.
Retail Theft/Aggravated Assault/False Imprisonment, IX-770.
Retail Theft, IX-771.
Robbery, IX-772.
Traffic Offense, IX-773.
Trespass On Property, IX-774.
Vehicular Homicide/DUI With Serious Bodily Injury, IX-775.
Violation of Probation & Retail Theft, IX-776.
Violation of Probation, IX-777.
Welfare Fraud, IX-778.
Worthless Checks, IX-779.
DOAH Proceeding Is De Novo, IX-780.
DOAH Review Is Limited to Information Available At the Time of the Intended Decision, IX-781.
DOAH Review Is Not De Novo, IX-782.
DOAH Review Is a Form of Intra-Department Review, IX-783.
Denial Is Without Prejudice to a Subsequent Application Based On New Evidence, IX-784.
Denial of an Application Does Not Preclude a Future Application Including Additional Evidence of Rehabilitation, IX-785.
Denied, IX-786.
Dept. Authority to Grant a Limited Exemption Restricted to Substance Abuse Treatment Personnel, IX-787.
Dept. Denial Must Be Reasonable, IX-788.
Dept. Employee Personal Opinion Is Not Relevant, IX-789.
Dept. Finds No Authority to Grant a Conditional or Limited Exception, IX-790.
Dept. Grant of An Exemption Is Analagous to a Licensure Proceeding, IX-791.
Dept. Has Absolute Discretion to Deny, IX-792.
Dept. Has Discretion to Grant to Partial Exemption to Permit Employment In Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities, IX-793.
Dept. Has No Burden of Proof, IX-794.
Dept. Has No Obligation to Establish the Precise Documents Relied Upon Judgment, IX-795.
Dept. Has No Obligation to Object to Evidence Not Previously Submitted Since DOAH Review Is No Longer De Novo, IX-796.
Dept. Secretary In Response to Chapter 2010-114 Rules Initially On All Requests For Exemption, IX-797.
Dept. Secretary Issues the Final Order But Does Not Have to Personally Appear At Hearing, IX-798.
Disqualifying Offense — Applicability of Statutory Amendment, IX-799.
Disqualifying Offense — Dept. Cannot Waive or Disregard the Waiting Period, IX-800.
Disqualifying Offense — Domestic Violence Is a Disqualifying Offense Without Reference to a Plea or An Adjudication, IX-801.
Disqualifying Offense — Failure to Pay Court Costs, IX-802.
Disqualifying Offense — Found Lacking, IX-803.
Disqualifying Offense — Three (3) Year Waiting Period — “Sanction” Defined, IX-804.
Disqualifying Offense — Time Limit Tolled By Failure to Pay Court Costs, IX-805.
Domestic Violence — Changes In Standards For Determining Discussed, IX-806.
Domestic Violence — Criminal Conviction Not Required, IX-807.
Domestic Violence — Injunction, IX-808.
Domestic Violence — Statutory Definition of Examined, IX-809.
Domestic Violence — Violation of An Injunction Not Required For Finding of, IX-810.
Domestic Violence (See Also Criminal Conviction, Criminal Plea), IX-811.
Driver’s License Revocation/Accident With Injuries, IX-812.
Eligibility For Distinguished From Entitlement to, IX-813.
Exemption Granted By Another Agency Does Not Bind the DCF, IX-814.
Exemption Strictly Construed Against Person Claiming Entitlement to, IX-815.
Failure to Appear At Hearing, IX-816.
False Statement On Employment Application, IX-817.
False Statement On Licensure Application, IX-818.
Filing a False Report, IX-819.
Found Void Ab Initio, IX-820.
Granted In Part, IX-821.
Granted, IX-822.
Inadequate Supervision of a Minor, IX-823.
Limited Exemption Granted, IX-824.
Marijuana Use, IX-825.
Petition Dismissed As Moot, IX-826.
Petition For Hearing Denied As Untimely, IX-827.
Positive Drug Screen — Benzodiazepines, IX-828.
Probation Cannot Be Imposed, IX-829.
Prostitution — Keeping a House of, IX-830.
Rehabilitation — Crimes Linked to An Addiction That Has Been Overcome, IX-831.
Rehabilitation — Criminal Charge — Circumstances Surrounding Must Be Considered, IX-832.
Rehabilitation — Criminal History Is Extensive, IX-833.
Rehabilitation — Criminal History Prior to Disqualifying Offense Is Relevant, IX-834.
Rehabilitation — False Employment Application, IX-835.
Rehabilitation — Good Reputation In the Community, IX-836.
Rehabilitation — Lack of Remorse, IX-837.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Considerable Length of Time Elapsed Since Disqualifying Offense, IX-838.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Eight (8) Years Lapsed Since Offense, IX-839.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Fifteen (15) Years Lapsed Since Offense, IX-840.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Five (5) Years Lapsed Since Offense, IX-841.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Found Insufficient, IX-842.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Four (4) Years Lapsed Since Offense, IX-843.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Full & Unconditional Pardon, IX-844.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Habitual Felony Offender Status, IX-845.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Insufficient Passage of Time Alone Can Support Denial, IX-846.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Letters of Reference — Status As Hearsay, IX-847.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Mere Passage of Time Alone Is Insufficient, IX-848.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Nine (9) Years Lapsed Since Offense, IX-849.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Passing a Worthless Check, IX-850.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Poor Driving Record, IX-851.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Question of Fact, IX-852.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Responsibility of the Applicant, IX-853.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Restriction By Other Agencies Are Probative, IX-854.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Seven (7) Years Lapsed Since Offense, IX-855.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Six (6) Years Lapsed Since Offense, IX-856.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Ten (10) Years Lapsed Since Offense, IX-857.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Three (3) Years Lapsed Since Offense, IX-858.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Twenty (20) Years Lapsed Since Offense, IX-859.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Twenty Five (25) Years Lapsed Since Offense, IX-860.
Rehabilitation — Proof of — Two (2) Years Too Short a Timeframe, IX-861.
Rehabilitation — Proof of, IX-862.
Rehabilitation — Question of Fact, IX-863.
Rehabilitation — Remorse, IX-864.
Rehabilitation — Therapy, IX-865.
Request For Hearing Dismissed As Moot, IX-866.
Statutory Provisions Regarding Are to Be Strictly Construed Against the Person Claiming the Exemption, IX-867.
Time Limit For Requesting a Hearing Found Not Violated, IX-868.
Child — Parental Rights — Circuit Court Termination of —
Dept. Failure to Present Sufficient Evidence —
Circuit Court Adjudication of Children As Dependent Reversed — Mother Has Mental Health Issues, IX-869.
Standard of Proof —
Court Does Not Need to Wait For Actual Abuse or Neglect to Occur, IX-870.
Nature & Extent of Mother’s Mental Health Issues Must Be Established, IX-871.
Nexus Between Mother’s Mental Health Issues & Potential Harm to the Children Must Be Established, IX-872.
Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Employee —
Recoupment of Overpayment, IX-873.
Food Stamps —
Denial of Affirmed — Without Prejudice to Submission of Proof of Medical Expenses, IX-874.
Denial of Request to Continue Hearing — Failure to Enter Final Order — Reversed & Remanded, IX-875.
Denial of Reversed — Notice of Appeal Treated As Claim of Good Cause For Failure to Appear, IX-876.
Home Care For Disabled Adult Services (HCDA) —
Challenge to Scoring of Application & Removal From Waiting List, IX-877.
License —
Child Care Facility —
Broward County Takes Adverse Action Against License — Dept. Affirms, IX-878.
Classroom Capacity — Occupant Load — Transitional Periods, IX-879.
County Takes Adverse Action Against a License — 402.310(4) Does Not Provide Appellate Procedures or a Standard of Review, IX-880.
Criminal Conviction — Domestic Violence, IX-881.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IX-882.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IX-883.
Emergency Final Order of Suspension, IX-884.
Failure to Comply With Dept. Safety Plan, IX-885.
Failure to Conduct Background Screening of Residential Family Member, IX-886.
Failure to Conduct Background Screening of Staff (See Also Screeing), IX-887.
Failure to Document Requisite Training, IX-888.
Failure to Have a Properly Credentialed Director — Six (6) Month Window to Cure, IX-889.
Failure to Have a Properly Credentialed Director, IX-890.
Failure to Maintain On File Appropriate Immunization Records, IX-891.
Failure to Maintain Records of Attendance, IX-892.
Failure to Report Physical Abuse, IX-893.
Faith Based Institutions Are Not Subject to the Same Requirements, IX-894.
Falsification of Records, IX-895.
Gold Seal Designation — Termination of Is a Ministerial & Collateral But Separate Consequence of a Disciplinary Action, IX-896.
Inadequate Staffing Ratios — Transitional Periods, IX-897.
Inadequate Staffing Ratios, IX-898.
Inadequate Supervision — Bathroom — Inappropriate Touching, IX-899.
Inadequate Supervision — Unscreened Individual Left Alone With Children, IX-900.
Inadequate Supervision, IX-901.
Inappropriate Corporal Punishment, IX-902.
Inappropriate Discipline — Removal of Student From Classroom & Threat to Call Mother, IX-903.
Inappropriate Discipline — Rule Prohibition Is Broad & Reaches Behaviors That Do Not Necessarily Amount to Abuse, IX-904.
Operating In Excess of Licensed Capacity, IX-905.
Operating On An Expired License, IX-906.
Physical Abuse, IX-907.
Refusal to Allow Dept. Inspection of the Premises, IX-908.
Renewal — Exceeding Allowable Room Capacities, IX-909.
Renewal — Failure to Conduct Background Screening of Staff (See Also Screening), IX-910.
Renewal — Failure to Correct Deficiencies, IX-911.
Renewal — Failure to Disclose An Abuse Report, IX-912.
Renewal — Failure to File Requisite Report, IX-913.
Renewal — Failure to Include An Adult Member of the Household On the Application, IX-914.
Renewal — Failure to Maintain Staff Personnel Records, IX-915.
Renewal — Failure to Notify Parents of Injury, IX-916.
Renewal — Failure to Properly Store Poisons, IX-917.
Renewal — Failure to Reside On Premises of Family Day Care Home, IX-918.
Renewal — False Statements to Dept., IX-919.
Renewal — First Aid Kit Incomplete, IX-920.
Renewal — Inadequate Staffing Ratios, IX-921.
Renewal — Inadequate Supervision, IX-922.
Renewal — Late Application For, IX-923.
Renewal — Non-Payment of Fines, IX-924.
Renewal — Physical Abuse — Corporal Punishment, IX-925.
Renewal — Transporting Children In An Unsafe Manner, IX-926.
Renewal — Unsafe & Unsanitary Facility, IX-927.
Screening — Defined & Discussed, IX-928.
Screening — Exemption For Volunteers Less Than Ten (10) Hours Per Month, IX-929.
Transporting Children In An Unsafe Manner, IX-930.
Untimely Request For Hearing, IX-931.
Violation of Previous Settlement Agreement, IX-932.
Foster Parent —
All Adults Residing In the Home Must Be Screened, IX-933.
Allowing a Child to Stay In An Unlicensed Setting With Dept. Approval, IX-934.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IX-935.
Child Must Be Provided Clothing & Personal Belongings When Leaving the Home, IX-936.
Conduct Unbecoming a Public Employee, IX-937.
Corporal Punishment —
Biting a Child In Retaliation, IX-938.
Bruises & Welts Observed On Child, IX-939.
Concealment of, IX-940.
Improper Use of, IX-941.
Religious Practices Exemption Rejected, IX-942.
Dept. Has Particularly Broad Discretion — Not An Occupational License, IX-943.
Dept. Has Particularly Broad Discretion — Not a Professional License, IX-944.
Dept. Has Particularly Broad Discretion, IX-945.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof — By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IX-946.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof By Competent Substantial Evidence, IX-947.
Dept. Issuance of a Privilege — Not a Right, IX-948.
Dept. Must Be Allowed to Make Unannounced Inspections, IX-949.
Dept. Staff — Opinions of Are Not Probative, IX-950.
Different Rules Apply Than for Other Licenses, IX-951.
Expire After One (1) Year, IX-952.
Failure to Cooperate With Dept., IX-953.
Failure to Notify Dept. of a New Household Member or Regular Visitor, IX-954.
Failure to Renew Fire Extinguisher Certificate, IX-955.
Failure to Report Household Member With Criminal Record & Disqualified, IX-956.
Failure to Report Police Investigation Related to Firearms, IX-957.
Failure to Satisfy Required Annual Training Hours, IX-958.
Failure to Screen Household Members, IX-959.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IX-960.
Family Day Care Home & Large Family Day Care Homes Discussed, IX-961.
Foster Parent License Is Not a “Professional License” Subject to Strict Procedural Safeguards, IX-962.
Good Moral Character Found Lacking, IX-963.
Inadequate Supervision, IX-964.
License Is Issued For One (1) Year At a Time & Must Be Renewed Annually, IX-965.
Licensure By Agency For Person With Disabilities Is Not Dispositive, IX-966.
Past Misconduct Is Certainly Relevant, IX-967.
Physical Abuse, IX-968.
Provisional License — Discussed — Not a De Facto Probationary License, IX-969.
Refusing to Permit Dept. Inspection of Home, IX-970.
Religious Beliefs — Dept. Interference With Examined, IX-971.
Religious Instruction or Teaching Examined, IX-972.
Unsafe Gun & Ammunition Storage, IX-973.
Foster Parent — Renewal —
Abuse Registry Report, IX-974.
Applicable Burden of Proof Examined, IX-975.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof — By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IX-976.
Application For Must Be Filed 90 Days Prior to Expiration, IX-977.
Corporal Punishment — Improper Use of, IX-978.
Criminal Conviction — Reckless Driving, IX-979.
Criminal Plea — Battery & Aggravated Assault, IX-980.
Dept. Has Particularly Broad Discretion — Not An Occupational License, IX-981.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IX-982.
Dept. Must State Factual Findings Based On Record Evidence When Denying, IX-983.
Failure to Cooperate With Dept., IX-984.
Failure to Disclose Child Residing In the Home, IX-985.
Failure to Provide Medical Care, IX-986.
Failure to Report Injury to Dept., IX-987.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IX-988.
Hiring an Attorney & a Private Investigator, IX-989.
Inadequate Supervision — Leaving a Child Unattended In a Car, IX-990.
Inadequate Supervision, IX-991.
Lack of Fitness or Trustworthiness, IX-992.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, IX-993.
Physical Abuse, IX-994.
Sent Children to School In Soiled Clothes, IX-995.
Violation of Signed Safety Plan, IX-996.
Licensure —
Child Care Facility —
Abuse Registry Report — Dept. May Utilize, IX-997.
Abuse Registry Report, IX-998.
Criminal Conviction — Felony Theft, IX-999.
Dept. Need Not “Prove Up” the Report, IX-1000.
Directors’ Credentials Lacking, IX-1001.
Failure to Respond to Order Regarding Case Status or Order to Show Cause, IX-1002.
False Statements on Licensure Application, IX-1003.
Inadequate Supervision, IX-1004.
Incomplete Application, IX-1005.
Minimum Square Feet of Usable Indoor Space Per Child — Post-1992 License — Not Waivable, IX-1006.
Operating In Excess of Licensed Capacity, IX-1007.
Operating Without a License, IX-1008.
Religious Exempt Facilities — Dept. Merely Responds to Reports of Abuse or Neglect, IX-1009.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Facility, IX-1010.
Road to Independence (RTI) Stipend —
Appropriate Academic Progress Defined & Discussed, IX-1011.
Challenge to Denial of Renewal of Stipend Denied, IX-1012.
Completion of Educational Goals, IX-1013.
Dept. Termination of Benefits For Failure to Achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress —
Affirmed, IX-1014.
Reversed & Remanded After Dept. Discretion Is Acknowledged But Found to Have Been Improperly Exercised, IX-1015.
Failure to Maintain Full Time Enrollment — Disability, IX-1016.
Failure to Maintain Full Time Enrollment, IX-1017.
Failure to Meet Fla. Residency Requirements, IX-1018.
Full-Time Enrollment Defined & Discussed, IX-1019.
Hearing Officer Order Is Nonfinal Per Se Due to Statutory Availability of Appeal to Dept. Secretary, IX-1020.
Hearing Officer Upholds Termination of Scholarship In a Purported “Final Order” —
Statutory Availability of Appeal to Dept. Secretary Found to Preclude Appellate Review — Appeal Dismissed, IX-1021.
Out-of-State School Expense Reimbursable So Long As Fla. Residency Is Maintained, IX-1022.
Termination Notice By Certified Mail Need Not Actually Be Received, IX-1023.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Child Care Facility —
License — Staff-Children Ratio — Granted, IX-1024.
Requirement For At Least 50 Sq. Ft. of Indoor Space Per Child, IX-1025.
Requirement of 35 Sq. Ft. of Usable Indoor Space Per Child For Facilities Licensed After 1992 — Denied, IX-1026.
Staff-to-Children Ratios — Granted With Conditions, IX-1027.
Child Care Facility — Maternity Residence —
Minimum Staffing Levels — Granted, IX-1028.
Minimum Staffing Levels — Limited Variance Granted/Waiver Denied, IX-1029.
Child Placing Agency — Licensure —
Camping Programs — Requirement That Campsite Be Located On Well-Drained Land — Granted, IX-1030.
Driving Under the Influence (DUI) — Denied, IX-1031.
Educational Requirements — Granted, IX-1032.
Failure to Provide Additional Information — Denied, IX-1033.
Financial Audit Requirements — Granted, IX-1034.
Financial Audit Requirements — Granted With Conditions, IX-1035.
Denied, IX-1036.
Granted, IX-1037.
Work Experience — Granted, IX-1038.
Work Experience — Petition Dismissed As Moot, IX-1039.
Child Welfare Service Provider —
Educational & Work Experience Requirements — Granted, IX-1040.
Educational & Work Experience Requirements — Petition Dismissed, IX-1041.
Educational Requirements — Denied, IX-1042.
Educational Requirements — Granted, IX-1043.
Requirement That Caseworker Be Employed Prior to Siting For Test Related to Pre-Service Training — Granted, IX-1044.
Work Experience Requirement — Denied, IX-1045.
Work Experience Requirement — Two (2) Instead of Four (4) Years Found to Be Insufficient, IX-1046.
Foster Case Licensing Counselors —
Casework Requirements, IX-1047.
Foster Home — Dual License As Family Day Care Home —
Cap On Maximum Number of Children — Limited Variance Granted/Waiver Denied, IX-1048.
Foster Home — Therapeutic —
Dual Licensure As a Family Day Care Home — Granted, IX-1049.
Foster Parent —
DUI Offense Within the Past Five (5) Years, IX-1050.
Dual License As Family Day Care Home — Granted, IX-1051.
Dual License As Family Day Care Home — Limit On Number of Children — Granted, IX-1052.
Five (5) Year Prohibition On Licensure After Driving Under the Influence (DUI) — Granted, IX-1053.
Limitation On Total Number of Children In Home Also Licensed As a Family Day Care Home, IX-1054.
Prohibition On Child Over 12 Months Sharing a Bedroom With An Adult — Granted, IX-1055.
Prohibition On Children Older Than 36 Months From Sharing a Bedroom With a Child of the Opposite Sex, IX-1056.
Prohibition On DUI Offense Within Five (5) Years — Granted, IX-1057.
Prohibition On DUI Offense Within Five (5) Years — Denied, IX-1058.
Requirement That Any Spouse of a Foster Parent Also Be Licensed — Foreign National — Granted, IX-1059.
Requirement That Spouse Also Be Licensed — Denied, IX-1060.
Requirement That Swimming Pools Have Specified Barrier — Rule Waiver Denied/Temporary Variance Granted, IX-1061.
Residential Treatment Facility —
Eating Disorders — Prohibition on Dual Licensure As Mental Health Treatment Facility — Granted, IX-1062.
Requisite Training For Volunteers — Granted, IX-1063.
Transitional Services Benefits —
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof, IX-1064.
Failure to Document Compliance With Plan Obligations, IX-1065.