ER for Environmental Law Practices

How FALR Helps Environmental Law Practices?

FALR Publishes the ER FALR, a weekly, loose-leaf expedited reporting of appurtenant case law with complete indexing quarterly. Optional supercumulative indexing. Special Compilations Published Since January, 1984 for environmental law practices.

The constantly evolving State of Florida Environmental and Land Use Protection is optimally and selectively addressed by the Environmental & Land Use Administrative Law Reporter (ER FALR) in the most expeditious fashion possible.

ER FALR Features

The ER FALR features weekly expedited loose-leaf reporting of ALL available precedential Final Orders from the following Florida agencies:

Administration Commission
Economic Opportunity, Department of
Environmental Protection, Department of (DEP)
Florida Land & Water Adjudicatory Commission
Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Health, Department of
Northwest Florida Water Management District
South Florida Water Management District
Southwest Florida Water Management District
St. John’s River Water Management District
Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund
D.O.A.H. Rule Challenges involving these Agencies
Florida Appellate Court Decisions involving these Agencies

The ER FALR service entails initial provision of an attractive, durable and clearly labeled loose-leaf binder, with appropriate dividers. We mail all pertinent orders weekly with a brief headnote for each order. The lag time between rendition of an order and your receipt of the same is greatly reduced from that for the FALR to approximately one (1) week. Editorially, the ER FALR goes well beyond the FALR to reach all orders we receive that are pertinent to your specialized practice, without regard to space limitations.

ER FALR Distribution for Environmental Law Practices

Quarterly, we furnish an FALR Equivalent Index (Summary of Orders / Index By Agency / Subject Matter Index /Table of Orders By Party / Citator Index). While our weekly mailings entail an ER FALR citation, we publish a quarterly conversion table to FALR citations as well so that the ER FALR service is compatible with the FALR.

As State of Florida Power increasingly overlays local regulation, this area of Environmental & Land Use Protection is here to stay.

Environmental Law Practices Should Subscribe to ER FALR

Weekly U.S. Mail Transmittal of Pertinent Decisions
Weekly Partial Headnotes
Quarterly FALR Equivalent Indexing
Laser Typeset
8.5″ x 11″ Looseleaf Format
Custom Silkscreened Binders & Dividers of Highest Quality Provided
Unconditionally Guaranteed

Environmental Reporter

Environmental Reporter FALR


Our experienced staff has carefully completed a separate compilation of only the Administrative Orders and Judicial Decisions published in the January 1984 – December 1988 (Volumes VI-X) Florida Administrative Law Reports (FALR) pertaining to the same Agencies reported in the current ER FALR.

This compact, succinct and economical library of only those cases critical to your specialized practice features seventeen (17) FALR-Equivalent Volumes Compiled Chronologically for years 1984-1988 (utilizing FALR citations). A Separate, Comprehensive Index in full size 9″ x 12″ format is included. Extracted from our ambitious and widely patronized FALR supercumulative index II (1984-1988), efficient one-step reference is provided to all cases.

Ten (10) Complimentary FALR Semi-Annual Cumulative Indexes are included to facilitate research into any given six-month time frame.



One Year Environmental & Land User Reporter Subscription ($725)
Environmental & Land User Reporter Hardbound Replacement ($75)


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