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Public Service Commission in Florida

The Florida Public Service Commission is dedicated to making sure that Florida’s citizens receive their most essential utility services — electric, water, wastewater, natural gas, and telephone in a reasonable, reliable and safe way. The Public Service Commission regulates investor-owned utility services in one or more of three (3) key areas: competitive market oversight; economic regulation/rates; and monitoring of reliability, service and safety.  However, Municipal Utilities are not regulated by the commission by and large…

At FALR we report on the Public Service Commission orders via our Public Service Commission Reporter Publication.

Florida Public Service Commission Reporter (FPSC) Distribution

Monthly, Permanently Bound Reporting of ALL ORDERS (final and nonfinal) of the Florida Public Service Commission, with Complete Indexing. Separate Digests of Historical Commission Policies. Published Since November, 1977.

Published monthly, the Florida Public Service Commission Reporter (FPSC) is a permanent bound edition containing the following:
Full Text of All Florida Public Service Commission Orders issued in the current month
Alphabetical index of all parties to published Commission Orders
Chronological table of Utility Orders, with summary
Citator (listing the order and page any statute, rule, court case or order is mentioned)
Subject Matter Index

The monthly indexes are merged into a Cumulative Citator Index both Quarterly and Annually without additional charge. This compact and complete record of Commission Orders is keyed to the Digests (described below).

Included in the Uniform Citation System under Fla. R. App. P. 9.800 (as is the FALR), our Reporter has also been designated as the “Official Reporter” by the Commission. Subscribers to the FPSC Reporter are always welcome to call our office for assistance in undertaking research, for information on the latest status of any matter pending before the Commission, and for information on who to contact at the Commission for further assistance.

Florida Public Service Commission Reporter (FPSC)

florida public service commission


One Year Public Service Comm. Subscription ($1495)
Florida Public Service Comm. Hardbound Replacements ($250)

Back Issues of Florida Public Service Commission Reporter (FPSC)

From November 1977 to Date
*$250.00 per year
*Price subject to change without notice

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