Circuit Court Dismissal of Petition For Mandamus & Declaratory Judgment Affirmed —
Instructor Request For Copy of Derogatory Student E-Mail Sent to Department Chair, IAS_IX-4369.
Order On Motion For Rehearing, Rehearing En Banc & Certification — Rhea v. Trustees of Santa Fe College, IAS_IX-4370.
Petition For Hearing Challenging Termination of Contract As an Assistant Professor With Prejudice —
Reversed & Remanded, IAS_IX-4371.

Circuit Court Entered a Final Summary Judgment In Favor of County In Suit By Private Hospitals Seeking Reimbursement For Indigent Care — Affirmed, IAS_IX-4372.

Charter School (See EDUCATION, Dept. of (DOE))
Child Care Before & After School —
Rules Governing Cannot Be Challenged Before DOAH Due to Their Purely Local & Constitutional Genesis, IAS_IX-4373.
Constitutional Entities —
Authority to Maintain a Statewide Uniform System of Education Is Reposed In the Legislature, IAS_IX-4374.
Authority to Operate, Control & Supervise Schools Is Constitutionally Reposed In School Boards, IAS_IX-4375.
Legislature Cannot Reallocate or Delegate School Board Constitutional Powers, IAS_IX-4376.
Duval County —
Bd. Denial of Parental Challenge to Matrix of Services Score Relative to McKay Scholarship Funds Affirmed, IAS_IX-4377.
Exceptional Student Education (See Also ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS, Div. of (DOAH)) —
Appellate Review of a School Board’s Decision Is Unavailable Until Administrative Remedies Are Exhausted, IAS_IX-4378.
Challenge to a Board Decision Regarding Must Be Afforded an Impartial Due Process Hearing —
Time Limit For & Right to Judicial or Administrative Review Examined, IAS_IX-4379.
Individual Education Plan (IEP) Discussed, IAS_IX-4380.
Matrix of Services Form or the Granting of Scholarships Is Not Engaging In Trade or Commerce Within the Meaning of the Fla. Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, IAS_IX-4381.
Numerical Matrix of Servies Score Is Essentially a Ministerial Act Yielding An Administrative Tool, IAS_IX-4382.
Monroe County–
Termination of Teacher For False Time Reports Seeking Additional Compensation For Adult Education–
Harsh Result Affirmed on Basis That Supervisor Approval of Compensation Outside the Scope of a Teacher’s Contract Cannot Immunize the Misconduct, IAS_IX-4383.
Polk County —
Dept. of Education (DOE) Authorization of a Charter School Over Local School Bd. Objections Reversed, IAS_IX-4384.
Seminole County —
Dept. of Education Order Allowing Operation of a Charter School Over the School Bd. Objection Reversed, IAS_IX-4385.
Parent Challenge to Scoring of Matrices For Services — McKay Disabled Student Scholarship —
McKay Scholarship Program Is Administrated Primarily By Fla. Dept. of Education (DOE) — Statutory Appeals Procedure Provides the Exclusive Remedy, IAS_IX-4386.
Scoring Affirmed Without Prejudice to Pursue Appeal to Fla. Dept. of Education (DOE), IAS_IX-4387.
Teacher —
School Board Right to Conduct the Hearing Itself —
120 Is Applicable, IAS_IX-4388.
Denial of Motion to Recuse Affirmed, IAS_IX-4389.
Due Process Challenges Rejected, IAS_IX-4390.
Strict Rules of Evidence & Civil Procedure Are Inapplicable, IAS_IX-4391.
Termination of a Teacher’s Employment Affects a Substantial Interest, IAS_IX-4392.

Qualified Blind Trust Statute Governing Candidates For Public Office —
Circuit Court Declaratory Judgment Regarding Reversed Due to an Absence of a Justiciable Controversy, IAS_IX-4393.

120 Is Applicable to Siting Board Proceedings, IAS_IX-4394.
Duke Energy Citrus County Combined Cycle Project Power Plant, IAS_IX-4395.
F.P. & L. Okeechobee Clean Energy Center Plant, IAS_IX-4396.
F.P. & L. New Nuclear Power Plants & Associated Facilities & Transmission Lines —
Adverse Impacts to Ecology, Hydrology & Endangered Avian Species Found, IAS_IX-4397.
Bd. Failure to Consider Local Regulations Regarding Transmission Line Corridor Reversed, IAS_IX-4398.
Bd. Has Authority to Require Undergrounding of Transmission Lines, IAS_IX-4399.
Bd. Must Require Compliance With Nonprocedural Local Environmental Regulatory Ordinances, IAS_IX-4400.
County Environmental Regulation Found Misconstrued As a Zoning Ordinance, IAS_IX-4401.
Development Exception Does Not Apply to the Entire Corridor, IAS_IX-4402.
Distinction Between a Corridor & Established Rights of Way Examined, IAS_IX-4403.
Ecological Value of East Everglades Examined, IAS_IX-4404.
Requisite Variance Found Not Requested, IAS_IX-4405.
Modification to Conditions of Certification —
Can Only Be Made Pursuant to the Power Plant Siting Act, IAS_IX-4406.
F.P. & L. Turkey Point Power Plant Units 3-5, IAS_IX-4407.
Reasonable Assurance Need Not Be Provided Anew With Respect to the Original Permit, IAS_IX-4408.
Scope of the Proceeding Cannot Be Enlarged Into a Challenge to the Existing Site Certification, IAS_IX-4409.
Scope of the Proceeding Is Limited to the Modification Sought, IAS_IX-4410.
Power Plant Siting Act (PPSA) —
Cumulative Impact Test Examined, IAS_IX-4411.
DEP Makes the Determination Without a DOAH Hearing By Stipulation of All Parties, IAS_IX-4412.
F.P. & L. Turkey Point Units 6 & 7 Power Plants & Associated Facilities, IAS_IX-4413.
Federal (Nuclear) Permits Are Not Part of the State Site Certification, IAS_IX-4414.
Hearing Record Cannot Be Supplemented Post Hearing, IAS_IX-4415.
Need Determination Is a Predicate For Not a Part of PPSA Certification, IAS_IX-4416.
Need Determination Is the Exclusive Domain of the Public Service Commission Whose Determination Is Binding, IAS_IX-4417.
Nuclear Power — State Has No Jurisdiction Over Any Safety Matter, IAS_IX-4418.
Power Plants Are Only Subject to the Conditions of Certification, IAS_IX-4419.
Preempts All State Regulation of Power Plants, IAS_IX-4420.
Provides a Unified Singular State-Led Procedure For Certification of Power Plants & Associated Facilities —
All Local & State Permits Are Rolled Into a Single License, IAS_IX-4421.
Public Interest Test Examined, IAS_IX-4422.
State PPSA Certification Is Not Dependent On Requisite Federal Nuclear Approvals, IAS_IX-4423.
Tampa Electric Co. Polk Power Station Combined Cycle Conversion, IAS_IX-4424.
Transmission Line Siting Act (TSLA) —
Alternative Routes Can Be Proposed — Least Adverse Impact Including Costs Is to Be Chosen, IAS_IX-4425.
F.P. & L. Duval-Raven Line, IAS_IX-4426.
Local Governmental Land Use & Zoning Regulations or Preferences For Undergrounding Are Not Controlling & Are Preempted, IAS_IX-4427.

Circuit Court Civil Suit to Assess Monetary Penalties For Regulatory Violations —
Supreme Court Finds That the Burden of Proof Is By a Preponderance of the Evidence, IAS_IX-4428.
Circuit Court Denied a Petition For Declaratory Judgment & Upheld a District Order Finding Unpermitted Dredging & Filling Without a Permit & Imposing Civil Penalties — Reversed & Remanded, IAS_IX-4429.
Declaratory Statement (See DECLARATORY STATEMENTS)
Order On Motion For Rehearing En Banc or Certification: RLI LIVE OAK, LLC v. SFWMD, IAS_IX-4430.
Permit (See Also PERMITS) —
Environmental Resource (ERP) (See Also PERMITS) —
10/1/13: Permit Now Known As State Wide Environmental Resource Permit (SWERP), IAS_IX-4431.
Concerned With Issues of Water Quality & Flood Control, IAS_IX-4432.
Executive Director Has Final Decision-Making Authority, IAS_IX-4433.
Exemption — Mosquito Control — Seawall Construction — Standards Governing Examined, IAS_IX-4434.
Exemption — Mosquito Control/ Seawall/ Mangrove Alteration/ Insect Control/ Maintenance Dredging, IAS_IX-4435.
Medical Office Blgd. — District Grant of Over Contrary DOAH Rejection In Third Party Challenge Affirmed, IAS_IX-4436.
Modification — Surface Water Management System For Mixed Use Development, IAS_IX-4437.
Water Quality Protection Is Not Limited to Period of Time During Which Construction Takes Place, IAS_IX-4438.
Everglades Works of the Dist. (WOD) —
Best Management Practices (BMP) Discussed & Found Insufficient to Meet Standards, IAS_IX-4439.
District Grant of Permits Affirmed, IAS_IX-4440.
Dist. Endeavors to Harmonize the Federal Court Consent Decree With the State Statutory Scheme, IAS_IX-4441.
Long & Complex History of Environmental Regulation In the Everglades Examined, IAS_IX-4442.
Stormwater Treatment Areas — Interrelationship With These Permits Examined, IAS_IX-4443.
Renewal — Third Party Challenge, IAS_IX-4444.
Renewal —
Dist. Does Not Require Resubmittal of Unchanged Information, IAS_IX-4445.
Water Use (See Also PERMITS, Consumptive Use) —
Applicant Need Not Identify Salinity & Temperature Reduction Goals, IAS_IX-4446.
Beneficial Element Is Related to the Use of Water After Withdrawn, IAS_IX-4447.
Purpose of the Use Must Be Consistent With the Public Interest, IAS_IX-4448.
Reasonable-Beneficial Use Test Directed to More Than Withdrawal of Water, IAS_IX-4449.
Withdrawal of Water From a Canal to Cool the Plant Is Not a “Waste Input”, IAS_IX-4450.

Student Challenge to Revocation of Earlier Offer of Readmission —
Case Transferred to Circuit Court, IAS_IX-4451.

Rules Establishing Minimum Flows & Levels For the Chassahowitzka & Homosassa Rivers (See ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Dept. of (DEP), Southwest Fla. Water Management Dist.)

2005 Water Supply Plan — 4th Addendum (See Also LAND & WATER ADJUDICATORY Comm.) —
120 Rulemaking Is Not Required, IAS_IX-4452.
Alternative Water Supplies Defined & Discussed, IAS_IX-4453.
Alternative Water Supplies Include Nontraditional Sources, IAS_IX-4454.
Components and Implications of Examined, IAS_IX-4455.
Conservation Found to Have Been Properly Considered, IAS_IX-4456.
Fla. Land & Water Adjudicatory Comm. Rejects Challenge, IAS_IX-4457.
Land & Water Adjudicatory Comm. Denial of Third Party Petition For Review Through Its Secretary Acting Alone Reversed, IAS_IX-4458.
Public Process Found Adequate, IAS_IX-4459.

A State University Is Not an “Agency” Subject to 120 When Acting Pursuant to Constitutional Authority —
Review Must Be Undertaken By a Circuit Court, IAS_IX-4460.
A State University Is an Educational Unit & Thus an “Agency” Subject to 120 When Acting Pursuant to Statutory Authority, IAS_IX-4461.

Applicability (See Retroactive Application) —
Amendment —
During Pendency of License Renewal Affecting Renewal Status, IAS_IX-4462.
Law At Time Grounds For Disciplinary Action Arise, IAS_IX-4463.
Law At Time of Final Decision, IAS_IX-4464.
Constitutionality (See Also Presumption of Constitutionality; CONSTITUTION (Fla.), Statutes; PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, DOAH, Jurisdiction) —
Can Be Enacted Without Notice If Conditioned Upon a Vote of Affected Electors, IAS_IX-4465.
Constitutionally-Mandated Procedural Requirements Examined, IAS_IX-4466.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_IX-4467.
Distinguished From a Special Law, IAS_IX-4468.
General Vis Special Laws —
General Law Defined, IAS_IX-4469.
Local Law Defined, IAS_IX-4470.
Special Law Defined, IAS_IX-4471.
General Vis Special Laws, IAS_IX-4472.
Legislative Characterization Scheme Must Bear a Reasonable Relationship to the Purpose, IAS_IX-4473.
Presumption of (See Construction)
Severability of Defective Provision —
Doctrine Governing Examined, IAS_IX-4474.
Found Possible & In Fact Done, IAS_IX-4475.
Special Law —
Cannot Grant a Private Corporation a Special Priviledge, IAS_IX-4476.
Invalidated As Improperly Promulgated As a General Law, IAS_IX-4477.
Invokes Questions of Law & Fact, IAS_IX-4478.
Status As Is a Question of Law, IAS_IX-4479.
Statutory Classification Scheme Is Not Considered Closed Merely Because It Is Unlikely That Anyone Else Will Meet the Criteria — There However Must Be More Than a Theoretical Possibility, IAS_IX-4480.
Construction (See Also CITY GOVERNMENT, Ordinance; ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY, Dept. of, Comprehensive Plan; RULES & RULEMAKING) —
Agency Construction Entitled to Great Weight —
Agency Construction Cannot Be Contrary to the Express Terms of An Appropriation, IAS_IX-4481.
Agency Construction Strengths Over Time Absent Statutory Amendment, IAS_IX-4482.
Agency Found to Have Erroneously Interpreted a Provision of Law, IAS_IX-4483.
Agency Special Expertise Is Germane, IAS_IX-4484.
Interpretation of Another State Agency With Parallel Jurisdiction Is Probative, IAS_IX-4485.
Agency Construction Entitled to Great Weight, IAS_IX-4486.
Amendment —
Numerous Amendments Without Changes to Certain Language Confirms the Unchanged Language, IAS_IX-4487.
Presumed to Change Meaning — Unless Contrary Intent Is Clearly Expressed, IAS_IX-4488.
Public Welfare Protections, IAS_IX-4489.
Analgous Language In Parallel Statutory Provisions Regarding Other Professions Renders That Caselaw Probative, IAS_IX-4490.
And — Generally Signifies the Conjunctive, IAS_IX-4491.
Appellate Review Is De Novo (See Also APPELLATE REVIEW, Conclusions of Law), IAS_IX-4492.
Available Constitutional Construction Is Obligatory (See Presumption of Constitutionality)
Common Law —
Legislative Modification of, IAS_IX-4493.
Statutes In Derogation of Are Strictly Construed, IAS_IX-4494.
Conflict —
Latest Enactment Controls, IAS_IX-4495.
Most Specific Controls, IAS_IX-4496.
Provisions Must Be Reconciled If Possible, IAS_IX-4497.
Special Statute Controls, IAS_IX-4498.
To Be Avoided If Possible, IAS_IX-4499.
Consecutive & Next Prior Phrasehology Construed, IAS_IX-4500.
Courts Cannot Construe An Ambiguous Statute In a Way Which Would Extend, Limit, or Modify Express Terms or Necessary Implications, IAS_IX-4501.
Different Terms In Different Sections Imply Different Meanings, IAS_IX-4502.
Each Classification Made Within a Statute Must Be Considered Independently, IAS_IX-4503.
Enumeration of Grounds — Excludes Those Not Mentioned (See Also Mention of One Thing Implies Exclusion of Another), IAS_IX-4504.
Exceptions —
Cannot Be Read Into a Statute By Implication, IAS_IX-4505.
Narrowly Construed to Preserve the Primary Operation of the Provision, IAS_IX-4506.
Exemptions —
Are to Be Narrowly Construed Against Party Seeking to Utilize, IAS_IX-4507.
Burden of Proof Is On the Party Seeking to Rely On, IAS_IX-4508.
Grant of For One Class Implies Exclusion of All Others, IAS_IX-4509.
Narrowly Construed Against Party Seeking to Utilize, IAS_IX-4510.
Should Not Be Inferred, IAS_IX-4511.
Strictly Construed Against Taxpayer, IAS_IX-4512.
Federal Statute & Caselaw —
Fla. Statute Modeled Upon Federal Provision — Federal Caselaw Is Analogous, IAS_IX-4513.
General Law (See Constitutionality)
Infinitive Phrase Conveys Purpose When Used As An Adverb, IAS_IX-4514.
Last Antecedent — Doctrine of — Relative & Qualifying Words — Applicability of, IAS_IX-4515.
Legislative Intent —
Affidavits From Lobbyists & Legislators Are Not Probative — Actual Language Used Controls, IAS_IX-4516.
Can Be Determined By Examining Legislation Enacted In Subsequemt Sessions, IAS_IX-4517.
Derived Primarily From the Words Expressed In the Statute, IAS_IX-4518.
Failure of Proposed Statutory Amendments Is Probative, IAS_IX-4519.
Found to Be Illuminated By the Comments Made By the Sponsor of Legislation During the Legislative Process, IAS_IX-4520.
Is the Polestar, IAS_IX-4521.
Legislative History Found to Be Probative, IAS_IX-4522.
Legislature Is Presumed to Know Existing Law Including Judicial Decisions, IAS_IX-4523.
Legislature Is Presumed to Know of Existing Law, IAS_IX-4524.
Literal Meaning Must Be Considered In Context of Purpose of Statute, IAS_IX-4525.
Meaning Must Be Accorded Every Word, IAS_IX-4526.
Meaning Should Be Accorded to All Parts of a Statute, IAS_IX-4527.
Mention of One Thing Implies Exclusion of Another — Except When Contrary to Legislature Intent, IAS_IX-4528.
Mention of One Thing Implies Exclusion of Another, IAS_IX-4529.
Or — Generally Signifies the Disjunctive — Alternatives, IAS_IX-4530.
Penal Statute —
Presumed to Include a Broad Scienter (Intent) Requirement, IAS_IX-4531.
Strictly Construed, IAS_IX-4532.
Test For Determining Status As — Punishment Distinguished From Regulation, IAS_IX-4533.
Petroleum Product Cleanup —
Statutes Regarding Are Strictly Construed In Favor of the Government, IAS_IX-4534.
Plain & Ordinary Terms Defined By Dictionary (See Also Undefined Statutory Terms), IAS_IX-4535.
Plain & Unambiguous Language —
Agency Reliance On Vitiates Any Claim or Special Expertise, IAS_IX-4536.
Exceptions Will Not Be Read Into, IAS_IX-4537.
No Room For Construction, IAS_IX-4538.
Terms of Art That Have Specialized Meaning Distinguished, IAS_IX-4539.
Plain Meaning of Ordinary Words Is the First Consideration, IAS_IX-4540.
Preemption —
Conflict Preemption — Federal vs. State Law — Medicaid, IAS_IX-4541.
DOAH Authority to Rule On, IAS_IX-4542.
Express Preemption — Found, IAS_IX-4543.
Federal — Conclusion of Law, IAS_IX-4544.
Federal Statute — Medicaid — Not to Be Applied Casually Due to Cooperative Nature of This Program, IAS_IX-4545.
Presumption of — Constitutionality —
Available Constitutional Challenge Is Obligatory, IAS_IX-4546.
Burden of Proof to Overcome Examined, IAS_IX-4547.
Presumption of — Constitutionality (See Also CONSTITUTION (Fla.), Statutes), IAS_IX-4548.
Presumption of — Effectuality, IAS_IX-4549.
Public Welfare Protection — Gambling — Is to Be Strictly Construed, IAS_IX-4550.
Public Welfare Protection — Liberally Construed, IAS_IX-4551.
Public Welfare Protection — Strictly Construed Against Person Seeking Exemption From, IAS_IX-4552.
Qualifying Phrase Is Read As Including All Items Listed Between the Last of the Series & the Qualifying Phrase, IAS_IX-4553.
Related Provisions Construed In Pari Materia, IAS_IX-4554.
Remedial Statutes Are Liberally Construed, IAS_IX-4555.
Ridiculous Result Necessarily Erroneous, IAS_IX-4556.
Rules of Statutory Construction Are to Resolve Not Create Ambiguity, IAS_IX-4557.
Single Word or Provision Cannot Be Read In Isolation, IAS_IX-4558.
Special Law (See Constitutionality)
Taxing Enactment (See Also REVENUE, Dept. of; TAXATION) —
Construed Narrowly In Favor of Taxpayer, IAS_IX-4559.
Only the Legislature Can Expand Upon the Boundaries of, IAS_IX-4560.
Title & Headings Do Not Control — Purpose & Operation Does, IAS_IX-4561.
Undefined Statutory Terms — A Dictionary May Be Utilized to Ascertain the Plain Meaning (See Also Plain & Ordinary Terms), IAS_IX-4562.
Words Cannot Be Added, IAS_IX-4563.
General Law (See Constitutionality)
Retroactive Application (See Also Applicability) —
Distinction Between Procedural & Substantive Statute, IAS_IX-4564.
Procedural — Permissible, IAS_IX-4565.
Remedial — Permissible — Found Not Implicated, IAS_IX-4566.
Remedial — Permissible, IAS_IX-4567.
Substantive Statutes —
Apply Prospectively, IAS_IX-4568.
Defined & Discussed, IAS_IX-4569.
Special Law (See Constitutionality)
Vagueness (See CONSTITUTION (Fla.), Statutes)

Minimum Flows of a Water Body —
Recovery Plan —
First Phase Can Address Prevention of Future Impacts, IAS_IX-4570.
First Phase Is Just That – Nothing More, IAS_IX-4571.
First Phase Need Not Employ Aggressive Strategies, IAS_IX-4572.
Recovery Is to Be Achieved As Soon As Practicable, IAS_IX-4573.
Reduction In Withdrawals Is to Be Avoided Unless Offset By New Supplies, Conservation or Efficiency Measures, to the Extent Practicable, IAS_IX-4574.
To Be Accomplished In Phases, IAS_IX-4575.
Regional Water Supply Plan —
Does Not Fall Within the Definition of a Rule As a Whole, IAS_IX-4576.
Nonregulatory Portion of Is Not Subject to Rulemaking, IAS_IX-4577.
Portion of That Is Utilized to Review Applications For Permits Is Subject to Rulemaking, IAS_IX-4578.

Circuit Court Awarded Dist. Attorney’s Fees Pursuant to 73.091 & 73.092 Against FDOT In Inverse Condemnation Action —
Award Reversed Due to Limit On Award to Work Performed After the Filing of Suit, IAS_IX-4579.

Citrus Canker —
Circuit Court Award of Damages In Inverse Condemnation Suit Reversed & Remanded, IAS_IX-4580.
Exclusion of Scientific Evidence Relevant to the Valuation of Trees Found to Be Reversible Error, IAS_IX-4581.
Statutory Presumptions Regarding Taking Found Overcome, IAS_IX-4582.
Statutory Schedule of Damages Found to Merely Establish a Floor But Does Not Preclude Additional Awards, IAS_IX-4583.
Inverse Condemnation Claims —
Attorney’s Fees & Costs (See Also PRACTICE & PROCEDURE) —
Cannot Be Limited to Fees & Costs Incurred After the Filing of Suit, IAS_IX-4584.
Just & Full Compensation —
11.066(2) Applies Only to the Presumption of Public Harm – Not to the Question of Damages, IAS_IX-4585.
Citrus Canker — Order to Destroy Healthy Trees — Replacement Cost, IAS_IX-4586.
Determination of Is a Purely Judicial – Not Legislalative – Function — An Ultimate Question For a Jury, IAS_IX-4587.
Not Required If Property Taken Is Imminently Dangerous, IAS_IX-4588.
Regulatory Taking —
As Applied Claim —
Ripeness Is a Threshold Question — Case Held Not to Be Ripe, IAS_IX-4589.
Ripeness Requires Application For Any Availible Administrative Remedy, IAS_IX-4590.
Ripeness Requires the Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies, IAS_IX-4591.
DEP Denial of a Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) Permit For a Residential Development —
Circuit Court Finding of a Taking Reversed on Basis That the Claim Was Not Ripe, IAS_IX-4592.
Deprivation of a Particular Use Deemed the Most Profitable or Preferable Does Not Constitute, IAS_IX-4593.

Taxing Enactment (See Also STATUTES) —
Fla. Legislature Can Support Key Industries, IAS_IX-4594.
Fla. Legislature Has Great Freedom In Classification — Particularly When Taxing Businesses, IAS_IX-4595.
Fla. Legislature Has Inherent Power to Impose Any Tax Not Clearly Prohibited By State or Federal Constitutions, IAS_IX-4596.
Tobacco Products —
Cigar Wraps Determined Not to Be “Loose Tobacco” Subject to Taxation, IAS_IX-4597.
Circuit Court Holding That Federal Excise Tax, Shipping and other Charges Are Not Taxable Regardless of Location of Manufacturer or Invoicing —
Appeal Dismissed As Premature, IAS_IX-4598.
Tourist Development Tax —
Supreme Court Conflict Jurisdiction —
Tax Found Inapplicable to Markup Charges & Service Fees Motels, Hotels and Other Providers of Transit Housing Pay to Online Travel Companies, IAS_IX-4599.
User Fee Distinguished From a Tax —
Surcharge On Emergency Medical Transportation Services For Nonresidents, IAS_IX-4600.
Tax Defined, IAS_IX-4601.
Three (3) Prong Test, IAS_IX-4602.
User Fee Defined, IAS_IX-4603.

Letter From Dept. Found to Constitute a “Final Order” —
Absence of Filing With Dept. Clerk Found to Render Appeal “Premature”, IAS_IX-4604.

Student Appeal of Disciplinary Action —
District Court of Appeal Lacks Jurisdiction — Appeal Transferred to Circuit Court, IAS_IX-4605.

Bd. Discipline For Action Against the License & Failure to Timely Report It Affirmed & Reversed In Part —
Late Administration of Medication to a Racehorse At a Pari-Mutuel Facility Causing a Horse to Be Scratched —
Time Limit For Reporting Runs From Date of Written Determination of a Violation – Not Oral Notice, IAS_IX-4606.
Track Stewards’ Imposition of a Fine Found to Be An Action Against a License, IAS_IX-4607.

Circuit Court Order Approving Class Action Settlement —
Charging of Fees For Police Services On Water Bill, IAS_IX-4608.

Nonconforming Use — Defined & Discussed, IAS_IX-4609.