Citrus Canker —
Circuit Court Order Denies Dept. Costs —
Dept. Was Not a “Prevailing Party” Pursuant to 57.041 Simply Because the Damages Award Was Smaller Than Originally Sought, IX-4471.
Collective Bargain Over State Employee Pension Benefits —
Legislative Modification of Found to Constitute a Taking, IX-4472.
Inverse Condemnation Claims —
Just Compensation Is Not Displaced By Either Common Law or Statutory Provisions, IX-4473.
Physical Invasion of Property Is the Clearest Example of, IX-4474.
Regulatory Taking —
Dept. of Agriculture Destruction of Healthy Citrus Trees, IX-4475.
Fact Specific, IX-4476.
Taxing Enactments (See Also STATUTES) —
Exemptions — Strictly Construed Against Taxpayer, IX-4477.
Permit —
Billboard —
Highway Beautification Act — DOT Has Authority to Administer, IX-4478.
Highway Beautification Act — Laws of Other States Are Not Dispositive, IX-4479.
Property Claims Cannot Be Adjudicated, IX-4480.
Student Discipline Case —
Use of Unsworn Police Report As Evidence Affirmed, IX-4481.
Circuit Court Denies Request For Public Records As Exempt Without In Camera Review —
Reversed & Remanded, IX-4482.
Bd. Imposition of Penalties In Excess of Statutory Guidelines Without Adequate Explanation —
Affirmed & Reversed In Part After Appellate Remand, IX-4483.
Failure to Keep Requisite Written Records, IX-4484.
Future Land Use Designations In the Comprehensive Plan Supercede Inconsistent Underlying Zoning, IX-4485.