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Quarterly, loose-leaf Reporting of ALL Florida Department of Revenue Technical Assistance Advisements (TAA), as well as Pertinent Administrative Orders and Judicial Decisions, with Complete Indexing. Optional supercumulative indexing. Published Since January, 1988.

Materials issued in the TAX FALR:
Technical Assistance Advisements (TAA)
Florida Appellate Court Decisions
Florida Administrative Orders
Circuit Court Decisions

Florida Department of Revenue (DOR)

Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) has regularly issued Technical Assistance Advisements (TAA) and Temporary TAA (TTAA) since 1981. These private rulings amplify and illuminate substantive issues relating to every area of State Taxation including sales, documentary, intangible, franchise, severance, motor fuel and pollutant taxes.

Beyond acquisition, publication and indexing of the entire body of previously issued TAA & TTAA, our firm immediately publishes quarterly current TAA simultaneous with the Department’s release. Due to its statutory mandate, the Department must omit all portions of the TAA & TTAA revealing the identities of those requesting the rulings. Nonetheless, the substance remains intact, comprising an extremely useful insight into State Taxation.

Who Should Subscribe to Tax FALR?

We have found that the most interested people in this publication are government employees, people in the business and finance industry, veterans, those from the transportation and moving industry, and those in the protective services.

Since 1989, we have added all available precedential Court Decisions regarding State Taxation at the circuit, Florida appellate, and Federal appellate court levels, as well as §120 Administrative Orders, with complete indexing. The result is an efficient and unified reference to all available legal authorities regarding Florida Taxation.

We are available to research any question regarding state taxation utilizing our unique expertise, in house and public database, and our supercumulative indexes.

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