408.7057 Dispute Resolution Process Between Health Plans & Health Care Providers —
Constitutional Challenge Based On Right of Access to Courts, Non-Delegation Doctrine, Due Process & Right to a Jury Trial Rejected, IX-2073.
Payment of Review Fee Ordered, IX-2074.
Process Utilized By AHCA Private Contractor Involves No Testimony & No Hearing – Purely Document Review Only, IX-2075.
Appellate Court Reverses AHCA Final Order Which Rejected DOAH Recommended Fact Findings & Conclusions of Law, IX-2076.
Central Abuse Registry (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of (DCF); JUVENILE JUSTICE, Dept. of (DJJ); PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, Agency for (APD) —
Exemption From Disqualification —
Abuse of Discretion Standard Defined & Discussed, IX-2077.
Abuse of Discretion Standard Now Governs AHCA Intended Action, IX-2078.
Abuse of Discretion Standard of Review Examined, IX-2079.
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IX-2080.
Criminal Charge — Domestic Battery, IX-2081.
Criminal Charge — Identity Theft, IX-2082.
Criminal Charge — Larceny, IX-2083.
Criminal Charge — Petit Theft, IX-2084.
Criminal Charge — Possession & Sale of Cocaine, IX-2085.
Criminal Conviction — Aggravated Assault, IX-2086.
Criminal Conviction — Assault & Battery, IX-2087.
Criminal Conviction — Battery, IX-2088.
Criminal Conviction — Driving While License Was Suspended, IX-2089.
Criminal Conviction — Possession of Heroin/Possession of Stolen Property/Conspiracy to Distribute Heroin, IX-2090.
Criminal Conviction — Trespass — Theft — Possession of Cocaine — Domestic Violence — Vehicular Violations — Burglary — Petit Theft, IX-2091.
Criminal Plea — Attempted Second Degree Murder, IX-2092.
Criminal Plea — Attempted Theft By Deception — Insurance Fraud, IX-2093.
Criminal Plea — DUI/Leaving Scene of Accident With Property Damage/Battery On Law Enforcement Officer/Driving With Suspended License/Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon, IX-2094.
Criminal Plea — Organized Fraud/Criminal Use of Personal Identification/Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, IX-2095.
Criminal Plea — Petit Theft, IX-2096.
Criminal Plea — Violation of Probation, IX-2097.
Denied, IX-2098.
Exemption Granted By One Agency Is Not Binding On Another, IX-2099.
Failure to Appear at Hearing, IX-2100.
Initials Used Since Criminal Information Obtained For Background Screening Must Be Kept Confidential, IX-2101.
Rehabilitation — Proof of, IX-2102.
Rehabilitation — Six (6) Years Lapsed Since Offenses, IX-2103.
Strictly Construed Against Applicant, IX-2104.
Certificate of Need (CON) (See Also CERTIFICATE OF NEED (CON)) —
Hospital —
Satellite Facility — Second Application Found Not Barred By Res Judicata Due to Changed Circumstances, IX-2105.
Contracts (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Payment of Review Fees Ordered, IX-2106.
Hospital —
Discovery of Incident Reports, Investigative Reports & Peer Review Records In Malpractice Suit, IX-2107.
License —
Abortion Clinic —
Failure to Ensure That Emergency Equipment Was Provided For Immediate Use, IX-2108.
Failure to Maintain Emergency Medications & Related Supplies, IX-2109.
Failure to Maintain Emergency Medication, IX-2110.
Out-of-Date Medications On Hand, IX-2111.
Renewal — Denial of Dept. Surveyor Access to Medical Records During An Inspection, IX-2112.
Assisted Living Facility (ALF) —
Admission of Patients With Special Medical Needs, IX-2113.
Class I & II Deficiencies — Defined & Discussed, IX-2114.
Classification of Deficiencies, IX-2115.
Failure to Contract With RN to Administer Medications & Feedings By Tube, IX-2116.
Failure to Determine Appropriateness of Confined Placement, IX-2117.
Failure to Discharge Resident When Needs Exceed Capabilities of the Facility, IX-2118.
Failure to File An Incident Report, IX-2119.
Failure to Investigate & Remove a Direct Care Staff Member During An Adverse Incident Inquiry, IX-2120.
Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance, IX-2121.
Failure to Maintain Requisite Written Records, IX-2122.
Failure to Notify AHCA of a Change In Ownership, IX-2123.
Failure to Notify Healthcare Provider of Certain Changes & Conditions, IX-2124.
Failure to Properly Administer Medications, IX-2125.
Failure to Properly Monitor Resident, IX-2126.
Failure to Provide Adequate Supervision, IX-2127.
Failure to Provide Incontinent Care, IX-2128.
Failure to Provide Proper Care For Residents, IX-2129.
Failure to Screen All Employees, IX-2130.
Failure to Timely File An Incident Report, IX-2131.
Negligence, IX-2132.
Physical Abuse of Client, IX-2133.
Renewal — Operating An Unlicensed Facility, IX-2134.
Resident Bill of Rights Does Not Impose Strict Liability on Licensee, IX-2135.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IX-2136.
Unsafe & Unsanitary Conditions, IX-2137.
Violation of Rule, IX-2138.
Health Care Clinic — Renewal —
Failure to Have Adequate Proof of Financial Ability, IX-2139.
Failure to Properly Document Adverse Incidents & to Properly Identify Personnel Responsible For Patient Accounts & Billing, IX-2140.
Home Health Agency —
Failure to Assure That Plan of Care Was Followed, IX-2141.
Failure to Notify Physicians When Treatment Plans Were Altered, IX-2142.
Failure to Provide Services to Patients, IX-2143.
Failure to Record Specific Assessments or Observations As Ordered, IX-2144.
Failure to Timely Submit Quarterly Report to AHCA, IX-2145.
Fines — Statutory Requirement Makes Imposition of Mandatory, IX-2146.
Hospital —
Failure to Ensure Food Was Served In the Prescribed Safe Temperature Zone, IX-2147.
Failure to Ensure Only Authorized Personnel Has Access to Locked Areas Where Medications Were Stored, IX-2148.
Failure to Ensure Patient’s Right to Privacy, IX-2149.
Failure to Ensure Physicians Plan For Care For Patient Was Implemented, IX-2150.
Failure to Maintain Patient Care Equipment, IX-2151.
Failure to Perform Proper Nursing Assessments of a Patient, IX-2152.
Failure to Properly Monitor & Care For a Patient In Restraints, IX-2153.
Failure to Triage a Patient With Stroke-Like Symptoms, IX-2154.
Nursing Home —
AHCA Citation For Allegedly Inappropriate Involuntary Mental Examination Set Aside, IX-2155.
AHCA Dismissal of Request For Hearing Challenging License Revocation & Fine As Untimely Affirmed, IX-2156.
Challenge to Conditional Rating, IX-2157.
Class II Deficiencies — Defined & Discussed, IX-2158.
Classification of Deficiencies — AHCA Has the Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IX-2159.
Conditional License — Basis For — Implications of — Purpose of, IX-2160.
Conditional Rating — AHCA Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IX-2161.
Emergency Room Mental Health Evaluation of a Resident In Violation of Statute, IX-2162.
Failure to Prevent Falls, IX-2163.
Failure to Properly Assess Residents, IX-2164.
Failure to Properly Screen Staff, IX-2165.
Failure to Provide Single Station Battery-Operated Smoke Alarm, IX-2166.
Patient Right to Know About Adverse Medical Incidents — Article X, Section 25 — Held Inapplicable to Nursing Homes, IX-2167.
Licensure —
Health Care Risk Manager
Incomplete Application — Clinical Laboratory Supervisor, IX-2168.
Incomplete Application — Omission of Evidence of Credentials — Corrected By Submittal of Transcripts, IX-2169.
Home Health Agency —
Denial of Renewal Affirmed On Basis of Violations Within Purview of Newly Amended Statutes, IX-2170.
Medicaid (See Also MEDICAID)
North Broward Hospital Dist. —
Circuit Court Denies Stay & Orders Production of Incident Reports, Investigative Reports & Peer Review Records In Malpractice Suit —
Reversed & Remanded, IX-2171.
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Certificate of Need (CON) (See CERTIFICATE OF NEED (CON))
Appellate Review (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW) —
Failure to Provide Notice of Administrative Complaint — Confession of Error — Reversed & Remanded, IX-2172.
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Dept. of Health Attorney’s Fees & Costs Are Recoverable If Properly Proven, IX-2173.
Dept. of Health Computerized Time Tracking System Examined — Objection to Must Be Preserved For Appeal, IX-2174.
Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Program —
Denial of Request For MotoMed Exercise Machine, IX-2175.
Found to Constitute “State Public Benefits” Under the Personal Responsibility & Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, IX-2176.
Medical Necessity Requisite to Claim, IX-2177.
Bureau of Radiation Control —
Licensure — Basic X-Ray Machine Operator —
Criminal Convictions (Retail Theft/Grand Theft/Uttering of Forged Checks/Failure to Appear), IX-2178.
Operating Without a License, IX-2179.
Bureau of Tobacco Prevention —
Peer Review Services For Grant Application —
Request That Certain Information Be Maintained As Confidential Trade Secrets Granted, IX-2180.
Bureau of WIC & Child Nutrition Services —
Alleged Overcharging — Inadequate Records — Vendor Disqualified, IX-2181.
Alleged Overcharging — Vendor Disqualified, IX-2182.
Applicant Cannot Contract Out Management of the Child Food Program, IX-2183.
Applications For Free & Reduced Meals Did Not Reconcile With Attendance Records, IX-2184.
Application — Denial — Reapplication, IX-2185.
Application — Food Prices Found Not to Be Competitive, IX-2186.
Application — Must Meet All Requirements In Order to Be Approved, IX-2187.
Application — Serious Deficiency Process, IX-2188.
Bureau Oversight Is Remedial – Not Penal — Proof Is Therefore By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IX-2189.
Bureau Reasons For Denial or Disqualification Must Be Supported By the Preponderance of the Evidence, IX-2190.
Claim For An Amount of An Item In Excess of Documented Inventory, IX-2191.
Claim For An Item Not Delivered to the Participant, IX-2192.
Claim For the Sale of An Amount of a Specific Item In Excess of Documented Inventory, IX-2193.
Claim Submitted While Operating As An Unlicensed Facility, IX-2194.
Competitive Food Prices — Determined According to Comparison With a Vendor Peer Group, IX-2195.
Competitive Food Prices — Failure to Offer, IX-2196.
Competitive Food Prices — Process For Evaluating Competitiveness of, IX-2197.
Competitive Food Prices — Vendor Peer Group Utilized to Determine, IX-2198.
Contractor Has a Duty to Understand Applicable Regulations, IX-2199.
Corporate Officer — Vicarious Liability, IX-2200.
Corporate Veil Pierced to Reach Disqualified Individual, IX-2201.
Dates Missing From Menus, IX-2202.
Denial of Application to Participate Distinguished From Disqualification, IX-2203.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IX-2204.
Disqualification — Legitimate Hardship Determination, IX-2205.
Disqualification — Excessive Claims, IX-2206.
Disqualification — Submittal of False Information On Application, IX-2207.
Disqualification of Principals & Related Entities, IX-2208.
Disqualification of a Vendor Requires Dept. Determination of Sufficient Participant Access, IX-2209.
Eligibility Requires Requisite Federal, State or Local Licenses, IX-2210.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IX-2211.
Failure to Maintain Mandatory Minimum Inventory, IX-2212.
Failure to Submit An Acceptable Corrective Action Plan, IX-2213.
Failure to Substantiate Fiscal Viability, IX-2214.
Filing a False Report, IX-2215.
Hardships Occasioned By a Vendor’s Disqualification Must Be Determined, IX-2216.
Inclusion of Officer On the National Disqualified List, IX-2217.
Meal Components Missing, IX-2218.
Milk Shortage, IX-2219.
Multiple Repeat Vionations Are a Serious Breach of Contract, IX-2220.
Multiple Violations — Appropriate Penalty Discussed, IX-2221.
No Child Nutrition Labels, IX-2222.
Owner & Parent Signatures Missing On Required Documents, IX-2223.
Penalty Found Prescribed & Not Subject to Modification, IX-2224.
Preschool — Contract Terminated, IX-2225.
Purpose of Program Examined, IX-2226.
Purpose of This Program Examined, IX-2227.
Serious Deficiencies Defined & Discussed, IX-2228.
State Is Obligated to Administer Its Program In Conformity With Federal Law, IX-2229.
State Must Disqualify Any Contractor Committing Serious Violations, IX-2230.
Vendor Contract Is Neither a License Nor a Property Interest, IX-2231.
Vendor Individual Pricing Is Confidential, IX-2232.
Vendor Peer Group Analysis For Competitive Pricing Examined, IX-2233.
Voluntary Repayment Does Not Preclude Sanctions, IX-2234.
Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Declaratory Statements (See Also DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Discovery of Dept. Investigatory Records (See PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Discovery, Investigative Records of An Agency)
Early Intervention Services —
Family Service Plan Found Legally Sufficient, IX-2235.
Individual Family Service Plan Found Legally Sufficient, IX-2236.
Test For Legal Sufficiency of Individual Family Service Plan, IX-2237.
Employee —
Recoupment of Overpayment — Travel Expense to & From Work Over Ten (10) Year Period — Denied, IX-2238.
Recoupment of Overpayment — Ordered, IX-2239.
Grant to Tobacco Free Partnership —
120 Protest Found Not to Be Available, IX-2240.
License —
Assisted Living Facility (ALF) —
Failure to File An Incident Report, IX-2241.
Failure to Investigate & Remove a Direct Care Staff Member During An Adverse Incident Inquiry, IX-2242.
Physical Abuse of Client, IX-2243.
Resident Bill of Rights Does Not Impose Strict Liability on Licensee, IX-2244.
Emergency Medical Technician —
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft/Unemployment Compensation Fraud/Obtaining a Controlled Substance By Fraud, IX-2245.
Food Service Establishment —
Persistent Presence of Improperly Stored Garbage, IX-2246.
Persistent Presence of Potentially Hazardous Foods, IX-2247.
Persistent Presence of Roaches, Rodents & Flies, IX-2248.
Pain Management Clinic —
Failure to Comply With Physician Ownership Requirement, IX-2249.
Failure to Have a Licensed Physician On Staff, IX-2250.
Paramedic —
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft/Unemployment Compensation Fraud/ Obtaining a Controlled Substance By Fraud, IX-2251.
Prescription Drug Wholesaler —
Dual Nature of Examined, IX-2252.
Revocation of License/Denial of Renewal of License/Fines Reversed Due to Improper Reliance On Hearsay Evidence, IX-2253.
Septic Tank Contractor —
Filing a False Report, IX-2254.
Fraudulent Conduct, IX-2255.
Gross Negligence, IX-2256.
Incompetence, IX-2257.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IX-2258.
License — Emergency Suspension —
Pain Management Clinic —
Aiding & Abetting Unlicensed Personnel, IX-2259.
Clinic Not Owned By a Licensed Physician, IX-2260.
Controlled Substances — Dispensing Adulterated Prescription Drugs, IX-2261.
Controlled Substances — Inappropriate & Excessive Prescriptions, IX-2262.
Controlled Substances — Prescription Other Than In Course of a Professional Practice, IX-2263.
Controlled Substances — Trafficking In, IX-2264.
Failure to Have a Designated Physican Who Practices At the Facility, IX-2265.
Failure to Perform Statutory or Legal Obligation, IX-2266.
Inappropriate & Excessive Dispensing of Controlled Substances, IX-2267.
Shortages of Controlled Substances In the Inventory, IX-2268.
Unacceptable Level of Care, IX-2269.
Licensure —
Emergency Medical Technician —
Criminal Plea — Sale of Marijuana/Battery/Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, IX-2270.
Permit (See Also PERMITS) —
Health Care Clinic Establishment —
Purchase of Prescription Drugs Exhaustively Explored, IX-2271.
Mobile Home Park —
Backflow Preventer Missing From Spigot, IX-2272.
Failure to Maintain Valid Operating Permit, IX-2273.
Failure to Renew Operating Permit, IX-2274.
Failure to Treat Bee Infestation, IX-2275.
Maintaining a Sanitary Nuisance, IX-2276.
Operating With a Failed Drinking Water & Sewage Treatment System, IX-2277.
Storing Junk On the Premises, IX-2278.
Wastewater From Washing Machines Discharged Onto Ground, IX-2279.
Prescription Drug Wholesaler —
Certified Designated Representative Found Disciplined In the Past Year, IX-2280.
Record Keeping Requirements For Transactions Involving a Health Care Clinic Establishment, IX-2281.
Public Swimming Pool (See Also Rule Variance or Waiver) —
Expansion of Hotel Found to Necessitate Reassessment of Pool Size, IX-2282.
Flow-Rate Requirements — Hotel Expansion — Variance Denied, IX-2283.
Requirement That a Log Be Maintained Directing the Periodic Testing of Pool Water, IX-2284.
Septic Tank (See License; DECLARATORY STATEMENTS; PERMITS, Septic Tank)
Rule Variance or Waiver —
Public Swimming Pool — Flow-Rate Requirements — Hotel Expansion, IX-2285.
Trade Secrets (381.83) —
Hearings On Requests For Confidentiality Discussed, IX-2286.
Contract (See CONTRACTS Bids/Protests)
County Tax Collector Operating As Dept. Agent In Selling Vehicle License Plates & Registrations —
Bid Award Found Not Subject to 287 & 120, IX-2287.
Declaratory Statements (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Driver’s License Suspension —
DUI Statute —
Applies to Operating a Golf Cart & Even a Bicycle, IX-2288.
Dept. Hearing Officer Can Consider the Validity of the Arrest In Case Involving Refusal to Submit to a Breath Test, IX-2289.
License —
Motor Vehicle Dealer Franchise —
Adequate Representation — Determination of, IX-2290.
Extension of Time to Commence Construction — Automobile Dealership — Granted, IX-2291.
Failure to Timely File Application For Certificate of Title, IX-2292.
Failure to Timely Satisfy Outstanding Liens, IX-2293.
False Statements On Application For Title, IX-2294.
False Statements On Licensure Application, IX-2295.
Improper Use of Dealer Tags, IX-2296.
Issuing More Than Two (2) Temporary Tags to the Same Person For the Same Vehicle, IX-2297.
Motor Vehicle Dealer — Intervenor Protest, IX-2298.
Motorcycle Dealer — Additional Dealership — Protest, IX-2299.
Motorcycle Dealer — Intervenor Protest, IX-2300.
Motorcycle Dealer — New Dealership — Intervenor Protest — Denied, IX-2301.
New Dealer Within a Multiple Dealer Area (MDA) —
Adequate Representation — Determination of, IX-2302.
Dept. Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IX-2303.
Discrepencies Regarding the Proposed Location, IX-2304.
Failure to Appear At Hearing, IX-2305.
Resident Agent Is a Convicted Felon, IX-2306.
Operating Without Requisite License, IX-2307.
Previous Discipline, IX-2308.
Relocation of Existing Dealer —
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IX-2309.
Communities or Territories Affected Identified — Primary Assigned Market Area Not Dispositive, IX-2310.
Protest — Adequacy of Representation Considered, IX-2311.
Relocation to An Unlicensed Location, IX-2312.
Standing (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, Intervenors) —
Protestant Found to Lack Due to Not Being a Licensed Franchised Dealer, IX-2313.
Vehicle Displayed In Public Right of Way, IX-2314.
Vehicle Displayed Off Premises Without a Supplemental License, IX-2315.
Tax Collector —
Contract — Bid — Protest — Sale of Motor Vehicle License Plates & Registration — 287 & 120 Found to Be Inapplicable, IX-2316.
Company —
Discovery — Subpoena — Trade Secret Objection —
Viatical Settlement Provider — Circuit Court Denial of Objection Reversed, IX-2317.
Title Insurance — Junior Loan —
OIR Has Great Discretion When Setting Rates, IX-2318.
Rate Deviations Discussed, IX-2319.
Bd. Cannot Act Arbitrarily In Its Propriety Role, IX-2320.
Contract (See CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
DEP Is Staff to the Bd. of Trustees, IX-2321.
Mitigation Banks —
Operation of On State Lands Is Not Prohibited, IX-2322.
Presumption That Bd. of Trustees Act In the Public Interest, IX-2323.
Public Interest — Avoiding a Lawsuit Furthers, IX-2324.
Public Interest — Defined, IX-2325.
Sovereign Submerged Land —
Adjacent Upland Property Owner —
Defined & Discussed, IX-2326.
Rights In Regard to Adjacent Projects Examined, IX-2327.
Bd. Powers Are Proprietary Not Regulatory, IX-2328.
Circuit Courts Have Exclusive Jurisdiction Over Property Disputes, IX-2329.
Consent of Use —
Applicant — Burden of Proof In a Contested Proceeding — Examined, IX-2330.
Beach Renourishment — Establishment of An Erosion Control Line, IX-2331.
Beach Renourishment — Local Government Need Not Be the Riparian Owner of All Upland Property, IX-2332.
Beach Renourishment — Okaloosa County, IX-2333.
Beach Renourishment — Written Authorization From Upland Property Owners May Be Deferred, IX-2334.
Concurrent Review With Appurtenant Permit, IX-2335.
DEP Secretary Has Been Delegated Authority From The Bd. to Take Final Agency Action On Consent of Use Applications For Activities Over Which the Dept. Has Permitting Authority, IX-2336.
Dock — Residential — Modification, IX-2337.
Dock — Residential — Water Dependent Activities — Scope of Examined, IX-2338.
Dock — Residential, IX-2339.
Dock, IX-2340.
Island Restoration Project In Pensacola Bay, IX-2341.
Marina — Private — Expansion & Repair, IX-2342.
No Project Alternative Not Precluded From Consideration, IX-2343.
Public Interest Test Examined, IX-2344.
Restoration Project — County — Filling of Dredge Hole, Capping of Muck, Restoration of Seagrass Habitat & Creation of Mangrove Habitat, IX-2345.
Restoration of Lake & Adjacent Canals, IX-2346.
Riparian Rights — Found Lacking, IX-2347.
Riparian Rights — Road Severs Platted Land From a Littoral Strip of Land, IX-2348.
Easement —
Cumulative Impacts Need Not Be Considered, IX-2349.
Direct Impacts Only Are Considered, IX-2350.
Public — Replacement Highway Bridge — Third Party Challenge, IX-2351.
Secondary Impacts Need Not Be Considered, IX-2352.
Landward Boundary of Examined, IX-2353.
Notice of Violation/Order For Corrective Action —
Dock — Residential — Installation of Structures & Amenities Not Authorized Under Applicable Permit & Lease, IX-2354.
Assessment For Secure Juvenile Detention Care —
Allocation of the Financial Obligation Between County & State Examined, IX-2355.
Allocation of the Financial Obligation For Children In Substitute Care Placements, IX-2356.
Dept. Has the Burden of Establishing the Annual Reconciliation By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IX-2357.
Dept. Lacks Authority to Issue Multiple Annual Reconciliation Statements, IX-2358.
Hillsborough County — Annual Reconciliation Adopted After Challenge, IX-2359.
Hillsborough County — Challenge to Assessment For the 2007-2008 Fiscal Year –Proposed Assessment Upheld, IX-2360.
Hillsborough County — Claim For Secure Juvenile Detention Care —
Annual Reconciliation For 2006-2007 Fiscal Year Ordered, IX-2361.
Pinellas County Challenge to 2007-2008 Assessment — Denied, IX-2362.
Central Abuse Registry (See Also CHILDREN & FAMILIES, Dept. of (DCF); HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION, Agency for (AHCA); PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, Agency for (APD)) —
Exemption From Disqualification —
Applicant Has the Burden of Proof By Clear & Convincing Evidence, IX-2363.
Criminal Plea — Grand Theft/Obstructing Law Enforcement Officer With Violence/Aggravated Assault/Grand Larceny/False Report of Child Abuse, IX-2364.
Granted, IX-2365.
Contract (See Also CONTRACTS (Bids/Protests))
Employee —
Challenge to Layoffs Dismissed, IX-2366.