FCSR Helps Career Service Appeals

Florida Career Service Appeals

State employees are governed by the General Labor regulations of the Florida Statutes.  An administrative process is available for eligible Career Service employees who wish to challenge their dismissal, suspension, demotion or transfer.

What is a Career Service Appeals Case?

This is when an employee feels they have been unjustly treated by their current or former employer and seek to appeal for a better more desirable outcome by taking their case to a judge.  In filing or representing yourself in a career service appeals case, it is important to first determine whether you are an employee who has the right to bring a career service appeal. The questions you might ask are:

Is Your Employer Being Fair to You?

  • Is this a Case for Unfair Discharge?
  • Should an Employee Be Disciplined? Is the discipline appropriate?
  • When Should the Discipline be Mitigated?
  • What About Disqualification from Employment Due to a DUI or other Misdemeanor?
  • Can an Employee Appeal?
  • What about back pay, interest, reinstatement, etc.

Find out the merits of a case by looking at precedential case law in Florida.

How FCSR helps Florida Career Service Appeals?

Our firm acquired the FLORIDA CAREER SERVICE REPORTER in 1996 to provide current and professional reporting and digesting of pertinent PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RELATIONS COMMISSION (PERC) orders.

Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC)

PERC employs eight hearing officers who are licensed attorneys with more than five years experience. The hearing officers hold hearings throughout the state on labor and employment disputes. PERC and its staff review hearing officers’ recommendations. PERC issues a final order, which may be appealed directly to the District Courts of Appeal.

How the FCSR Publication Can Help You with Career Service Appeals?

FCSR is a monthly Full Text publication of pertinent, and available Circuit and Appellate Court Cases, Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH) “Final Orders” and PERC Final Orders in Career Service Appeals.

The career services appeals publication contains Table of Cases, Subject Matter/Numerical Index, with page-specific citations, Digest entries, with page-specific citations, Citator Index and Keyword Index.

The FCSR service entails monthly transmittal of PERC Final Orders involving the following State of Florida Agencies:

Administration Commission
Agency for Health Care Administration
Banking & Finance, Dept. of
Business & Professional Regulation, Dept of
Education, Dept of
Children & Families, Dept of
Corrections, Dept of
Economic Opportunity, Dept of
Education, Dept of
Elder Affairs, Dept of
Environmental Protection, Dept of
Florida Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission
Florida Land & Water Adjudicatory Commission
Florida Parole Commission
Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind
Florida Supreme & Appellate Court Decisions
Health, Dept of
Juvenile Justice, Dept of
Labor & Employment, Florida Dept. of
Legal Affairs, Dept of
Management Services, Dept of
Minority Economic & Business Development, Commission on
Public Employees Relations Commission
Public Service Commission
Retirement, Dept of
Revenue, Dept of
State, Dept of
Transportation, Dept of
Veterans Affairs, Dept of



Find out the merits of a career service appeals case by looking at precedential case law in Florida and subscribe to FCSR.


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